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Wilson looking forward to first trip to Green Bay

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 21, 2013 at 1:14 pm with 23 Comments »
August 21, 2013 8:49 pm

Russell Wilson, a University of Wisconsin product, will make his first trip to Lambeau Field when the Seattle Seahawks travel to Green Bay this Friday to face the Packers.

Wilson only played one season for the Badgers, and actually was scheduled to attend a Green Bay game during the time his team practiced in anticipation of the Rose Bowl.

However, Wilson said the Badgers had a bad practice on Saturday, and then head coach Bret Bielema made the team practice again on Sunday, so he couldn’t attend the game.

“I’m excited to go,” Wilson said. “It’s a great stadium, obviously. We’re playing a great football team. Obviously, I have a lot respect for them. I have a lot of respect for their fans, too. And it’s going to be a good game.

“For us, it’s a business trip. We have to be able to play our best football game come Friday.”

Wilson said it’s nice to have tight end Zach Miller back. Seattle’s starting quarterback said having Miller’s consistency back in the fold has been huge for the offense.

“Zach’s so competitive,” Wilson said. “He’s so physical. He’s a playmaker. He does the right thing. When you have a guy out there at the tight end position who just does the right thing all the time, you want that. You need that. And that’s what we have in Zach for sure.”

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talked a little bit about new addition defensive tackle Sealver Siliga.

At 6-2 and 325 pounds, Siliga got a good push as an interior rusher during one-on-one pass rush drills.

“I liked the way he came out to work,” Quinn said. “You could see his strength, and it transferred right down to the grass. We had him in on 9-on-7. … A true pro in the way he worked and started. So we’re off to a good start.”

Quinn said that Siliga is working at 3-tech and nose in the team’s base defense.

Quinn also talked about O’Brien Schofield’s evolving role. Schofield initially worked at SAM linebacker when he joined the team, but now has been working more at Leo defensive end as well.

“We started him off at linebacker, knowing there was more involved in that position, in terms of the learning and the coverage, more so than Leo,” Quinn said. “So we thought that would be the better transition –start him at SAM – that’s what we’ve done in the offseason with the rest of the guys with Cliff (Avril) and with Bruce. So we started him there to get more turns, more familiarity, and then we moved him back to Leo.

“They’re similar, but the SAM has more coverage responsibility, so that’s where we usually start the guys.”

Injury update
DL Jesse Williams (knee), FB Mike Robinson (sickness), WR Steven Williams (undisclosed), Bryan Walters (hamstring) and Jordan Hill (arm) did not practice today.

DB Antoine Winfield appeared to suffer a knee injury midway through practice, and watched the rest of the way from the sideline. CB Richard Sherman also appeared to suffer what looked like a heel injury battling with WR Golden Tate for the ball on a fade route in the end zone.

DE Chris Clemons (knee), DL Greg Scruggs (knee), CB Tharold Simon (foot) and WR Percy Harvin (hip) remain on the PUP list. LB Korey Toomer (hip) remains on the non-football injury list.

Notes from practice
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  1. Newborough says:

    Any more news on Shermans heel injury Eric? Hopefully just a bruise and nothing to do with
    his achilles? Please.

  2. man hope nothing isn’t serious. that’s all we need right now when are starters are hurt. Go Hawks!!!

  3. Good to hear Siliga showed up and looked good. Still, he’s a tremendous longshot to make the team. Cant wait to see him vs GB.

    yeah, sure hope Winfield and Sherms owies are minor.

    Schofield is gonna be a good player, and MAN! I cant wait to see him bring it to the Cardinals twice a year! I bet he tears them a new one!

  4. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Warning: this comment will only be vaguely football related, so skip if you don’t have the patience or interest.

    Going back to the last thread and the ESPN article on PC and his new-age methods. I did the Lou Tice seminar a long time ago. Tice had a business partner back in the day (late 60’s, early 70’s) named Bob Moawad. They are both from the Seattle area but not sure if they worked with Dr. Iverson, whom STTBM referenced. Tice and Moawad split and Moawad started his own company in Tacoma.

    I took Moawad’s seminar some years after I did the Tice one. Tice did come off as arrogant, like someone else pointed out earlier. But he was a fantastic teacher. Moawad was a lot more charismatic, but not as effective teaching, IMO. Both these guys passed away recently, Tice last year and Moawad in 2007, I think.

    Anyway, the football connection: The guy who taught the Moawad seminar I attended was Eric Boles. Locals may remember Boles as a standout at Foss HS in Tacoma and a teammate of John Kitna’s at CWU. He spent three seasons in the NFL as a WR with the Jets and Packers.

    A story Boles told during the seminar went something like this: He got into a game that he wasn’t expecting to get into. It was a MNF game, so national audience, big stage. I think it was while he was with the Jets. Anyway, he knew the ball was coming to him on this play. He repeated to himself “Don’t drop the ball. Don’t drop the ball.” Sure enough, the ball came to him. What happened? He dropped the ball. The lesson he took away from that story was the power of your thoughts. What he should have been thinking was, “catch the ball. Catch the ball.”

    This positive thinking stuff may sound goofy, but results are starting to show the payoff. I think guys like RW are wired to think that way naturally. I see some of that in Richard Sherman, too. And a few others. What a powerful force if PC gets all 53 men on this roster tuned into that!

    Having said all that, it amazes me how far beyond that this staff is going. I mean, GPS tracking, blood marker testing, sleep experts, yoga. They are leaving no stone unturned.

  5. dirtbiker_joey–Good post. Positive reinforcement is far more effective than the reverse, study after study has proven that. But the NFL is a good ole boy network, and change comes hard and slow if at all. Its got its own culture set in stone. But guys like Carrol and Chip Kelly are changing things, shaking things up. Its about time.

    Yeah, the blood marker testing is crazy!

  6. So is Christine Michael back to practicing? Is he going to play in the Green Bay game? I am excited to see more from him.

  7. Eric – thanks for the quotes from Quinn on the new guys.

  8. Dirtbiker-Joey – I couldn’t agree with you more. Positive affirmations are an amazing and effective tool. People brush off these mental things as some kind of BS “voodoo-magic” or such. Yet we have all heard of the amazing stories of people overcoming long odds and in nearly every case you hear how positive these people were (are) and how they just wouldn’t let anything get in the way, no matter how high the mountain seemed.

    So yes, the power of positive thinking…it is just that…powerful.

    “Seahawks win the next two super bowls…Seahawks win the next two super bowls” Come on guys, join me…”Seahawks win the next two super bowls….” :)

  9. sluggo42 says:

    Every packer site I visit is sure they are going to get thumped by the hawks, no confidence in their team. I guess they are having lots of injury issues

  10. GeorgiaRay says:

    Just watched Silver predicting ‘Hawks Super Bowl victory…them supported by Heath Evans of all people…feeling like there’s a bit too much ‘Hawk love out there right now…Hoping we don’t start reading our news clippings…

  11. edstang45 says:

    GeorgiaRay let em talk..I don’t believe the hype enters the minds of the team I think PC has them so submerged in the competion Idea and we are so deep 4th 5th and later round picks and walk ons are thinking they can make this team, 3rd rounders are traded or cut guys have totally bought in baby. Schnieder is the savant at finding guys no matter where they pick em…we are soo deep we are I think are finally that good.It;s like We cant trust it yet after so many years of let downs…..16-0 baby until we lose one……Can we be this good?? why not!!!! until we lose i’m gonna enjoy the ride ….Go Hawks

  12. raymaines says:

    All the positive hype BS in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you’re headed in the wrong direction. If you get to be the biggest, baddest stupid shit in the whole world, you’re still a stupid shit.

    God bless you if you’re the Super Bowl MVP five years running, but if you spend the rest of your life in jail, you’re still a loser.

    I feel so stupid as I write this. It’s so important to me but so totally NOT important to any of you.

    Anyway, be the best person you can be, but don’t let any of us define what “best” may be for you.

  13. tealskin says:

    Ray, Think many, or most of us could agree with where you’re at. Have to admit I’m a little taken aback by your comment but felt like giving you a shout.

  14. No wonder we’re cycling through DT’s, great. Oh well, it’s still all good, Go Hawks.

  15. sluggo42 says:

    Oh good, another self inflicted injury.
    I wonder if full speed practice creates the team, or if a less aggressive, save it for the other guy approach would be more beneficial to the team…
    I know it’s football, but jeez we sure seem to lose a lot of guys from practice…

  16. montanamike2 says:

    It wasn’t much fun hearing about Hill first thing this morning. How did he do it, weights?

  17. chuck_easton says:


    The Hawks have only had two fully padded practices all camp. They don’t allow full tackling at any practice.

  18. montanamike2 says:

    This is time for Tony Mcdaniel to show what he’s got.

  19. bbnate420 says:

    I believe it happened in practice.

  20. sluggo42 says:

    Thanks Chuck..

    But still….

  21. bbnate420 says:

    Even without fully padded practices, the big boys on the lines are pushing each other around and muscles can tear.

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