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Morning links: More praise for Hawks’ defense

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 1, 2013 at 8:17 am with 80 Comments »
September 1, 2013 12:40 pm
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half of an NFL football game in Seattle, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half of an NFL football game in Seattle, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha is the latest national football writer to give props to the Seattle Seahawks’ suffocating defense.

Chadiha points to Seattle’s performance in the second preseason game against Denver’s Peyton Manning as an example of what to expect from the Seahawks once the regular season begins.

Chadiha: “The Seahawks’ starters forced two turnovers, stifled the Broncos’ running game, harassed quarterback Peyton Manning and did everything to back up’s assessment of their unit. No team produced more talents in this year’s rankings of the top 100 defensive players than the eight Seattle totaled. What’s even scarier is that most of those players haven’t even reached their primes. We could be looking at a unit that someday rivals the best to ever line up in the NFL.”

Here’s my story on Seattle’s cuts from Saturday. Practice squad players should be announced today.

Clare Farnsworth of delves inside Seattle’s roster moves here.

ESPN’s Terry Blount breaks down Seattle’s final roster.

Curtis Crabtree of KJR-AM offers his assessment of the Seahawks’ final roster.

Joe Person of The Charlotte Observer writes that the Panthers are looking forward to a rematch with the Seahawks.

John McClain of The Houston Chronicle ranks the Seahawks No. 3 in his NFL power rankings.

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star writes that University of Washington product Caesar Rayford is excited about making the Colts final roster.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated writes in his 20 bold predictions for 2013 that the Seahawks won’t succumb to the SI cover jinx, returning to the playoffs again this season.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, has South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at No.1 on his big board. No surprise there.

Isaiah Trufant earned a spot on the Jets 53-man roster.

Former Seahawks Justin Forsett, Kyle Knox and Will Blackmon made Jacksonville’s final roster.

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  1. chuck_easton says:

    So now we get our erasers out and prepare to revise the ‘final roster’.

    Hope everyone wrote their personal copy in pencil.

  2. PHXHawk says:

    Pencil ? Eraser ?

  3. chuck_easton says:

    You kids…

    I reference ancient artifacts used by us old timers to write ( look the word up) things down on paper ( or hard copy for your generation).

    For reference you can go to your computer and google, bing, or whatever, the terms pencil and eraser. It will explain everything. There might even be pictures and/or directions to your local museum where you can see the items in real life.

  4. PHXHawk says:

    Actually, I’ll be 70 this year, but I was a quick convert to “cut & paste”, “delete”, and all the other advantages of the computer age. Now if I could just learn to type with more than one finger.

  5. sluggo42 says:

    Lol Chuck,

    I predict 3 major changes…

  6. nmseafan says:

    Hawks need to get Brooks onto the PS as well. Person would make one heck of a huge H-back.I wonder if he can catch?

  7. sluggo42 says:

    I’m wondering if they have thrown the ball to Mike Person as a blocking TE at all? That would be a shocker to the ore team eh?

    Eventually Loyulelei will be replaced. Perhaps Morgan, perhaps an o-lineman…

    53 leaves very little wiggle room at the end of the day…

  8. I’ll be interested in learning more about D’Anthony Smith.

    Not that we’ll likely see him play much anytime soon. Jaye Howard and Clinton McDonalad were cut, and a draft pick was traded, to make room for Smith. Gus Bradley coached Howard last year, and Quinn coached him in college, so they both know what they had in Howard, and he was starting to come on and play well as both LDE and DT. McDonald was a solid 3-tech DT for us last year. Either of those guys can start for many teams.

    Smith was on the bubble in Jacksonville, but he was a standout DE and inside pass rusher at Louisiana Tech and was a Senior Bowl invitee. (clip of Smith in 2009 sacking the QB at 1:40

    Rookie achilles injury took him down before he got started as a pro, and he spent last year essentially as a rookie. Bradley assembled a lot of D line talent this summer in Jax, so even if Smith was slated to be cut, the idea that Bradley and Quinn would rate him above both Jaye Howard and Clint McDonald has me excited about this guy.

    It will also be interesting to see how they backup Big Red at LDE without Jaye Howard. I expect Bennett there on most third downs, but all our other D linemen are DTs or Leos. I’m wondering if we might see McDaniel play at end at some point.

    We have a boatload of talent at DT this year. It will be exciting to see who breaks through and becomes the playmaker.

  9. Sluggo – I’m interested in seeing what happens at the TE position too. Person could be part of the mix there. Maybe they get Darren Fells to PS, and at some point maybe he can be that power blocking TE. Or maybe a surprise is coming later today in signing someone.

  10. sluggo42 says:

    Ya Stevos,

    For some reason, I think Fells is the guy they are watching closely. Huge, soft hands, reasonably fast. Just too inexperienced at this point.

    The next couple of days will be telling for sure…

  11. sluggo42 says:

    I hope they are 150% focused on the Panthers today, although if I had to bet, I would imaging RW is watching film this very second…

  12. nmseafan says:

    Fells looked good against Oakland and is hard to bring down.

  13. Hawkjitsu says:

    Eric – The Don Banks S.I. link is non existent. Broken. No work, mang.

    I’m dying to see our practice squad announcement. Like Stevos and sluggo are saying, I’m also hoping we put Fells there. Someone with the plain physical gifts like that at least deserves a little attention to see if you can make him a monster. I’m also interested in seeing if they pick up another discarded jewel from another team. I’m plain excited just to see what we do next! I’m always jacked and pumped for the NFL season, but this year it’s like waiting for Christmas!!!

    And a little off topic, but what’s up with Eastern Washington upsetting Oregon State? And UW straight trouncing Boise? Huskies & Eagles representing baby!

  14. I love this team and this roster. I would’ve liked Winfield and Harper to have made, but the truth is that the guys they were competing against were flat out better. Hope Harper makes it through waivers along with a few of those defensive lineman and Rishaw Johnson. Otherwise, what a great preseason to determine who fits in where. I love this team!


  15. Clinton McDonald’s time here simply ran out. He was around for two years and notched exactly zero sacks. Occasionally he was good for pushing the pocket, but not consistently enough. I think the hope was that he could be developed, but it just never happened here. The dude’s got one of the more impressive physiques that I’ve seen among interior d-linemen, and I suppose that allowed him to do some things against the run, but ultimately he did not meet the expectations typically associated with 3-technique DT’s – which is penetration and pass rush. This team is still trying to find that guy.

  16. I don’t get all the love for Harper- he had some good practices but never showed up in games- he is flat out not ready yet. If he gets on a PS then great but that is where he belongs- not on an active roster.

  17. Sekolah – Exactly. Next up: McDaniel, Hill, and Smith. Plus, Bennett could get a share of snaps as an inside pass rusher, especially once Clem and Irvin are back.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Good call on Harper xcman. I never heard anyone speak about his performance in practice like it was lighting the world on fire, and I saw what he did in games.

    Time to go back to the draft and see what we could have got if we made a different pick in the 4th round.

  19. edstang45 says:

    Im thinking JS/PC may have something cooking, or are very happy with what the D-line is…Myself I am a bit worried about our ability to pressure the offense, The Experts are mostley saying we are the elite suffacating, swarming defense with speed everywhere. But how much better would this defense be if we could consistantly pressure the QB. with 4 or with packages against the good teams who have two top wides a slot and TE. I’m not as football smart as most of you guys, But if you look at history of SB winners, most if not all had that Line that could disrupt the offense in the backfield, 3rd and longs the QB has to pass to quick or run for his life. I don’t see it yet, Clem is atleast 2-3 weeks away from lining up, Irvin has not arrived as of yet.
    But I have faith in PC/JS and am ready for this run to homefield advantage and SB win Go Hawks

  20. Hawkjitsu says:

    KC got Jaye Howard. I wonder if we planned on bringing him back on the PS.

  21. Hawkjitsu says:

    Good for Ricardo Lockette. I thought he would stick in SF, but he’s now a Chicago Bear. I’m also hearing that Winston Guy went to Seattle 2.0, Jacksonville. Can’t find validation on Guy, but if true, Bradley is swooping them up.

  22. Hawkjitsu says:

    Found validation. But I think I might be repeating old news with Guy.

  23. seatowntp says:

    Anyone notice that Rocket Lockette was signed to Da Bears practice squad? I know, it’s probably irrelevant, but good for him. The dream lives on.

  24. seatowntp says:

    Oops. I guess my post was a little irrelevant and late.

  25. Hawkjitsu says:

    I noticed about 3 posts up. lol. There’s going to be a bunch of guys moving around today. But nothing on our boys yet.

  26. raymaines says:

    I suppose every player on every team really believes they’ll win their opener, but there are a couple of Panthers that are all but delusional. My favorite is Greg Hardy speaking of Russel Wison.

    “He’s a great quarterback. He’s got some good blockers. But you know how we get down,” Hardy said. “We’re bringing it for four quarters. We’re going to tire him out. He can run all he wants. Eventually we’re going to catch him.”

    Really Greg? You’re going to chace RW for four quarters and he’s going to get tired? Earth to Greg….

    Carolina might win the game and sack RW ten time while doing it, but if there were a pick up game of tag in the parking lot after the game, I’d put my money on RW.

  27. Ricardo Lockette was a one trick pony… Run it deep and catch it. He came off as a little too cocky for such an unrefined receiver…. He couldn’t stick in SF who lack some talent at the positin and was even the QBs best friend.

    Stephen Williams can do the same thing as Lockette AND more. And we don’t have to worry about him calling himself “channel 83″… Good riddance

  28. Hawkjitsu says:

    raymaines – I actually started laughing when I read that this morning. “He can run all he wants. Eventually we will catch him???” Yeah, you’ll catch him heading to the locker room after he just obliterated you.

  29. if there were a pick up game of tag in the parking lot after the game, I’d put my money on RW

    lol Great visual!

  30. Hawkjitsu says:

    I guess PC/JS liked what they saw from Sealver Siliga, enough to sign him to the PS anyway. Nothing on the rest yet. Should be any minute.

  31. That’s good to hear, I liked Sealver.

  32. Hawkjitsu says:

    And Leon Washington just got cut…I don’t think we need him, but he’s there.

  33. raymaines says:

    Just for conversation on a slow Sunday afternoon:

    If you were going to go to Las Vegas and put real, hard earned money down on just one three point favorite team would you pick K.C. over @Jacksonville, @Detroit over Minnesota, Houston over @San Diego, or Seattle over @Carolina?

    Which seems like the safest bet to you? I’d be tempted to go with Houston.

  34. raymaines says:

    Ooops, forgot about the PS signings. Maybe this isn’t a slow Sunday afternoon.

  35. Hawkjitsu says:

    I would have trouble deciding between Seattle and Houston. They both seem pretty safe to me.

  36. I love how most people are totally looking past Carolina – BIG mistake!! You gotta remember that had Newton not crapped his pants in the waning seconds of the game and thrown the ball at the feet of the wide open TE in the endzone they very well would have won that game.

    While I think we will win – BUT – this is the NFL, any given Sunday.

  37. raymaines says:

    So XCMAN, which 3 pt. favorite are you going to put money on?

  38. probably the home team, so Detroit.

  39. But truth be told – I won’t put money down on any games – ruins my enjoyment of good games! besides I don’t have enough disposable income to not REALLY worry about them.

  40. LBCHawk says:

    SouthEndzone– regarding looking at who we could’ve gotten in the 4th. I really liked Patton who the 9ers took about five or six picks after Harper. They may have made out like bandits because for some reason we believed in Harper who was at best a good blocker for running downs because he came from a running offense in college. Hope Harper develops, but I don’t see it happening at warp speed like Kearse.

  41. Anyone following the Flacco banners at Denver fiasco? If the NFL were to put banners of Kapernick on our stadium the week of the game I would be PISSED. And while I am not a betting man I would sure contribute to a fund for someone to tear it down!

  42. seahawksteven777 says:

    xcman: And had Wilson not thrown that pick 6, even if Newton did get that Touchdown, we still would have won. Point is, it’s too easy to do the what if game.

    The Panthers are an OK team but I fully expect Seattle to go out, beat them, and move on to the next week.

  43. ^^ that’s my point – they are an OK team. Which means in the NFL, if you look past them you could be in trouble.

    I am not suggesting in anyway that Carolina is a better team than the Hawks – just sayin that if the Hawks come in the the attitude that they don’t need to play hard to win, that it could make it a long day!

    I guess I am just a realist more than an optimist

  44. This team, if it stays relatively healthy, is going to finally win this organization the Super Bowl! I can’t wait!

  45. DJammmer says:

    So to sum up the PS so far (so others don’t have to read the whole thread / twitter.)

    Signed to Seahawks PS:
    Harper, Siliga, Powell

    Jaye Howard – Signed with KC.

  46. Is there a specific reason why we care that jerrod Johnson signed with the bears?

  47. SandpointHawk says:

    Well everyone seems to be listing Former Hawks that have signed elsewhere so I thought I would post that with a link. Maybe our newbies will also start leaving links. Is that OK with you xcman?

  48. DJammmer says:

    I care. process of elimination for figuring out who’s left for the hawks ps.

  49. CDHawkFan says:

    I though Johnson was on the 53.

  50. CDHawkFan says:

    Now I see, the QB.

  51. SandpointHawk says:

    Yeah that’s Jeron Johnson on the 53. ‘Jerrod’ Johnson was released when T-Jack was signed and was a possibility for the practice squad this year…

  52. Oldslow says:

    For those interested, the Oakland game is now on JoeTV (Comcast channel 110 here in Bellingham).

  53. First 6 PS players, per Field Gulls: OL-Ryan Seymour, DT-Sealver Siliga, DE-Ty Powell, WR-Chris Harper, OL-Jared Smith, TE-Cooper Helfet.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like PS so far.

  55. raymaines says:

    On any given week during the regular season is/are there more than two tight ends on the active 45 roster?

  56. raymaines says:

    Teams can sign any eligible free agent player directly to their practice squad right? After a player is signed to a PS, another team would have to put him on the 53 man roster if they “poach” him from that practice squad, yes?

  57. I guess I never really considered Jerrod a Seahawk since he didn’t make it far enough to actually play a game for us, which is what I would consider the actual try-outs. Semantics I guess.

    and speaking of Johnson’s – just watch Jeron, take a terrible angle on Pryor and get smoked down the sideline – Pretty clear that he didn’t think Pryor was that fast

  58. Ray – I believe that to be totally correct

  59. On Seahawks official site. John Loutlelei 5-11 233. Allen Bradford 5-11 235. Any one know the actual numbers?

  60. Kinda funny that we all talked about NYJ, JAX, and Oak picking up our cast offs- but if I am correct KC has claimed at least 3 of our guys so far. Makes total sense but we just didnt talk about it

  61. montanamike2 says:

    Maybe Pete hid him, but i didn’t see Harper do anything so far. If he has A. Boldin potential it might pay off.

  62. raymaines says:

    I think the weird thing is that we traded to get a JAX guy

  63. montanamike2 says:

    I’m reversing my stance on getting a new kicker, Haushka has elevated his game this year.

  64. sluggo42 says:

    Is the waiver period over and everyone has their picks done and all PS teams are locked throughout the league?

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Remember Golden tate didn’t didn’t do much for two years.

  66. raymaines says:

    Lets assume one of the new kids can be every bit the FB that PC envisions and the ‘Hawks continue to be the run first offense they want to be; I think Steve Williams takes Sidney Rice’s’ place on the field next year and Harper takes his roster spot.

  67. But he made a roster- so are we suggesting that he told Harper to not get open or drop wide open passes when he is open? To hide him?

    I just think he isn’t ready yet but REALLY needs to learn how to properly catch the ball.

  68. LBCHawk says:

    I know Eric has been high on Helfet. Surprised nobody tried to pick him up onto their practice squad. Anyone else wondering why we don’t have the tight ends? Maybe a trade is in the works?

  69. LBCHawk says:

    Sorry for the typo. Three tight ends.

  70. “I don’t get all the love for Harper- he had some good practices but never showed up in games- he is flat out not ready yet.” -xcman

    All the love is because he is a guy with impressive physical tools that played in a system where they didn’t throw a lot in college, a la Demaryius Thomas or Steven Hill. And no, I’m not saying that he will ever be as good as Thomas. He’s not ready. PS is a great place for him, and I’m glad to hear that they got him signed.

    “On Seahawks official site. John Loutlelei 5-11 233. Allen Bradford 5-11 235. Any one know the actual numbers?” -wigman

    I’d assume that those numbers are accurate for Lotuleilei. He just went through the combine this last off-season, and they measure accurately there. Bradford was listed at 5’11” and 242 when he went through the combine in 2010. Don’t know why he’d lose weight to convert to LB, especially since he ran a 4.58 40 at 242 pounds?

  71. rramstad says:

    Ray, there are all sorts of restrictions on what players can be signed to the practice squad, but yes, fundamentally, once players clear waivers (if they are subject to the waiver process) they can be signed to any active roster OR to any practice squad.

    If they are on the practice squad, and another team wants them, they have to put them on their active roster.

    Practice squads are never locked, and neither are active rosters… typically they are in flux constantly, even during the season. It is not uncommon for a team to cut a player from the active roster, have the player pass through waivers, and get signed to the practice squad with the team cutting someone from the PS to make room. It is also quite common for practice squad players to be elevated to the active roster because of starters being injured, sick or otherwise unavailable.

    It is somewhat rare for a player to be poached off another teams’ practice squad, but it does happen occasionally.

    However, a player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than three seasons, he is eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player’s employment, or have no prior accrued seasons in the NFL (an accrued season is six or more games on the active roster); or if he has accrued a year of NFL experience on a club’s 53-man active roster. If the player was on the active list for fewer than 9 games during their “only Accrued Season(s)”, he maintains his eligibility for the practice squad. Games in which a player is listed as the third-string quarterback (a designation that has been abolished as of 2011) do not count as being on the active list.

    Practice squad players are free agents; they can be signed to any team’s 53-man roster at any time during the season. In other words, NFL teams are free to “poach” other teams’ practice squads without compensating the teams. Additionally, the NFL has a program through which foreign players may be assigned to teams’ practice squads, called the International Practice Squad Program.

  72. rramstad says:

    Here’s a good article that seems to be accurate and touches all the common FAQ about practice squads

  73. raymaines says:

    XCMAN: “But he…” Would that be Golden Tate? “…made a roster- so are we suggesting that he…” Pete Carroll? Maybe Tate? “…told Harper to not get open or [to] drop wide open passes when he (Harper?) is open? To hide him?”

    If I understand what you’re saying I think I totally agree. If not, then I’m just confused.

  74. Southendzone says:

    Ray i like houston out of those choices. I have a feeling hou is gonna be top 2 in the afc.

    Id be tempted on Kc also, jax should improve but i think their offense will be pretty weak

  75. raymaines says:

    South: You pussy, make a choice!! You’re in Vegas, man. Your flight leaves in two hours, what three point fav do you put your money down on? KC, SEA, DET, or Houston?

  76. raymaines says:

    and yes, I know that if you were actually in Las Vegas there would be lots of other choices available.

    Seattle is currently a 3 pt fav over Carolina, but there are three other games that are listed at -3. There are eight games listed at -3.5 or better and four games at -2.5 or worse. So I picked the four games currently listed at the same value as the Sea/Car game.

    Come on, play the game. Which of these four games do you feel most confident about?

  77. SandpointHawk says:

    Going with the Hawks Ray…

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