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Irvin doesn’t practice after all; Avril likely out this weekend

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 14, 2013 at 1:58 pm with 29 Comments »
August 14, 2013 3:43 pm

Pete Carroll gave us a run down on injured players this after practice today.

Defensive end Cliff Avril (hamstring) practiced for the first time today since the second day of training camp, but only participated in individual drills. Carroll said he did not see enough from Avril to say if he would play in Saturday’s game against Denver.

“Let’s wait until after tomorrow and see what happens, and see how he goes,” Carroll said. “That’s not very likely.”

Avril expressed disappointment to begin training camp hobbled and on the sideline.

“It wasn’t how I wanted to start out here,” Avril said about his hamstring injury. “But it’s part of football. Things happen. For me it’s just getting better every day, and progressing with the injuries, and getting ready for the season.”

Avril said the foot injury is a thing of the past, and that he pulled the hamstring during one of the early practices of training camp.

Asked if he feels like he needs a lot of preseason action to get ready for the regular season, here’s what Avril had to say.

“I would definitely like to get out there for one of these next three games,” Avril said. “It’s a little different from practicing. When you’re out there, games a are a lot quicker, a lot more physical. So you definitely want to get a feel for it before the season starts for sure.”

Expected to practice today, defensive end Bruce Irvin remained out with a groin injury. Carroll does not have a time table on his return.

“We’ll find out,” Carroll said about Irvin. “He’s got some stuff we’re looking at today. We’ll find out some more tomorrow.”

Defensive tackle Tony McDaniel also remains out with a groin injury, and might want to make his way back to the field if he wants to earn a spot on the final roster. Carroll said after watching him workout that McDaniel will not play today.

“It’s really important,” Carroll said. “We have not seen enough to know where he fits in. He has a chance to be one of the lead candidates for the 3-technique spot, but we don’t know anything about him right now. We’ve seen just limited play. So the game time is going to be really important for him.

McDaniel’s absence has opened up playing time for rookies Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill. And while Carroll has liked what he’s seen from Williams, he’s also been pleasantly surprised at how well Hill has played as an early-down defensive tackle in running situations.

However, Carroll said Hill’s main role will continue to be as an inside pass rusher on third down.

Running back Christine Michael remains out with back spasms, and will not play against Denver.

“He did a little bit of running today,” Carroll said about Michael. “They said they’ve got to see how he tolerates it tomorrow. We’re trying to get him back.”

Carroll said that he still needs to see more from Michael.

“He’s still got a lot of stuff to learn,” Carroll said. “He’s just learning. He felt better in the second half than the first half, but he needs to get a lot of turns on what’s going on. He’s still new. He still feels like a new guy. So he’s not there yet. He’s got a lot of learning to do.”

Injury Update
A total of 13 players missed practice today. Along with Irvin, Michael and McDaniel, DE Jaye Howard (shoulder), CB Ron Parker (hamstring), OL James Carpenter (foot) and DE Ty Powell (thigh) remain out.

TE Zach Miller (foot), DE Chris Clemons (knee), CB Tharold Simon (foot), WR Percy Harvin (hip) and DE Greg Scrugs (knee) still are on the PUP list. LB Korey Toomer (hip) remains on the non-football injury list, and does not appear like he’s coming back anytime soon.

Toomer’s still on crutches.

“I don’t know how long that’s going to take,” Carroll said about Toomer. “It’s really unfortunate that that’s happened, because he was hurt last year as well. He hasn’t had a real chance to show. And we’ve seen a lot of cool things from him, so we’ll just wait it out.”

Players returning to practice today include WR Bryan Walters (hamstring), Williams (knee), Byron Maxwell (ankle), Bobby Wagner (shoulder) and Avril (hamstring)

Sweezy-Moffitt competition update
Carroll offered his most revealing remarks during training camp on the competition a between J.R. Sweezy and John Moffitt.

Asked how Moffitt’s been doing in camp, here’s what Carroll had to say.

“John’s been battling,” Carroll said. “He’s had a good chance to compete. He’s been mixing time with Sweezy with the 1s, and it’s a competition that’s ongoing.

“Sweeezy’s done really well. J.R.’s well ahead of where he was a year ago, and he’s trying to hold him off. But John’s working hard at it.”

So is Sweezy slightly ahead right now?

“He’s getting more reps, and he goes first,” Carroll said. “So he’s got an edge in that regard. But we’re giving John a great chance to see what he can do with it.”

Some tidbits

— Today was one of the most physical practices we’ve seen during training camp. It was the final day open to the public, with training camp scheduled to come to a completion tomorrow.

Safety Kam Chancellor put running back Robert Turbin on his back as the Utah State product broke loose in the middle of the field.

And linebacker John Lotulelei blasted receiver Phil Bates out-of-bounds on a swing route out of the backfield.

“It’s Competition Wednesday, in case you don’t know,” Carroll said, smiling. “So it’s a big day for us out here. And they battled just the way they’re supposed to.”

— After an easy drop midway though practice, receiver Jermaine Kearse made several, impressive catches through the rest of team drills.

— Led by head coach Jon Kitna, the Lincoln High football coaching staff watched practice today.

Walter Thurmond had an interception for a touchdown on an out route from Tarvaris Jackson intended for Kearse.

— Antoine Winfield has an interception off a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage.

— WR Stephen Williams had a nice grab on a deep pass by Brady Quinn with Will Blackmon in coverage. Williams was slow to get up afterwards.

— Rookie tight end Luke Willson made a couple nice grabs on seam routes in team drills.

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  1. So Sweezy is ahead in the eyes of the coaches – thanks for asking Eric!!!

    Can’t wait for Saturday

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Sweezy indeed ahead. It will be fun to watch them each again Saturday.

    Very good news about Wags returning to practice. He’s really important to this defense. And too, here’s hoping Avril can remain healthy the rest of the way.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks Eric, very enlightening report (as always)…

  4. beavercleaver says:

    Anybody know how Toomer hurt his hip? It says non football injury. I was interested to see if he would make it this year, now its PUP, IR, or cut.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sweezy, Moffitt. Moffitt, Sweezy. Who cares really about who will start so long as they improve on their performance from last year.

    And I think they will.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No really,

    I’m tired about all the Carpitt , Sweezy , etc… hype!

    If they don’t get it done, (and I think they can) someone else will.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    Huh, squeeze is winning…. That tells me moffit is a better comedian than a guard…

    Does anyone know what a torn plantar facia is?

  8. sluggo42 says:

    So I looked it up, and they say its a 7-12 week rehab for torn plantar facia, so it must just be lightly torn? To make it back in 3 weeks as Carroll said…

  9. johnthehuskyfan says:

    This is really depressing. With each passing week, there’s more, not less players on the hawks roster injured. I might not watch the game. I’m not looking forward to watching the mediocre huskies either. This football season is looking like a real drag. Maybe I should just say heck with TV for 6 months.

  10. sluggo42 says:

    I think every team is having injuries too, but I hate them being self- inflicted

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    oklahoma – Great link!

    Nothing depressing to me so far. So long as Wilson is healthy we will always have a chance to win the Super Bowl.

  12. Injuries are flat out frustratingly sucky. None > early season > late season. The good news is that this is the deepest roster in Hawk history. If we just make the playoffs and are at or near full strength for that final push I’ll be good with that.

    I’d also feel a lot better if we could disassemble S.F.’s O-Line.

  13. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, lets start talking about what we want to look for against Peyton manning and the broncos.
    How long will the starters be in?

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Walk this way-

    “backstroke GM always hidin’ ‘neath the covers”
    “till we talked to your daddy, he say”
    ” he said “you ain’t seen nothin’ till you’re down on a Moffitt”
    “then you’re sure to be a-changin’ your ways”
    “I saw a real bad Sweezy, could block a real man easy”
    “Making BobbyK reminisce”
    “About the things of Hutch with his LT and center”
    “only started with a little block like this!”

  15. Man, oh, man… lol

  16. Georgia, that was extra good! What are you drinkin’ tonight?

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Paul Simon-

    “When Wilson was a little boy, (when he was just a boy)”
    “And the scouts would call his name (when he was just a boy)”
    “They’d say “now who do,”
    “Who do you think you’re fooling? ” (when he was just a boy)”
    “He was a consecrated boy (when he was just a boy)”
    “He was a singer in a sunday choir”
    “Oh , his mama loves him, she loves him.”
    “She get down on her knees and hugs him”
    “She knows he loves to sling the rock”
    “He loves to sling the rock,”
    ” Oh Wilson she loves you.”

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    blueshq- Texas Margareta’s.

    I should go away now for awhile.

  19. lol, I want the recipe!

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Love Train by The O’Jays

    “Seahawk fans around the world”
    “Join hands”
    “Start a Seahawk train, Seahawk train”
    “Seahawk fans over the world”
    “Join hands”
    “Start a Seahawk train,Seahawk train”

    “The next stop that we make will be Carolina”
    “Tell all the folks in San Francisco, and Houston , too”
    ” Don’t you know that it’s time to get on board”
    “And let this train keep on riding, riding on through”

    OK, I just couldn’t help myself. I promise I will go away.

  21. I think you guys have totally missed your calling…


  22. sluggo42 says:

    Gnite Georgia…

  23. Georgia,

    I really liked and appreciated your songs. Thanks

  24. bbnate420 says:

    “The plantar fascia is a broad structure that spans between the medial calcaneal tubercle and the proximal phalanges of the toes. There is still some debate as to whether it is deep fascia or an aponeurosis. The Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines an aponeurosis as: (i) a white, flattened or ribbon-like tendinous expansion, serving mainly to connect a muscle with the parts that it moves, (ii) a term formerly applied to certain fasciae.”

    Whether it is an aponeurosis or a fascia doesn’t really matter here. A fascia is the outermost layer of a muscle that connects to tendons. Plantar fasciitis involves little tears in the fascia and inflammation. He would seemingly have more than plantar fasciitis if PC called it a torn plantar fascia, but he could just be using the wrong terminology. Regardless, I assume they will be treating him with pain killers and shoe inserts to get him back out there. He could be back by the regular season. It will likely hurt most of the year though. Life in the NFL.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Plantar refers to the bottom of the foot, BTW. Plantar fasciitis pain is usually near the heel.

  26. sluggo42 says:

    Thanks natedog…

    So, I guess we shall see how much the guy can suck it up cuz it’s going to hurt regardless.
    I’m guessing his weight is a contributing factor to the problem. I heard one pound of body weight is worth 4 lbs of stress on the knee. Which means carps knees are subject to 1360 lbs of stress with every step he takes… Is that what miller dealt with last year too? If its anything like the gout I have been blessed with, it’s going to be a rough year for that guy…

    That doesn’t seem possible to me, so I’ll just throw it out as something I heard, as opposed to a factual statement, but that would mean I m strutting around on almost 900 lbs myself. The knees must actually be pretty tough to start out with.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    His weight would definitely seem to make this type of injury more likely and certainly apply extra pressure to the injured area.

    Looks like their is scientific data to back up that 4 pounds of pressure per pound of body weight claim. Though it depends on how fast your legs are moving, i.e. walking or running. The formula for kinetic energy or force is KE = m x v2/2 or 0.5mv2. This means mass multiplied by velocity squared divided by 2. So when an object doubles its’ speed, it actually quadruples its’ kinetic energy.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    *there is

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