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Morning links: Holmgren’s one of us now

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 27, 2013 at 6:03 am with 47 Comments »
August 27, 2013 6:03 am
Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, right, answers questions in Kirkland, Wash., on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008. Holmgren said during his annual season-ending news conference that he could "perhaps" decide by next week whether to remain the NFL football team's coach, after he spends a few days talking with his wife, Kathy, at their home in Arizona. (AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)(AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)
Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, right, answers questions in Kirkland, Wash., on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008. Holmgren said during his annual season-ending news conference that he could “perhaps” decide by next week whether to remain the NFL football team’s coach, after he spends a few days talking with his wife, Kathy, at their home in Arizona. (AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)(AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune profiles former Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren’s transition from football guy to guy who talks about football.

Holmgren makes an appearance on the radio five times a week with KJR-AM. Now that his coaching days are over, as a member of the media Holmgren can still stay close to the game he loves.

Boling: “Seattle media could see this coming, having viewed Holmgren as the master of the press conference soliloquy, sometimes lapsing into Garrison Keillor mode to weave entertaining stories that might have very little to do with the question that was asked.

“Often, he would pass along some bit of critical commentary from his youngest daughter Gretchen, who served as his comical conscience, and suddenly he seemed like a genial uncle or friendly neighbor, and the media members tended to forget that they had been ready to criticize him for calling that draw play on third-and-long again.

His appearance on the air waves couldn’t come at a better time, as Holmgren agrees that Seahawks mania may now be at levels even higher than when he led them to four straight division titles and a Super Bowl XL appearance.”

Here’s my story on Cliff Avril’s injury status and injury bug biting the defensive line.

Pro Football Focus previews the Seahawks.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle tells us what we learned from the Seahawks preseason win over Green Bay.

Clare Farnsworth of focuses on Seattle’s penalty issues in his Monday practice report.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times attempts to project the Seahawks final, 53-man roster. I will keep with tradition and project a final roster after the last preseason game on Thursday.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated places the Seahawks atop the list of the league’s best defenses.

Listen to Russell Wilson on the Dan Patrick show in the video below.

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York believes the Jets made a mistake in releasing Braylon Edwards.

Former Seahawks first round pick defensive end Lawrence Jackson was released by Minnesota.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post takes a look at the betting lines for each game in Week 1, offering some analysis on each game. The Seahawks are 3-point favorites on the road against Carolina.

Joel Corry of CBS Sports gives us an inside look at how teams will make decision on cutting down to 75 and ultimately the final, 53-man roster. Teams have to cut down to 75 players by 1 p.m. Pacific time today. This is a good read if you have salary cap questions, and how that plays a role into final roster cuts.

ESPN’s Mike Sando has snap counts for all starting quarterbacks during preseason play.

Morning links
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  1. bbnate420 says:

    A Garrison Keillor reference, eh Dave? Now that’s impressive. Now I remember why Dave and Eric are the best in the biz when it comes to the Hawks. I should mention Sando as well. Very nice, gentlemen.

  2. daveboling says:

    bbmate420 … I think Lake Wobegone is just outside Green Bay

  3. bbnate420 says:

    Dave, I just heard that they passed a referendum in Lake Wobegone though. It says that people still whining about the “Fail Mary” must be put in the stocks or tarred and feathered.

    I should re-register as bbmate. Then I could pass myself off as an Aussie and maybe some wouldn’t waste their time with nonsenical marijuana digs.

  4. bbnate420 says:


  5. bbnate420 says:

    Dave and/or Eric, I would definitely appreciate your guesses about what will be the starting o-line will be week one. I mean after they play the Raiders and maybe a few days before they actually play Carolina. I guess I’m just asking about the OGs. Seems the other positions are set right now.

    On that subject Dave, do you see a likely scenario where Bailey could take over starting at RT from Breno in 2014? And I’m probably one of the least of Breno’s critics on here, but I certainly think he could be replaced by an upgrade in the next year or 2.

  6. bbnate420 says:

    *come week one.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Who gives a rip where Lake Woeisme is located? Maybe if the Packers o line wasn’t a sieve and they could have kept Rodgers upright in the first half, it wouldn’t have come down to that. (Can you tell I’m sick to death about that play and Green Bay’s whining?)

  8. yankinta says:

    What??!! He forgot to say GO HAWKS at the end of the Dan Patrick Interview..,,, first he threw 2 picks, now this?? This dude is slipping!! We need to bench him…

  9. There we ave it in writing – Yankitna wants RW benched – cant deny it now you wrote it . . .

  10. Condotta’s predictions along the DL are interesting but I just don’t see keeping 11

  11. yanker has reneged on his DangeRuss guarantee! Can’t believe it.

  12. I think having 11 DL spots is possible after week 4 if you count CC and Irvin as d-lineman.

  13. Picture and headline scared the hell out of me…I was afraid Holmgren was back in some team capacity.

  14. yankita, he did say Go Hawks, but Dan was talking over him…So funny how this has become his saying now. I absolutely love it

  15. chuck_easton says:

    But Wilson threw 2 INT’s in a pre-season game. Bench him and start MikeRob at QB!

    There, now the regular season can begin.

  16. sluggo42 says:

    Listen again Yank, he slipped it in, and Patrick even commented on it

    Every time baby!

  17. sluggo42 says:

    Maybe Holgrem has always been a Hawk at heart, but was just burnt out on numbskull…
    That would be pretty understandable…

  18. bbnate – while we’re musing on the Seahawks O line. Here’s a couple of thoughts.

    I know Boling has been a proponent of moving McQuistan to RG once Carp is back. It would be interesting to hear more of his thoughts on all the OL prospects.

    I watched Bailey a lot in camp and he has a good shot at making this team, but seeing him as a future RT doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Bailey was a G in college and they’ve taught him mostly at LT through camp and preseason because he has great feet and pass-pro technique, but lacks the explosion Cable likes at the G and RT positions.

    As for RT, I agree Breno should have competition there eventually with all the depth we are building. I think Bowie fits the profile, and so does McQuistan, both of whom have ideal RT bodies. Looks like Breno is the RT starter for this season as he was offered no real challenge in camp. Still, I’d like to see Breno as a blocking TE/ 6th OL type player used in the run game, and I’d like to see a better pass protector like McQ at RT.

  19. chuck – and you know we need Flynn back too. He was never given a chance to outcompete Wilson.

  20. trout_hound says:

    Wilson seemed more relaxed and affable with Patrick than he usually is. Hard not to like the guy. I think he’s got a long career in broadcasting once he hangs up his helmet.

    That PFF article definitely points out some areas of concern, especially with our O-line, interior D line, backup QB’s, and, dare I say it, our safeties. I know Kam’s wheels were bothering him in the playoffs, so that may be what it was. Earl just needs to wrap up better. Seems like he’s prone to try to arm tackle while flying in there.

  21. “Condotta’s predictions along the DL are interesting but I just don’t see keeping 11″

    I’m also not at all in agreement with his prediction for Spencer Ware. Cutting him would be like just giving him away; essentially giving another team Seattle’s draft pick they spent on Ware this year. Another team will nab him if he hits waivers. There’s too many teams out there right now that are hurting for bodies at RB, and Spencer Ware has some nice tape to show what he’s capable of as a runner.

    He’s obviously not quite there in terms of replacing Mike Robinson, but at the very least he has shown promise as a RB. Coleman’s had a strong camp, and he looks to be slightly ahead of Spencer Ware in terms of being a lead blocker, but Ware offers a dimension as a runner that I think this coaching staff really likes; in fact the things that Pete and John had to say about Ware on draft day in terms of the kind of runner he is have definitely shown up in these preseason games.

    Also, that 4th safety spot is a hot one. Jeron Johnson feels like a lock at this point, but Chris Maragos might not be around much longer, especially if Pete and co. are confident in Jeron Johnson’s abilities as a backup FS. Pete continues to gush about Winston Guy, so I’m getting the sense that Guy might be favored based on his growth potential, which is starting to show. There’s a lot riding on the game against Oakland for the guys vying to be this team’s 4th safety.

  22. Who’s this bbnate fellow? He sounds sexy! :-)

    That’s a reference to someone else on the blog if you don’t get it. And I don’t mean bbnate420. That was me. I’m going to use this handle now. I was thinking of tweaking it, and I really liked Dave Boling’s typo of my handle. Still feel free to think I’m a dumb ass pot head, a DB, or anything else. I’m not trying to hide.

  23. Stevos, I was referring to 2014. But Bowie at RT and Bailey at one of the OG positions would be fine with me. I partially brought it up because McQ and Breno are UFAs after this season.

  24. got it, mate.

  25. Seholah, good points there.

    some coming tough decisions:

    FB, RB on the bubble: Coleman, Ware, Turbin
    I think two of these guys make the 53. I never thought Turbin could be expendable, but Michael and Ware might both have more potential. Coleman can play FB now, as well as ST. Ware has not yet learned the FB position and at this point is a talented tailback buried on the depth chart. Losing Coleman could be a costly mistake if MikeRob were to be injured. Tough call.

    OL on the bubble: Jeanpierre, Bowie, Person, Bailey, Johnson
    All these guys can play. Three of them likely make the 53. Jeanpierre may be the team’s only dependable backup C in case Unger goes down. Bowie and Bailey may be too promising to lose. Person has been used in preseason as a 6th lineman as Cable likes his run blocking.

    DL on the bubble: Siliga, Howard, Brooks
    One of these guys likely makes the 53. Siliga is the biggest D lineman available to back up Brandon Mebane at NT. Howard can play DE and 3DT. Brooks flashed explosiveness in preseason.

    SS on the bubble: Guy, Johnson, Maragos
    All three made the team last year, but all three might not make it back, considering the team’s needs at other positions. Guy has been groomed as Kam’s backup. Maragos is a capable backup to ET. Johnson is a ST playmaker.

    CB on the bubble: Maxwell, Lane, Blackmon
    Maxwell appears the safest of the three after a strong preseason, but both Lane and Blackmon are skilled at KR and ST. One might not make it, and he will be coveted by another team.

  26. Stevos, I know you like McQ at RT, and I don’t necessarily disagree. He played well at LT in 2011 I thought and has played RT before. I don’t see that happening in 2013 if Breno is healthy though. I certainly could be wrong though. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  27. Having Irvin, Clem, and Avril all inactive on opening day could really suck.

    If Avril is out, I wonder if they would consider moving Michael Bennett to Leo on first down. We have pass rushers to play Leo on passing downs, but I’m a little concerned about 1st downs and stopping the run.

  28. Screensmoke says:

    Who was released this morning besides Blackmon?

  29. Just listened to Phil Simms interview. Thought his comment about the refs consciously throwing more flags in the pre-season was interesting. He said they are told to make a point of being more aggressive in calling penalties to try to clean things up. I’m confident we’ll reduce the penalties – especially the late hits by Sweezey. Exactly the same issue with Breno last year and he got it corrected as the year progressed.

  30. Donovan Kemp WR also released along with Blackmon

  31. yankinta says:

    lol, okay I listened to it again. He did say Go Hawks at the end,, I guess we won’t have to bench him. He’s not slipping afterall.. :)

    On a side note, I’m bummed to find out that the only read-option team the Steelers will face this season is Jake Locker and the Titans…. I really wanted Mike Tomlin to prove it after he talked trash about stopping and eliminating read options offenses,,, talk is cheap.. I guess we’ll have to wait until they visit Seattle next season.

  32. LVHawk – where did you see that Blackmon was cut? The others are on but not Blackmon.

  33. LV, there have certainly been a few people to mention that about the refs. I think it’s true. Also, you have people auditioning to be a regular ref in the regular season. Many of them won’t make it. I surely hope the officiating is better in the 2013 reg and postseason than it has been in the 2013 preseason.

  34. LV – I think you’re probably right about Sweezy. Carroll and Cable take penalties seriously, but Cable will give guys like Sweezy and Breno the benefit of the doubt. These two guys really fit what Cable likes in an O linemen – not textbook-perfect pass protectors, but rather gritty SOBs who will hit defenders hard, cut block them, and break their will. Cable knows these guys might cause a penalty or two, even give up a sack, but if they can help run the ball down the other team’s throat and break the opponent’s will, he’s happy. They might give up a sack, but still win 42-13 and the opponent will go home bruised.

  35. Winston Guy is terrible, that “forced” fumble was worst tackling effort I’ve ever seen, yet he somehow knocked that ball loose w/ his elbow. Please get rid of that guy, send him to SF for all I care.

  36. yankinta says:

    Does anyone know where to check for the NFL TV Schedule for us South Alaskans?? I would like to check out which Non-Seahawks Games will be on TV,, for those of us that do not have DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

    I know Seattle at Carolina will be on Fox at 10AM on WK 1.

    I would like to watch Cincinnati at Chicago on CBS at 10 AM, as well as Green Bay at San Francisco on Fox at 1 PM. Is there a place where we could check the NFL TV schedule?

  37. Stevos – to answer your question I saw it first from Condotta’s twitter

  38. yanker, don’t know about the network schedule, but I would think that you could certainly find a sports bar that will have them all. Hooters or some horrible place like that if you’re under 21.

  39. jchawks08 says:

    Went to Buffalo Wild Wings the other day for the 1st time, and if you like sports and TV’s, then it’s a must go. I have to imagine they will show many, if not all, of the games on a given Sunday.

  40. Buffalo Wild Wings should have all of the games. You need to request a seat near that TV or request that they put the Hawks on near you though.

  41. SandpointHawk says:

    Here is the years schedule. However the TV market they are shown in will depend on how the season goes as well as the ratings the game might get. The end of the season also has the flex games.

  42. yankinta says:

    Thank you!! SandpointHawk,, :)

    So based on this which game will we get to see on TV?? Green Bay at San Francisco or the Rams vs. Cardinals game,, at 1:00 PM? Both are National Fox.

  43. SandpointHawk says:

    My guess is Green Bay vs San Francisco. Better teams this year and bigger markets when you consider both teams have a national following.

    St.Louis and Cards have local followings only…

  44. Eric…A big THANK YOU for sharing the Dan Patrick clip. I love his interviews. I realize the guy typically does “light” or “feel good” types of interviews but what he does, he does better than anyone else. He makes the interviewee relaxed, he pulls complete stories out of them, and he has the capability of going off script and asking the right questions based on the previous answer given.

    I especially liked hearing the story behind PC telling RW he was the starter. I hadn’t heard that before so it was very cool to hear it. It’s the kind of story I’d want to tell my grandson in about 20 years when RW is going into the HOF. Good stuff. Thanks again!

  45. raymaines says:

    RW sounded a little awkward (for him anyway) when asked about Johnny Manzel.

  46. wabubba67 says:

    nate? mate? You’ll always be tiny bbs, to me.

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