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Hawks cut down to 81 players; Jesse Williams placed on IR

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 26, 2013 at 10:21 am with 24 Comments »
August 26, 2013 10:21 am

The Seattle Seahawks announced nine roster cuts this morning.

With the moves, the Seahawks now sit at 81 players on the roster, and still need to make a couple more moves to get down to 75 players by Tuesday’s deadline.

The Seahawks as scheduled to practice for two hours, and we should get an opportunity to talk with head coach Pete Carroll after practice.

Players released by Seattle included linebacker Craig Wilkens, tight end Andrei Lintz, receiver Perez Ashford, tight end Jameson Konz, defensive tackle Martin Parker, linebacker Kyle Knox and long snapper Kyle Nelson.

Receiver Brett Swain’s contract was terminated. And rookie defensive tackle Jesse Williams’ was placed on the season-ending, injured reserve.

Cuts and waivers
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  1. What is the differnce in waiving a guy and terminating his contract? Wy would you do one over the other?

    Think we all thought it might be IR for the monstar. Is Simon going to be there too?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    In fairness to the others in the series I’ve linked here, enjoy…

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Also, this from the comment section is gold…

    “Some sports radio hosts were actually making an argument that Russell Wilson is better than Ken Griffey Jr…. and people were actually buying it…. Oh, my fucking god…”

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think it has to do with veteran status. You waive a guy who doesn’t have enough seasons to become a UFA and terminate contracts for those who do, making them immediate free agents that don’t have to go through the waiver wire.

  5. Haven’t heard anyone mention what Sealver Siliga did last game. He seemed to get some pretty good push and fought through blocks well from what I saw(procured one of our two sacks). I was fully not expecting much other than another body to help finish out these preseason games, but perhaps the braintrust saw another fit for their specific defensive scheme. Helps soften the blow of losing that big Australian some if it works out (get well soon and get it right for next year big fella). It sounds like Simon will hit the PUP list at least. Can always IR him later right?

    If we were to make a move during the preseason, I was expecting one for a TE. Perhaps Luke Wilson is showing enough thus far.

  6. Dag-nabbit! on losing J.Williams for the season! What exactly is wrong with his knee?

  7. chuck_easton says:


    Known problem coming out of College. It’s why he was available so late in the draft. Seattle took a flyer on him.

    If a year on IR with the team’s medical staff doesn’t get it fixed he’ll be a never was.

  8. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks for the link, Duke. These were funny as well, excuse the language.

    “Want to make a Microsoft Developer or Boeing Engineer piss their Dockers with rage? Tell them you heard that Qwest Field pumps in crowd noise. It isn’t pumped in, but the overreaction you will get from otherwise mild-mannered people will make you think you asked if they’ve ever fucked their own sister.”

    “Somewhere down the line, Pete Carroll will ruin the season by letting the clock expire at the end of the first half with his team at the 4-inch line. I assume he’ll get distracted by his research into what REALLY happened on 9/11.”

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Williams seems to need physical therapy and he may need to lose upper body weight. He needs to strengthen his legs. He looks top heavy to me. It’s hard to balance an anvil on 2 twigs. Losing upper body mass may reduce his effectiveness though. I wouldn’t count on him gutting his way through more than a few years at best. Though that’s a guess. It’s worth a 5th round flier if he can be a significant contributor for a few years.

  10. You can’t give up on a guy so easy that has YOLO tattooed on his face (in front of ear)! Here’s to ya J.Williams, mate! Now go get that knee fixed and be back here for SEA’s 2014 SB-winning season!

    Drew Magary is an idiot. However, SEA has a pretty tough schedule, and odds are against winning a SB when your schedule is one of the most difficult. Usually it results in too many injuries.

    On RW at GB, I did see something that I really liked. In spite of some un-stellar OL pass-pro play (and some downright poor HB pass-pro), that wasn’t really the problem with SEA’s offense. It was the plays without QB pressure that were the problems for RW and his receivers. RW didn’t throw any picks when he was under pressure, in fact when GB blitzed he burned them. RW’s NFL QB ratings went up significantly in the GB game when he was blitzed and when he was under pressure, compared to when he was not blitzed and wasn’t being chased by GB defenders (see below). RW got picked trying to force balls into tight coverage. SEA’s ‘read option’ should be RW outside the pocket running up toward the LOS and watching to see which defender peels off which receiver to help stop the run, and then throwing to that receiver just before the last bit of RW’s body crosses the LOS. SEA’s receivers have to find a way to get open. When it’s student body right and ALL of the defenders clog the right side of the field, RW could get the ball to a lone WR standing in the middle of the field at 15-20 yds deep.

    RW NFL QB Ratings:
    vs no pressure: @ ATL 120.0; @SD 54.6; vDEN 130.3; @GB 46.8
    vs pressure: @ ATL 76.6; @SD 39.6; vDEN 118.8; @GB 88.5
    vs no blitz: @ ATL 97.3; @SD 56.3; vDEN 146.8; @GB 37.1
    vs blitz: @ ATL 148.4; @SD 47.9; vDEN 113.9; @GB 100.7

  11. yankinta says:

    I wonder which move will pay out better? J.Williams in the 5th round, knowing he may not be able to play in his rookie year,, or RB Marcus Lattimore in 4th round who will also miss his rookie season…. :)

  12. Dukeshire says:

    That’s an interesting question, yankinta. Both supremely talented, that’s for sure.

  13. yankinta says:

    yeah, I did hear that Lattimore’s injury was a lot scarier,, so that move may have higher risk,, but then nagging knee injuries for DT are worrisome too…. I guess we won’t find out for 2-3 years or soo…

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Have you not seen it? It’s gruesome. (I’m not going to bother posting a you tube link to it. But it’s on there if you want to see it for yourself.)

  15. yankinta says:

    lol, I saw it, I was too chicken so I looked away from the TV when they showed the replay… lol :)

  16. yankinta says:

    Here’s my post from Aug 5th :)

    xcman, you asked for my observation from last Thursday Practice,, I only stayed there for 2 hours and they only did the 7 on 7 for about 40 min while I was there. I was looking for Stephen Williams to do well but he didn’t make any catches,, Kearse on the other hand stood out, made a few nice catches. I think Kearse and Stephen Williams will battle for PH’s Roster Spot….

    I also noticed Jordan Hill during D-Line Drills,, he looked really good. I think he will make some noise once the season starts,, A lot of people are overlooking him. Jaye Howard and Clinton McDonald looked very good too. I think that Jessie Williams will have a hard time making Roster, which is a shame because I was cheering for him. Hopefully he’ll clear waiver and make it to PS and get healthy this season.,, If we can keep him and if he can come back healthy then it was still worth a 5th round pick. I still think he’s late 1st round talent as a DT…

    Read more here:

  17. yankinta says:

    Here’s the other post from Aug 5th… :)

    tchristensen and Duke,, I was just sharing my observation based on Thursday Practice that I went to…. Jesse Williams did not play as of Thursday. He returned on Friday… Someone asked me to share what I saw on Thursday. you don’t have to get bent out of shape,, relax….

    I really hope Jesse Williams will make it because he was on my wish list before the draft,,, we need him to fix that Run-D that was failing in the second half of last year,,,

    Read more here:

  18. boucherm says:

    How is Tharold Simon not on IR yet?

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Simon is still on PUP. The team can leave him on PUP right up until final cutdowns.

    They can then either move him to IR or leave him on PUP for the first 6 games to see how things go.

    Williams was on the active practice roster so his only move was to either IR or cut.

  20. bbnate420 says:

    Yep, there’s no reason not to place him on PUP. And they have until week 15 to decide on PUP players according to Eric. I thought it was week 12 or 13.

  21. I’m gonna miss J.Williams this season. The thought keeps coming back to me where Saban used him at FB in some heavy formations for the Tide.

    I’d seen where he’d had knee surgery in the offseason in ’11 (to fix an issue he’d had from AZ Western College, per Saban) and then had his knee scoped again after the end of the ’12 season and before the combine, but never heard anything about what the original knee surgery was for. At his pro day JW ran the 40 in 4.94 secs, and what’s more important he did the 20 yd shuttle in 4.78 and the 3-cone in 7.69. That would not seem to have been any kinda major problem with the knee, it couldn’t have been(?) Is JW gonna have any surgeries?

  22. Thanks Duke, for the levity. I feel included now.

  23. I think we all knew that Jesse Williams was an IR listing waiting to happen, right? 31 teams don’t pass on a guy like that for four rounds unless he has a medical problem.

    So perhaps the Seahawks considered Jesse a 2014 project all along. We’ll see if a year makes a difference to that knee.

    Makes me wonder, also. What if we had followed the other teams and followed doctors’ advice and not drafted Williams. We could have drafted Montori Hughes in the same spot in the 5th round. He’s a 330-lb monster DT who could be backing up Mebane right now. Seahawks may have blown it there.

  24. jawpeace says:

    I was very sure that Williams would end up on the IR. I also see Simon and Toomer heading for the IR.

    No surprise cuts today. The only one I thought would make it to the next round was Parker who had a real nice game at Denver.

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