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Morning links: Seahawks appear powerful in rankings

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Sep. 24, 2013 at 9:28 am with 67 Comments »
September 24, 2013 10:06 am

Good morning.

> Michael Bennett has been a discovery for the Seahawks. From today’s News Tribune:

He’s squat and square with quick feet and relentless motion. That’s enough to have surprised Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

“He’s more than we thought he was,” Carroll said. “He’s got more variety to his game, it comes out of just the tenacity and the motor that he has. We are real excited about it.”

> Dave Boling says controlling turnovers is a top priority for the Seahawks. From the News Tribune:

Pete Carroll claims it was the first thing he said to the Seattle Seahawks when he took the job.

Not hello, pleased to meet you, or I’m jacked/amped/pumped to be here.

But, “it’s about the ball.”

> The Seahawks offense cut out the penalties and found its rhythm. From the Everett Herald:
For starters, quarterback Russell Wilson played better than he had a week earlier. And let’s face it, the opponent also had plenty to do with Seattle’s ability to march up and down the field. But the biggest single reason why the offense improved? It’s what they didn’t do.
“No dumb penalties,” said receiver Doug Baldwin.
> Former Seahawks Nate Burleson broke his arm in a single-car crash.
> The Seahawks are atop ESPN’s power rankings.
> The Seahawks are also atop Yahoo’s power rankings.
> The Houston Chronicle says the Texans’ steady defense needs more help from the offense.
> Sports Illustrated projects in its mock draft that the Seahawks to take Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla.
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  1. yankinta says:

    How did the Great JAWS, who’s supposed to be the best at Talent Evaluation because he’s played in the NFL,, miss this?? He said this QB could be All Time Great QB in the History of the NFL….

    Even a Nobody like me could see clearly that CK can only play against Zone and can’t go thru his progression after his First Read….. smh….

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know one person who thinks Jaws is a great talent evaluator. What he is, is little more than a former color commentator turned analyst. Criticizing Jaws is essentially criticizing the entire “expert” non-sense that ESPN has beaten to death.

    I’m really looking forward to the Houston game Sunday. Especially how Seattle’s o line handles a very strong Houston front 7. This will be a great test.

  3. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I love a good mock draft, but dude… its not even October.

    Jaws is actually a worse talent evaluator than Mel Kiper.

    But not as bad as Tim Ruskel.

  4. yankinta says:

    Actually I am indirectly criticizing all the members of JAW’s cult from a few weeks ago,,, I would like to hear from them again,, but I seriously Doubt that I would. :)

    Houston game will be a good one. After hearing Pete’s interview on 710ESPN yesterday, I am less concerned about that pick that RW threw in the 3rd quarter. It was just a miscommunication between RW and Tate. I can see him having a QBR above 80 for that game.

  5. yankinta says:

    HawkFromDay1, No, Jaws just said that Months ago,, based on CK’s 2012 season…. and I’ve been saying JAWS is garbage since his QB Ranking came out during the off season.

  6. But you gotta admit that Jaws was right putting Flynn as the 32nd ranked QB rather than worth a 3rd round pick.

  7. Talent evaluation isn’t a science. Its (hopefully) experience based prediction and luck. The better talent evaluators miss less often, but still have misses just the same.

    I think our D is better than the Texans O.
    I think our specials are better than Texans specials.
    I am more concerned with is our O vs. Texans D.

    Interesting that the Seahawks are a 3 point favourite in Houston.

  8. I think its abit early to throw CK into the trash. He has had two bad games for certain, but I don’t think SF will cut him this week.

  9. yankinta says:

    pabuwal, If you recall correctly, I said “IF we trade Flynn,,….” I was betting that our FO would not need to trade Flynn at all since we had room in our Cap to keep him. No one could Foresee all these Free Agents taking less money to come to Seattle once the FA started. Not even JS/PC saw it coming. I’m very happy with the end result since we got Cliff and Bennett for CHEAP. That’s a trade I’d do everyday and twice on Sundays,, :)

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    The Texans will be a good game. They have a decent defense and their O should be better than they are playing. Plus, that whole 10am start time is back. 5 of the next 7 games are away. Get through this stretch with 2 or less losses and they have a straight shot at HFA.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    Losing DT Henry Melton is going to hurt the Bears. HawkFromDay1 I hear you, we’re not even 1 month into the season and your doing mock drafts? Plus who thinks they can actually predict who our FO is coveting?

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I love that the whiners are com busting right before our eyes, 3 quick games while they’re in a tailspin that we caused. You can’t win the division early in the season but you can certainly lose it.

  13. yankinta says:

    montanamike2,, I love Mock Drafts… I watch a lot of college football and I always project what our need could be in the upcoming offseason and which player would look good in our Seahawks Uniform.

  14. CaliSeahawker says:

    Jaws is no talent evaluator. Jaws is just a live Mr. Potato Head. No idea how to evaluate talent. CK is still learning how to play this game and may turn into a solid QB, but to throw that ‘may be one of the greatest to ever play’ garbage out there after only 9-10 starts in the league is nonsense.

  15. yankinta says:

    I don’t get this…. is he being facetious??

  16. It’s the NFL’s #1 & #2 Defenses (yards allowed) so that in itself will be fun.

    Dukeshire you are an ALL-22 guy. Have you had a chance to isolate Tony McDaniel and give a little analysis?

  17. bayareahawkfan says:

    I’m someone who advised pumping the brakes on declarations that Kaepernick couldn’t go through his progressions following the GB game.

    But I have to say, after watching his last two games, he’s clearly not there. I saw a lot of “lock onto first read, panic if it’s not there, then vacillate between moving to make a check down throw and tucking and running”.

    He’s certainly got a cannon for an arm, and deceptive foot speed, but it looks like defenses may have found a way to counter Roman’s scheming to slow the game down for him. It looks, especially in that Colts game, like things are moving too fast for him.

    Although he seems like basically a good kid, I have to say this collapse couldn’t have happened to a more deserving front office and coaching staff.

    Merry Christmas, indeed, Greg Roman.

    You *are* the 49ers, and you *can* do whatever you want, Jim Harbaugh. Unless you fall to 0-3.

  18. At this point if you cover Boldin then CK’s read is done.

  19. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t ever remember a cult of Jaws. There seems to be you and your beating it death stance of anything that comes from him. You are your biggest fan and leader of the yanker cult. Dude, change the channel. For someone that considers him “garbage” why do you spend so much time talking about him? Same with Luck. We get it a hundred times over. Jaws sucks, Luck sucks and you’re the smartest, greatest, most knowable guy sitting behind his keyboard. It’s old and tired. We really don’t need daily reminders of how great you think you are. But please, keep high fiving yourself and patting yourself on the back.
    If Jaws really is terrible with his evaluations, I guess we should not believe anything he said about Russell Wilson. He clearly missed on that one. I mean, look at all those QBs that are below Wilson. Even the media darlin RG3 is ranked lower. Say it aint so.

  20. While I have no problem with ranking the Seahawks high, there’s a part of me that won’t let go of how little we’ve gotten to see yet. At the moment, Seahawk opponents are 2-7 on the season, and while I still consider the Niners to be a top 5 team, the frenzy of the Clink and the state of the Niner receiving corps clouds that data point in my mind. The Panthers might have given them the biggest 60 minutes of challenge so far…unfortunately, I can’t yet say how good they are.

    Good teams don’t play down to the level of the opposition (“check!”). Now I look forward to seeing how it goes against a halfway decent team on the road.

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    most knowledgeable guy sitting behind keyboard. Sorry to play down to the competition.

  22. freedom_X says:

    While I’d love to write Kaepernick off as being exposed for what he is, it’s far too soon to tell. He’s still a young QB who’s facing heavy adversity for the first time.

    If Wilson were in the same position, I’d have great confidence in Wilson’s maturity and approach to learn and come back. I’mo not nearly as sold on Kaepernick in that regard. I don’t think Wilson would ever be bothered by fan criticism, but it looks like Kaepernick has a bit of a thin skin.

    We’ll see if Kaepernick can carry a franchise with some holes. Up until now he’s had the advantage of being supported by a loaded team (powerful defense, line, and running game.)

    Wilson has had the same situation, with the major exception of the O-line. So Wilson has already seen a bit more adversity over his career than Kaepernick up until now. But both have been fortunate enough to have been put in control of strong teams.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I think Wilson adapts to situations faster and better than Kaepernick. As we’ve see Kap have two bad games in a row, Wilson while not stellar by any means against the 9ers two weeks ago rebounded and had a much better game against the Jags. Sure, the Jags are terrible, but they brought what they had and Wilson carved them up easily. Kaepernick has looked visibly rattled in several games now, while Wilson always seems calm and composed. Our D provided the blueprint on how to beat Kap. Teams have not been able to completely shut down Wilson and I think it will be a long while before that day arrives if ever.

  24. “But you gotta admit that Jaws was right putting Flynn as the 32nd ranked QB rather than worth a 3rd round pick.”

    zing . . .

  25. Kaepernick and Wilson remind me of Samson and Delilah. Explains it all…think about it!

  26. OregonHawk says:

    MoSeahawk12, Well said!
    “I don’t ever remember a cult of Jaws. There seems to be you and your beating it death stance of anything that comes from him. You are your biggest fan and leader of the yanker cult. Dude, change the channel. For someone that considers him “garbage” why do you spend so much time talking about him? Same with Luck. We get it a hundred times over. Jaws sucks, Luck sucks and you’re the smartest, greatest, most knowable guy sitting behind his keyboard. It’s old and tired. We really don’t need daily reminders of how great you think you are. But please, keep high fiving yourself and patting yourself on the back.
    If Jaws really is terrible with his evaluations, I guess we should not believe anything he said about Russell Wilson. He clearly missed on that one. I mean, look at all those QBs that are below Wilson. Even the media darling RG3 is ranked lower. Say it ain’t so.”

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    except for the typos….Thanks OregonHawk. Just tired of this broken record. Of course now I’ll be called amateur, told I don’t know much about football and all the other junk that falls out of his yapper. No big, been called worse by people with far more knowledge, smarts and ability to communicate without insulting, condescending and generally being a wanna be.

  28. yankinta says:

    freedom_X, thanks for that link. I like that CK’s saving those tweets to motivate himself. I hope he can overcome this and play well. For us to have the BEST Division in the NFL, we need our NFC West QB’s to be top 15 QBs….

    It’s too bad that CK won’t get any help from the 49ers FO (Overrated and Very Bad at Talent Evaluation), anytime soon. They have not done anything since they took over. Their best draft picks (only 2) CK and Aldon Smith are already struggling and I don’t see them making good picks in the future to help out CK.

  29. sluggo42 says:

    I was the only one who predicted that Luck would beat the 49ers! (I actually did)

    I am all of that. And a cherry Popsicle too…

    ** reaching around to give myself a heart pat on my own back!. **


  30. MoSeahawk12 says:

    And you won me money, thanks sluggo42. You have to admit Luck was lucky cause he was able to play the 9ers after they played us. LOL

  31. yankinta says:

    sluggo42, did you pick that after we broke them and Aldon Smith got arrested? Or before? If you pickem them before,, then I’d be impressed… :)

  32. sluggo42 says:

    It was after we beat them yanker, but before I knew about the arrest. So I guess your only half impressed… Smh :)

  33. yankinta says:

    lol,, nah, I’m still 75% impressed. But you should know that Luck didn’t beat the 49ers. I tivo-ed/watched NFL Live yesterday and Ray Lewis talked about that game. He said he studied that game and saw that Colts didn’t do anything special. They just ran the ball Stanford Style right at the 49ers,,over and over again until they broke the 49ers will. He said it wasn’t the passing game or Andrew Luck,, it was 49ers Run-D that got killed and embarrassed….

  34. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Watch out, Ray works at ESPN with Jaws. I hear they even sit next to each other at lunch.
    Luck had better stats against the 9ers on the road than Russell Wilson did at home. Marshawn almost got 100 yards so Wilson, like Luck didn’t make any critical throws that gained first downs?…..It was all running and the QB didn’t have a hand in it…….Riiiiight. Keep braying donkey.

  35. yankinta says:

    Lol, I’m only repeating what Ray Lewis said. I didn’t watch that game at all so I have no idea what actually happened…. you seem mad.. you need to take a chill pill and be happy :) Looks like I am in your brain a lot,, and staying there rent free. :)

  36. RDPoulsbo says:

    Teams should be able to run all over the 49ers now. With Williams on IR, Smith in rehab and Willis with a sore crotch, Fisher would be a fool not to pound the rock on Thursday. They may suck at it, but the SF front 7 is vulnerable, especially with guys who aren’t used to playing the entire game starting right now.

  37. yakinta is our resident “tran”. Part troll & part fan.

  38. yankinta says:

    Galena,, nah, some people just can’t handle Fresh Perspectives or out of the box thinking,, especially when I turn out to be right…. :)

  39. yankinta, i think that walter football ranking description was a joke and may be in reference to Sherman charging $20 for a picture and handshake, all for charity.

  40. yankinta says:

    arna6, lol thanks a lot. I understand now. I was confused and a little concerned there for a second… :)

  41. This will be on NFL Network Wednesday.

    Man to Man ­– Wednesday at 10:00 PM ET
    SHOW HIGHLIGHT: One-on-one interviews with Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson with Hall of Famers Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin

  42. SF’s run-D is in a mess. NT Ian Williams (who replaced Issac Sopoga (sp?) who went to ??? in free agency) got IRd on/about Sept 17th (after they played SEA). Williams backup Glen Dorsey doesn’t have anybody behind him on the depth chart. Both starting DEs Justin Smith and Ray McDonald are dinged up (probably hurt trying to do more than their assigned jobs to help Dorsey). Harbaugh doesn’t like playing rookies (Corey Lemonier) so OLB Ahmad Brooks backup Dan Skuta is now starting at the other OLB spot since Aldon Smith took his sabatical. Both starting ILBs P.Willis (groin) and N.Bowman (wrist) are questionable for this Thursday’s game at STL. Their pass offense is also hurt with CBs C.Rogers and N.Asomougha (sp?) having bad knees. On offense, TE VD has a hammy, RB FG a bad knee, and WR Kye Williams a bad rib. Although that power ranking has SF at like 12th and STL like 22nd, I’d suspect that STL has a better than even chance of coming out with the win.

    But then, in this last week’s Pigskin Pick’em I only called 6 games right.

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nope, you live rent free at your moms house. I’m far from angry, my team is 3-0.

    Let us know when you actually turn out right, cause none of us will live forever.
    Here’s a free tip, watch the games that you so strongly comment about. Aren’t you the one that always tells everyone to watch with your own eyes and form their own opinions? Don’t listen to the talking heads, blah, blah, vomit. Which is it?
    So having the same opinion as Ray on a game that you admitted to now watching is pretty weak sauce.
    If you would have watched it as I did, you would have seen Luck stand tall in the pocket and lead his team against the 9ers D. Yes, they ran the ball well, but Luck made some great, timely throws that moved the chains. On his QB option play he pulled around the outside and there wasn’t a 9er within ten yards. Perfect execution. But enough about Luck, the 9ers and you. This is a Seahawks blog.

  44. MoSeahawk12 says:

    not watching damn….Tran, that’s funny Galena

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    You’re using Ray Lewis as a source now…Great linebacker but he has a box of rocks in his cranium….Come on you can do better than that….

  46. yankinta says:

    klm008, thanks for the good info on San Fran Run-D. It totally makes sense. I heard that Patrick Willis was missing tackles even before he got hurt and left the game.

    SandpointHawk,, No, I’m not using Ray Lewis as a source. Just saying I heard him say he studied that game. Like I said I have no idea what actually happened.. :)

    MoSeahawk12, I still got love for you. Hope you’re happy. :)

  47. yanker, IF they traded Flynn? They DID trade Flynn, and they got nowhere near a 3rd and a conditional pick. Just admit you were wrong. It’s just plain sad at this point.

    I wouldn’t shovel dirt on CK quite yet. He didn’t have Vernon Davis versus the Colts and his WRs are just plain garbage after Boldin. We’ll see how his psyche responds to this tough stretch. I certainly don’t think he has the mind and dedication of RW.

    Above all else, I just wish we could hear more about Andrew Luck and Ron Jaworski. They certainly are the most important factors in the success of the Hawks this year.

  48. chuck_easton says:


    Start sending some of these bold ‘out of the box’ predictions of yours to the 4 letter network.

    Maybe they will start paying you since you apparently are much more knowledgable than anybody else they have on payroll.

    If that doesn’t work out for you, well you’re still special and here’s your participation medal, as everyone is a winner.

    Remember to keep telling yourself that you are smart, you are special, and you are worth it…

  49. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I was just thinking that bbmate. This blog needs way more Luck and Jaws comments. You know, really change it up so we can all watch and learn.

  50. SandpointHawk says:

    bbmate don’t forget the importance of Ray Lewis being able to sit through the highlights of a game and turn it into supporting commentary…This is very important stuff on the Hawks blog…

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Galena – I will put something by week’s end on McDaniel.

  52. SandpointHawk says:

    Have you seen the Yanksters You tube video?

  53. yankinta says:

    lol, all against one. That’s how I like it. :)

  54. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I was thinking this might apply.

    or this.,,20586339_21144613,00.html#21144684

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    If second link doesn’t work.,,20586339_21144613,00.html#21144684

    Screech, Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1989-2000)
    Brillo-haired Samuel ”Screech” Powers (Dustin Diamond) was a scrawny misfit whose squeaky voice, nerdy interests, and talent for bungling things made him unbearable — Steve Urkel, but not as smart. Most annoyingly of all, Screech (and Diamond) just didn’t know when to quit: The grating character appeared in not one, not two, but all three incarnations of Saved by the Bell. No wonder Lisa Turtle wanted nothing to do with him. —Hillary Busis

  56. yankinta says:

    Wow,, is Peyton Manning really complaining about having to play at Home against the Eagles?? smh….

    I love Chip Kelly attitude. I’ve loved him as a Coach from Day one when he sends back refund personal check to a Duck Fan for his team playing bad the wk before…. Apparently some Fan yelled at him and said I want my money back for that game,,, he just said give me your address and sends the check the next day in the mail…

  57. MrGreen62 says:

    I’ve been reading on this site for awhile now but just registered today. Here’s a thought….

    When I heard Melton was out for the year, I wondered if the Seahawks would look at signing him next year to a short term ‘prove it’ (cheap) contract like Avril and Bennett did. He would theoretically be healed up by the start of next season and what better place to re-establish your health and skill than on a defense like ours? If Bennett earns a BIG contract because of his play this season, meaning he likely wouldnt resign with the Hawks, Melton could fill a DT spot very nicely. Thoughts?

  58. Melton is exactly why guys want the long term instead of the franchise tag. He should be able to live on the 5+ mil at least though if he’s smart.

    I certainly would go after Melton if the price is right. Being injured early in the year is in his favor. The Hawks aren’t going to be able to keep all of these d-lineman. Clemons is gone for sure IMO unless he severely reduces his salary. Might have to pick between Red and Bennett, especially if Bennett keeps playing like this and his shoulder makes it through the year okay.

  59. WilliamPercival says:


    100% agree about the TRAN!

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yank my chain still hasn’t come up with any posts from the archives that says he told us all that Wilson would be great.

    Also where is the overwhelming Pittsburgh fans stating that DeCastro is a bust?

    And how does Tran explain Luck having a QBR of 77?

    And he/she really whiffed on getting a 3 for Flynn.

  61. I’d be more interested in complaining about players from other teams if the Seahawks weren’t in the midst of, IMO, a special season that is going to end with a Super Bowl.

  62. MoSeahawk12 says:

    You’ll be waiting a long, long time for that Georgia. Yank is too busy watching ESPN, emailing JAWS and drawing ugly pictures of Luck to back up his grand proclamations of fact. I’m sure his s, m, h keys on his spill proof keyboard are just about worn out.

  63. yankinta says:

    lol for the last time, you can go look at Blogs during the week after the draft of Russell Wilson. I said Russell Wilson is the Real Deal that I had been watching him in college. Then I came back after the Rookie Camp where RW took all the snaps,, and I said “It’s time to Trade Matt Flynn because RW is the Real Deal.” I think it was Duke that called me crazy for wanting to trade Matt Flynn…..the conversation went on from there… :)

    I don’t wanna do the work to prove myself to you since I don’t think it’s worth my time. But you’re welcome to….:)

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Oklahoma already did the work and found nothing from you. Ball is in your court.

  65. yankinta says:

    nah, still not worth my time. It’d be different if I was trying to impress you guys,, but really,, I’m not. :)

  66. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Georgia, speaking of wasting time, this dude is it. If nothing else, I hope yank it takes some classes in punctuation, grammar and humility. Not necessarily in that order. Odds are it won’t happen, but when you’re wrong as often as him, why change what’s not working? He probably gets a little thrill from many here playing down to his competition.

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