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Moffitt hints that he wasn’t given fair chance to earn starting job

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 19, 2013 at 4:11 pm with 98 Comments »
August 19, 2013 4:11 pm

Former Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt joined KJR-AM’s Dave Mahler to discuss Seattle trading him to Cleveland for defensive lineman Brian Stanford.

And without saying it directly, Moffitt inferred that he wasn’t’ given a fair shot to earn a starting job in Seattle

Listen to the interview here.

“The way it was explained to me is that they needed D-lineman,” Moffitt said about the trade. “And I was the most valuable guy they could part with. And that was that. Honestly, I look at it as business. And I just keep playing ball.”

Moffitt said he was called up to Seahawks general manager John Schneider’s office, where he was informed by Schneider that he had been traded.

And Moffitt’s reaction?

“I was kind of shocked,” he said. “Because I still thought that I was kind of in this, still battling with the whole compete thing. I thought that was still going, and then this happened. But I think that’s a part of the game, and I really don’t hold any ill will toward anyone, honestly.”

Asked if he really had a chance to earn a starting job at right guard, here’s what Moffitt had to say.
“Umm, no,” he said. “But at the same time, I think they felt that if he was the better fit, then go with him because he’s the better fit. And I think that’s how I take it.

“But if you look at reps, and you look at things like that, I think a lot of things could be argued (that there wasn’t a competition), you know what I mean?”

Moffitt said he’s already talked with folks in the Browns organization, and they are looking to start him at right guard.

Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal confirms Moffitt’s thoughts.

“I just want an opportunity to play football,” Moffitt said. “I want to play ball. I want to start. I want to play wherever I go. I love the game in that matter, in that fashion. So I’m happy to be somewhere where that’s maybe a possibility.”

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Farewell mate, we loved ya as a hawk and a human, best of luck my brothaaaa..

  2. I agree. He never really had a shot at the job, despite outplaying Sweezy. Cable is determined to make Sweezy the starter to show what a genius O-line coach he is…and Moffit was in the way, so he had to go. Cable is desperate to make up for his whiffs with guys like Carp and Moffitt…he’s got to make Sweezy a good starter to keep his job safe….

    Moffitt was at the least a capable backup, and we traded him for what appears to be garbage. Nice.

    Well, I just have to hope the slow DE turns out to be Rudy, and that Sweezy is a lot more ready to start than his tape has shown in preseason thus far, or the seven year drought at G will continue…

  3. i liked moffitt. didn’t see this coming

  4. …Cause we’re in dire need of a 280 lb DE that runs a 5.04 40 and has managed 3 whole tackles in three years playing for the Browns…yeah, Im sure he’s great, just couldnt crack that ACE starting lineup the last few years in Cleveland…

  5. How much you wanna bet Cable was nowhere to be seen when they gave Moffitt his walking papers?!

  6. freedom_X says:

    So you ignore all the correct personnel decisions this front office has made because they went against a personal favorite.

    So Tom Cable’s wishes and ego override John Schneider’s ego? (Tom Cable wanting to prove his genius vs. John Schneider not wanting to admit he made a mistake by spending a 3rd round pick on Moffit.) Cable trumps Schneider.

    So Pete Carroll doesn’t have any say in this. Tom Rasputin (Cable) hypnotized Carroll into getting rid of Moffit to prove his genius, just like Gus Bradly hypnotized Carroll into playing off man coverages against Carroll’s will.

    Makes sense to me.

  7. There’s more to this than meets the eye. I’m not sure what, but we don’t know the whole story. And while I love Moffitt’s camera mugging antics on the RRR, it’s time to move on. Go Hawks!

  8. I liked Moffitt as a person, but specifically watched him closely this pre-season and do not see a “true” starter in what he has put on film. He’s not strong at the point of attack and seems to ALWAYS lean into his run blocks instead of punch.

    Remember this was Cable’s guy, John & Pete let him make this pick upon his request…he played a big roll in the Carp pick too.

    This move seems to clearly indicate that he wasn’t making the 53-man roster as one of the 9-10 lineman we keep. His salary was only $650K so it wasn’t a Cap decision.

    The trade was just to get another body for the remainder of camp for a guy that was going to be released anyway.

    Best of luck to Moffitt!

  9. I’m disappointed at losing Moffit, but I’m starting to get angry about the trade we got for him. a seventh rounder pick would have been better than body who has no realistic hope of making the team.

  10. And 12’s, are you really questioning JC’s decision like he could have gotten more? Really? If he could have, don’t you think he would have?

  11. grizindabox24 says:

    I just do not see the reason for outrage…seems they dealt a guy they did not see on the 53 for a guy they want to look at because they like something about him. Whether or not Moffitt is on the roster will most likely not make or break the Hawk season.

  12. freedom–No, I think Cable isnt being honest with them, and they are letting him have his way. He’s Assistant HC you know. And Carrol is all in with Cable…there’s no way with all this talent they can switch O-line coaches or schemes..its ride or die with Cable, but I dont have to like it.

    Schneider isnt the type of Ego Cable is, he can cut bait on a third round pick (they’ll be doing that soon with a first rounder if he doesnt get his fat ass onfield for more than a couple weeks at a time real soon) and shrug it off–partly because he has job security that Cable lacks, due to his contract and his many smart moves, as you mentioned.

    Cable is on a little bit thinner ice, and looking to make himself look good. So he talked Carrol and Schneider into dumping Moffitt, by demanding he get 9 or 10 other guys and insisting Sweezy is the man.

    And as I said, neither Carrol nor Schneider is perfect. They screw up from time to time too.

    Mostly Im pissed because we got nothing for Moffitt, and that Sweezy isnt outplaying him IMO. And Im pissed Carp is a fat gimpy disappointment going into year three. And Im pissed we have McQ starting. Bleah!

  13. I’m completely blindsided by this…

    However, the lack of Quarterback pressure by the 1st string D-Line is a huge concern heading into the regular season.

    I hope the Hawks get good value from these guys. Certainly, we have trust in John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

    I wish John Moffitt the best and look forward to seeing him in action.

  14. The outrage is because this is the latest in a seven year string of disaster decisions relating the G positions, and I am heartily sick of it. I had hoped Moffitt would win the job and play at least an an average level. I have no such hope for Sweezy, at least not till later in the season–he is likely to have mental lapses, missed blocks, and total screwups that Moffitt wouldnt have had. Sure, he will make more second-level blocks and pancake blocks, but the mistakes are more costly than the great blocks are beneficial.

    I guess Im just pissed that our line is still a mess and seems to be starting over constantly. Im just thoroughly over it.

  15. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, I am totally amazed that you know what went down between the coaches at the VMAC. Also, you assume that Moffitt was worth more than Sanford, that just may not be the case.

  16. Yeah, a guy who cant even run a 5.0 second 40 is gonna save our D-line?! Sheesh, he’ll be lucky to be on the team in a week!

  17. My lunch was worth more than Sanford, and I made it myself.

  18. Rockyseahawk says:

    So many Rasputins on here! I like how people can read the minds of the coaches and sus out their motives.
    For me this front office has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt.

    They obviously see something that they like in Stanford.

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    Why would Cable want to swap a potential O-linman for a DE? Doesn’t pass the sniff test. Injuries happen and having a decent John Moffitt around just in case is in Cable’s interest.

    My read: guys like Michael Bowie are more competitive than advertised

  20. This reminds me of when people were killing themselves when the front office “gave away” Darryl Tapp and Josh Wilson, 2 below average players.

    There are some teams out there (Dallas) desperate for Guard help and they didn’t even bite. Apparently, Moffitt wasn’t even going to make the team if they gave him away. And he didn’t seem to take his job seriously with the conditioning issues he has had.

  21. chuck_easton says:

    I agree with STTBM.

    The team gave Moffitt away for nothing. Moffitt will be a starter in Cleveland.

    As I’ve said before, the team would have been better off trading Moffitt for a ball bag full of practice balls. At least those would have been around longer and more useful to the team than Sanford will be

  22. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM is killing me

  23. “So you ignore all the correct personnel decisions this front office has made because they went against a personal favorite.”

    That’s where I come out. These guys, who have turned over our entire roster and made us into a contending team, get the benefit of the doubt. And it’s not like they traded away a pro bowler here – Moffitt clearly didn’t add up to them (ability and dollars-wise) to being a better roster spot than the rookie lineman. And w/r/t to what they got for him, I have to think they took the best deal they could find, period.

  24. freedom_X says:

    Well, if those type of dynamics are possible (Cable lying to Carroll and Schneider and hurting the team to feed his own ego, and the front office not realizing it) then it looks like Seattle’s in big trouble.

    Any org with that type of dysfunction will be history. They always implode. And our wait for a Super Bowl title will continue…

  25. Sorry Griz! Mostly Im just pissed the O-line is still shaky, and we got what appears to be last weeks newspaper for Moffitt. Im sure they will figure it out, and eventually Sweezy wont suck. Bowie and Bailey give me hope for the future.

  26. freedom–Not saying Cable is lying, but not being upfront with his real motives?! Gasp, not in the NFL! That NEVER happens! Cable is looking out for number one, and the FO is going along with it, because they kind of have to. Like I said, Carrol for better or worse is tied to Cable, its ride or die. And Schneider is safe even if Cable and his line–and Carrol–implode.

  27. A lot of people have been blowing smoke about “trade value” of backups on Seattle’s roster this preseason. Backups and journeymen don’t have trade value. This again demonstrates that fact.

    Sweezey won the RG job. Period. The RG job description was “CUT BLOCK THE LBS LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM”. Sweezey does this. Moffitt didn’t. End of competition.

  28. Im not ignoring the good moves our FO has made, not at all. Just pointing out one I dont like at all.

    You know, many said the same thing when I began questioning Ruskell. I heard the jeers for two years, until even the die-hard Ruskellites had to face facts that the man was a disaster and was destroying our team. Where are all those know it alls now?! I hear crickets…

    Not saying our FO is anything like Timmay!, just that no one is perfect and they have made some mistakes. And not every unpopular opinion I posit turns out to be full of beans…

  29. Stevos–which is why I have a problem with the so-called competition; Moffitt was more consistent in all phases, IMO, and could actually pass pro, while Sweezy still gets mentally lost, cant pass pro for shpit, and still misses in the run game all too often.

    The NFL is cutthroat; no one wants to trade picks or players unless its definitely in their favor.

    Who thinks this Sanford dude–he of the amazing size and sizzling speed–will stick more than a week?!

  30. There’s no way the Hawks would give up on Moffitt if they thought we would be better off with him on the team. They think Sweezy is better and that we have others who have a bigger upside. Moffitt had every opportunity to prove himself. He started his first year and has consistently been set back by injuries, suspensions or being out of shape. Personally I like the guy but I trust the football braintrust to make the right decision. From the outside I don’t see why they would trade him now unless they saw something in Stanford. We’ve brought in others who were questioned at first but turned out big (Clemons, Wilson, Leon Washington coming off a broken leg). Give the kid a chance.

  31. Pete Carroll obviously wants Sanford on his practice field more than he wanted Moffitt.

    I’ll look forward to what Eric Williams has to say about where Sanford lines up in practice.

    I can see this move being about concern for the health of both Clemons and Avril. Clem isn’t likely to be ready to start the season. And they don’t know whether they can count on Avril or not. If Avril goes down injured, who plays Leo? Mayowa might be able the handle third downs and nickel D, but who would play Leo in the base defense?

    Sanford might fit the bill on 1st/2nd down at the Leo position. Its a position of concern at this point. They need some depth there.

  32. Not seeing any conspiracy theory here. Moffitt was a PED suspension guy. He made several poor decisions off the field, in addition. On the field he had a mediocre upside and will not be heading to any Pro Bowl any time soon. He started eating right and came into camp 10 pounds lighter this year while Carpenter came in as the strongest guy on the team. Overall, I think Moffitt was a fine replacement level guard.

    On the other hand, Sweezy was noteworthy as the quickest offensive lineman on the team last year. He is a lights out run blocker and will soon master all the finer details of the position. He has plenty of upside.

    They clearly like all the other young guys as well and saw a future cut in Moffitt, perhaps even in the first round of cuts.

    I’m sure Moffitt could be right that he didn’t get as many snaps. But then again Wilson could have said the same thing about the QB competition last year. But instead of making excuses, he won the starting role during the preseason game garbage minutes.

    This front office is blowing away the NFL with the amount of talent it is amassing. Their will be a lot of claims on their cuts this year. This was the correct move, time to move on with the better talent in camp.

  33. Sanford is 280 lbs and runs a 5.04 40. He is NOT a LEO, nor a Sam, and has nothing to do with either Avril or Clem being gimpy. He would appear to be a backup backup to Big Red at 5-tech DE, a run stuffer with little or no pass rush ability. Last time I checked, there were guys who outweigh him by 20-40 lbs who can clock that 40 time….

  34. They wanted Evan Moore more than Kellen Winslow. Just saying. Winslow could still play, Moore never could.

  35. If the line struggles due to Sweezy, Im gonna scream. But I sincerely hope that Sanford comes in and provides great depth backup up Big Red. That would be great–but dont count on it.

  36. You’re right STTBM. Moffitt will be an all pro. Carroll and Schneider don’t know what they’re doing. You need to send Paul Allen your resume. ;-)

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    Oh, and with Moffitt’s exit from the RG competition, he’s officially a bust, just like Carp. You can’t trade or cut an injured player so we’ll have to wait for that short window when he’s healthy.

    No, I didn’t like Moffitt as a player, but I don’t like the value they got in return. There were some separate teams out there and the team could have pulled a Keary Colbert on them, but let Cleveland of the hook instead. Would have been happier if JS worked the phones and got a low round draft pick instead, even a 7th would have been better.

  38. RD – I’m sure they could have received a draft pick in exchange for Moffitt. Its apparent they wanted Sanford.

    Scruggs is out, Clemons is out, Avril is not back yet. A guy like Sanford is needed and they traded what they needed to trade to get him. That’s what I think I’m seeing anyway.

  39. Stevos–Never said Moffitt will be an All-Pro. He was a mistake draft pick by the same folks everyone thinks did such a great job trading him for Sanford. Two Seahawks regime’s and nearly seven years and countless amounts of money and draft picks, and we still cant field two capable G’s…

    Sure, overall I trust Carrol and Schneider to work magic and do well. But they still make mistakes, and two major ones were letting Cable pick Carp and Moffitt, and trading Moffitt for Sanford is likely another.

    As Ive said, mostly Im just pissed Moffitt busted and we still have an unsettled line and below-avg G’s…

  40. freedom_X says:

    Who did Winslow play for last year? How did he do? Moore did just about as much as Winslow did last year, which doesn’t say much for Winslow’s production. The last thing Seattle needed with a young QB and team is a clubhouse lawyer who no longer has exceptional talent.

    No question that whiffing on a 3rd round pick this soon is a failure. That can only be erased if two of the existing players step up to be solid and dependable (i.e. can stay healthy.) So final judgement will rest after the current crop succeeds or fails.

  41. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, the Winslow deal had way more to do with $$$ than anything. I think the Hawks made the right move at sending him packing.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    I think you’re right Stevos. We need a bigger end and this guy is 280.

    Moffit was gunna get cut, so they took a flyer on this guy. Who knows, Pete and JS have a way of specialized players for specific purposes. Perhaps Cleveland never used the guy right….

    But, if he sucks, no loss. Moffit had his chance and he wasn’t the deal. Cut bait and reel in the next…

  43. ryanryan says:

    the saddest person in seattle is mikerob, moffitt was pure gold. if he was anything close to good enough on the field he would still be a seahawk, his salary is the proof of that…i enjoyed his personality but i prefer my third round picks to pan out like rw.

  44. FleaFlicker says:

    Not a lot of love for Brian Sanford in Cleveland, as the SBNation Browns blog projected him as a cut; not even a practice squad guy:

  45. grizindabox24 says:

    FleaFlicker, did you read the entire article?

  46. Hey – this is exciting! Change happens. We got news. I liked Moffitt, but obviously he didn’t have what it took to beat out Sweezy. Now if you’re down on Sweezy, you’ve gotta be more down on Moffitt. I’m not down on Sweezy, and I don’t know about Moffitt. Why couldn’t he beat out Sweezy? If he didn’t get a fair shake, maybe Sweezy had already beaten him out. There will be guards that are cut by other teams at the end of pre-season that may be serviceable backups. (Wasn’t McQuistan in that category a few years ago? Maybe not.) So I’m not worried about losing Moffitt, nor am I worried about the FO’s drafting judgement. You win some you lose some. As for the new guy, who knows what the story is, and as for his forty time, he doesn’t have to run forty yards to get to the QB. Who was Chris Clemons three years ago?

  47. FleaFlicker says:


    Good point about the Browns blog link I posted. As the very end of the article says “•If injuries weren’t as much of a concern, I would have liked to have considered… DE Brian Sanford”.

    So maybe he’s a just got a prior history of injury that makes the Browns beat writer a bit gun shy. I’m not against Sanford, just have to agree with the previous comment earlier that “the trade value of a backup is zero”. If Moffitt’s trade value is indeed zero, can’t hurt to get a warm body in the process of cutting him.

  48. grizindabox24 says:

    FleaFlicker, I think it has to do more with team injuries making certain positions very thin for the Browns, so they have to keep numbers at some other positions.

  49. grizindabox24 says:

    It still makes Sanborn a fringe player for the Browns anyway you look at it

  50. adamtoth says:

    Maybe Cable is going to convert Sanford to a guard, LOL. Cable seems to like having projects.

  51. hawkfan777 says:

    Did someone steal STTBM’s anti depressant this week?

  52. “Im not ignoring the good moves our FO has made, not at all. Just pointing out one I dont like at all.”

    That’s fair enough. And if we couldn’t criticize, this blog would be far less interesting. I do think it’s real speculative to assume that we could’ve/should’ve gotten more in return for Moffitt. Our guys aren’t dummies or unconnected in this league, I’m sure they talked to the market and got the best value they could.

  53. Southendzone says:

    Stt, you have good points in regard to your opinion that moffitt is ahead of sweez at this time, but the conjecture of Cable serving his own agenda is pure speculation. Cable is not on thin ice at all. He has done a helluva job with the o line.

    Of course Carp is a monster bust, everyone knows that. If that is a 100% cable pick, then he deserves the blame.

    On the bright side, Moffitt has a change of scenery……… to piss on.

  54. Southendzone says:

    Sh.t sorry to double post, its hapoy hour in the central pacific

    Stt, totallyagree that it SUCKS that our guard position is in thr sh.tter. i think we should have signed Levitre over Harvin ad our offseason “splash move”

    Just think ur going overboard with ur characterization of Cable

  55. seahawksteven777 says:

    I don’t see why some people are so outraged. It’s not as if Moffit was some Pro Bowl calibur player or anything. We traded a back up for a back up. Seems fair to me.

  56. hawkfan777 says:

    I have been just as frustrated at times as STTBM appears to be right now but I think he posted like 30 times in the past 4 threads about this trade.

    I am just trying to enjoy this year. To many good things happening right now to get worked up over this one little move. They have made way more good moves than bad ones. If they keep making such great 4-7 round picks I will not worry to much about the early round busts.

  57. bird_spit says:

    Good bye! to our rotund happy man with no desire to get stronger..

  58. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lol…this has been a very funny thread thus far.Personally I think Pete, Tom, and company just were no longer sold on Moffit.Dude was an ok lineman but was never gonna be a star.I think Sweezy has a way higher ceiling then Moffit would ever have from an athletic standpoint, but also those young players Bailey and Bowie are flying up the depth chart.I have no problem with this trade.

  59. raymaines says:

    STTBM: You seem to be a little over invested in this Moffitt thing.

    I don’t know how to say this in print, when you can’t hear my voice or see my face but please trust this is an honest question. What are your credentials? Were you a lineman in college or the pro’s? Are you a coach or professional talent evaluator? Help me to understand your position or feelings on this.

  60. Watching MNF – do the redskins keep 3 QB’s this year? Cousins and Grossman have actually played decent. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Grossman get cut and maybe picked up by someone like Jax.

    Speaking of pick ups – Why does everyone say that Oak, NYJ, and Jax will be picking up our cuts. I get the Jax and NYJ connection – what connection did I miss with Oakland?

  61. grizindabox24 says:

    I am thinking people just believe Oakland sucks and will grab anyone

  62. raymaines says:

    I certainly think Oakland just sucks and really should grab just about anyone! That said…..

    Ray’s Random Posts, part one:

    You guys should read other teams blogs now and then. Every team has seemingly knowledgeable fans that really believe their team is wonderful despite the coaches, scouts, and GM being idiots, and at the same time seriously overvalues their own players, both starters and backups. Sound familiar?

    R’sRP, part two:

    Wow! What does JS&PC have to do to earn a little trust? You guys are construction workers, bus drivers, cops, firemen, school teachers, and lawyers. The brain trust in Renton are professional NFL talent evaluators and are actually paid to, you know, evaluate talent. We are perfectly entitled to our opinions of course, but none of us are in the inner circle so let’s reserve judgment for a few days and see how things unfold.

    R’sRP. Part three:

    I don’t miss Moffitt at all. He couldn’t clearly beat out Sweezy and Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie seem to have much more upside.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  63. Kingpear says:

    I would like to see how Ryan Seymour was doing in camp. The guy is bulky (301) but can still move. He has played guard, tackle and center and graded out fairly well for the Commodores. Face facts, Moffitt was not on his way to make the 53. Did they give up too much, probably, but it doesn’t hurt to take a flyer when our DEs are banged up, or suspended.

    Good Luck JM.

  64. rramstad says:

    Surprised that Moffitt was cut, but I agree with other posters. Either there’s something going on that we’re not aware of i.e. maybe he was fighting or feuding with someone on the team and it was becoming a distraction, other legal issues, or so on OR maybe the Seahawks are feeling really good about a couple of the OL rookies and know they won’t make it on to the PS. Basically we’re at the point in the season where it’s good for the front office to cut guys who are veterans who might catch on somewhere else if they are cut now, but if they wait until final cuts, they might not catch on anywhere. This is a player friendly move.

    Now, we can go off about Sweezy and all that and question motives and everything else but it’s pretty clear that the Seahawks did not see Moffitt making the 53 given who they know they want to keep and who they can realistically stash on the PS. If Moffitt is not going to start, they’d rather use that roster spot for someone else, presumably a young OL that has a lot of upside potential.

    I did think that he was not the kind of hardcore competitor that the Seahawks seem to be looking for. I do think he was hysterical, and I’ll miss him.

    BTW, I don’t agree that our line has been in disarray etc. Sure, it would be great to have a starting five that was consistent, but Cable seems to think that he can plug and play and mix and match, and he’s done better with that than I expected… and he’s the NFL offensive line coach, not me. (Though I do coach offensive line for 13 year olds, I harbor no illusion that this somehow makes me qualified to comment on his philosophies, except to say they are interesting and I’m surprised they work as well as they seem to.)

  65. raymaines says:

    This from some random Browns blog:

    “Sanford was not the most physically talented player but he made up for it by playing with a high amount of effort and giving everything he had on each snap.”

    It’s no wonder JS&PC like him

  66. RDPoulsbo says:

    As a person who’s been itching to call Moffitt a bust, the reason I’m most frustrated by this move is right now, Seattle is flush with talent in areas of big need for other teams that’s been exacerbated by injury. This was their first chance to Keary Colbert a team, but instead gave away a player that WILL start for them for a song. Cleveland needed Moffitt far more than Seattle did and I’d have preferred they sweat it and give up the value the Browns planned to get from him. In short, Hawks shouldn’t be there just to bail out other teams in need.

  67. snoopy123 says:

    With the amount of love for Moffit from some of the people posting on this site, you’d think he was the second coming of Steve Hutchinson

  68. jawpeace says:

    I will miss Moffit on the Real Rob Report,(funny entertainer) on the field not so much. JM did come into camp fit this year, but he is not the physical zone blocker are system runs. I do wonder what scheme Cleveland O line runs? JM could do better in another system. Time will tell.

  69. There wasnt a single person on this blog saying Moffitt was gonna get cut. To say you knew it all along is total horsepoop. This one caught everyone by surprise, because Moffitt wasnt that bad. Period. So to say our FO was brilliant and anyone who disagrees is stupid is also horsepoop. You guys are so full of crap its funny.

    Moffitt wasnt great–but I watched him and Sweezy carefully, and I dont trust Sweezy and Moffitt wasnt garbage. This move stinks.

    Our FO that everyone trusts so implicitly is the same FO that drafted Carp in the first round when no one else in the league thought he could play RT, and then traded down to get Moffitt. Both look like utter busts right now. And meanwhile, our line is still below average…THATS what really pisses me off. The continued shuffling of the line, with Cable trying to force guys to be what they arent–like Sweezy, who isnt starter material right now, has really gone on quite long enough.

    Honestly, if Cable was such a freaking genius, we’d have a better line than San Fran right now. But we dont. We have a line rated top-15, but thats only because Lynch, Mike Rob, and RW make them look far better than they really are. They arent all that (never mind the bag of chips).

    Whatever. Now we get the joy of watching McQ peform at an average level at best, alternating with a fat and gimpy Carp, while Sweezy learns how to play…after three years with Cable and six seven years of three regimes trying to fix the G problem, I am just utterly sick of waiting. I have not patience left.

    Moffitt will be fine in Cleveland, even if he ends up a backup.

    Im just not up for watching Sweezy flounder. The guy cannot pass block worth a damn.

  70. In other news, Cameron Morrah will sign with the Detroit Lions–Home of nearly every ex-Seahawk with a pulse…

  71. So far in four years this regime has managed to find ONE Pro Bowl starter on the line–Okung–and lucked into/inherited Unger. The rest are a middling RT thieved off GB’s practice squad, a journeyman ginger, and a converted DT who isnt ready to play.


  72. rramstad says:

    Sorry. I happen to think having a pro bowl left tackle is pretty awesome. I also think having a pro bowl center is pretty awesome. Two fifths of our line is great. Arguably, this is the same amount of great line that we had in the Jones / Hutchinson years i.e. in those years we had two pro bowlers, too.

    I would agree that there is room for improvement on the other players, but I’ve been patiently ignoring your rages for many posts, and on this most recent one, you’ve crossed the line into making zero sense.

  73. grizindabox24 says:

    STTBM, what is your new favorite team, I can’t wait to check out there message board to see you flipping out there.

    By the way, how many Pro Bowl offensive lineman has Jim Harbaugh been associated with drafting for the Niners? How many offensive lineman for the Niners are 1st round picks? Which team has used more high picks on offensive lineman? Looking at the numbers, which team do you think overachieved and underachieved with there offensive line last season?

  74. Here’s another angle to look at that hasn’t been brought up yet. Assuming that Moffitt was on the chopping block, which teams do you absolutely NOT want him going to? Do you want a pissed off, highly motivated, chip on his shoulder Moffitt playing against the Hawks for O-Line needy division rivals Arizona or St. Louis? NO! So he is shipped to a place of our choosing where we may only see him once every 4 years, Cleveland.

  75. chrisj122 says:

    I haven’t heard so much speculation in very long time, speculation based on what exactly?

    I think its fair to say this caught everybody off gard and weakens our depth at the position but to come up with all this inside knowledge of the Hawks f.o. is complete rubbish.

    If anything it wreaks of desperation concearning our d.l. which has me far more concearned than Tom Cables ego or Cable playing favorites.

    Remember 3/5ths of d.l. is out, this move may be an indication it could be that way for awhile.

  76. bbnate420 says:

    Yup, they just lucked into Unger. They totally did NOTHING to develop him. Doesn’t everyone remember all of the pro bowls Unger made prior to 2010?

    The only person here saying that Moffitt outplayed Sweezy is YOU! PC, Cable, and JS apparently don’t agree. Boling and Eric don’t either. Plenty of bloggers wouldn’t. These people are all professionals. They see them every day in practice. Some of them are paid millions of dollars to be in the NFL. What are your credentials again? Armchair GM/coach? Take a freaking chill pill. I don’t get why you even follow the Hawks? You seem totally joyless about it.

  77. tylerwyler says:

    My favorite line from this thread:

    “If the line struggles due to Sweezy, Im gonna scream.”

    SBBTM, you screamed every time we went down by three points in the first quarter last year. Why should it be a surprise that you’re going to lose it every time Sweezy makes a less than stellar play? Back away from the ledge and enjoy this, for poop’s sake. In the course of my life as a Seahawks fan, there’ve only been a couple of seasons where we’ve had teams this fun to watch. If you spend this whole season whining, your going to miss out on a lot of fun, and quite frankly, you’ll bring us down too. The chats were almost unbearable last year on account of your hissyfits.

  78. “Moffitt inferred that he wasn’t’ given a fair shot to earn a starting job in Seattle”

    No, Moffitt may have implied that, but you inferred it.

  79. bird_spit says:

    There is always a grammar nazi somewhere out there. Please do stay a way from my post or your going to find fault in mine. lol

  80. I understand your overall frustration with the O-Line STTBM. Because of Okung and Unger they are brought up to average-ish imho. I’m choosing patience though because there are no other healthy options. Sweezy will improve this year. Carp may never do anything. McQ & Breno are ok/mediocre, nothing special. What IS nice is that this exact line has played together for a bit and is building continuity. Though we won’t mistake our guys for the lines of S.F. or Baltimore, my hope is that come playoff time they will be very solid.

    That 2005 line ain’t coming back. We were spoiled then but overall this is a more talented team.

  81. Glass half full outlook: If Carp stays healthy and ends up being the mauler he’s supposed to be, and Sweezy continues to improve dramatically, our weak link on the OL becomes big Giac, and I’m completely ok with that. Granted, Carp staying healthy is a big, giant 350 lb IF.

    Even with McQ instead of Carp, our line is above avg. Bottom line, we can win with these guys even though they are not all pro bowlers, and that’s all that matters.

  82. RDPoulsbo says:

    While I have a lower regard for Moffitt than STTBM, I do get where he’s coming from. I thought he was going to bust from when he couldn’t beat out a 7th round D-lineman last year. Michael might look good, but was it really necessary to pick up a 3rd string RB with the #2 pick or would it have been better used on the line?

    I also don’t care if another team picks him up. You don’t make moves out of fear of another team, especially someone that was not good enough to make the team.

  83. bbnate420 says:

    Who really thinks that they traded Moffitt because they were scared of some other team picking him up? Who cares if they did? It looks like the Hawks were behind Sweezy, Carp, McQ, Bailey and Bowie.

  84. sluggo42 says:

    STTBM, please, just one last time, tell us how you REALLY feel about this trade.

    In case you’re not sure, I am quite sure every last person on earth, including dead people, all know that you are unhappy about this.
    So now you know, we know…

  85. montanamike2 says:

    Moffitt’s larger than life persona and his lack of work ethic/ not living up to expectations led to his trade. I don’t know if the FO actually sees something in Sanford, maybe another position change? Or did they just want Moffitt gone so they traded him so it would be easier to cut someone else, either way there’s something going on we’re not being told. He wasn’t as big of a bust as Jenkins down in SF. I like the new kids and hope to hell Carpenter comes back healthy and improved.

  86. I guess some people won’t be satisfied until we have elite players at EVERY position on the field. But that’s just not realistic.

  87. HawkFromDay1 says:

    They obviously like what they see out of some of the younger guys.

    Congrats to Sweezy for locking it down. That’s just a phenomenal accomplishement by JR. Very impressive.

  88. chrisj122 says:

    This move may be less about Moffit/O.L. and may have lot more to do with our depleted D.L.
    That scares the poop out of me because there may be more problems with D.L. than we are aware of.

  89. bbnate420 says:

    Another very good post, OrrObb.

  90. tealskin says:

    You shouldn’t hang on to a player that isn’t cutting it out of concern about what the peanut gallery thinks about your drafting skills. The m.o. for this front office hasn’t changed since the churn at the beginning. Keep on bringing in people till you get the ones you want to keep. Moffit is an interesting person that is lacking something on the field.

  91. chuck_easton says:


    Show me anything, ANYTHING, from this pre-season that says Moffitt wasn’t ‘cutting it’.

    Moffitt lost the competition for the starting RG spot to Sweezy. There are going to be guys that say it was rigged (no proof there either) and now that Moffitt is no longer here he’s scum, he’s terrible, he can’t play, he was going to be cut anyway (no proof of that either).

    I prefer to take the middle ground. Sweezy won the competition. GREAT on the kid for hustling and working his rather large posterior off (0-line reference not a comment on Sweezy’s hindquarters…I coach the ‘fatboys’ and even in peewee it’s always the ‘fatboys’ that end up on o-line).

    Moffitt lost, but he was still, at WORST, second on the Depth chart.

    Two guys that could start. Only one position. Loser is not going to be happy sitting on the bench all year waiting/hoping for an injury so he can get playing time. Not when he was ‘THIS CLOSE (even if only in his mind)’ to starting.

    Ship the loser of the competition off to a team where he can start and use the backup position for another young guy with potential that will be more than happy to be on the team and have the year to learn, grow, and develop into a potential starter.

    Again, my scenario is just as unsubstantiated as the ‘He was robbed’, and ‘He was terrible and was going to be cut anyway’.

    But at least mine has a potential for some validation. Moffitt wasn’t robbed Sweezy beat him out. But Moffitt wasn’t in danger of being cut either.

    The team likely just didn’t want the distraction of a guy that could be the starter sitting and sulking on the bench all year. (Flynn ring any bells?)

  92. grizindabox24 says:

    Chuck, I do not know one way or the other, but you also have no idea if the coaches considered Moffitt on the bubble or not. I would think he wasn’t, but I do believe he could have been, especially after the Hawks have been giving Bailey and Bowie reps at guard.

  93. tealskin says:

    Chuck, I’m going by the decision they made. Has Moffitt shown that he was improving? Don’t know. Did his attitude indicate that he was going to bust his ass to be the best? Doubt it. Have the feeling that he has plateaued. Could be wrong, we’ll see in Cleveland. I like the guy and don’t think he was bad but he’s always looked like a plodder to me.

  94. when a 3rd round OL gets traded for a UFA DE/DT, i pretty much sums up not only the Hawks evaluation of Moffitt, but the league’s as well. he wasn’t worth much.

  95. Kingpear says:

    Neklok, you summed it up.

    No matter how much you may like Moffitt, the fact remains that he couldn’t supplant a 7th rounder who was converted from a D Lineman. It may be a little about Cable’s ego, but a 3rd rounder should have blown him away. Besides, Cleveland was scrambling for guard help. It is not like they had to have JM to start over their current linemen. Their current lineman are hurt, and they needed the help.

    Maybe JM was a reach pick? I am not drinking the PC/JS Kool-Aid, but they have added a huge amount of talent to the team. For every Kam Chancellor, there is a Mark LeGree, or EJ Wilson. Moffitt will join this cast of also rans. Oh Well. Best of luck to him, and I wish him many years of success in Cleveland!

  96. bird_spit says:

    I hope Moffit takes this one on the chin, learns a lesson of humility and blows away the nay-sayers in Cleveland. That said, I for one am satisfied with the move.

  97. Even Moffit said it himself, “what am I doing here”. I heard the likes on the RRR several times and it looks like they agreed with him.

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