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Carroll: Irvin, Avril expected to practice today

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 14, 2013 at 10:04 am with 29 Comments »
August 14, 2013 10:16 am

In an interview with KJR-AM’s Mitch Levy, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said edge rushers Bruce Irvin and Cliff Avril are expected to practice today – although the extent to how much they will practice is up in the air.

Both have been sitting out for an extended period of training camp with injuries; Irvin has a strained groin and Avril has a sore hamstring.

Carroll also said that Sidney Rice is expected to see his first action against Denver, after travelling to Switzerland last week to have a preventative procedure for a nagging knee issue.

And according to Carroll, rookie running back Christine Michael is expected to miss Saturday’s Denver game because of back spasms.

Carroll also said that James Carpenter has a torn fascia in his foot, but could make it back for the final exhibition game. Tight end Zach Miller (foot) and defensive end Chris Clemons (knee) might not see any preseason action, Carroll said. Both players remain on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

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  1. doubledink says:

    Time for Turbin’s reps.

  2. Not sure if his has been posted yet..

    Not your typical Blanket Coverage.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    I still won’t ever call Carp a bust. A bust is a guy who is expected to come in and perform at a particular level but never reaches that potential. A bust is a guy that is never as good as advertised. A bust is a guy that just can’t play the position he was drafted to play.

    Carp is more in the Tubbs catagory. WHEN healthy and WHEN on the field you see the ability. You see how great they COULD be. Carp has shown that. When he’s healthy he is a beast.

    But, the guy is an accident looking for a place to happen.

    So, not a bust, but definitely a missed opportunity to be what he could have been.

  4. Singularitarian says:

    Chuck- I wouldn’t put him in the category of Tubbs. Tubbs looked every bit the part of a first round pick when he was on the field. Carp was not good enough for the position he was drafted for and was moved to a position where I’m still not completely sold he is all that good at. I think he is the best option at LG when healthy probably, but Tubbs was DEFINITELY the man

  5. Singularitarian says:

    One semi decent workload for Michael and out with back spasms. Not a good sign of a guy who’s gonna carry the load post Lynch

  6. I guess I agree that the Carpenter situation is a little Tubbs (and Thurmond) like in that its injury based, but I also think he has under performed (moved from RT to LG) relative to his draft stock. I think the jury is still out, but he is starting to smell bust-ish to me.

  7. Dont’ ever, ever,EVER underestimate the value of a prime long snapper. The good ones get the ball back quickly and accurately and still contribute blocking. One look no further than the redskin playoff where RG3’s knee finally go hurt trying field a horrible snap.

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    Michael needs to work the deadlift more…

  9. Chuck – I could not agree more.

    I also found this – not the order I would place them of course but most were in the general range of where I would put them

  10. I wonder what kind of Chiropractors – Message therapists – Physical therapists – Trainiers they have on staff – rather than just “doctors”

  11. doubledink says:

    That was their regular center, not the long snapper. But your point is still valid, just not supported by the example.

  12. I heard Moffitt on with Brock and Danny this morning. Brock asked about the way the offensive line plays and how the Hawks really pound the ball at opposing teams. Specifically, he asked if Moffitt ever noticed when they broke the other team’s will. Moffitt specifically referenced the Dallas game last year, then the second Arizona and SF games. It was a very interesting interview and worth listening to the podcast. Moffitt seemed a bit toned down, but still one of the better interviews on this team.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Singularitarian i was wondering the same thing.

  14. Well the Single RB offense is a dying breed now days – after Lynch is gone, I could see a combo of Turbin, Michelle sharing the load – but you never know.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    This game coming up is really pushing Turbin.

  16. This is what I like about PC – you would never hear a quote like this from him.

    “It was brutal. It was Geno’s worst day. I think, and obviously, the ankle’s part of it, but … way too many picks and things. Did not look comfortable today.” -Rex Ryan (I still don’t understand how he is a head coach, let alone considered decent)

  17. RDPoulsbo says:

    Chuck, even if you won’t consider often injured players a bust, the fact stands that he was drafted in the 1st round to play RT. He lost that job in his first TC to Breno and went into PC’s doghouse for being overweight and out of shape…before his first major injury. Before this latest injury, he still wasn’t able to beat out a 7th round pick playing guard for the first time ever.

    Yes, he’s a bust.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I have to agree that at the moment, Carpenter has been a bust. At the end of his career we may look back and be (hopefully) proven very wrong. But when a first round pick has started a total of 16 games in two seasons and is looking to miss the significant time again this camp (and perhaps into the regular season), for whatever reason, it’s reasonable IMO to say that player is a bust.

  19. Breno did not winner job in training camp. He only started 8 games that year AFTER carp was hurt.

    And who cares if he was drafted o be a tackle or guard. KJ was drafted as a Sam and is now a will is he a bust ?

  20. Sherman Smith was drafted as a wr (after playing qb in college) but he became our first great rb. Not a bust.

  21. RDPoulsbo says:

    …and Carp still can’t find a position to start at.


  22. It’s still possible for him to get healthy enough to become the player he could be before the FO gives up on him. And it seems that they believe him to be our best left guard when/if healthy.

  23. freedom_X says:

    Tubbs had a chronic knee injury that could not be healed. Carpenter has various injuries, but there’s no sign yet that any one of these injuries is chronic or career limiting.

    But if he’s not following the rehab program properly (or the Seahawks don’t have the right program for rehab) he can end up injuring other parts of his body overcompensating for the injur(ies) he already has. Only properly supervised rehab can address this, by making sure he doesn’t have any bad biomechanical motions from previous injuries.

    It can also be bad luck. Walter Thurmond keeps breaking bones, but unless he’s not getting enough calcium, you have to think that’s just bad luck. Nothing he’s doing on the field should be making him more prone to breaking bones. Either that or he just has some genetic issue making his bones more fragile. I suppose this season will tell.

  24. Von Miller Arrested today and Tom Brady leave practice with knee injury (not serious) another crazy day in the NFL

  25. anyone know what Baldwins tweet about Bayless was about today?

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You mean Baseless?

    Just the other day I decided after months of not watching first take that I would tune in, and what do I get? More Tim Tebow crap! Then after that more Cowboys crap.

    Same old story, same old song and dance.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    Whether or not an often injured player is a bust or not is a matter of semantics. Either way, I look at someone that was a bust because of injuries much differently than someone who just didn’t play well.

    Very good point about Carp, xcman.

    “Chuck, even if you won’t consider often injured players a bust, the fact stands that he was drafted in the 1st round to play RT. He lost that job in his first TC to Breno and went into PC’s doghouse for being overweight and out of shape…before his first major injury. Before this latest injury, he still wasn’t able to beat out a 7th round pick playing guard for the first time ever.” -RDPoulsbo

    RD, no matter how many times you repeat the same fallacy, it won’t become true. Carp DID NOT lose out in his rookie TC to Breno. Carp started the first game at LG because Gallery was injured. He then started the next 8 games at RT. Breno did not start over him. I assume you’re referring to Sweezy when you talk about the 7th round pick. Carp isn’t competing with Sweezy. He is competing with McQ at LG. Sweezy and Moffitt are competing for RG.

    People also conveniently forget that PC and Cable were touting his versatility right after the draft. It doesn’t matter anyways. RTs are not more valuable than OGs. They are not generally drafted higher. They are certainly not paid more. The top OGs make significantly more.

    Facts are facts.

  28. sluggo42 says:

    Way to go Nate, muck up a good debate with facts… Sheesh…

  29. bbnate420 says:

    My bad, sluggo. ;-)

    And I know some probably hate the winking emoticon, but sarcasm is easily missed in print and I don’t want to offend more than I already do.

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