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Seahawks 2013 projected 53-man roster

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 29, 2013 at 11:20 pm with 39 Comments »
August 29, 2013 11:20 pm

Good evening. Well, this exercise gets harder every season. But with the completion of the Seattle Seahawks exhibition season, here’s how I see the team’s roster shaking out once Saturday’s roster cuts are completed.

Quarterbacks (2): Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson
Comment: Brady Quinn could be a consideration. Keeping three quarterbacks on the roster would total only $2.15 million in base salary in the quarterback room. However, I think the Seahawks will need this roster spot to keep another defensive player.

Running backs (4): Tailbacks – Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael. Fullback – Michael Robinson.
Comment: Zach Miller can play fullback in a pinch, and has done so in the past when Robinson was injured. So even if Robinson hasn’t fully recovered from his illness, the Seahawks are okay without a healthy fullback on the active roster. And the Seahawks can always bring someone like Derrick Coleman up from the practice squad on Saturday if needed. Robinson is the highest paid fullback in the league at $2.5 million in base salary, and could be asked to restructure his deal in order to stick around.

Wide receivers (5): Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Stephen Williams.
Comment: Probably the toughest decision for me on the offensive side of the ball. But I think Seattle can get Harper through waivers and onto the practice squad. He certainly didn’t help himself with two, bad drops against Oakland.

Tight ends (3): Zach Miller, Luke Willson, Sean McGrath.
Comment: Cooper Helfet will be a consideration here because of his pass-catching ability. I also like Darren Fells as a developmental prospect.

Offensive line (9): Russell Okung, Paul McQuistan, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Breno Giacomini, Mike Person, Lemuel Jeanpierre, James Carpenter, Rishaw Johnson.
Comment: Alvin Bailey also could be a consideration here, but I think Johnson is the better player right now. It appeared that Michael Bowie suffered a significant shoulder injury, so I have him listed on the injured reserve for now. But I don’t know how significant an injury it is.

Total offense: 23

Defensive line (11): Benson Mayowa, Brandon Mebane, Jordan Hill, Red Bryant, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Clinton McDonald, Tony McDaniel, O’Brien Schofield, Chris Clemons, Jaye Howard.
Comment: I went back and forth on Clemons, but ultimately decided to keep him in because Pete Carroll keeps saying that he’s close to returning. I kept a few extra bodies here because of all the injury issues.

Linebackers (6): K.J. Wright, Allen Bradford, Bobby Wagner, Heath Farwell, Mike Morgan, Malcolm Smith.
Comment: Seahawks pick up a roster spot with Bruce Irvin on the suspended list, and Bradford is rewarded.

Defensive backs (10): Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Walter Thurmond, Jeremy Lane, Byron Maxwell, Jeron Johnson, Chris Maragos, Antoine Winfield.
Comment: Winfield could be a surprise cut here. Seahawks would save $1 million by letting him go.

Total defense: 27

Specialty (3): Jon Ryan, Steven Hauschka, Clint Gresham
Comment: No surprises here. Hauschka and Gresham proved their worth by outperforming competition during training camp.

Practice squad: WR Chris Harper, OL Alvin Bailey, DT Michael Brooks, FB Derrick Coleman, LB John Lotuleilei, WR Phil Bates, TE Darren Fells, SS Winston Guy.

PUP List: CB Tharold Simon, DL Greg Scruggs, WR Percy Harvin.

Non-football injury list: LB Korey Toomer.

Injured reserve list: Michael Bowie

Suspended list: LB Bruce Irvin

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  1. Thanks, Eric. Great to hear your perspective on these close calls.

    The one big surprise here for me was Spencer Ware. He’s so talented, though I don’t think he’s a FB. I would think they would love to have him on PS at least, though there is a good chance he could be signed off waivers before getting to PS.

    Rishaw Johnson and Mike Person or Alvin Bailey? I used to like Johnson, but I didn’t see him play so well this preseason. I really like Bailey, and he can play both T and G. Hope they don’t risk losing him.

    Winston guy is still eligible for PS? That’s a good place for him.

    I think they may go looking for another TE on the waiver wire if they can find a better blocker than McGrath. I hope that Fells pays off as a PS project.

  2. I am not an OL expert or watch it as much as others but about the only thing I can argue in the whole lot is Bailey vs Person. The times I watched I thought Bailey outplayed Person, but also, I am not watching the tape and knowing what the exact assignment was.


    t-minus 39 hours and we will know for sure.

  3. Stevos – I don’t see Ware getting picked up by anyone – that is the one position where guys slip through, He was good in the pre-season but not dominate.

    Does Guy make it through waivers? Is he a player that Jax would pick up?

  4. “Stevos – I don’t see Ware getting picked up by anyone – that is the one position where guys slip through, He was good in the pre-season but not dominate”

    Ware’s got enough on tape to where a team that’s hurting for a RB just might take a flyer on him; especially if it’s a team that actually had him on their draft board. The rest of the league knows by now that Seattle knows a thing or two about talent eval. I expect that there will be some teams that will look to pick up some of Seattle’s scraps just because of the fact that a team that’s gone 8-0 in the preseason in the last two years implies that they have excellent depth.

    “Does Guy make it through waivers? Is he a player that Jax would pick up?”

    That’s a good question. I would think that Bradley would give Guy a shot if he gets cut. At this point he probably wants anything and everything he can get his hands on in the way of players that he has a familiarity with. He’s coached him, knows him, and the Jags are not real deep at safety by the looks of things.

  5. freedom_X says:

    I’m doubtful Ware will be a hot item on the waiver wire. He was only a 6th round pick, so it’s not like he was a steal on the Seattle draft board or anyone else’s. I didn’t think he showed anything exceptional – promise, yes, but nothing that suggests a star in the making. And he didn’t do much at fullback.

    Teams scouring the waiver wire either need help right away, or are looking for good projects at rare positions (like left tackle or pass rushers.) Running back and especially fullback are not one of those rare positions. And I don’t think Ware jolts a bad team’s running game. At best, he might give a team a bit of a boost like Justin Forsett.

  6. SaigonSun says: headline:

    Left in the dust
    The Chargers said goodbye to the preseason in style, with a 41-6 home win over the 49ers.

    um pretty sure the 9ners – crushed

    Posted by a “genius” last night.

    Illiterate, stupid or, unable to handle your beer ?

  7. “I didn’t think he showed anything exceptional – promise, yes, but nothing that suggests a star in the making.”

    “Promise” is all that is needed if a team is looking at improving their depth. No one is suggesting that Ware is a “star in the making”, but his numbers (102 yards rushing, 4.4 ypc, 37 yards receiving, along with 3 runs and/or catches of 20+ yards) are good enough to get him looks from other teams, particularly those that are in need of depth at RB. Not every team is as stocked at RB as the Seahawks are, which is something you seem to be overlooking. Some teams are truly hurting at that spot right now; teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the St. Louis Rams, and now the N.Y. Giants. The Packers lost their #1 RB for the season, so you might as well enter their name as possible bidders for a guy like Ware.

    Again, we’re talking depth here, not necessarily a team looking for a starting RB.

    “Teams scouring the waiver wire either need help right away, or are looking for good projects at rare positions (like left tackle or pass rushers.) Running back and especially fullback are not one of those rare positions.”

    Dude, get real. Teams during this time of the year are going to look at any position that they feel they can upgrade. That’s the way Seattle does it, that’s pretty much the way any team in this league does it if they’re trying to win games. As I stated above, there are a number of teams out there that could be in the hunt for a back up RB. The Steelers and the Packers lost their #1 option at the position, and the Giants just lost their #2 RB for the season.

    “And I don’t think Ware jolts a bad team’s running game. At best, he might give a team a bit of a boost like Justin Forsett.”

    Spencer Ware could probably help a team as a short yardage specialist at the very least. He’s a load to bring down and runs exceptionally hard. There is the added plus that he’s been taking reps and working out at FB. By the way, since you mention the name, do you recall what happened with Justin Forsett during his rookie season?

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not so sure Harper get’s released with the injury to Williams.
    And Ware did well enough (for a rookie) to make the team imo.

    I think when it comes to evaluating rookies against vets the FO takes into consideration the learning curb that it takes for some rookies to make an impact at the NFL level.

    Pre season just isn’t long enough for many rookies to get up to playbook speed that some vets have the advantage of already knowing.

    I remember when Carpenter, Moffitt and Tate were rookies, and if the FO just evaluated them based on their first training camp and pre season there probably would have been a good case for them to be released.
    I would love if we could stash Harper and Ware on the PS, however I hope they make the final 53 even if a vet is slightly winning the competition right now.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Wilson didn’t look like he does now last year at this time.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Seneca Wallace retired from football, he was an excellent athlete who refused to find which position suited him rather than insist on being a QB.

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Williams will be the 5th receiver. The team can survive a game or two with him recovering. That won’t be enough to save Harper.

    You can’t drop a sure TD and have another outright drop of a sure 1st down and expect to make the team. Good news is those two plays alone are likely enough to have other teams pass on him.

    I agree with Eric that Ware will be cut in hopes of getting him to the PS. Not sure which way I’m leaning on Coleman. He is definitely the bubble guy in my uneducated final 53.

    Bowie’s injury sounds bad enough that he’d be out for several weeks anyway, so IR for him.

    That last o-line position comes down between Person and Bailey. Could go either way.

    Carp looked good last night. He was down field getting to the second level of his blocks and he held up real well in pass protection. I could see him replacing McQ as the starting LG within a few weeks if he keeps this up. If Sweezy starts out looking like he did last game I would bet on Carp at LG and McQ at RG for the 49rs game.

    Will be interesting to see what happens when Irvin comes back. Another good player will have to be let go to make room for him.

  12. “I agree with Eric that Ware will be cut in hopes of getting him to the PS.”

    I’m pretty sure Eric is trying to tell us that he does not expect to see Spencer Ware make it through waivers and onto Seattle practice’s squad roster. He does not have him listed as making the team or among the PS players that he’s projected.

  13. RDPoulsbo says:

    I don’t think Ware gets picked off the W waiver write because he’s pegged as a FB. Most teams don’t need one even if they’re looking for a RB. Same with Coleman.

    Winfield would be a surprise I’d be ok with. There’s enough young talent behind Thurmond even if he goes down to take a risk that he gets injured again. It also avoids having to pick between Lane and Maxwell.

    D-line health is the biggest piece of the puzzle to putting together the roster and that’s something the team is keeping under wraps.

  14. raymaines says:

    Over on the ESPN blog, Terry Blount wraps up his wrapup of the Seahawk Raider game saying: “Seattle is 7-5 in its past 12 season openers, but 2-5 in the past seven openers on the road.”

    That’s both interesting and true, but completely irrelevant.

    Blount also says: “Next week’s game will be the 10th time the Seahawks have started the regular season on the road in the past 14 seasons.”

    That’s something that can and should be corrected by the NFL. Too lazy to look it up, but I’ll wager the ‘Hawks have had more than their fair share of second and fourth preseason home games as well. Winning the SB would pretty much cure all of that I suppose. Go ‘Hawks.

  15. I didn’t think Winston Guy was eligible for the PS. If he is that would be a big plus for us, although I’m afraid he might be claimed by someone else.

  16. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    person looked bad last night would be surprised if he is not cut.

    that said if a player makes this team it is a safe bet that he could start on raiders or jags, it is a beautiful thing to have this much depth and overall talent.

  17. raymaines says:

    Last nights game was more interesting than I thought it would be, but I still didn’t pay too much attention. I thought I heard Brock saying some of the cuts would be budget related as much as talent.

    But just like in the April draft, we don’t really know what JS&PC have going on in their little heads. About the only thing that would really surprise me is if Brady Quinn is kept. Not over T-Jack mind you, at all.

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    I also think the team will need to sign a UFA QB to the practice squad just to help the scout offense. I’m a big believer that the #2 QB be part of gameplanning, leaving little time to help the defense with their gameplans.

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    raymaines: agree on the schedule, but it’s also real nice having the last two games at home at the time of year when we’re [hopefully] gunning for a playoff seed.

    Bummer about Bowie’s injury. But getting through preseason without any injured starters is something for which to be thankful.

  20. Standouts for me were Jaye Howard, Bradford, and Luke Wilson. All three looked like NFL caliber players. Howard was getting great penetration and his motor was relentless. Great to see his improvement.

  21. sluggo42 says:

    TJack looked shaky enough to make me wonder, but the difference between him and Quinn isn’t that much. Neither of them see the field as clearly as RW does in the least…
    TJack will get ya killed, I remember that about him from the past.

    Walters is a guy that can play, if Williams concussion is bad, could they pup him or injury list so the Walters could stick?

    Fells reminds me of McCoy .

    I wonder if my distaste for Guy goes back to training camp stuff… I just don’t want him.

    Carp looked good, c’mon slave, admit it…. Now get mcQ over to RG. I think they should do that immediately to be sure they are ready for SF..

  22. wazzulander says:

    I’m surprised WR was Eric’s toughest call. Seems to be a pretty wide divide between Williams and whoever the next closest WR would be. Is Harper even worth a PS spot? A receiver shouldn’t have two drops that bad in an entire season. Then again, Koren Robinson played for several years while consistently dropping easy passes so what do I know…

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Winston Guy made a solid case for himself last night. Very active. I too would be surprised if he were able to clear waivers.

    And Alan Bradford has to make this roster. He couldn’t have done much more during the preseason. One could make the argument he was Seattle’s bet LB over those 4 games.

  24. trout_hound says:

    I’d really like to see the Hawks keep Lotulelei. The guy seems everywhere and flies to the ball. That’s a tough call though. Ware has potential and a lot of upside, but I’d rather keep Mike Rob for this season if it comes down to it.

  25. For my two cents, there’s no way the cut Alvin Bailey; he wont clear waivers. They keep him and Bowie, though Bowie may be put on IR. Rishaw Johnson hasnt looked good to me in preseason games, he’s looked overmatched in pass pro and has been a penalty magnet.

    Im not so sure Jeron Johnson makes the team. He didnt play particularly well last night or in earlier games. Shead has looked good, but not good enough to unseat Maragos as the backup FS.

    I also think Jay Howard makes the team, along with McDaniels and McDonald.

  26. I wonder if Walters gets picked up. Sure looks better than the crap the Jags, Raiders, and Jets have on their roster. Though the Jets may still have Obomanu, and he aint bad.

  27. Sluggo–You cant PUP a player who practiced through TC and played in preseason, only guys who were on PUP already can be placed on PUP for the start of regular season. So Williams is not eligible.

  28. Sluggo–Yep, Carp looked good. Vs the Raiders, who are awful. For one quarter–then he just looked fat.

  29. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, I do not think anyone is going to argue that Carp is not in game shape

  30. grizindabox24 says:

    anyone else think the Hawks will use more 2 TE formations and less FB formations?

  31. MontanaMike–Yes, Seneca Wallace retired. He was a better qb than folks gave him credit for. He had far less opportunity to start than players with much worse stats (like Mirer, Leinart, Russell, etc), and spent most of his starting time on terrible teams, with crap talent around him. He still threw for a lot more TD’s than INT’s.

    He deserved better.

    His learning disability really held him back when trying to learn offenses.

    Not saying he was HOF material, but he was better than T-Jack. He just got old and washed up the last few years and could no longer hack it.

  32. ajinoregon says:

    How do you not even mention Spencer Ware? Pete Carroll loves the guy. I’m assuming you’re saying he doesn’t make the 53, and is quickly picked up by another team. I disagree, but could see it happening.

  33. It was good to see Carpenter hold his own–and more than hold his own out there. Unfortunately, he isnt in gameshape, which means were likely to suffer through most of the first few games with Sweezy the turnstile at RG, and MCQ at LG. I suspect we will see a lot of delayed blitzes up the middle, and stunts etc. RW better have his track shoes on…

    Ware is a good player Seattle knew they might lose at roster cuts. He isnt ready to play FB, and they dont need a fourth RB. I expect to see him cut and picked up by someone else. If he gets cut by that team, I expect Seattle may try to sign him to our PS, but who knows?

  34. Saigon- that is what was the headline on NFL.COM for about 2 hours before they fixd it.

    I guess I don’t feel the same about Ware as everyone else does- I feel Coleman is more likely to make the 53 than Ware. Ware is clealy #4 RB (Lynch-turbin-michael) and #3 FB (MRob-Coleman-ware) so I don’t see him sticking. Now I think he is possibly more likely on the PS on Coleman due to his versatility and giving I’m a chance to learn how to play FB better

  35. With no training camp time at all why not IR Simon- as a rookie, doesn’t know the system, etc

  36. grizindabox24 says:

    xcman, Simon is on PUP, no reason to IR at this time

  37. jawpeace says:

    Raymaines, on the Hawks seemingly always opening on the road. In my opinion, that is not the end of the world and a benefit to the Hawks. The benefit is that they are getting a long East coast trip out of the way early in the season. Hawks have the most air miles and travel of all the teams. Pete had the practices in camp at 10 the same time as an East coast game. With early and away games in three of the first five the Hawks should be fresh and ready.

    Early games and opening on the road early in the season.
    1. Fresh team not jet lagged.
    2. More home games later in the season.
    3. The 12th man is not going to be quieter and less enthusiastic about the home opener being second game of the season.
    4. Hawks have practiced early on through camp and should be unaffected by the time change.
    5. The weather is nicer earlier in the season. Though you could say Carolina is going to be too hot for the Hawks.

  38. TE: Miller and Willson, OK. McGrath is OK is pass-pro the 5 times he’s been kept in, but got lost at run-blkg the 39 times he did it in games. Helfat is better at blocking but not much on catching. Fells got fewer snaps but did OK at all aspects, not great at any – but no problems either. Maybe SEA can find a good TE on the waiver-wire, or might trade RB Ware to NYG for TE Bear Pasco.

  39. My 53 is very, very similar to Eric’s. I have them keeping 10 on the o-line and 9 on the DL though. It certainly will depend on health along the DL though. But I had Schofield listed as a LB, as he is by the Hawks website. We all know he plays both. I had 10 o-lineman with them keeping Bowie. Want to hear more about the injury before I count him on the IR. Think it’s more likely they only keep 9 on the o-line if Bowie goes to the IR.

    I’d bet that Carp is starting at LG and McQ at RG by week 2 if they are both healthy. Not sure they will try to play Carp the whole game week 1, though I do think he’ll play at least a half.

    I do believe that Guy is eligible for the PS. I don’t believe he was active for more than 5 games in 2012, though I wouldn’t bet my life on it. I’d guess that Jacksonville is the only team we have to significantly worry about picking up Guy. Players aren’t claimed as much as some here seem to suggest. They have to be placed on the 53. They haven’t been with that team all off-season. It’s different with Jacksonville and Hawks defensive players for obvious reasons.

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