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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 40-10 win

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 18, 2013 at 10:02 am with 57 Comments »
August 18, 2013 10:02 am
Seattle's Jermaine Kearse breaks free on a kickoff return for a touchdown in first quarter against Denver at CenturyLink Field Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. JOE BARRENTINE — Staff Photographer
Seattle’s Jermaine Kearse breaks free on a kickoff return for a touchdown in first quarter against Denver at CenturyLink Field Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013.
JOE BARRENTINE — Staff Photographer

Good morning. The Seahawks will have today and Monday off, returning to practice on Tuesday to get ready for their dress rehearsal for the regular season at Green Bay.

Of course, this will be the first time the two teams meet since Golden Tate’s infamous, game-winning catch over the Packers in a Monday night game last year. So Friday’s trip to cheese country should be interesting.

Check out the game box and highlights here.

Here’s my game story.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Jermaine Kearse continues to make the most of his opportunities.

Meg Wochnick of The Olympian notes the return of running back Robert Turbin to game action after starting the season on the PUP list with a foot issue.

Staff photographers Joe Barrentine and Peter Haley offer some good photos from Saturday’s game.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that Russell Wilson had this to say about Jermaine Kearse’s 107-yard, kick return: “He told me a couple of weeks ago, he’s like ‘Man, Russell, I get a chance on a kickoff return, I’m going to take it back,’” Wilson said.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers three takeaways from Saturday’s win for the Seahawks – impressive quarterback play, Seattle’s defense struggles against no-huddle offense and Antoine Winfied’s play in the slot.

ESPN’s Jeff Legwold was not impressed with Denver’s performance against Seattle, particularly on special teams.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times offers his thoughts on Saturday’s game.

Clare Farnsworth of provides a run down of Seattle’s big plays against Denver.

Brian McIntyre of Yahoo Sports says that the Seahawks made a statement in the team’s dominating performance over Denver.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated writes that if the Seahawks-Broncos game was a Super Bowl preview, Denver will be in trouble come February.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that X-rays came back negative for Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe. However, while Wolfe appeared to avoid a catastrophic injury, there was enough trauma to his spine area to fear he may be out for a while.

Len Pasquarelli writing for the National Football Post notes it’s becoming increasing hard to maintain stability and continuity on the offensive line for NFL teams.

Twelve-year-old Seahawks fan Kevin Lee, who has a heart condition, predicts a Super Bowl victory for his favorite team in this video link.

Apparently Skip Bayless thinks the Seahawks are still in the AFC West.

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  1. SaigonSun says:

    I thought Denver game will be more of the challenge. If we do the same to GB next Monday, I’ll say : we have arrived !
    The cuts are coming… would be nice if we can trade Avril and Farwell(who I really like) since we are totally top heavy with talent at Leo and linebacker. We should also let Bennett fix his shoulder and stash “The Monsta” on IR along with Simon.
    I understand what I will say now is a sacrilege, but here it comes : if we can get a first rounder + for beast Mode, maybe we should take it . After seeing Turbin play against Denver last night and Michael against the Bolts…plus Coleman and Ware ! Huh, we are so deep there, it’s not even funny. Then, Harvin will come back and we already have Bates as a project. I mean, what more do we need?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    That I one of the more misleading scores I’ve seen in some time: very sloppy game. Seattle’s defense has a lot to wok on. If they intense on living by the turnover while giving up that type of yardage, they’ll have a very long season

  3. sluggo42 says:

    Out #1 defense isn’t exactly stopping their %1 offenses, so we shouldn’t get to overly jacked up. Our depth is showing well and that bodes well for injuries down the road. But, the other team isn’t going to be pulling their starters during the real season.

    The real key is for our offense to continue to roll and control TOP. If the D can make a few stops then that will also play to our favor.
    We are still playing a very vanilla defense as I think they just don’t want to tip their hand at all for when they really need some good stuff. I think they will play straight up in regular season against inferior team, and only release some of the exotic plays for a few well needed moments.

    But regardless, it’s preseason. Don’t make a mess of your diaper just yet…

  4. jawpeace says:

    Ha where are all the comments? Does everyone have a hang over from the late game?
    Speaking of game that was a fun first half! Second half with all the penalties it almost got hard to focus on the backups battling.

    I thought the newest Rookie Hawk to make a statement was Cooper # 70. That said the D line is going to be a very hard spot to break in. Did Jessie Williams sit the game out because I don’t remember him at all? Hill looked good again and Mowyay(SP?) seemed not to get as many snaps.

    The DB position is insane. I almost guarantee Gus is going to snatch up who we cut off from there.

    Offensive line looked so much improved compared to the 2011 preseason game against Denver. That was the one Carpenter got abused and Jackson was under constant distress. Speaking of Jackson he actually looked like he was checking down better than I have ever seen him before.

    Kerse is a lock and Williams probably takes spot five. After that I don’t know. Harper was almost invisible. The sixth wideout spot should be wide open.

  5. jawpeace says:

    When I started typing that there was not a single comment.

    Common saigonsun that is left over beer talking and impairing your judgement. Trade Lynch no way. I did not think that Turbin looked that good. He seems to go down pretty easy on first contact. Ware looked better that game running but I am not sure about blocking. Before that game I thought Ware and Coleman reminded me of Clayton # 45 a few years back who did not make the team.

  6. SaigonSun says:

    Before you all start ripping my comment apart, think about this: I’d rather have The Legion of Boom and RW get paid and stay intact , then have Lynch and Avril in Seahawks’ uniform. Specially Avril.
    I know Lynch is top three RB in NFL right now, but we can do well without him and with what we got.
    If we trade Lynch, we will get some high picks and cap relief. If we let go of Coleman, or Ware, we get nothing. They are not make it to our PS.
    Same goes for Avril. Besides, I would rather have Schofield and Mayowa than Avril —any time.
    Toughest decision (to me) is to keep Farwell and lose Lotulelei,or not.
    I wish we could somehow “stash” Harper.

  7. raymaines says:

    Cut down to 75 on 8-27 and to 53 on 8-31, just before and just after the fourth preseason game.

  8. jawpeace says:

    Lynch 5.5 mil is not hurting the cap compared to the value he brings to the team.

    Avril contract is due 10 mil this year and I believe that will drop next season significantly.

    The D line with the big 4 mil contract who has not done anything because he has been hurt is T. Mcdaniels. Unless he really comes on I think he might get cut on the final cut.

    RW can not renegotiate his contract I believe until after his third year. SO that means this year and next he will play for peanuts for a franchise QB.

    The whole key to keeping the Legion of Boom together is Sherm. He sees himself as the best CB in football. Does he expect to be paid more than Revis? Is he willing to take less? Those answers will determine if the Hawks can keep him, trade him after this season, play out his contract then lose him.

  9. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    saigon,it’s a little early to say you would take an unproven or injury prone player over a proven producer. now i am not saying past performance means avril will get 9 sacks with the hawks or that scholfield will get hurt. i am am sure schofield is on the team at this point as is avril.
    as far as lynch i don’t see him on the team more than another year at most, he costs too much and will most likely be in decline by then. although i see him as trade bait at whatever point they get rid of him.

  10. Harper can be stashed on the I.R. The depth on this roster is just insane. That linebacker from unlv with the hair should not only make the team but should be on the field game one.

  11. raymaines says:

    The LB with the hair (John Lotulelei) is undersized and could probably be replaced just before he starts to break down so, yes, keep him on the roster for the next three or four years.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Yes i’m still hungover and sleep deprived, but hell ya it sure was a good time! Turbin looked like he was still a little gimpy, is it possible he just needed to show Pete something? I love Ware as well. I disagree for once with STTBM about the run D, at least the starters, i loved the three and out to start the game. I don’t see other teams getting 30 and 40 point games even in pre season, we’re scary.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, I thought Turbin looked great last night.

    Also, McGrath picked up right where he left off last preseason. Miller, Willson, McGrath at TE sounds good to me.

    Speaking of Willson, loves seeing them split him out on a CB. That particular play didn’t connect but the concept is something we’ve never seen in Seattle.

  14. I put my comments on the last thread earlier today, but I have to say the main things I agree with here are that the first couple of preseason games mean little in terms of who wins matchup. The players who flashed in the second half (Brooks, Knox, Coleman, Swain, etc.) were playing against a bunch of backups who might not even make the Broncos this year, and in a month we won’t remember these players. Its their time for 15 minutes of fame and hopefully win an NFL job somewhere, but they won’t be playing in Seattle this year.

    That said, the first half of the game did present some matchups between starters that were worth watching.

    The starting O line was already becoming dominant, and this will make everyone’s job easier.

    Five problem areas on the team I’m watching: TE, Leo, Sam, 3DT, and nickel CB.

    At CB, Winfield showed he has some work to do if he expects to keep his rep. Welker burned him for a TD and that’s exactly the type of play he was brought in to foil. On the other hand, Thurmond III showed he wants that job and can handle it.

    Leo and Sam are concerns to me because of injuries to Clem, Avril, and Irvin. We have to get through the early games somehow until Irvin is back and Clem is 100%. So while the future looks good, we have problems there for the time being. I like Mayowa, but he’s strictly a pass rush guy and we always see some young speed rusher making plays at Leo in the preseason; he’s not ready to play on rushing downs. Avril absolutely needs to get healthy and prove he can start at Leo. We aren’t going to see the full defense until game 5, but we need to beat the Niners in game 2.

    TE position is still Zach Miller and just a bunch of guys not ready for the big time. I was happy to see Willson working hard at his blocking, and happy to see McGrath catch a couple.

    At 3DT I was really happy with Jordan Hill’s play. They had to double him to keep him out the play. He’s relentless and looks good playing next to Mebane. Good to see Bennet get a few plays in there too and get a QB pressure. Those two should raise some hell on the interior line this year.

    That said, I saw better football at the VMAC last week than most of what we get to see in the preseason games.

    Oh yeah – Peyton Manning looking absolutely pissed off. As pissed off as Tom Brady was last year after playing us. That was priceless.

  15. mystireeman says:

    re: skip bayless tweet – wow, we’ve only been in the NFC for 11yrs.

  16. princeaden says:

    Cable seems set on beefing up the left Oline one way or another. I noticed Bowie running with the 1st team quite a bit at left guard. Carp better get healthy or get left behind.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ware looked good, I hope he makes the final cut.

    Kearse is making me (get ready) to take my crow out of the freezer to thaw out. Even if he has a problem catching in real games his special teams play trumps most players right now.

    Carpenter I would like to see go on PUP for now. I really want to see what some of these new O-lineman can do.

    It also is looking more apparent that Moffitt has lost the battle with Sweezy for RG.

  18. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Russell Wilson has not impressed me at all so far this preseason. It seems like he’s overthrowing receivers too often. I know it’s only the preseason and all, but it seems like he’s taken a step back from where he was last preseason. Let’s be honest, if the QB posistion was open to competition Tarvaris Jackson would be winning right now. But I have faith that Russell will get it together.

    So far, I’m not a fan of Quinn. I don’t like his defensive philosophy of creating QB pressure at the expense of giving up the big play. I know that a consistent pass rush is an area of need for our team, but I don’t want to get a few extra sacks if it means giving up huge plays. Secondly, what’s up with our run defense? It seems like it’s getting worse. We used to be one of the hardest teams to run on, now we’re mediocre at best. I hope Quinn and Carrol address this issue before the season starts.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that the skip baseless tweet was done on purpose just to further show his disrespect for the Seahawks.

    Just the other day I tuned into first take after not watching it for months, and to no surprise the topic was Tebow followed by the Cowboys. Lol.

  20. ajinoregon says:

    I trust you were joking about the Skip Bayless tweet Eric, because Bayless was obviously joking.

    No one loves to hate Bayless more than I do, but if you’ve watched the show, you know that he knows what division the Seahawks are in. They’ve debated who will win the NFC West quite a bit, and not surprisingly both Skip and Steven A. picked the 49ers.

    The guy is a great foil for Seahawk fans. He jumped off the Seahawks bandwangon after Carroll named Russell Wilson the starter last season. He says he’s still not sold on the Seahawks, and Wilson as a quarterback, but I think in reality he knows he missed the boat, and now he’s just trying to be consistent.

    He said he thinks the Seahawks won’t do as well this season because teams will be “expecting” their great defense, unlike last season. I guess those teams weren’t actually trying hard against the Hawks last season.

    I love watching those First Take guys squirm as the Seahawks continue to assert their dominance.

  21. chuck_easton says:

    When, not if, Kearse makes the team he should land a promotional contract for a local Lasic surgery clinic.

    “Hi, I’m Jermaine Kearse and I went from barely making the Seahawks to cementing a place on the roster thanks to Laser surgery…”

    I think it’s a natural fit.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jackson sure is playing well in preseason, however when the games count and you need a QB to give you that game winning drive Wilson is the man. Jackson has rarely done well in those situations.

  23. I respectfully disagree on a few things –

    —- Let’s be honest, if the QB posistion was open to competition Tarvaris Jackson would be winning right now.
    for some of the same reasons we argued last year – running against the 3’s last week and the 2’s this year when CLEARLY have a deeper team than we are playing is NOT an equal comparison.

    —— On the other hand, Thurmond III showed he wants that job and can handle it.

    There were a few plays where Thurmond had to pick up his Jock – you remember Winfields since it resulted in a TD but WT3 had a few of his own slips as well.

    With this statement – I can not agree any more —

    Oh yeah – Peyton Manning looking absolutely pissed off. As pissed off as Tom Brady was last year after playing us. That was priceless.

  24. Ok – if we are going to try and trade guys before cut downs – JS should get on the phone with Houston and see if they are interested in any of our 2nd tier guys now that Foster is down – their RB situation is looking like our TE situation.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Two pre-season games, 0-Turnovers, Impressive!

  26. sluggo42 says:

    Ya, Russell Wilson sucked last night to the tune of a QB rating of 141

  27. sluggo42 says:

    Plus they haven’t even had him run any option plays yet…

  28. The thing most bothersome last night was our defense against the rush. Time and again in the first half we missed tackles because we weren’t assignment sound. We’d either try to arm tackle their RB in the backfield only to let them go by, or we’d jump the gap and over pursue and get spanked by the trap block or delay “draws”. I know we have a bunch of young guys on the D-line but we need to play more disciplined. Wreak havoc, but wreak havoc within your assignment. We got some great LB’s, don’t be afraid to let them make the play behind you.

  29. Jackson is looking good, that’s for sure (I’m eating crow right now), but when the bullets come flying in the regular season – Wilson is our franchise QB. Enjoy the 15 year ride… I am going to. Be thankful that Jackson has developed into a capable/good back-up though… I am.

    I’m still most worried about our pressure from the DL (broken record). I’m excited to eventually see Avril healthy. No sense getting him hurt in the preseason though.

  30. SaigonSun says:

    Georgia, good point. Specially after the fact that 11 starters did not play because of injuries. Plus Lynch played just for few snaps. The Seahawks were impresive last night.

  31. sluggo42 says:

    Vanilla D
    No blitzes yet to speak of, hardly stunting either, just 4 crashing in, play after play. I don’t know if they are going to let it loose against the pack or not.
    Very curious about this next game, the Green Bay crybabies..
    I know they STILL cry about it, and I wonder if they are going to try to make a statement about it, and I also wonder if Pete is going to turn the beasts loose against the pack, just to get them to STFU… I’m certainly hoping so personally, since a few of my buddies are fudge packer backers.

  32. As good as our secondary is, without consistent pressure on the QB their value will not be maximized. Of course we have our top edge rushers on the sidelines and it’s assumed they will be back at some point. That will help. Where I worry is that we only have one interior lineman with proven experience and that’s Mebane. I’m happy to hear that Hill is looking good but a rookie DT performing real well is fairly rare. It would be nice to have one more proven DT in there. Anyway I hope our guys are ready to step up.

    Richard Seymour is still out there. How about $1 million for one more ring? You can even wait until week six to decide.

  33. Wilson not impressive? Good lord that is off base.

  34. He’s also too short.

  35. The game is being shown now (4 pm) on JoeTV. Here in Bellingham it is channel 110 (Comcast).

  36. sluggo42 says:

    Well, two days off now to relax and regroup. Heal up more, get a few more starters back, get cristins back smoothed out.
    Can’t wait for the packer game…

  37. thanks Oldslow :) Turned it on just in time to watch the Kearse return and then see Sherman get picked on down the field 3 times – one of which only because Mebane was flat tackled and no call – otherwise would have been right in Elways face

  38. I bet Peyton Manning is wishing, after seeing all of the Seahawks talent last night, that he wouldn’t have thought he was too good to meet Mr. Happy at the Denver airport a year and a half ago.

  39. sluggo42 says:

    Good point Bob

  40. nmseafan says:

    I’d like to see Brooks play with the #1 D-Line to see if he can get penetration. I don’t think Winfield has much gas left in the tank. It looked like he was out of position two plays in a row leading up to the Welker TD. Paul McQ didn’t look good either after I re-watched the game.

  41. so watching the game, this time on the TV – I would guess we will see Kearse – returning kicks next week and Tate on the punts

    both looked a little more decisive than the other people who have been doing it the first 2 games

  42. I thought Bradford and Ware stood out too last night.

    Starting to agree w/those who think Golden is going ot have a big year. He looks more confident than ever.

    Love all the young pass rushers (not just the FA’s) we’ve found too.

    All good in Seahawk land. No more injuries this pre-season is all I ask.

  43. nmseafan says:

    Yeah Blackmon and Thurmond have potential but prob not as good as JK and GT.

    I’ d like to see Blackmon stick as well as Maxwell with Sherm,BB,Lane & WTIII. Try to stash Shead on PS again. Winfield, Simon and Parker can go.

  44. After last night, it’s hard for me to tell if the first team defense is ready to step up and deliver on the Super Bowl hopes. They certainly had trouble getting Manning and company off the field. It brought back some bad memories of last year when I had no faith they could close a game or get the other team off the field. Those turnovers won’t be there on the road during the regular season against the better teams.

  45. edstang45 says:

    How bout this team…really is there a team the Hawks can’t dominate??
    How silly is it to hope for 16-0???? we’ll see. If we don’t fall off to far off for a week, if they can keep their edge who will beat us…Rather be saying this than hopeing for a 9-7 season right!! Go Hawks….Pabs that was Manning man. it’s still preseason and missing Avril and Clem….no worries

  46. Manning this week – Rivers last?!?!!?

    Yes they need to step up!

  47. going to be interesting to look again at the current roster and see who we think will make this team. Since we last did that exercise:

    Percy had surgery – Williams/Kearse have like 3 TD’s each.

    Mayowa – get pressure on the QB –

    Bailey is playing all over the line and holding his own.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Unfortunately for Manning if our pass protection didn’t suck so bad he may have decided to come here.

    Manning made the right choice, and our FO made the right choice drafting Wilson and starting him over Flynn.

    I couldn’t be more happy the way it all turned out.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    All Wilson and the offense has to do is get a three touchdown lead in every game so our defense will be a non factor at the end of the game. Lol.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Look for some blitzing packages next week. We have shown nothing yet this preseason, with this game in mind. Just as much as the packers are crying, the hawks are more than sick of it and they intend to show them that the last loss was real, and they are going to thump the bejesus outta their crybaby pie holes

  51. sluggo42 says:

    Also, get ready for a one/ two of beast / cristin. Thunder and lightning. Very scary indeed. Some Tate, some option, some Stephan Williams….
    It’s going to be a beating

  52. HawkyHann says:

    Chuck Easton- hilarious pick up on the laser eye plug for Kearse. I was dying when I heard that last night.

  53. HawkFromDay1 says:


    Skip Bayless – what a… nevermind. So not even worth it. You make it too easy Skip.

    Did you get any better at life yet? It appears not…

  54. bbnate420 says:

    “But regardless, it’s preseason. Don’t make a mess of your diaper just yet…” -Sluggo

    Words to live by.

    Georgia, Carp did not start TC on the PUP and therefore is not eligible for the regular season PUP. You have to start TC on the PUP and not be taken off of it in preseason to be eligible for the regular season PUP. He’s on the 53.

    Let’s just relax with any pronouncements about the defense. Did people really expect for them to unleash a bunch of exotic blitzes during the preseason? This was the #1 defense in the NFL last year. The issue was late in the game and 3rd down. We haven’t seen the 1’s late in a game, won’t during preseason, and most of their top pass rushers haven’t played. So much hand wringing after winning 2 games by 60 points. I wonder what this blog would look like if we were Jags or Raiders fans?

  55. CDHawkFan says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the game until last night, but I read the comments posted within 24 hr of the game ending. Surprised to see the negative comments about RW and a few others after watching the game.

    I’m not expecting a week 14 performance in preseason week 2.

  56. “After last night, it’s hard for me to tell if the first team defense is ready to step up and deliver on the Super Bowl hopes. They certainly had trouble getting Manning and company off the field. It brought back some bad memories of last year when I had no faith they could close a game or get the other team off the field. Those turnovers won’t be there on the road during the regular season against the better teams.”

    I think all of that is pretty accurate – but I also think that we Hawks fans need to temper expectations a little bit. We’re a very good team, and I too find myself getting annoyed when teams complete passes and convert 3rd downs on us – and then I remember than no team stops Peyton Manning (or other good qb’s) on every play. We’re going to give up points, and we’re going to lose some games. That’s just reality, and to expect better is to set yourself up for disappointment, even in a 30-pt win, when we were up 33-7 at the half. Bottom line is still very positive.

  57. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    AJ Jinkins traded to KC,lol

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