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Wilson looking forward to facing Peyton Manning

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 12, 2013 at 1:51 pm with 59 Comments »
August 12, 2013 1:54 pm

In his first meeting against one of the best quarterbacks in the game, Peyton Manning, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson more than held his own.

Wilson finished 10 of 17 for 155 yards and two touchdown passes in a 30-10 win over the Broncos in Denver during exhibition play last year, part of an efficient preseason performance that helped him win the quarterback job.

Now, Wilson once again gets to matchup with Manning, although this time as Seattle’s starter.

“He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all time,” Wilson said. “He’s done a lot of great things. I’ll definitely be standing up and watching him, and try to get a few nuggets here and there.”

Wilson will try to get Seattle’s offense going on Saturday when Denver travels to CenturyLink Field, after failing to score on the first-unit’s only two drives against San Diego last week.

“Obviously when you have more reps, you get more plays throughout the game and you get more rhythm,” Wilson said. “So I think that’s the biggest thing for us – can we get into a rhythm and stay into a rhythm throughout the game.”

Speaking of rhythm, Wilson and the rest of the first-unit offense was in a good rhythm in the red zone at today’s practice, with Seattle’s starting quarterback making several good throws into tight windows for touchdowns.

One of the things that helped Wilson the last, two days of practice is the addition of veteran receiver Sidney Rice working more with the first unit during team drills.

“Having Sidney out there is a luxury,” Wilson said. “Having him out there is so nice. He has so much ability to catch the ball. I was talking with my quarterbacks coach, Coach (Carl) Smith this morning, when we were out here early getting extra reps, and just watching Sidney catching the ball, his catching radius is so amazing. Anything you throw to him, he’ll catch it.

“So just to be able to throw to him – a guy who’s so knowledgeable about the game, and a guy who’s a leader for our wide receivers – it’s good to have him.”

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talked about rookie defensive tackle Jesse Williams, saying there’s room for improvement.

“Like a lot of players, there were some plays where you thought, ‘That’s exactly what we’re looking for,’” Quinn said. “And then there were some others where you said, ‘Well, we can do that better.’ So I know we’re going to get him so more work as we’re moving forward. He’s been limited some, but I think the arrow is certainly going up.”

Some tidbits

* Nineteen players did not practice today. New additions to the sidelines include defensive end Jesse Williams (knee) and linebacker Bobby Wagner (shoulder).

Players returning to practice today include tight end Darren Fells (hamstring) and offensive lineman Mike Person (calf), although Person was a limited participant in practice.

Other players who did not practice include DB Byron Maxwell (ankle), WR Bryan Walters (hamstring), DE Ty Powell (thigh bruise), DE Cliff Avril (hamstring), OL James Carpenter (foot), DL Michael Bennett (undisclosed), RB Christine Michael (back spasms), CB Ron Parker (hamstring), DL Tony McDaniel (groin) and DE Jaye Howard (shoulder).

DE Chris Clemons (knee), TE Zach Miller (foot), CB Tharold Simon (foot), WR Percy Harvin (hip) and DL Greg Scruggs (knee) remain on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. LB Korey Toomer (hip) remains on the non-football injury list.

* TE Cooper Helfet had a good practice today, making a one-handed catch on a wheel route for a touchdown, and going up high to haul in another pass over the middle for a touchdown.

* John Moffitt and J.R. Sweezy were rotating every two reps with the first unit, as the competition at right guard continues.

* Robert Turbin struggled a little bit catching the ball today, dropping two passes during red zone drills.

* Heath Farwell got some work at middle linebacker with the first unit.

* O’Brien Schofield worked as a pass rusher with the first unit during nickel pass-rush situations.

* Jordan Hill worked at defensive tackle with the base defense today, in place of Jesse Williams.

* TE Jameson Konz switched from No. 46 to No. 87, while receiver Donavon Kemp is now wearing No. 1.

* Marshawn Lynch tried his hand at punting today, with predictable results, shanking one about 20 yards.

* Turbin joined the competition at kick returner for the Seahawks. Along with Turbin, Jeremy Lane, Perez Ashford, Jermaine Kearse, DeShawn Shead and Will Blackmon returned kicks today.

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  1. Provided he doesn’t have any mishandles I would love to see Turbin returning kickoffs. Imagine the defenders reaction when they see Turbin flying directly at them with a full head of steam. He’ll go past some guys and through others.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So nice to have Sidney Rice-

    “Having Sidney out there is a luxury,” Wilson said. “Having him out there is so nice. He has so much ability to catch the ball. I was talking with my quarterbacks coach, Coach (Carl) Smith this morning, when we were out here early getting extra reps, and just watching Sidney catching the ball, his catching radius is so amazing. Anything you throw to him, he’ll catch it.”

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Turbin a kick returner? Lol. I would love to see that in a game, if even as an experiment.

    Wags back out again? He just got back yesterday. I really hope this is preventative and part of their plan to bring him back slowly and not a re-aggravation.

  4. Its always funny to me when I hear something like “Wilson is looking forward to facing Peyton Manning”.

    When will that happen? In the pre-game coin toss? Wilson will be facing Von Miller, Robert Ayers, Champ Bailey, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, not Peyton Manning, though I’m sure he’s looking forward to facing them. The Broncos have tough CBs to fool, tough LBs to freeze, tough pass rushers to avoid. The first quarter should be interesting.

  5. Turbin returning kicks would be a sight indeed! Whomever it is – KR is one of the key positions on the team that isn’t yet known. Right now Blackmon, Lane, and Walters are 1, 2, 3 on the depth chart. Who else might step up? Micheal? Turbin?

    On the radio this morning Pete Carroll was asked if there was anyone he’s lost from the team that he wished he could have back — he named Leon Washington.

  6. boucherm says:

    I went to today’s practice, one thing I found very interesting was the way they went into the nickel in 7 on 7. Jordan Hill and Mebane were down inside, with Schofield and Morgan both standing up on the outside, and Bradford and KJ centered as inside LBs. Picture a typical 3-4 alignment, but with just 2 down inside, and then typical nickel personnel and alignment by the DBs. They lined this up repeatedly, then switched to a big nickel look, where Jeron Johnson came in for Winfield as the 5th DB. Pretty interesting if you sub back in the injured players.

    I paid a lot of attention to Jeremy Lane (one of my favorites), and he looked really good. Jermaine Kearse looked good, like others have been saying. Stephen Williams is freaking huge.

  7. If we can replace John Ryan with Lynch, that frees up a roster spot for another DB. Not to mention giving us a much scarier punt fake.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like to see us replace the long snapper. It seems like the most useless position if we could find someone on the team that could multitask.

  9. Stephen Williams reminds me so much of DJ Hackett. Long-time bloggers may remember that I was a huge Hackett fan, and was pissed when Numbskull didnt re-sign him. He never did anything after we let him walk, as he got another high ankle sprain, and that one was bad enough it robbed him of his speed.

    Williams even kinda looks like Hackett running down the field, and with his huge grin after making a play. He’s tall and thin, like Hackett, only even taller.

    But I hope thats where the comparison ends. I think Williams is tougher and I sure hope he’s less prone to injury.

  10. Interesting that Carrol would like to have Leon back. I love Leon, but he was kinda pricey for a kick returner. Both Coleman and Ware seem like better backups to Lynch/Mike Rob.

    I cant blame Leon for leaving once they wanted to cut his pay; and I wish him well, even though I loathe the Pats.

    I think we’ll be fine at KR, we have WT3, Lane, Michael, Blackmon, and any of the WR’s who can all run like the wind.

  11. I wish I had taken it seriously when my coach had me practice long snapping as a HS Sophomore. It seems like a skill that can take you far if you can do it really well, even if you don’t have much else going for you.

  12. Holy crap! Apparently we have the highest paid long snapper in the league! (by over 305)

  13. sluggo42 says:

    Long snapper is more important than one would think…

  14. Remember when we had problems with the snapper? I do. I never want that to occur again. Pay the man his money.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    Long snapper has to be the best position in football. As long as you can throw a ball between your legs accurately, you make good money. You don’t have the pressure of shanking a ball, hell no one’s allowed to line up over you so you barely even have to block.

    Seriously though, if it’s being competently done then it’s best to leave it alone.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Longsnapper is one player you never want singled out. The only time that happens is when something has gone horribly wrong. Besides, the relationship between headcase kickers and holders and longsnappers is *very* important to them.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I guess good long snappers have to be around 250lbs these days. No way can a backup lineman pull that off. Just wishful thinking on my part.

  18. Hey all i got a chance to sneak out to training camp for one more day. Ill post some notes later tonight when i get the chance. Perhaps ill piggy back onto Eric’s notes if he posts any.


  19. I intend to keep the name of a certain failed long snapper draftee out of memory.

    That said, a good snapper should be able to make a play or two on special teams, and that goof on the touchback during the game wasn’t very impressive.

  20. Nice link on Obo, Georgia. He just never had the luck; he finally gets his chance to start a few years ago, and gets hurt. The year before, he’s starting at the end of the season, and mangles his hand on a tough catch and misses time…

    While never spectacular, I thought Obomanu could have been a steady producer as a starter. I hope he makes the Jets team this year and gets his chance to shine.

  21. bbnate420 says:

    Nobody cares about the long snapper until they lose you a game. Pay the man if need be. Can you envision the hang wringing on the blog if they lost a game due to a bad snap because they wanted to save a few hundred grand and it lost them playoff position? Or worse.

  22. Looks like our current long snapper isn’t too shabby with the bat, though he couldn’t top Russell Wilson.—Home-Run-Derby-Champ/e16056c4-d5d3-4028-8d64-f91bcc1b1361

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m drunk now and my comments will only degenerate from here on out, so I wish all in Seahawk land well.

    Go Hawks!!!

  24. bbnate420 says:

    Friends don’t let friends drink and blog.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    My friends encourage me lip-off (or write-off) after multiple cocktails, sadly. (Well, it’s not sad for them; it’s amusing.)

  26. bbnate420 says:

    It can be amusing at the time. Sometimes regrettable later. I know I have a few times.

  27. I do find the constant switching between Sweezy and Moffit at this time as a sign that 1. They love both guys and can’t decide which one is better. 2. They can’t decide which is the lessor of 2 evils.

    In response

    1. Pick one and make the other outplay the chosen starter to get reps back – no wrong choice

    2. Cut bait and give someone else a chance at grabbing the job

  28. sluggo42 says:

    My thought is that Breno should play there, and have baily play Rt

  29. I think Moffitt is the better guard for ’13 but I think that if Sweezy starts this year that he’s the better RG option for ’14 and beyond.

    Eric – you have talked in the past that the coaching staff has been unimpressed with the conditioning of Moffitt and that’s why he has been in the doghouse in the past. Has he been more “in shape” this year?

    I’ve said too many stupid things drunk and sober, but have said less stupid things sober.

  30. raymaines says:

    The RG should be pretty nimble so he can help in pass protection. Do we really want #68 in that spot?

  31. BobbyK – I can’t speak for Eric and the beat reporters, but I remember Moffitt as a rookie in his first camp – fat, huffing and puffing, sweating through his uniform before the other linemen did. This year he looks pretty good to me as far as keeping up with everyone around him and not looking fat.

  32. Breno can’t play guard. He’s too tall and will get jacked up by DTs. The remaining question is can he learn to fend off long-armed DEs well since his arms are short and his base is not all that stable. I still think McQuistan is the model RT on this team, but they can’t move him there until they have a dependable LG installed. If Carpenter can’t stay healthy, I’ll bet the new kid Bailey might be a good LG.

  33. Alphaman06 says:

    The new editions to the team look great on defense, fast tough and quick….I cant wait to see the results when Korey Toomer gets back…..Awesome LB corp.

  34. Stevos – Thank you.

  35. BobbyK: I talked with Moffitt today and will have a story tomorrow. He says that he’s in the best shape since he’s been in the league, down 10 pounds from last season.

  36. Toomer being on the Non football injury list REALLY hurts his chances to make the team list year. He has the physical tools but doesn’t seem to pick up on the schemes that quickly (which I believe was the knock on him coming out of college)

    Last year when I saw him in Camp – he was quick, agile. and stood out. but in games he was beat or out of position more often than he wasn’t.

    Seems like a good guy but for his own sake I hope he gets well soon, before some of the other young guys secure that spot.

  37. Hey all late hop on. No notes from Eric as I’m sure he has bigger fish to fry.

    Got to hop on this last minute training camp train. Sorry I couldn’t make more, I will plan better next season. I went into this specific practice wanting to take a closer look at the guys who popped during the preseason game. I also wanted to watch the linemen play since the last write up had minimal on them.

    Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie in particular were on my radar as up and coming guys trying to make the cut.
    Alvin Bailey has great quick feet when he’s sliding but appeared to be easily overpowered which is odd being that he is bigger than Okung. I couldn’t figure out if it was bad technique or if he just wasn’t dropping his “heine” low enough. He does very well fanning out an edge rusher but is obviously a work in progress. Bowie is quite the opposite of Bailey in that he’s a powerhouse where bailey is not, and his feet are heavy where Baileys are graceful. During their slide step drill Bowie looked similar to the guards in movement. Talk of these two young guys brings me to my next subject.

    Benson Mayowa – I had wondered why this gentlemen didn’t pop out to me during my first write up at the beginning of camp after watching his preseason game. Well he did. Let me explain. During the first practice i attended I noted that Michael Bennett had a relentless motor and was really making Okung work for it. Well by my mistake this was Mayowa the whole time, for some reason I had their numbers mixed. I hate to bring you news thats already been written about continuously but this kid deserves some major praise. As i said my goal was to take a closer look at Bowie and Bailey. Well I did, and doing so I got to see Benson Mayowa absolutely ABUSE those two. Especially Bailey. Benson can really bend the outside rush with a quick step and he uses that similar angle Clemons uses getting damn near parallel do the ground to run underneath the chasing tackle. In on play he flashed his speed setting up bailey on an outstep in spinning in. On another he showed excellent technique by punching baileys outside shoulder forcing his left leg back a step, he then ripped underneath the opposite side for an easy beautiful unimpeded path to the QB. During the drill. Its hard to gauge as Bailey and Bowie are new and essentially straight from college. When Mayowa matched up with Okung…..Well let’s just say Okung is a pro bowler/All pro? for a reason. Okung made it look easy unlike his first match up with Mayowa. I Would love to see Mayowa start at LEO in place of Morgan to see how he does against starters. Morgan to me is unimpressive so far from LEO. He may be a little more successful in the “spinner role” that will soon be Irvins.

    Jordan Hill – Often overshadowed by Jesse Williams. DAMN this kid is pure havoc in the middle. He seems a little more… “roley poly?” than Brandon Mebane but just as quick in the first step. Jordan Hill will easily command a double team as witnessed by 1 on 1 blocking drills. However he will also need to learn to work those double teams a little better as he was mostly quiet during the team rushing drills.

    Perhaps Cliff Avril is closer as he did some one on one work with Dan Quinn. Quinn brought out the punching pads on each hand and back peddled as Avril Chased will ripping and punching. Although Quinn is the DC he still partakes heavily in the coaching the D-line as he used to.

    Darren Fells at one point was primarily working on his catching with a few of the QBs. No coverage just run and catch. He attacks the ball when its thrown but does not bring in the ball into his body enough when attacking. He appears to want to rip it down immediately which resulted in at least 2 drops, which is unacceptable in the context that they were drilling. I dont see him making the team. Think of him as a 2-3 year project on the practice squad.

    Luke Willson on the other hand made some great catches up the seam during the 2 minute drill both by Tavaris and Wilson, as well as one in the redzone on a crossing route. McGrath and Cooper Heflet also showed some good hands as well. It appears as though two are destined to collide in that they play so similarly and seem to make the same exact plays. I would love to see see a little more of Willson and his ability to block, but he impressed me much more than he did on the first go around.

    I stated before about Stephen Williams’ (perhaps not on here) emergence and progress could spell the end of Sidney Rice at flanker. (Reason being our rising depth at WR and contractual load; Harvin, Tate, Baldwin, Sidney). Any who Williams still did his thing on deep balls, and its hard not to be seduced by his recent performance. But let me rescind. Sidney Rice is easily the purest reciever on the team. Its hard not to watch him when hes playing full speed. Hes graceful, hes fluid and most of all hes CONSISTANT. I may have to re-ponder my own person “wants” for the team. Again when sidney is out there, he’s easily the best reciever on the field.

    Someone had stated while at the visiting stadium they noticed Browner and Sherman were inseparable on the sidelines. Its so true. They run drills together, they run drills against eachother, they are always chatting up a storm of to the side. Brothers in arms for sure. Sidenotes, Sherman stumbled on coverage on T-jack to Kearse which saw the longest bomb of the practice. An easy 40 yards of travel to a wide open kearse who hauled it in with ease. This resulted in some immediate barbs from baldwin dancing in shermans face.

    Browner got a little mixed up with Tate in Red Zone drills. With Tate fighting off a hard browner press. I think Tate had a little more fire than Browner was expecting and the toe-to-toe was a bit intense. I would like to think that Browner had one of his black out rages as he disengaged and almost laid an unecessary boom on little arceto clark. The tension was pretty palpable with people wondering what browner was doing until Golden Tate came in to give a little love and calm the big guy down. I think Tate has finally matured ( a lesson he could serve to jeron johnson, which is another story) but thats about it for now. I got an excellent view of the redzone drill that saw a lot of success from Wilson and also T-Jack. Perhaps I can delve into that a little more tomorrow.

    Night all

  38. I love this quote about Russell Wilson from Dwight Freeney, “I had no idea how fast he was. I had no idea.”

    You can also hear it straight from Freeney at about the 2:00 minute mark here:

  39. SandpointHawk says:

    @HawksKD, great camp report, thanks so much….

  40. HawksKD,

    Thank you very much! Great write-up.

    Go Hawks!

  41. bbnate420 says:

    HawkKD, I’ll join the choir. Thanks for the report and, it was very, very good IMO.

    I hadn’t really watched Mayowa before Thursday. I would definitely like to see him as the Leo versus ones on Sat. if Morgan is the major option. I’d like to see it some regardless. Still some major talents ahead of him on the Hawks if healthy.

    I liked what I saw of Bailey on Thur. We’ll see how he holds up. I think it may be telling that they signed no replacement for Barron at 3rd OT, but they may be relying on McQ.

  42. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks some more HawksKD, really good stuff.

  43. montanamike2 says:

    I see that last years first rounder AJ Jenkins might get cut, he must be bad to not be able to crack that roster. This makes me happy.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    On the 49’rs.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks again HawksKD.
    Was it McGrath and Cooper Heflet you said played similar?
    I could be wrong but it seems I’ve been hearing more about Heflet in camp then McGrath so far.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Give it a little more time and our O-line will be very good.

  47. Georgia going back to last year it seemed to me that both TE are darn near one in the same in the way they are used. Similar build, similar speed, neither are stand out blockers neither are the types of tight ends that will require to be game planned for as far as stretching the defense in a verticle fashio. Both have reliable hands that can catch in traffic but nothing absolutely spectacular. They seem to fit as a role player type to catch in TE heavy sets.

    It just seems that both shine in the same way and seem to shine at the same time. They trade good catches at practice. Or one has a little better day than then the other one day, and the other has a better day tommorow. Neither seem to outshine the other.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks KD. I’m not exactly confident with either one however hopefully they will be serviceable until something better comes along.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    NYHawkFan – Thanks for that article. It makes me appreciate Wilson and his relationship with Carroll all the more.

    I love it when a writer isn’t trying to kiss a superstars butt in their article like Jason Whitlock does here-

    “Griffin is the Golden Child of the NFL right now. The media loves him. He’s an exciting player and a great quote. People are afraid to criticize him because they want access to him and they don’t want to be accused of unfairly criticizing a talented black QB.

    I’m an RGIII fan. But I don’t particularly care about having access to him. I got my own friends. And I’m not going to cripple a talented black QB by blowing smoke up his rear.”

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Did Willson seem to be on a different plane than the other two?

    Thanks for your reports. Excellent reading, thanks.

    Ok, ok, so Breno can’t play guard from a majority, I yield to the majority of wiser minds. I guess I’m just tired of that side and hope to see something different or better? Maybe Breno would play better with a better guard next to him? Or Baily at LG and mcQ at rg as someone suggested? OT is moffit and the sweeze both pretty good? And they just can’t tell who is better?

    I just don’t get the problems at RG… Why don’t they just pick one and go..? I know I know… But it seems like reps for the starter would help line continuity…

  51. Dukeshire says:

    KD – I too echo the sentiment: Thanks, great report!

  52. Sluggo I don’t think Willson is on a different playing field. He differs from McGrath/Heflet in that he can stretch a defense vertically and separate from coverage. McGrath/Heflet aren’t the type to change a defensive scheme in that you can use a linebacker to cover them most of the time. They have reliable hands and seem to have enough “know-how” to identify weak spots in zone coverage. Willson COULD be a guy that makes a DC think about shifting coverage or changing out a defender for just based solely on his speed and the separation that he sometimes gets.

  53. I thought Helfet was not as good a blocker as McGrath, but faster and a more athletic receiver? Everyone says McGrath is slow, though he is a very reliable pass catcher and a decent blocker. I think Helfet is a player in b/w McGrath and Willson…kind of a tweener…

    With the lineman we have on O-line now, I think I’d like to see us keep Helfet and Willson over McGrath. That said, McG is steady and with Miller gimpy, we need a blocking TE with hands…so Im good either way.

  54. If I were to venture a guess it would be. Miller, McgGrath and Willson.

    Also to think of if we keep 3 TE one of our other skill positions will suffer a cut. RB or WR. Perhaps the only positive of Percy being on the PUP to start the first half will allow us more time to see if we’re gonna cut someone like Kearse/Williams or Ware/Coleman. Also cutting them in week 6 will allow us a better chance to re-stash them on the practice squad.

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