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Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 10, 2013 at 1:35 pm with 46 Comments »
September 10, 2013 1:35 pm
2013 Stats Hawks 49ers
2013 Record 1-0 1-0
Total Yards Gained 370 494
Total Offense (NFLRank) 370.0 (14) 494.0(2)
Rush Offense 70.0 (22) 90.0 (T12)
Pass Offense 300.1 (11) 404.0 (3)
Points Per Game 12.0 (28) 34.0 (T3)
Total Yards Allowed 253 385
Total Defense 253.0 (5) 385.0 (22)
Rush Defense 134.0 (28) 63.0 (T6)
Pass Defense 119.0 (3) 322.0 (25)
Points Allowed/Game 7.0 (2) 28.0 (T23)
Possession Avg. 30:14 38:35
Sacked/Yds. Lost 2/20 2/8
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 1/6 2/11
Interceptions By 0 1
Penalties/Yds. 9/99 11/85
Punts/Avg. 4/49.5 5/47.2
Turnover Differential +1(T9) +2(T2)

Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    20 combined penalties… Should make for a real fluid game.

  2. Funny, Duke.

    If a few of our penalties happen to be Kam Chancellor blasting Vernon Davis into tomorrow-land, or Giacomini accidentally standing on some poor D lineman’s face, then I’m okay with those penalties.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    And this is a great example of why you just throw out the stats from the first game of the season as totally meaningless.

    Does anybody really think that SF only has the 22nd best Defence in the NFL?

    Does anybody really think that Seattle is only the 28th best team at stopping the run?

    And if SF finishs the season with the #2 offense in the entire NFL I’ll eat my hat.

    But hey, we do have the better punter!!!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And the better overall special teams.
    This could be one of those two or three games this year that our special teams helps give us the win.

  5. Stevos–I can just see Giacomini complaining to the Ref’s: “But I did it on a ACCIDENT!” just like one of my kid sisters after she knocked out my front baby tooth…lol!

    Chuck–As far as Im concerned, youre only as good as your record shows: Seattle thus far is only the 28th best run D. They may or may not improve. Im not sure how much is due to injuries, and how much due to Quinn, but so far our run D has continued its second-half of last season decline. However, I do have hope that this game is an anomaly, and that Quinn will find a way to scheme us into contention until our regulars return.

    I still cant believe our D only gave up 7 points. To the eye, it looked as if they gave up at least 17. Those turnovers were key! Problem is, you cant count on that happening every game–especially not with the Niners.

    Early days yet, but the Niners and Denver are the teams to beat and Seattle has a ways to go.

  6. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    Oh boy! Green Bay was just a warmup! This is the one we’ve been waiting for! I don’t care what Matt Maiocco says, our boys are pumped and jacked – isn’t that what pretty-boy Carroll says – to avenge that loss from last year. And this WILL be a season-defining victory. I am sick and tired of hearing all this talk about how great the Seahawks are and how wonderful Russell Wilson is. After a win in Seattle, the media can move on from the Seahawks and focus on the defending Division and Conference champions.

    My boys are bringing their A game, will you be ready?

  7. What’s more impressive, holding a road team to 7 on the opposite side of the counrty when you should be sleeping or allowing 28 pts at home. Seattle’s OL needs to improve, but the team as whole does NOT have a ways to go as you put it. Go Hawks.

  8. Seahawks22360 says:

    Too much time on your hands Goldengate? Or just so scared that you have to check in on the opponent?

  9. I think the Hawks as a whole will be giving the 49ers the Knuckles as your doushe bag Harbaugh says.

  10. TruBlu–You really think that if Seattle doesnt improve, and plays the same way it played vs Carolina, that they will beat the Niners?!

  11. I believe that the fact that they don’t have to fly across the county to play in the am on the road they will beat the niners. I beleive our offense will look alot more in sync and that the niners D won’t be able to stop them (think 28 pts put on them at home). I do have concerns about the OL, but I think that the home feild and a game under their belt will do wonders. Lynch will get his, as will Russel and the offense in whole. I feel that they can appove as the season goes on, but it’s not a ways away.

  12. TruBlu–Well, Im hoping youre right. Improvement is needed. As good as the Hawks are, they dont have the Niners discipline. Last years late season thrashing excepting–wasnt that awesome?!

    I am also hoping playing at home will cure them of what ails them!

  13. Autenpus says:

    Here’s a statistic I’d like: how many really stupid tatoos does Kaepernick have?

    I wish I had something negative to say about his football playing, but since I don’t at this point, I’ll be petty.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Goldenboynate it is brave of you to come before the game and talk trash, i’m ok with that, i hope you come back after the game.

  15. MoSeahawk12 says:

    GoldenLate won’t be around after Sunday. He’ll be thinking up witty things to say for the second game at SF later in the year. Niner blogs must be pretty lame to hang out here. I’m sure the Rams or Cards would be a step up as well.

  16. We don’t need Goldengate to harsh our mellow we have STTBM to cover that. He critiques Wilson’s deep throws now determines the o-line and defense’s play by one game played on the road at 1000am. I am beginning to beleive that the last two letters of his on-line ID discribes the majority of his posts. Cmon Man!

  17. bayareahawkfan says:

    Haven’t chimed in in a long while. – been busy with work and life – but had to respond to a comment I’ve seen over the last few threads. It was started by Yankinta parroting something he read/heard from I think Doug Farrar, but it’s taken on legs since then, and was most recently posted by Stevos.

    It’s the notion the Kaepernick is a 2-read QB, tops. I dislike the QB as much as the next guy, and think he has some problems with the length of his throwing motion that will show up more as he’s pressured/confused, but having lived in SF for many years, and only recently moved away, I occasionally listen to KNBR, and happened to listen to the GB game call there.

    Much as I’d like it to be true that Kaepernick can only read 2 options before ticking and running, he proved against GB that he’s got a solid grasp of their play calls, and trust in his unfortunately solid pass-protecting o-line. There were several plays (and I’d have to go back and re-listen or watch them to call out specifics) where he hit his 3rd or 4th option.

    Comforting as it would be, he’s matured, and is able to read out his progressions.

    I think our hope Sunday lies in frustrating his ability to execute check-with-me’s (like we did last year; he did that almost every play through the third and fourth quarter last week), and through pressuring and confusing him with coverage so that, having to make his decision late, his over- long delivery comes into play, giving our DB’s time to break on the ball.

    Either way, I detest the 49ers and their fans – I grew up in the Bay Area during their heyday, and had to endure the fans’ entitled obnoxiousness. So I’d like nothing more than to be able to lord another victory – and for good measure, a sideline Harbaugh meltdown – over my high school buddies.

    Go hawks!

  18. Dvaldez–ok man, Wilson’s deep throws are the bestest most perfectest in the whole wide world!!! The Seahawks offensive line is so awesome!! (Marshawn Lynch must have lost it–only 43 yards behind the best I-line in history–time to cut his ass!)

    And how bout that d-line?! Whooee! Love how they pushed the second and third string Panthers G’s around! Sooo studly!!

    19-0 baby for sure!

  19. Idk bout you, but 12 points and 9 penalties and 70 yards rushing is sure good enough to win the big game! We’re gonna beat the Niners by 50 points baby!

  20. Kaepernick has improved dramatically. He’s a douche, but a great football player. He hits his check downs. May the best team win!

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Two ways to respond to some of these comments. You can either laugh them off and not take offense or you can overreact and add another comment that displays how it got to you.
    We all have keyboards and we don’t all like each other. Some more than others.
    I’ve had my fill of a certain all knowing all the time poster.
    That’s the way life is. You get along with some, can’t stand others.

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I think the point is, we won the game, back away from the ledge and let’s see how they respond this week. Yes the Oline needs a serious kick in the ass and has to play better. Most other QBs would have been sacked five or six times but lucky for us, we have a smart, mobile QB that can escape.
    If we win a game 2-0, it’s still a win. Bonus, we beat another NFC team. It’s only one week, but we’re already ahead of the Packers, the Falcons, the Panthers, the Vikings, the Redskins, the Giants, and Tampa Bay.
    This first win could play out later in the season when playoff positioning starts shaping up. So, yes the team needs to improve and they will, but enjoy the win and be grateful you don’t root for the Browns, Raiders, Jets, Jags, Bills, Stealers, Cardinals, etc.

  23. Didn’t say that STTBM but you are the perfect example of over-reaction Monday. Let’s actually watch a few games then we can talk. I don’t think we are going 19-0 but I don’t think we suck either. You will be suprised what the home crowd does for the pass rush and we will run the ball this sunday night. Get some perspective Cmon Man!

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Kaepernick may have improved, but I’m not convinced that Sunday’s game shows us that, despite his statistical success. He appeared to me to still be a one-read QB. Perhaps that’s all he ever has to be, but I believe if he plays that way against Seattle’s secondary, he’ll struggle throwing it. We’ll find out soon enough.

  25. It’s early days yet. I’m still forming my opinion of the 2013 Sahawks. So far, disappointed in the discipline, execution, gameplan, and play calling to an extent, but relieved to get a road win and escape with no major injuries.

    Wilson’s greatness simply highlights Tom Cable and the lines failures.

    Mo–did you read the comments in the post-game threads?! Full of idiot homers throwing tantrums because I dared criticize the home team. Followed by a TON of non-regulars on the next thread who agreed with me.

    As usual, I voiced an unpopular opinion with merit, and was attacked by morons with no examples or facts to back up their dissenting opinions. So pardon me if I’m a bit touchy. I’m due.

    I for one have never claimed to know everything. But my opinion is as valid as any intelligent, informed fan–and better defended than most. I’m usually willing to admit when proven wrong, but I’ll be damned if I back down for popular opinion and silly homerism.

  26. Duke shire–Perhaps GB’s secondary really was that terrible. But I watched much of the game, and to me it looked like Crapernick was throwing to his second and third guys. He rarely if ever had to throw to his outlet guys because usually he had other guys open. GB’s DC may have lost it, how else to explain what Boldin did to them despite looking slowe than Houshmandzadeh?

    I respect your opinion and fervently hope your right because I loathe Crapernick and dont want to have to respect him..

  27. You can’t argue with Kaep’s numbers. Not many QB’s in the history of this league can put up a 27/39/412/3/0 line one week and have a 180 yard rushing game in another. I hate the Niners as much as anyone, but continuing to bag on his play is just wishful thinking.

    Got to believe we’ll be able to slow Boldin down though, no idea how he threw up that kind of game at this point in his career.

    I’m on the side that our game this past Sunday was a perfectly respectable/decent road win against a solid team with an above-average defense. There’s no way to say that this Niners team would have had a materially better result in that same game. O-line needs to improve, and I’m feeling good about our D-line with the guys we have coming back. Of course it’s far from a sure thing, but I’m feeling reasonably confident going into next week.

  28. Hey everyone I thought you might be interested in my first experience watching the Hawks since moving to Las Vegas 5 months ago. The LV Seahawkers meet at Scooter’s Bar about 10 minutes from the Strip. I’d guess there were about 200 fellow Hawk fans all in proper attire fired up for the game. They even go outside to raise the 12th man flag in the parking lot prior to the game! Lots of fun complete with Seahawk chants, defense chants at the appropriate times (they chant ‘Seafense’) and even a guy occasionally stepping in front of the gigantic screen with his “D” sign and picket fence. They have giveaways at half time with lottery tickets for anyone wearing Seahawk gear. If anyone will be in Vegas during a game I highly recommend watching the game there rather than a Casino. Almost everyone is from WA state – really made me feel ‘at home’ . Also – since my move out of state I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments and contributing occasionally. I respect all of your opinions and look forward to ‘checking in’ throughout the day. I appreciate all of your links and find that much of the information shared here is time well spent. Go Hawks.

  29. I love it! An average of 1 game each :-)

  30. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks LVHawk i’ll take you up on that one day, possibly this winter.
    I remember last year when the 49’rs beat on the Pats at New England and were unanimously crowned #1, well that lasted a week until they came to Seattle and we know what happened. Having Avril and possibly Browner back will make a difference. I don’t think GB has that great of “D”. The 2nd time we play them we have Harvin and Hill back.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I get ya STTBM, and it’s tough because we’ve had this incredible offseason filled with unprecedented media hype on top of our own sky high expectations. This team went from second class citizen to top of the world in one season. Remember last season when we (Seahawks fans) took all kinds of grief because our high priced free agent QB(pretty small contract actually, but the media spun it to make it look like we were foolish) was not that impressive and then we took a short QB in the third that would never start in the NFL? As fans we took so much crap from all the experts and even a lot of or own right here on this blog. Part of why you may have been jumped on by some here is that we went through that last year and guess what our QB isn’t too short and does kick ass. I think for some here even the mention that Wilson had a bad game brings back all the negative crap from last year. We go so far the other direction to make sure everyone knows how great our guy is that if someone even questions that, they are anti Wilson and anti Seahawks. Wilson is great. He is, I know it, you know it, they know it.

    For the record, I think he played an incredible game and the stats confirm it. However, watching it I just didn’t have the confidence that I had most of last season. I felt the team was playing with cement blocks in their shoes and was looking at #3 to see how he was going to change my feeling and turn the ship around. You know what, he did and he did under much duress. It’s pretty cool that in one year we went from hoping to win to expecting to win each game.

    We all have homer moments and as I’ve been a fan for the past 34 years, I’ve had more than some here. My wife calls me Charlie Brown and the Seahawks Lucy. Lucy ain’t pullin that ball away this year!

    I’d say hang in there, be the fan you want to be and don’t worry about the noise. Every day we are all right and then we are all wrong, about something. I think you will find as this week gets closer to game time, the bad taste from the first game will fade and the anticipation and excitement for the SF game will take over. It’s part of the reason we are fans. The team is 1-0 and in first place. That’s really the best way to start the season.

    Last thing to look at. In years past if teams shut down our running game we were dead. We didn’t quite have the passing prowess to play with the big dogs consistently. We now have a stellar second year QB that was able to will a victory with effort, talent and a 300+ yard passing day against a tough defense. That D stuffed our running game all day and yet Wilson made the plays that we needed to win. Things are only going to get better.

  32. Nice post Mo, the length scared me for a sec. It’s not what you say but how you say it and how often STTBM. I often find myself ready to skip your posts when you are on a rant, but generally stick it out when you are in a more calm state :P

    Stoked for some Sunday Night Football, should be quite a bit of national buzz. Hopefully it’s just good experience for Superbowl week later in the year. Sure would seem likely if we can wrest homefield advantage, and it starts this Sunday eve’.

  33. rramstad says:

    STTBM wrote:

    “As good as the Hawks are, they dont have the Niners discipline. Last years late season thrashing excepting–wasnt that awesome?!”

    Umm, yeah. It sounds like you think the Seahawks only had one quality win in 2012. This couldn’t be any less accurate. Beating the Patriots was pretty cool. Beating the Bears on the road was pretty cool. Putting up massive points on two other occasions — as well as the 49ers game you mentioned — also pretty cool. There were definitely multiple quality wins in 2012, and some of them showed great discipline and perseverance — even when we were ahead and could have coasted to victory, we kept closing out on defense and getting yards and points on offense, to the point that some in the national media were accusing us of being unsportsmanlike.

    We do get penalized too often, and that’s the mark of a young and less disciplined team, sure, so on some levels I agree with you, but your comment made it sound like the 42-13 thrashing of the 49ers was our only quality win last year. (BTW, IMHO it wasn’t even as close as the score indicated, their team packed it in somewhere in the 2nd quarter.)

    We’ve got a huge home field advantage and psychology is on our side. I fully expect to see 49er players who are unnerved by the intensity before the game even starts…

  34. bayareahawkfan says:

    To clarify my assessment of Kaepernick going through his progressions, I should point out that I was listening to a radio call of the game, and Eric Davis and Ted Robinson were both remarking on him making a series of reads on multiple plays. It wasn’t from any first hand knowledge.

    And the origin of the “he threw to his first read x% of the time” thing that Yakinta cited was Cecil Lammey, from John Clayton’s 710 ESPN show the Saturday before the Denver preseason game. I remember because I listened to that show too. It’s here:

    He basically says that he charted 85 of Kaepernick’s playoff throws, and only 11 went to his second read. 0 went to the other side of the field. I think that reflects him locking into Crabtree increasingly over the post season as much as “not being able to go through progressions”. And here’s hoping he’s getting locked in in the sane way on Boldin – can only help us.

    Clayton later repeated this on one of the weekday shows on 710, though he was quick to point out he it was Lammey’s stat.

    All I was saying in bringing it up is that the stat/assessment was touted as being a fact, and cited as evidence that we needn’t worry about Kaepernick throwing from the pocket . I remember hearing the origination of that stat, and it wasn’t quite put that way. Combine that with the fact that SF has made a concerted effort to get better in that regard, and let’s just be honest in recognizing we’ll have our hands full on Sunday.

    That said, every time over the last two years I’ve worried about a matchup against a regular season opponent, this team has come out fighting. This is a very good football team.

    I can’t wait for Sunday!

  35. Bayareahawkfan–excellent commentary; keep it up.

    Rramstad–I meant the late season blowout was the only game I remember from last year where Seattle had better discipline than the Niners; at least vs a quality opponent. But that’s only my memory, which is often faulty.

    Being a young team is a lousy excuse for penalties. Younger teams than us have fewer penalties, and it’s often veterans committing stupid penalties. But having discipline is far more than just not having penalties, it’s executing well every time, it’s being assignment correct, it’s making your block, it’s timing; and Seattle usually has issues with this, but SF rarely does.

    As much as I love Carrol, he has yet to prove he can build team discipline.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Along with Seattle beating the 49ers up here 42-13 the Giants came in to San Francisco and whipped the 49ers 26-3. Also the 49ers lost to the Vikings 24-13, and couldn’t beat the Rams once in two games.

    Seattle on the other hand Was in every single game last year at the end of each game with a chance to win. They never lost by more than 6 points.
    Carroll has proven to have his team ready each and every game.
    I don’t think we can say the same thing about San Francisco last year can we?

    There’s more to team discipline then having the fewest penalties in a game imo.
    And the facts simply don’t show that San Francisco overall was a more disciplined team last year.

  37. MoSeahawk12 you’re post is spot on except this attitude change with a lot of Seahawks fans started after the SB against Pittsburgh.

    Fans that went from knowledgeable and level headed turned into “Dallas Cowboy fan” clones. Every game was going to be an easy win on the road to the SB and every lose was because someone cheated or the game was called bad.

    Intelligent discussions went out the window. If you disagreed with the popular option then you were attacked in childish manors.

    I remember being one of the few people on an old Seahawks message board(one that I think is still around) that I was in favor of keeping Hutchinson over Alexander in what was Hutchinson’s last season in Seattle.

    You had to wade through post after post of “you don’t know what you’re talking about because you are an ” post in order to find one that made sense.

    Not living in Seattle, message boards were a great way to get current news and this was one of the few boards left where one could still have an intelligent conversation but the Wilson/Flynn debate ended that, for the most part.

    People seem to forget that it’s ok to be a fan of a team, give respect to the next opponent and discuss ways to make the team better. Too many people decided that every discussion had to have winner and that winner was based on who yelled the loudest and had the most supporters.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I was in favor of keeping Hutchinson over Alexander in what was Hutchinson’s last season in Seattle.”

    I wish that would of happened gvineq. I was in favor of it at the time too.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Check out M Rob in this video about Carroll and other coaching styles.

  40. STTBM – How many yards did the 9ers rush as whole go for, I believe around 90, and Gore had less than Lynch, so I think they should be worried, that was in Frisco, lets see what they do in C-Town.

  41. Just want you to have some comfort going into the game Sun. night.

  42. Tru–I sure hope youre right. I think GB’s D-line is better than ours right now, with the starters walking wounded and the backups tore up as well. But we’ll see!

  43. STTBM, penalty yards don’t really have even much of a correlation with making the playoffs and having a winning record. I posted a bunch of the stats awhile back. Not going to search for it now because I don’t remember which thread I posted it on. I only went back 4 years, 2009-2012. Seemed that being between 10-20 in penalty yards was most predictive of making the playoffs.

    Of course penalties hurt a team, but it does matter what type of penalties they are IMO. Pre-snap, mental mistakes are inexcusable. Aggressive penalties are not all the time. I’d take another 15 yards for Kam knocking Davis out on Sunday again. I’d bet you would too. Being in the top of the league in least penalty yards is certainly not a prerequisite to win the SB. It’s just one example, but Balt was dead last in penalty yards in 2012.

  44. STTBM, actually I found it. Here’s your tome if interested.

    “Duke, I’m not sure you’re right that it’s just a statistical outlier. After a little examination, it doesn’t look like there’s even that strong of a correlation between penalty yards and wins. And correlation doesn’t automatically equate to causation.

    The top 16 teams in penalty yards per game in 2012 had 136 wins. The bottom 16 teams had 119 wins. That’s approx. 1 win per team more. The top 16 had 6 playoff teams. The bottom 16 had 6 playoff teams. The middle of the list seemed to be the best predictor of making the playoffs. Teams 10-20 had 6 playoff teams.

    Take 2011. The Colts were #1 and Jags #3 in penalty yards a game. Both were god awful, though that doesn’t necessarily prove a trend. The top 16 teams in penalty yards had 8 playoff teams. The bottom 16 4 playoff teams. Teams 10-20 had 4 playoff teams. The top 16 teams had 137 wins. The bottom 16 teams had 119 wins. That’s almost the same as 2012. There was one tie in 2012, so there was one less win out there.

    In 2010, the top 16 teams in penalty yards had 6 playoff teams. The bottom 16 had 6 playoff teams obviously. Teams 10-20 had 5 playoff teams. The top 16 teams had 134 wins. The bottom 16 teams had 122 wins.

    In 2009, the top 16 teams in penalty yards had 5 playoff teams. The bottom 16 teams had 7 playoff teams. Teams 10-20 had 4 playoff teams. The top ten teams only had 2 playoff teams.

    I know penalties leading to losses is conventional wisdom, but it doesn’t seem to hold water. You’d need to analyze more years to get a better idea, but there doesn’t seem to be any correlation even the last 4 years.

    Obviously penalty yards hurt you in a game. But that has to be weighed against being a physical team and other factors that help you win but may lead to more penalties. I would guess that you’d see more of a correlation with mental penalties and winning and losing. I just want the Hawks to limit the mental mistakes. I can live with aggressive penalties and not being top ten in penalty yards a game.”

    Read more here:

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