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Morning links: Broncos-Hawks a Super Bowl preview?

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 21, 2013 at 7:24 am with 53 Comments »
August 21, 2013 7:24 am
Seattle Seahawks running back Spencer Ware runs for a 22 yard gain as he is pursued by San Diego Chargers defensive back Greg Brown in the fourth quarter of an NFL preseason football game Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Seattle Seahawks running back Spencer Ware runs for a 22 yard gain as he is pursued by San Diego Chargers defensive back Greg Brown in the fourth quarter of an NFL preseason football game Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Will Brinson of CBS Sports wonders if last week’s exhibition contest between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos was a preview of this year’s Super Bowl in New York.

Brinson: “The teams played as if the matchup mattered and it might have; Manning wanted to get practice in the loud home of the 12th Man and Seattle probably had something to prove.

It’s not possible to make all preseason games that interesting, but the early part of that game was exceptionally captivating. No one should worry about Seattle’s defense — and Manning & Co. will probably be fine as well.

In fact, we could end up seeing these two teams square off once the Super Bowl rolls around next February. I’d bet that if you’re tallying up professional predictions and could put a percentage next to the picks, I’d bet a majority of folks would have at least one of these teams, and I think a large number of people would have both playing in the Super Bowl.”

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports keeps Denver No. 1 in his NFL power rankings, and the Seahawks actually dropped a spot to No. 6. Apparently Prisco didn’t watch last week’s preseason game between the two teams.

Here’s my story on John Moffitt’s circuitous journey ending up in Denver.

Dave Boling and I joined Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle to talk about the Moffitt trade and other Seahawks-related things in this audio link.

Michael Renner of Pro Football Focus takes a look back at the Broncos-Seahawks preseason game. He says O’Brien Schofield has been the team’s best pass rusher this season, and the Seahawks have another power running back in Spencer Ware.

Scott Venci of the Green Bay Press-Gazette writes that safety M.D. Jennings and the rest of the Packers are trying to move on from “Fail Mary.” Said Jennings: You know, I don’t want to be remembered by that play. I just try to go out there and play football.”

Terry Blount of ESPN writes that Tate understands he’ll be Public Enemy No. 1 in Green Bay on Friday.

Clare Farnsworth of offers these notes from Tuesday’s practice.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland builds a statistical case against momentum, calling it “nomentum.”

More Barnwell: He takes a closer look at the best goal line backs in the NFL.

Jack Becta of the National Football Post talks about the role of personnel men and agents as teams approach final cuts.

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  1. anybody here going to the game in Green Bay? I wish I could be there holding a sign that says “Hey Packers, Learn the Fair Catch Rule”.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Brave man, Stevo.

  3. grizindabox24 says:

    Prisco is such a Hawk hater

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m just amused at everyone that does Power Rankings dropping Seattle solely because Harvin won’t be around for a few months while not doing the same with the 49ers who likely won’t have Kaep’s primary target the entire season. It’s entertainment value only, so I never get worked up about them.

  5. I wonder if Michael Renner noticed Benson Mayowa? He thinks Schofield is our best pass rusher in preaseason, but Mayowa has outplayed him. True, Mayowa has gotten his against second and third teamers at times…

    Prisco is either off his rocker or full of crap. The guy is just over the top with his anti-Seahawk bias. He would be laughed out of journalism if he did that to a GB or SF.

  6. sluggo42 says:

    I’m glad prick–O drops them to six. I hope everyone does, I hope they drop them to 10th.
    All Pete would have to do is post that crap on the bulletin board before the next game. Nothing makes players burn more than getting told they suck and are not going to win.
    Think Sherman doesn’t have thoughts about that.

    I say thank you prisco, feed the fire mate…

  7. RD, it is absurd because Harvin is a luxury for us and Crabtree is a necessity for SF. Their WR situation will be the reason they will not be a top contender this year.

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    Pete Prisco… Skip Bayless… You gotta have a few knuckleheads around, don’tcha?

  9. “It’s entertainment value only, so I never get worked up about them.”

    Isn’t that what professional sports are? I know many of us have strong emotional connections to our teams, but at the end of the day it’s just entertainment. That’s what my wife tells me anyway.

  10. Maybe Prisco wants his twitter to blow up like Skip..

  11. yankinta says:

    Just read this article on ESPN,, “Carroll and Schneider wanted guys who truly bought in, and they weren’t interested in begging for converts. On the first day of meetings in 2010, Carroll asked players to stand up and choose a new seat, to take a fresh perspective as they started a new season. “One guy in the back of the auditorium didn’t switch seats,” says Matt Hasselbeck, the Seahawks’ starting quarterback that year. “He was a big-money guy, a starter. And he was gone a week later. Pete didn’t care about the seats. He just wants to know who’s with him.”

    Who is that guy (Starter making big money),, that was let go because he didn’t buy in??

  12. Read that a little while ago, and it seems that Flynn wasn’t really “in” from the comments he made.

  13. abqhwkfn says:

    Yankinta, Just finished the same article. Its a great read. My guess to who that player may have been TJ Houshmanzada?

  14. Palerydr says:

    OrrOb is that before or after you hurl a few unmentionables/objects at the TV.

    I also guessed Housh however after not posting on the blog here for a few months I got the screen that says “You are posting to quickly” really…..

  15. Carlsonkid says:

    Good link yankinta ; abqhwkfn is probably right , it must’a been Housh . Lawrence Jackson was cut that year also & was a starter , but I don’t think he was making “big money” .

    Great article, thanks …

  16. Carlsonkid says:

    P.S. – Prisco’s a meathead …

  17. “OrrOb is that before or after you hurl a few unmentionables/objects at the TV.”

    I have learned to leave the room before venting my rage. Can’t afford too many new TVs. Though, surprisingly, I have never broken a finger or toe from punching or kicking some poor, inanimate object. Searching Craigslist for a punching bag, though I’m optimistic that I won’t need it this season.

  18. WiscCory says:

    Stevos – I’ll be there. I’m actually looking very forward to exchanging opinions with the Packer fans. My message is quit crying about the past and focus on 2013.

    I’ll be right behind the Hawks bench, and close to the field, so will be in full support of Golden Tate…and won’t let the useless Packer fan chatter go unchallenged.

    I was thinking my sign might say something like Golden Tate fan club…IF I have time to pull a sign together.

    My 7 and 9 year olds are getting their first taste of live NFL this Friday. Can’t wait!!

    Go Hawks!

  19. chuck_easton says:


    Then by all means slow down to once every 6 months! :)

    It’s their server. Try refresh it usually works. But on some of the really hot topics I’ve had that message several times in a row.

    Really, once every few months shouldn’t matter unless the poor overworked typesetter they have can’t keep up with the number of posts. (Newpaper reference…I know you young guys don’t even know what a newspaper looks like let alone a typesetting machine).

  20. sluggo42 says:

    Good one yank,

    Hoosh yo momma.. Ya, I think so. He was a primadonna

    Visiting packer sites, they are nervous about the game and totally respect the hawks…

  21. WiscCory says:

    Sluggo – the state of WI loves Russell Wilson, and do respect the Hawks. The media gave the Hawks plenty of coverage last year, and keep the state informed on Wilson’s performance.

    Locally, by me, plenty of love for Maragos.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    That was an awesome article. Looks like I’ll now be buying that issue. (Lot of magazine shopping lately: ESPN, GQ, Sports Illustrated…)

  23. Back in 2006, my company sent me to a seminar led by a guy named Lou Tice that was centered around personal performance, goal setting, positive affirmations, and visualization. It was pretty interesting stuff that got into the psychology of human performance. Though he struck me as a pretty arrogant guy, Tice’s concepts were sound and he had a track record of working with very successful people in many fields.

    I bring this up because one of the people he highlighted during the seminar was Pete Carroll. Carroll was kicking ass down at USC at the time, as you are all aware, and was buddy-buddy with Lou Tice – according to Tice anyway. Tice claimed that part of PC’s success was due to the application of these very concepts.

    I have been curious over the last few years to what extent PC has brought these concepts to the team and what role they play in the team’s success. That ESPN article was a good read. It’s obvious that PC’s success goes so much deeper than Xs and Os (I know, master of the obvious).

  24. Palerydr says:

    Thx Chuck I can always count on ya for a smile.

    I took the Lou Tice seminar wayyyyy back when working for Sears I still have the binder around the garage somewhere.

  25. Yankinta–Thanks for the link on the ESPN story. Carrol’s way is interesting. Sounds like its working, for a lot of folks.

    The pych and visualization sounds an awful lot like the stuff Seattlite Dr. Larry Iverson teaches. Positive, goal-oriented, visualization, etc. Its good stuff, and works, but what do you do with yourself when all that stuff doesnt make you a champion? Not everyone can be the best, no matter what psych stuff you do.

    Thats when you find out that stuff isnt the whole answer, and you go looking for more answers, or at least more ways to answer questions. Sometimes you have to accept that your not going to get everything you want.

    But for a sports team? I think this stuff is golden.

    Anyway, thanks again for that link. Awesome article, and very interesting.

  26. seatowntp says:

    I realize it is “only” a preseason game against Denver, but three significant points from Renner’s article stood out to me.

    * The Broncos handed the ball off 26 times and the running backs failed to break one tackle. (No missed tackles speaks volumes about the D!)

    * Kam Chancellor has more tackles this preseason (12) and more stops (eight) than K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner combined (10 tackles and three stops). (Bam Bam has taken the “next step” as well?)

    * As if the Seahawks need more power backs, rookie Spencer Ware (+2.2) ran through two tackles, averaged 3.3 yards after contact, and had an elusive rating of 90.9. The sixth-rounder was easily the most impressive runner in the game.

  27. wow, that was a really interesting article – didn’t realize fully what a perfect match RW was for Carroll’s team concept. Love Carroll’s three rules too; #1, Protect the Team. And he’s got an owner willing to spend real money on the team (the kind that doesn’t just go to player salaries). No wonder Carroll’s guys love him.

    pretty inspiring to hear about the way they are doing things.

  28. Posted this earlier towards the end of the last post, great article for those who haven’t seen it.

  29. and I have to add I hope they drop us even more in those power rankings before the season begins; just give our guys ‘another’ reason to stay focused and work even harder.

    Like The Hulk…always angry :)

  30. WiscCory – that’s awesome. I’d love to see a game at Lambeau someday. Don’t get too brave with the Pack fans though, I was just joking about the sign.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    Wow how do guys like Pricko and Skippy get paid actual money and decent money at that? Did he not even watch highlights from last week and with Vonn Miller suspended 6 whole games and all their injuries. Never mind i can’t allow myself to get that disgusted. WisCory is right, my neighbor is a Packers fan and all he talks about are the “fail mary” and how pissed they are that they didn’t grab Wilson before us. Yank i instantly assumed it was Housh, he was prim a donna all the way.

  32. I always thought Pete Carroll operated on a different level from other coaches. Even back when he coached the Jets he was criticized for being loopy somehow, but I think he’s always been a few steps ahead in his thinking. Of course, philosophy doesn’t win football games, but its been great to see his coaching philosophy develop over time and succeed.

  33. If it was Housh, Im not surprised. He was very loyal to Jim Mora, for obvious reasons; Mora kissed his rump unashamedly to get him to sign, and never stopped.

    I cant believe Mora has a job doing anything. That man used the word “accountability” at least 50 times in ever single Press Conference, yet always regarding his players–never himself or his worthless staff. I kept waiting for Inigo Montoya to pop up and say “You keep using that word. I no think it means what you think it means.”

    Housh was old and didnt realize it–he’d lost his speed.

  34. Stevos–I agree. Funny how much backlash there is when someone tries to do things differently–even, and sometimes especially, if they are successful with their approach. I see that from time to time in my profession, and its always frustrating.

    Im hoping Carrols way spreads like his use of Big Corners and smaller faster OLB/DE’s seems to be. It sounds like its a good deal for players. Though, I bet a few guys who got cut might have something to say about how great it is doing things Carrols way; they might not be feeling the player love…

  35. SeahawkFan12 says:

    STTBM, this stuff works. I specialize in this as a business coach and consultant, and used it as a Navy pilot. In fact, SEALs, Olympians, astronauts and corporate execs use it to rise to the top of their field and operate at very high levels.

    I was thrilled to read that Pete is bringing this approach to the Hawks, and I can say with great authority and confidence that this WILL translate to better performance, particularly in the clutch. And when guys really buy in, it will help them OFF the field as well. Great investment by the FO.

  36. “STTBM, this stuff works. I specialize in this as a business coach and consultant, and used it as a Navy pilot. In fact, SEALs, Olympians, astronauts and corporate execs use it to rise to the top of their field and operate at very high levels.”

    I know, I was thinking as I read it, I wish my company would implement these kind of programs . . . but I’m sure it does cost a ton of $ to to do these kind of things. Have to have both vision and deep pockets to pull it off.

  37. SeahawkFan12-No doubt. When I was using it, it worked even for me. My point is what happens when you dont become CEO, or you dont make the team, or you dont get that job promotion, no matter how much you use this stuff? Because the majority of people just wont climb that high, no matter what. And often its through no fault of their own. Not everyone can be at the top.

    Thats when you go looking for something else, something more, a broader understanding. Im not hyping anything in particular, since I while Im not top o the heap, Im certainly not resigned to failing to get there. Im just saying this stuff is a tool, not necessarily a way of life meant for everyone, or a religion, as it almost seems for Carrol. There are other schools of thought out there that have merit.

    Myself, I think everyone should use some of the visualization/meditation tactics. Its the insisting on always moving upward and onward I dont necessarily agree with, though I see how it works in sports.

  38. pdway–Yeah, this motivational stuff aint cheap. The Iverson class I attended was about $800 bucks a head, with about 30-40 attendees. I think he charges about 20k for each three day class. Nice work if you can get it! The problem is 3 days is an overview, an intro, and more is needed. In my case, after a year or so I forgot too much, and the handouts dont give much out because that way he protects his expensive classes; you have to pay to take it again, or schedule a different class or classes, to continue learning his techniques. The outfit I work for cannot afford that, so Im left with my notes and fading memories and some of his products I bought, and it aint enough.

    But yeah, the stuff works. And this is coming from a serious skeptic.

  39. That was a great read! It makes me all the more baffled that they would have traded for a person with the character of Percy Harvin. Urban Meyer was criticized for his character concerns coming from high school, Brad Childress was criticized for taking him (the person), he couldn’t get along with Leslie Frazier later… there’s a clear pattern with Harvin. I’ve probably read 213,948 articles (obviously exaggerating, but you get the point) about what a malcontent Harvin is – but the extreme talent thing always wins out.

  40. SandpointHawk says:

    Excuse my language but…House was a douche

  41. Bobbyk–Whats really interesting is that Bevell never asked for Carrol and Schneider to go get Harvin, or even broached the subject, if we can believe him. He claims Carrol came to him with questions about Percy and said Seattle was trying to get him. If Harvin was all that and a bag o chips, I would have expected more excitement from Bevell.

    Its appears Schneider thought Seattle was one offensive playmaker from winning a SB, and in talks with Carrol, they decided to try for Harvin, whom Carrol appears to be in love with.

    Myself, I feel that talented as Harvin is, he’s too small and has had too many injury/attitude problems to justify a huge longterm contract and what we gave up in picks.

    Im holding my breath regarding Harvin, esp when I hear stuff like your comment, and the information you and someone else on the blog mentioned you’d share via e-mail, from people actually in Minnesota.

    If Harvin was as special as Carrol thinks, I’d expect Bevell to campaign for him, which he didnt do. And anyway, Rice and T Jack are guys Bevell campaigned for, and they have been moderate disappointments.

    Besides which, Carrol is a DC, not an OC–the heck is he doing deciding who to get at WR on offense? I get that he’s the top dog, but still….

    Ive never heard of a guy that small being worth the investment over the long haul. Here’s hoping…

  42. If Roddy White played in the Seahawks offense the last few years, he’d be an average joe with respect to stats. If Rice was in an offense that threw it all over like they did in Atlanta last year, he’d be well over 1,000 yards and double digit TDs each year.

  43. yank – thanx for re-posting that story link. About who was cut for not changing seats, it would have been the week after SEA’s first “team meeting” (per M.Hasselbeck). If those meetings started in TC, then it might have been Lo-Jac whom PC traded to DET on Aug 18(?) Josh Wilson was traded to BAL on Aug 31, which was near the end of preseason. Housh got released Sep 4, and Owen Schmitt Sep 6, much too long after team meetings started(?)

  44. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I wouldn’t call Rice a moderate disappointment at all. He’s done what the team has asked/needed him to do. We’re a run first team and Rice has been solid and reliable. Making great sideline catches and keeping the chains moving so that we can keep pounding away with Lynch. I agree with BobbyK on this one big time. Rice was instrumental in winning several games last year and he was catching passes from a rookie QB. The year before he was catching passes from a QB with a torn pectoral muscle. He makes tough catches, doesn’t fumble and appears to be a “good” teammate and doesn’t pull the WR Diva bit like a lot of WRs.

  45. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Mora the moron loved Housh and made too big a deal about him. I remember the press conference when they signed him and Mora said that he liked Housh’s watch and kept it and told him he would give it back when he signed. Housh was the other receiver during Chad Johnson’s prime and wasn’t even that good. He was never good as a Seahawk. Glad that Coach Pete gave him his walking papers. I believe they still paid his 7 million a year wage that season as a go away pay deal.

    Our worst receiver this season is probably better than Housh at his best.

  46. BobbyK – Good points, so far this preseason (2 games,) ATL has played 82 passing plays to SEA’s 55. Last reg season, ATL played 663 passing plays (R.White targeted 138 times) to SEA’s 448 passing plays (S.Rice targeted 75 times). R.White & S.Rice have the same completion %, S.Rice has more yards per reception, and R.White has a little more YAC. R.White has more drops, but also more broken tackles. S.Rice has the same number of TDs as R.White.

  47. freedom_X says:

    No, I don’t agree Sidney Rice’s stats would be equal to Roddy White if Seattle threw like Atlanta. Because you have to be on the field to catch the ball.

    Roddy White hasn’t missed a single game in his entire career. Do I need to mention how Rice compares in that department?

    Moderate disappointment, I suspect is measured compared to Rice’s contract. If Rice were making $3 million/season I’d say he was fully meeting expectations.

  48. I hate it when contract numbers are published – doesn’t really it into anyone’s “right to know”

  49. raymaines says:

    My perspective on being successful:

    When I was of an age to be making career advancements I made a clear and definite decision to be the very best husband and father I could be. All I wanted, and all I got, was a safe and secure blue collar job and I’m 100% happy with my choice and my life. If you as an individual or we as a society ever become so enslaved to the almighty paycheck that we can only judge success by “business” standards then you, or we, will have lost our ability to to appreciate or enjoy life.

    The “Always Compete” mantra works just fine for the management of any corporation, but doesn’t work well for the individual worker. That’s no big deal if the worker is earning seven figures per and can only expect a 3.5 year career but that’s a tough way for a mailman, school teacher, cop, fireman, auto mechanic, or city bus driver to make a living.

  50. bbnate420 says:

    Mora is actually doing well at UCLA, for what it’s worth.

    I was hoping for another Sidney Rice debate. ;-)

  51. bbnate420 says:

    Enjoyed Dave and Eric on the radio. It’s a good listen. Neither seemed to think too highly of Moffitt.

    They also talked about drafting. There seems to be a growing thought that the Hawks didn’t have a good 2011 draft, or at least first four rounds. They got Sherm with a pick gained from trading their second. They drafted KJ with their 4th. They also drafted Malcolm Smith and Byron Maxwell. Not to mention getting Baldwin as an UDFA. And Carp still has a chance to pan out.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    “Moderate disappointment, I suspect is measured compared to Rice’s contract. If Rice were making $3 million/season I’d say he was fully meeting expectations.” -freedom_X

    I wasn’t going to comment on Rice, but I guess I will. I think people don’t realize what he’s actually paid. Like they assume he’s paid like a top 5 WR. His contract averages 8.2 mil a year, which is 18th for WRs. I think that’s fair. He really was paid 7.5 mil a year for 2011-2012, the guaranteed portion of his contract.

    Here’s the WRs that make between 3 and 4 million. Harry Douglas, Tavon Austin, James Jones, Jacoby Jones, Brandon Gibson, Earl Bennett, and Malcolm Floyd.

    Anybody think any of those guys are better than Rice? I guess you could make a case for James Jones and Floyd. Jones has never been a #1 option though and plays for a team that doesn’t run the ball. Floyd is underrated, but I wouldn’t put him in the same class as Rice.

  53. I don’t agree, Bobbyk, that Rice would have better stats than White. WHite is a much tougher player, if a bit slower. And his physicality helps him make tough catches in traffic Sidney just wouldn’t make. But I know Im not changing your mind. Both are good players.

    bbnate–you bring up a good point. I actually think Rice is worth 5 million a year or so. When he signed his contract, it was in the top 10. He hasn’t performed up to that, and was overpaid his first few years here, based on performance, not just stats. But again, that’s my opinion, and likely wont change yours.

    When you sign a longterm contract, the player is getting lots of money up front/guaranteed, and is protected against injury and skill decline, to a degree. The team gets a guy locked into one price, that while high at the time, in three years should be a relative bargain–but they take a risk on those first three years. With Rice and Seattle, Rice was injured his first year and not worth a hell of a lot, he was pretty good last year, but so far he hasn’t earned his money. Seattle kinda got the short end of the stick thus far, while Rice has done very well for himself. THems the breaks.

    As Eric and others have pointed out, RIce is our most polished WR, and gets open. While not our most exciting WR, he’s fairly dependable and can occasionally stretch the field, though I highly doubt teams gameplan for his “deep speed”. We surely need him this year, at whatever cost, with Harvin down. Next year may be quite different.

    I wish we could keep everyone, but next year will begin the exodus.

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