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September 3, 2013 2:38 pm
2012 Stats Hawks Panthers
2012 Record 11-5 7-9
Total Yards Gained 5,610 5,771
Total Offense (NFLRank) 350.6 (17) 360.7(12)
Rush Offense 161.2 (3) 130.5 (9)
Pass Offense 189.4 (27) 230.2 (16)
Points Per Game 25.8 (9) 22.3 (T18)
Total Yards Allowed 4,899 5,329
Total Defense 306.2 (4) 333.1 (10)
Rush Defense 103.1 (10) 110.1 (14)
Pass Defense 203.1(6) 223.0 (13)
Points Allowed/Game 15.3 (1) 22.7 (18)
Possession Avg. 31:36 29:41
Sacked/Yds. Lost 33/203 36/244
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 36/247 39/284
Interceptions By 18 11
Penalties/Yds. 110/890 98/835
Punts/Avg. 65/45.6 77/42.4
Turnover Differential +13(T5) +1(16)

Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. KBrooks says:

    By stats alone, this game looks like it could be a lot closer than we expect. I think the guys will come out full steam on Sunday morning and show the league that last year wasn’t a fluke.

  2. I think we can throw last year’s stats out the window. The Seahawks were a tale of two teams last season, especially offensively. If we see the offense from the second half of last year, look out! On the other hand, Carolina seems to think they have upgraded their defense from last year’s game, too.

    I do have some reservations about the injuries along our defensive line. Newton can be a good QB when he’s given time. I we can get pressure on him and rattle his cage, game over. But if not, a few good throws here and there, and a scramble or two (remember, our defense has not been great at stopping mobile QBs), and this game will be close.

    I was one of the guys who was saying last season’s opener was a fifth pre-season game. That didn’t really work out now, did it? I’m cautiously optimistic about this game, but given a decent opponent, a 10:00 AM east coast start, and a few holes on our defensive line, and I do have concerns.

  3. “(remember, our defense has not been great at stopping mobile QBs)”

    Curious as to why you think this. They held Cam, Kaepernick, and RG3 in check last year. Granted that RG3 was hobbling around.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I’d agree. Seattle punished Newton last year. And we all remember the Seattle / SF game at the end of last season.

  5. tealskin says:

    Didn’t Cam throw the ball in the ground instead of finding open receiver in endzone last year? Felt the Hawks were very lucky to win that game. Expect this one to be just as difficult, if not more. First game of season, early and on the road. New players, injuries, etc. Lining up to be stressful and a good test.

  6. “(remember, our defense has not been great at stopping mobile QBs)”

    “Curious as to why you think this. They held Cam, Kaepernick, and RG3 in check last year. Granted that RG3 was hobbling around.”

    Not a statistically backed or researched opinion, but a recalled emotion of being let down a time or two when a QB takes off gets a critical first down. Going back and looking at the stats, I agree that Kaepernick didn’t put up big numbers, and we mostly held Cam in check. But I’m still going to be nervous about it.

    And after we win, I’ll feel that much better about it!

  7. raymaines says:

    I don’t think the ‘Hawks blitzed a LB in August so the preseason isn’t a reason to think they can’t put pressure on a mobile QB. Besides, Cam Newton has been making noises for months now that he plans to stay in the pocket more and run less.

  8. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Correct tealskin, if Cam doesn’t make a one hop throw into the end zone to a wide open guy, we lose.
    They are going to be fired up to face off against one of the most hyped teams this season. I think it’s awesome to finally be mentioned as one of the best/Superbowl bound teams, but I’m sure all the other teams will have something to say about it. Carolina at home to open their season would love to step up and take us out. I’m sure Pete has these guys ready and if they can play closer to how the season ended, they should be able to win this game.

    However, this years team is not the same team that won eleven games in the regular season and nearly made it to the NFC championship game in the playoffs. A lot of the same pieces, but the talent and makeup change every year. It appears this years version should be improved. We’ll know in five days.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    raymaines – They actually blitzed LBs several times throughout the preseason, especially in the 3rd vs. the Packers. But more importantly, against “mobile” QBs, containment is as, or more important, that simple pressure. That said, Seattle’s defensive schemes were very simple, basic installs from camp without so-called gameplans for a specific opponent, so in this regard, I agree; what we saw from Seattle in August should no give reason to think they cannot defend someone like Newton.

  10. yakimahawk says:

    People in Carolina are jacked for this game. We need to be prepared!

  11. Skavage says:

    This game scares the crap outta me. It has all the markings of a game easily overlooked by a young team looking ahead to the 49ers at home week 2. I hope like heck I am wrong but Carolina’s a good team that finished out the season very strong last year.

  12. seahawksteven777 says:

    There was 4+ minutes left when Cam Newton threw that pass into the dirt. How do we lose if he gets that when there is plenty of time? Um, if you recall, we gave them that safety at the end. So if they had scored, it’s 17-16 with 4 minutes to go. How is that game over for us? Give me a break.Also, if some of you want to play the if he would have done this game, if Wilson had not thrown a pick 6, it wouldn’t even matter if he connects on that touchdown pass.

  13. Good points, Steven.

    I do not think this game will be a cakewalk. It’s a 10am game on the East Coast even if you’re not impressed by the Panthers.

  14. I’m curious about the correlation between finishing a season strong vs success for the following year? I know it sounds great but I have no idea if the statistics back it up.

  15. LV, this is just anecdotal, but the Tardinals ended 2011 7-2 I believe. We know what happened last year, though they did start out 4-0.

    The Hawks finished strong in 2002 and then made the playoffs in 2003.


    Here’s a great article about that. The best I’d assume you could find. Looks like there isn’t much correlation. The Redskins and Bengals also finished 2012 7-1, though they were both 3-5 in the first half.

  17. sluggo42 says:

    I think I was one of them from last year who said the Az game would be a blowout easy game.

    I think the difference between this years team vs last years first game, is that last years first game the offense had no identity yet. The oline was unsure of itself, RW was unsure of himself, coaching staff was unsure of what it truly had.

    The difference this year is that I don’t see any hesitancy in the offense to begin the year. They will be a AC Conra 427 with twin holly 650’s, pedal to the metal at kickoff.
    They learned how to win on the road, in dangerous surroundings, against good teams. The defense knows how to force the other team into a box now. They will remove the running game and force Cam to throw.

    This will not be a 50 point win. But the difference will be that we will own time of possession, and we will also probably win the turnover ratio. I imagine the final score to be 35-13 ish.

    I think Turbine will be the first backup RB into the game, and unless we get a comfortable lead, I doubt cristin gets many attempts to run either.

    I see Baldwin having a big game, and Tate too, as they do have a solid front line. But, beast mode will wear them down and RW will gash them early as they stack up the box.

    They just don’t have the horses, or the pedigree we have to keep up.

    So, I don’t see an easy game, but I see a solid win.

  18. Rockyseahawk says:

    Carolina had a surprising good offense last year. Those numbers are better than I would have guessed.

    As far as running quarterbacks go the Seahawks have a crazy amount of speed , that really helped nuetralize running qbs last year.

  19. Sluggo, I would agree our team has come a long way from where it was on opening day last year. Especially the O line and the QB progressed through the first half of last season until they no longer resembled the team that started the year against the Cards.

    I don’t know the Panthers well, but I did watch their third preseason game against the Ravens. Ravens shredded the Panthers front seven in the first quarter, effectively using FB and TE as blockers.

    On D, Luke Kuechly is a guy who must be accounted for, both on the LOS and defending crossing routes. He’s like a bigger version of Bobby Wagner, similar speed and instincts. On offense and ST, Ted Ginn Jr is a weapon. But our guys know him well from his Niners days.

    Its tough to open on the road, no matter who we play. But I’m happy we are playing the Panthers, as defending Cam Newton should be a good warmup for going after Kaepernick in game 2.

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’d want to take a look to find out how much of those Carolina stats come from trash time. That said, their defensive front 7 is for real and they bolstered that d-line during the offseason. Seattle’s suspect guards will be tested early and often. If they hold up, Wilson can torch them over the top. But I’m expecting a frustrating, low scoring battle with little running room with the winner taking advantage of a poorly timed turnover.

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I think the point is that this game isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Last year was just that, last year. Wilson has much more experience and hopefully the coaching staff let’s him throw it around a little. The may slow down our running game, but from what I’ve read, the Panthers have a suspect secondary.

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    It’s the East Coast, 10am, season opener on the road (which we’re not good at historically, remember Jax in ’05).

    I’m prepared to see Seattle lose this game, due to all the above mentioned factors (including looking ahead to 49ers next week).

    That said, I hope we stomp the Panthers. We’re the more talented team, by a long shot, injuries and all. Wilson and Lynch need to set the tone early and get us on the board fast so the defense can pin their ears back and go after Newton.

  23. thanks bbmate – interesting article

  24. No problem, LV. Barnwell is an excellent football writer IMO. Eric links him often. I couldn’t find anything else in the quick search I did.

    sluggo, you were definitely one of the people calling for a blowout. 42-6 or something like that if I recall. No biggie. I’ll try not to wig out if they lose this opener like I did last year.

    The Panthers have the makings of a very, very good front 7. They have Charles Johnson, Dwan Edwards, Star Lotuleilei, and Greg Hardy starting on the line. They have Kawann Short and the former Hawk Colin Cole backing up at DT. Glad to hear that Cole made the 53. They have Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Jon Beason at LB. The DBs look weak. I know Lotuleilei and and Short are rookies, but Lotuleilei is very talented and looked real good to me when I watched him in preseason. Doesn’t mean he will be good though.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I’m hoping for a hard fought victory, but like Sluggo, i predicted a blowout day 1 against the Cards. It’s also true that our team isn’t starting out shaky like last year, we’re a true winning team now and i hope we take off out of the gates. Sure wish we had Clem and Irvin back for this one, maybe Clem plays in week2 against the whiners.

  26. Obviously it depends on how things go in practice, but I’d guess you see Clem some in passing situations against SF. I’d be shocked if he started and played a ton at leo.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Remember we were in every single game last year with a chance to win all the games we lost at the end.
    I don’t see that changing much.
    And I hope our D will figure out how to stop the other teams better then they did last year at the end of games.
    And I hope the offense will learn to get a bigger lead in games so they don’t have to come back from behind so often.

    Just the fact that our great class of rookies from last year will have one years experience under their belts is enough to convince me that this team is better then last years team.
    If the Seahawks take care of the ball it will be a blowout in Carolina. If they don’t then they still can win it imo.

  28. The Hawks have 12.64 mil in cap space now according to Spotrac. Plenty of room to bring Mike Rob back on a prorated contract when he’s healthy. And I’d think he’d settle for less than 2.5 mil. Maybe a prorated 1.5 mil?

  29. BowserMode says:

    Stop with the bring back Mike Rob already. I get you guys like him but the truth is he is a BELOW avg starting FB and is easily replaced. This is the guy that was graded 2nd to last in blocking for starting FBs last year by PFF. Its not like he makes up for it by being a playmaker like Weaver was.

  30. Bowser–Like you didnt just hear that from KLM’s link. Sheesh. Mike Rob is the guy who wasted Ray Lewis play after play, having him one on one the whole game two years ago. Even Leach never did that. Seattle expected a lot from Mike Rob, and Im sure some of his “missed” blocks were plays where they asked more than the avg of him. He’s a pretty fine blocker. Overall, he’s the best FB in the league, esp considering his ST play, which is par excellence.

    He’s also a true team leader, which Weaver never was. I loved Weaver, but Mike Rob is a true leader. We’ll miss him.

    On the Panthers, I think Seattle will have to pass to set up the run. Short and Lotu are really good players already, and the rest of their D-line is pretty good. Kuechly is a stud whom Seattle coveted. We HAVE to throw the ball all over the field to beat them–we cant run on first and second down and expect to move the ball.

    On offense, I think Newton is leaps and bounds better than when we played him, and the coaches are using him as the weapon he is. He’s gonna burn us a time or two. If we put Browner on Smith and beat his ass up at the LOS a la NFC Title game years ago, they will have to put him in the slot–WT3 can handle him. Take him out, they got not much at WR. With Stewart hurt, all we have to do is be assignment correct and maintain gap integrity on D-line and with the backers. Add a few nasty blitzes, its ours.

    Seahawks, 24-20.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Remember last year when Smith was getting pissed off cause he couldn’t get open VS Browner or Sherman? I remember several after the whistle shoving matches and thought that Browner was going to kill the little twerp. Hope we see a repeat. Smith is one to lose his cool pretty quickly.

  32. pope411 says:

    The Hawks under Pete Carroll start games slow and start seasons slow. I predict a loss on Sunday and a lot of sky is falling commenters coming out of the woodwork on Monday. All will not be lost if they do lose.

  33. “Stop with the bring back Mike Rob already. I get you guys like him but the truth is he is a BELOW avg starting FB and is easily replaced. This is the guy that was graded 2nd to last in blocking for starting FBs last year by PFF. Its not like he makes up for it by being a playmaker like Weaver was.”

    I didn’t realize that PFF stats were fact. I personally like the use of stats more than many on here, but they have their limitations and have to be used in context. Grading o-lineman and FBs in blocking is highly dependent on understanding a teams’ scheme. I don’t place much value in those statistics. Football lends itself less to stats than a game like baseball in general. So many things are interconnected.

  34. I believe that our skill players (Car off vs Sea Def) are significantly better than Carolina – our weak DL vs their Weak OL will be an interesting balance

    Now Sea off vs Car Def – their front 7 will be a challenge for our OL but I think our skill players on the outside again are better than what Car can offer.

    Time will tell!!

  35. banosser says:

    If the Hawks truly are who the media and we fans say/think they are… they have to win this 10AM east coast game… even if it’s just 20-13.. they have to make the statement they can win 10AM starts.. that that crap ain’t a problem with this team.. getting this W is all that matters.
    It is a huge psychological game.. Since it is considered (expected..) a ‘winnable’ road game it is every bit as important as the second game on their schedule..

    No stupid turnovers and we should start 1-0.. with a building 10AM wgaf wgkya attitude

  36. “Stop with the bring back Mike Rob already.”

    Apologies in advance to all the MikeRob critics, but today Coach Carroll pretty much tipped his hand that they will be trying to bring back MikeRob when he’s ready. If they can get him back healthy and at a reasonable price, you can bet they want him back.

  37. Stevos, you and your logic. smh :-)

  38. BowserMode says:

    @STTBM I have no clue who KLM is or what link you are talking about. But I dont even need the site it just backs up what I see. I always thought he was a below avg blocker and when people starting crying about him being gone I looked it up. To tell the truth I dont want him back even for cheap. Wilson is our leader not a FB.

  39. 30-17 win this weekend. Good post by Bowser about it being a psychological test. (not so much about Mrob) They will pass the test and it will allow them to develop the mindset needed vs the 9ers in week 2.

  40. SEA @ CAR:
    Don’t kick the ball to Ginn and somebody’s gotta block Kuechly. Last season we went 3-5 in away games, losing to the likes of AZ, STL, SF, DET & MIA, beating CAR in week 5, CHI (OT) week 13, and BUF in week 15. C.Newton had an awful passing game against SEA, embarrassing. C.Newton’s ’12 passing:

    no pressure 22 snaps, NFL QB rating 68.9 vs SEA, 95.2 was CN’s season avg
    pressure 13 snaps, NFL QB rating 39.6 vs SEA, 64.1 was CN’s season avg
    no blitz 24 snaps NFL QB rating 55.5 vs SEA, 87.1 was CN’s season avg
    blitzed 11 snaps QB rating was 60.4 vs SEA, 84.3 was CN’s season avg

    CN improved his passing slightly when blitzed. CN was sacked twice when not blitzed, and twice when he was.

    RW’s passing vs CAR in ’12:
    no pressure 19 snaps NFL QB rating 107.2
    pressure 10 snaps NFL QB rating 2.8
    no blitz 22 snaps NFL QB rating 121.9
    blitz 7 snaps NFL QB rating 42.5

    I’d expect CAR to blitz a lot more this time…

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be interesting to see who will replace Robinson as team captain.
    I hope it’s Wilson.
    Imagine Wilson going out to mid field before the game for the coin toss and the other teams captains see how short he is, they may go back to their sideline overconfident and cocky, and Wilson may just have them right where he wants them to start the game.

  42. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Did we sign Kyle Love?

  43. bird_spit says:

    Very curious where Seattle ranked in time of possession. Our run first offense should rank high. Our drive ruining penalties must be in check this season.

  44. Cornutt says:

    Howdy ya’ll! Been out of the loop for awhile, and was just wondering if there is a pick-em up again for this year.

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