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Morning links: Moffitt in shape, ready to compete

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 13, 2013 at 7:35 am with 37 Comments »
August 13, 2013 7:35 am
Seattle Seahawks' John Moffitt heads off the field Monday, June 3, 2013, after an NFL football organized team activity in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ John Moffitt heads off the field Monday, June 3, 2013, after an NFL football organized team activity in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

My story today focuses on Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt. The University of Wisconsin product is competing for the starting right guard spot with second-year pro J.R. Sweezy.

Moffitt said he concentrated on improving his nutrition during the offseason, cutting down on late-night trips to fast-food restaurants, caffeinated drinks and sugary juices. The result has been a 10-pound weight loss and Moffitt being in his best shape in his life.

“I ate real good, real clean,” Moffitt said. “I knew I needed to lean up a little bit. And I feel 10 times better. I feel like I’ve come into camp in the best shape and the most prepared physically that I’ve been. And I feel like I’m playing my best football.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune talks with Richard Sherman’s older brother Branton Sherman about his brash, younger brother growing up, along with the family’s focus on helping inner-city children.

Curtis Crabtree writing for Pro Football Talk reports that Colts edge rusher Dwight Freeney said he’s happy Russell Wilson is not in his division after twice failing to catch him for a sack in San Diego’s game against Seattle last week.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times writes about rookie linebacker John Lotulelei, who’s getting noticed because of his play.

Jim Moore of 710 ESPN Seattle also writes about Lotulelei, who has been hard to miss during the first two weeks of training camp.

More Crabtree: Seattle’s unproven tight ends need to step up.

ESPN’s Mike Sando examines Pete Carroll’s assertion that the Seahawks have had the most players claimed off of waivers after the team’s release during his tenure in Seattle. Turns out Carroll is correct.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle examines why Seattle has become an appealing destination for NFL players.

Make sure you check out the NFL’s new bag policy, which starts this Saturday at CenturyLink Field.

Ian Furness of KJR-AM talks with RB Robert Turbin about returning to the field in this audio link.

Clare Farnsworth of talks with running backs coach Sherman Smith about the competition behind Marshawn Lynch.

More Farnsworth: Check out Monday’s practice report.

Gil Brandt of takes a closer look at the top 100 seniors coming out of college this year. A good primer for next year’s draft.

Former Washington State University quarterback Jeff Tuel played well in his first NFL action for Buffalo.

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  1. I like Moffitt, he’s a goof. I hope he wins the job. Seattle is sure making him work for it.

    He’s in shape all right; but only because ROUND is a shape lol! Seriously though, its good to hear he’s taking things seriously. Im totally sick of watching mediocre G play after six seasons of it…Im ready to trade a couple guys for a starting LG and RG…my patience is just flat gone…

    Both Sweezy and Moffitt seem like good dudes, but at least one of them better step up.

  2. HonHawksLSB says:

    Great article on Sherman. I’ve been saying it and I stand by the statement… Hawks D will be better then the 85 Bears unit, which is arguably the best defense of all time.

  3. Small world. According to Boling, Sherman’s older brother Branton played football for Montana State University. Cool.

    Heh, if he’d played for the Griz, he might have made the NFL…;P

  4. Love our running backs and they all play physical. Impressed how every time Michael ran the pile moved forward. Also thought Ware looked good. Hope they find a spot for him behind Robinson.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    “He’s in shape all right; but only because ROUND is a shape.” Haha. That’s incredible.

    It’s no secret I’m a Moffitt supporter, and not just because he’s a fun guy. He’s a hell of a guard. If you peel away all the hyperbole and rhetoric and simply focus on him and Sweezy when they’re in, there’s no question who the better player is: Moffitt. Of course Sweezy is more athletic, but if we’re talking only about actual production, Moffitt’s the guy. Thankfully it sounds like he’s finally conditioned enough to actually stay on the field for more than a quarter at a time.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    Pete lit a fire under Moffitt’s butt by drafting Sweezy and now he’s taking it seriously, i hope it pays off. Lol if Sherman’s brother played for our high school team he might have had a better chance to be drafted then MSU.

  7. I also love our RB situation. You know they are going to keep Lynch, Turbin, Michael and Robinson. It will be interesting to see what happens with Ware and Coleman…… I don’t think they can keep both on the 53. My guess is one of those two ends up on the PS.

    I am not a big fan of Moffit or Sweezy. In fact, other than Okung and Unger our oline has mediocre talent. Thank heavens we have Tom Cable to coach ‘em up.

  8. Duke shire–I agree that Moffitt is by far the better player right now, esp in pass pro; but neither is good enough to get excited about. I’m rooting for them both, but I’m hoping Moffitt gets the job–the back and forth is stupid.

    As I said, I like Moffit, but he isn’t exactly athletic I appearance, even for a G. Good thing it’s performance that counts.

    I’m still holding out hope our line steps up this year, big time…just not counting on it. It’s the only thing keeping us from winning a championship.

  9. In fact, I’d rather hang out with Moffitt than Wilson, as RW is kinda boring and Moffitt seems like a lot of fun. I’d like to meet Baldwin and Big Red too (and maybe he’d bring Jacob Green—hey, it’s my dream…)…

  10. doubledink says:

    I’m tellin ya, Moffit is the Kung-Fu Panda.

  11. As is often the case with stat-Geeks like Sando, his analysis is flawed. One of the reasons some crappy teams–like Oakland–have had a high number of players claimed by other teams off waivers is that they were busy dumping high-salary, talented veterans because of Al Davis’ idiocy. Those guys could still play, but not at the level Davis was paying them at. So the Raiders cut them. Another reason is that a new regime was in place, and they were determined to change the culture and get rid of Davis’ people, regardless of talent.

    And there were other teams, that while not very good, had new staffs with new systems; many of these teams cut good players just because they didnt fit their system, not because they couldnt play.

    Of course, not once does Sando mention this, so his final conclusion is hopelessly flawed.

    Also, some–like Seattle and the Niners–seemed to be picking up guys on waivers just to pick their brains for the goods on what their rivals were doing. Again, no mention of this by Sando.

    I did appreciate that he noticed Seattle kept Marcus Trufant, and cut Phillip Adams, whom the Raiders snatched and kept on the active roster–and while not a starter, did contribute. He’s still on the Raiders, and Trufant is finishing his faded career in Jax. Not one of Schneider and Carrols best moves, for sure.

  12. Blocis has a point, we could definitely use another high-impact OL guy, and Moffitt may not be that, but I don’t think either that’s he’s a likable, not too strong also-ran. I’m not sure either that Cable’s ground-up coaching ability to bring guys along well-enough isn’t going to prove out A-OK here. And how really successful teams (think Patriots) really ever have more than 1, or maybe two, really top-drawer OL guys. After watching our O-line work out at VMAC two days ago, what we’re clearly developing here, like we’ve maybe never had here before is OL depth–think Bailey & Bowie now, two young guys out of nowhere who look & act like a real steal, and they’re just starting out. So, I don’t think any of our QB’s are particularly nervous about the O-line in front of them now. Just ask them, Eric.

  13. Kung-Fu Panda. Ha. Good one, doubledink.

    Duke, I’d agree Moffitt is a better G than Sweezy (or at least he was as of last December). That said, its interesting and sometimes surprising watching Tom Cable build this O line. I’d say Giacomini has real problems as a T, yet Cable loves him. And Cable seems to really like some things Sweezy brings, like the way he completely sells out on his cut blocks downfield. Watching our guys play or practice, I’d put Moffitt at RG and McQuistan at RT and feel like the right guys are in the right positions. Yet it seems that Cable might prefer a combination of Sweeze and Giac at those spots. So its just really interesting to watch this develop.

  14. Interesting to know COLTS Dwight Freeny is playing in a game between Seattle and SD. ;)

    It will be interesting to seed how the OL STARTS the season – it has been slow to get going for he last few years

  15. Autenpus says:

    STTBM – Just to brag, I had dinner with Jacob Green, Forsett, and Big Red, and his (then) pregnant wife after the loss to Washington two years ago. It’s nice to have a friend in high places …

  16. Autenpus–Wow! I would like to have dinner in the same restaurant as those guys, let alone eat WITH them!

    That was a terrible game though–I couldnt believe Browner gave up the long TD from Sexy Rexy…gah!

    Foresett was one of my favorite Hawks, and I was sad to see him go.

    Sounds like a great time!

    You know anyone is State Gov in MT?! I could use a friend in high places there…no transfers for jobs here, and competition is fierce even for demotions..

  17. Autenpus says:

    Jacob Green actually barbequed for us. Again, I’m totally bragging. But yes, that brings back terrible memories of that Grossman bomb that killed that game! On the plus, Red had two FG blocks that night …

  18. HeinieHunter says:

    Early yet, but it looks to me that PC/JS had another great draft/ free agent year. More of their new guys are just starting to sparkle. The cut to 53 is going to be extremely difficult. Hope we can find some TE talent in the other teams discard pile.

  19. sluggo42 says:

    If moffit was all that, would he be splitting time? Or is sweeze that close to being good?
    This is like the QB battle last year, and it’s keeping the line from solidifying.
    I think they need to pick one and roll with it so they get the reps with the first team and get used to the guys they are playing next to.

    But on the other side of the coin, is the carp situation holding the line hostage until he is either healthy or not, due to McQ possibly moving to the right?

    Competition is good, but so is continuity…

  20. Concerning the Sweezy/Moffitt debate, I am kind of old school, in that it was usually felt that an offensive lineman is not ready until the 2d or 3d year. There have always been exceptions, and in recent years more rookies have been starting, but the learning curve is steep. Example for current times is Unger, who has only became a star after he has had a couple of years.

    Along with those 2, and Carp, we have seen some promise, but now we see Bailey and Bowie. I am very hopeful.

  21. chuck_easton says:


    Moffitt is splitting time because he hasn’t been serious about his conditioning. This is one of those things where he just assumed the job was his.

    Moffitt landed in the coach’s doghouse and he’s been working to get out ever since.

    Moffitt has the talent to be the starting RG. He has just lacked the drive to put in the necessary work to earn the spot.

    Now you have Sweezy who isn’t as polished a player as Moffitt but he is working his butt off to get better.

    I look at the situation as Moffitt (if he really is in the best shape of his life) will likely win the starting job based on talent. But Sweezy has earned the right to fight for the spot right up until the first regular season game.

    If Moffitt wants that job, he’d better keep up the effort because there is a younger harder worker right behind him.

    My initial reaction is the coaches don’t want Moffitt to think he has the job wrapped up. Still several weeks until the season starts and they might as well keep him in the fighting spirit as long as they can.

    The benifit is whichever guy doesn’t start will be one heck of a backup.

  22. Just for kicks I wonder how long it will take for someone to answer this trivia question:

    Name the Seahawk player who’s first name is the same as a position coach’s last name and who’s last name is the same as a position coach’s first name.

    (I know I need to get a life)

  23. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Richard Sherman

  24. Oldslow,
    “I am kind of old school, in that it was usually felt that an offensive lineman is not ready until the 2d or 3d year”

    I agree. That is why I’ve always said that Offensive line are the real “skill positions” because it’s a developed/learned skill which takes time to aquire. Running backs can produce right away based mostly on raw talent so we should maybe call that a talent position or glamour position.

  25. 78 that was pretty quick!

  26. Seahawkfan78 says:

    yeah, apparently I need to get a life too. Work, Seahawks, Family and beer… Not necessarily in that order either.

  27. Moffitt’s “doghouse” status with the coaches reminds me a bit of the Pete Kendall situation when Holmgren took over. I remember a story where the team was running drills and Kendall finished last. When Holmgren called him on it he answered something to the tune of “someone has to finish last coach.” Shortly after that he was off to AZ. Pete was a joker if I remember right. He was good, just didn’t have the attitude that was demanded of him. To fill that hole on the O-line the Hawks drafted a guard named Steve somethingrather.

    The drafting of Moffitt in 2011 is one of the very few draft picks by the current regime where I predicted the right guy in the right round. I just hope that all of our guards are healthy for starters and from there that they continue to improve. Keep that fire lit John!

  28. OregonHawk says:


  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s good to hear that Moffitt and Sweezy are friends. I hope they push each other and both become top Guards in the NFL.

    What sounds best- Moffzy or Sweezitt?

  30. I like sweezitt…rhymes with my favorite snack food!

  31. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, then am I to assume that either of them would be better than McQ if carp returns?
    It just seems to me that the right side breaks down in pass protection more often…

  32. Judah – my point was he isn’t a colt but it says the COLTS Dwight Freeney – not the CHARGERS Dwight . . .

  33. Unger played pretty well when they moved him to center for a few games at the end of his rookie season. He didn’t fare as well when they played him out of position, IMO, at RG. Then he hurt his toe in the opener in year two and missed the season.

    I think the good LTs can come into the NFL and play at a high level but the interior guys definitely need some time. Matt Kalil played really well last year and Okung played well as a rookie when he wasn’t hurt. Ryan Clady also had a great rookie year at LT.

    Nice article, Eric. Thanks.

  34. Agreed, BobbyK, but most of those good LTs were high first round picks. And I am not sure if my argument holds up if you try to find LTs who only developed after 2-3 years. I still hold that offensive linemen ripen with age, especially if they have the mental capacity to go along with their physical skills.

  35. Sorry X, I’m a little slow…

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