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Carroll confirms Okung likely out vs. Jags

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 16, 2013 at 6:25 pm with 53 Comments »
September 16, 2013 6:25 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed to reporters here today that Russell Okung has a toe injury that likely will keep him out for Sunday’s game at home against Jacksonville.

Carroll could not confirm the severity of the injury, saying there’s a wide spectrum in terms amount of game time Okung could miss.

“There are some options that we’ll deal with here, and try and figure out,” Carroll said. “And there’s a little bit of a spectrum here that could come to us, with options. We need to wait and see.”

Carroll also said that running back Spencer Ware suffered an ankle sprain on the last play of the game, which could cause him to miss some time.

“He definitely has a significant sprain,” Carroll said. “It happened earlier, and he re-injured it on the last play of the game.”

Carroll said that Brandon Browner will try and practice on Wednesday. Browner has missed the first two games of the season with a hamstring injury.

“We’re going to plan on practicing him with the intent that he could play, unless he can’t,” Carroll said. “So he’s got a good chance of making it back.

Defensive end Chris Clemons will practice again this week, but if he does not return for the Jacksonville game, he likely will be ready in two weeks for Seattle’s contest at Houston, according to Carroll

Carroll also said that rookie defensive tackle Jordan Hill’s strength in his strained bicep has returned, and he has a chance to practice this week.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Overall pretty good news. I’d imagine if Ware can’t go, Michael will be active. The fact he hasn’t been is a bit alarming to me. Contribute on special teams, kid, am get on the field. Simple as that.

  2. Dukeshire–I for one am not worried that Michael is inactive. He’s a punk, and needs some humbling. I think he’ll be fine, but some humble pie while he learns that pass pro and receiving are just as important as running the ball will do him good. Everyone can see he’s got a great chance to be our feature back once Lynch fades.

    Turbin is also playing very well–no need to use Micheal while he is iffy on the nuances of our offense. HE’ll have his time to shine, and shine he will.

    Now who’s Mr. Positive, and who are the doubting Thomases?!

    (Not a dig at you Dukeshire, youre Otay in my book)

  3. vichawkfan says:

    seems like an opportunity to bring back MRob and IR Ware.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    No worries, lol. I’m not concerned what anyone thinks of may fandom. I’ve been here since the beginning and will be here until the end.

    My comment on Michael isn’t a backhanded dig at Turbin. As I’m sure you know, I’m a big Turbin fan. My comment is this: earl Thomas plays special teams, as does Chancellor, both pro bowl players. Michael is a talent and is only inactive because he doesn’t play ST. No third RB will see the field without contributing in that way. I don’t presume to know if he’s a “punk” or not, he’s too talented to be a healthy inactive on game day though, I know that. Get your ass on the field however you need. In the mean time, opportunities are created for others.

  5. “…there’s a little bit of a spectrum here that could come to us, with options.”

    LOLOL…I’d like to be visited by a spectrum bringing me options!

    Pete has obviously studied at the knee of Casey Stengel on the use of the language. Just throw any word in there and see how it sounds. If he wins, his language “arts” could become the stuff of legends.

  6. I am pretty sure the coaches are not wanting him on ST –

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clemons play this week but play sparingly – be a little more ready for Houston. Then again if he doesn’t play then he will be a little stronger for waiting a little longer.

    I will be interested in seeing who the put on the active roster on Sunday if Unger is out. My guess is Bailey for versitility, at least that is my guess after how Carroll talked about him in the pre-season

  7. Dukeshire says:

    That may be, but what leads you to that opinion? Only curious. Likely something I haven’t considered…

  8. I was thinking about Michael and special teams as well – maybe they’re holding him out due to his major injury history?

  9. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    As long as our D keeps “putting it on film” we can do without Okung for a few games… I mean how sick is our pass rush gonna be when Clem and Bruce return? Bennett and Avril were fantastic last night.
    Also McQuistan will be fine at LT, Their arent many Aldon Smith’s in this league.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Guys were talking about Jacksonville here.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    Losing Okung for awhile sucks but it could be worse.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Pdway- I considered that too, then I thought about Leon Washington and his gruesome leg break as a Jet the season before Seattle traded for him. Fact is, all speculation. We really don’t know what’s behind the scenes. I’m only speculating and just want his talent on the field. You know…?

  13. Michael has played special teams as a kick returner although I know you’re speaking more along the lines of kick coverage. It was great to see Chris Polk from UW (Philly’s 3rd string running back) have a great kickoff coverage tackle on the 10 yard line in game 1. He hasn’t had a carry yet but is in year 2 with Philly – totally due to his willingness/skill in covering kicks. Same with Kearse last year.
    Michael’s situation reminds me a little of Tate being inactive his first game – it certainly sent a message to Golden.

    I’m a little worried about Okung. Hopefully won’t be out long. However they replace him I’m glad they will have Jacksonville game to prepare for Houston.

    Also I’m impressed so far with Turbin. Has had some nice contributions so far.

  14. MikeFromNewJersey says:


    I never made it to scooters, spent the day on the strip and watched the game with some other rowdy Seahawk fans at the Ventian. Good times!

  15. mquinn73 says:

    Okung will be a serious loss if he’s missing for any prolonged period of time. McQuistan can do just about enough to get by when facing ‘average’ defensive ends but will be a major problem if up against an out-and-out pass rushing end. The consequence of this will be an even greater emphasis on the run game. Of all the issues on offense on Sunday night, the biggest one that stood out for me was the ineffective lead blocking that Lynch got from Derrick Coleman. The guy just looks like what he is… a converted tailback.

    I’m hoping against all odds that Michael Bowie turns out to be another late round steal. The kid has talent by all accounts but just needs to get it together mentally (easier said than done…). Whatever, we need to find improvement from somewhere up-front on offense.

  16. I’m one of the biggest Mike Rob fans here it seems, but Coleman has done a decent enough job thus far. He certainly didn’t look as good in week 2 as he did in week 1. I remember one play in particular where Ahmad “Bottle to the Dome” Brooks just blew him up like he had just hit on his girlfriend.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Wait where does the information that C. Michael is a punk come from?

    Of course there were a couple issues in college but I’m not aware of any issues since he joined the Hawks. I think he’s inactive 100% for personnel reasons specific to Seattle. We’ve got the RB’s the coaches want, need, and trust and CM is around in case of emergency, or if not that for next year.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hey, check out some of the comments here. Some 49er fans actually do have a little class after all.–seahawks-take-upper-hand-in-nfl-s-best-rivalry-140915394.html

  19. South, follow STTBM and you will see he doesn’t need real evidence to disparage a player/someone he doesn’t know. No offense to him, but he’s full of spit here.

  20. NYHawkFan says:

    According to this web site, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to recover from turf toe. Assuming Okung’s injury is similar, that is. If so, he will be greatly misses when we face the Texans.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think 3 to 4 weeks is about what Chuck said earlier.

  22. We really don’t know what’s up with Okung’s toe. It could be from a week or 2 to the rest of the season. I know fans don’t like uncertainty. We don’t really know what’s wrong, and more importantly the severity.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Perhaps STTBM gets his opinion on C. Michael from the Real Rob Report where Michael is rapping away and says something on the lines of smoking a joint. Then about that time Clemons puts an abrupt end to it.

    Lol, I thought the expression on Michael’s face said it all,(like big brother schooling little brother) and Clemons wasn’t messing around.

    I don’t know why that would make him a punk though? Knucklehead maybe.

  24. NYHawkFan says:

    True, there’s a lot of unknowns; what the actual injury is; severity of injury; typical recovery time, etc.

    Carroll obviously has reasons for not revealing to opponents how long Okung will be out. Why make it easy for them to plan against us?

    To that end, classic Carroll speak: ““And there’s a little bit of a spectrum here that could come to us, with options.” That clears it up!

  25. There’s good reason for PC to keep it vague, and he certainly could not know for sure. You usually have to see how someone responds with these types of injuries. Fans want a date even if it is unrealistic.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    unfortunately this story will dominate the news this week and be a bigger story then the actual game itself.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    PC is the Prince of keeping it vague, doesn’t ever want to help next weeks opponent prepare. The King is still Bill Belichick…

  28. Rice is starting to wear on me. He has $40M reasons to start being the ‘go to’ guy or he’s not going be a part of this for much longer. Spinning the ball after a pedestrian catch across the middle, or in Sidney’s case, EVERY TIME he catches the ball, is Diva like to say the least. RW needs reliable targets that know how to get open, have the ability to separate and hold on to the ball when thrown in their vicinity. Club Sid can do all those things, but mentally seems to check out. Tate needs to step up too.


  29. It’s true, Carroll is always talking about ‘spectrums’ of injuries.

    had to be one satisfying win for PC on Sunday, nice birthday present.

    I’m very confident of a win on Sunday – am actually flying up to Seattle w/my sons to watch this one in person — but I bet it ends up being closer than that 20 pt betting line . . .just a hunch. It’s hard to keep up the level of intensity we had against SF when playing teams like the Jaguars.

  30. @Georgia – that yahoo link was a good story. And you’re right, it is nice/refreshing to see some reasonable comments from both sides. I need to stop reading the comments on, which are 90% moronic and annoying.

  31. Rice actually has approx. 24-25 nil reasons. He earned 16 the last couple of years.

  32. Southendzone says:

    The Rice ball spinning issue is a great story . If you watched on TV, Collinsworth was saying that he did it last week and they KNEW it was a call that should be penalized.

    Why does Collinsworth know this from last week, yet it’s not addressed in the week of practice? I think Rice is still a fine player and big part of the offense, but that 15 yard penalty was a huge mental error and it should have never happened because the coaches should have been emphasizing it after seeing the same thing Collinsworth was talking about from game 1.

  33. montanamike2 says:

    I’m sure Pete has already “talked” to Rice about that, i’ll be very surprised if he does it again.

  34. JazBadAzz says:

    The rams sign Mike Person off of waivers. They did that out of spite because Okung is injured and they knew we would bring him back. Every single time we release someone, another team picks them up, disappointing to say the least.

  35. tealskin says:

    In PC’s press conference he addressed the ball spinning issue and said it had been discussed with the team. Sidney doesn’t seem the type to keep doing the same dumb things.

  36. NYHawkFan says:

    He’s been doing it for some time now. Mix in a bit of SF rivalry, add some heat of battle, perhaps some absent-mindedness, along with the force of habit and you end up with a 15 yard penalty. Hopefully he’s gotten the message now.

  37. The Seahawks/Jaguars line is only 20 points for this game?!?! Yet Virginia gets 42 points on VMI? That’s ridiculous! When are we going to get respect? Damn East Coast media bias!

  38. yankinta says:

    ESPN Power Ranking is Out. We’re of course No.1 but there are still Haters (JAWS, Mike Florio and Pete Prisco ) that want to rank Denver No.1 but we know the truth,, don’t we. :)

  39. Dukeshire says:

    We sure do: power rankings are thoroughly meaningless.

  40. doubledink says:

    If I recall correctly, turf toe ended Jack Lambert’s career. In his case it wouldn’t heal and he finally retired. So it can be serious.

  41. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire,, I agree but I just wanna see what the haters say about us. cuz it makes me smile… :) I was smiling all week last wk when they said there’s no way we can stop Boldin and CK…and we’d lose the game… :)

  42. Georgia – thanks for the SF link. I have to think most of their fans are just like ours. Loyal to their team but try to be objective. The ones we see here (Nate)are the idiots. I have tremendous respect for SF – really a great team with many studs. To have gained 170 yards rushing against that defense is impressive.

    Very happy with 2-0. Much to work on but can see the potential. Comparing ourselves to other teams I can really see that we have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. Everyone has areas of weakness.

    I’m coming up to see both UW and Seahawk games this weekend. Interesting how they are both trying to get to 3-0 and heavily favored.

  43. Not going to get too wound up about power rankings, especially over Denver being rated over Seattle. The Broncos have been playing some pretty damn impressive football. And unlike the Seahawks, their offense is firing on all cylinders.

  44. tealskin says:

    Really. They have Peyton Manning. Aside from the fact it’s meaningless, why would anyone think Denver didn’t deserve it?

  45. yankinta says:

    Well, it’s called quality of opponents. Do you really think Denver has played a playoff team. Giants and Ravens are no where close to a playoff team. I’d be surprised if they finish above .500. :)

    I still think Panthers have a chance to be a playoff team and 49ers definitely are a playoff team. :)

  46. tealskin says:

    Yank, We beat Carolina,narrowly, that just lost to Buffalo and is 0-2, and beat SF at home. NY and Baltimore are both quality opponents. It’s not like they’re ranking Hawks #10. This is a pointless argument over a meaningless subject.

  47. yankinta says:

    tealskin,, lol I don’t think it’s pointless. I guess you and I differ in our opinions. I don’t think NY Giants and Baltimore are quality opponents but you do. I guess time will tell. :)

    btw, Denver will play against the EASIEST Schedule in 2013. I shared that link like a month ago. Not sure if you’re seen it. :)

  48. beavercleaver says:

    Just a clarification on the Rice ball spinning thing. Ball spinning in itself is NOT a penalty! That is why it was not called last week. The way I understand it is As part of the new taunting rules you cannot spin the ball at/towards an opponent. Rice made the catch and got up and turned AWAY from the guy who tackled him and spun the ball. Unfortunately there was another 9er defender standing right there so it was spun towards an opponent. I’m sure Rice was told to come up with a different way to celebrate.

  49. Thanks beav. I was admittedly in the dark and thought I missed a new rule.

    And Giants/Baltimore are quality football teams. Actually most teams in the NFL are (due to parity). We have a window where an advantage was gained due to the new CBA. When players get paid (see Ravens), the Seahawks will still be a quality team, but will not have the same current advantage unless the twins strike more gold in the upcoming drafts. As talent evaluators, are these guys set for life or what?

  50. Nate/Duke etc; was typing in a hurry from my phone, “punk” was a quick word choice, and perhaps a limitless strong to describe my opinion on Michael.

    Michael has had several issues in college regarding attitude, he reportedly scared plenty of teams away during the interview process, there was that deal on the RealRob Report, and in the TV interview I saw of him, he came across as, well…kinda dumb. It’s only an opinion, but to me he seems immature; so I’m not surprised he’s sitting on Sundays thus far.

    Now, before Nate has a conniption, let me make clear that I believe the kid will be our future lead back, and that he will be a star–once he matures a little and learns the little things to earn his coaches trust, like pass pro and the complexities of the zbs scheme.

    Also, while the available info says he is immature and may have authority issues, it’s clear he’s trying to do right; not one bad word about him since we drafted him. I like the kid, and I think PC and JS will bring out the best in him.

    I just think he’s a little too cocky and immature; having to earn his reps will help him mature. Plus, Turbin is playing very well so there’s no real need for Michael to play now.

    Again, he will get his chance to shine, he’s just gotta earn it. I don’t see him being inactive as worrisome at all, and I think he’s gonna be a great player.

  51. I buddy of mine was at the Carolina game and noticed Rice’s ball spinning and said, “I’m surprised he didn’t get a flag.” We’ll never know if the coaches specifically addressed the ball spinning with Rice (as they imply) and he forgot. Or if they casually mentioned not getting penalties and he thought it didn’t apply to him. Either way, hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

  52. “I don’t see him being inactive as worrisome at all”

    I know that’s not the sentiment of your whole post, but that’s the part I do disagree with. Seems to me that in a championship run year, your top pick in the draft should be someone who can come in and contribute that year. And I know that harvin is really our #1 pick this year, but still, a 2nd rounder should be a contributor. It’s 20/20 hindsight now, of course, but it would be nice to have another D or O-lineman, if Michael isn’t going to take any carries away from Turbin this year.

    Of course, in the big picture, I’m just nitpicking and making conversation. Our talent evaluation and drafting over the past few years is as good as any franchise in the league.

  53. pdway–Regardless of whether or not Seattle should have picked a player who could contribute immediately, I dont think Michael not playing hurts us one bit. He’s learning, he’s not injured, and we have four backs ahead of him on the depth chart that are pretty good. Lynch and Turbin are better than good, IMO.

    And if you cant take a risk and draft a high-end luxury player in a championship contending year, when can you? This was the perfect time to reach with a guy like Michael. He’s going to be a special player for a long time for us, and will turn out to be an absolute steal.

    A lot of people are just itchy to see Micheal run, since he’s such a different style of runner from Lynch and Turbin, but right now Turbin is a much better NFL player. And Turbin is a fine back who could start for a lot of teams, and he’s a better third-down back that Michael, and complements what Lynch brings very well…

    I think its funny that people are howling about Michael not getting carries when Turbin is playing so well. What a luxury!

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