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Morning links: Tate the playmaker

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 13, 2013 at 7:48 am with 46 Comments »
September 13, 2013 7:49 am
Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate, left, cradles the ball as he pulls in a long reception as Denver Broncos' Champ Bailey defends in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate, left, cradles the ball as he pulls in a long reception as Denver Broncos’ Champ Bailey defends in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

In my story today, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate talks about taking the next step in his development as one of Seattle’s explosive playmakers.

The Notre Dame product finished 2012 with career highs in receptions (45), receiving yards (688) and touchdowns (7).

Tate finished with six receptions of 38 yards or more in 2012.

Now, Tate is looking to build on that, trying to develop into a complete receiver, while adding punt return duties to his résumé.

“My confidence is up,” Tate said. “I feel like the trust from (quarterback) Russell (Wilson) and this organization is up a lot more. I think my route running has gotten a lot better. And I feel like overall, just the impact on this team that I make is more than it was last year, and hopefully each year, and each game, it continues to build.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Walter Thurmond is ready to fill in again with Brandon Browner still recovering from a hamstring injury.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle highlights San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick as his person of interest.

ESPN’s Terry Blount writes that Richard Sherman is okay with Kaepernick’s bicep kiss.

Adam Schein of provides nine reasons why the Seattle-San Francisco game is the best rivalry in the NFL.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland provides a timeline of how the NFC West went from laughingstock to the best division in the league.

Robert Mays of Grantland breaks down Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner’s play using All-22 film.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano has Russell Wilson at No. 3 in his MVP watch.

ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha writes that Marshawn Lynch is trying to change the direction of his live.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times reports that the Seattle-San Francisco matchup is the most in-demand Seahawks game ever.

Joe Fortenbaugh of The National Football Post ranks the Seahawks No. 3 in his weekly NFL power rankings.

Andrew Brandt writing for The MMQB says quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and Matt Flynn cashed in as franchise quarterbacks of the future, even though they never lived up to that billing.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated picks the Seahawks 27-21 over the Niners.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated writes that the Seahawks and the 49ers are ready to renew their rivalry on Sunday.

The 49ers are apparently unimpressed by Russell Wilson, with one identified player saying Seattle has a gimmick offense.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Bill Barnwell of Grantland says-

    “Flynn earned almost $1 million per pass during his time with the team. By comparison, each Russell Wilson pass during his rookie season cost the Seahawks $1,386.42.”

  2. Very excited to see that Tate is finally getting some recognition. He’s light years ahead of where he was his first couple years in the league. He was targeted 7 times last week, and I expect he will get 8 or 9 if our line can pass block this week.

    Carolina schemed to take a way the run first, our starting WR’s second. They did a great job vs the run, a good job vs our starting WR’s, and forgot all about Doug Baldwin. You can bet the Niners wont be forgetting about Doug Baldwin!

    I expect Tate to have a big game vs the niners, and we need him to.

  3. HawkyHann says:

    Donte Whitner feeding up bullet board material. I hope Wilson picks on him right away.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced the game will come down to the play of the lines. You cant do anything if your O-line cant protect your qb. You cant stop anyone if you cant a) stop the run and b) rush the passer.

    Seattle’s O-line has to go from terrible to very good in one week to give us a chance. Our D-line is so thin its pathetic. We need McD to get healthy, and Hill to come back from injury, in the worst way. Not to mention Mebane is banged up as usual.

    We could use Jaye Howard about now. Not looking like a great move to cut him and keep Lotuleilei, who wont see the field all year, barring injury.

    Im really hoping the O-line pulls its collective head out this weekend, and the Quinn works some scheme magic, cause we’re gonna need it. Thank God this one is at home. 12th man is a big advantage!

  5. It wasn’t Howard versus Lotuleilei. They traded for the DT from Jack. They simply didn’t value Howard, EVEN QUINN. Get over it.

  6. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think they should bring back Clint McDonald, we only have 4 DT and 3 of them are banged up. The 9ers have the potenial to expose us up the middle and I’m not going to be happy about it..

  7. Yes, i am worried about the Dline. They are all banged up on the interior and that could be a terrible thing against this Oline coming up. 9ers have a fantastic Oline. I hope they step it up and prove me wrong.

  8. WiscCory says:

    I expect Harbaugh to use some no-huddle on Sunday, given the Hawks injuries on the D-Line, in order to catch the Hawks in personnel valnerabilities.

    Just a hunch.

  9. I find it humorous Whitner is taking shots at Wilson as a gimmick QB when his QB had made his entire living going to his first WR. And if that first WR is not available, he bails.

    Tate is probably one of the better athletes Seattle has seen at WR, but his inability to become more consistent (ie 5 catch a game guy vs a big play here and there) is probably why they brought in Harvin.

    Finally, Wagner should be able to stake his claim to the best MLB in Seahawks history after this year.

  10. Southendzone says:

    The Hawks seem really committed to Lotuleilei after signing him for the 25k UDFA bonus. STTBM makes a good point that we really could use some capable bodies on the D-Line right now and Lotu is likely to be inactive all season.

    As a fan watching most of the games, I felt like Bradford was making more plays during preseason than Lotu.

  11. yankinta says:

    lol, I love it. Donte Whitner talking trash,, let’s see if he can back it up. My prediction for the game is 27 to 14 Seahawks win,,,

  12. Does anyone know if the Giants are going to use Bradford as a LB or a RB?

  13. FleaFlicker says:

    STTBM: have a little faith, man. Like Stevos pointed out the other day, last year our O-line was a disaster in game #1 on the road. Then they got it together for the home opener.

    But D-line is indeed a big worry. I still have a terrible memory of that 2009 game where Gore went over 200 yards. Gore is older, but still a bruiser.

  14. yankinta says:

    Again ESPN wants us to believe the two young QB this year will be great… but I watched Geno Smith last night and saw a huge bust,,, smh….

  15. bbmate–You are overreacting to my comment. I simply meant that coming in to game one, we had every single one of our D-lineman dinged up, and were thin there already due to putting Jesse Williams on IR. We kept Lotuleilei and given that our injury situation on the line has worsened, hindsight would suggest that keeping an extra DT rather than Lotu would have been a better idea. And Howard appeared to play well enough during preseason to be worth more than anyone we could grab now. I was not moaning or groaning over losing Howard per se, just the fact that we are thin at DT at the moment.

    Besides, saying QUinn didnt want Howard is a guess. For all you or I know, he may have stood on the table for Howard as his last DT, but Coach decided to keep Lotu or another player instead. You have no way of knowing if Quinn gave up on Howard, or did or did not want him on the team. Thats the kind of mental leap that youre always attacking me for making when you disagree.

    FleaFlicker–Faith has nothing to do with it. The Niners have a fantastic D-line, and every one of our DT’s is injured, and we are playing our third string DE and fourth string DE. This is not a recipe for success.

    Last year, or D-line was relatively healthy game one and game two; this year, its a whole ‘nother story. Mebane, McDaniels, Hill, and god knows who else are all slowed by injuries. Our depth is scarily thin, since all the starters are hurt and even the backups are dinged up. This is the worst shape our D-line has ever been this early in the season, to my recollection. If Im the Niners, thats what Im gonna attack.

    So to say just have faith is fine, but objectively looking at the situation, Seattle’s D-line and O-line are glaring weaknesses right now. And the D-line, while talented, is injured. Add Browner being hurt and the ripple effect that has with Maxwell playing outside corner in nickel situations and its a serious concern.

    Im not preaching Doom and Gloom by any means, but I am worried as can be about the lines.

  16. Southendzone says:

    Did anyone notice the footnote #3 on Barnwell’s article? The Cardinals trade of Boldin netted them 3 players, one of which was O’Brien Schofield!

    Interesting, maybe he will get a chance to smash Boldin going across the middle sometime this Sunday.

  17. Gimmick offense???? Um, didn’t we RUN the ball more than anyone last year??? I guess shoving it down your throat could be considered a gimmick in today’s NFL. Whitner is trash, along with the rest of their secondary & THAT’S where I think we exploit them. GO HAWKS

  18. chuck_easton says:

    If Whitner is referring to the read-option, that could possibly be considered a ‘gimmick offense’ as it is new to the NFL.

    But the fact remains that SF ran the read-option more last season than Seattle did. Further neither team used this ‘gimmick offence’ in there first game last week.

    As always, anybody outside of the ‘cone of silence’ that apparently is sitting over all of the PNW knows nothing about the Seahawks except what they read in the national media.

    The national media keeps talking about Seattle relying on the read-option. The national media continues to talk as if Wilson is a run first, pass second, scrambling QB.

    If SF really thinks that is what they are going to face on Sunday all the better.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t want to lose Lotuleilei for a quick fix potential DT. It’s bad enough losing Bradford for a potential quick fix TE.

  20. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @GeorgiaHawk- If we sign a DT this week(somebody like Clint McDonald) we don’t have to cut Lotuleilei, we could easily waive somebody from the OLine, S.Ware or even Benson M (if Clemons and Avril are both healthy). I’m very concerned about our DT depth.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about we just waive an injured DT and sign a healthy one?

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Or put the injured DT on IR.

  23. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Georgia – That doesn’t make any sense. These guys have nagging injuries, not the type of injuries where you would IR them for the season. We need some help for this week for sure.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know MikeFromNewJersey, I’m just frustrated.
    Maybe we will get some good news regarding this before the game starts.

    Happy hour is starting early today.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Herm Edwards picks Kaep over Wilson to start a franchise. But it’s close.

  26. Georgia–I feel your pain.

    Not sure there is anyone out there that could offer us much/any help at DT, since there are few if any guys who know our system. Howard is on the Chiefs active roster, but McDonald is one option, though he backed up Mebane and wont really help us at McDaniels position. Brooks or Siliga from the practice squad could be activated, but then we’d have to cut someone–which could happen. Parker might still be in the wind, but again, someone will be cut to make room before that happens.

    Michael Bennet will have to play a lot, and the dude from Jax is our only other DT on the active roster, who knows if he even knows our Defensive calls yet after only two-three weeks on the roster…

    MikefromJersey–No way Benson Mayowa gets cut.

  27. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I hear ya Georgia – im on vacation next week and heading to vegas tomorrow, so you know where my mind is right about now.

  28. Back in the day, I was hell bent on Seattle finding a way to acquire Boldin. Didnt happen, but I still dreamed…funny that we ended up with Schofield for free…Really wish we’d managed some dirty third-party trade to get Boldin, then Doushmandzadeh wouldnt have happened…

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well, I was hoping that Harper could be a poor mans Boldin, however we won’t find that out here now.
    Why waste a 4th on a WR(then cut him) knowing that they will need a year or two or more to develop?

    Ok, I won’t harp on Harper anymore today, but imagine if we had the opportunity to trade that 4th pick for Boldin. Of course Jim wouldn’t have allowed that.

  30. tealskin says:

    Georgia, Would have liked Boldin to go elsewhere than niners. Don’t think Seattle was the place at this point in his career. Wonder what wheels are spinning in PC and JS’s heads right now regarding D-line? Looks kind of dire from the cheap seats.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    tealskin- About Boldin-

    When you say you Don’t think Seattle was the place at this point in his career, What do you mean? That he is too old to help the Seahawks win a Super Bowl?
    Did you watch him down the stretch last year with the Ravens? Did he not help them win a Super Bowl? Did he not have a first game this year of 200 + yards and NFC player of the week with the 49ers?

    tealskin- That’s why the Seahawks drafted Harper, because they were looking for a player with the physical skills of Boldin.

  32. Georgia–With Rice, Tate, and Baldwin on the team–not to mention Kearse and Williams, there was no place for Boldin. He’s slow. While his game vs GB was amazing, he looked like a DT running with the ball out there…GB was simply terrible on defense, and Capers may well be washed up.

    When he went to the Ravens, THEN we could have used him. Its too bad nothing worked out.

    On Harper, he was given a chance to contribute and compete, and he failed utterly. Seattle obviously thought he would pick it up faster than he did, and they had no way of knowing Kearse would step up like he has, or that Williams would show so well. They threw him in the mix, he wasnt ready for prime time, got caught in a numbers game, and they had to let him go. SF made a good move, but Seattle likely could have kept him had they wanted him bad enough.

  33. While Harper is a big physical WR, he ran a 4.4 40, and Boldin runs a 4.8 or worse at this point. Also, Boldin is a great route runner and still fairly agile–Harper doesnt look anywhere near as agile, just straight-line faster. He’s also bigger than Boldin, so I dont think Seattle was necessarily looking for a Boldin clone.

    Also, Boldin wasnt that big early in his career. Seattle is just looking for WR’s with unique abilities in mid to late rounds. They also like physicality and size. Harper fit the bill, he just didnt show as well as they hoped.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- What did Tate show his first year?
    You have to give WRs more time to develop in the NFL. If they do you can end up with a Tate or a Kearse.

    BTW- What the hell do you mean that Boldin wasn’t big early in his career?

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Why do you choose to be stuck on stupid with regards to Boldin?

    “As a rookie Boldin set an NFL record for most receiving yards by a rookie in his first game (217), tied Billy Sims for most yards from scrimmage by a rookie in his first game (217), and holds the NFL record for most receptions in the first 26 games of an NFL career (157). He is also the fastest to record 300 career receptions (47 games) and finished the season with 101 catches, 1,377 receiving yards, and eight scores. Boldin was the only rookie selected to the 2004 Pro Bowl.”

  36. Georgia–Tate is a far more athletic player with a much higher upside than Harper–thus Seattle being stoked to get him him in the second, while Harper was a fourth rounder allowed to leave.

    Also, Tate made huge plays in practice from the first day in rookie camp, and kept doing that all year. He just wasnt ready to get it done in regular games. He also returned a punt for 57 yards or whatever his first time.

    Contrast that with Harper, who was quiet during camp and preseason, and only made the occasional play. He also doesnt return punts. Basically, youre comparing apples to oranges IMO. Tate and Harper arent even close in talent and skill–and they are totally different in their skillsets.

    I liked Harper, and I hoped he’d land on the PS squad and in a year or two get to start. But he aint no Golden Tate, not by a longshot.

    On Boldin: He’s gained some weight and a lot of strength since his rookie year, though he’s lost a lot of speed. He makes up for that in toughness and skill.

    Relax, man, were not that far off in our feelings for Harper. Im irritated as heck he’s a niner, but thems the breaks when youre as talented a team as Seattle is: goes with the territory. Im actually more annoyed at losing Bradford, a guy they spent two years developing, only to lose him to the Giants. Bastids!

  37. Georgia–Go sleep it off and quit acting like an asshat! Ive had enough of you and your drunken insults. Sheesh. Way to act like a 19 year old with his first case of beer and a broken heart….your pretty much losing all the cred youve earned over the years with your behavior…

    I love me some Boldin. But your scenarios make no sense. Seattle doesnt need the dude, and couldnt get him when he was someone we needed. We’re fine with who we have–it just sucks that he’s playing for the niners.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Also, Boldin wasnt that big early in his career.”

    You lose all credibility when you say that STTBM.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Even a drunk makes more sense then you when it comes to Boldins early career.
    Do your home work next time.

  40. Ok, Georgia. Instead of the word THAT, I meant to use AS. He is stronger now than he was early in his career, more physical, and thicker. Look at pictures, watch film.

    How do I lose credibility simply because you disagree with my opinion? You lose credibility by turning everything into an argument/fight and attempting to make it personal.

    And no, dude, you arent making much sense. Youre just raging and angry all over the place. I have no animosity towards you personally, but your constant attacks every time you disagree with something I say is past worn thin. If you cant discuss things rationally and peacefully, perhaps you shouldnt blog when drunk. Seriously, get some help.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Your words drama queen-

    Please explain-

    “Also, Boldin wasnt that big early in his career”

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- No offense, however don’t make stupid statements like below if you want to be taken seriously.

    “Also, Boldin wasnt that big early in his career”

  43. Size not production. Duh! Which you might have understood if you weren’t drunk and belligerent. Stay classy..

  44. STTBM, you’re right that I don’t know for sure whether or not Quinn was trying to keep Howard, but I would doubt he would be cut if he was standing on the table screaming for him. I didn’t mean to suggest that it was a fact. Not sure why you think Cable can pick and choose his o-lineman but Quinn doesn’t have a significant influence over the defensive players kept? They wouldn’t have felt the need to trade for a DT if they thought that much of McDonald and Howard IMO.

    I don’t personally get why they kept 7 LBs and kept Lotuleilei over Bradford, but the coaches know their players and system much better than I. I am willing to give a successful coaching staff the benefit of the doubt. We would’ve been more thin on run stuffing DTs without McDaniel and Mebane. Howard is not a run stuffer. Bennett was going to be there to rush from the inside regardless. And Red can jump inside if need be.

  45. Bbmate–All I meant was Howard may have been a guy Quinn wanted as the last DT or an extra. Position coaches don’t always get the numbers or players they want. Also, Cable has more say, more clout, as he’s the Assistant HC and a successful NFL coord; Quinn is a rookie DC.

    I agree, coaches have earned some benefit of the doubt. But they take risks and make mistakes too, and us here with little or no insider info are left confused and wondering.

    It wasn’t so much what you said, but how you said it.

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