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Morning links: Hawks’ toughest opponent? Themselves

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 6, 2013 at 7:05 am with 54 Comments »
August 6, 2013 7:07 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) and cornerback Richard Sherman (25) watch practice during NFL football training camp, Saturday, July 27, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) and cornerback Richard Sherman (25) watch practice during NFL football training camp, Saturday, July 27, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated offers an interesting story on the Seattle Seahawks from his stop at the VMAC last week.

Trotter discusses the trash-talking the team does during practice, but not in a way you would expect. One of the things that makes Seattle’s young team one of the best in the business is teammates willing to offer and receive critical evaluations during practice that help them get better.

Trotter: The commitment to accept nothing but each other’s best jumped out during my visiting to training camp last week. Other teams talk it, but the Seahawks practice it. To be more accurate, they demand it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or an All-Pro.

Bobby Wagner was a second-round pick who was placed in the middle of a talented defense last year as a rookie. Despite playing well and earning consideration for Defensive Rookie of the Year, he found himself out of position at times. He might’ve been in the “A” gap (between the center and guard) when he should have been in the “B” gap (between the guard and tackle). But despite his youth and inexperience, teammates cut him no slack. In the heat of battle they told him his play was unacceptable.”

Here’s my story on Walter Thurmond, who’s healthy and wants to stay that way.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated places Golden Tate on his all-underrated team for offense.

Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle talk with head coach Pete Carroll in this audio link. Carroll discusses Percy Harvin’s injury and Bruce Irvin’s role.

Clare Farnsworth of offers his observations from Monday’s practice.

More Farnsworth: If you get open, Russell Wilson will get you the ball. Wilson has completed balls to 22 players during camp.

More O’Neil: He talks about James Carpenter’s injury during Monday’s practice.

ESPN’s Mike Sando discusses the tough choices the Seahawks will have to make with all the talent in the secondary.

Q13 Fox Sports has highlights from Monday’s training camp practice.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times says edge rusher Mike Morgan is ready for a breakthrough.

KJR’s Ian Furness talks with Seahawks linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. in this audio link

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  1. yankinta says:

    Totally agree that Golden Tate is underrated….I think he will put it all together this year and earn an extension from us,, which will allow us to release Rice cuz he’s cap numbers are really high…. We won’t have any Tall receivers starting for us next year but RW is so accurate that we won’t need Tall receivers.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    Wonder why there isn’t more details on Carp, would have figured someone would have asked after practice. Not looking for a full medical, but did he tweak his bad knee, is it another knee, was it a bruise, ankle, calf, etc.

  3. bird_spit says:

    I’m in the Bay Area this week. Any locals know where I can find the SD game televised? Is there a seahawks nest around here?

  4. SaigonSun says:

    I absolutely hate this news on Carp. WOW… this kid can’t get a break. I know what I’m going to say doesn’t really fit the football mentality but, it is sad what is going on with Carp.
    I wish you better luck in the future…

  5. Let’s not bury Carpenter yet. Every player gets nicked and misses a practice here and there. He may simply have a minor sprain or something. Looking forward to the real news on this later.

  6. Being a Seahawks WR in practice has to be a tough job. Facing Sherman, BB, Thurmond, and soon Winfield? No one in the league has a tougher training experience than our WR.

    I’m thinking that San Francisco’s DBs will seem pretty soft by the time our guys go against them.

    … and the Niners are already having depth problems at CB, with Culliver tearing his ACL and Nnamdi Asomugha looking like he might be washed up. They are now considering re-signing Eric Wright even though he failed his physical. Its looking like the Niners could experience depth problems with both passing defense and passing offense this year. Any injuries to starters going forward and they’ll be in trouble.

  7. CDHawkFan says:

    Saigon, a lot of people love Carp’s size. He can’t do anything about his height, but he does seem to always carry extra weight. He is only listed at 11 lbs more than Okung (same height), but he looks much heavier to me. All that extra weight can’t be good for knee’s, on the field mobility, or recovery. He may have some bad luck and all it takes is one shot to the knee, but some of this is his own doing by not being in better shape.

    It would be great to have the extra weight and stay healthy, but often those 2 things are pulling in the opposite direction. I know there are WR or RB with bum knee’s, but odds are, being overweight did/is not helping the situation.

  8. NWPoseidon says:

    RW3 is going to be so much better for going up against our secondary every week. It’s like learning to ride a bike without training wheels and then after you master it you get to put the training wheels back on

  9. jboard1 says:

    I agree the 9ers are looking a little thin in the CB and receiver group. You can bet your bottom dollar that Jimmy will pick up anyone we let go after 53-man cuts. We have so much depth at CB this year in camp, Harbaugh must be salivating like a dog waiting for us to let go of some of them. Hear is to hoping another team gets to our send offs before the 9ers

  10. Sure, the Niners might have interest in CBs or WRs we cut in final cuts. (and they already have Lockette and Charly Martin in their camp)

    But don’t forget there is a cost to the Niners for reaching the super bowl. 30 other teams have first dibs on the waiver wire before the niners can get their hands on a player.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    bird_spit – Where in the Bay are you? If you’re in the Marin County area or north, I can recommend several places. Let me know.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    I noticed the Monday camp report from Claire Farnsworth mentioned that Carp participated in morning drills but not afternoon drills. Didn’t make it sound like anything serious.

    I’m going to be optimistic until further updates come out.

  13. Re the SD game – it looks like it’s going to be blacked out in Southern California. Always seems to happen with SD games these days.

    That Trotter article is sure a pleasure to read. Confirms all the positive thoughts I have about the kind of dynamic Carroll fosters in the locker room and on the field.

  14. dirtbiker_joey says:

    I wonder if JS would trade the CBs/WRs that won’t make the roster to NYJ or JAX for a song and a dance just to keep them away from SF.

  15. chuck_easton says:


    Again, any player Seattle cuts that has less than four full years of NFL experience must clear waivers before they become FAs

    SF is 30th out of 31 teams in line to be able to claim any Seattle cuts. With the exception of Blackmond and Winfield every CB on the team would have to go through waivers.

    So if SF did end up with any Seattle castoffs it would only be because every team in the league except possibly the Ravens didn’t think the player. Could help them. If that is the case I’m not concerned about SF getting any of this team’s surplus

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    Seattle WRs and CBs have more value than the average castoff. There’s a lot of teams in need at those positions and should be willing to give up conditional low round picks to ensure they get their guy rather than hope they fall to them through waivers. It also helps the Hawks keep these guys out of the SF’s reach.

    I don’t have anything to add about Carp that I’ve already said before. If you can’t stay healthy, all you’re doing is taking up a roster spot.

  17. True Stevos, good point

  18. chuck_easton says:


    This time of year we value the guys on our roster way more highly than other teams do.

    Every year it is the same thing. “I can’t believe they cut BOB. He’s never going to clear waivers…this was a mistake. This will come back to bite us. We will rue the day we let BOB go…”

    Six months later BOB may be on our PS or he may be asking if you’d like fries with that order.

    It is very rare that a player that can’t crack our final 53 goes on to great things elsewhere. That is true for almost every other team as well. Sure some players may be picked up off the waiver wire, but rarely is that player being claimed to come in and be an impact starter. Usually they are being picked up for depth, if they end up making the other team at all.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    That’s the nature of it, Chuck. As you noted, same thing every year.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    Our cast offs have to be stoked for the chance to audition for 30 teams this Thursday, I’m sooo glad i have a dvr on directv. I can’t wait to see Hill and all the Williams.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    Michaels as well.

  22. I watched a couple of the 2012 preseason games online last year.. A couple of the members here recommended the sites. However, I didn’t bookmark them.. Maybe they could let us know again this year..
    One of them could have been but not sure..

  23. montanamike – good point. the first couple of preseason games are more meaningful for those backups who won’t make the Seahawks than they are for anyone else.

    Biggest things I’ll be looking for? (besides simply celebrating the return of our beloved Seahawks with a very special beer in hand) is to see if Luke Willson looks NFL-ready and hoping to witness Leon Washington’s replacement – whomever that may be.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m sure there are some players at every position that will be cut that no one will want, but at WR and CB, the bottom of the depth chart is filled with young, talented and cheap players that are easily better options than what other teams have in the back half of theirs. Is Maxwell or Lane worth a 6th or 7th? Easily.

    For people thinking they will keep 6 CBs, that’s just not going to happen. That sacrifices much needed depth at LB and d-line. You also can’t just plug a CB into a safety position should injuries happen there either.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The biggest mistake of the year so far(imo) is letting Washington go so soon.

  26. chuck_easton says:


    Not saying it absolutely won’t happen, but if you are Gus Bradley in Jax and you know Seattle can’t keep all their young CBs why would you give up a future draft pick?

    Jax is second in line on every player going to waivers. They are going to have the pick of the crop. Why give up something for a player you can get for free in a couple of weeks?

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with you RDPoulsbo about our CBs. It is one of the deepest most talented positions on any football team right now. And I’m sure it isn’t just our fans who feel that way.

    We go at least 5 deep with starting material in our CB group with a couple potential starters behind them.
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a trade in the works before we have to cut one or two.

  28. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m not necessarily saying Jax will do it, but teams lower on the waiver wire like the Saints or Chargers might just out of fear that Bradley or Izdik will pick them off waivers whether it’s their intention or not.

  29. RDPoulsbo says:

    Remember, we’re talking low round draft picks. It seems only in Seattle they are really valued since they’ve gotten so much out of them under Schneider. That’s not the case with most teams.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck, Jacksonville is not the only possible trading partner out there.

    It may not happen, however I hope we get something in return for the quality of depth we have at CB this year.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    I’m sure that Schneider is receiving calls from other teams inquiring about the availability of players in trade.

    I’d be shocked if the players being asked about have names like Bates, Harper, Williams, Walters, Kearse, Parker, Guy, Simon, Shead, (or even Lane and Maxwell).

    Teams are inquiring about players like Thurmond, Baldwin, Tate, Browner. Guys that are already starter quality that might not see as much playing time on Seattle’s roster or might be losing their starting job to someone else (Browner).

    Those other guys, most if not all, are going to be available for free come the first week of September.

  32. Not to stir the pot here, but we spend a lot of wasted effort this time of year on a few guys who aren’t going to contribute much to the team, nor will they return any value via trade.

    Look at our final cuts last year. Very few of these guys are ever likely to help win an NFL game.

    Seahawks final cuts 2012:
    WR Deon Butler, CB Phillip Adams, DE Pierre Allen, LB Allen Bradford, WR Kris Durham, OL Paul Fanaika, OL Rishaw Johnson, WR Jermaine Kearse, LB Kyle Knox, DE Cordarro Law, WR Ricardo Lockette, TE Sean McGrath, OL Kris O’Dowd, QB Josh Portis, S DeShawn Shead, LB Korey Toomer and WR Lavasier Tuinei.

    Re-signed to practice squad after clearing waivers, 2012:
    QB Portis, WR Lockette, WR Tuinei, OL R. Johnson, OL Coughman, LB Toomer, TE McGrath. WR Jermaine Kearse

  33. That’s why my two biggest questions for the preseason are these:

    1) Do we have a true replacement for Leon Washington? Or is his departure a loss to our return game?

    2) If Zach Miller’s foot continues to limit him, do we have enough talent at TE to run good 2-TE sets?

    Barring injuries, I’m pretty comfortable with our depth at all the other positions.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    That’s not stirring the pot, that’s reality.

  35. chuck_easton says:

    Agreed Stevos. That was my point. I know we love the guys wearing the Bing jerseys right now. We as fans would love to keep them all. But this isn’t college where you can suit up 90 players each and every game.

    53 will make the final roster. Of the other 37 players cut up to 8 of them might make the PS (but every year a player or two released by another team ends up filling out our PS). So that’s at least 29 of Seattle’s players that are going to be trying to catch on with another team. That could be another team’s PS or, if that player is lucky they might make a 53 as a reserve ST player.

    37 cuts per team x 32 teams means that come the first week of September there will be 1,184 suddenly unemployed former NFL roster players looking for maybe (8 x 32 = 256 PS slots) and possibly 10 to 20 might actually make another team’s active roster.

    So why are Seattle’s 37 sooooo much better than the other 1,147 unemployed cuts that teams are going to be lining up to throw draft picks at Schneider?

    That is the error in the logic. We think OUR guys are the best and that they would automatically be starters on every other team. Why is Seattle’s 6th or 7th or even 8th best CB going to suddenly be a top three CB on another team? If the guy you are trading for isn’t a sure 1st or 2nd team player, why give up anything for him? There are literally going to be hundreds of CB’s looking for work in a couple of weeks.

    If the guy is going to be your 5th or 6th best guy wait for cuts and sign somebody.

  36. Big party down in San Diego this Thursday for anybody in SoCal..
    At least 65 going to the game together with the SoCal Sea Hawker group & 500 people going to the catered Tailgate party.. Beverly Sherman will be there..

  37. Just moved to Vegas and wondering if anyone knows a gathering place for Seahawk fans to watch a game.

  38. One more big question for Thursday night:

    What ya’ll drinkin’?

  39. thanks Mocarob!

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good grief.

    I come back from a discussion about if our (CB) position is deep enough (this year) to make a trade on one of them before we have to cut them, and it turns into something bigger and/different then- Key words- (CB position this year).

    (CB position this year)has nothing to do with the other positions and has nothing to do with last years cuts or any year before.
    Anyone can make the argument that previous Seahawks teams were not stocked enough with talent to make trades from the depth chart. That’s easy.
    But any one who doubts that we have a very deep and talented (CB group this year) that could very well have one on the depth chart traded needs to get up to speed with this team.
    The reality is that this is no longer the Seahawks teams of the past and the other reality is that this is not the Seahawks CB groups of the past.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “What ya’ll drinkin’?”

    Why are you buying Stevos?

    If not something cheap.

  42. Some news on Carp would be nice. Good or bad just would like the info.

  43. C’mon, guys, of course our #54-90 are way better than any other team in the league (that’s a spoiler for my rankings of all 32 team’s #54-90 roster spots, which will come out next Monday).

    Mark my words, you’ll see Deon Butler light it up this Thursday, catching balls from Whitehurst. And look at Lockette, he’s the second best receiver for the 49ers (who are, as and good 49er fan will remind you, the #1 team in the Division until someone knocks them off). If it weren’t for Calvin Johnson, Kris Durham would probably be Matt Stafford’s favorite target. And don’t forget Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, and Ben Obomanu, who are going to help Mark Sanchez resurrect his career in NY.

    Embarrassment on riches at the receiver position on this team. Arceto Clark and Greg Herd have HOF written all over them, but it will be with a different team, because neither will make this roster.

    Don’t even get me started on CBs.

    P.S. Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, please note that I used the sarcasm font on this post.

  44. lol.

    Its hard not to be good-humored with the temps in the 70s and football starting in two days.

  45. Georgia, I’ll buy you a drink during a Seahawks game anytime.

    If its in Seattle, its going to be a microbrew from the Fremont or Mac & Jacks.

    If its in New Jersey for the Super Bowl, it might be a Red Harvest at the Ashbury Park bar and grill.

    If its in Georgia, then I guess it has to be one of those peach things?

  46. RDPoulsbo says:

    Homebrew. ESB or Nut Brown depending on my mood.

  47. Sando has a nice piece up this afternoon on the battle for the 5th and 6th WR spots…

  48. SandpointHawk says:

    Saw Lockette was #7 with a bullet on the whiners depth chart yesterday. So much for sucking up to the QB….

  49. Philip Adams made the 53 in Oakland. He was one that got away. Durham is doing well enough he should make the 53 in Detroit this year. Tuinei is getting a look from the Pats. Cordarro Law was pretty good.

    Many of these guys (Late Cuts) are good enough to play in the NFL, some are even better than guys who make the team; but many coaches and coordinators and the like tend to favor guys they drafted, even if they arent as good, its called CYA.

    Not that these guys are All-World…

    And like others pointed out, this years crop of bottom-feeders on the roster for Seattle are more talented than any I have ever seen, and with the dearth of talent on the Jets, Jags, and Raiders, I fully expect to see many of these guys picked up via waivers, not just one or two.

  50. I hope Duke, BobbyK, et al can maybe comment on this:

    Football Outsiders referenced a new “defensive scheme type indicator” concocted by a Denver fan, Ted Bartlett. Rather than just referencing a team’s basic defense as a 4-3 or 3-4 he described four different aspects of the defense, including: the DL as either “stacking” (2-gap) or “penetrating” (1-gap), the LBs’ play vs the run as either “downhill” aggressive gap containment or “flow” which is more read and then react, then defense’s usual coverage type “man” or “zone”, and the team’s usual preference for either “bitzing” (sending more than 4) or “coverage” (keeping 7 in coverage). SEA’s defense was the last one Mr Bartlett reviewed:

    “SFZB – Stacking, Flowing, Zone, Blitzing – 1 team

    “Seattle Seahawks (4-3)

    “This is the most difficult team in the NFL to categorize, because they do a bunch of everything. Really, the only dimension I’m super-comfortable with is flowing. I went with stacking, because the Seahawks like to play two-gap on the closed side, and use a big DE in Red Bryant, similar to how the Broncos and Dolphins use Wolfe and Odrick. I slightly leaned toward zone, because the Seahawks do play a lot of Cover 2 and Cover 3, but they also use plenty of man coverage, so it’s a tough call. Blitzing is basically a projection based on the reports that the Seahawks are moving Bruce Irvin to SLB, presumably to try to emulate what the Broncos do with Von Miller there.”

    It struck me that Mr Bartlett described SEA in exactly the opposite terms that I would have thought SEA actually fit. Then I wondered why or how he could have seen things so differently. He is a DEN fan, not totally unbiased, but pretty close. Will we see a very different D under Dan Quinn than we did under Bradley?

  51. mocarob says:

    Bourbon is for football season & Rebel Yell is the official Bourbon of the Legion of Boom.

  52. mocarob – I love my bourbon too! But Rebel Yell is Kentucky bourbon, so shouldn’t they be Bengals fans or Titans fans?

    Speaking of bourbon, I’ll go with Black Maple Hill.

  53. princeaden says:

    I heard yesterday on sports radio that Carp had some sort of minor foot injury.

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