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Morning links: Russell Wilson a tough guy? Yep

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 17, 2013 at 8:39 am with 65 Comments »
September 17, 2013 8:40 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, lower right, is sacked by San Francisco 49ers' Aldon Smith (99) and Jesse Williams, center, in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, lower right, is sacked by San Francisco 49ers’ Aldon Smith (99) and Jesse Williams, center, in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes about an underrated characteristic of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson – his toughness.

On more than one occasion against San Francisco last weekend, Wilson was drilled by the 49ers, but got up unfazed.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll pointed to Wilson’s athleticism as a reason for his ability to take big hits and keep on going.

Boling: “Two games into his second season, Russell Wilson’s name has never graced a Seahawks injury report — not for a strain or a sprain or a hangnail.

He has never once limped back to the huddle after a play, never even gotten up slowly. I’m not sure he’s been seen breathing hard or sweating.

Wilson took another couple wicked shots in Sunday night’s landmark 29-3 rout of the San Francisco 49ers. In each case, he bounced up and headed back to the huddle without negative effect.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times tells us what we learned from Seattle’s win at San Francisco.

Clare Farnsworth of writes about Red Bryant, who’s been playing at a high level the first two weeks of the regular season.

Marshawn Lynch has been nominated for the Fed Ex ground game of the week. Check out the video link.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times writes that Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril are making some noise.

Mike Silver of moves Seattle up to No. 1 in his weekly NFL power rankings. Said Richard Sherman to Silver: “We have a mindset. We have a standard. There’s a level to this — we strive to play at a certain level. We have a lot of guys that want to be the best, guys who play like they’re the best, and it emanates around our team. We have a lot of guys with a lot of dog in them, and when we play together, it makes us hard to beat.”

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports moves Seattle up to No. 2 in his power rankings. Prisco: “At home, they are downright nasty. That brutal beating of the 49ers serves notice to the rest of the league.”

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports also ranks Seattle at No. 2. Kirwan: “The Seahawks have given up 10 points in two games and they are not at full strength on defense. Wait until they get Brandon Browner, Bruce Irvin andChris Clemons back. Can anyone go into Seattle and get a win?”

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle says the Seahawks and Rams have figured out how to contain Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. “He has never once limped back to the huddle after a play, never even gotten up slowly. I’m not sure he’s been seen breathing hard or sweating.”

    He is the anti-Roethlisberger!

  2. tealskin says:

    That’s all well and good but I think RW is still human, right? Right? Would prefer that he not get pummeled every week.

  3. Yeah, I noticed him taking some uncharacteristically hard shots against the Niners. And I winced with each one. He’s usually very good about avoiding those, but nobody can avoid them all. Nothing fazes him though.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson also took a beating against Carolina. He may be tough, and he is, but I’m hoping we don’t get to find out how tough.

    And he may be a douche, but Roethlisberger is as tough as any QB who’s played.

  5. yankinta says:

    ESPN Power Ranking is Out, too. We’re of course No.1 but there are still Haters (JAWS, Mike Florio and Pete Prisco ) that want to rank Denver No.1 but we know the truth,, don’t we. :)

    If you look at quality of opponents, I don’t think Denver has played a playoff team. Giants and Ravens are no where close to a playoff team. I’d be surprised if they finish above .500.

    I still think Panthers have a chance to be a playoff team and 49ers definitely are a playoff team. :)

  6. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire I don’t think you get it. Roethlisberger, may be tough but we can tell he loves the attention/sympathy he gets from seemingly playing thru an injury… that’s what OrrObb was talking about…and I completely agree.

  7. jawpeace says:

    I seem to remember Wilson limping after a big hit last year and I was like, “oh no”. But he shook it off and played fine the rest of the game.

  8. Love this:

    Safety Earl Thomas said the Seahawks eschewed exotic schemes. Seattle blitzed Kaepernick on only five of his 35 dropbacks, according to Pro Football Focus. Kaepernick had a 111.5 passer rating when blitzed. He had an 11.5 rating when the Seahawks didn’t bring extra pressure.

    If we can get pressure with only 4 rushers we will dominate. Was very impressed with Bennett/Avril. Can’t wait for Irvin and Clem to return.

  9. yankinta says:

    jawpeace,, yup I saw that too. He is human but he won’t do the extra limping or wear a bloody/red socks to get more sympathy…. :)

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I get it and disagree. Pitts. is a media “darling” but in no way do I think Ben milks getting banged around. But in truth, I really couldn’t care less.

  11. Yank – that’s exactly what I’m insinuating. Big Ben is a tough SOB, and an elite QB, but he does seem to milk every little scrape and bruise for all it’s worth. He plays hurt, and he wants everyone to know it.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Big Ben is also exactly that, he’s big. I thought the whiners got away with a couple of cheap shots trying to “take out” Wilson.

  13. Just saw this!

    Throw in the fact that receiver Percy Harvin is coming back from hip surgery – and in fact was running on the field before the game – and the potential for improvement is obvious.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    I love how Sherman shut down Boldin and the frustration he was showing.

  15. Re the Cosell article – – that was definitely another great take-away from the game, i.e. the vaunted SF offensive line looked very ordinary against our defense. They couldn’t run the ball at all, and we got plenty of pressure on Kaep. Yes, the home crowd was a major factor, but still that’s a great win over what has been thought to be probably SF’s strongest unit on the team.

  16. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

    I’m not saying I want to see RW get hit. In fact, I would prefer he never get hit. Ever. But I appreciate that he doesn’t whine, grimace, limp, or display pain/discomfort in any way. The fact that he is solid as a rock is confidence inspiring to me as a fan. Hopefully to his teammates as well.

  17. WiscCory says:

    Enjoy the Cloud 9 treatment this week, and likely next, too.

    But things will get alot tougher, and we have yet to learn the true impact of the Okung injury. It’s only a toe, however when it comes to leverage and balance, toes are pretty important.

    Maybe I was over-reading into Carroll’s comment that “there’s a little bit of a spectrum here that could come to us, with options. We need to wait and see.”

    One extreme of that spectrum could be IR. They’ve already used the “IR with the ability to come back this season” on Harvin, didn’t they?

    Just trying to keep it real, and have fingers crossed that Okung isn’t hindered for the full season now, or that one of the rookies will come in and add another tick to the JS talent finding legacy.

    Something to keep in mind is I’m the opposite of Bi-Polar. My emotional extremes are 20% less than that of the average person. I was thrilled on Sunday night, and tampered by the Okung injury. He’s not hurt, he’s injured.

  18. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m mistaken, but once you IR someone, they’re gone for the season. Unlike baseball, there’s no “ability to come back this season” with the IR in the NFL.

    Harvin has the ability to come back because he was placed on the PUP list, not the IR. Guys have to be put on the PUP list before camp begins. Once that’s past, nobody can be added to the PUP list.

    So, Okung’s options are 1) stay on the active roster, continue to take up a roster spot, and heal up enough to play in a few weeks, or 2) put him on IR and he’s done for the year.

  19. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I care a bit more,,, probably because I can’t stand that dude and the Steelers….

  20. HawkfaninMT says:

    @OrrOBB: You are correct… if we are in the NFL 2 years ago. Luckily we are not! Each team is given an “IR with designation to return” spot. Meaning they do not count against the roster until week 11 (12?) at which time the team can activate him, or put on season ending IR. Unfortunately for the Hawks, Harvin is in that spot so it can not be used for Okung. So if Okung is IR’d it will be for the season.

    Just a throw in here… The Hawks should look at Ware’s ankle injury as a blessing in disguise. It gives them a chance to send him to the IR and not have to waive a player when Bruce comes back. Just a thought

  21. WiscCory says:

    OrrObb, with due respect, I think it’s just a semantics thing. However the NFL does call it “injured reserve/designated-to-return list”.

    I don’t think “PUP” is any type of key variable in that equation.

  22. WiscCory says:

    Now that I’m thinking about it…

    Harvin is a PUP designation

    So, does that count as the one “IR – designate to return” usage?

  23. Did not know about the IR-designated for return list. Just looked it up. You learn something new every day! Thanks guys.

  24. Southendzone says:

    Even if you think you will miss Russell for the next 12 games but get him back in December, you gotta do whatever it takes roster-wise to leave that option on the table.

    He’s too important not to keep available for what we hope to be our finest postseason run ever.

    The only way I could see around this is you get either Bailey or Bowie in there and they play absolutely lights out.

  25. I appreciate Dave Boling’s observation, but I’m knocking on every available piece of wood.

  26. chuck_easton says:

    If a player is put on the IR- designate to return list he is out for 8 games. PUP is a minimum of 6 games that can extend to 11 games depending on the status of the player.

    Harvin is on the PUP list. Seattle has not used its IR – designate to return option as of yet.

    Should they put Okung on IR designate to return he would not be able to return until the November 17th game with the Vikings. As the next week is Seattle’s bye it is very likely they won’t use the designation on Okung until after this weekend. That way Okung has to miss games up to and including the Vikings game and can return for the 12th game of the season December 2, 2013 against the Saints.

    My reading between the lines of what has been said is just that. Okung will be listed OUT for this week. The team and the medical staff will have a better idea of where he is early next week. If it looks like it’s a long term situation he goes on IR or IR designate to return next week. Okung is then out until December.

    I was going to say yesterday, but I didn’t want to incur the wrath of the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ crowd, at this point the bet should be who we will see on the field first. Okung or Harvin. Too close to call.

  27. jawpeace says:

    Wiscory, Harvin does not count as a IR return usage. Harvin was never on the active roster and therefore could be placed on the PUP with activating him(I believe) sometime during the first half of the season. If they don’t activate him at a certain point then he has to be moved to IR.

  28. tealskin says:

    Chuck, What would be the advantage to not having Okung back for the Viking game? Could be very important.

  29. chuck_easton says:


    No advantage other than it gives Okung two more full weeks of recovery time while only missing one game.

    If the team hasn’t IR’d him by now it is less likely they will do so as they are losing valuable time to bring in a new player to take that spot on the active roster.

  30. Chuck – good insight on Okung.

    On another note – anybody like that look on Boldin’s face? Hero to zero? I think he got his 1 catch for 7 yards after his closeup on the sidelines….

  31. doubledink says:

    I’ll be watching Gore in the next few weeks to see if he has much left in the tank and if not, whether or not Harbaugh replaces him. I’m wondering if the Cinderella clock chimed on him this last off season. If he still has the ability to punish teams, then that will be a better barometer as to how well our DL played Sunday night – which was very well.

  32. DJammmer says:

    Harvin (and 3 others) are on the PUP, they can come back after week 6. They do not count against the single IR-designated for return. That is an unused spot for the Seahawks right now.

  33. WiscCory says:

    Bloggers, thanks for the further explanations on IR and PUP.

    I do agree it’s likely, based on Carroll’s comments, that Okung is headed for the “IR, can return” designation.

    Next man up.

    My bet is Harvin will see the field before Okung.

  34. tealskin says:

    Would guess the IR return possible, could be hugely important and would be held onto as long as possible (at least to around mid-season). Not sure Okung is the person I would want to use it on.

  35. wazzulander says:

    I’ll be watching Gore closely too, he didn’t run well against GB either and we know all to well (with SA) how quickly a RBs skills can drop off. Although, they are really high on Hunter and James too.

    Enjoyed the Farnsworth article, its so nice to have Big Red playing like himself again.

  36. I thought PH was PUP’d, that’s why he tweeted for the 12th man to watch for him in week 7 (not 11 or 12)(?) That would make Okung eligible for the IR with possibility to return, but that would mean he couldn’t come back for 2.5 months. I sure hope that’s not what they have in mind…

  37. Is it just me or did anyone notice that V.Davis didn’t seem to see the field after the Sherman INT.? We kept watching for hime but didn’t see him.

  38. KLM – you are correct – he is on the PUP, the EARLIEST you could bring anyone back is week 7 if they are on the PUP now, the LATEST you could have them return is week 12 (I think) at that point they either have to be on the active roster or moved to the IR for the remainder of the season.

    I know the rules have changed slightly under this agreement but I think this is correct.

  39. WiscCory says:

    From ESPN fantasy

    “Davis left Sunday night’s game in the middle of the fourth quarter with a hamstring injury, Matt Maiocco of reports. He is not expected to return and finishes his night with three catches for 20 yards.

    Spin: Davis was streaking down the sidelines for a long pass and pulled up lame after Richard Sherman intercepted it. He remained on the sidelines with an icepack wrap but will be re-evaluated first thing Monday to see the extent of the injury.”

  40. tealskin says:

    It was reported that Davis had a hamstring issue.

  41. wazzulander says:

    xcman – Vernon hurt his hamstring – probably on that play. He will be out a few weeks. He was really in-effective before the injury too though, perhaps reminicing about Kam…

  42. MoSeahawk12 says:

    V Davis strained his hamstring on that play apparently. I’m guessing he just didn’t want to play anymore.
    I did see him grab the back of his leg in the replay, so he probably was hurt.

  43. HawkfaninMT says:

    Thanks for the clarification on my postguys… I was incorrect about Harvin being the IR guy, he was simply PUP’d.

    I will be interested to hear what the 1st string line consists of from tomorrows practice report.

  44. Thanks guys – from the stands we couldn’t tell.

    It was really nice to watch the fact that we were able to get pressure on Kaep all night – didn’t always get home but they were making him uncomfortable. If we can continue to do that it will be a LONG season for QB’s

    next we will see if we can get pressure when we are on the road like we can at home. I loved how they were moving guys around pre- snap and picking a spot to rush from right before the snap.

  45. Seahawks have added DE Adewale Ojomo to their practice squad and released DT Sealver Siliga

  46. Todd – if you are reading, could you give us a brief bio when you take over the blog?

    Eric – safe travels, hope you enjoy your new gig!!

  47. The W/L numbers are kinda interesting so far. In week 1 there were 16 games, 16 winners (1-0) and 16 losers (0-1). That had to be (unless somebody tied.) In week 2 there were 16 games, 16 winners and 16 losers; with half of the 16 teams that won in week 1 also winning in week 2 (2-0); and half of the 16 teams that lost in week 1 also losing in week 2 (0-2); leaving half of all NFL teams at 1-1.

    How many of the 2-0 teams will remain undefeated, and how many of the losing teams will be winless at the end of week 3? Half, again, or something less? Will half the 1-1 teams become 2-1 and half 1-2?

  48. tealskin says:

    If Davis is out for any length of time that is going to put a big-time hurt on SF. And if Gore has faded? Hunter and James are different style runners.

  49. We would have had more sacks if it wasn’t for Kaep’s scrambling ability. The guy is a real threat. I’m anxious to see our ability to sack the qb with some of the less mobile qb’s coming up – Henne, Schaub, Luck, Palmer combined with Clem and Irvin returning

  50. Week 2 in Pigskin Pick’em I missed SD-33 @ phi-30, MIA-24 @ ind-20, dal-16 @ KC-17, and the car-23 @ BUF-24 games, so got 12 right. Love watching PIT lose. I won’t get over wanting to see PIT lose until SEA has at least 6 SB wins…

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about our Defense.
    #1 in total yards allowed, #1 in passing yards allowed and #1 in points allowed. And I doubt that will change next week.

    1 Seattle 460 230 226 113. 234 117 10 5.0

  52. HeinieHunter says:

    Sunday nights win by the Hawks was just impressive at every level. For the people, who saw the Niner/Green Bay game last week but not much of the Hawk/Panthers game and blew us off, this is a wake up call, the invincible Niners of a week ago just got bitch slapped.
    “Legion of Boom” coming to a stadium near you!

  53. LVHawk–Luck is a very mobile qb. I believe he’s faster than Russell Wilson–he just plays in a system that doesnt require him to run often. He’s not going to be easy to sack. Palmer, Henne, and Schaub should be good for some sackage though!

  54. Some kinda interesting Pro Football Focus (PFF) stats thru 2 games: PFF has JAX’s offense ranked 31st, but SEA’s is 32nd (dead last). JAX’s pass offense is dead last, and their run-offense 27th. JAX’s pass-blkg ranks 13th and run-blkg 30th. This season, SEA’s pass offense ranks 18th and their run-offense 17th. So far this season SEA’s pass-blkg ranks 29th and run-blkg 32nd (again – dead last). SEA’s offense also ranks 27th and JAX’s 28th on account of penalties. On defense this season SEA ranks 2nd (to KC) overall and JAX 28th. Vs the run SEA ranks 18th and JAX 27th. At rushing the passer SEA ranks 3rd and JAX 27th. At coverage, SEA ranks 5th and JAX 12th. In defensive penalties JAX ranks 12th and SEA 13th.

    Last season PFF ranked SEA’s offense 7th overall, their pass offense 6th and their run offense 1st. Last season SEA’s pass-blkg ranked 14th and their run-blkg 15th. JAX’s offense ranked 31st, pass offense 32nd, run-offense 31st, pass blkg 30th and run-blkg 22nd. PFF doesn’t account for stength of opponent’s defense.

    Football Outsiders (FO) adjusts for strength of opponent defenses: Last season FO ranked SEA’s pass offense 4th and run offense 1st. JAX pass offense ranked 28th and run offense 27th by FO for last season. For this season, thru week 2, SEA’s pass offense ranks 5th and run offense 13th, and JAX’s pass offense ranks 32nd and run offense 30th. FO ranks SEA’s pass defense 1st and run defense 25th, JAX’s pass defense 12th and run defense 28th. So far FO ranks SEA’s ST 2nd (to DEN) and JAX 23rd.

  55. Seahawkfan78 says:

    STTBM – Luck has been sacked 7 times already this year. 41 last year. He will be easier to sack the Kap and Cam…

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Seahawkfan78.
    Luck was one of the most sacked QBs last year.
    He’s not as fast as Wilson, however he is fast enough to do some damage if they ever allow him to run. Definitely not as quick as Wilson.

    Luck will be the most sacked QB in the NFL this year imo.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good article on Big Red. When healthy he’s a load. A glue guy indeed, and one of the best deep southern drawl voices I ever did hear.

  58. STTBM – I understand your comment about Luck. Mainly I was commenting on the difference between CK and the next quarterbacks we’ll face. I didn’t include Locker because of his scrambling ability. Now that you bring it up – I do remember Luck killing the Dawgs with his running so you do have a point!

  59. Luck gets sacked because his line isnt great, and he is in an offense that emphasizes passing from the pocket. Last year he was sacked so much mostly due to his coach–Arians, who is gone to AZ–so I expect him to be sacked much less this year. He’s not running the same offense this year.

    He’s pretty fast too, although his unofficial 40 time of 4.59 didnt hold, they gave him an official time of 4.67 to Russel Wilson’s 4.55. So I was wrong there. I still think he can run the ball pretty well.

    LVHawk–You are right that all of these guys will be much easier to chase down than Kaepernick, who is fast as hell.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Luck also got sacked because he held onto the ball too long.

    Strait line speed is far different then being a mobile QB.

    BTW- Luck is on pace to get sacked 56 times this season, so I doubt Luck will be sacked much less this season since he was sacked 41 times last season. Especially having to face the 49ers this week and facing the Seahawks two weeks later.

  61. Georgia–You might end up being right about the sacks for Luck this year. I hope you are! It would be sweet to see RW throw a great game and see our D sack Luck 10 times!

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I will take 0 sacks so long as we win in Indy.

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