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Seahawks release fullback Mike Robinson

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 30, 2013 at 5:51 pm with 127 Comments »
August 30, 2013 5:53 pm
Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson reacts to this touchdown during the first half of an NFL wild card playoff football game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Md., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson reacts to this touchdown during the first half of an NFL wild card playoff football game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Md., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

One of the emotional leaders on the team, the Seattle Seahawks appear to have parted ways with fullback Michael Robinson, according to the player’s Twitter feed.

Robinson’s release is not official, but it is expected.

Robinson, 30, had missed the last two preseason games due to illness. And his $2.5 million in base salary would have made Robinson the highest paid fullback in the league.

Seattle has other options to use at fullback, including second-year pro Derrick Coleman and rookie Spencer Ware. The Seahawks also have used tight end Zach Miller at fullback at times when Robinson has been injured.

As Curtis Crabtree of KJR-AM notes, the Seahawks could sign Robinson after Week 2 if he’s still available to a non-guaranteed contract, therefore taking on less risk.

However, with the loss of Robinson and Leon Washington earlier during the offseason, the Seahawks’ veteran leadership is shrinking.

Cuts and waivers
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  1. Wow. Terrible. I had hoped he would negotiate a deal to stay. Did they ask him to?

  2. Hope they sign him right back on a smaller contract if that’s what they’re thinking. Otherwise I don’t agree with this at all – it doesn’t help Marshawn.

  3. mindnbrad says:

    Amazing. Mike Rob is an amazing person and a great player. Rough business. We will miss you. My sons and I will missing watching RRR together….

  4. mindnbrad says:

    How new is the Insider header/photo? Awesome.

  5. Stevos: I had him on the my projected roster with the idea he would restructure. Looks like that did not happen.

  6. The writing was on the wall. Michael Robinson’s absence from the entire camp should have sent ripples through everyone to take notice. I begged you all to think about it so that this wouldn’t be a surprise as I’m sure we will see a lot of tangential posting to follow.

    The phantom injuries/illnesses should have screamed at you all. Mike Rob is the type to play through everything, one of the reasons why we love him.

    Sure it’s speculation but the foundation is there. Mike Rob IS one of the best full backs in the league. There is no way that the man could have been comfortable with the longevity of his current contract. He wanted more, he deserved it. In the best interests of our team (as PC/JS always act) they were not going to award a large contract to a position that they held minimal value to. Like I said before the use of the FB within our offense decreased dramatically throughout the season.

    It appears as though PC/JS have an abstract idea of what the FB position will entail in the future. They are a pioneer of quite a few concepts so simmer the emotion and instead be excited to be a part of a fanbase of a franchise that’s not afraid to think outside the box.

    Also before you walk off a cliff, remember the best interests of our team (not media relations)… You will thank PC/JS next year when we are able to retain both Sherman AND Earl Thomas to long term contracts. I’m sure it will help you come to your senses that both Sherman and Thomas are more important than the Real Rob Report.

  7. If Robinson is tweeting ahead of the hawks press release I would imagine that he is very unhappy with the outcome… Rightfully so.

    Robinson deserves a big contract.
    Seahawks have needs elsewhere for their future money.

    This is best for both parties.

    I don’t believe Robinson will be back, however I would be ecstatic if he was.

  8. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I posted this on previous thread, but I’m so disappointed with this, I’m adding it here.
    This sucks. Marshawn can’t be pleased and by the way, our QB needs an experienced blocker to protect him when the OLine whiffs as they will several times a game. Hope the can find a way to bring him back. All this talk about getting Lynch 2000 yards just went out the window.
    Why screw with the team chemistry when they are so close? Mike Rob one of the emotional leaders on this still very young team. Bad for the run game, bad for our QB and bad for the team. Lame!

  9. Hawkjitsu says:

    Exactly HawksKD. This is just a precursor to the Hawks being able to keep the ELITE talent that this team is starting to overflow with. That being said, what the hell am I supposed to do without the Real Rob Report???

  10. yakimahawk says:

    The phantom injuries/illnesses should have screamed at you all. Mike Rob is the type to play through everything, one of the reasons why we love him.

    True…Dont think I like this all

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    I thought this might be one of the surprises, but didn’t want to see it coming. There is still potential they bring him back since there’s not many teams I’m the market for one. Maybe it’s just until he and some d-linemen get healthy. Well see soon enough. Not sure Ware or Coleman are ready either. Guess it’s time to find out.

  12. Alphaman06 says:

    Wow! shocking cut, but this is a business. thanks Mike Rob for all the great years you gave of yourself to the team and this city, you will be missed.

  13. KD, Mike Rob may have deserved an extension, but it wasn’t necessarily for a lot more money. And he wasn’t going to get one at 30 and with the decline in value of the FB position in the NFL. He was the third highest paid FB in the NFL in terms of average salary, which is a better measure than base salary IMO. I understand wanting cap rollover, but don’t tell me that 1.9-2 mil is going to be the difference in keeping both ET and Sherm. Not buying that.

    I personally don’t like the move if he is gone for good, but it has nothing to do with his personality or the RRR. I don’t really like it from a football perspective. I would LOVE to be proven wrong. I’m going to try to avoid a STTBM/Moffitt type meltdown, but no promises if I go out to the bar tonight.

  14. wow .. really surprised. I’ve come to trust this regime on the personnel calls they make, but seems like Robinson’s skills and intangibles were worth his salary, at least for this year’s roster.

    not sure they made the right decision here. I guess PC knows the locker room chemistry better than any of us – still, this can’t have been an easy call.

  15. A lot of you guys called this one early on….

  16. Mike Rob was actually tied for 3rd at FB in average salary with Felton and Tolbert at 2.5 mil. McClain was the highest paid pure FB at 2.75 mil. James Casey, I had never heard of him, is listed here and makes 4 mil, but he is an H-back.

    Eric, have you received confirmation from a source that they were asking him to restructure and that the release is happening? You’re usually pretty conservative with this type of stuff.

  17. HawksKD – I dont think most of are so surprised, just disappointed. MikeRob’s blocks leading Marsha were some of our greatest plays last couple of seasons. But you’re right, time marches on and so do Js and pc.

    I think this is what js sounded so conflicted about in interviews recently. This was a tough call.

  18. Please, somebody claim him before the 49er’s do.

  19. Bummer…solid player, good guy…Lynch must be torn. On one hand, no more annoying camera shots, but now he’s without a proven lead blocker.

    Here’s a question…how long before Hauschka is popped for PEDs?

    I’ve never seen such dramatic improvement from a kicker. After drafting Wiggs, in a short period of time, he went from being a weakling on kickoffs and long field goals to outkicking Gus the mule…So, now I”m starting to wonder if he missed that PAT on purpose for a little misdirection.

  20. Southendzone says:

    Audible, I was thinking that exact same thing about Haushka. Sure wonder if his name was in any of those PED documents from Florida.

    The M.Rob news sucks. HawksKD seems to have nailed it above with speculation that it’s entirely related to his contract. All that time he missed this preseason, that explanation from Carroll in the week leading up to the OAK game sounded like complete bullcrap.

    At this point I bet M.Rob was 100% healthy the entire preseason, not even a sniffle or a hangnail. It was some kind of behind the scenes contract garbage that lead to all this.

    And if Coleman or Ware don’t perform at a very high level this year, I’m not going to “Be happy that we can sign Sherman and ET next year”. 2.5M is a decent chunk, but it’s not enough to get those 2 deals done, especially if it costs the team this season.

  21. Hauschka came into the league as as a kickoff and long FG specialist for the Ravens.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    Stevos, MRob is a tenured vet. He doesn’t have to go through waivers.

    He’s free to sign with anybody immediately.

    Apparently he balked at the pay cut.

    If nobody else gives him what he wants I’m sure the Seahawks will welcome him back at their asking price, not his.

    Classy guy. Sometimes the business side of the NFL stinks.

  23. South, it’s not even 2.5 mil. It’s 2.5 mil minus what they pay his replacement at FB or a 4th TE if they choose not to carry one.

    I wouldn’t pat myself on the back if you called this necessarily. It’s a 50/50 guess. He either stayed or was cut. Plenty of people were predicting that Miller and McQ would be cut as well. Many of the same people if I recall correctly. They seem to still be around. What’s that Meatloaf song Georgia, One Out of Three Ain’t Bad? Ooops, it’s Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. ;-)

  24. wabubba67 says:

    I think it’s unlikely that the 49ers would claim him, as Harbaugh was the one that released him when he took the job. Of course, a FB (and former QB) would have a certain knowledge of the Seahawks offense that Harbaugh would, no doubt, like to acquire if Robinson is willing to share.

    Shocked by this move as 2.5 million for a full time FB, special teams star, emergency QB, and team leader seems like a bargain for the deep pockets of Paul Allen (at least for this year’s Super Bowl run).

    As for next year, Robinson could have either have been released or franchise tagged (and taken a pay cut due to the rules).

    Dave Boling said that he would officially protest if the Seahawks cut Robinson. Your move, Dave.

  25. chuck, thanks for that. Getting him back at a lesser salary would be best for the them. And, I would think he would want to finish his career on a super bowl contender, even for less $. But if he’s truly pissed, he’ll sign elsewhere, like elsewhere in the NFC.

  26. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Danny O’ Neil mentioned that he was legitimately sick and lost a significant amount of weight. If that’s the case, there may not be another team willing to sign him right now.

    The other thing that concerns me is that against the Raiders last night, Michael had zero running room. Poor line blocking, but Ware and Coleman didn’t get the lead blocks done either. Are we really going into the season against good a very good D-line in Carolina and a stud D-line in SF without a quality FB? I’m guessing we’re going to be a passing team this year.

    Russell Wilson tweeted “I’m going to miss you @RealMikeRob. You’re the best in the business. Love you VA.
    You’re going to miss him more than you know Russell.

  27. It’s not about PA’s money. It’s about cap space. And he was a UFA after 2013. No need to release him. They simply could’ve let him test his market value.

  28. “Danny O’ Neil mentioned that he was legitimately sick and lost a significant amount of weight.”

    Hope that’s right, MoSeahawk. Maybe they were just worried about his entire contract being guaranteed should he be here Monday. Still hope he comes back. We’re all speculating on a bunch of unknowns.

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t see our high dollar tight end playing FB during the real games. We need Miller on the line doing his thing.

    Marshawn’s next.

  30. I heard Danny O’Neil speculating that if MikeRob was sick, he might have lost a bunch of weight. He didn’t know.

    As for blocking, Marshawn will miss MikeRob for sure. That said, I watched the Ravens’ starters play the Panthers’ starters in week 3 of preseason. The Ravens shredded the Panthers defense. Ray Rice ran through them, including running from 1-back sets in which the TE was blocking for the RB. I’m not afraid of the Panthers.

  31. I wonder if they’ll keep Darren Fells or Mike Person to do some extra blocking?

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why do I keep thinking next year might be Rice and Miller?

  33. wabubba67 says:

    Thanks, tiny bbs. Had no idea that there was a salary cap in the NFL. C’mon, man. I also know that they could release him after 2013 for him to test the market (you can’t franchise tag a player currently under a contract).

    Quit reaching for an argument with me just to temporarily alleviate whatever crazy psychological ailment that you are suffering from. It’s tedious.

  34. Beast has said in the past he likes running behind a FB. I definitely think your blocking suffers if Luke Willson is in instead of Mike Rob. Really don’t like this, but as I said, I really would LOVE to be wrong.

  35. wabubba67 says:

    Definitely Rice, Georgia. Miller better hope for a big year or he will be facing the same fate, too. This is the downside to “Always Compete”, but I like it nonetheless.

  36. bbmate,
    No, Luke Willson won’t be doing a lot of blocking anytime soon. But Miller can block, and I’m hoping they keep Darren Fells, as he can steamroll people. I don’t see Sean McGrath doing much for the team at this point. At TE, I’d keep Fells to run 2-TE sets with Miller and Willson and handle the blocking role.

  37. I wasn’t reaching for an argument. That’s your MO. I simply corrected your ignorant nonsense in case someone else would think that what you said was correct. I never mentioned you. It’s cap space, has nothing to do with how much money PA has. And you can’t release someone not under contract, so you apparently still don’t get it. Truly pathetic.

    P.S. Continue to bark if you want to, I not going to respond.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny how I used to hate the RR report( because I thought it was going to be like Hard Knocks) and I also thought that Robinson wasn’t a good leader because of that incident that happened before the Washington game a couple years back.

    Since then I have grown to appreciate him more and more, and now he’s gone and so is RR and it’s biggest star, Moffitt.

    I guess I should not attach myself to anyone on this team for the next ten years except Wilson.
    I’m going to drink a few more beers now and find a tree to piss on and then pass out.

  39. wabubba67 says:

    1-800-GET-HELP, tiny bbs.

  40. Really, Stevos? You think that Fells has the football experience to handle that? He certainly has the size. Maybe they just think Coleman can fill that FB role though?

    Georgia, Rice certainly could be vulnerable. Depends on his season and what they plan to do with Harvin and Tate. I wouldn’t necessarily expect Miller to be in trouble, but it also somewhat depends on how the young TEs play in 2013 and what positions they choose to value going forward.

    Miller makes an average of 6.8 mil a year for 8th amongst TEs. Graham and Finley have contracts that expire after 2013 as well. At least Graham should get a 8+ mil deal. Also, Miller’s cap number drops significantly from 11 mil in 2013 to 7 mil in 2014. I would imagine they set up his contract that way for a reason.

  41. Hawkjitsu says:

    1-800-get-help. LOL

  42. Buffalo Bills just put Kevin Kolb on IR for the year. I’ll bet they sign Brady Quinn off waivers asap.

  43. Hawkjitsu says:

    But Buffalo has Jeff Tuel, so they’ll be alright……god that looks even worse after writing it.

  44. For MRob’s sake I hope it actually *is* salary related. After that whole MRSA staph thing in Tampa I hope he hasn’t been legitimately sick for the last month.

  45. jawpeace says:

    Just when I was going to draft Lynch in my FF league. Now without a great lead blocker, I think Lynch does not do as well.

    Pete said that Rob was violently ill. I translate that as almost puking up a lung. Pete does like his adjectives but I don’t believe he just threw one in front of ill for the heck of it. Rob got something that seriously affected him. So maybe in in four weeks or so he will be fully recovered and the Hawks can resign him.

    Last thought a lot of posters were saying how they were going to miss Moffit on the Real Rob Report, and now that is gone as well. :(

  46. banosser says:

    JS/PC were probably trying to trade him this preseason… just like TJ last yr.. but had no takers for a $2.5M FB.. He should have restructured.. he wasn’t and isn’t going to get a big deal extension.. Love what he did on the field, but this doesn’t surprise me at all..

  47. I’m looking forward one day in the not too distant future to Eric or Dave’s article on what really happened. It would be interesting to know if Mike Rob was really sick, and if so, how that did or did not factor in. It doesn’t seem to me that they have someone who’s ready to step into his shoes. Or has Phil Bates gone through the metamorphosis and they’ve kept him under wraps? I liked and like everything about Mike Rob. I hope he isn’t really sick.

  48. I disagree strongly with this move. Are they in that much trouble with the salary cap? I thought they were in great shape cap wise.

  49. bsinnitt says:

    Didn’t Vontae Leach just try to test the FB market and come up empty? If so, that might have influenced Schneider’s decision making about being able to resign him for less down the road.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    They need to trade Quinn for a 7th

    I am not surprised with real rob, but bummed.
    I’m guessing Coleman stays? He is the best of the bunch…

    Just waiting for the whole league cuts…

  51. Interesting, wonder what the Beast feels about this. Wonder how sick M.Rob is/was or if it was just a salary thing. If it was a salary thing, I thought our M O was pound the rock so we can play action and do the option thang and releasing M.Rob kinda goes against that design. I like Ware as an RB, but not really into him or Coleman as our lead blockers. On the other hand, I thought I heard that most of Lynches big runs and yards came from single back formations. Either way this is surprising to me even though their were signs pointing to this as others have eluded to.

  52. Sad to see him go, but how many times have we questioned PC/JS only to see a few days later that it all makes sense and is part of the big plan?

  53. Bowie to I.R

  54. raymaines says:

    At 11:30am there was an interesting post filed on Field Gulls.

    Read the paragraph about running backs.

  55. I’m not entirely sure about this, it’s been a while since I read it, but a field gulls article talked about how losing MikeRob might help set up the long bomb (or something like that). I’ll have to re-read it:

  56. I wonder what’s been going on behind closed doors at VMAC with Mike Rob?!

    Cutting Mike Rob sucks. We’re spending $11 million on Percy Harvin, but won’t pay Mike Rob 2.5.

    This hurts far worse than when Moffitt was released and I was staring another year of crappy RG play in the face…

    And neither Ware nor Coleman looks ready to play FB at all. Not every move JS and PC make will be good, and my feeling is this one will bite them hard.

  57. rramstad says:

    I feel pretty confident in guessing that Mike has been sick, that it’s just an illness, but that he’ll be missing more time, that the club doesn’t have a lot of options, and they are dropping him now so they can keep using that roster spot and not have to guarantee his salary. It would not surprise me at all if the moment he gets better, they sign him and pay him from then on out.

    It’s an annoying quirk of the NFL that veteran salaries are guaranteed if they are on the roster week one. If the Seahawks are not sure when he’ll be back, especially if there’s some question as to how long he’ll take to get into game shape, they need that extra roster flexibility…

  58. I’d much rather have TEN’s released TE Brandon Barden than Sean McGrath.

  59. Fieldgulls also has an article about MikeRob’s release: mostly saying the cut saves $2M in cap space.

  60. grizindabox24 says:

    I saw that Fells was also released. For MRob it boiled down to money. Hawks really needed to have around $6 million in space to rollover, and like it or not, he was the guy they could release and clear the most space. It would be great if MRob was still a Hawk, but the business side won.

  61. raymaines says:

    Our Mr. Fells’ big brother was released from (I think) New England, but I don’t think Darren has yet been released from the Seahawks roster

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    raymaines, I saw a report earlier that noted both were realeased. I also doubt the Hawks keep a 4th TE

  63. raymaines says:

    JAX cut Charlie Martin, Marcus Trufant, and Paul McQ’s twin brother Pat. There’s blood everywhere.

  64. wabubba67 says:

    Thinking that Robinson is really sick, has lost a significant amount of weight and will be unable to play a majority of the season. If that’s true, this move makes a lot more sense.

    Why keep him on the roster at a cost of $2.5 million if he will be a free agent next season? The same with putting him on the IR. Furthermore, if he is sick, other teams will be unwilling to sign him. If he recovers, say by game 8 through 11, Seattle could re-sign him to a contract that is much more favorable to the cap and ownership.

    “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”–Michael Corleone

  65. grizindabox24 says:

    wabubba, I think MRob would have been released even if healthy

  66. seahawksteven777 says:

    Gotta make sacrifices. We can’t keep everyone and I sure as heck hope you all understand that. It’s disappointing but it is what it is. We’ll keep right on rolling.

  67. Just trying to think in an abstract manner I wonder if Allen Bradford could be a decent project in the future at FB as well as MLB. He has experience both as a runner and as a linebacker. He knows our system and has a very very good understanding of run lanes, how they are developed and how they are defended. How they are read and how they are reacted to. He moved backed to linebacker from running back because of his penchant for violence.

    “My job is to get to the ball carrier and make them feel my presence”

    At 5-11 235 and bloodthirsty for contact…. How is this guy not a perfect mold for FB?

    I guess the inept development from Ware and Coleman as blockers has got me spinning a little crazy.

  68. “I feel pretty confident in guessing that Mike has been sick, that it’s just an illness, but that he’ll be missing more time, that the club doesn’t have a lot of options, and they are dropping him now so they can keep using that roster spot and not have to guarantee his salary. It would not surprise me at all if the moment he gets better, they sign him and pay him from then on out.”

    This is a pretty good guess IMO. I highly doubt he has MRSA. He wouldn’t have been let around the facility or at games had this been the case.

    I wonder why nobody but me ever mentioned CC getting cut in 2013 or 2014? Especially earlier in the off-season before people knew how he was recovering, before Irvin was suspended, and before Avril was missing time. People have continuously mentioned Rice, Mike Rob, McQ, and Miller.

    They would’ve saved either 4.5 or 2.33 mil against the 2013 cap had they released CC, depending on whether the remainder of his signing bonus would’ve counted in 2013 or 2013 and 2014. I certainly understand why they didn’t this year with the Irvin and Avril situation and his seemingly speedy recovery. Bank on him having to restructure if he wants to be here in 2014, at least if they don’t cut Avril the day after the SB. They would save 7.5 mil by cutting him after 2013. His cap number would be 9.66 mil in 2014.

  69. I thought they were playing Bradford at FB when he first came here?

  70. grizindabox24 says:

    nate, I think there are several vets that could be possible release targets after this season.

  71. grizindabox24 says:

    Bradford is not going to get time at FB

  72. sluggo42 says:

    Is it diaper crappin time yet?

  73. did anyone see R. Sherman’s comment to Bobby Wagner (via twitter)

    Richard Sherman ‏@RSherman_25 4h
    @Bwagz54 there are more sad ones to come…. No one is safe…

    could be interesting!!

  74. griz, there are certainly going to be many decisions to be made with vets after 2013. Depends on how people perform in 2013. I think Clemons or Avril is gone, more likely Clemons unless Avril simply can’t get healthy. Rice, Mebane, Red, etc.. You also have players likely to contribute in 2013 that will be UFA. BB, Giacomini, McQ, and Thurmond. KJ and Sherm can renegotiate if they wish to. Lots of moving parts. Cable better develop some young lineman this year I would say.

  75. Here’s the link to the 2014 cap numbers if anyone’s interested. Probably just griz.

    Sluggo, I’m going to try to keep my diapers clean, though I’m about to head out to the bar. So I may be on here crappin my diaper later tonight. Don’t like this move unless they can get him back later because he was significantly ill and will miss significant time.

  76. Hey Klm008, thanks for the long field gulls article on zone offense and fullbacks. Those guys do pretty amazing analysis.

  77. boucherm says:

    I’m disgusted. This is one of the most valuable players on this team, on and off the field. I agree with the earlier comment that this seems extra bad when it feels like they are so close. The money is small in the full team picture.

  78. tealskin says:

    This is a tough one to swallow. Even if he comes back at reduced pay he won’t be happy. Guessing this points to the next evolution in offensive scheming. There must be more to this than just saving $.

  79. A lot of you are sickened by the minimal money that’s being saved….

    I don’t think you are fully understanding the gravity of our looming issues of having such a talented team in the next couple of years.

    Russell Wilson
    Richard Sherman
    Earl Thomas
    Brandon browner
    Golden Tate
    Doug Baldwin
    Sidney Rice

    We need all the money we can save and get or these guys are gone.

    Do you think a guy like Sherman is gonna give us a discount? That’s a max contract right there

    Earl Thomas is widely regarded as the best player at his position and THE key component to our defense…

    Russell Wilson – FRANCHISE QB…. Enough said

    The rest of the guys are roll players who have earned their pay days.

    Im not trying to be Doom and gloom but realize how lucky we are to get some premium players at the price that we have. Our window is right now as evidenced by the FA moves. But Pete and John aren’t going to cripple our franchise by not planning for the future… So chin up folks.

  80. KD, I fully understand that tough financial decisions have to be made, especially in the era of a more flat salary cap. But you still have to explain how 1.9 or 2 mil is the difference between keeping ET and Sherm or not. It does add up, but 2 mil is peanuts to what they will get. I don’t think this is purely because of the money. They could’ve saved almost 3 mil by replacing Breno with a young player. 2.5 mil by doing the same with McQ.

    ET is signed through 2014. He’s likely to get 9+ mil after that. Figure Sherm for 11+ mil if he plays like he has. Yes, I know that Revis got 16 mil, but he took no guaranteed money and Champ Bailey is the next highest at 10.625 mil.

    The majority of the money to keep the young core player will be from cutting players like CC, Red, Mebane, etc.. They’d save 13 mil from cutting CC and Red after 2013 alone towards the 2014 cap.

    A lot depends on whether or not some players demand to renegotiate or not. Would RW give a little bit of a discount in order to help the team? Say only 15 mil a year?

  81. Having to sign their young core is the reason I was surprised that they added Harvin, Bennett, and Avril in FA. Though Bennett only signed for one year and they have flexibility at the end of 2013 with Avril and Harvin should they want to part ways.

    I am sure that the Hawks FO has a better grasp on their cap situation than any of us here. And I do trust PC/JS. Just don’t really like this move right now if Mike Rob doesn’t return at some point in 2013. They’re not perfect, just like everyone else. It is what it is though.

  82. raymaines: At 11:30am there was an interesting post filed on Field Gulls. Read the paragraph about running backs.

    “” Michael Robinson has been very seriously ill for the past two weeks or so, if you believe what Pete Carroll is telling us. I’m going with a theory that Curtis Crabtree posited today (and I’ve been thinking may be a possibility) that the Hawks will cut Robinson now, to clear a rosters spot, and re-sign him in a few weeks when he’s back up to speed, in shape, fully recovered, and ready to go. The flu, MRSA, whatever it is that Robinson caught – these things can wreck havoc on a body and there’s no telling how long it will take Robinson to get up to speed. I doubt that Robinson would get a ton of interest on the open free agent market, if you look at the tepid response that All Pro FB Vontae Leach got from everyone, and perhaps this would be a good way to restructure Robinson to a two year deal with a lower cap hit in 2013. It’s just a (somewhat wild) theory, but I think it’s reality based. We’ll see. “”

    “” With this in mind, the Hawks will do what they’ve been doing and use Spencer Ware and their tight ends at fullback or maybe they’ll just not really use fullbacks all that much for a few weeks. Once Rob is back, they’ll have to clear a roster spot somehow, but you know how injuries go. “”

    thanks for that, Ray.
    Yeah, Danny Kelly might have nailed it there.

  83. Southendzone says:

    Jason Laconfora reporting a likely release of Winfield on twitter:

    “Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 11m

    Hearing that the Seahawks, so deep in the secondary, will be releasing CB Antoine Winfield”

  84. Look, if Mike Rob has some kind of serious virus that is ailing him to the point of needing a month to make a full recovery, I am completely compliant with letting go of a 30 year old FB, who just so happens to be one of the highest paid in the league. It would be one thing if Mike Rob was good to go and he got caught up in a numbers game or the ridiculous notion of a ‘youth movement’. At that point I too would a bit miffed.

    This roster is simply too competitive right now to allow a vet at a position like FB to just eat space while he recovers. There’s no guarantee he’ll even make a full recovery, and I question as to just what kind of football shape he’ll be in. They say he’s lost weight, so unless that is part of his full recovery I would think that he might need another week or so to gain back that weight, if he can at all. From what I understand, most players by the end of the preseason are already having to fight to keep weight on, so “two weeks” seems a lot more like a hope than an accurate prognosis; all things considered.

    And puhleeze. Spare me these tin-foil-hat conspiracies some of you are trying to spin in regards to Robinson’s illness somehow being fabricated. Like seriously, people. What is this, the X-Files? Will the real Fox Mulder please raise his hand?

  85. sluggo42 says:

    I’m going with the illness thing, it just makes sense.

  86. “Hearing that the Seahawks, so deep in the secondary, will be releasing CB Antoine Winfield”

    Not real surprising honestly. I watched Winfield bang his knee real good during that game against G.B., right against the crown of a Packer’s helmet, and I believe he missed at least one practice last week because of it. I wonder if it’s actually worse than he might have been showing.

    Walter Thurmond has just played pretty much lights out the whole preseason, so it’s really not that big of a surprise that he’s forced Winfield’s departure. The worrisome part of this is that now the coaching staff and F.O. have to rely, and trust that his body will finally stay healthy. Given his track record some would call that “going out on a limb”, but it still might be a better option than going with a 36 year old whose body has simply taken its toll after 14 seasons.

  87. grizindabox24 says:

    nate, $2million is huge for cap rollover. Right now the Hawks have enough salary committed for 2014 that without roughly $6 million in rollover, they could actually be over cap or very close. From projections, the cap could be in the area of $128 million, which the Hawks are very much near already.

  88. griz, the Hawks are at a little less than 128 mil committed for 2014. They have approx. 4 mil in cap space now. I would think the cap will be 126-128 mil, which you claimed, before adjustments. That’s makes their 2014 cap 130-132 mil, assuming they remain at a 4 mil rollover. They are under regardless. Add 7.5 mil for releasing CC. Another 5.5 could be had from Red. Ask Rice to restructure? Many people claim that, but I think it depends on how the WRs play in 2013.

    I linked before:

    There’s a link to the 2014 Hawks’ cap. 127.547 mil. Though it is an estimate I would assume. I would agree that 1.9-2 mil is more important if they are in danger of exceeding the cap, but it doesn’t seem like they are.

  89. grizindabox24 says:

    nate, but look at it this way. Rollover will increase the Hawk cap, for example if they Rollover $6 million on an estimated $128 million cap, there adjusted cap would be $134 million. If they rollover only $3 million it adjusts to $131 million. Now think of any possible cuts before next season. It is not about the cap space so much as it is about maximizing the adjusted cap number. With rollover, a team can continue to push their cap up. There was an article I read, no link, they figured if a team could maintain approximately $6 million of rollover per season, with contracts that can come off the cap, they could maintain the utmost flexibility into the future.

  90. raymaines says:

    I could only wish the NFL would do the right thing and provide health insurance for players and former players. Think about yourself in MikeRob’s position: Serious virus and unemployed. His former employer (the Seahawks, not Paul Allen) are raking in money hand over fist in part because of his efforts and sacrifice and he’s left out in the cold, so to speak. The best he can look forward to is if he gets healthy on his own they might rehire him at a reduced salary.

  91. raymaines says:

  92. Hawkjitsu says:

    This is whats happening. Nooooo, this is whats happening. How do you know? I’m smarter.

    Getting sad on this blog.

  93. Understanding how competitive our roster is, the move makes sense with Mike Rob’s inability to contribute early in the season. There isn’t a designation to give him that would save a spot and activate him around the 3rd or 4th game. So, they had to pull the trigger. Like most, I hope we get him back because he’s been such a big piece of this puzzle so far.

    HawksKD, no offense or anything, but Max Contracts don’t exist in the NFL. NBA yes. Sherman will be tagged if he isn’t happy, and sure that number will be pretty high, but it won’t be a “max” contract.

  94. Winfield too? I know Thurmond has looked great, but the guy has a history of not being able to stay healthy. Isn’t Winfield worth it for one year for CB depth? No one is guaranteed a spot I guess. But still, can’t imagine Winfield contemplated the possibility he wouldn’t make the roster when he had multiple teams interested in signing him this off-season. Strange days.

  95. grizindabox24 says:

    pdway, I thought they would keep Winfield as insurance also.

  96. raymaines, I think they have to provide health insurance to the fairly current players. I certainly the league as a whole could provide for any former players’ deductible and/or other medical bills. They have a 765 mil settlement set to go before a judge to be approved.

  97. Hawkjitsu, not sure what you’re reading, not to make any judgement regarding either of ours’ intelligence, but it’s actually predominantly just dialogue. That’s what happens when people discuss something. The only off-topic, negative crap was from your bud.

  98. SandpointHawk says:

    Current players have health insurance. Mike-Rob still has health insurance. In a month or two depending on the settlement terms his Cobra insurance will kick in. Sorry but I’m not really worried about someone who make a couple million dollars in the last year not being able to afford health insurance…

  99. Hawkjitsu says:

    Hawkjitsu, not sure what you’re reading, not to make any judgement regarding either of ours’ intelligence, but it’s actually predominantly just dialogue. That’s what happens when people discuss something. The only off-topic, negative crap was from your bud

    You know bbnate420, or bbmate, or whatever your name will be next week, I’ve seen you get into it with people just because you THINK they might be talking about you. I NEVER personnaly attack anyone. You should just stop. You are not the writer of this blog, the webmaster, or anything else. Now I see why everyone thinks your a know-it-all douchebag.

  100. Hawkjitsu says:

    No wonder wabubba is always at it with you. Your just a troll in disguise.

  101. MattandCindy says:

    Dear Hawkjitsu and wabubba,

    bbnate420, or I guess bbmate now, is perpetually fighting with anyone who doesn’t agree with his idiotic opinions. I stopped posting because that slug under a rock only crawls out to argue, complain, or pretend he knows more than you about whatever your saying. Hopefully he’ll grow up, but he will moer than likely say, “You started it. I’m being the adult. I just want people to know the facts, because your wrong. Then a few more minutes of mindless blabble. I’ve even went through the archives, and he consistently finds someone and douches out. We should just ignore the BIGGEST troll on the blog.

    P.S. – He’s also yankita, and god knows how many other ID’s. He’s pathetic.

  102. Hawkjitsu says:

    I appreciate the heads up, but I’m here for football and not dealing with man-children. It’s all in good fun anyway.

  103. This is pathetic. Waiting for any of you to post something in context where I attacked any of you unprovoked? I know that wabubba67, Cindy, and Hawkjitsu are the same idiot. This is meant for that pathetic peraob.

  104. “This is whats happening. Nooooo, this is whats happening. How do you know? I’m smarter.

    Getting sad on this blog.”

    Weird that is written JUST LIKE Cindy used to write. That’s before you became an ass and ran off.

  105. Hawkjitsu says:

    Seriously bro. I don’t know them, or you. I’m here for football. Just relax…it’s meant to be in good fun. If you hate them because of some previous deal, then cool. Just don’t drag me into it. That’s why I came here from the Times.

  106. MattandCindy says:

    Don’t even try to reason. He’s yankita. He has SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES.

  107. “This is whats happening. Nooooo, this is whats happening. How do you know? I’m smarter.

    Getting sad on this blog.”

    Waiting for you to post a quote on this thread of me insulting someone? Or anyone else besides you and your pseudonym?

  108. Hawkjitsu says:

    Wow. MattandCindy and bbmate. You can both go argue in bed after you screw. Obviously there is some repressed feeling there. Get it over with.

  109. Hawkjitsu says:

    Only football to me please. If me writing that about nobody in particular hurt your feelings that much, I apologize.

  110. Trolls?! Matt and Cindy is/are the worst of the bunch. Talk about crawling out from under a rock jus to slag someone…not a single informed and/or well-articulated comment, just psycho rage and venom. Sheer class.

    Hawkjitsu–you’re giving them a run for their money. Don’t participate in the discussion if you prefer not to speculate.

    Funny, I got hammered for over a year when I opined that Ruskell was likely sandbagging Holmgren, and there was likely a civil war going on inside the building b/w Timmay!s people and Holmys. Yet I was totally on point.

    Who knows what happened with Mike Rob, we’re all just trying to make sense of it. If we all trusted our FO completely, this blog would suck.

  111. Can’t we all just get along?!

  112. Hawkjitsu says:

    STTBM – Have you read bbmates posts? I very recently began posting, and was jumped on by him. I don’t know Matt or Cindy, and from what I read he seems like an angry war vet. But I don’t appreciate being blindsided by some nutjob like him, just because I wrote an opinion he didn’t like. I left the Times Blog because it turned into crap like this.

  113. Hawkjitsu says:

    On a positive note, I love your posts. Well informed and nothing but class

  114. STTBM, thanks for the support man. I’ve been an ass many times on here and admitted it and apologized. If anyone thinks I’m all of these retards, then good luck to you.

  115. Me and STTBM have disagreed vigorously many time before too. I have been way out of line and he forgave me. I think he may have been more so once upon a time. Doesn’t matter. We and others’ make up/

  116. I know hawkjitsu and wabubba67 are the same loser. Congrats.

  117. Hawkjitsu says:

    Hey bbmate. Check the next thread. No joke.

  118. Hawkjitsu says:

    From next thread…

    bbmate – Listen brother. If I offended you, I apologize. I assure you that I’m not that long list of people. There is proof. A few months back that MattandCindy was arguing with some poor guy and I politely asked him to stop and grow up. Wabubba, whatever that is, is not me. Trust me. I just want football talk. I think if we’re both adults we can push this aside as heated stupidity that men often engage in and try to get along. And my earlier comment about I’m right, No I’m right was a joke directed at all. It didn’t land well.


  119. jawpeace says:

    FOOTBALL people not FEELINGS!

  120. Some good comments above guys. My personal feeling is that almost every single move the hawks have made has drawn great criticism. I remember how irate everyone was when Russell Wilson was simply given a chance to compete (poeple were pissed even well before he was named the starter).

    If you go back through the blog you will see that almost everything the front office does is unconventional. That makes us pissed because we are human and we judge things based on what we know to be the correct way (i.e. the conformity). So when things are unusual we beat them up for it. Pete and Schneider are unconventional in the same way that Steve Jobs and other great leaders are. They are forcing new ways of doing things into the NFL and other teams are already trying to copy them (such as hire pieces of the “magic team” ala Idzic, Bradley, etc.) and that will continue undoubtedly.

    So I think we have to look past the conventional way of doing things and to a pretty large extent trust that they know what they are doing. I am sure they have weighed the pros and cons of a high salary for a FB and the loss of leadership. We all know about Pete’s respect for Mike Rob. (and I assume Scheider as well) but they have a much larger purpose they are chasing here. They are using their new and innovative techniques to build a roster that challenges for a super bowl year after year. I have to go on what I have seen so far. And I say,

    “keep it up, what you are doing is working”.

  121. Macabrevity says:

    Hate this move personally. If you’re making a run this year, you don’t cut the “Beast-Dozer”

  122. Macabrevity says:

    On 2nd thought, this move fits with our overall approach to pass-pro.

  123. wabubba67 says:

    It’s strange that others seem to have a problem with you, tiny bbs. Just so strange?!?

  124. DanielleMND says:

    Hopefully, this move doesn’t hurt the team in the long run. Robinson was a sound fullback and a team leader.

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