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Browner sits out practice with hamstring issue

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2013 at 4:59 pm with 47 Comments »
September 5, 2013 4:59 pm

A day after appearing on the injury report as a limited participant with an injury issue, Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner did not practice today.

Browner was one of four Seattle players who did not practice due to injury. The others include offensive lineman Michael Bowie (shoulder), defensive tackle Jordan Hill (biceps) and defensive end Chris Clemons (knee).

But Seattle did get some good news, with defensive tackles Brandon Mebane (groin) and Tony McDaniel (groin), and defensive end Cliff Avril (hamstring) all full participants in practice on Thursday.

Receivers Sidney Rice (knee) and Stephen Williams (head) also were full participants for a second straight day.

The Seahawks also made a minor roster move, bringing back Jameson Konz to the practice squad, this time as a Leo defensive end, and releasing offensive lineman Ryan Seymour.

For Carolina, RB Kenjon Barner (foot), DT Dwan Edwards (thigh) and S Mike Mitchell (calf) did not participate in practice for the Panthers.

LB Jon Beason (knee), CB James Dockery (thumb), WR Domenik Hixon (hamstring) and G Amini Silatolu (hamstring) were limited.

TE Ben Harstock (foot) and FB Mike Tolbert (hamstring) were full participants.

Notes from practice
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  1. edstang45 says:

    Dissapointing that Clem still is not practicing. I thought team said he would be practicing this week. Eric can you give me a update on his knee, and conditioning. In your opinion how far out is he from actuall being back

  2. Hawkjitsu says:

    YEAH…Hey Eric? What happened to Clem? Yesterday it was said he would be out there today.

  3. Here we go again!! Seahawks never get a fair shake. Its the early schedule on top of that ,the injuries. man I hope this is a good year, I don’t think I can go through it again. but I have to keep faith. Go Hawks

  4. raymaines says:

    I’m trying to watch the start of the 2013 NFL season, but the game is delayed because of bad weather. I know, who cares about either Denver or Baltimore, but still…

    Just a guess, but the season could end with a bad weather game as well.

  5. sluggo42 says:

    I didn’t know football could be cancelled due to weather. Lightening I suppose trumps all…

  6. I suppose they don’t want any players getting flash fried?

  7. raymaines says:

    After watching the YouTube link that GH put up I’m forced to admit that I now feel the same way about RW that I used to feel about The Beatles. I don’t want to be like Russel Wilson; I want to actually BE Russel Willson. Being any other NFL QB just wouldn’t be good enough, just as being one of the Dave Clark Five wouldn’t have been good enough.

  8. sluggo42 says:

    Baltimore drafted a guy named Courtney Upshaw. He was the guy rob rang over a Seahawks draft was positive we would draft. When we took Irvin instead. I’m trying to see if he is impact foul at all, #91

    I was sure it was gunna be the guy from N Carolina, DE, now on the jets I think, can’t remember his name…tall lanky guy wi the big scars on his arm

  9. Opiewon says:

    I honestly can’t wait to see the seahawks D without it’s to 3 pass rushers.(Avril, Clemens, Irvin) If we can get good pressure on Sunday, the rest of the league will be pissing their pants.

    As for tonites game….. The only reason I’m watching is to see someone get struck by lightning! At least then I would give a shit about what’s happening on TV.

  10. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I actually thought “the Konz” looked better and more comfortable at TE than he ever did on defense.

  11. I read that Clem participated in the early part of practice including some rush drills. Did very little but was indeed back on the field. I’m sure they will take it slow.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    sluggo42- Rang is a mock draft guy. He missed big time on his analysis of Willson this year.
    I wouldn’t put too much stock in what Rang says.

  13. Rang has been an excellent predictor of the Seahawks draft picks up until PC/JS took the helm in ’10. He’s the most knowledgeable college scouting reporter that I’ve come across and has an extensive body of work behind him. Anybody can miss on which picks PC/JS are gonna go after because it’s so hard to tell which way they’re gonna draft. Step up and tell us whoever called the Chris Michael pick(?)!

  14. Mr Williams, how is M.Bennett’s toe?

  15. I don’t think Rob Rang missed “big time” on Luke Willson. Rang said Willson had intriguing athleticism, speed to get vertical, and great untapped potential. He also called him a likely 7th round draft choice since he was injured most all of his senior season.

    The Seahawks took Willson in the late 5th round based on believing in his potential. I think Rang got it just about right.

    Based on reading Rob Rang, and a few other scouts, there were four TEs I wanted as Seahawks: Escobar, MacDonald, Reed, or Willson. When we got Willson I was happy. Still am.

  16. oh, and I think predicting who picks who in the draft is a silly exercise. As soon as a few teams pick players off the board, everything changes. What is important is being able to scout a college player and predict whether he can likely transition to the NFL and be competitive. Predicting what team the player will be drafted by is just a guessing game.

  17. Full participation in practice on Thursday
    DE Cliff Avril (hamstring)
    DT Tony McDaniel (groin)
    DT Brandon Mebane (groin)
    WR Sidney Rice (knee)
    WR Stephen Williams (head)

    This is awesome to see after Avril, McDaniel, and Mebane were limited on Wednesday.

    Thumond replaced Browner (hamstring) at CB, and Maxwell replaced Thurmond at nickel CB.

  18. edstang45 says:

    good info stevos

  19. Oher out and Jones out for Balitmore but the are still hanging in there after losing 10 starters from last year. Shows what a pass rush and depth can do for a franchise. Game is far from over but they are up by 3 right now

  20. raymaines says:

    Ravens 17 – Broncos 14 at the half.

    I like to pretend I’m in Las Vegas and am betting on games. I’m proud to say I wouldn’t have bet on 8 point fav. Denver this week. For the record, I’m picking these six teams to win: N.E. (over @Buffalo), @Pitt (over Tenn.), Seattle (over @CAR.), @Indi (over OAK.), @St Louis (over AZ.), and Houston (over @S.D.).

    A $100 bet on that six team combination to win (no point spread – just wins and losses) would return your own $100 and another $568.30. In the last three years I would be money ahead, but not much. It’s a fun game to play, give it a try. What three to six (or eight or 16) teams do you think will win this weekend?

  21. raymaines says:

    So OK, Denver 28 – Balt. 14 in the middle of the third quarter. I still wouldn’t have bet on them.

  22. You can’t bet on Peyton Manning losing a home opener. He’s 4-1 in games in which his team opened the season at home. He’s lost only a couple of home openers his whole career. Going to Denver is the toughest opening game the schedulers could have given the Ravens.

  23. raymaines says:

    My last post should have said Balt. 17. Not that it matters.

    Now it’s 35-17.

    Looks like I should have bet on Denver.

  24. Remind me to comment how Carolina is holding their own on Sunday ;) the Ravens ar rout of gas IMO

  25. Glad to see that Seatlle games aren’t the only ones to see some weird calls/no calls. There have been a few tonight.

  26. jchawks08 says:

    Yea Denver is looking pretty good. Peyton Manning, stud.
    You see that LB drop the ball at the 1 for a touchback on hit Int. return? Dee dee dee!
    Really happy about The DL men returning to full practice.
    Hopefully Browner is good to go. Anyone know the severity of his issue?
    Oh, and we have some decent depth at DB, as an understatement.

  27. BAL’s missing Anquan Boldin, and the game’s gotten sloppy.

  28. tealskin says:

    Think they missed Pitta more than Boldin. And Jones after that dumbass play where he got run into by his own man when calling the fair catch. First games tend to be a little sloppy.

  29. Hawkjitsu says:

    Payton will get to the SB, then add to his 7td’s with a 7 Int. performace from the Seahawks.
    HAWKS are the apocalypse. And the NFL is the heathen menace which must be obliterated. GET READY FOR HELL, NFL. Especially the forty-whiners. Your Crapernick will plead on his knees for his life…….NO MERCY, pretty boy!

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Price keeps hanging out with Wilson he just may be playing in the NFL soon.

    Good article-

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “As contracts become fully guaranteed if players are on the roster for Week 1 of the season, Robinson will likely have to wait through the weekend before getting an offer”

    Thanks for the link SandpointHawk. I was wondering why MikeRob hadn’t been signed by another team yet.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    I was hoping he’d come back at a reduced salary. Flacco depleted his team with his overrated contract, but what’s with all the Baltimore drops?
    I didn’t think either team looked great last night but the Ravens rolled out a JV team and the Broncos took advantage of that. I was hoping That Thurmond and Maxwell would be where they are, i hope they don’t make me look foolish.

  33. montanamike2 says:

    We have Williams and Simon next year, hopefully on Williams, but it’s like having 2 more draft picks next year.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    Not that i’ve ever been off topic before but Seattle has a musical play of Xanadu? I snuck into that movie around ’79 and it’s still one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen, ever. I once had an aunt take me to see Disney on ice as a kid and it still haunts me.

  35. SaigonSun says:

    To ” impersonate” yankita “the great” :
    I see whiners losing to GB @ home and going 1-4 ( Colts as only win)!
    I see Seahawks start 4-1,maybe 3-2 (sure loss @ Texans, maybe @ Indi), repeating 8-0 @ home and going .500 on the road or better. Falcons & Giants games are doable. We will sweep the Whinners and the Tards and split with Lambs. Can’t fall asleep on anyone, specially the Saints @ home.
    Final tally : 13-3 , not worse than 12-4. Winning NFC West. St.Louis is in as a wild card. Whinners staying home to lick each-others’ … wounds ,of course.
    CC will ne playing limited snaps in the fourth Quarter, still will get
    a sack on Newton at the most crucial time just to show ” the newbies” who’s the Boss. He will play the second half in the game against SF only for practice. By then the game will be out of the Whinners reach. In that game Harbarf will be tossed out after he craps in his pants while complaining to the refs.
    “There you go : live and learn from the best…you uneducated nincompoops !”
    P.S.: Where do you find the smiley faces?

  36. sluggo42 says:

    Nice try Siagon,

    But perhaps if you actually knew a little bit about the game your posts wouldn’t sound so uneducated. Please, watch and learn something about the game before posting foolish things. If you were as smart as I am, you wouldn’t see a maybe at indie, because anyone who really knows the pro game like me can tell that Luck is nothing but lucky garbage playing the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL. I found that fact on FFL…
    Just read my posts, sit back and learn from me. Then you won’t look quite so stupid . :)

  37. sluggo42 says:

    Oh ya… Smh. :)

  38. sluggo–You were thinking Quinton Coples. I remember I thought they would draft Muhammad Wilkerson, and he’s been a stud for the Jets.

  39. SaigonSun–Better luck next time. Watch and learn. Now isnt that fun? :)

  40. SaigonSun says:

    Listen, I don’t have enough time to fight with all of you. The fact is that I know the most, know more than you and I am the best looking here
    (my mirror don’t lie). You are just jealous of me, that’s it !
    The proof will come by next February.
    I still can’t find the smiley faces. Darn !

  41. sluggo42 says:

    If any of you knew the game like I do, wou wouldn’t all be so stupid…smh! :)

  42. sluggo42 says:

    Yes slave, quinten coples… I thought he would have been a monster for us…
    But if Irvin makes the transition to LB, we may turn a Von miller esque guy loose on the league

  43. SandpointHawk says:

    Lord, I can’t this…he cloned himself :)

    Press the colon key and then right parenthesis key…

  44. SandpointHawk says:
  45. Hawkjitsu says:

    Yeah yankita. We don’t have time to deal with you…but we will mock you at every turn. Just sad.

    Did you guys know that if you aggravate a bee, he just keeps coming. Take the hint. Mocking somebody because you believe your right doesn’t exactly make you Jesus. It makes you a hypocrite.

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