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Miller, Carpenter set to play vs. Raiders

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August 28, 2013 12:59 pm

Apparently, Zach Miller is a persuasive guy.

Earlier this week, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said his starting tight end likely would sit out the entire preseason to make sure he was ready to play against Carolina in the season opener.

Miller recently was activated of the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, and has looked good in practice coming off a foot issue. Miller wanted to play on Thursday against his old team, the Oakland Raiders, and apparently will get his wish.

“He’s going to get into the game, and he’s ready to go,” Carroll said. “It surprised us that he jumped back so well.”

So what caused Carroll to have the change of heart?

“He just looked so good,” Carroll said. “He’s ready. And there’s no reason not to. He’s full go.”

Carroll announcement that Miller will play was part of a meaty, news-filled interview after today’s walk-through practice that lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Along with Miller, offensive lineman James Carpenter will play for the first time this preseason, after nursing a foot injury most of training camp.

“We’re looking forward to him playing,” Pete said. “It’s necessary for him to get out there and play again. He’s really making some progress. He missed a couple weeks here, so it will be great to have him out.

Carroll said that fullback Michael Robinson, out for over a week with a virus, will not play against Oakland, and could be a scratch for the season opener.

“He’s dealing with some intricacies about the illness he has,” Carroll said. “It’s going to take us a little time before we get him back out here. Hopefully he may be ready in a couple weeks.”

With Robinson out, Derrick Coleman will be the first man up at fullback, followed by rookie Spencer Ware. Phil Bates will work mostly at receiver on Thursday, Carroll said.

Defensive tackle Michael Bennett also will miss the Oakland game to go have a procedure performed on his toe, but should be ready to go next week.

Defensive lineman Brandon Mebane and Tony McDaniel will not play because of ailing groin injuries. Clinton McDonald will start for Mebane, but Carroll was not clear who would start at 3-tech for McDaniel.

Carroll said whether Mebane and McDaniel are available for the Carolina game will depend on how they respond to treatment and practice time next week.

According to Carroll, rookie defensive tackle Jordan Hill is responding well to treatment for a strained bicep, and could be back sooner than expected.

“We thought originally it was going to be something that might really cost him,” Carroll said. “But we’ll find out where he is next week, and take it from there. We don’t know yet, but he is responding well. He’s feeling good. He doesn’t have any pain or discomfort, so there’s a chance he may get back here sooner than we thought originally.”

Sidney Rice (knee) will not play against Oakland, but is expected to be ready for the Carolina game, unless he suffers a setback in practice during game week.

Defensive end Cliff Avril (hamstring) also will not play against the Raiders, but is hopeful to play against Carolina.

Carroll said DeShawn Shead, Jermaine Kearse and Bryan Walters all will get an opportunity to return kicks on Thursday. And Walter Thurmond will get the bulk of the punt returns early in the game.

Carroll also talked about the tough decisions ahead, with the cut down date for the final 53-man roster on Saturday. This year’s cuts will be much more difficult for the organization than when Carroll and general manager John Schneider arrived over three years ago.

“It’s a much different time for us,” Carroll said. “John was madly scouring everybody else’s list to fill up our roster at that time. We’re still doing that, and will compete like crazy at that. But it’s not going to apply nearly as much.

“We know guys on our team are going to go to other teams and play. We know that, and we’re proud of that. Sometimes you can’t tell. We have to make a decision now, and maybe that guy a month from now is a better player than the guy (you keep) – that’s how close it is in some situations. In some situations you just don’t want to let the guy go. And we have guys we just don’t want to cut, but we’re going to have to make those choices.”

Notes from practice
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  1. PugetHawk says:

    Great news about Carp. I really like what I saw with he and Okung on that left side. It could be a newer version of what we had ten seasons ago with Walt and Hutch. Add in a pro bowl center and Lynch should have gaping holes to run through.

  2. If they run out of D linemen they can move Sweezy back..

  3. Dukeshire says:

    What “illness” does Robinson have? It’s all so weird.

  4. chuck_easton says:

    I’m not a doctor, but I do recall when my son had Mono he was out of all contact sports for several weeks. Something to do with concern about hits to the spleen in the weakened condition.

  5. yakimahawk says:

    Chuck, it could be mono, that is the only type of “virus” that depletes energy for that long. Though Carroll said he was “violently ill” which to me sounds like a baterium like salmonella that they do give anti-biotics for but your gastro track and evergy level is done for about a month. Send out our prayers and thoughts to Mike-Rob for a good and speedy recovery.

  6. Mike Rob was rumored to have been bitten by a Chupacabra. That is the source of this mystery illness so I am told.

    Here’s my roster prediction numbers by position group for Seattle:

    QB 2
    RB 4
    WR 5
    OL 9
    TE 2

    S 3
    CB 5
    LB 4
    DL 16

    ST 3

  7. Wow, so against Carolina on the D line we are possibly looking at no Mebane, McDaniel, Avril, Clemons, Hill, Irvin…did I miss anyone? YIKES

  8. WiscCory says:

    Having Avril and Mebane ready in week 1 would be huge. In addition to Miller, Rice, and Carp on the other side of the ball.

    I agree with the comments a few days ago that anyone who sees Carolina as an easy win needs to regauge the situation.

    Regardless of the team, it’s an east coast, early start game. A true test for the Hawks, becuase prior to the Chicago game last season, those were the continuous achilles heals for this team for many years.

    If the Hawks beat Carolina, it will be a huge message to fans that this is going to be special year. A loss could mean it’s the same ol stuff from past years that still needs to be overcome.

    BTW, is anyone else as worried as I am about the depth at MLB? The national media talks about TE in that light, but McGrath rocks and Willson is promising. AT MLB, I thought Bradford got eaten up by Vince Young the other night, so imagine what an actual starting QB would do to him. Hopefully Wagner stays tough and durable, but if he were to go down, count me to be on the “doom is imminent” train.

  9. WiscCory says:

    Wes09 – I didn’t read it that way. I read it to say their resting Avril and Mebane so that they have a better chance to play Carolina.

    Turn your glass into half full, my friend.

  10. grizindabox24 says:

    Cory, sounds to me that Mebane, McDaniel, and Avril will be gametime decisions

  11. chuck_easton says:

    And as we have learned in years past, when Pete says a player is a ‘game time decision’ 90% of the time that decision turns out to be the player isn’t in the game.

  12. “I thought Bradford got eaten up by Vince Young the other night, so imagine what an actual starting QB would do to him.”

    Riiiight. You seem to be forgetting about the missed INT Bradford should have made. Now, if you will, try and imagine what Bradford might look like in the midst of actual starters on that defense surrounding him instead of a lineup which is composed of mostly 3rd stringers.

  13. “If they run out of D linemen they can move Sweezy back.”

    What a comedian you are.

  14. FleaFlicker says:

    10 days until real football….let’s just get there healthy, please.

  15. trout_hound says:

    MRob probably has Beaver Fever.

  16. yankinta says:

    lol Pete Prisco doesn’t pick the hawks,, what a surprise!! DumbAss 1 (Skip Bayless) and DumbAss 2 (Pete Prisco)….

    They’re gonna be very unhappy to see us win games….. and RW outperforming Luck and RG3….

  17. Southendzone says:

    The Mike Rob thing is really odd. Could this answer have been more evasive and vague

    “He’s dealing with some intricacies about the illness he has”

    ummmm ok!

    Mono & Salmonella were pretty good guesses above. I sort of wondered about one of those MRSA outbreaks like Tampa Bay had, but it seems like that would also be public and not a secret.

    They have called it a virus before, in which case Salmonella or MRSA wouldn’t count as they are both bacterial.

    This one is a major riddle, and in the absence of any real info from the Hawks, it’s a perfect time for the:

    1st ANNUAL Guess the Seahawk Mystery illness contest. (prize to be determined later)

    I’m taking Lyme disease, so that’s off the board.

    Good luck to everyone.

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    Maybe Mike Rob has shingles. Just didn’t listen to all the stupid ads warning about the virus…

    Carp playing against a bunch of backups. Not very impressive. Still the starters aren’t exactly showing much competence in pass protection.

  19. WiscCory says:

    Sekolah, notice you had to say “should have made”. Watch that whole series.

  20. Who plays Thursday night is not that important.
    Who plays in the opener at Carolina is important.
    Who plays in the home opener against the Niners is critical.
    I’m sure Coach will manage players accordingly.

  21. sluggo42 says:

    If they switched Sweezy back to D, he could be the only full time player in the league

  22. sluggo42 says:

    If they switched Sweezy back to D, he could be the only full time player in the league

  23. edstang45 says:

    Dang man I need some good news, some surpriise to make me less anxious concerning our D-Line!!!! Where is our off season improvements on our pass rush…I see a weakness there…somebody please ease my panic of the lack of pass rush for this team…this is bothering me big time!!! c’mon somebody ease my pain!!!!

  24. edstand45 — let me give that a try:

    Total Sacks by Seahawks in 2012:

    Total sacks in 2012 by players now playing for Seahawks in 2013:
    Clemons 11.5
    Irvin 8.0
    Mebane 3.0
    Wagner 2.0
    Johnson 2.0
    Sherman 1.0
    Wright 1.0
    Avril (Detroit) 9.5
    Bennett (Tampa) 9.0
    McDaniel (Miami) 0.5
    Winfield (Minn) 0.5

    Total 48.0

    So we’ve already increased our sacks by 33%, and the season hasn’t even started yet.
    Does that ease your pain?

  25. Just want to get through the game with no new injuries. Considering all the players out for the year on other teams – I think we aren’t doing too bad. Glad Zach will get some reps. Carp needs the time to get in shape. Anxious to see the new guy Saliga (sp?)from Denver. Bummer about McDaniel – looks like we need him to start.
    Also looks like Coleman has passed up Ware? Amazing that after watching the Hawks since inception we’ve wanted to get national attention – and now they are mentioned as a top contender in almost every publication or show. We’ve got the respect – now need to prove it starting September 8. Can’t wait.

  26. “Also looks like Coleman has passed up Ware?”

    I don’t think so. I think Coleman is still the #2 FB after Robinson. Ware is a tailback with potential to learn the FB position, but that won’t happen overnight.

    Ware looks good and might be worthy of being the #2 or #3 RB on most teams, and maybe on ours, but if he’s competing for a FB job, he had better get to the practice squad and spend a year learning to play FB.

    I’m expecting Coleman on the 53, and they’ll hope to sneak Ware onto the practice squad. If Ware gets stolen, that would suck, but to go into the season with MikeRob sick and no backup FB would be stupid, IMO.

  27. Good call on Blackmon being snatched up by Jacksonville a couple days ago Stevos. I was thinking the same thing when that happened, but that was partially in hopes that he didn’t stay in the division. On Ware though, I think everyone knows he’s looked too good to try to sneak onto the practice squad. However, it would definitely help to have as much roster flexibility as possible with all the shuffling that will be needed along the defensive line. Getting kinda dicey up front.

  28. edstang45 says:

    Clemons still out hasn’t practiced
    Mebane groin/hammy
    Irvin out 4 games has he grown up??
    Avril still hasn’t practiced or play’d
    Bennet Toe issue hasn’t really shown up yet
    Mcdaniels hasn’t shown up yet atleast with 1st unit
    Winfield as looked like another teams starter but not on this team yet
    ……….arrrrrgh Stevos Pass rush has been coming from 3rd units in second halfs….Hopefully I’m worrying for nothing..But last year we lamented all year long about pressure pressure pressure!!!!!….

    Only glaring weakness I can see, that is if TE’s show up.

  29. I agree with everything you said Stevos. I guess in my mind Ware was picked to compete with MikeRob or be his backup. I assumed Ware would be the 5th running back (if we kept a 5th) and now it looks like it will be Coleman. I really like the potential Ware has shown – hope he can make it to practice squad.

  30. raymaines says:

    D-Day minus Ten.

    All God’s chillin got weaknesses. Some worse than others.
    That would be them, not us.

    I say the ‘Hawks kick some serious Panther butt week one. First half is relatively even. In the second half both Cam and Marshawn get all crazy. Cam in a bad way, Marshawn in a good way. Go ‘Hawks!

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wow! What a great article.

    If it wasn’t for players like James Harris perhaps we wouldn’t be sitting here counting our potential Super Bowl wins with Wilson.

  32. raymaines says:

    It goes without saying…

    No it doesn’t.

    I’m saying it anyway.

    Please Lord, no season changing injuries on Thursday night. Please. Thank you. Ray

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Sneaking Ware on the practice squad is not going to happen imo.
    And I would be very surprised if Coleman makes the 53.

    Ware just has too much upside to let him go and keep Coleman, who has had more time to learn the playbook and system.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here’s my roster prediction numbers by position group for Seattle:

    QB 2
    RB 5
    WR 6
    OL 10
    TE 2

    S 3
    CB 6
    LB 6
    DL 10

    ST 3

  35. Georgia, yes, I get that. I’d steal Ware if I were on another team. I’m just concerned that a Big chunk of Marshawn’s 1590 yards came from Robinson making key blocks for him. Ware won’t learn how to do that any time soon. He could be a liability as a blocker.

    It will be interesting to see how both he and Coleman do as blockers on Thursday night. We’ll see. Cheers.

  36. just a stray thought here… and maybe I drank one too many tonight but…

    We have four RBs and two FBs Robinson may be expensive but he is key to our rushing attack and special teams. Chris Michael and Spencer Ware both look good enough to be future starters.

    Maybe Turbin is the odd man out. He’s a good back, but he needs to be a great receiver to succeed as a third down back and he hasn’t proven this yet. Also, dude cannot block. Its disappointing but he’s a poor blocker. It would be a very tough decision but maybe Turbin is the odd man out.

  37. I wonder if Bradford could be trained as a back up fullback too? That might allow a little flexibility. Doubt it will happen … too late in the game this year. But if you think about it makes at least a little sense. Former running back, big, fast and with a new sense of where linebackers will go.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Interesting view on Turbin, and I agree about him not being a good blocker.
    I still think we keep 5 overall though.

    And that’s coming from one that has had three too many. Lol.

  39. Stevos talking sensibly there. I’ve wondered about Turbin ever since he was drafted.

  40. raymaines says:

    Stevos: I agree that Turbo might be the odd man out, but I innocently ask if CM has shown you anything that would make a rational person think he would be a better backup to Lynch than the Turbonater? Blocking? Running? Catching? Anything? Two good runs against third team guys doesn’t count.

    Paulsj: Are we talking about the same Bradford? Linebacker/fullback? I’m thinking maybe no. There just has to be born and bred FB kind of guy out there. There just isn’t enough room on a 53 guy roster (45 active on any given Sunday) for this kind of project. Even if he turns out to be an awesome FB, he’s still ONLY a FB. If you could turn a LB into a #1 receiver we’d be talking business.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    I’m hoping Winfield takes Thurmond under his wing the way Milloy did with our safeties. I don’t want to lose either one and Walter could learn a lot. Michaels doesn’t have enough knowledge of the system yet, so he can’t be counted on 100% right off, but i agree that Turbin has some deficiencies and inconsistencies. He’s still can wear down the opposing D after Lynch wears them out, then michaels steps in and blows by them.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Willie Nelson-

    Always on my mind.

    “Maybe we didn’t play good”
    “Quite as often as we could have”
    “And maybe we didn’t win much”
    “Quite as good as we should have”

    “If we win the NFC west this year”
    “We will be doing very fine”
    “Super Bowl is on our minds”
    “Super Bowl is on our minds”

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Boz Scaggs- Lido Shuffle.

    “Stevos missed the boat
    today on TNT blog”
    “But that was all he missed”
    “And he is comin’ back”

    “At a tombstone bar”
    “In a juke-joint blog he made a stop”
    “Just long enough”
    “To grab a handle off the top”
    “Next stop Seahawktown”
    “Stevos put the money down”
    “Let him roll’
    “He say, “one more FB oughta get it
    “One last shot for Ware to get it”

    “One for the road”

    “Stevos, whoa-oh-oh-oh….”
    “You’re for the Seahawks, You’re for the show”
    “Stevos is a-waitin’ for another go’
    “Stevos, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh….
    “He said, “one more DT oughta get it”
    “One last shot, and well win it”

  44. I was of course joking with my roster numbers, at least I hope so. We might have to carry 16 D-Linemen just to field 4 healthy guys. Let’s keep Red off the field this week so that we have at least one starter ready for the season opener.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Galena- I hear you, lol.

    Perhaps the offense will have to take charge!

  46. I think I would be slightly shocked to see Turbin become a roster casualty. I can’t agree with that type of perception at all at this point, not after the kind of year he had as a rookie, and not after only just one season. What I am starting to see take shape here is a turnstyle system of backs; something akin to what the 2007 Giants had going with their Earth, Wind and Fire backfield.

    Pete Carroll stated almost from day one of his hiring that he wanted a stable of RB’s that could rotate in and play off of one another. Lynch, Michael and Turbin is the 3 punch combination that Pete’s been waiting for, and Spencer Ware even gives this team a 4th guy who’s running style kind of sets him apart from the others. I guess we’ll have to see what he can do against regular season comp, but Ware has a punishing style of running that I think could potentially be the best on the team in terms of just pure smashmouth, truck-right-through-you type of power.

    As for the fullback situation, I am not all that worried because this offense uses the TE’s a lot in the run game, even as lead blockers at times. Zach Miller has been effective in that sort of role, and recently I have been pleased with what I’ve seen of Luke Willson’s ability as a blocker. So if Mike Rob can’t go week one there’s options aplenty if all that is called for is a lead blocker.

  47. SaigonSun says:

    Wakey wakey sleepy heads !

  48. grizindabox24 says:

    Georgia, I see no way the Hawks keep fewer than 3 tight ends. I also think they will utilize the TE position more like an H-Back and use fewer FB in sets.

  49. grizindabox24 says:

    I see no way the Hawks cut Turbin.

  50. I’d also be real surprised if Turbin was cut. He played really well toward the end of the season and came up big in the last playoff game. But then I would never have thought we’d use our top pick on a RB either.

  51. Turbin whiffed trying to block Clay Matthews, suddenly he’s a poor pass blocker?! He’s fine. He’s much better at it than Christine Michaels, thats for damn sure!

    I dont think Seattle trades him for the same reasons they wont trade Mike Rob–he’s too good–plus, unlike Mike Rob, he’s CHEAP!

    Michaels has a long way to go to beat out Turbo for the backup RB spot, though his talent is undeniable and exciting.

    If someone offers us a good chunk in trade–a very good player and/or a second round pick–I could maybe see it, but otherwise Turbin is one of the better backup RB’s in the league.

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