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Browner doubtful for San Francisco game

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm with 36 Comments »
September 13, 2013 2:01 pm

It’s likely that Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner will miss his second straight game.

Pete Carroll told reporters after practice that Browner, who miss practice all week with a hamstring issue, will be listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game against San Francisco.

If Browner can’t go, Walter Thurmond will get his second straight start.

“He has not been able to get as much work as we had hoped,” Carroll said about Browner.

Along with Browner, safety Jeron Johnson (hamstring) also did not practice and is listed as doubtful.

The news is better concerning defensive end Cliff Avril. Carroll said the team’s top free agent acquisition is listed as probable, and should play for the first time this year on Sunday.

“He could have played last week,” Carroll said. “No he comes back and puts another week behind him, and went all the reps and took full-speed work. So we know he’s ready to go.”

Along with Avril, tight end Luke Wilson (oblique), offensive lineman Michael Bowie (shoulder), receiver Sidney Rice (knee), defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (ankle) and defensive tackle Tony McDaniel (groin) all fully participated in practice and are probable.

McDaniel returned to practice today after missing Thursday’s workout.

Defensive end Chris Clemons fully participated in practice for a second straight day, but is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

“Chris had a great week,” Carroll said. “We were just thrilled. Wednesday was the first day, and you could kind of see him knocking off the rust. Thursday he was good, and Friday again he was good. So he’s going to have a real chance in the next couple weeks to get back and play for us.”

Defensive tackle Jordan Hill (biceps) did not practice today, and is listed as out for Sunday’s game.

For San Francisco, the only player on the team’s injury report is running back LaMichael James, who’s listed as questionable with a knee injury.

Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright received a $7,875 fine from the league for unnecessary roughness before a taunting penalty he got during the Carolina game. Wright had words with Carolina safety Colin Jones after he pulled Jones from a scrum by both his legs.

Wright’s teammate Chris Maragos had recovered a fumble under the pile on the play.

Carolina defensive lineman Frank Alexander also received a $15,750 fine for his ejection after throwing a punch at Breno Giacomini, which you can watch here.

“It’s football; that’s the way football should be, I think,” Giacomini said about the play. “I don’t think he should’ve got fined. Maybe a flag, but a fine? I think that’s too much personally.”

Carroll turns 62 on Sunday, so of course I asked him if he was going to catch a flight to Denver so he can attempt to throw a football as far as his age once again in the high altitude of Mile High Stadium.

Carroll has been blessed that his birthday has fallen around the same time Seattle has played games in Denver the past two seasons.

However, this year Carroll said he’ll have to wait for the elements to cooperate with him closer to him.

“I never have said that I have to do that on my birthday,” Carroll said, smiling. “And I keep looking at that flag, and that flag’s got to get ripping in the right direction.

“I took a little test run, and I need a little bit more elements in my support right now.”

Notes from practice
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  1. We’ll be OK. Browner didn’t play the last time we beat down the 49ers. Thurmond will get some help if Boldin starts pushing him around. Can’t wait.

  2. tealskin says:

    Great news about Mebane and McDaniel. Can back away from the edge now.

  3. tealskin says:

    Regarding Wright’s penalty. Seems like the perfect example of knucklehead behavior Hawks don’t need. Is Wright a knucklehead?

  4. Makes sense to keep Browner out. It’s a long season and if he misses this Sunday’s game, he’ll get another week to recover next week with the early bye. I mean, game against the Jaguars.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great news about Avril too. I think the Seahawks will be alright this game.
    We have the 12th man and the better Special teams to help win this one.

    BTW- Wright is not a knucklehead. I can’t say the same about myself.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    I’m a little relieved about McDaniel and Avril coming back, i think with the rest of the legion and the fact we’re home helps. The Whiners are tough on both lines so Pete better have his thinking cap on.

  7. “Regarding Wright’s penalty. Seems like the perfect example of knucklehead behavior Hawks don’t need. Is Wright a knucklehead?”

    Nah, I think that’s an overreaction, I’ve seen guys pulling players off piles by their legs before – first time I’ve ever seen it called a personal foul.

    Wish we were at full strength for Sunday, but so it goes. Starting the think that getting Marshawn going is the single biggest key to winning this thing. Need to keep our offense on the field as long as possible.

  8. Bummed to hear Browner wont play. Thats costly. Thurmond aint no Browner, and Maxwell aint no Thurmond, so it affects two positions. Incredibly relieved to hear Mebane and McDaniels are full-go, but their injuries could still slow them and/or flair up.

    Great to hear Avril will likely play. Love to see him and Schofield both on third and long plays…

    Clemons wont play. Seattle will make him go through at least an entire week of full-go practices before letting him play, and I dont think they start him his first game. Gotta be very careful with him, he’s important to our team and isnt exactly young anymore.

  9. chrisj122 says:

    It seems to me that the ref’s this season are calling a lot of personal fouls/unnecessary roughness calls. I have noticed this in various games not just the Hawk game.

    They must be trying to send message to the players about what will not be tolerated this season. The ref’s have also been quick to eject players for stupid behavior that before would only warrant a personal foul.

  10. DT Garrett Goebel is not even on any practice squad and was tied for best run-stopping performance in preseason. I’d hope SEA would at least bring him in for a look-see(?)

  11. Is this where we start transitioning away from Browner as a starter. Maybe we don’t resign him if WT3 excels. If Boldin starts pushing Thurmond around though, could we slide him back to Nickle and have Maxwell press him at the line, or is he (41) not even ready to even try that roll yet?

  12. tealskin says:

    pdway, Don’t know if you think my opinion is an overreaction or calling the foul. Either way, to say that you haven’t seen it called before misses the point. The Hawks get too many penalties and dumb ones are the worst kind. Too many lapses in smart, disciplined playing, and that is an example, whether or not it’s called.

  13. doubledink says:

    I guess all that hype about how deep we are at cornerback will be put to the test.

  14. @teal – my point what it’s tough to fault a guy for doing something that isn’t normally called a penalty. Wouldn’t deem him a knucklehead for doing it.

    Separate question – – who is our biggest intimidator/hard hitter on D at this point? Is it Kam? Browner? Who else sticks out? I can’t really think of anyone in particular on our D-Line to be honest. As good as Bobby W. and KJ are, I’m not sure that’s the noticeable part of their game. Was just crossing my mind as I think about the physical battle tomorrow.

  15. tealskin says:

    pdway, There must have been something in the way he did it because he was fined as well. Guess my pain threshold has been crossed regarding fouls.

  16. Browner and Thurmond are both free agents after the season.

  17. “Guess my pain threshold has been crossed regarding fouls.”

    It’s Beno that’s put you there . . .

  18. tealskin says:

    If Breno can make the other guy commit penalties then thats a huge step up.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I had to post this again because lately you have been just shooting by the hip imo.

    STTBM- Why do you choose to be stuck on stupid with regards to Boldin?

    “As a rookie Boldin set an NFL record for most receiving yards by a rookie in his first game (217), tied Billy Sims for most yards from scrimmage by a rookie in his first game (217), and holds the NFL record for most receptions in the first 26 games of an NFL career (157). He is also the fastest to record 300 career receptions (47 games) and finished the season with 101 catches, 1,377 receiving yards, and eight scores. Boldin was the only rookie selected to the 2004 Pro Bowl.”

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is what STTBM posted in the last thread regarding Boldin early in his career. Lol.

    “Also, Boldin wasnt that big early in his career. Seattle is just looking for WR’s with unique abilities in mid to late rounds. They also like physicality and size. Harper fit the bill, he just didnt show as well as they hoped.”

  21. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Off topic.. MikeRob live on the NFL network. He’s a natural and will have a nice career in TV if he desires.

  22. Wow, Georgia; Youre actually proud of yourself for jousting at windmills and inventing an argument with me over nothing. And youre proud you personally attacked me saying “STTBM- Why do you choose to be stuck on stupid with regards to Boldin?”

    Thats sad. Our opinions on Bolding are actually pretty close, but you insist on getting angry over minutiae.

    Again, Boldin has gained strength and redistributed his weight since his rookie year–he’s even more physical. He also seems bigger to me, with more mass in his torso. If you disagree, thats fine. I dont see how its worth acting like a drunken asshat over…but suit yourself…

    Youre embarrassing yourself and will realize this tomorrow when your hangover finally clears…

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree MikeFromNewJersey MikeRob is a natural.

  24. According to the internet, Boldin was 216 pounds at the combine. He is listed at 220, and looks 230. Maybe he’s 216? Who knows? But he’s listed at four pounds heavier, and he looks different–as I said, he’s much stronger as he’s got an NFL team helping him get buff vs a college one, and he has the money for personal trainers.

    As I have said, I love Boldin, and I liked Harper. I just dont see the 216 lb Boldin–who’s now 220 plus–as being exactly like the 235 plus pound Harper.

    If that makes me your windmill, joust away…but Im done with you.

  25. tealskin says:

    For those that have not watched Richard Sherman’s latest press conference, give it a shot. Get a big kick out of the guy.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How can you explain this STTBM? And how can you explain that a drunk blogger kicked your a$$?

    “As a rookie Boldin set an NFL record for most receiving yards by a rookie in his first game (217), tied Billy Sims for most yards from scrimmage by a rookie in his first game (217), and holds the NFL record for most receptions in the first 26 games of an NFL career (157). He is also the fastest to record 300 career receptions (47 games) and finished the season with 101 catches, 1,377 receiving yards, and eight scores. Boldin was the only rookie selected to the 2004 Pro Bowl.”

  27. Maybe Breno’s finally catching on, he does his job and the other guy gets the penalty.

  28. Is it me or does there seam to be a lot more hamstring and groin injuries this year? Perhaps I’ve just never noticed it before. If there are more this year I have another question. Are players left to themselves to take care of stretching before practice and games or is it a group/coach led thing? Sorry for all the questions … always enjoy reading all of your opinions.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK STTBM- You meant size, I meant production. I think anyways. Lol.

  30. sluggo42 says:

    Do you really drink like you say, or is it just a schtic for the blog. I don’t care either way, just curious…

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sluggo- I don’t drink as much as I used to, but when I do I prefer Texas Margaritas. They make me sleep like a baby and forget what I say. At least until I check out the blog the next morning. Ouch!

    BTW- I’m going back to school at Taco Mac Brewniversity, the College Fermentation. I’m hoping to graduate in about ten years or so.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “The College of Fermentation”

  33. Southendzone says:

    begging for a new thread & praying that the baby-fight doesn’t carry over.


  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    With all the hoopla surrounding Newton, Luck and RG3 who would of thought these two would rise to the top?

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