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Morning links: Hawks riding high in preseason play

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 19, 2013 at 7:37 am with 47 Comments »
August 19, 2013 7:37 am
Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman (21) fumbles as he goes over Seattle Seahawks' Heath Farwell (55) in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in Seattle. The fumble was picked up by Seahawks' Brandon Browner (not shown) and returned for a touchdown.  (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman (21) fumbles as he goes over Seattle Seahawks’ Heath Farwell (55) in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in Seattle. The fumble was picked up by Seahawks’ Brandon Browner (not shown) and returned for a touchdown. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

In my story today, the Seattle Seahawks have picked up where they left off last season during the first two games of exhibition play.

The Seahawks have the NFL’s top scoring offense, averaging 35.5 points through two exhibition games. And Seattle ranks No. 2 in scoring defense, allowing just 10 points a contest.

While Seattle’s starters have played a little more than two quarters in two games — with many front-line players such as Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice, Chris Clemons and Zach Miller playing sparingly, if at all — what has been more impressive is the backups subbing in and playing at a high level.

Dating to 2011, the Seahawks have won seven consecutive exhibition games by an average of 20.9 points.

The Seahawks have an impressive plus-6 turnover differential through the first two games — second in the NFL to NFC West rival Arizona (plus-7).

The Seahawks have picked off three passes and recovered three forced fumbles. Those six turnovers directly led to 23 points.

Also, Seattle has not turned the ball over during exhibition play.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated had this takeaway from Seattle’s preseason game against Denver: “ As if Seattle needed another defensive weapon, undrafted free-agent defensive end Benson Mayowda from Idaho has looked very good in the first two games: 2.5 sacks, four quarterback hits. He could come in handy in the first four weeks, with Bruce Irvin suspended.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seattle got solid play from the safety position, led by Kam Chancellor.

ESPN’s Mike Sando looks at snap counts for Seattle’s rookies. Michael Bowie led with 37 plays.

Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports that yet another ex-Seahawk is headed to Detroit, as tight end Cameron Morrah will get a tryout with the Lions, according to a source.

According to this study completed by two students from Emory University, Seahawks fans are No. 23 in the NFL in fan loyalty.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times offers three things he learned from Seattle’s win over Denver.

The Bills released longtime kicker and former Seahawk Rian Lindell, handing over kicking duties to sixth round pick Dustin Hopkins.

Chris Brown of Grantland writes about the concept of packaged plays, with four or five options so quarterbacks can play fast. Think Oregon or the Green Bay Packers.

Major props to TV sideline reporter Pam Oliver for taking this football to the face thrown by Indianapolis quarterback Chandler Harnish and remaining on the job. Harnish issued an apology via Twitter afterwards.

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  1. Impressed so far with the depth – the style of play is consistent throughout the roster. The Denver game was certainly not a blowout – I thought the fumble at the goal line would have been overturned if there were other camera angles. We certainly didn’t stop Peyton. Still, understanding that we’re playing vanilla up to this point there are many encouraging signs. Love the physical style of play and aggression in all areas. Good start for the first two games. Couldn’t ask for much more at this point. Also – great experience going against Peyton and Rodgers on Friday. We won’t be over confident.

  2. yankinta says:

    Pete Carroll said Maxwell is not fighting for a roster spot, he is now fighting for Playing Time,,, Translation to other teams : Be ready to offer mid to high draft picks and stop dreaming about getting him off of the waivers….

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle’s defense really didn’t play well, overall, IMO. Those bunch concepts and rub routes Denver ran really exposed a weakness in their coverage.

    I was also a bit disappointed in Winfield’s play. I thought Thurmond played well at times, but still has plenty of room for improvement.

    I don’t often agree with King, but he’s right about Mayowda: he’s been super active in two games. Would like to see him get some snaps at Sam against the Packers first unit. Let’s see where he’s really at.

  4. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Not to enjoy our preseason love-fest too much, but: I’m impressed by the depth. Our 3’s are definitely better than everyone else’s 3’s. Creates lots of pressure on the 2’s to step up their game which should lead to competition for starting spots. It’s almost like “competition” is one of Pete Carrol’s major themes! (Sarcasm)

    The front office obviously works their collective tail off to fill out the 90 man roster with ball players. Not sure other clubs care as much. Very impressive.

    Can we also ask – where THE HECK was Harnish going with that throw? That wasn’t even close to ANYONE.

  5. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I was thinking the same thing…. Looks like we’re gonna need to call some blitzes to create consistent pressure on the QB,,, I’m disappointed in our pass rush so far…. If Bunch Concepts will be our weakness this season, then you can bet all Team will run that 80% of the time on their passing play calls,,,

  6. I think Mayowa has done a good job, but (as I have said before) I have a hard time projecting him to make the 53. He is PS material for sure.

    It was great to see Browner play so well. With all the attention Sherman gets (and generates) he has started to go a little unnoticed.

  7. And whats with all of the snaps for Michael Bowie again? Is he going to displace Breno? If not this year, then surely next year.

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    While the bunch formation issue was a bit of a problem, it’s good to see it now. That’s a point of emphasis fix for the secondary coach to work with along with better communication on the field. It’s certainly not a flaw that can’t be quickly fixed.

    I can’t remember where I read it, but Denver wants to use a 3WR set as their base but Seattle’s fron 7 was living in the backfield. Even if they didn’t record any sacks, they had a good number of hurries. Once Wagner laid the wood on Manning, they switched to 2 TE sets to move down the field. I’ll have to go look at the formations again, but it’s encouraging from a pass rush standpoint.

  9. I was a little dissapointed with the defense as well. I was hoping to see more pass rush from the front 4. I’d really like to see Avril and Bruce in there against GB to get a grasp of where they really are come the regular season. That is the one thing bothering me…Avril not playing a lick of preseason or even training camp/practice. He needs to get into game shape or he will start terribly slow. Fingers crossed he gets some playing time Friday.

  10. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nothing new, but man is Skip Bayless a jackass. This guy doesn’t have a clue and still thinks the Cards will do better than us this year. Wow. When Palmer is sacked for the thirtieth time after the sixth game and is out, we’ll see how many they win. Same nonsense about Wilson’s height too. Skip you are an idiot. Period.

  11. tealskin says:

    Agree the defense wasn’t great, especially against passing. But after all, it was Peyton, he’s still very good and they have very good receivers. Wouldn’t read too much into the results except for the level of intensity, which was definitely on the side of Hawks.

  12. SaigonSun says:

    Agree with Duke. Throw the “kids” ( Mayowa, WT lll, Williams x2 , Kearse, Ware, Lotulelei, Coleman) in against the GB first team,and see who can do what.
    As for myself, I am starting to like PC more each day ( for almost two decades I totally disliked him and enjoyed his failures) . He is not just building the Seahawks into a great team, he is making NFL better as well. His greatness will show in two weeks when the other teams will grab the players we can’t keep on our 53.

  13. jawpeace says:

    I wonder how far back the college study goes? Yeah you have fair weather fans. But I remember in our worst year 1992 even though they did not sell out the kingdom, a good size crowd still supported the Hawks. And that Monday night game against the Broncos they were loud and cheered on the Hawks to their second and last win of the season. Making it a special night for Pete Gross who passed from cancer later that week.
    Every team has bandwagon fans. But I think the Hawk fans are among the best and are the loudest.

  14. RDPoulsbo says:

    The 49ers just traded AJ Jenkins to the Chiefs for Jon Baldwin. Guess those 5 targets this preseason that resulted in 3 turnovers didn’t impress Harbaugh.

    Speaking of SF WRs, it looks like those not named Boldin aren’t doing so well.

  15. Take what Bayless says with a grain of salt. This is a guy who thinks Tebow should be a franchise QB. He is a complete ass hat and is paid to start controversy. Not to mention he is butt hurt because Sherm made him look even more like an idiot to the entire world. The other guys in this video give us props and realize how good this team is/can be. Skip is a dumbass. Take to his twitter page and sound off on him, thats what i do when i get fed up with his dumb statements.

  16. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Nice spot on Jenkins – what a terrible pick.

    At least they realized it and dealt him.

    Not sure SF cares about their WR’s anyway – not with those TE’s. I think they are basically running Georgia Tech’s offense! :-)

  17. chrisj122 says:

    I have been saying all off season don’t expect the Hawks to pick up where they left off.
    Expecting them to do so is asking for disappointment early in the season.

    I to was a little disappointed with our pass defense. If it wasn’t for a couple crazy plays the first half would have been much closer.

    Manning consistently picked apart our D until entering the red zone.
    Our D has to better between the 40’s.

  18. I dont see that Seattle is picking up where they left off–the team is not firing on all cylinders, no matter what the final score says.

    The starting D is sloppy, with poor gap-containment and confusion as to assignments. The second and third string D, however, impressed me with their discipline, gap containment, and in general seemed to be much more assignment correct than the starters. But they arent first string for a reason, and regular season isnt about whose got the best second team D…

    The starting O and D lines are not getting it done, IMO. Some of that may be due to vanilla playcalling, but still…not Regular Season form by any means.

    Browner gave up some plays, but made up for it. Kinda like the entire defense. The third down defense was atrocious, and the penalties are inexcusable. We’re not that young a team–its just Pete Carrols lack of discipline again.

    Mayowa makes this team. Im not making guarantee’s, but I cant see him not making the squad; if he’s cut, he will get snatched up by another team for sure; he’s got too much impressive tape out this preseason. Same with Williams, though he really sucks at ST.

    Sorry, Georgia; Kearse is exactly what I said he was, maybe better, and Bates has no chance of making the roster as a WR–or a FB–this year. He’s just too raw.

  19. And not to be an alarmist, but RW flat out missed on some horrible throws, and he blew several reads. On one play in the red zone, he had Tate WIDE OPEN running across the field on a crossing route, which likely would have been a TD; instead, he threw a shorter pass to someone else (Helfet?!) who was not anywhere near as open–a riskier throw for less potential gain. RW is not playing at the level he was last year, he’s still got a ways to go.

    And he might have a sophomore slump as teams begin to really scheme to create difficulties for him due to his lack of height.

    I know, sacrilege, huh?! But we’re not a SB team just yet guys, lots to be cleaned up before that wagon should be loaded…

    I think RW will have a great year, but his stats may not be as good as last year: i expect him to take more chances, and throw for more yards, but I expect more INT’s and a worse completion percentage, though more TD passes are likely.

    I want to see wins more than anything. So I could care less about RW’s “fantasy” value or any of that crap… I just want a SB victory, preferably over the Steelers Broncos or Ravens….

  20. NYHawkFan says:

    Thanks for the link RDPoulsbo. It appears that some fans down south of us are getting a little concerned; from the niners blog:

    “Meanwhile, Seattle’s first-teamers routed Denver’s first-teamers last night in Seattle. Think it doesn’t matter? It’s just preseason? Our boys had better pick up the pace, because the Seahawks are going to launch out of the gate like a cannon shot, because they believe it’s their year to win it all!”

    “Seattle looked very efficient against Denver last night….either Denver is down right awful or Seattle is clicking on all eight….. Golden Tate looked like Jerry Rice, for Christ’s sake…..”

    “I know its only 2 games into the preseason, but Seattle looks ready”

    “First Half Entertainment Rating:
    Seahawks +10
    Broncos +5
    49ers -5 “

  21. Dukeshire says:

    r.e., blitzes: I’ve read here several times since the Denver game Seattle wasn’t blitzing, but in fact they were. Seattle did blitz LBs several times, but few if any actually got home, which is an issue unto itself.

  22. Funny that Niner fans are getting worried. They shouldnt be panicking just yet. Harbarf, while a total asshat, is a great coach. He will have that team firing on all cylinders come opening day. If his WR’s suck, he’ll use his TE’s and run the ball like crazy; they will still win more than 11 games this year, IMO. Seattle has their work cut out for them.

    And despite all the laughing at AZ, they will be a tough team now that they have a qb who doesnt completely suck. BBnate is right, Andre Roberts is not a WR to sleep on, he seems to finally have pulled his head out and be working hard and getting it done. And what if Michael Floyd turns on the burners this year?

    Not to mention the Rams, who are a really good team improving quickly, and the nasty road schedule Seattle “drew”?!

    This is our year to win it all, but nothing is guaranteed; its a long road, and Ive seen enough from our preseason play to know we arent where we need to be as a team, despite the blowouts.

  23. Dukeshire–Yes, I saw the same thing. How many years has it been since blitzes seemed to accomplish anything for Seattle?! No panic yet, but plenty of work needs doing before game one.

  24. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, that’s true but I doubt Quinn showed his hands in preseason, in terms of calling exotic blitzes, I’m sure he saved those for the Regular Season…..

    As for my one of the many,, Out-of-the-Norm Observations,, 49ers trading Jenkins help prove that this 49ers FO is not on the same level as the Seahawks FO,, they are not good at talent evaluation. They are living off of the previous FO’s success….

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    I don’t want to sound like I’m papering over the problems, but most of the issues we’re seeing are fixable. The sloppiness is an issue for every team around the league, but I don’t think the Hawk’s problems are of the personnel types (injury, lack of depth, etc). Most can easily be solved in the film room and positions coaches putting empasis on things that need to be improved.

    They were blitzing, otherwise Wagner would not have put Manning on his back. Peyton is one of the most difficult QBs to sack, so I don’t think that should be the measurement. Both Mannings incidently were the 2 least sacked starters last year. If they were to have sacked him, that in itself would have been noteworthy. If they have a problem getting to Rodgers next week, that will be more cause for concern.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Of course that’s true. Packages and concepts they are running now are really just from basic installs. But that doesn’t seem to be the prevailing complaint I was addressing.

  27. Gotta love this ComPete cameo in this Grantland article giving an overview of the weekend’s sporting events.

  28. chrisj122 says:

    The O line was bit sloppy at first with moving early and RW over threw his targets a few times but the O line and RW seem to settle down after a while.

    I like what the Hawks are doing on offense, they are using the play action pass early to set the run game later. Almost how Holmy would use the pass to set up the run (but obviously total different offenses and a totally different QB in RW) Wilson is so effective throwing on the run, which makes him near impossible to defend with his speed.

  29. Thanks for the link, RD

    Niners have been having problems at WR throughout camp. Their big hope for the passing offense is a combination of Davis and MacDonald at TE. That’s going to really limit Kaepernick early this year. And now MacDonald is nicked too. Seahawks will stack the box and kill this offense.

    A.J. Jenkins for Jon Baldwin trade seems a little bit like the Niners trading Kentwan Balmer to the Seahawks in 2010, or Seahawks trading Aaron Curry to the Raiders in 2011. These are first-round draft busts who aren’t going to start for anybody.

  30. CDHawkFan says:

    To say they aren’t picking up where they left off last year, I am guessing me mean the 2nd half vs the Redskins and the 2nd half vs the Falcons. The first halves in both games weren’t impressive, but we forget even though the sample size of plays in the preseason has been far fewer than the last 2 meaningful games the Hawks have played.

  31. Blitzing was also how Kyle Knox got his sack in the second half v Denver. That was one blitz that worked perfectly. He looked FAST on that play.

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Great video featuring our very own Marshawn Lynch as “Marshawn Lynch senior” for Madden 25.
    The look and feel remind me of the older Nike ads. Beast Mode is so cool!

    and behind the scenes.

  33. So far, SEA has had some pretty good preseason success without P.Harvin, S.Rice, B.Walters, T.Simon, B.Irvin, K.Toomer, J.Carpenter, Z.Miller, C.Clemons, G.Scruggs, or T.McDaniel having played in either game. RB Spencer Ware had another really good day vs DEN like he did vs SD. Is it just because he’s playing backups/camp fodder? Don’t really think so… LT Alvin Bailey split time backing up R.Okung with Mike Person and had another good game. Person had issues with run-blkg, otherwise was also OK. RG Rishaw Johnson had a very good game – especially with his run-blocking, and did OK with his pass-pro compared to playing LG in the SD game last week. Overall, the depth of this SEA team is better than I ever remember seeing – incredible!

  34. I have to steal/post this, from an article on Field Gulls (Hey GEORGIA–How you like me NOW?!) by Jason Blevens;

    “~I watched this game at the award winning Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham. While I was there, dude with aviators and a collar turnt up to his ears ordered a Pyramid Hefeweizen. When the bartender told him that they only sold Boundary Bay beer at the Boundary Bay brewery, Brometheus asked if they carried any Pyramid beers. Once the bartender reiterated that no, they don’t, Dudacris ordered a pilsner and complained to the spray tan next to him about their lack of selection.”

    Now, I dont care for most of Boundary Bay’s beers (though my lovely wife adores thier scotch ale-blech!), but I REALLY dont like the kind of douche described herein; and while there are more of those dudes in WA, they have migrated to MT as well…

    Here’s to those guys going back to the golf course in Cali where they belong…

  35. Now, why did I post that?

    1) its about BEER
    2) Dude used the word “turnt”…’nuff said.
    3) Dude called the offending idiot both “Brometheus” AND “Dudacris” in the same paragraph.


    I take back half the bad shtuff I said about Field Gulls–someone ready this man’s Pulitzer Speech!

  36. RDPoulsbo says:

    And here are the the alarm bells ringing over in St. Louis.

    The Hawks are not the only team with sloppy play to clean up, but at least they’re not deeper issues their division rivals have.

  37. sluggo42 says:

    Heng on there slave, I’m a soCal golfer, but I don’t know any of those words you just said… Haha

  38. sluggo–No disrespect meant towards non-high collared, non-spray tanned golfers. I just noticed on my travels that cali–esp the golf courses–is rather full of those dudes. Southern Cal is a nice place to visit, but I would never live there, even if I could afford it. And I dont think those were real words, but awesome just the same…

  39. raymaines says:

    The Madden ad was awesome!!

  40. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, I’m sans the spray tan and upped collar, so alls good.
    You could live down here , trust me. Unless you don’t like your average day being 75 and sunny…

  41. raymaines says:

    And this from the St. Louis article:

    “You can talk all you want about being vanilla, and the opponent being more complex or doing more scheming. But sooner or later, it comes down to blocking and catching and tackling and avoiding penalties.” – Jeff Fisher

    I hope the Seahawks aren’t singing that song after the GB game next week. I’m guessing the Pack will be all fired up and fully on task, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a blitz or three. Wouldn’t it be sweet to be up by 7 or 10 at the half. Take that cheeseheads!

  42. sluggo–Im too cranky to put up with the high prices, miles of strip malls and pavement, and sheer numbers of jerks–even the weather doesnt make it worth it. I left WA for the same reason–and now MT is even becoming too crowded for me.

  43. STTBM – that made me laugh. I watched the game at the Elysian Brewery near the Clink since I didn’t have a ticket. We like our local brew pubs to get the respect they deserve. Dudacris. lol.

  44. My brother moved from Bend to Helena for much of the same reasons, said he likes driving on roads all day and only seeing about 1 car a day going the other way. Kinda like the traffic report in “Smoke Signals” movie – except that was about Cour-de-Lane (sp?)

  45. Stevos– I hear you. Boundary Bay is a craft brewery with quality beer, just not my favorite. WA has lots of great Brew Pubs, and its rude not to at least try their version instead of whining about them not having Pyramid…One of my favorite brewpubs is the North Fork on the way to Baker…their Stout is awesome.

    KLM–well, Helena has more traffic than that, but its pretty nice. Thats actually where I live part-time. Couer de Alene is closer but not sure if thats right either! Heeey Viiictooor!

  46. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t remember anyone saying that they didn’t blitz. I CERTAINLY did not. I said that you aren’t going to see exotic blitzes or many of the blitzes you’re likely to see during the regular season. Which is true. If you don’t understand that, then I have to seriously question your football knowledge. I guess that Quinn isn’t the savior that many here said he was?

    And let’s just gloss over the fact that you haven’t had the Hawks’ top 3, or 3 or the top, push rushers play yet in CC, Irvin, and Avril. As Sluggo would say, let’s not make a mess in your diapers quite yet.

    As far as RW goes, he was 8-12 with 127 yards and 2 TDs for a 141.3 rating against the Broncos. I guess that isn’t good enough? I don’t understand why some of you waste your time on this blog when you should clearly be running a NFL franchise. It’s the PRESEASON. This is the time to work things out. If you expected them to be playing as well as they were against the Falcons in the second half the first preseason game, then you have extremely unrealistic expectations.

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