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Seahawks 17, Packers 10: Five questions

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Aug. 23, 2013 at 8:24 pm with 50 Comments »
August 23, 2013 8:37 pm

Micah Hyde, Christine Michael

OK, well, that was a sloppy one.

While Eric is working on his game story and notebook, why don’t we kick around a few observations from tonight’s game.

1. What is your overall take away from the win?

2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions?

3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution?

4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster?

5. What will you be focused on watching the most next week against the Raiders?

P.S. – Sorry for the lack of snark, Divish is covering the Mariners tonight.

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  1. 1. What is your overall take away from the win? Not much, it’s the pre-season

    2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions? Not really, the first one was a tip, and re-tip, those happen. The second was pretty bad though.

    3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution? Looked bad at times, got at least one marginal hold called on them, and some dumb questions. The late blitz recognition can be fixed.

    4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster? Benson Mayowa

    5. What will you be focused on watching the most next week against the Raiders? Nothing, week 4 pre season is a waste of everything.

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  2. errr dumb penalties

  3. 1. What is your overall take away from the win?

    A little inconsistent today – I am not too worried about it since after mistakes we usually stepped up and made something good happen

    2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions?

    No – one that gets tipped twice and then ends in INT is good defense – the overthrow was bad but we rarely see him make that mistake. And I like seeing him try some of those tough passes in the PS so he knows what he can and can’t get away with in the regular season.

    3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution?

    Still not sold that this is a solid group or that Cable is all that – it better improve QUICKLY – Solution, not totally sure

    4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster?

    Williams (but I thought he was in before tonight) Mayowa looks decent in his chances against the 1’s I will be surprised if he does not make this team. I think there is a real fight going on between Schoefield/Bradford/Louteleli right now – I have them how I think they are ranked at this time.

    5. What will you be focused on watching the most next week against the Raiders?

    How many DL and DB’s earn the way onto this team. I think that they are going to have some tough choices and may be forced to keep extra guys in those positions. meaning that and extra WR/RB/OL might not be kept.

  4. snoopy123 says:

    1. Need to cut down on penalties on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

    2. No. No Lynch or Zach Miller. Fairly obvious we would pass more. Pack seemed to blitz more knowing this. Real games, RW3 will be better.

    3. Moderately concerned. I don’t think Breno got any penalties, but everyone else did. Sweezy looked bad. One penalty was completely un-necessary. Carpenter needs to come back!!!

    4. Probably a toss up between Stephen Williams and Mayowa.

    5. Penalties, though, probably won’t see much first stringers so don’t really care too much.

  5. Just saw the PI on Sherman for the first time – TOTAL crap – yes he grabbed the guy but the ball was 15 yards overthrown and completely uncatchable – there should not have been a flag on that play -

  6. Screensmoke says:

    Hopefully no injuries-that’s what I really care about:-)

  7. Can we bump the roster post to the top tomorrow?

  8. DanielleMND says:

    That offensive line. Oy vey.

  9. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    After seeing the O Line’s (and Sweezy’s) performance tonight, I’m a bit worried about that. And trading Moffiit now that he’s in better shape doesn’t seem like a good move now. Maybe Sweezy has more raw power and athletic ability. But the mental errors are a bigger liability.

  10. The call on Wagner suck,15 Yards. I think the NFL should make a rule that any 15 yards flags should be challenged if it’s questionable that is. I hope Trading John Moffitt doesn’t come back and bite us.Robert Turbin enjoying being a 3rd down back

  11. NYHawkFan says:

    1. What is your overall take away from the win? Felt like this was a step backward, hopefully not serious. PC said they were specifically working on reducing penalties. How’d that work out? I lost count at 13. Very sloppy play at times. If we don’t fix the penalties quickly, it could cost us a couple games and lead to a repeat of last season… slow start at the beginning. I’m not in panic mode though. We did win after all.

    2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions? No, he wasn’t the problem, although he seemed flustered at times.

    3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution? Is what we saw tonight from Sweeney what we can expect during the regular season? One hold and one offside penalty in the first half? Unacceptable.

    4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster? Christine Michael was hot. Though Tony McDaniel looked pretty good, one blocked pass and one sack (assist?) I believe. Stephen Williams may have helped his cause as well.

    5. What will you be focused on watching the most next week against the Raiders? Winning, that’s about all. Don’t expect to see the One’s play.

  12. Kenny Via says:

    My answers:

    1. Still on track for 23-0. Win Forever!

    2. None whatsoever.

    3. Ouch, they looked bad. When is Carpenter back?

    4. Stephen Williams is the truth.

    5. No injuries.

  13. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sweezy played as bad as he did last season game one against the Cards. I was there and he was pretty bad. No business starting the season and one year later, he looks worse. Come on Cable, pull this dude. Far from ready, I don’t care how impressive it is that he switched from D-line. Having him and Caption 15 yard penalty next to him at right tackle only makes our right side one of the worst in the entire league.

  14. nmseafan says:

    Yeah, I thought McDaniel looked really disruptive, The new DT from Denver looked like he might make Jesse Williams expendable. Michael and Turbo need how to learn to pass block.

  15. Maybe there will be a 2nd year slump by RW3. We shall see.
    (we shall also see how much hate mail I receive for that comment)

  16. NYHawkFan says:

    ** #3 Sweezy, not Sweeney

  17. sluggo42 says:

    Sweeze sucks
    Cristin doesn’t

    Cable better get his ship righted real fast, but, they did run well
    The raiders are horrid

    First teams were close, when we get starters back, we would be better. McD, both of them were cool

  18. Snark week is over. Thank God.

  19. Looking forward to STTBM comments on the Oline.

  20. nmseafan says:

    Bruce Irvin made an awesome stop for a loss.

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Almost 200 yards in penalties and half of those were because the ref is 80+ years old and has zero business calling a pro game. Come on NFL, these guys need to be under 60. He was a pretty good ref years back, but this was a joke. It was like watching the replacements again.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I passed out. I simply couldn’t hang with this game for some reason.

  23. NYHawkFan says:

    Maybe the ref can play right guard. Just kidding. In all honesty, though, he wasn’t the one committing penalties.

  24. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It ain’t easy watching Sweezy!!

  25. “Maybe there will be a 2nd year slump by RW3. We shall see.”

    I don’t see a slump per se, but I do see some growing pains. They are going to take the reigns off a little bit and that will open him up to more mistakes. but it will also give us many more opportunities for big plays as well.

    I don’t think Wilson has “arrived” yet and I love it. He will continue to grow, make mistakes, learn from them, improve . . . . . (repeat) should be a fun ride!

  26. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m with you Georgia. I had to hit the smelling salts to get back for the fourth quarter.

  27. Screensmoke says:

    I agree about the reff- The dude is FARTING DUST. Wow- time to hang up the whistle!

  28. 1) Whats it all mean? Uh, 42…just kidding. Eh, not much. Sloppy game that shows Seattle isn’t ready for Game One, they regressed hard from a week ago. No discipline. But its preseason–not all guys were playing, the scheme was vanilla. No panic, but a good wakeup call.

    2) Concern about RW? Really?! Nah, hes a perfectionist, he will fix it before breakfast. Hes bound to have a few hiccups in his sophomore season, as he will be pushing the envelop instead of playing it safe, but I expect more big plays too. And hopefully more wins. RW is still the man.

    3) The line? Sigh…same sh^t different day. The answer is to find two avg NFL guards and trade Harvin and whatever else takes to get them..Or fire Cable and scrap the ZBS….after the season. For now, this year, its ride or die with Sweezy and McQ. Sigh…I was so hoping I was just a nervous Nellie and full of crap…Seriously, when have Cables O lines EVER been adequate in pass pro? Was it just me or was Sweezy terrible? Sigh…

    4) Who helped their cause? McDaniel, Michaels, Willson, McGrath, Siliga, McDonald, Lane, William, Blackmon, Kyle Knox, maybe Thurmond. Who hurt their chances? Quinn, everyone who got dumb penalties, JeanPierre, Sweezy.

    5) Focused on next week? The same old crap: the line, DT, FB, backup S.

  29. 1. We need to get healthy. Rivers, Manning & now Rodgers have all moved the ball very well against our D. We’ve got to get a consistent rush going. We’re lucky Rodgers sat after one series. Penalties! Holy Night.

    2. RW started out something like 7 for 7. Not worried about him.

    3. The O-line remains inconsistent & frustrating at times. The solution is David DeCastro. We do have good depth. Patience and hope on that front.

    4. McDaniel just by showing up to play. Siliga collapsed the pocket and picked up a sack. It was scrub time but still… He has a different body type then our other generally lighter guys in the middle.

    5. The D-line and D Tackles specifically. Outside of Mebane & Hill(gimpy) who makes the team? McDaniel is probably in if healthy. McDonald, Howard, Brooks? I’d audition Siliga next week with lots of playing time. Seems like Jesse Williams is now on the outside looking in. Then we’ve got to sort out our 18 leo candidates. It’s the Raiders next week so whoever plays should look good.

  30. Georgia–Heh, I bet beer had something to do with the passing out…

    Hows Bates doing?! And my man Kearse!!! :p

  31. banosser says:

    Matt Flynn’s line from tonites game against da Bears

    3 for 6
    19 yds
    2 int
    qbr 17.4

    Regarding the game in Lambeau.. the sky is not falling.. we went into a hostile stadium against a fired up Packer team and played them even.. only gave up 3 pts to Rogers.. the refs were horrendous.. Sweezy got a tough but valuable lesson on the delay blitz.. Luke Wilson actually looked fairly good.. Turbin didn’t do himself any favors wiffing on the Mathews sack.. The second Wilson int the receiver appeared to get pushed off his route or he prolly would been right were the ball was thrown before it reached the safety..

  32. My two cents on the new Insider banner pic: Im a cranky old man in a 30-something body, so keep that in mind…its a great shot, and I get that this is now RW’s team, but its a little early to remove Beast Quake from the banner…we have yet to win a game as big as that one was for this team, and Lynch is still the identity of this team, and its heart and soul. (I cant believe Im saying this as I was against trading for him).

    RW will have is day. But Lynch’s BeastQuake is the single biggest play since SB 40 for us.

  33. bsinnitt says:

    Earl is going to have a dominate year this year. Should be good at 3 Tech with McDaniel, Hill and Bennett. I like Irvin at Sam once he’s back. Wagner is going to kill it. D is the best in franchise history. Go Hawks!!

  34. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yawn….it’s preseason if they look this bad week one then i will be concerned

  35. 1. overall take is…. the road don’t intimidate this team and they should play better on the road this year once they clean up the penalties. 2. Wilson is fine.. don’t overreact in preseason. 3. line just has to play through it and gain some continuity and experience. 4. Tony McDaniel and Stephen Williams helped their chances for making the team tonight. game is worthless..preseason should be over now (NFL should cut preseason to 3 games)

  36. 1. 2. 3. This is why they play preseason games.

    If they weren’t making mistakes or blowing protections or if they were READY to play, that would be called “regular season”. Everyone including the 49ers, Falcons, Ravens, and Patriots is playing like crap right now. It should be expected.

  37. Thought about Sweezy more last night, it was clearly a terrible game for him, but we have seen him look much better. I think the “pressure” was let off of him because he officially won the job after Moffitt was traded. This hopefully will serve as a wake up call that he still has to bring it like he is fighting for a job every day.

  38. edstang45 says:

    I am not concerned with ave game by wilson and offense…I was looking forward to seeing them out perform and kicking Packers butt, it didnt happen, wondering about Rice when is he gonna be excited about football and play some downs…not worried about O-line they looked big mean and powerful,baby!!! Sweezy will get there…As for the Defense……wheres our Pass rush!!!! Wheres this Avril Cat!! Whats the deal with Clem is he gonna be back soooooon, This team is so strong so talented so deep ….NO PASS RUSH!!! do we need to worry??

  39. montanamike2 says:

    We’re playing vanilla, when games start counting Avril will be there. I’m glad we left relatively unscathed.

  40. Macabrevity says:

    1. What is your overall take away from the win?
    The defense impressed, although one of my favorite players K.J.Wright looks a little slower than I remember, but it’s probably because of all the speed around him, and especially Wagner who not only has jets but also diagnoses the play ultra-fast.

    2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions?
    Not at all. As above, first one was a tip, and the second I had a feeling he was just going to chuck it haphazardly. It’s pre-season. RW will have more picks this season I’m sure of it, but I don’t think it will phase him mentally.

    3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution?
    I keep asking myself… “What exactly does pass pro mean? Dpes ZBS mean zero blocking system?” Okung goes down and this could be a bottom feeding O-line. Anyone other than RW behind center and they’d probably be playing shell shocked.

    4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster?
    Lovin’ Mayowa.

    5. What will you be focused on watching the most next week against the Raiders?
    Who gets the most penalties? Could be fun.

    One last thought… when are we going to figure out we don’t need any high-priced FA’s? The way we load up on talent with the draft and UDFA’s, we don’t need to mortgage our future with big name/big stat/ big ticket guys anymore, especially at the WR position. It just never works out for us.

  41. Southendzone says:

    1. What is your overall take away from the win?

    Concern, O-line for pass-pro looks very shaky.

    2. Any concern about Russell Wilson’s play after the two interceptions?

    Just a little, I think there is too much optimism overall on the part of Hawk fans that RW will be taking it to the next level this year. They haven’t run the read/option at all in preseason and that’s was a wrinkle that helped our O last year. As a pure passer, RW can’t be called an ‘elite’ qb right now, so don’t expect it.

    3. How about the offensive line? What’s the solution?

    You are what you are now, there’s no meaningful personnel move coming to fix this. The solution is to focus on being a running team, and to be able to run / screen pass on clear passing downs. Other solution is to hope that magically the pass pro is going to fix itself in the next 2 weeks. (COME ON LEPRECHAUNS!!)

    4. Who helped his cause the most as far as making the roster?

    McDaniel looked great to me, it mirrored what I’ve read about him in camp when he was healthy, that he gets great push against O-Lineman when he’s in there.

    Overall, I’m stuck on the O-Line here. Everyone is in love with C.Mike, and we hear about Mike Rob maybe not making the cut, but on a team where the pass blocking looks really shaky, I don’t want to see a rookie trying to pick up a blitzing Clay Matthews. I want that to be Mike Rob. Maybe there’s some potential for improvement if Zack Miller was in the game.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    Ones on ones we were OK. Getting starters back will be good. Rogers is tough for anyone/everyone, especially with his pornstashe… He could play a ped on any CSI show today and look the part… Scary… Somebody needs to tell him to cut that off…ewww.

    Sweeze, please!
    Now remember, GB has a good D-Line, and backers too, their cuts will be grabbed up. But I just can’t support this Sweezy project any longer. He gets fooled by the simplest plays every time, regardless of his strenGth, not strenth. He is a total liability to the health of our shining star QB. Can’t one of the kids Bowie or Baily take that spot? At least they have seen stunts and blitzes before. Sweeze whiffs too often.

    I thought McDaniel looked great. Siliga looked way better than I thought he would. Bradford is a thumping pile of ouch. Turbin looked like turbin, Cristin looked FAST AND QUICK. Somebody in the game thread said he was going to be a dagger to the opposition after the Beast wears them down for 3 quarters. If he learns to block better, he won’t be waiting till the 4th. And ifnTurbin lets Clay run through him like he is made of vapor, he will get less plays to Cristin too.

    I had really hoped Quinn would have shown better, but two things prevented that. His absolute lack of skill, and the second string OLine which. Almost created a black hole of vacuum by how much they sucked. I was hoping for Quinn to show enough to get some trade value. I honestly can’t say he did. His TD pass SHOULD have been a pick, but Stephon saved his ass with a great steal of the ball. Kudos to Williams, he will stick.

    Winston Guy is a cut. He inks that the fumble he caused was a great play, but it was sheer luck he caught the ball in just the way to cause the fumble. He missed the player who he should have blasted or tackled. I predict he is gone.

    Who will return punts… They all look good eh?
    Kearse for kick-offs? Or Lane? I go with kearse… IMHO.

    That little long haired linebacker is probably a cut too, good effort, but too small and not good enough.

    Odd in their lack of playing time, Ware, Harper, Coleman. Good sign or bad sign?. I guess they play a lot vs the raiders.

    Overall, getting the injured starters back will really change the dynamics of the team. Zack alone will be cool, and open up Luuuuke even more. MRob and Beast alone will totally change the dynamics and again, tilt the field significantly. We HAVE been very vanilla so far, and are saving a load for SF to step into.
    It will be like night and day once the regular season starts, and I imagine the next two weeks of closed practices will be filled with starters working on the new variations of the option play, zack plays, Luke plays, Rice, Tate, Baldy plays. The defense will have a variety of stunts and blitze packages. It’s going to be fantastic…


  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How many times does Russell Wilson have to prove that he is an elite pure passer? And that’s despite the crappy pass protection.

    That of course is looking at all the games he has played instead of one pre-season game that he didn’t play all that well in.

  44. Several mentioned the reffing – universally bad. . . .
    Glad to see McDaniel look useful. Our WR’s looked ready to contribute, even w/o Rice and Harvin.
    Michael is a keeper – beast mode III.
    Maybe sloppy overall, but enough strength to overcome mistakes.
    Our 2nd and 3rd guys should handle Oakland.
    Carolina seemed stronger than first thought – we will have to prepare for them. Can’t look ahead to week 2.

  45. HeinieHunter says:

    Sluggo, Really enjoyed reading your comments! There were some pluses to this game; NO INJURIES! And a win on the road is still a win on the road. Michael looks like “the Dagger” to the heart mentioned above. After worrying about the loss of Harvin I now see maybe the best group of WR’s the Hawks have ever had. Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, Williams. To win this game but not play well was maybe the best thing that could have happened. Re-focus time and every player could really see how these silly penalties hurt us. Sherman’s comment “I need to play better” sends a message to every player on the team. Ditto RW. The upcoming cuts are going to be brutal and I can here the screaming here already. Go Hawks!

  46. banosser says:

    Get Carp back on the field.. move McQ to RG..

  47. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I felt the Packers came out with more intensity and gave our Oline problems. Wilson looked accurate and in charge the first series. Turbin was destroyed by Mathews, he won’t be the last guy. Also on the Mathews sack, I think there is plenty of tape of Russell Wilson spinning to his right when pressured and it looked like Clay went right to an area that Russell would be at, not where he started. Knowing how much Russell studies and corrects mistakes, I hope he makes an adjustment here. He took some shots last night.

    Also, maybe just me, but I felt Golden wasn’t up to the task last night. His focus was off and it seemed like the moment was a little too big for him. All week he talked about not letting the crowd get to him, but I think they did and although those would have been a couple of really tough catches, he just didn’t seem focused and ready. One game regression maybe.

    Sweezy winning the job is now in front of us. He played his worse game and was beat on many plays. The late hit play where he dived at the guys knees should have ended his night. With him and Gino violating the right side of the line, we could be in for trouble there. Hope Cable has a backup plan.

  48. Macabrevity says:

    Sluggo… did you see Marshawn take a jab at the pornstache at halftime? Great stuff!

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