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Morning links: McDaniel auditioning for starting job

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 22, 2013 at 6:39 am with 77 Comments »
August 22, 2013 6:41 am
Seattle Seahawks' Tony McDaniel runs through a drill during an NFL football minicamp Wednesday, June 12, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Tony McDaniel runs through a drill during an NFL football minicamp Wednesday, June 12, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

My story today focuses on Tony McDaniel, who is fighting for the starting defensive tackle position left open by Alan Branch departing the Seattle Seahawks in free agency.

McDaniel has been an intriguing player in practice, with his ability to push the pocket and knock down passes at the line of scrimmage at 6-7 and 305 pounds. However, due to a groin injury he suffered heading into the week of the team’s first preseason game at San Diego, McDaniel has yet to see action during exhibition play.

So that makes Friday’s game at Green Bay a key audition for McDaniel.

“It’s very important,” he said. “I missed the first two games. I’m a new player. The coaches here have only seen me for things I’ve done in practice. So I can’t wait to get out there and show them what I can do in a game.”

Another reason McDaniel needs to perform well, according to this Pennsylvania TV station, rookie defensive tackle Jordan Hill will be out three-to-six weeks with a partially torn bicep. Pete Carroll did not talk after practice on Wednesday, so we should receive an update on injured players after practice today. Hill suffered the injury during practice on Tuesday.

However, Josh Reed of the ABC-TV affiliate in Harrisburg, Penn., says Hill’s injury isn’t as severe as first reported.

Mike Chappell of The Indianapolis Star writes that University of Washington product Caesar Rayford has a chance to makes the colts as an edge rusher.

Mike Silver of is drinking the Seahawks Kool-Aid; he’s picking Seattle to defeat Cincinnati in the Super Bowl.

Alyssa Roenigk of ESPN writes about Pete Carroll’s unusual coaching techniques. It’s a real good look inside the day-to-day operations for the Seahawks, and how Carroll’s unique approach.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle revisits “Fail Mary”, asking Seahawks fans how they feel about the winning touchdown nearly a year after it took place.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times writes about Jermaine Kearse’s ascension up the Seahawks’ depth chart.

Terry Blount of ESPN Seattle writes that the Seahawks are stockpiling defensive linemen, including the team’s latest addition, Sealver Siliga.

Clare Farnsworth of focuses on the versatility that edge rusher O’Brien Schofield brings to the table for Seattle.

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    I finished the last post by saying McDaniel has to step up now. It’s good to hear that Hill’s injury isn’t as severe as first reported. It’s hard to make it through the pre season healthy.

  2. yankinta says:

    JAWS is Garbage. He said CK could be one of the greatest QB ever,, I’m like wow,smh,, this is a QB that played only 9 games so far, and cannot throw to a spot, only to wide open receivers….

    According to Cecil Lammey, ESPN Denver, CK in his first 9 games, over 90% of his throws are to his First Read, small amount went to his second Read, and NONE went to his Third Read!! This so called expert JAWS, is now telling me he could be one of the greatest ever??! Wow, I find myself losing respect Jaws very quickly…. smh…

  3. SaigonSun says:

    I hope The Seahawks don’t take the Carolina game lightly . Panthers are not as bad as their record may show ( from last year). Hopefully, we can do one game at the time and not just concentrate on SF.

  4. ChrisHolmes says:

    I read that ESPN article yesterday and all I can say is: Awesome.

    Pete seems to be very much the forward thinker.

    Positive energy! Feel the vibe!

  5. sluggo42 says:

    So Yanker, please mate, tell us how you really feel about Jaws…. Lol
    I’m somewhat in your camp of thought on the guy, not much of a body of work to draw from at this point. Typically these early anointed HOF’ers fail to live up to the lofty expectations of early hopes. But, the guy still has some serious game to be dealt with. If he turns out to be a one trick pony, he will be exposed soon enough… Hopefully by us!

    I was liking kearse last year, along with, but not as vocally as Slave, but I’m happy to see him doing well. I know he had some drop problems at UW, but he also was money sometimes. I think he is a fantastic addition to our supposedly average WR group, who I now view as a top 5 group with the addition of Kearse and Williams, and when Percy returns, they will be as good as any….

    Big ol Tony McD was lauded early on befor his injury, so I’m hoping he is as disruptive as he was early on, and I hope the new guy, can’t remember his name, so I’ll call him Sil325 can stuff his big ass into places the other team doesn’t want him to be to force people to have to run around him, into somebody else’s awaiting arms….

    Go Hawks!

  6. bbnate420 says:

    “I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,” Jaworski said Wednesday on ESPN. “I love his skill set. I think the sky’s the limit.”

    yank, how exactly does that make Jaworski garbage? He said he COULD be. That’s conditional. Said he has a great skill set, which he does. We’ll see if the most important thing, his decision making, grows as he plays more. We don’t know what he will be. His 12 starts so far were very good. That’s all we really know.

    And I do think he will come back to Earth in 2013. Especially with the garbage WRs he has. But we have no idea yet.

  7. There’s a fair chance that one of the top second-year QBs — Kaep, Wilson, Luck and RG3 — will eventually be considered one of the greatest ever. So Jaws did the usual “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and came up with Kaep.

  8. Looks like Kearse could join Baldwin as a great UDFA find. Let’s see what he does in the regular season, of course.

  9. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, I think JAWS analysis is garbage because not only did he say this about CK, he also ranked Matt Schaub higher than RW (based on 2012) and ranked Andrew Luck with his 30 interceptions (Adjusted) higher than RW.

    I used to tivo and watch his NFL Match Up show a lot but now that I’m losing respect for the guy, I don’t think I will waste my time…. :)

  10. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, the fact that he said those things about CK based on his 9 games, in which he clearly showed he cannot go through his reads,, and that CK is primarily a Strong Armed First Read QB,,,, makes me think that JAWS is nothing but a jump-on-the-wagon guy…. smh

  11. bbnate420 says:

    That’s fair enough. I just wouldn’t say that his Kaep quote was that crazy. It would be crazy if he said that Kaep WOULD be one of the best of all time. He’s fine as an analyst IMO. I think he’s pretty good at breaking down QB play anyhow.

    You know I’m not a huge Luck fan, though I don’t go as far as you.

  12. banosser says:

    Yankinta… fwiw, I completely agree… to begin the proccess of lumping these young qbs in potentially the same catagory as Brady, Manning, Montana, Elway, Marino etc.. is laughable.. I’d think the same thing if he was talking about RW.. but.. at least he is dumping that load on Kaep’s back for him to carry and not our guy

  13. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t say Jaws is jumping on the bandwagon necessarily. He breaks down film in that NFL Match Up show. I would bet that he has looked at a fair amount of film on Kaep. Doesn’t mean he is right, but I don’t think he has it based on not watching the guy.

  14. yankinta says:

    banosser, I agree that it’s early but imo, RW has shown wayyy more than Luck, RG3 and CK. I would say CK is the riskiest of being a bust and Luck at least will be an average QB at best..,, when I say average, I mean top 15,, not top 10 QB in the NFL,,

  15. bbnate420 says:

    And Kaep started 12 games I believe. He started 3 in the playoffs and played great. Those games are more important than regular season games.

    Hope McDaniel can step up. DT is starting to look a little worrisome. Bennett can play 3 tech on passing downs if Hill is out.

  16. bbnate420 says:

    Useless stat of the day:

    The last 7 SB winners played both the NFC East and Patriots during the regular season. Which is the only team to do that in 2013? The Denver Broncos.

  17. yankinta says:

    Nope, he started 7 regular season games plus 3 games in the playoff, so the total is actually 10 games…. nevertheless, So far in his Career, over 90% of his throws are to his First Reads, small amount went to his second Reads, and NONE went to his Third Reads!!,,, According to Cecil Lammey, ESPN Denver.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right, yank. 10 starts, though he did play in 13 regular season games, 9 in which he logged significant time.

    I hear you on Kaep. I’m not sold on him being a great QB yet. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for him to suck either.

  19. yankinta says:

    Let’s just say, if he sucks this year,, I would not be surprised at all. In Fact, I’ll come to this blog and tell everyone that I saw it coming…. I’ll do the same when Andrew Luck throws another 30+ ints (adjusted)… :)

  20. Sucks canal water that Hill got hurt. I hope its far less severe than 3-6 weeks, or that could really hurt us.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Seattle puts Jesse Williams on IR for that knee…he hasn’t looked good since the Chargers game, and only seems able to practice 1-2 times a week even with limited game snaps.

    They were counting on Hill, I think, as he showed quite a bit better in run D than they expected. I think MCD now has a shot at making the team if he can just get healthy and play ok.

  21. Who knew? It turns out we will have real competition during this third preseason game. The performances at DT during this game should tell us a lot about whether the D line can take a step forward.

    Locks to make the 53:
    DT Mebane
    DT Bennett

    On 53 or PUP?
    DT Hill

    On the bubble:
    DT McDaniel
    DT McDonald
    DE-DT Howard

    DT Brooks
    DT Parker
    DT Siliga

    IR? Williams

  22. STTBM, I hadn’t read your post, but yes we were thinking the same thing about Williams. If he doesn’t play and shine tomorrow night, they need to pack him away as a reclamation project. If they don’t list him IR for the year, his career could be done. From what I gather, his knee won’t allow him to practice on consecutive days.

    At this point, he reminds me a bit of Steve Emtman – natural football skills, amazing upper body strength, weak knees. Emtman had multiple surgeries in his first few years in the league, and then kept playing as a journeyman for years with no cartilage left in his knees. I hope Williams fares better, but it looks like the NFL docs told teams not to draft him and they seem to be right about that.

  23. bbnate420 says:

    Hill can’t go on the PUP. He didn’t start TC on PUP.

  24. bbnate420 says:

    Howard looked good versus SD. He may turn out to be important for us.

  25. yankinta dislikes Jaws so much not because of his thoughts on Russell Wilson or Kaepernick, but because he put his buddy Flynn down at number 32 in his rankings. 32 is a bit harsh, but I’d put him around number 30.

  26. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, lol nah, I was saying trade Flynn, right after the Rooki Mini Camp last year,, which was months before the 3 way QB competition began in the 2012 Seahawks Training Camp. :)

    But so far Flynn has looked good enough to make Bills GM, Jets GM and Chiefs GM look bad (for not going after him),, I think that will continue throughout this season. May even cost some GM’s their job.

  27. RDPoulsbo says:

    I didn’t get a chance to reply to Orr’s comment about football is just entertainment yesterday. I know I’m completely the saying, but football isn’t life and death, it’s more important than that. :)

    I’ve had high hopes for McDaniel. I’ll be watching him closely tomorrow night.

    That FO article is interesting. I had a suspicion Luck’s bad INT stat was worse than it looked, nice to see it confirmed.

    Moffitt went through a whole practice with Denver, so I assume the trade is official now?

  28. banosser says:

    Stevos.. Emtman blew his L knee out his rookie yr.. then his R patellar tendon the next.. that’d make amy DT’s knees week..

    Emtman was JJ Watt..
    players just didn’t bounce back from those knee injuries like they can now… really too bad

  29. Many people here seem to perennially undervalue Colin Kaepernick. That’s natural, being the rival team, but take the homer glasses off once in a while. The guy HAS all the tools. His sample set, while small, is very good. Has the guy ever had a true clunker? His worst game was at Seattle last year, but then how did Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady do in the same situation?

    I get the knock about him being a one-read QB. But if you only had two ball catchers on your roster (i.e. Davis and Crabtree) you might be the same. And, his first read seems to be catching the ball – he had a 62.4% completion rate, only slightly below the 64.1% for our beloved RW. Balance that with only three interceptions (1.38% int/att rate, which blows RW’s 2.54% out of the water), and I’d say it worked out pretty well for him.

    Further, if you read up on CK, he’s had a great camp and is supposedly a pretty hard worker and studies a lot of film. Even if he’s not quite as dedicated as RW, 80% of RW’s work ethic is still pretty impressive. I’m sure if this “first read” habit is an issue, his coaching staff is aware of it and is working with him on it, and we will see a shift. Love him or hate him, Harbaugh knows how to coach QBs.

    I’m not saying Kaep’s going to be an all-time great, but I think he has the potential to be elite for many years, just like our own RW. I don’t like Kaep, but I respect his ability, just like I hated John Elway for all those years, but had to respect him twice a year. He’s got the tools and the coach, and there’s a very strong possibility that we’ll face an elite Colin Kaepernick twice (or three times) a year for the next decade. We can say he sucks all we want, but the results say differently.

    After-all, every superhero needs a worthy adversary, right? CK is General Zod to RW’s Superman.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I’m agreeing with you OrrObb on Kaep, he is a very good QB and we should have an awesome rivalry for the next decade if he doesn’t get hurt. For now he has no targets and is a one read or run player, which leaves him way more exposed. Harbaugh is a good coach but his team is near the rebuild stage as he leans on his older veteran starters due to lack of depth. O-line is better maybe even the best in the league but that’s my take in a nutshell.

  31. “Many people here seem to perennially undervalue Colin Kaepernick. That’s natural, being the rival team, but take the homer glasses off once in a while. The guy HAS all the tools. His sample set, while small, is very good. Has the guy ever had a true clunker? His worst game was at Seattle last year, but then how did Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady do in the same situation?”

    I agree with you as well. Yeah, he’s unproven (as is our guy if we’re being honest w/ourselves), but Kaep looked great in the chances he got, and as was pointed out, played very well in the post-season too. The guy’s electric. I’m not particularly a fan of his, and I wouldn’t trade our guy for him, but to claim he’s not majorly talented or is likely to be a bust . . . .is little more than wishful thinking.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    No way i’d trade with anybody either.

  33. In case there is any doubt, I would definitely not trade RW for CK!

  34. chuck_easton says:


    Just wondering if you had the chance to watch the Raiders/Saints game last week?

    I did. Flynn was literally running for his life. He would complete his 5 step drop, turn to face the line, and there would be a defensive player right there acting like a Walmart greeter. Guy was sacked 5 times (in a half), hit several others, hurried even more, and still managed to throw for over 100 yards and the team’s only offensive TD of the game.

    We get it. Wilson is better. No question and there are no arguments. But can we stop with the Flynn bashing around here? The guy was a Seahawk last year. No matter what was said behind closed doors, he never was a public distraction. He’s getting his chance to finally start.

    Unfortunately he’s starting on a team that would make Seattles 2010-2011 o-lines look like perenial probowlers.

    I’m rooting for him to have a decent season so he can show once and for all if he is or is not a servicable starter for a team that didn’t hit the QB lottery like Seattle, the Colts (twice now), Washington, SF and others.

  35. wazzulander says:

    Yep, Kap’s physical tools are pretty ridiculous so I don’t think Jaws was off base saying how good he “could be”. It also says something that Harbaugh saw enough from him in practice that he benched Alex Smith mid-season, at a point when Smith had one of the highest QB ratings in the league. Obviously, it was the right choice. That said, no way I would trade Russell for him or anyone else. RW’s leadership is 15 on a 10 point scale and at the QB position leadership is huge.

  36. yankinta says:

    OrrObb, I agree with you as well, but for JAWS to jump to conclusion this soon made me lose respect for him. I seriously doubt he knew about KC not throwing his second reads and third reads in his short career, or maybe he chose not to mention it, which is a very significant telling….

    I do think he’s a good QB, top 10 QB potential. I actually hope he become a top 10 QB because to have the best rivalry in the NFL means the entire country has to pay attention to us, South Alaskans…. I’m just saying he’s the riskiest of the 4 young QB’s…. we can agree to disagree but he goes into a slump, we’ll all know who saw it coming,, therefore not surprised… :)

  37. raymaines says:

    I wouldn’t trade RW for CK, but I wish the Seahawks would have picked him in the 2011 draft instead of James Carpenter.

  38. yankinta says:

    raymaines, thank god we did not pick him up in 2011. That’d mean, we would not draft RW in 2012.

  39. montanamike2 says:

    I’d put RGknee as risky as well.

  40. Wonder if this won’t be a difficult game for T.McDaniel to showcase his talents for collapsing the pocket and batting passes? I also wonder if anybody playing on the interior DL for SEA will have much pass-rushing success against GB? Per PFF, last reg season GB’s pass blocking efficiency (PBE) was 80.6 (SEA’s PBE was 80.7, one spot better). Also, GB had 644 passing plays to SEA’s 488 in the ’12 reg season. So far this preseason, GB’s OL leads all other teams with a PBE of 92.6 on 88 passing plays. SEA’s OL PBE is 90.5 on 55 passes, for 5th place so far this preseason.

    So far this preseason for SEA, only Mebane has gotten any pass rush pressure (PRP) from the NT spot (1 hit, 1 hurry). From the other DT/DE/OLB spots, so far in preseason games:
    Red Bryant and J.Williams have 0 PRP,
    C.McDonald has 4.7 PRP (one hurry in 16 passing snaps,)
    M.Parker (a DT SEA got from NYG on Aug 6) has 4.8 PRP (1 sack in 21 passing snaps,)
    J.Howard has 9.4 PRP (1 hit + 1 hurry in 16 passing snaps,)
    J.Hill has 5 hurries in 39 passing snaps for a PRP of 9.6,
    M.Bennett has a PRP of 10.0 for 1 hit + 1 hurry in 16 passing snaps,
    M.Brooks has a PRP of 11.1 with 1 hit and 3 hurries in 27 passing snaps,
    M.Morgan has a 0 PRP on 31 passing snaps (19 pass rush snaps,)
    T.Powell has a 8.0 PRP on 27 passing snaps (22 pass rush snaps) for 1 sk + 1 hu,
    O’Brien Schofield has a 12.5 PRP on 30 passing snaps (26 pass rush snaps) for 1 sk + 1 ht + 2 hu,
    B.Mayowa has a 14.6 PRP on 43 passing snaps (41 pass rush snaps) for 3 sk + 1 ht + 3 hu,
    M.Smith has a 25.0 PRP on 23 passing snaps (4 pass rush snaps) for 1 sk, and
    K.Knox has a 35.0 PRP on 8 passing snaps (5 pass rush snaps) for 1 sk + 1 hu.

    From the ILB spot, J.Lotulelei and A.Bradford have 0.0 PRPs,
    K.J.Wright has a 25.0 PRP on 24 passing snaps (1 hu/3 pass rush snaps,)
    B.Wagner has a 37.5 PRP on 16 passing snaps (1 ht/2 pass rush snaps,)
    H.Farwell has a 58.3 PRP on 11 passing snaps (1 sk + 1 hu/3 pass rush snaps,) and
    C.Wilkins has a 75.0 PRP on 14 passing snaps (1 hu/1 pass rush snap.)

    PFF makes it difficult to read because they’re calling SEA a 3-4 D and mix our DTs with DEs and DEs with OLBs. To PFF, if you rush the paser once and get a sack you’ld have a PRP of 100.0, otherwise if you get a hit or hurry you get a 75.0 (hits and hurries are weighted 75% of sacks which are 100%.)

  41. Rainman is back. lol

  42. I would lose respect for somebody if they DIDN’T recognize CK as a potential star QB. He led his team to the SB in his 1st (partial) season as a starter.

  43. “I’m just saying he’s the riskiest of the 4 young QB’s…. ”

    I actually think RG3 is the riskiest of the 4 – – the guy took two significant injuries in his first year in the league. I don’t think his style of play and body type are going to allow him to stay injury free unless things drastically change. And if he does lose his speed/elusiveness due to knee problems, it remains to be seen how good his overall game will be.

  44. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s the ongoing disrespect Jaws segment. Professional NFL talking head and former longtime NFL starting QB certainly has much more inside information and deeper understanding of the QB position than any of us here. Yes, think for yourself kids, but he’s been there, done that and has a keen understanding of what it takes to play the QB position as well as unique understanding of the necessary traits that are required to be successful in the NFL. I agree with macarob’s point regarding recognizing potential. Jaws would come off as a fool if he didn’t mention CK as a legitimate QB. I can’t stand CK, but he was a large reason they went to the Superbowl last year and will present a big challenge for us this year and years to come.

  45. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Senaca was terrible last week for the Saints. Multiple sacks and deer in the headlights in the two series I watched. It would be amazing if he beat at Colt. It would be awesome and funny though.

  46. yankinta says:

    MoSeahawk12, just because you know you used to play in the NFL doesn’t mean, you know how to evaluate talent… How come our GM is sooo good at being able to evaluate talent? He’s never played before, not even in College…, c’mon man. You can bow down all you want but I will choose to form my own opinion. :)

  47. Dukeshire says:

    When was the last time *any* Seahawk’s interior lineman had much pass-rush success, against anyone? Feels like that has been one of the most inconsistent / lacking elements in Seattle for a long, long time.

    Also, PFF calling Seattle a 3-4 is an admission they don’t understand the scheme, for what it’s worth.

  48. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not so worried about Seattle’s pass rushing efficiency thus far in the preseason. It’s a pretty small sample size of barely a half of play of 1s vs. 1s. Plus, vas majority of those snaps was against Denver which has a good o-line.

    The interior pass rush won’t be where the primary pressure should come from anyway. If they can get enough push so the QB can’t step up in the pocket to avoid the edge rushers then they’ll have done their job.

  49. “Many people here seem to perennially undervalue Colin Kaepernick.”

    That would be literally impossible. Colin Kaepernick didn’t play an NFL game until last year. No one knew what his value might be before last November. His first start was week 11 and he’s played 10 games in the NFL. The least experienced starting QB in the league.

    Perennially undervaluing him would mean he had been undervalued for several years.

    Its easy to imagine Kaepernick continuing to build skills and become a great QB. Its also easy to imagine him being a flash in the pan who played a few great football games and a couple of crappy ones. So far he’s a one-trick-pony. No one knows his value yet.

  50. “When was the last time *any* Seahawk’s interior lineman had much pass-rush success, against anyone?”

    Duke, I know you remember. It was Marcus Tubbs in 2005. 5.5 sacks and many devastating QB pressures. That was the year we got to the super bowl. No coincidence.

  51. What separates Russell Wilson from the very talented crowd of CK, Luck, RGIII, the improving Tannehill, Weeden & Foles & from the the vast majority of human beings is his nuclear internal reactor. The external does not phase him. It’s not his physical skills but his incredible will that is unmatched by any of those other guys. We all know that we got someone very special here.

  52. hey, klm008 is back with his myriad stats! Welcome back klm! I’m sure there’s a good point of it all too, if only my eyes weren’t glazed over.

  53. “The interior pass rush won’t be where the primary pressure should come from anyway…”

    Why not? Defenses that get pressure from the interior are often dominant. It’s the quickest path to the QB. It’s the only piece that this Seahawks defense is missing but it’s a damn vital piece.

  54. I think its not possible to know much about the Seahawks pass rush before opening day. Even then, it may be limited at first. Game Five is when we will all get to find out what we have. Once Clem is healthy, and Bruce Irvin is rushing from Sam LB, they will be able to take advantage of multiple looks, with Irvin, Clem, Avril, Bennett, Winfield, Thomas, and the DTs, all taking advantage.

    But we aren’t going to see much of this for a few weeks. They’ll have to grind out a few wins the hard way first.

  55. Emtman was a sad case. Ive never seen a defensive player dominate in college like he did. He was like Cortez Kennedy the year his best friend Jerome Brown died; unblockable. But he never did much in the Pros.

    I hope Williams knee can get better. Its worth keeping him on IR for a year to find out, IMO. But I cant see trying to play a rookie who cannot practice after playing half a game, a guy who hasn’t made 2 practices in weeks. We’ll need his spot for a guy who can play a lot in case of injuries to others. Too bad, Williams was looking good early in camp.

    Brooks looks really good, so did the other guy, Parker. I want to see what those two can do vs first teamers. Clinton McD seems to be a longshot to make the roster, esp if McDaniel plays well in the final two preseason games.

  56. Im hoping seattle gets Arceto Clark and Perez Ashford on the pS this year too. Both seem to have potential, at least to me. And that surprised me–CLark esp, as his measurables weren’t impressive, but he looks pretty good onfield.

  57. chuck_easton says:

    We agree there Slave…

    I would not be at all shocked, apalled, flabbergasted, or even mildly perterbed to hear that Jessie Williams knee is such that he is put on IR. He needs time to develop. He hasn’t been able to be healthy enough to practice so give him a year of IR to heal up.

    Therold Simon will likely be keeping Williams company in the trainers room all season.

    I could also invision a couple of mysterious nagging hangnails suddenly becoming enflamed to the point that a few other promising young guys just HAVE to go on IR.

  58. Sorry for misusing the word ” perennially.” Feel free to substitute, “chronic,” “incessant,” or “persistent.”

  59. Schneider played college football until he got hurt.

  60. SandpointHawk says:

    Schneider grew up in Wisconsin and attended high school where he played football. He studied history and secondary education at University of St. Thomas and was on the football team his Freshman year until injuries caused him to retire. During his Junior year he wrote a letter to Ron Wolf asking if he could work as a scout. His internship that summer was the beginning of his relationship with the Green Bay Packers.

  61. MoSeahawk12 says:

    So I guess the he never played before was kinda false information. Not surprised. Another reason to give more weight to the opinions of the professionals that have played and are paid to evaluate while forming your own.

  62. yankinta says:

    lol, yeah, go bow to JAWS,, he’s waiting for you. :)

  63. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Mo, please one year of college and high school ball do not make you an expert anymore than playing 10 years in the pro game does. some guys have a gift some don’t we are lucky to have a GM that is extremely talented at find great players throughout the draft.

  64. banosser says:

    Matt Millen I believe played football too

  65. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yank comment “How come our GM is sooo good at being able to evaluate talent? He’s never played before, not even in College…, c’mon man. You can bow down all you want but I will choose to form my own opinion. :)”

    I 1000% agree that we have a stellar GM and are lucky for that. He’ smart, talented and has done a great job transforming a team that was old, slow and soft. My comment was in reference to a previous Jaws comment and wasn’t discounting anything John has done. It was more about calling out the one that always let’s us know he’s right and that his opinions are better and smarter than anyone including former professional QBs that get paid for their opinions. I find it amusing. Lots of valid opinions on the internet.

  66. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Matt seemed to like drafting receivers….I mean drafting first every year is what all the best GMs do right?
    Sarcasm alert.

  67. NYHawkFan says:

    Actually, it’s quite clever the way Jaworski stated it because he can’t loose by what he said: “I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.” If Kaepernick does turn out, Jaworski sounds like Nostradamus, and if he doesn’t, Jaworski just has to pull the “could” out of his hat and say Kaepernick didn’t pan out as hoped.

  68. bbnate420 says:

    Stevos with the grammar corrections. ;-)

    Technically, CK has played 16 games in the regular season. 3 in the postseason. He has started 10 games in the reg and post combined.

    I might agree that CK is the biggest risk of the 4 QBs. None have proven themselves to be elite IMO. I think a player has to repeat it for a second year to prove it. I have faith that RW will due to his skill and more importantly his preparation. I think RG3 will be elite if he can remain relatively healthy.

    I might have to go for Luck over CK, even though some might think I don’t think much of Luck. I was mostly annoyed that he got more pub than RW when he clearly had a much worse season IMO. I don’t see Luck turning into a bad QB. I could see that with CK. They all have the talent. They all COULD be an all time great. So did Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, etc.. Spit happens.

    Chances are that all four won’t turn out to be elite. All I really know and care about is that RW does.

  69. bbnate420 says:

    Stevos, Rocky Bernard also had 8.5 sacks in 2005. Really good inside pressure that year. I hope that Hill and Bennett can provide that when it counts.

    Look everyone, anecdotal stories don’t really prove anything. There are people that played in the NFL that make great GMs, Ozzie Newsome, and those that were horrible, Matt Millen. There have also been great and horrible GMs that didn’t have an NFL career to speak of. It doesn’t automatically mean anything. But I do believe that Jaws knows more about playing QB than at least most here.

    I don’t believe that his physical talent carried him. He won’t always be right. Some here won’t always be wrong. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know more about QB play than most here. And that’s not BOWING DOWN, yanker. That’s acknowledging that you may not know more than someone else about something. I may like to play poker. That’s doesn’t mean I’m going to tell Phil Hellmuth that I know more about it than him.

  70. yankinta says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, thank you for rescuing me…. lol,, It was like talking to a bunch of little kids, so I just gave up and told them to go bow down to the great Knowledge of JAWS… :)

  71. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, lol I’ve never told anyone that I know more than JAWS,, it’s my own opinion that JAWS is KRAP. lol we may agree to disagree. I just wish we all act like adults, agree to disagree respectfully. Afterall I always provide some facts that back up/explain my opinions. At least it’s not out of thin air. Some will agree, and some will disagree, that’s life. :)

  72. bbnate420 says:

    yank, you and me can certainly agree to disagree, even though we’re not really that far apart. You’re free to express anything you want to IMO. I just wouldn’t characterize Jaws as CRAP simply for a couple of opinions. I have followed him for awhile. He’s right sometimes, he’s wrong sometimes. But he seems to know QB play fairly well.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    And yank, I haven’t tried to insult you in awhile. If it seems like I did, I apologize 4 that. It wasn’t my intention.

  74. yankinta says:

    Well, I guess I disagree. Yes, I have watched him for a while as well. He seems to be able to break down QB play well. But that’s apple and oranges. Knowing how to break down QB play doesn’t mean he can evaluate QB talent well. I’ll give you an example, do you know what he said of Russell Wilson when we drafted him in the 3rd round? I’ll give you three guesses…. :)

  75. bbnate420 says:

    Well, yanker, I guess one bad prediction makes you crap, eh? That would make you crap as you made the Flynn prediction. Not trying to offend you, just sayin. I like your input actually, but you can be too arrogant.

  76. yankinta says:

    lol,, okay, not just one, I actually have more than several examples of JAWS bad QB talent evaluations,, so instead of that someone should point out JAWS’ one good example of QB Talent evaluation. :)

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