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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 17-10 win

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 24, 2013 at 8:57 am with 66 Comments »
August 24, 2013 8:57 am
Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Green Bay Packers Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)
Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Green Bay Packers Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

Good morning. The Seattle Seahawks will have today and tomorrow off before returning to practice on Monday.

Roster cuts down to 75 players are due on Tuesday, and teams can begin trimming down rosters beforehand. So I will keep an eye out for roster moves from the Seahawks over the weekend.

That said, here’s reaction from the Seattle Seahawks 17-10 win at Green Bay on Friday.

Here’s my game story.

And Golden State says he has a new-found respect for Packers fans after hearing a chorus of boos at Lambeau Field.

Check out stats and highlights from the game here.

And check out a photo gallery from the game here.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times offers notes and post-game thoughts here.

Clare Farnsworth of recaps the game here. Christine Michael is his player of the game.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle gives us his game in review.

Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus reviews the Seahawks-Packers matchup. He gives Tony McDaniel the game ball for his work in the interior of the defense in stopping Green Bay’s running game.

Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune writes that Matt Flynn could be on the verge of losing a starting quarterback job for a second straight year, as Terrelle Pryor outplayed him against the Bears.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland has a nice breakdown on coaching decision NFL coaches typically face during the season, including when to go for it on fourth down in goal line situations, and when to use time outs in two-minute situations.

Morning links
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  1. Best things I saw in the game:

    McDonald and McDaniel showed they belong on this team at DT. Add in Hill and Bennett and I like what we have there.

    Luke Willson showed he’s picking things up, both routes and blocking. TE is a tough position to learn, but I think he’s going to be a good one.

    We are in tremendously good shape at both WR and RB. Tate is ready for a big year. Stephen Williams is the real deal. Chris Michael looked like a great change of pace back to spell Marshawn.

    As far as the concerns for the O line and protections? Its early and these guys will get in synch. We have great depth there. Bailey once again played well for a rookie.

  2. Williams needs to run routes better. He wont make plays like last nights vs starting NFL corners with crappy routes like that. But I like the kid, and Im sure he makes the team. Just don’t expect him to get a TD every week.

    We have some interesting candidates for the PS squad at DT, including Parker, Siliga, and Charrington. If they clear waivers. Im kinda hoping McDonald makes the squad, he’s a scrapper. But I like Howard too and I don’t see how we can cut McDaniel.

    The penalties are killing me!

  3. Yeah, the Flynn thing is a ‘real shocker’. Some of us saw this a long time ago when #3 first showed up.

    T. Pryor is no RDub, but when you’re ‘competing’ against a noodle arm like his, how hard can it be?

    Did anybody else catch how he was kind of badmouthing the organization on his way out? (I think it was in a link here yesterday).

    Hawks had a tough test last night. I actually loved it and thought that it’ll serve them well down the line. Neither team obviously showed all their cards, but the offenses were very similar.

    Eddie Lacy looks like a stud. Great pick up for them, bad for everyone else. Glad we got the 8th win in a row. I really love that they stress winning all the time. It’s cool.

    Our team discipline is really lacking. While I understand as wanting to establish themselves as a tough team, they have to do a better job with the penalties. It’s annoying. All the talent in the world, can’t be seen if you’re always backing up.

    Raider game will be interesting for our depth battles. S. Williams is now a shoe in. Harper (who I loved @ the time of the draft), I think may be on the bubble, but more likely a practice squad guy.

    Does anybody else here think that this backfield could be a RBBC w/all 3 guys? From a fantasy perspective, I wonder how they’ll distribute the rock to Beast?

    That’s a lot. Have a great Saturday everyone.


  4. Be interesting to see who gets cut this week-

    I.e. for the WR’s I feel it is pretty clear we keep 6 – Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, Williams, and Harvin ( unless they decide to IR him) no other guy has a shot to make this team. So why keep any of them past Tuesday? Only because you don’t want to have to play the keepers in this game

    My guess is that Kearse and Williams play a ton ( relative) so that the others are ready to go week 1.

    The DL is going to be crazy – they could go Soo many different ways, and be effective. I am curious to see what they decide to do.

  5. jawpeace says:

    Hmm do the Hawks put Jessie Williams on IR for the year? Which lets his knee stabilize and hopefully get stronger; also lets them keep another player who probably would not make it to the practice squad.

    In my opinion Chris Harper so far in games has been out played by Acelto Clark. I know practices have an important role in determining who gets cut. If the Hawks only keep 5 wr both are gone. And if 6, I wonder if the Hawks will keep Harper because of greater potential.

  6. Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb. Two overpaid QBs who may both watch from the bench again this year. I understand why Oakland was willing to take a chance on Flynn, but I think Buffalo was foolish to follow Arizona’s mistake and invest money in Kolb.

  7. xcman – I hope they do IR Williams. He has potential and obviously probs with that knee. But they could also PS him and allow him to practice with the team this year. No team would steal him from our PS to their active roster with a knee like that.

  8. jawpeace says:

    xcman, Harvin most likely will go on IR and be eligible to come off it later in the season. Which means 5 are set to make the roster. And in my opinion a roster spot else where would be of better value than a 6th WR.

  9. Southendzone says:

    Glad to see the new guy Siliga played, but that game made me think twice and 3 times about the Moffitt trade. You have to be worried about it at this point.

    Releasing a vet who knows your system and was good at pass blocking seems like a terrible move given the performance yesterday.

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Hilarious that people are shocked about Flynn’s mediocrity, let alone still talking about it.

    The penalties are killing us, and will be the biggest hurdle we face. Right now, the Seahawks are their own biggest opponent. I say that with a lot of respect for the teams we’ll face this season; the Hawks are good enough to run the table but the penalties are THE biggest hurdle (followed by staying healthy). Solve that side of the Rubix cube and we’ll be formidable.

  11. Flynn is a pretty good player. Raider lost their LT, and are an utterly crap team. The guy is set up to fail. The Raiders are the worst team in football.

    I don’t think Carrol was ever excited to get Flynn, he just got him as insurance in case RW got drafted by someone else and/or wasn’t ready to start his rookie year. Flynn was our best option before the draft. And as Flynn said, Carrol wanted a Rah-Rah leader at qb, and that isn’t Flynn’s personality.

    I saw nothing wrong with Flynn’s comments–they weren’t even as pointed as T-Jacks after he left, and T-Jack had only himself to blame for his failure, but Flynn was never given a chance.

    Personally, I wish the guy well.

  12. My guess for how the DL shakes out: (keeping 9)

    LDE: Bryant, Bennett, (McDaniel)
    NT: Mebane, McDonald
    3DT: McDaniel, Hill, (Bennett)
    Leo: Clemons, Avril, Mayowa

    (Williams IR or PS)

    dark horse to possibly make the team?
    NT Siliga

  13. “TJack only had himself to blame for failure”?

    I think that’s harsh STTBM. You can’t really believe that. How about starting the season as a new QB after the entire team had NO offseason program? having one of the worst offensive lines in football for the first half of his season? on one of the youngest teams in the NFL? Tearing his pectoral muscle? continuing to play while still injured? That’s a lot of overcome.

    The fact that all his team mates wanted him back, and even lobbied to bring him back, says a lot about him. And TJack wanted to come back to this team. Its a good story.

  14. Dead on Stevos. Tjack is a warrior and is more familiar with Bevell’s system than anyone. Flynn is perfect for Oakland.


  15. Stevos–The problem with T-Jack is that he actually played WORSE after his pec healed. He had four games where we needed him to lead us to a fourth quarter score: he put up zero points. He had six years in the offense, he didn’t need an offseason–and the teams that beat him had no offseason either. But I agree, the line sucked.

    Not that Im not stoked to have Jackson back as a backup–I am. But he’s still not good enough to start.

    And I agree, he’s a tough guy, a great teammate and a leader. My point wasn’t to bash Jackson, but to contrast his comments on leaving despite him having an entire year to show what he could do, vs Flynn, who had one half of a preseason game to show his stuff. I don’t feel Carrol treated Flynn fairly, nor was he given a fair chance. And yet Flynn was less pointed in his words regarding Seattle than Jackson was–but people are carping about Flynn “badmouthing” the organization. What rubbish!

    I actually like Jackson as a backup, as I said. Im very glad to have him and I will be glad to see Quinn leave.

  16. Stevos–You think Seattle will cut Howard? I think they keep him over McDonald, but I could be wrong–Im good at that.

  17. During the last 4 games of 2011 Okung, Rice, Moffitt and Carpenter were all lost for the season. That’s 4 starters – 3/5 of the OL and the number 1 WR. And Jackson still played relatively well.

  18. I feel bad for Matt Flynn. But anybody who remembers Matt Hasselbeck’s first year in Seattle (2001), when he looked terrible and was benched in favor of Trent Dilfer, should not be too quick to dismiss Flynn. Unfortunately QBs who are not high draft picks do not get many chances to prove themselves.

    Flynn does not have a high ceiling, but I could see him being a Top 15 QB. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, could be a Top 3 QB.

  19. montanamike2 says:

    I was liking what Suggs was showing too before he got injured. More weaknesses addressed.

  20. Canfan – you feel bad for a guy who made all that money for having relatively little talent? He nailed that one game against a Detroit secondary that had no interest in playing defense. Talk about hitting the lottery.

    Nick Foles = Matt Flynn

  21. montanamike2 says:

    Thank god were not the Jets.

  22. nmseafan says:

    The Hawks sorely missed MikeRob’s pass and run blocking in that game and why didn’t Pete bench The Sweezebag after the 2nd penalty in favor of Bailey?

  23. For that matter, why didn’t they leave Rishaw Johnson in for longer than one play after Sweezy was pulled? Just enough time for PC to have a little talk?

  24. raymaines says:

    The Seahawks traded John Moffitt for Sealver Siliga, who finished the game with two tackles and a sack which is just about what J.R. Sweezy gave up. Seems like a fair trade. Or maybe not.

  25. I think Howard, McDonald, and Siliga are all on the bubble. One or maybe two of these guys should make the team. If I had to choose one, I’d keep McDonald. (This is assuming Hill and McDaniel have already made the team.)

    McDonald is one of the more versatile DTs we have, he can play the run and gets some penetration on passing plays. I haven’t seen Howard impress much, but I have no idea how much Quinn might value his potential. I just haven’t seen it. He provides depth at LDE behind Red, but since we have decent depth at DT, I could see McDaniel sliding to LDE and using that 6’7″ height and reach there as a backup to Red on early downs if needed. Siliga is still an unknown, but could be valued if they want another big body to back up Mebane. He flashed some ability and effort on Friday night.

  26. good one, raymaines.

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I felt the Packers came out with more intensity and gave our Oline problems. Wilson looked accurate and in charge the first series. Turbin was destroyed by Mathews, he won’t be the last guy. Also on the Mathews sack, I think there is plenty of tape of Russell Wilson spinning to his right when pressured and it looked like Clay went right to an area that Russell would be at, not where he started. Knowing how much Russell studies and corrects mistakes, I hope he makes an adjustment here. He took some shots last night.

    Also, maybe just me, but I felt Golden wasn’t up to the task last night. His focus was off and it seemed like the moment was a little too big for him. All week he talked about not letting the crowd get to him, but I think they did and although those would have been a couple of really tough catches, he just didn’t seem focused and ready. One game regression maybe.

    Sweezy winning the job is now in front of us. He played his worse game and was beat on many plays. The late hit play where he dived at the guys knees should have ended his night. With him and Gino violating the right side of the line, we could be in for trouble there. Hope Cable has a backup plan.

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    Well he ain’t ugly and he makes 2.5 million a year or so…
    Now back to you’re regularly scheduled programs…Go Hawks.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sandpoint- You missed my point.

  30. princeaden says:

    As Pete and JS say, this team is built to last. Just look at this off season additions. Bowie and Bailey, Williams replacing Rice and a fraction of the cost, the Turbin/Michael combo replacing Lynch within a few years. Ware being groomed at some point to replace MikeRob. This is going to be a very cool team to watch for the next decade or so.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    princeaden- Great post!

  32. Williams still has to get on the field with the1’s and produce – he has done his damage against the 2’s-3’s

  33. The jets should trade for Brady Quinn.

  34. Running back
    Number kept last season: Four
    Currently on roster: Six
    Average number kept since 2009: 4.25
    Locks: Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael
    Looking good: Michael Robinson.
    On the bubble: Spencer Ware
    Longer odds: Derrick Coleman.

    I still see they keep 4 – Ware looked good early but they have been using him less. Clearly they look at Turbin ahead of Ware (IMO)

    MRob could be one of the guys they let go – I don’t see it this year. Ware could be PS signing.

  35. Wide receiver
    Number kept last season: Five
    Currently on roster: 13
    Average number kept since 2009: 5.0
    Locks: Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate.
    In the hunt: Chris Harper, Jermaine Kearse, Bryan Walters, Phil Bates, Stephen Williams.
    Longer Odds: Brett Swain, Greg Herd, Justin Veltung, Arceto Clark.

    As I said earlier – Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, Williams and either Harvin on IR (with new rule) or on the squad. at the 6th guy

    I see none of the other guys left on the squad having a chance at all

  36. Tight end
    Number kept last season: Three
    Currently on roster: Six
    Average number kept since 2009: 2.75
    Locks: Zach Miller,
    Looking good: Sean McGrath, Luke Willson
    Longer odds: Darren Fells, Victor Marshall, Cooper Helfet.

    Miller – Willson – are in and I think McGrath gets the nod over Helfet.

  37. Offensive line
    Number kept last season: 10
    Currently on roster: 15
    Average number kept since 2009: 10
    Locks: Russell Okung, Max Unger, James Carpenter, Breno Giacomini, J.R. Sweezy.
    In the hunt: Paul McQuistan, John Moffitt, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Mike Person, Michael Bowie, Rishaw Johnson.
    Longer odds: Ryan Seymour, Jared Smith, Alvin Bailey, Jake Bscherer.

    Starters right now: Giacomini, Sweezy, Unger, McQuistan, Okung
    I think they keep: Carpentar, Jeanpierre, Bowie, Bailey

    The last spot goes to Person or Johnson the other is PS eligible, I think. and probably would a target for the team

  38. Defensive line
    Number kept last season: Eight
    Currently on roster: 14
    Average number kept since 2009: 8.5
    Locks:Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Jordan Hill.
    In the hunt: Clinton McDonald, Tony McDaniel, Jaye Howard, Jesse Williams.
    Longer odds: Kenneth Boatright, Benson Mayowa, Ty Powell, Michael Brooks.

    Soo much of this depends on injury and I know that these are not the current guys but

    Bryant, Mebane, Avril, Clemons are in
    Strong contenders: Hill, Bennett, McDaniel, Mayowa McDonald

    Thats 9 I think that they keep this group and cut one when Clem comes back.

  39. Linebackers
    Number kept last season: Seven
    Currently on roster: 11
    Average number kept since 2009: 6.5
    Locks: K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Malcolm Smith, Heath Farwell, Bruce Irvin.
    In the hunt: Mike Morgan, Allen Bradford, Kyle Knox, Korey Toomer.
    Longer odds: John Lotulelei, Craig Wilkins.

    Wright – Wagner – Irvin are in.
    Strong: Bradford – Farwell – Morgan

    No clue how they go after that – Lotulelei is small but quick. I think they will keep 7 but I could see them keeping 6 if they think Avril could play some LB as well.

  40. Cornerbacks
    Number kept last season: Six
    Currently on roster: 10
    Average number kept since 2008: 5.75
    Locks: Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Antoine Winfield.
    On the bubble: Jeremy Lane, Walter Thurmond, Tharold Simon, Byron Maxwell, DeShawn Shead, Will Blackmon, Ron Parker.

    Sherman, Browner are in – to me they are the ONLY locks right now.
    My guess – Winfield, Thurmond, Lane, Maxwell

    Shead, Blackmon, are cut and Simon goes on IR to see if he can do something next year.

  41. Safeties
    Number kept last season: Five
    Currently on roster: Six
    Average number kept since 2008: 4.25
    Locks: Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor.
    In the hunt: Jeron Johnson, Chris Maragos.
    Longer odds: Winston Guy, Ray Polk.

    I can really see them only keeping 4 here and cutting ties with Guy – I don’t see any of the other safeties making this team.

  42. yeah – I am bored!! so I decided to see what they might do over the next week +

  43. raymaines says:

    Silly me! I watched pretty much the whole Denver / St. Louis game and totally forgot to look for John Moffitt. Did he play? How did he look?

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman – Didn’t Ray Polk get picked up by Jacksonville?

  45. Yeah – I just copied the names from the old post from early august – I wasn’t so bored that I wanted to recreate the list. so Bored – but Lazy!

    With the injuries for NYG – maybe JS should get on the phone and see what they can get for Guy and or Maxwell?

  46. princeaden says:

    Georgia, I’m with you. Ponder is The Man!! lol

  47. Macabrevity says:

    If this was a hockey team Sweezey and Gino would be 3rd line penalty killers/hitmen. I can’t believe this is the starting right side of a superbowl contender though.

  48. SandpointHawk says:

    No Georgia, I got your point…I believe you missed mine.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    Harvin will go to the regular season PUP, bank on it. There’s zero reason to use the modified IR tag on him. He started TC on the PUP and never came off of it. Harvin will not count against the 53 until he comes back.

    It would be pretty amazing should Flynn lose out again. He’s got garbage around him with the Raiders’ first unit, but he certainly didn’t help himself. At least Pryor can run for his life behind that sieve of an o-line.

    Brady Quinn sucks. Even that TD was under thrown. He’s done here.

  50. bbnate420 says:

    I imagine STTBM’s head was spinning a la The Exorcist after The Sweeze’s third penalty.

  51. montanamike2 says:

    I can’t believe Sweezey played that badly, i understand getting eaten by Clay Mathews but still…..

  52. montanamike2 says:

    I’m amazed that Rex Ryan still has a job.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    Better to play that horribly now than on Sept. 8th. Hopefully Carp will be back soon like they say and Sweeze will be riding the pine.

  54. Bbnate–no exorcism impersonation; just a few choice words with feeling. There’s no way Sweezy should be installed at starter without competing with Bowie, Bailey, and everyone else. He continues to make mental errors and the penalties are inexcusable–ESP the personal foul.

    The Sweezebag has a long ways to go before he’s a capable starter. Sigh…

  55. Hoping fat Carp comes back so we can install the exceptionally mediocre McQ at RG shows just what a mess this line is in…

  56. Southendzone says:

    Surprised to see so many people excited to see Carp return as the savior & hope for our O-Line.

    I’m trying to search my Seahawk memory banks for any time he was a significant contributor to the team and coming up pretty much blank.

    If you were Vegas and setting an over/under on number of games Carpenter starts in 2013, what would you set that line at to get equal action on both sides? I’m thinking 4.5

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Carp was a significant contributor at the time he was injured in 2011. I know plenty won’t agree with that. Judging o-line play is very subjective and it seems Carp gets worse and worse in 2011 as time passes. Strange.

    Most reasonable people didn’t expect much out of him in 2012. He was okay for a game or two but never should have been out there that soon. It should tell you something that the coaches seem desperate to get him out on the field, in 2012 and now. It seems pretty obvious to me that they love his talent. I can’t tell you that he’ll do spit in 2013. But I would bet he’s a significant contributor if relatively healthy.

    McQ may only be average at RG, but that’s better than below average. And mediocre or average is fine for your worst lineman. Name me a line out there that has 5 guys that are above average?

  58. bbnate420 says:

    And I don’t think many expect Carp to be a savior. A healthy Carp helps this line though IMO. Explain to me how this line is worse than it was last year, even with no Carp? In fact, they’ve spent more time together. I think expecting them to be a mess based on the GB game is a little silly.

  59. raymaines says:

    To be fair, I think it’s PMcQ who would be the “saviour” as Carpenter is installed at LG and PNcQ fills what looks like an empty space on the right side.

  60. Southendzone…you can probably find that action somewhere down here, LOL. I agree with bbnate though re Carp…i think people are reacting to his injury problem by becoming too severe on him overall – lumping his talent and drive in with his health. Remember Okung and his ankles? If he can’t cut it when healthy and ready that’s one thing, but impatience never pays off, especially so with injuries to extremely large bodies.

    The Seahawks, i think, certainly understand how to win ugly.

    The season over/under down here for wins is 10 1/2…no slam dunk like last year when you get them at 7 1/2. At Stations Casinos the line on them winning the NFC is just crazy for preseason: 3 to 1, winning the Super Bowl is an equally nuts 11-2. Crazy low odds at this time of the year, especially for a team seen as losing its top wide receiver probably for the season. The pros down here think they’re very strong.

  61. sluggo42 says:

    Carp will help by the subtraction of wheezy. STTBM was right that moffitt was better than him, just by play recognition alone, even getting beat physically took longer than whiffing by wheezy.

    I’m sure y’all know I think wheezy is horrid, and would rather have either of the kids play before him, 3rd string at best.
    Wtf is cable thinking? That is RW they are protecting, and to play your pet experiment at his risk is insane thinking at best.

    Carp plays well enough that he isn’t a liability, and has nowhere to go but up. McQ at RG will stop the floodgates at least, and hopefully on of the kids is good enough to take that spot.

    Then we will have a pretty darn good line, and remember, we will have a meaty run first line that we are jamming down their throats with MRob and Beast, with Zack too… This is where Carp can shine, cuz lets face it, he is a mega bulldozer.

    Once the bad guys figure out the beast is coming, they will start sneaking an extra man into the box. The very second this happens, RW will read that, and the option plays will start, Willson’s speed will get separation, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

    But, if that damn wheezy blows his assignment, then the whole kitten kaboodle is lost, and the play gets blown up for a sack or a holding flag. This offense can be a blitzkrieg storm of devastation, but one weak stupid link will stall the whole thing.

    Pete, do the right thing and tell Cable his pet project is over….

  62. Sluggo, don’t look now, but Carp will likely start practicing with the ones this week or next. He will end up starting at one of the G spots by the time September is out.

  63. … and Sweezy will be the third G, where he belongs, for another year or two until he has enough experience to be a starter.

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