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Final: Seahawks 12, Panthers 7

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm with 160 Comments »
September 8, 2013 12:51 pm
Seattle Seahawks' Jermaine Kearse (15) celebrates his touchdown catch against the Carolina Panthers during the second half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)
Seattle Seahawks’ Jermaine Kearse (15) celebrates his touchdown catch against the Carolina Panthers during the second half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

CHARLOTTE — Well, that wasn’t pretty.

The Seattle Seahawks struggled to move the ball on the ground, but played better in the second half to defeat the Carolina Panthers 12-7 at Bank of America Stadium in the season opener for both teams.

Russell Wilson found Jermaine Kearse deep for a 43-yard scoring strike to put Seattle ahead for good, with just over 10 minutes left in the game.

Check out highlights and game stats here.

Wilson made plays when he needed to, finishing 25 of 33 for 320 yards, including the touchdown pass to Kearse. He also was sacked two times, including a strip fumble by Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson that negated a good scoring chance late in the first half.

But the key play came late in the game, when the Seahawks stopped a possible winning drive by forcing Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams to fumble on the Seattle’s own 7-yard line. Richard Sherman jarred the ball loose, and defensive tackle Tony McDaniel recovered with a little over five minutes left in the game.

Marshawn Lynch finished with just 43 rushing yards on 17 carries.

Sunday’s win over the Panthers was Seattle’s first on the road since a 9-6 win at Detroit to open up the 2006 season. The Seahawks are now 4-6 in road season openers since 2000.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Great ugly win, I don’t care about style points…Go Hawks…

  2. seaturkeys says:


  3. chuck_easton says:

    A win is a win is a win. On the road, East coast, 10am start.

    Don’t care how they got there I’ll take it.

    Wilson throws for over 300, D steps up at the end to get the fumble, and Kearse hails in the deep ball.

    1-0 baby!!!!!

  4. raymaines says:

    Well, that’s not how I drew it up, but I’ll take it. Go ‘Hawks!

  5. I knew this would be ugly, and it was, however the offensive and defensive lines looked even worse than I feared. Wilson continues to show that he is the real deal, sure he made some mistakes but he came up clutch.

    Anybody thinking that the Hawks could try to unload Rice? I mean, he’s a very good player and all and I really like him, but if Baldwin and Kearse can continue to perform is he really worth his contract? Several teams could use a receiver.

  6. sluggo42 says:

    Yup, W.
    Lots of errors, but still got an AM east coast win. Their d line is TOUGH!

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Oh, and we should bench Wilson!!!!!

    Well it worked when I said it this time last year. Just trying to help out. :)

  8. UM – NO trading ANY of our WR’s now – makes ZERO sense

  9. nothing wrong with a road win against anyone on opening day. and I think Carolina is going to be a decent team this year.

    defense was ultimately very very good today. one score, under 250 total yards for Carolina.

    Tate’a first down at the end was huge. need to keep getting the ball in his hands. great catch by Kearse on the TD too. I’m gonna reserve judgement on our run game until I see how other teams do against that Carolina front. they looked tough to me.

    nice to get the first one under our belt.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    It was ugly, but Carolina has a very good defense. That was a good win.

  11. rynehawk says:

    Good win!

  12. It was like SEA’s offense kinda muddled through the first 3 quarters and then switched it to ‘on’ in the 4th. The ref’s had some troubles, but that was a very good CAR team for SEA to come out with a win. CAR outplayed SEA for 3 quarters, but you don’t win the game in the first 3 qtrs!

  13. So much improvement needed by next week, but I will take the win!

    O-line worse than I feared. Thurmond not anywhere near the player Browner is–eh, Bobbyk?!

    D-line banged up and not looking good. Jam invisible except one bad penalty, Sherm wasn’t heat either.

    Just as I said, Seattle had to pass to set up the run to get a drive going.

    Very Undisciplined game all the way round. But, great play from Lynch, Baldwin, Schofield, ET, and my man Kearse!

    Thurmond ain’t no Browner; ‘buff said!

  14. ’nuff said!

  15. DanielleMND says:

    Russell Wilson got us a win, despite all the pressure he was under. Our O-line didn’t impress. The D made some mistakes, but got a key turnover just when it was needed. But we’re 1-0 to start the season, which beats the alternative.

  16. Kam invisible..freaking autocorrect…

  17. What station is SF/GB on?

  18. how many yards did Carolina get in the 2nd half? lets not expect absolute perfection , or we will be unreasonably disappointed every week. our D played very well overall today.

  19. ChrisHolmes says:

    10am start on the East Coast, season opener on the road, against a team with a good front 7 and a mobile QB with a cannon arm…

    Wilson goes 75% completion for 320 yards, 1 TD and no picks with his OL providing almost no pass protection.

    Yep, I’ll take that.

    Seahawks teams of years gone by blow this game. This team didn’t.

    Also, anyone else paying attention to the RB scrolls at the bottom today? Everyone was having tough time getting yards except Peterson. First week of the real season. Rushing yards were just hard to come by.

    And Wilson sure throws a beautiful deep ball.

    Considering we have a few more of these East Coast 10am starts to deal with this year, I’m pretty happy with this. We forced some key turnovers, and Wilson made some critical plays. Baldwin had a great day and Tate was electric.

  20. How much Zone Defense did we play today – I would say quite a bit but not sure the numbers.

  21. SF game is on Fox – Channel 13 locally

  22. banosser says:

    A “W” on the first 10AM start of the yr… that’s all I wanted..

    Lot to build on

    That’ll be a fun flight home for them… and a much more enjoyable evening in this household..

  23. Was weird OL play today – were the Gs’ switching sides during the game?

  24. DreadHawks says:

    two words…….heart palpitations

  25. khedron says:

    I wonder how much we were missing Michael Robinson in the run game and pass protection. I still don’t understand that decision.

  26. Wonder how the AZ@STL game will go today…

  27. Ok for all the talk about how how bad Oak and NYJ were going to be this season, the Jets win an Oak goes on the road for a 21-17 loss. KC showed much better than they were last season, but Jax looks BAD! especially on Offense

  28. Wilson did not throw beautiful deep balls. Barely adequate; his pass to Williams was overthrown and the TD to Kearse was late and short–Kearse saved it.

    I love Wilson, but he wasn’t great. He seemed to be thinking too much, always trying to get it to the deep man..

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Road woes,
    Penalty woes,
    Red Zone impotence,
    Inconsistent lineplay,

    Equals 1-0

    Russ is everything we’ve been saying he is all off-season. Great game, never thought it would be easy against this team.

  30. What worries me the most is our D-line’s poor showing vs second and third string G’s…play that way next week vs Niners and we lose…

    Plus, Our G’s and Giacomini were awful.

  31. STTBM – Aren’t we supposed to be on the same side? Or is it just fun to hate on your own? And, yes, I’d still take WTIII and believe in him. If he was so terrible, how’d the defense only give up 7 points with no pass rush?

  32. Screensmoke says:

    Wilson’s deep balls were perfect -sttbm watch tape before you flap your jaws

  33. Screensmoke says:
  34. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson won the game. It won’t always be pretty. 300+ and didn’t make the killer mistake. Watch the game please

  35. ET is a great player. Great players create their own luck. His strip, after being fooled, on Williams was the case of a great player making a great play and one of the plays of the day. Sure, we can say it’s luck, but why is it that great players seem to have more luck than average players?

  36. pabuwal says:

    Anytime the Seahawks win an early game on the road its a great win. It doesn’t matter how they do it.

  37. Skavage says:

    I think our offensive game plan was terrible. Waaay too much single back/pistol formations. I’m not sure if they are just lost without having a good fullback or if they thought something would be there that wasn’t. But in either case it was terrible.

    In addition to that, RW held the ball too long an numerous occasions. Again it may have been because the plays called for deeper routes but if that is so then shame on the coaching staff for not adjusting at halftime.

  38. mocarob says:

    Nice job STTBM. Flappin your jaws like always.. See what pukes out.

    And get rid of Rice after the 1st game of the season? WTF?

  39. Somebody get STTBM a beer, good lord. That pass to Williams was not overthrown. Had he not put it out in front of him the DB would’ve had a chance at it. Was it an easy catch? No, but it’s a catch an NFL receiver should make 8-9 times out of 10. I guess you missed the throw to Kearse the next play? The unbelievable throw to Baldwin on the sideline?

    Thurmond played fine. You act as if BB never gives up a completion. He does all the time. I guess you’ve forgotten him getting burned deep against Washington to lose the lead? Burned repeatedly versus Pitt? I like BB, but be realistic man.

    We all know the o-line was bad, but they played much, much better in pass protection for most of the second half. Another week or 2 and Sweeze will be riding the pine.

    Ultimately it was a win on the road at 10 am. I’ll take that any week. Next week should be fun. Hoping we at least see some of Clem and Avril.

  40. Bobbyk–how is being honest rather than a homer hating my team?! I believe in WT too, but I’m not the one insanely insisting he’s a better corner than Browner. He isn’t . Not even close. But he will get better.

    Seattle played just well enough to beat Carolina–that won’t cut it vs the Niners, even at home. Thurmond gave up a lot of plays, and never once managed to manhandle anyone at the line. RW didn’t play gear despite the stats. I’m not worried about him though.

    The turnovers were key, but those don’t happen every week; usually when you play like our d did today, you give up more than 17 points and you lose. So much improvement needed by next Sunday…

  41. banosser says:

    this forum just ate 2 of my posts.. so I’m done here

  42. Our O-Line needs to get their stuff together before next week. Russ was under pressure almost all day (and needs to work on that “clock” in hie head) and I don’t think I saw any holes for the RBs. Turbin’s long run was due to speed and a great cutback.

    I really only saw the 2 “deep balls” and they both looked fine. Every deep pass isn’t going to be on the numbers in stride. I don’t care WHO is throwing it. Williams’ hit him on the hands, maybe just a smidge too far. Kearse went up over the defender and brought it down. Exactly what any receiver should do.

    For the most part, it looked to me like the DBs were playing well. Most of Newton’s throws, and Smith’s catches, were completed underneath the coverage.

    Side note: SF is looking pretty damn good on this first drive. Admittedly, against GB’s D, but still pretty efficient.

  43. But yet you take time to say you’re done . . . .

  44. SF’s looking good at home against GB…

    Were there any injured Hawks in that CAR game?

  45. Mocarob–screw you, what analysis are you crapping out?!

    Bbmate–relax. It was great to get the win, but a very sloppy performance all around. Plenty to be worried about though, especially the banged up D-line and the offensive line struggling still.

    How can anyone say those deep throws from RW were great–they looked just like Quinn’s under thrown TD to Williams. No shame in that, but I guarantee RW knows those passes weren’t good enough and will be practicing them…

  46. STTBM – I disagree. And both of us can be happy agreeing to disagree. WTIII had the whiff early on that one “tackle,” but he played well (and did give up a few receptions, like every CB in the NFL pretty much). I love him – that’s no secret. How many receptions did he give up today and how many does Browner give up on the average Sunday? If Browner does play next week, you better hope he doesn’t give up a few catches or I’ll let you know about it or are you saying that Browner never gives up receptions?

  47. chuck_easton says:

    O-line looked better on the series when Carp was at LG than McQ. I look for Carp to be the starter next week.

  48. MoSeahawk12 says:

    D gave up 7 against a hot team. Carolina messed up plenty, but give some credit to the gameplan. Next week will be a different plan. The goal is to win. We’re not going to score 40+ points each week. Homers stand down!

  49. chuck_easton says:

    All of Rice’s catches were for 1st downs. And he caught everything thrown his way.

    Over all the WRs as a unit all did their part ( except Willliams).

  50. flexnfx says:

    Jermaine Kearse…Another diamond in the rough ala Snyder/Carroll! A MASH unit @ DE…and a great road win for Seattle!!

  51. hating on your team by over dramatizing pretty much every play/player etc.

    Wilson was not always great – but good when we needed him.
    The OL struggled early – MIGHTILY – but got protection when we needed it
    The Run game was stuffed all day, but we had 1st down runs at the end of the game.

    The Defense – didn’t get pressure often but forced some hurried throws late – Would have had a big stop had it not been for 2 big, albiet odd, penalties.

    The defense got scorched late in the game and then great teamwork ends up in a TO when we needed it most.

    We have a lot of room to grow but I would rather have to grow over the course of the season than just being able to waltz most of the season and then have issues late after not being challenged early

  52. Bbmate–I agree, Williams has to make that catch. But Kearse had to wait on that ball, and had the corner not been beaten so badly, that pass would have been picked. We got very lucky!

    The team did a great job battling, and hung on for the win, which is awesome! Just gotta improve on execution and discipline and hopefully get some guys healthy–not having Avril and Clemons and Irvin really hurt us.

  53. Think of how much worse it would feel to be a CAR fan right now!(?)

  54. back to last weeks debate on which 3 point favorite to take – I said Det. I was good on that – so were the guys who said the hawks – Which were the other games?

  55. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The ball was right on regarding Kearse. Not late. This team will not score 30+ point each week. Try and enjoy a 1-0 start of the season. Many things can be improved, be this team faced a very physical, determined team and after getting their asses handed to them for three quarters of game, hung in there and found a way to win. This team is not going 16-0 no matter what we all wish.

  56. HeinieHunter says:

    STTBM: I guess RW must be the luckiest QB in the league all those throws to Williams, Kearse, and the sideline to Baldwin. Have another beer dude.

  57. I don’t think Williams “has” to make that catch – he should if he wants opportunities but I have seen the likes of Fitz-Jennings-Megatron drop that pass. They catch it more than they miss it but it is not an easy catch.

  58. chuck_easton says:

    Right you are xcman. A little adversity early in the season makes the team better prepared for when they face it later on.

    They now know they can come from behind, on the road, late in the game. That gives the team the confidence they will need to never give up.

    Too many times you can see a team that is struggling late in the game and you see it on their faces that they’ve given up and are accepting defeat.

    We didn’t see that from the Seahawks today. It wasn’t going great at all. They were sputtering on offence. There were dumb mistakes on D. But they kept scuffling until they were able to make their own breaks. Even the questionable calls by the refs didn’t get to them like they would have to past Seattle teams.

    It’s easy to play with confidence when everything is going your way. It shows the mental toughness of this team to keep battling when nothing seems to be going their way.

  59. If you want a job in the NFL, you make that catch. Megatron can drop it and be good enough to not get cut. Is the same true for Williams? No. If you’re him, you must make that catch because he did nothing else, whereas guys like Fitz and Megatron more than make up for those types of errors during a game if they have them.

  60. Xcman–what did I overdramatize? I feel the same as you regarding our performance–I just articulated examples.

    Calling RW’s two deep throws “beautiful” is bad hyperbole. Thankfully they worked, but looking at them, I guarantee RW and the coaches see them as barely adequate. I never said RW sucked, nor am I worried about him going forward: but I stand by my analysis.

    Ugly game, but a win.

    Tell you what, the niners look a lot more physical, disciplined, and explosive on both sides of the ball than Seattle does. Like I said, Seattle must make some drastic improvements by next Sunday if they want to beat the Niners.

  61. STTBM, I would bet that we all hope they play better next week. Still don’t agree about Wilson. The deep pass to Kearse was pretty good IMO. Could it have been better? Sure. Kearse had to wait a little, but it was placed high and to the outside so that he could go up and get it away from the DBs. You still haven’t commented on that pass to Baldwin on the sideline. I guess you just expect every throw to be perfect? That’s not reality man. Nobody does that. Not Rodgers. Not Brees, Manning or Brady.

  62. r3cusant says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for almost a decade. It never used to be full of such female-like behavior. Show some f-ing class, gentleman. Stinks like a 49’ers blog in here…

  63. Wilson had a couple of bad reads and throws today. However, he’s a stud. Did Elway (the greatest I have ever seen) ever make a bad throw/decision? Yes. These guys are going against professionals who are paid to stop them or make them look bad. While Wilson, from today, certainly has room for improvement, he also played pretty darn well in my eyes. A win is a win. I felt almost as bad for Wilson today as I did for Matt after the ’07 season (with respect to pass protection) into the final years of his career here. It’s tough to be good when you’re getting a blitz after you. Good job, Russ!

  64. chuck_easton says:

    Agree BobbyK. Every other WR had at least one i,portent catch that kept a drive going. Williams is on the team for one reason. He’s the designated long ball threat. It would have been a tough catch but it hit him in the hands. Every coach I ever had as a player or have worked with now that I’m in my coaching years will tell you the same thing. If it hits the WR in the hands they should catch it.

  65. chuck_easton says:

    I haven’t seen the official game stats yet but I am questing that pass to Williams will be recorded as a drop.

  66. Anyone watching the SF game should see Mathews and a SF lineman ejected from the game

  67. Based on our game – STaley Matthews #35 from GB should all be ejected!! all the after the play pushing faux punches would stop if the NFL would step up and eject like they should

  68. “I’ve been reading this blog for almost a decade. It never used to be full of such female-like behavior. Show some f-ing class, gentleman. Stinks like a 49′ers blog in here…”

    Got to love the irony of demanding classy behavior while insulting 1/2 the population . ..

  69. I don’t know where the Rice hate started to come from (still can’t understand it) but there’s no way some of these other WRs put up the same numbers if Rice isn’t around to command the doubles?

    Why does Rice “command” doubles?

    Maybe it’s because every DC in the NFL knows that he’s our best WR and tries stopping him over any of our other WRs?

    Maybe some of the people who hate Rice, if they were a DC, would rather double our #4/5 guys (or fullback) and leave Rice alone or against one of their worst corners? That would make sense. lol

  70. tylerwyler says:

    Raising my glass to Clay Matthews. Next time, tear his head clean off, and then go get Harbaugh.

  71. chuck_easton says:

    Except you forget that both GB and SF are two of the ‘golden teams’ of the NFL. They get all the favourable calls.

    If that was Seattle, Oak, Cleveland or some such team of course there would have been ejections.

  72. Bobby’s–I’m saying Browner is better than Thurmond at playing outside corner. Thurmond can’t jam anyone–BB is the best in the game. And today you saw Sherm getting beaten by double moves and Thurmond giving up catches because there was no BB beating guys up on the line.

    BB is much more important to our D than you seem to think. We’re simply not as good with him out. Plus, Thurmond is our best nickel back, and we’re better with him in the slot.

    WT has never performed at BB’s level. And bringing up BBs play vs Pitt two years ago is just silly. Bb has limited athleticism, but he brings a unique skill set and is a better outside corner than Thurmond. The tape shows this–did you have Thurmond goggles on or what?

    You can blindly insist Thurmond is better despite what everyone can see, but it just looks silly.

    Now, if BB plays hurt or loses his speed and gets old, and Thurmond improves a lot, he has the potential to be better than BB. But he still can’t jam or push guys around or tackle anywhere near as well as BB.

  73. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The niners are going to arrive next week ready to go. Our guys will have to match the intensity if we want any chance to go 2-0. They are solid and their Oline. We will have to give every drop to have a chance.

  74. Aha! Harbaugh gets to deal with Bill Leavey… At least Leavey isn’t working for the Packers…

  75. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, you guys are going nuts today.
    In case you missed it, we WON the game.

    Now quit acting like women lol

  76. O-line worse than I feared. Thurmond not anywhere near the player Browner

    Wilson did not throw beautiful deep balls. Barely adequate;
    –they looked just like Quinn’s under thrown TD to Williams
    Williams has to make that catch. But Kearse had to wait on that ball,

    Our G’s and Giacomini were awful

    1. We played zone ALOT! so in that case of course WT3 is away from the WR. We do not play as much Man as people think

    2. is it Wilson’s crappy pass or should Williams always catch it?!?! I am confused by your posts (not really – they just contradict)

    3. They weren’t good, but in the end they kept Wilson clean when they had to didn’t they (but actually I am close to agreeing with you on this one)

  77. STTBM – That is an awesome post with valid reasons why you’re right. Thank you for rising about the childishness (that I started). I still disagree and would take WTIII moving forward but that’s a classy response that makes the blog better! Thank you.

  78. It hits your hands and you don’t bring it in = drop.

  79. Every year Cable has had a bad OL early and by mid-season it’s doing well. This is probably more of the same. His track record is that his OL sucks early and plays well late (minus the Rams game late last year).

  80. In case you missed it, that makes 6 4th quarter comebacks, 5 in the reg season, for the young career of Mr. Wilson. It would be 7 if the defense hadn’t blown it versus Atl. Yes there were others as well.

    STTBM, who here said that RW’s deep throws were “great” or “beautiful”? Maybe your view isn’t that great if you have to resort to straw man arguments to defend it? Screensmoke did call them “perfect” before he somewhat nullified that by calling you a moron.

    “I’ve been reading this blog for almost a decade. It never used to be full of such female-like behavior. Show some f-ing class, gentleman. Stinks like a 49′ers blog in here…”

    Try showing some class yourself. You completely nullify your point when you insult half the population for no reason. You do realize that there are females that read and post on this blog, right?

  81. Bobbyk–No one hates Rice here. He’s a very good WR; but he’s not the physical deep threat we all hoped he’d be. He’s a polished player and smart, but I don’t think he “scares” anyone.

    Carolina concentrated on taking away the run, and the outside wr’s; they forgot about Baldwin, and Baldwin made them pay, like what Titus Young and Brian Hartline/Davonne Bess did to us last year.

  82. BobbyK – I have been complaining about just that!! Why do we have to start at ground zero every year on the OL? I don’t expect them playoff perfect but hey they should retain more from one year to the next than they do

  83. 3 comments:

    1. I am concerned about both lines; especially the O line as the D line has a legitimate excuse in injuries.

    2. Game MVP: Wilson, with a tip of the hat to Kearse.

    3 While I’m going to put in stronger language (& I’ve been saying this for years) even the Fox commentators stated several times the unfairness of West Coast teams playing games in the East with a 10 AM start. I strongly feel this practice needs to be banned.

  84. Carolina concentrated on taking away the run, and the outside wr’s; they forgot about Baldwin, and Baldwin made them pay, like what Titus Young and Brian Hartline/Davonne Bess did to us last year.


    BTW could you imagine the Carolina’s front 7 with our DB’s??

  85. More things looked good than bad on a hot, East Coast morning-opener 3,000 miles away; but I found it very, herky-jerky hard to watch. Carp looked abit livelier though than I’ve seen him, & maybe he’ll finally be able to help strengthen the O-line this year–after they’ve all figured out what to do once again.

    Tate, Baldwin, & Kearse looked really good; and IMO it’s too early still to badmouth Rice and Thurmond. Wilson clearly is one of the best things we’ve ever had here at QB–a really adaptably game-smart and talented, who at 24 can play at least as good if not better than any other QB we’ve ever had for long at that position.

    And, finally, we may even have more than a 50:50 chance of getting better on the road back East this season. But, the rest of the season is likely to 50:50 close & tight like this all too often, now that the rest of the league has really studied us, which is a compliment, but also sobering in a new way: we’re respectable finally, and clearly a bigger target to take real serious now.

    But we’re really, finally getting better like I’ve never seen here before, which is what an East-Coast test is all about: toughly competitive anytime, anywhere. And balanced-deeper like we’ve never seen here: adapting to whatever they can give us…anywhere.

  86. raymaines says:

    Despite the bad OLine play, I thought #68 had the most entertaining moment of the game when he annoyed the Panther guy who was flagged for a personal foul and got ejected. Skills aside, BG is my favorite player.

  87. chuck_easton says:

    While we may not totally agree with everything STTBM is saying, he has backed his opinions up with examples and his thought process for those opinions.

    To call him a hater, a moron, and a ‘woman’ for pointing out there are a lot of areas that can and should show improvement doesn’t make him any less of a Seahawks fan.

    Yes it was a win. GREAT. But if the team has this same performance next week against a very good SF team we may not be as happy with the result.

    I’m sure Pete and the coaches are going to have the opportunity to use today’s game film as a great teaching tool to show the guys how, where, and why they played poorly and exactly what they need to do to improve.

  88. sluggo42 says:

    I thought rw’s deep balls were pretty good. If Williams hauls in the long one, then would that pass have been beautiful?
    Kearse s pass was good, high where it needed to be.

    I didn’t spend any time watching wheezy, did he do ok? It sure seemed like the oline wasn’t doing well, but before I blindly blame sweeze, I trout I’d ask. I did see him whiff once though, but overall, how was he?

    Carp seemed to do ok too, so that’s a plus…

    Carolina’s front 7 is really tough.

    Considering we were without 4 starters on defense, I trout they did pretty darn well…

  89. Bbmate–read ChrisHolmes comment; “Wilson are throws a beautiful deep ball”. That was what I was referencing. And then everyone got all over dramatic and decided ever pass Wilson throws is the neatest most awesomest, and whoever says different is a big Seahawks hating jerk…

  90. SandpointHawk says:

    @xcman…”Why do we have to start at ground zero every year on the OL?”


  91. mocarob says:

    “Wilson did not throw beautiful deep balls. Barely adequate; his pass to Williams was overthrown and the TD to Kearse was late and short–Kearse saved it.”

    Didn’t both (40-50yd) passes hit the WR in the hands after RW3 had been harassed & hurried all day long?

    I came here to see Eric’s post game wrap up but instead read some irrational criticism from you. If you insist on giving your opinion on every little thing expect some people to disagree.

  92. The deep pass to Kearse was late–rewatch the play; Kearse had to slow down to get the ball. And while Williams should have caught the ball, it was slightly overthrown; had he hit Williams in stride, it’s a TD; as it was, even if Williams catches it it’s not a TD because RW made a 6′-5″ WR lay out for it; anyway you slice it, an overthrow.

    And RW would totally say the same thing. He will get better BECAUSE he doesn’t blindly call his passes beatiful. It’s his attention to detail and perfectionism that makes him great.

  93. OK on a new/different note:

    GB is shooting themselves in the foot and SF is getting the benefit of the doubt on penalties!! HUGE mistake allowing SF to get a TD.

  94. chuck_easton says:


    So if Seattle has this same performance next week do you honestly think they beat the 49rs?

    How is pointing out the obvious flaws and hoping for improvement somehow being irrational and not being a true fan?

    This is why I left the blog last year around this time. Unless every word you type is sunshine happiness and exclaiming how completely wonderful very Seahawk player is you are not a true fan.

    They won today. Good for them and the season. But today’s performance isn’t going to get them to the SB. STTBM just has the intestinal fortitude to sate the obvious while everyone else wants to pretend the Seahawks looked just honky dorry today.

    I say you are more ut of line than STTBM is, and I don’t necessarily agree with all his comments.

    You were one of the posters that drove me away last year and I see you haven’t matured at all over the last 12 months.

  95. I hope Williams is realizing that especially when he comes into games that he is competing for a roster spot for when P.Harvin comes back. I think Kearse is ahead at this point.

  96. sluggo, so you’re telling us you like trout?

    “And Wilson sure throws a beautiful deep ball.” -ChrisHolmes

    STTBM, even though that’s not specifically saying that a particular deep throw was beautiful, I did miss that. Point for you. Still, most people here aren’t saying that they were perfect or great. I do think they were significantly better than adequate though. Especially the one to Williams. It’s subjective. And I didn’t get over dramatic and attack you. I can’t speak for others. I just disagree. You certainly have a right to your opinion, as does everyone else.

    It’s not silly to say that Thurmond will be better than BB. It’s two opposing opinions. Yours is no more of a fact than BobbyK’s. I would agree that Thurmond has never played to the same level that BB has for an extended period of time. I do believe he has the ability to be the better ALL AROUND CB if he remains healthy.

    And bringing up games where BB was burned is not silly either. He gave up the game winner versus Washington. What you you say about it had it been Thurmond in coverage? BB is not perfect. He has deficiencies. And I like BB a lot. I think he is one of the better corners in the NFL, one of the best for this system.

  97. BTW – did Thomas have the “III” on his jersey last year? I can’t remember

  98. Mocarob–it’s not the disagreeing I have a problem with; it’s the lack of an explanation behind the countering opinion, and the rudeness.

    Chuck and Bobbyk–Thanks for staying classy.

    Bobbyk–no worries. I always like discussing football with you. I think you are a bit on the Faith koolaid regarding Thurmond, and devalue BB too much, but usually you back up your opinions well and that makes discussion fun. That and you see stuff I miss sometimes.

    Besides, I used some harsh words regarding your opinion the other day. I will try to use less aggro language. I hope you know the words were not directed at you, just your stated opinion.

  99. pabuwal says:

    When this team plays at home all these road flaws magically disappear.

  100. SF/GB tied at the half…

  101. chuck_easton says:

    No Thomas didnt have the III on his jersey last year because the NFL didn’t allow such things until the ‘chosen one’ came into the league. You can’t allow you know who to do it and stop everyone else. So now you see JR, III SR ( in Titus Young’s case) ans such because you know who was given permission to use III on his jersey.

  102. Thanks Chuck!

  103. royboy361 says:

    A great 4th quarter by the Hawks. Got to work on those penalties.

  104. STL/AZ tied up at the half too…

  105. Bbmate–that’s kind of my point. Most of us seem to feel the same–but since I got analytical, I’m labeled a hater. And I’m not putting up with that.

  106. SF seemingly playing better than GB right now but don’t have the points up yet to show it. 2nd half will be interesting for sure.

    I am expecting next week to be very chippy with many PF’s being called

  107. I think STTBM would get less flak if he mixed in more positive things about the Hawks. He can come off as a bit of a Debbie Downer. That said, I don’t have a problem with talking about areas that need improvement after a win. Just sprinkle in a few things that the team did right. And STTBM did get some undeserved attacks. There was no need to get personal.

    STTBM, of course those deep balls weren’t PERFECT. People are not perfect. Nothing necessarily is. I’m sure RW wants to make a perfect throw every time, but that doesn’t make his throws barely adequate. Well spit, if nothing else you must have a really good QB if he goes 25-33 for 320 yards and a touchdown for a 115.7 QB rating while being harassed for much of the game and people here are complaining.

  108. “Sunday’s win over the Panthers was Seattle’s first on the road since a 9-6 win at Detroit to open up the 2006 season.”

    No it isn’t.

    Nice win though. Wilson was fantastic. Despite the O line having a very bad game.

  109. I think Eric meant opener…

  110. In case anybody missed it, Mike Pereira said that the refs effed up the enforcement on those offsetting personal fouls in the SF-GB game. Since both were dead ball fouls, the play should’ve counted and it would’ve been 4th and 2. Instead it was 3rd and 6. SF went on to score a TD. You’re welcome Harbarf, you whiny, little punk.

  111. He should say what he means. Even though we know what he was trying to say.

    Wilson had game one on the road won last year too, except for two drops in the end zone. Nice to see Kearse stepping up with the big catch today, one play after the drop by the rookie. You gotta love Wilson’s accuracy with the deep ball.

  112. Bill Leavey, whoulda thunk…

  113. MoSeahawk12 says:

    All this turmoil and no Yanker? It’s still a win right.
    Look, expectations are off the charts. We all love this team and want them to go 16-0 and then 3-0 in playoffs. Not gonna happen people. Except the win against one of the best D fronts we will play all season. Carolina played as well as they can and still lost. We are 1-0 and did what good teams do. Win tough games. Win by standing up and staying strong. Not letting luck dictate the outcome.
    Deep breath and enjoy the rest of sunday. Cheer up fellas.

  114. Bbmate–Thurmond has never played a game at the NFL level that meets the avg starting game for BB. Bringing up one bad game–from two years ago, BB’s what? Third starting game doesn’t compute. Plus, ThurmOnd can’t jam or tackle or force fumbles like BB, who is among the best int game at that.

    Sure, like I said WT may become a better cover corner, but he doesn’t have the size/strength to do what BB does. And too many undervalue what BB does for this D.

  115. Eric obviously meant road opener. You must be new if you’re not used to typos on the TNT.

  116. I saw enough of Rice here in MN to know we weren’t getting a vertical burner at WR – that’s why I don’t hate on him for that – b/c I know that’s not his game and it never was. When our regime signed him, they knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to blow by people for 50 yard passes on a regular basis. It’s almost like overpaying for Chone Figgins and expecting him to hit 25 HRs per season – just ain’t gonna happen.

  117. It’s a W
    U G L Y we aint got no alibi was UGLY but a W
    O line wow needs a ton of improvement especially at Guard. Saw Carp took a few plaus off and we lost yards due to it
    D line injured but we expect more think they should have done better.
    End of Game Crunch time O started clicking looked better.
    Lots to Improve but I’ll Take an Ugly win any day over a pretty loss.

    NFL must want the Whiners to succeed.
    The Refs Seriously BLEW a call which could end up costing the Crappers the Game.
    Offsetting Dead ball penalties are not a replay of the down should have been a FG attempt but nooo next play TD. 4 point swing is you assume they make the FG

  118. but he doesn’t have the size/strength to do what BB does. And too many undervalue what BB does for this D.

    While this is true – it doesn’t mean that WT3 isn’t a good player or valuable to this team – just doesn’t bring the same strengths and have different weaknesses. You like what BB brings to the team, so do I but I also like what Thurmond brings to the team. We give him Tru and a few other players crap because of where they are on certain plays in the defense that is called. positioning isn’t always the fault of the player it might be the fault of the scheme

  119. Ok GB is doing nothing to limit Boldens touches and he is killing them

  120. “Eric obviously meant road opener. You must be new if you’re not used to typos on the TNT.”

    It’s not a typo. Thiz is a typo…..

    I have been here since the Mike Sando days. Newb.

  121. STTBM, I disagree that Thurmond has never played a NFL game up to the average play of BB, but I agree that he will never be able to press like BB. I simply think he has the ABILITY to be a better ALL AROUND corner if he stays healthy. Doesn’t mean he will. We might as well agree to disagree. We just have differing opinions. And I don’t think they’re actually that different. I have a lower opinion of BB than you and possibly think Thurmond has a higher ceiling than you do. And I do like BB a lot. I think he is a pro bowl corner in our system. I just think he is at least somewhat system dependent. I don’t see him as a top 5 CB.

  122. Bbmate–I’d get less flack if people could read more than a couple sentences of a comment. I had quite a bit of positive to say, but that stuff was ignored.

    Aside from which, there was a lot more fixable mistakes to discuss than things that went right.

    I was trying not to crow too much about being perhaps the first to champion Kearse. I’ve been touting him since he first signed and he’s really getting it done. He’s gonna be a beast…

    Anquan Boldin is making Ozzie Newsome look like an idiot. He’s tearing GB’s entire secondary apart single-handedly…

  123. chuck_easton says:

    If some Seattle Lasic clinic doesn’t sign Kearse up for an immediate spokesperson deal they are all missing a sure fire money making partnership.

    ” hi, I’m Jevon Kearse. I went from barely making the Seahawks in 2012 to being an important part of the passing game in 2013. All thanks to my improved eyesight I got with Lasic surgery…”

    Every Seatlite in glasses would beat a path to that clinics doors.

  124. Oh, excuse me. It was a grammatical error or error in syntax instead of a typo. Thanks, Captain Grammar. I was being sarcastic about being new. I guess Captain Grammar missed that. If you knew what he meant then there was no good reason to whine about it. Or write the editor if you’re truly butt hurt about it.

  125. sluggo42 says:

    Slave, I’ve also been with ya on the kearse bandwagon…

    BB plays the position completely different than wtiii. Yes he jacks ya up at the line, but he doesn’t have the quicks to play little zippers. Wtiii might do that better.

    But, I would rather have bb at corner and wtiii at slot at the same time. It seems #29 leans BB’s way more…

  126. I agree, WT has the talent to be a better cb than BB. But he isn’t there yet. I just think BB’s physicality, tackling, and forcing turnovers is a huge part of our D’s success. We’re pretty much on the same page.

    Xcman–exactly. People were mad at BB in the Detroit and Miami games, but Bradley made him play off those games: BB was livid afterwards. I want my cake and eat it too; I want BB starting and WT in the slot!

  127. sluggo42 says:

    Speaking of Wilson, what happened to Willson after he had that false start? Don’t remember seeing him after that…

  128. Yeah – We agree on something :)

  129. Uh-oh… C.Palmer is making AZ look pretty good today…

  130. I’ve had to go to over the air due to finances. Channel 5 is intermittent & I don’t get 7 at all. I may miss the next week’s game (unless i go to a bar); & will definitely miss 9/22 & 10/13. Can’t freakin’ Kiro boost their signal strength a bit? I get Komo & Kong fine & dandy in North Tacoma.

    Does anyone know which local station will be broadcasting the NFL network games this year?

  131. Randall Cobb is a STUD!

  132. “So much improvement needed by next week, but I will take the win!

    O-line worse than I feared. Thurmond not anywhere near the player Browner is–eh, Bobbyk?!

    D-line banged up and not looking good. Jam invisible except one bad penalty, Sherm wasn’t heat either.

    Just as I said, Seattle had to pass to set up the run to get a drive going.

    Very Undisciplined game all the way round. But, great play from Lynch, Baldwin, Schofield, ET, and my man Kearse!

    Thurmond ain’t no Browner; ‘buff said!” -STTBM

    STTBM, I did read the whole thing. What in that comment was positive besides saying that you’ll take the win? It’s just my perception. I don’t think I’m the only one. You’re free to ignore it. I like your take as a whole regardless of whether it’s mostly negative or not. BTW, Kam had 6 solo tackles in the midst of being invisible.

  133. Aaron Rodgers is good.

  134. pretty loud in SF for a GB TD

  135. Sluggo–he had one nice pass in the seam after that. That’s all I saw…

  136. sluggo42 says:

    C’mon Pack!

  137. ruminator1 says:

    some thought–
    STTBM was accurate about the Kearse throw, he did have to hold up. And Williams had the ball but couldn’t hold on. It is not clear to me how good or how bad the passes were, but they were good enough as it happened. Could another defense have intercepted either? i think yes, er …maybe. Wilson did throw one or two really bad balls, but overall, i thought he played well
    the defense really won this game imo
    Carolina’s defense and plan worked well, but you could see they were tired at the end.
    penalties–really amazing once again.
    the grounding call was way off i thought, but i was a little confused by what i thought they gave as an explanation. i thought they said he was ruled as grounding it because he threw it out of bounds. can someone clarify this for me?
    and i noticed that Newton was clearly still in the box when he threw it away a few plays later, but no call.

  138. sluggo42 says:

    Perhaps Willson’s weak blocking hurt a bit?
    Did Person take any snaps at TE?

  139. sluggo42 says:

    Rams coming back

  140. Ruminator – as far as I understand – Cam’s pass went beyond the LOS with RW’s did not hence the ground vs non grounding call.

    Sluggo – yes Person lined up and I think got 2 false start penalties – maybe just one

  141. SEA’s DBs better smack SFs AB & VD when they go up for the catch.

  142. STTBM, I definitely agree that this team is better with BB and Thurmond playing the slot.

    Anybody catch Mathieu causing the fumble by Jared Cook. That kid has a nose for the ball. Will be a steal IMO.

    Don’t look now but Kaep just hit his second read, Davis, down the seam for a deep pass.

  143. Bbmate–that comment wasn’t directed at you–it’s the trolls who only read part of them and then go off.

  144. ruminator1 says:

    bbnate: the most positive comment in sttbm’s post?

    ” … great play from Lynch, Baldwin, Schofield, ET, and my man Kearse!”

    i would add Tate for sure.

  145. I sure wish SEA had CC back, Averil healthy, and that BI didn’t get caught with that PED…

  146. BB- I thought honey badger recovered not stripped – could be either one didn’t see it

    and I must be the troll since I am the one who disagreed the most

  147. ruminator1 says:

    xcman, so if Wilson’s pass out of bounds had gone beyond the line of scrimmage first it would not be grounding? i thought all he had to do was get out of the box.

  148. DanielleMND says:

    Our O-line needs to get better and our D-line needs to get healthier–and quick.

  149. chuck_easton says:

    The QB must be out of the pocket AND the pass has to go beyond the line of scrimmage. The line judge determined the ball was behind the line when it crossed out of bounds even though it landed beyond the LOS. This was a judgment call by the official.

    If the ball had remained in bounds it would have hit the ground beyond the LOS and it wouldn’t have been intentional grounding.

  150. ruminator, I don’t see where he said that. Certainly not in the post I quoted. Regardless, he does say some positive stuff.

    xcman, Mathieu caused the fumble way down the field before Cook could get in the end zone, and another Tardinals player recovered it for a touch back.

  151. To get a grounding call you have to be in the box (between the tackles) and be under pressure, and not throw it as far as the LOS, or there’s not a receiver in the area. If you’re outside the box and you throw a forward pass, it’s either incomplete, intercepted, or a catch – but not grounding. Behind the LOS, outside the box you could spike the ball – it’s not grounding. No reason to sack yourself running outta bounds behind the LOS. If you’re inside the box and you throw to the LOS but there isn’t a receiver in the area it’s grounding. If you’re in the box and throw behind the LOS but there’s a receiver in the area it’s an incomplete screen, not grounding.

  152. The most subjective part of Intentional Grounding is that the QB has to be outside the “tackle box”. The line of scrimmage is obviously defined at every play. No one really “marks” where the tackles are.

  153. That’s not true, klm. You still have to get the ball to the LOS.

  154. raymaines says:

    SF wins. Next weeks game is the biggest event in the history of mankind.

  155. OK, that’s probably right, but it’s still up to the official to make that call and it’s not automatic, like running outta bounds with the ball.

    “Rule 8.3.1 Intentional grounding will be called when a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage because of pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion.
    Note 1: The penalty is the sole responsibility of the referee and the protection of the passer is his primary responsibility; the flight of the ball is secondary. If there is any question, the referee should not call intentional grounding.
    Note 2: Intentional grounding will not be called when a passer, while out of the pocket and facing an immenent loss of yardage, throws a forward pass that lands near or beyond the line of scrimmage, even if no offensive player(s) have a realistic chance to catch the ball (including if the ball lands out of bounds over the sideline or endline).
    Note 3: A passer, after delaying his passing action for strategic purposes, is prohibited from throwing the ball to the ground directly in front of him, even though he is under no pressure from defensive rusher(s).
    Note 4: A passer is permitted to stop the game clock legally to save time if immediately upon receiving the snap he begins a continuous throwing motion and throws the ball directly forward into the ground.
    Note 5: If a defenders action on the passer significantly affects the normal throwing of a forward pass to a receiver, intentional grounding should not be called.”

    Them’s the rules – and Note 2 says intentional grounding isn’t called when outta the box and you throw reaches near the LOS, but it also doesn’t say it has to be called if you don’t throw it to the LOS, and Note 3 doesn’t say you are prohibited from spiking the ball to your side (not directly in front of you) if you’re running outta bounds…

  156. I thought Cam should have been called for grounding, but I guess he was out of the pocket? I thought RW was back far enough it was outside the pocket but I guess the refs disagreed..

  157. toastmaster says:

    @moo – I dont have cable and I live in N. Tacoma and get all the channels. I have a converter box and an indoor $25 adjustable antenna. The antenna makes all the difference.

    BOOOO San fran!!!!

  158. Bbnate–did you read my comment at 2pm? Nothing glaringly negative, some positive, even handed tone. What else should be expected after an ugly game?

  159. raymaines says:

    Three out of four of the three point favorites won today with Houston playing tomorrow night.

    In the interest of full disclosure and knowing nobody really cares, it’s a good thing I didn’t go lot Las Vegas this week. I picked N.E., Pitt., Seattle, Indi., StL., & Houston to all win. I even picked the Steelers on my KJR Pro Survivor contest. Don’t listen to me.

  160. Do u think not having MR as fb hurt us. MQ played crappy. Rice pay cut this off -season. Kearse,Tate,Baldwin, Percy.

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