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Morning links: Winfield still spry at 36

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 28, 2013 at 7:56 am with 58 Comments »
August 28, 2013 7:56 am
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Antoine Winfield (21) covers wide receiver Golden Tate (81) during a drill at NFL football practice Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Antoine Winfield (21) covers wide receiver Golden Tate (81) during a drill at NFL football practice Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

In my story today, I talked with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Antoine Winfield about the transition from Minnesota to Seattle after signing with his new team in free agency.

And the 36-year-old Winfield said he’s benefitting from a change in surroundings, and the energy he receives on a daily basis from Seattle’s blossoming superstars like Richard Sherman.

“We have a young team,” Winfield said. “It kind of reminds me of a college atmosphere. Guys are loose, it’s very competitive and we’re working hard trying to get each other better, so when we go out on Sundays it makes it a lot easier.”

Specifically, it’s not unusual to see Winfield and Sherman huddled together at practice talking coverage schemes.

“Watching him from afar, you all know he was a guy who didn’t hold his words back,” Winfield said, smiling. “He pretty much spoke freely. But he’s a guy who’s very confident. He had a heck of a year last season. He made plays all over the field.

“But just getting to know him the last five months, he’s a great teammate. A guy who comes to work each day, and still is working on his craft. He wants to be the best.

“A lot of people just don’t take him serious because anything can come out of that mouth. But the guy works hard. You see it each day. He plays hard, and it shows up on Sundays.”

Richard Sherman writes in Sports Illustrated that players should be paid for performing during the preseason. Good read.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland takes a closer look at the impressive defensive talent that emerged from the 2011 NFL draft class, including Sherman.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Russell Wilson embraces the opportunity to improve every day.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times talks with offensive lineman James Carpenter, who says he is ready to go on Thursday.

NFL Analyst Phil Simms tells Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle that the Seahawks are one of the top 3 teams in the league in this audio link.

Adam Schein of writes the NFC West is the best division in football, and it’s not even close.

Adam Rink of believes Arian Foster could hit a Shaun Alexander-like wall in terms of fantasy value. Check out his fantasy rankings here.

Ryan O’Halloran of The Florida Times-Union writes that the Jaguars claimed former Seahawks linebacker Kyle Knox off of waivers.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Sherman may bump his gums a lot, but he’s generally very thoughtful as well. Especially in interviews. I’ll say this though, if he stumbles this season, he’s going to get killed in the sporting press. That’s the nature of it.

  2. seahawk44 says:

    Will Sidney Rice be ready to play week 1 ?

  3. Sid will be ready. Same with Z. Miller. When will Percy be back…Oct or Nov?


  4. chuck_easton says:

    Well written article by Sherman, but he misses the mark.

    1. Players (who make the team are paid for pre-season), in addition to their $1,500.00 per game perdiem there regular salary is based on 50% of total NFL revenue which includes pre-season.

    2. A player that gets hurt in pre-season either gets put on IR in which he gets his entire season’s pay, or he’s given an injury settlement.

    3. Even if you took every players contract and spread it out over 20 games instead of the 16 regular season games you would have an issue where all 90 players salary would have to count towards the cap for the first 3 games, and 75 players salaries would count against the cap for the final pre-season game. This means more players getting a piece of the total cap, and less money to go to the 53 guys that make the final roster.

    4. If owners did give a break on ticket prices for the pre-season games they would likely have to raise the price of the tickets for the other 8 games or there would be less profit, and less cap (players lose again).

  5. chuck_easton says:


    Nobody knows about Percy, but everything that is being said is November at the earliest and likely December or just before play-offs, if at all.

  6. banosser says:

    McQ to RG please

  7. chuck_easton says:

    And as bbmate will tell you, I’m taking the approach that Harvin won’t be here at all and getting my anger out early to beat the rush.

    Now if he surprises me and actually does come back to help out the team this year I’ll be right here to take some good natured lumps.

    Heck, we can even have a poster contest to determine my penence for doubting Harvin as a player and the FO for giving him the contract.

  8. NYHawkFan says:


    Carpenter says he’s ready to go, so hopefully that will happen. Carp to LG, McQ to RG, Sweezy-the-flag-magnet to backup

  9. jawpeace says:

    It is interesting to see Clemons still on the preseason PUP. Which means he is close to returning. Totally mind blowing that he and RG3 who both tore their ACL in January are close to returning just nine months later. RG3 is a whole lot younger than Clemons and that helps in faster healing time. It still amazes me how fast because I know when I completely tore my ACL in 92 it took a year and a half to get back to full speed. Of course I was not rehabbing 8 hours a day and I know that would make a serious difference.
    Anyways if Clemons could actually make it back for game two that would be amazing and a serious help for the Hawks. Bruce Irving getting suspended for the first four games really has hurt the Hawks because of all the injuries to the D line.

  10. chuck_easton says:

    And now we know why the players have been fighting HGH testing for so long! :)

    queue bbmates rebuttle in 5,4,3,2…

  11. madpunter88 says:

    I am very impressed with Sherman’s article — both the writing and the topic. Its a compelling subject. Any season ticket holder has griped about the same issue — paying regular price for meaningless games. Of course the owners argue the cost for season tickets is not a per unit cost but is averaged for the season to arrive…blah blah blah. The complaint of the players is even more practical. They are being asked to risk serious injury and their livelihood for no pay. It is easy to dismiss that when considering the average salary of even the bottom-of-the-roster players. And Sherman acknowledges that, but the academic and rational argument makes complete sense.

    Chuck Easton does make a good point, though, in that their salary is theoretically based on total revenue including the preseason even if it is only doled out once the season starts.

  12. yakimahawk says:

    The FULL recovery from Harvin’s surgery takes 9-16 weeks depending on the players response and how bad the tear was in the labrum. From what I hear Harvin’s was minor, that is why he could have played with it this year. Week 11 (game wise) is 15 weeks after surgery and right before the bye. So our last 5 games starts his 17th week after surgery and would expext to see Percy for our last 5 games. Could be sooner but PC and JS always play it safe with players. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  13. hawkfan777 says:


    I agree. They will probably wait until after the bye to be safe with Harvin.

    Here is their schedule after the Bye:

    Saints at Home
    49ers at 49ers
    Giants at Giants
    Cards at Home
    Rams at Home

    That 49ers game is key. It may be the deciding factor for who wins the NFC West. Having Harvin for that game would be huge. They also would have very little game tape to review so they can use Harvin in ways that the 49ers may not expect.

  14. rramstad says:

    Chuck, I absolutely agree that there are many factors at play in regards to the preseason and the way it is now. Conversely, I think the way it is now sucks. Sherman provides some insights as to why it sucks. Injury settlements are negotiated — the player has very little leverage in that situation. It is absolutely possible for a very good athlete, who was picked in a low round, to get a career ending injury, and end up with a settlement that looks tiny by comparison to what they might have earned if they had gotten on the regular season roster. Veteran salaries are only guaranteed if the player is on the roster day one of the regular season — if they don’t have a bunch of money up front, they can very well lose a major chunk of cash if they are hurt in the preseason.

    Of course players can always get injury insurance, and this is probably smart for most of them, it’s a relatively minor cost (a few percent of the coverage amount) but Sherman’s point is well taken, they aren’t compensated enough for the risk, for most of them the insurance would cost more than they get paid for preseason.

    I do think there’s room for correction, in particular, players should probably get paid more equally throughout the season, including the offseason and postseason.

    There certainly are accounting methods that could be used to keep the salary cap mechanisms in place, including percentages that would be paid out at certain times, perhaps maximums and minimums, relief if you pay someone something in the preseason who never plays in the regular season due to injury, penalties if you overpay someone in the preseason… you get the idea.

    With the CBA mandating so little contact, I’m actually of the opinion that the four preseason games are more important now than they’ve ever been… which sucks, as they shouldn’t be full price, and are generally just a distraction. I would like the NFL to move to calling them scrimmages or similar, charging 1/4 or 1/5 regular price, and if that meant that regular season game tickets got more expensive, that would be fine.

  15. FleaFlicker says:

    Here’s some ACIB bait:

    Aaron Curry, #4 overall in 2009 draft class, announces retirement…

  16. NYHawkFan says:

    We’ll have a better idea of Harvin’s progress after he comes off the PUP list and starts practicing. Getting up to speed will take a game or two. It would be great to have him for the SF game though.

  17. yankinta says:

    yakimahawk, I’m really hoping that Percy Harvin will be able to help us win at ATLANTA. I think he’ll start practicing by Nov 1st. Pay no attention to what medical experts say. Experts are wrong all the time, just look at what AD did last year. It’s a huge plus that Percy Harvin is only 25 years old.

  18. “Heck, we can even have a poster contest to determine my penence for doubting Harvin as a player and the FO for giving him the contract.”

    May I suggest a pic showing Mr. Chuck Easton appearing in court in a #11 Seahawks jersey? :)

  19. I need some help, so I am turning to my fellow Hawk addicts…. :)

    My wife and I were given tix to the game tomorrow. We haven’t attended a game in person since about 2004. We’re coming down from the Everett area. I’ve checked buses and trains and both are out of the questions. I guess since it’s preseason on a weeknight they keep to their normal schedules, none of which work for us.

    So the big question is where should we park? When going to M’s games I park in the Safeco garage but I have no idea if it will be open for the game. I don’t much care where we park provided it’s reasonably easy to get in and out of and most important it’s a safe walk to and from the stadium.

    So please toss your suggestions my way. And THANKS in advance!

  20. NYHawkFan says:

    Regarding ACIB… helps you appreciate why the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement implemented a rookie wage scale. Curry can now live very comfortably after having ripped-off the Seahawks for millions, playing a couple of years of “football”.

  21. banosser says:

    ^^ $34M guaranteed


  22. FleaFlicker says:

    Skavage: there’s a parking lot on 6th Ave, between Columbia and Cherry. 6th is a one way, you park on the left, under the freeway. About a 10-15 minute walk to the stadium, but it’s literally right next to the I-5 N on-ramp so once you’re at your car you’re in business.

  23. raymaines says:

    I’m not so sure reg. season ticket prices would have to go up to compensate for cheaper preseason games. While 60,000 seats times $XX per seat is nothing to be sneezed at, most most money comes from TV advertising rather than gate receipts. The reason prices haven’t gone down is because, league wide, we’re all dumb enough to fork out the cash to pay for those seats. When that money dries up the price will come down.

  24. FleaFlicker says:

    And one link from the crazy files. Rolling Stone background article on Aaron Hernandez. It’s long, but hard to stop reading once you start.

  25. yankinta says:

    After reading this article,, I’m beginning to think we’ll have some upset Cuts afterall,, My money is on Heath Farwell and Michael Robinson. They’ll probably be asked to take reduction in pay or they’ll be cut. I really hope both will take reduction in pay and stay on the team.

  26. sluggo42 says:

    I doubt they cut MRob, too important in run game blocking, but stranger things happen. I wonder how sick he is?

  27. steffonator says:

    Maybe if our troops in the mid-east got paid the kind of money these guys get, I might feel sorry for the poor players. Half these players couldn’t get jobs in the real world like most of us who pay their salaries. Heck Cops and Firemen should get paid big bonuses every time they have to go out and do their jobs and put their lives on the line. Sure there are only so many positions in the NFL, just like there are only so many jobs for us citizens. Work out some compensation and medical for the guys that get hurt in pre-season and after football, the NFL is “rich” with money, but the cry baby millionaires should shut up and thank God for their jobs. The owners have a right to make tons of dollars, they put up the money to own a team and also they get to pay the bills, no matter how unjust that seems.

  28. If they cut MikeRob, the running game will lose a big piece. I can’t see it. I hope his health is okay.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    I will be shocked if the cut Robinson. He’s as important to this team, from a leadership standpoint and Seattle’s offensive philosophy, as any player currently on the roster. Yes, that includes Wilson. At least IMO.

  30. CB Byron Maxwell
    interviewed by Dave Wyman and Dave Grozbury
    Tuesday 28 August 2012

    Grozbury: They’ve built good depth in the secondary, the starting four, you and the other guys.

    Maxwell: Definitely. They just released Will Blackmon but I thought he was a good player. Phillip Adams last year. These are good players who were taught well here even if they aren’t here. Here we are always competing with ourselves, so we aren’t really worried about being cut. Guys leave here and they play.

    Wyman: Its got to be great to your game. I watched you in college and you were a very physical player. That’s the emphasis here, big physical players.

    Maxwell: Yes. In that DB room, and we even take it to Special Teams… We love chokin guys out. (laughter) I don’t want to say too much, I don’t know what the NFL listens to… but we love chokin guys out.

    Wyman: He’s saying that figuratively everybody. They don’t really choke guys out.

    Maxwell: You want to win at everything you do. You want to deal with it out at practice too. They’re talking smack and you want to be the one who says ‘I got the best of you today’. Irons sharpen irons. That only gets you better.

    Wyman: There was no better example than last year when Browner got to the front of the line to get after T.O. Was Browner just chomping at the bit to get after Terrell Owens? And how was that to watch later in the film room?

    Maxwell: T.O. got it his first day. Browner just punched him to the ground. I said ‘man that’s a future hall of famed he’s doing that to. That looks nasty.’

    Wyman: So Byron, I’m getting that the whole “Legion of Boom” thing doesn’t really matter much to you. (laughter) You’re thinking about going out and getting picks and knocking the you-know-what out of people.

    Maxwell: I’m thinking about steppin an kickin every day. That’s what we do, step and kick.

  31. tylerwyler says:

    Skavage, you might also consider a drive/bus option. There are some buses that run pretty darn frequently along the way. The 41 from Northgate Transit center is super fast to the International District/Chinatown Station. Also, the D Line is VERY frequent, even late at night, albeit a bit of a walk between the stadium and the first/last stops downtown, and not the fastest. You can connect to the D Line by hopping in the tunnel station and taking any train/bus between Int. station and the University Street Station. Sometimes it’s a major time saver to just take the first tunnel bus that comes along to get out of the hustle of post-game Stadium District and get out of gridlock. I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to get ten blocks to an on ramp post-game.

  32. grizindabox24 says:

    JS on the radio made it seem like money will factor into the cuts. He implied that the better option may go to keep the less expensive option. I think you will see a move or two that are surprising to many.

  33. Agree with Stevos on the Mike Rob front. Aside from leadership in the locker room, he is a huge part of the run game success, IMO. ‘Shawn has even said, “he is my eyes”. I sure hope they keep him for this year at least, and let those younger FB’s learn from him. Without MR, i will be skeptical of the run game until i see it produce. I guess these are the tough decisions we have to live with as fans now that the roster is stacked…i sure am glad i do not have to make those decisions.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    Will Blackmon just signed with the Jags. I’m guessing we can assume that Bradley will be picking up quite a few more cuts from the D side of the ball in the next few days.

    I certainly hope Alaska Airlines has a direct flight from Sea-Tac to Jax airport. It would be filled with former Seattle players!

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    Danny 710ESPNSeattle ‏@BrocknDanny 4m
    FB Mike Robinson had a virus that hit him pretty hard. Might be a couple weeks before he’s ready to play for the #Seahawks.

  36. Carlsonkid says:

    Highly doubtful MRob is cut . I’ve heard sports talk radio conjecture that Winfield could be a surprise cut also – I just don’t see it . You don’t get rid of that kind of veteran leadership & talent while trying to make a Championship run . Regardless of how well Thurmond or Ware etc. play .

    Ware is PS eligible as a rookie , and Thurmond – regardless of the fact he’s playing well & I’m rooting for him – has yet to show he can stay healthy . Winfield can also play outside the slot if – God forbid – something happens to Sherman or Browner . As for MikeRob , he & Zach Miller are a large part of Beast Mode’s success , and the coaching staff knows it . Next year , I could see them trying to restructure both Miller and Robinson’s contracts , but it’s not like we have cap problems this year .

  37. hmm.. Blackmon and Knox now both on the Jaguars? My guess is Jaye Howard might be the next cut Seahawk to end up in Florida and play for Bradley again.

  38. Maxwell sounds like a cool dude. I’d love to meet him.

    Adams is a good player, hindsight shows we should have kept him and cut Winston Guy. Jax has two ex-hawks already, two guys I liked a lot. Loil for that number to increase, with the Jets and Raiders getting into it as well.

    Don’t think Mike Rob gets cut due to the lack of skill evidenced behind him, and his leadership. Still, with Schneider threatening the money/cap card you never know. They better be careful copying GB too much–ask Favre how it felt to see all his decent linemen and WR’s leave for more money…and ask him how many championships they won once they got cheap.

  39. Here comes opening day and Here Comes The Hype. picks to win each division”
    Six of the seven analysts polled take the Seahawks to win the NFC West.
    Three have the Seahawks winning the entire NFC.
    Two pick Seattle to win the Super Bowl.—and-its-not-even-close/727db3e3-7ce0-4b81-91f4-bc811a70f654

  40. Stevos–if Howard can get back from his cheap shot injury and play well vs da Raidas, I think Quinn keeps him. He has more upside than McDonald, and with Williams to IR, there is a spot for him and McDaniels. Though McDonald plays 1-tech and Howard 3-tech and 5-tech I think, and McDonald has looked good too…

  41. STTBM, yeah man, I’m glad we have some of those battles to watch on Thursday night. That 4th preseason game is usually painful to watch.

    But I’m looking forward to watching a few guys on Thursday:

    LG Carpenter
    LG? McQuistan (will he play RG at all?)
    DT McDaniel
    DT McDonald
    DT Siliga
    DE Howard
    LB/Leo Schofield
    SAM LB Smith
    RB/FB Ware
    FB Coleman

  42. SaigonSun says:

    Gus Bradley and the jags are licking their chops waiting for the players we will cut. Teams like Jags and Jets don’t have to waste money on scouts and such…just wait for what PC/JS cut and there you go: instant play-off team. At least, I’m happy for Tru, Blackmon and Kyle Knox.
    Chuck-Easton … dude, sorry to inform you that I am the first to blow his top off after the trade for Harvin. Those posts were what cemented my “don’t feed the troll” status here. It is all documented and you of all understand the power of evidence ( he,he).
    Yankita, true what you said about some players coming beck quicker from once career ending surgeries ( RGIII, AP, etc). Those people are warriors, A MAN type of young machos. “Our” Harvin….. (?) meh, what can I say; my second ex-wife was tougher than Percy “Pussy” Harvin. He will never be a MAN , much less : a warrior ! You all know the sayin’ : it’s not the size of the dog in the fight….

  43. Stevos–yeah, I know what you mean. I hate the final preseason game, and I especially hate that it’s vs tha Raiders, usually the dirtiest team in football. The usually seriously injure 2-4 of our guys, and once put one of our guys on IR two consecutive years. They ruined Tubbs knee for the second and final time…consequently, while I’m hoping some things get figured out in this game, all I really want is to escape it healthy.

  44. For both 11 on 11 practice and preseason games, since they don’t really count record-wise towards getting the team into the playoffs, I’d like to see all of SEA’s O&D linemen and RBs wear some kinda shoes with reinforced tops to prevent planter-fascietis (sp?) type injuries from getting their feet stomped on. I’m sure Nike could come up with something like that.

    Also, I’d like all of SEA’s players to wear both heavy duty ankle braces and knee braces in practice and preseason games to prevent injuries to ankles, knees, etc. If it would help prevent ankle/foot injuries maybe the ankle brace might attach to reinforced shoes somehow to transmit lateral forces more directly into the turf.

    If everybody fighting to make the team had to wear them, then the competition for SEA’s roster spots would remain equal. Wearing several extra pounds of gear in practice should add to players conditioning (since there’s no more two-a-days, anyway) and the whole idea would be for the team to go into the regular season without as many injuries.

  45. RDPoulsbo says:

    As long as Mike Rob continues to play at a high level, it’s more likely they extend his contract to make it more cap friendly than to cut him. While Coleman and Ware have played decently, they are more likely PS candidates than someone ready to replace him. I doubt either would be picked up by another team.

    I’m actually surprised that the cap is in pretty decent shape with $9.4 mil to roll over into next year. That’s even with Flynn costing $4 mil against the cap.

  46. Hopefully under McKenzie the Raiders are changing and will no longer be as dirty.

    I will be watching Lg/Rg, Sam, Leo, and the entire backup secondary, as well as Ware/Coleman and the DT’s playing Branch’s old spot.

  47. Klm–problem is, you use those braces in preseason, when you take them off it changes how you use your muscles etc and you risk muscle strains/pulls, tendon/ligament strains, etc…plus they slow you down, which can lead to giving up sacks and get your qb hurt…no free lunch…

  48. grizindabox24 says:

    Talk on KJR is that Mebane and McDaniel are question marks with hammy issues, Bennett is away getting a procedure on his toe, and everyone knows about Clemens and Avril. It is possible that the Hawks starting D-Line at Carolina could be Bryant, McDonald, Howard or Siliga, and Schofield.

  49. RDPoulsbo – sure hope you’re right about getting Ware and Coleman to the PS. I’d hoped SEA coulda gotten M.Bennett onto the PS too, but TB got him right off.

  50. grizindabox24 says:

    Also, with MRob most likely unavailable week 1, that means Ware or Coleman have a good chance of being on the 53

  51. Yikes, these D-line injuries are a bit ridiculous. Hopefully they are just taking precaution on them…but jeez how many groin tweaks will there be? A bit nervous for this opener if the line will not have bennett, mcdaniels and mebane

  52. STTBM – I’d rather have a 1 week hammy early in reg season than a 12+ week MCL/ACL/high ankle sprain, etc. in off-/preseason. With another QB (and OL), maybe I’d worry more about sacks/hits/etc, but RW improved (in GB anyway) when he was pressured over when he was not. Maybe football would end up being played in fully protective body armour with airbags etc, and would be as fun to watch as tiddly-winks, or morris dancers, but I don’t want to watch an exciting preseason game or practice because it’s like some kinda player destruction-derby. I want to get excited seeing SEA win a SB with healthy talent.

  53. Nothing builds confidence more than a statement like this from a player coming off of an injury(sarcasm):

    “My knee is 110 percent,”… I hope so James cuz we need you to sieze and own that left guard spot at some point this year. I’m not going to throw Sweezy to the wolves just yet at RG. Looking at where he is coming from I feel like he can make significant improvement over the course of this season. Granted he is still raw but his ceiling is higher than P McQ. All of this “growing” requires patience and that is frustratingly sucky but it’s the playoffs that count and I hope we are in and at our best when they role around.

    Here’s to hoping Carp’s nickname doesn’t end up being “Mister Glass”.

  54. I agree with that Galena, 110% ;-)

    IMO, I think Carpenter has been unfairly labelled as injury-prone. The team brought him back too fast from his knee surgery so its their fault he re-injured that knee last year. I hope he gets some steady work for a few weeks and proves wrong everyone who called him a bust.

  55. DanielleMND says:

    steffonator, so players are “cry babies” if they want better compensation, but the owners “have a right to make tons of dollars”? How does that work?

  56. raymaines says:

    So much to say and I haven’t been keeping notes:

    SaigonSun, you’re funny and so is your ex-wife. Wrong, but funny.

    MikeRob isn’t going anywhere, but I could see Winfield getting cut on Friday. He probably won’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

    How can we as a group pretty much agree that PC&JS always bring players back from injuries slowly, erring on the side of caution, and still say JC was rushed into action at the expense of his knees? Come on guys, pick a side.

    I don’t know if the Raiders use a zone blocking scheme, but everybody that doesn’t use it, and most teams that do use it, think everybody that does use it is a dirty rotten team. And that includes us. I’m sure the Raiders are worried about being injured too.

    Please God, get me through to Friday safe and sound. Please let PC&JS make the right decisions. Who cares what JAX or NYJ do? Is it politically correct to hope Luke Kuechly gets lost on the way to the stadium next Sunday, drives into a bad neighborhood and gets shot?

  57. raymaines says:

    Actually, I’m not worried about me getting through to Friday safe and sound. I’ll take my chances. I’m worried about the front line Seahawk guys getting through unharmed.

    This might be the very last time I ever get to say this: Geoux ‘Hawks!!

  58. There’s no doubt the team pushed Carp to come back too soon last year–everyone could see his knee wasn’t right, but they pushed till it broke–just like Shanahan with RG3…

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