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Brandon Browner limited in practice with hamstring injury

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm with 58 Comments »
September 4, 2013 4:42 pm

The Seattle Seahawks had a new player added to the injury report after this afternoon’s practice, with cornerback Brandon Browner listed as limited with a hamstring injury.

Walter Thurmond would be the next man up if Browner can’t return to the field by this weekend.

Along with Browner, defensive tackle Tony McDaniel (groin), defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (groin) and defensive end Cliff Avril (groin) were listed as limited participants.

Receiver Sidney Rice (knee) and receiver Stephen Williams (head) were listed as full participants.

Offensive lineman Michael Bowie (shoulder), defensive tackle Jordan Hill (biceps) and defensive end Chris Clemons (knee) are listed as having not practiced, but Clemons and Hill got some work in on the side today.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Seahawks added receiver Tyrone Walker to the practice squad, and released defensive end Ty Powell. Walker is an Illinois State product who went to training camp with Green Bay as an undrafted rookie free agent. In college he set school records for career receptions (250), receiving yards (3,565), touchdown catches (32) and 100-yard receiving games (16).

Notes from practice
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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Hmm, wonder if wt3 goes to corner and lane to slot?

  2. freedom_X says:

    Thurmond would be better suited to play outside. (not that he’s bad inside, but I think he’s more natural outside with his physical skills.) If he stays healthy I’m pretty sure he replaces Brandon Browner next year in any event.

  3. seahawksteven777 says:

    Panthers are going down! Go Hawks!

  4. Lane is also much better playing outside than in the nickel. I really hope Browner can play at full strength Sunday, he’s a beast and were a much better team with him starting than with WT3 starting. If Browner cant go, that weakens us at 2 positions, not just one.

  5. I thought Powell looked pretty good in preseason, but that was against other rookies and backups. I hope they bring him back every so often like they did with last seasons PS. Not sure another WR is necessary at this point.

  6. Walker is 5′-10″ and 198 lbs. Color me decidedly unimpressed. Then again, I felt that way about Perez Ashford and Arceto Clark, and those guys did well.

    He dropped passes and fumbled in preseason this year, and averaged a WHOPPING 7 yards per reception. Hurray?

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Watching the pre season, i was most impressed by Maxwell in the slot, then maybe play Thurmond outside?

  8. montanamike2 says:


  9. If Browner can’t go – we have a better player to start for him in WTIII (just like our coaches “thought” Spencer was better than Unger at C that first season or that Moffitt deserved RG as soon as he was picked in the third without ever having to “compete” for the starting job). I do like Browner, but I’ll take WTIII any day of the week over any of our CBs not named Sherman. Just me (and could care less what anyone else says).

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- You make a good point.
    And I know you really care what we all think so I will share my point of view regarding Browner or WT3.
    Not looking at any other game but Carolina I feel slightly more comfortable having Browner back there to lay the wood on Newton when he tries to run. WT3 would get flattened by Newton compared to what Browner can do so for this game anyways I prefer Browner.

  11. Hawkjitsu says:

    Georgia- I’m with you. BobbyK has super valid points that are hard to argue. WT3 got his injury free chance to shine and just exploded…but I really want to see Browner straight pile drive Steve Smith. Just good old american family fun right there.

  12. Yeah B, I have no problem with Thurmond replacing Browner on the outside. My only problem will be the nickel coverage of the slot receiver and TE.

    I think Thurmond is exceptionally good as a nickel CB and will be a big upgrade this year on slot coverage — one of the biggest upgrades on our whole defense — if he gets to play there. I’m not sure than any of our other CBs can be as good in the nickel as WTIII is. There is a ton of talent there, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

  13. If Baner, McDaniel, and Avril were all limited participants on Wednesday, I feel pretty good they will be in there banging on Sunday.

    Get all three of those guys on the field, add in Big Red and Bennett and Schofield, and that’s a lot of playmakers on the D line.

  14. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Having only 4 DT”s (and only 2 with actual playing experience) on the team, and 3 of them being limited worries me. Im surprised this is not being talked about much. Games are won and lost at the line if scrimmage.

  15. You guys are nuts–WT is Bobbyk’s Holy Ghost–no proof, just blind faith.

    There is no way in hell Thurmond is better than Browner; if he was, you can be damned sure Carrol would start him. No one in the Nfl can jam or tackle like Browner. Having Browner do his thing allows Sherm to take chances.

    I’m expecting Quinn to let Browner get physical all day long–no mor crap prevent zone like Bradley used in our losses last year.

    Thurmond got beat by backups in preseason! And he has yet to do squat in the regular season.

  16. edstang45 says:

    Im with you Mike. and can somebody tell me where the pressure will come from, Clem out, Irvin sitting in corner with a time out, Avril not paracticing with team….Arrrrgh!!!!!….Give me some names guys!! Our D-line is not making me exactly confident at this point

  17. And Carolina will try to get Smith in the slot away from Browner, bet your butt! It’s likely we’ll see more Browner vs LaFell on the outside. Thurmond will end up with Smith a lot, IMO.

    If WT gets the start, Carolina WILL put Smith in the sl

  18. And Carolina will try to get Smith in the slot away from Browner, bet your butt! It’s likely we’ll see more Browner vs LaFell on the outside. Thurmond will end up with Smith a lot, IMO.

    If WT gets the start, Carolina WILL put Smith in the slot vs Lane or Maxwell, all day long…

  19. bsinnitt says:

    I would think that if Browner can’t go Thurmond would play outside in base and kick inside in nickel with Maxwell playing outside. It would be nice if BB can play though because Steve Smith has a tendency to throw temper tantrums when he gets roughed up at the line which is Browner’s specialty.

  20. Edstang–Bennett, Schofield, Morgan, Smith, Mayowa with blitz assistance from LB’s and maybe the DB’s; they will bring the heat.

    Schofield is a really fine player, he’s fast and tough; I’m expecting great things from him.

  21. LMAO…

    I’m sure Carolina is “scared” of Smith going against Browner, just like the Steelers were scared of Wallace going against him a few years ago (more to “quick” in their game than height/weight).

    Actually, I bet the Carolina OC is mad that Browner might not play since he can’t try to get him to go against BB. The biggest nightmare for Browner as a stud CB (which he is) is going against a small/quick WR… If you disagree, I bet you haven’t watched many Seahawks games!!!

  22. Bobbyk–comparing Browner to Spencer is completely idiotic. I love you man, but I have to say that’s just about the stupidest, most asinine thing you’ve ever posted here. I’m not even going to destroy that comparo, it’s too pathetic to bother with.

    Please keep posting though, we’ve all missed your comments. Hope all is well for you and yours. And if you really wanna argue about Browner, lets do that this weekend after the game so there’s fresh ammo lol!

  23. You are right that BB has his worst games vs small fast guys, but part of that is his idiot DC Bradley had him giving up huge cushions to those guys–Bess, Hartline, T. Young, etc…you won’t see Quinn rest that idiocy…

  24. Repeat not rest…

  25. You’re right. Bradley is a HC in the NFL and Quinn isn’t. Quinn must be the smart one. lol

  26. montanamike2 says:

    Lane is good on the outside too, we are soo deep.

  27. Smith caught one pass against the Seahawks in last year’s game. ONE. He was shut down. and that was before we had WTIII on the field.

    I agree that our concerns on D are in the front 7. Carolina’s receivers cannot handle our DBs. Still its important that we can stuff the run and force them to pass, and that happens up front where we have some some big guys hobbled. A lot is riding on their ability to be ready to push.

  28. Don’t forget – WT3 “WON” the starting job vs Sherman originally – then got hurt – and the rest is history! So to say that he has done “nothing” is a little revisionist. Now he doesn’t have a lot of reps so his sample size before injury is, in fact, small. So we will see how he performs when given and chance and IF he stays healthy.

    Even PC isn’t going to bench a pro- bowl guy in favor or a new guy right now, so YES – WT3 could be better than Browner and not given the start, but if he is playing at a high level we know darn well that he will be given opportunties, then we will see how it goes. Every player has some weaknesses, Browner will be better against some players than others. Same with Sherm/WT3 – we just gotta hope we get the right guys in the right match-ups.

    BTW – STTBM, late last season you claimed you never jumped on other posters – can’t claim that one anymore – geez – get a grip

  29. Hope that Browner (BB) can make it back for the game @ CAR. According to PFF BB played better than Sherman this preseason, both in coverage and defending the run. Neither did much of anything to rush the passer. BB wasn’t flagged this preseason and Sherm got 2. WT3 can play LCB, but that leaves Byron Maxwell at slot corner/nickle back. I love Maxwell’s play but he’s played outside this preseason, and pretty well against SD & OAK, but have not seen him playing slot corner back. Also, when we beat CAR in the ’05 playoffs we took care of S.Smith by knocking him about everywhere he went. Can’t think of anyone better to do that than BB.

  30. edstang45 says:

    STTBM i’m buyin Mayowa, and a little bit with Morgan. You got more confidance than me. I hope your right on dude. I would love tellin you that you were right. I am gonna hold my breath.. I am not worried about our DB’s they will kick ass, as long as the QB’s don’t have all day. But in a few days we’ll know.

  31. Bleacher Report has an interesting game review on what the Hawks D needs to do to counter the Panthers’ offense.

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Harbaby is already crying about big ol mean football players trying to hurt his QB. Go talk to the refs JimBoner, I’m pretty sure your QB can handle himself without you. I’m sure he’ll let them know that we’re pretty tough and loud up north before week two as well. What a dick stick.

  33. Xcman–my response was to Bobbyk’s comments, and were not personal attacks; I think I made that clear. I love discussing and even arguing with Bobbyk, but he’s off the map again.( and Damn, my grammar is too!…).

    I like WT as much as the next guy, but he was merely decent before his latest catastrophic injury, and Sharm replacing him the second best thing that’s happened besides RW in years..

  34. Bradley was a fine DC, and he may make a better HC than DC. That doesn’t mean he didn’t screw up–and he did: playing off man or off zone all game with Browner is stupid: if you wanna do that, just bench him and play someone else. With BB, let him do his thang..

  35. For those who haven’t watched him much:
    Our starting Leo for opening day: OB Schofield

  36. It amazes me how much smarter people here are than NFL coaches are. Why don’t you just go get hired in the NFL and take their jobs?

  37. Using BB in off man and off zine regularly failed every single time Bradley used it; we lost to inferior teams like Detroit and Miami because of it. Remember hoe pissed BB was after those games?!

  38. your attack was to Bobbyk – your perception is not reality to others of us, but if you really read the comments you he wasn’t actually comparing Browner to Spencer but the situations, and they are similar not the same but similar.

    but in reality it just doesn’t matter

  39. If they’re anything like last season, CAR is more of a passing team than a running team. Cam ran 93 times, passed 590 times and handed off 359 times.

    It’s interesting to see CAR running the read option just like UOregon does. Interesting also that they drafted UO’s RBs J.Stewart and K.Barner. SEA’s fans can see whether CAR is lined up in an inside zone read (IZR) option or an outside zone read (OZR) option by reading through the article:

    With the IZR the RB is lined up about a yard or two offset from the side of the QB who’s playing in shotgun or the pistol, and a coupla yards behind.

    In the OZR the RB is 3 to 4 yards to the side of the QB who’s in shotgun or pistol, and a little ahead of the QB or even with him in depth from the LOS.

    What’s maybe more important is who the QB keys on when he’s in that formation. In the IZR the QB keys on the DE on the opposite side from whichever side his RB is lined up on. Say the RB is off the QB’s right hip aligned behind him in an IZR, if the LDE stays put or plays contain at the snap, the QB hands off to the RB who runs optimally to the right B gap, but when the LDE presses to the inside at the snap to stop the RB, the QB keeps the ball and runs to the right D/E gap. It’s likelier for one or more of the other DLers to shed their blocks so the LDE wants to either play contain, or stay at home. Since he’s unblocked, that also defeats the pass pressure the LDE could otherwise get off the snap until after the RB is ahead of the QB and then goes directly to block that LDE. Also, when the RB takes the handoff, if the DLs try to clog the gap they know the run is sposed to be aimed at, (stunts and such) other gaps open up and the RB crashes through them for big gains. SEA’s DLs discipline and gap control will be sorely tested by CAR’s run game, and it may look like SEA isn’t getting any pressure on Cam. It may well be by design.

  40. Oops, that should read “off the QB’s left hip”. Getting late…

  41. freedom_X says:

    If Steve Smith is still the Steve Smith of old – (instead of an old Steve Smith) – constantly pressing and jamming him with a big man lacking great recovery speed will end up giving Smith a career day unless there’s help over the top.

    The old Steve Smith was/is extremely strong for his size. One man can’t just slam him at the LOS and throw him off play after play. His remarkable strength combined with his agility and low center of gravity will mean the big man will miss the jam as often as he tags Smith. And then Smith is gone.

    In the Super Bowl year, Seattle used multiple players to bang and jam Smith. That’s what it took to shut him down. Now, if Smith has slowed down and isn’t the same guy, then single coverage might work OK. Otherwise, I expect Browner or Sherman to get help depending on which side Carolina lines Smith up at (I don’t expect Seattle to have Sherman trail Smith, as that isn’t what Carroll likes to do.)

  42. klm – good stuff.

  43. hawkdawg says:

    I remember one highlight from last year’s Carolina game in which Sherman manned up against Smith, and at the snap stepped forward and absolutely stoned him with a stiff arm, then shadowed him down the field. The ball was thrown to Smtih, and he didn’t even see it until it had gone by him.

    A clinic in press coverage.

    More of that would be just fine, from Sherm or BB or Walter….

  44. One things for sure IMO. If WT3 and BB both stay healthy and play well in 2013, you’re highly unlikely to see both in a Hawks’ uniform in 2014. I think WT3 has the ability to be the better all around CB than BB and is younger. No need to repeat his injury history. BB is probably the best press corner in the game, but he will be 30 going into 2014. Wouldn’t be an easy decision in my mind. Could simply come down to which one comes cheaper.

  45. pabuwal says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Thurmond. I think he can be good without Earl Thomas.

    I’m still not sold on Browner. Without Thomas covering his lack of speed, I think his shortcomings would be far more apparent.

    Freedom – good assessment of Steve Smith.

  46. biobird says:

    Greeny just gave ‘Hawks his KOD. Dang it!!

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs, are you on Eastern time?

    I think we will have a huge advantage on special teams and take better care of the ball.

    Carolina will be pumped up but will fall back to Earth by the 4th qtr.

  48. pabuwal says:

    Georgia – I live fairly close to the location of this year’s Super Bowl.

  49. xcman–the “attack” was to Bobbyk’s opinion, not Bobbyk the man. I will use less strenuous language next time.

    I fail to see how Browners situation is anything like Spencers. Spencer was drafted by the Ruskell admin, and they wanted him to succeed so bad, they kept trying to play him even though he was awful. Browner was a FA who came in and ran a 4.5 flat 40 time, who worked his way up from camp invitee to starter, and has kept that position since, by hard work and good solid play.

    He’s unique, and allows are defense to be what it is. While certainly not the most agile cb, he’s got enough speed and isnt slow. He’s also the best tackling defensive back in the entire NFL. And I for one think that with a DC who intends to use him as God intended, he will have a career best year this year.

    I think its sour grapes since he took his PED suspension on the chin. Had he claimed improper procedure and been exonerated like Sherman, likely Sherm would have gotten the hate from Hawk fans. I still think if one did it, the other did too. Both are either guilty as sin, or utterly innocent.

    Again, how are Browner and Spencer’s situations at all alike?! You really think Carrol would start Browner over WT3 if he thought WT3 was a better player right now?! Hell, if he thought WT3 would be a better player at some point this year, he would bench Browner and install Thurmond, and you all know this.

  50. montanamike2 says:

    Browner said on the radio that he would take a pay cut to keep the legion
    together, Sherman said he’ll take a discount. These guys are a tight bunch and have bought in all the way.

  51. montanamike2 says:

    Browner is one of the most underrated CB’s in the NFL, he allows Sherman to lock up his man, if we released him, i bet he’d be snatched up within minutes. It all comes down to match ups and roles.

  52. Thanks montanamike2, at least someone here appreciates what Browner has done.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    I really love that the “legion” will make sacrifices to keep itself intact, really NFL players that would do that for each other shows two things. 1. these guys like each other enough to want to be together for years, 2. it shows they’re serious about rings over personnel finances.

  54. When Browner says he will take a pay cut to stay with the team, his agent is cringing. Browner’s cut is also a cut to the agent. The decision is BB’s but the agent is going to put lots of pressure on BB to go where the money is, which could be substantial. And the advice is solid, he should go for the money. He won’t ever get paid again what he is making these years of his life.

  55. grizindabox24 says:

    Panthers are going to try to pound the ball with the Hawks line injuries…heck, Newton is bigger than Mayowa

  56. “Had he claimed improper procedure and been exonerated like Sherman, likely Sherm would have gotten the hate from Hawk fans.” -STTBM

    Problem is that BB couldn’t prove improper procedure and Sherm could. There not the same situation. This analogy is certainly no better than the Spencer one. You can speculate that either both were innocent or both guilty, but that’s all it is. There is no substantial evidence of such. You could claim that Kam and ET were also both taking something but simply weren’t tested.

    I don’t think that the PED issue plays a large role in how people here view BB. It plays no role in how I evaluate him. Most people here like him. Many just don’t think he’s as good as you seem to. Difference in evaluation. Doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate him. I don’t think he’s in the same category as Sherm. He’s more scheme dependent IMO.

    “Browner said on the radio that he would take a pay cut to keep the legion
    together, Sherman said he’ll take a discount. These guys are a tight bunch and have bought in all the way.”

    I’d certainly like this to be true, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s one thing to say it now and another turn a bunch of money down later. Especially when your career can be over in one play. And we don’t know exactly what they mean by a discount. Does that mean that Sherm will take 10 mil a year instead of 12? BB will be 30 in 2014 and is way more valuable to a press team. His market is more limited than that of a Revis, Peterson, or Sherm. I don’t think anybody is going to offer him a contract that would put him in the top 5 CBs. Certainly could be wrong.

  57. *They’re

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