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Rice confirms he had platelet-rich plasma-like procedure done in Switzerland

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August 2, 2013 7:25 pm

Well, the mystery has been solved on Sidney Rice’s curious trip to Switzerland to receive a preventive “procedure.”

Rice confirmed to reporters after today’s practice that he travelled to Europe to receive a platelet-rich plasma-like procedure to help with a nagging knee injury. Rice could not have the procedure done in the United States because it has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“Just help (calm down) the patellar tendonitis a little bit,” Rice said ,when asked what he hoped to gain from the procedure. “I’ve had a sore knee for quite awhile. I’m just working on it here in the training room. They’re doing a great job on in here with the trainers, so we’ll see where it goes from here.

Rice said it will take a couple weeks for him to really notice the benefits from the procedure.

Rice said he discussed having the treatment done with Sam Ramsden, director of health and player performance for the Seahawks, and ultimately set up the trip during the team’s offseason program.

Rice said he was in Switzerland for only two nights. “It only took 20 minutes for the procedure,” Rice said.

“I got straight off the plane yesterday after a 10-hour flight, came in and none other than my wide receiver coach Kippy Brown couldn’t wait to throw me in there,” Rice said. “It was good being back out there though.”

Rice jogged around during the early portion of practice on Friday, but said he’ll do some full-speed drills today.

Offense sloppy in mock game

Under a steady drizzle, the Seahawks’ first-unit offense struggled to move the ball against the first-unit defense, managing two scores on eight drives during the scrimmage, a 14-yard touchdown catch by tight end Luke Willson from Russell Wilson on a seam route, and 45-yard field goal by Steven Hauschka.

“I was a really disappointed,” Pete Carroll said. “We were real sloppy at the line of scrimmage today. We had a couple fumbled snaps, which we haven’t had at all, with Russell (Wilson) and Max (Unger), which are unusual.

“But we needed to get out here. It’s the first day we had any real weather at all, so that was good. And all the stuff is very easily correctable. But the good part is we had a lot of good work, a lot of reps.”

The usual suspects in early season football can be blamed for Seattle’s offense sputtering, including a couple fumbled snap exchanges, pre-snap penalties and missed blocking assignments.

Again, these are unofficial stats taken from a reporter with an sometimes-obstructed view, but Wilson finished 10 of 21 for 111 yards, no interceptions and the touchdown to Willson. His favorite target was Jermaine Kearse, who finished with four catches for 30 yards, including a long of 14.

Other receivers who played well include Brett Swain, who finished with four receptions for 47 yards, playing mostly with the third-unit offense. Phillip Bates also showed strong hands on a couple contested comeback routes against Byron Maxwell, finishing with three receptions for 43 yards. Slot receiver Bryan Walters also did some nice things, hauling in a 25-yard reception over the middle of the defense and picking up some positive yards on a bubble screen.

Although he did not put up big rushing numbers, rookie Christine Michaels looked elusive out in the open field. It was hard to judge distance on the runs for the running backs because the tackle speed was thud. However, Michaels did struggle in the pass game with a couple drops.

Rookie Chris Harper had an easy drop on a slant route, and also rounded his route on post corner against Will Blackman, failing to gain separation. But he did have a nice catch on an out route later during the scrimmage.

Offensive line coach Tom Cable rotated several different players on all three offensive line units, but I found it interesting that James Carpenter played left guard and Paul McQuistan played right guard with the first unit on their final drive.

Defensively, I thought linebackers Allen Bradford and Craig Wilkins, defensive linemen Clinton McDonald, Jaye Howard and Benson Mayowa and safety Jeron Johnson stood out.

Stephen Williams was targeted several times on deep throws, but failed to haul in a big catch. The first was a scary moment. With Williams going high up in the air for a deep ball, safety Winston Guy took out his legs, flipping Williams to the ground, where he remained for several minutes before eventually getting up on his own.

Williams had some harsh words for Guy as he left the field and went inside to the training room.

“That was a terrible play that happened,” Carroll said. “That never should have happened. But fortunately he just wrenched his neck a little bit, so he’s going to be okay.”

However, Willams later returned to the field.

Here’s what Carroll had to say, when asked what players to him stood out.

“I thought Phil Bates finished really well,” Carroll said. “I thought Russell did a really nice job dealing with the issues that he had – I loved the command he had again in the hurry-up situations.

“On the other side of the ball, I thought T-Mac (Tony McDaniel) did a really nice job. Tony was in the backfield quite a bit, and looked active. I’m anxious to see that film on him. He’s a guy that we’re really watching to see if he’s going to be a 3-technique for us. He’s done some good stuff. He’s been a little up-and-down, but today he was really causing some problems.

“I’ve been really happy with OB (O’Brien) Schofield. Right off the bat he’s made an impression that he can play outside backer and add to our pass rush. And that’s a great pickup at this time, to get that done. So I don’t see how that will change, just how he plays on game film.”

Some roster moves

The Seahawks announced this afternoon that the team waived/injured defensive end Kenneth Boatright, and agreed to terms with former Arizona wide receiver Early Doucet.

Doucet was a third-round pick by the Cardinals in 2008 draft. He played in 54 games with 14 starts in his five seasons with the Cardinals.

In 2012, Doucet played in 12 games with three starts, finishing with 28 receptions for 207 yards. He was released in March.

Undrafted rookie free agent Greg Herd cleared waivers and reverted to Seattle’s injured reserve.

Injury update

After sitting out on Thursday, defensive lineman Jesse Williams returned to action. Offensive tackle Michael Bowie also suited up, but did not play in the scrimmage. Others who did not play include Bobby Wagner (shoulder), Cliff Avril (hamstring), Kam Chancellor (ankle), Michael Palmer (groin), Darren Fells (hamstring), Jeremy Lane (foot), Doug Baldwin (stiffness), Michael Brooks (unknown), Ron Parker (hamstring) and Kyle Knox (unknown).

Chris Clemons (knee), Tharold Simon (foot), Robert Turbin (foot), Zach Miller (foot), Greg Scruggs (knee) and Percy Harvin (hip) remain on the PUP list. Korey Toomer remains on the non-football injury list.

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  1. Is it a penalty to take out a guy’s legs if he’s jumping high for a ball? Or is it just nasty to a teammate? Or is it the flipping part? Did he hold onto the ball? Where is the line drawn? And if it’s “always compete” and the tackle’s legal…

  2. Snappa: He dropped the ball. One of Carroll’s rules is protect the team, so I assume that means don’t take cheap shots at them. Today was thud tempo, so Guy’s shot was out of line, in my opinion. However, I understand why he did it. You don’t want to give up a big play when you’re on the back end of the roster fighting for a job.

  3. No mention of Tate. I guess with Rice and DB Fresh both sitting out he just got eaten up by Sherman. While I’m certain it makes our receivers better, it’s got to be frustrating as hell going up against that secondary every day.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Cheap shot Guy.
    If he wants to make the team this way then perhaps he could at least sound half way intelligent.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I’m disappointed in Guy.

  6. Glad to hear Pete say Bates is stepping up. One of the WRs needs to, and with Harvin out, they have every opportunity. I’ve watch Kearse shine in several practices now, and I just can’t see him being the guy we need. Williams and Bates are two guys I hope step up and compete for the roster.

  7. Thanks for the explanation,Eric. What is “thud” tempo? Obviously not full speed, but what…? just kind of a light bump? I imagine that would slow down the defense more than the offense.

  8. raymaines says:

    I would think one of the very top coaching priorities of training camp would be to get your #1’s and 2’s through unscathed. Life is pretty tough near the bottom though. You’re trying your darndest to make an impression on the coaches and you don’t really care if one of the top tier guys gets hurt or not.

    I wonder how a pro-bowl center and a QB with hands the size of a first baseman’s mitt fumble a snap?

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Kearse obviously must’ve shown more to the staff in 2012. He made the 45 actives, Bates did not. Kearse is a very good player if the LASIK makes a big difference in his drop problem. Eye-hand coordination is the major factor in drops. I had LASIK about 15 months ago, and it can have quite the impact. I have 20/15 vision now.

    I definitely would like Guy to be smart with his teammates, but I’ll take overaggressive mistakes over timid or confusion mistakes any day. Bring that on Thursday.

  10. bbnate420 says:

    I can’t imagine Seattle being ahead of Cleveland on that miserable sports cities list. Sure, they have some championships, but they are all before Seattle even had any of it’s current teams, or the Sonics. Lebron leaving. The Indians being without a WS since 48. The Browns. Nuff said.

  11. Sekolah says:

    I like that Guy is asserting himself as a physical presence this camp, but it sounds like he got a little too overzealous there. At least he flipped a guy who’s not necessarily a lock to make the team. Good on Williams for showing the toughness to take a shot like that, get up, and then get back in the game later.

  12. From what little I have seen on live feed and reading some, and talking to people who have gone, it appears that the Defense ESPECIALLY the DB’s are getting the TOTAL benefit of the doubt. a few personal feelings about this that may or may not be correct

    1. If our WR’s can get open and catch the ball in these conditions – then the shouldn’t have any problems during the season against guys who are physical but not as physical as ours.

    2. if this is in fact true (lots of no calls) expect a few PI’s early in the season as the guys adjust to the regular season rules.

    3. You might see a few plays that stem from this – Guy taking a shot trying to keep up – Williams getting into the Guy’s face from getting frustrated about getting pushed around all day

  13. Sekolah says:

    “What is “thud” tempo? Obviously not full speed, but what…? just kind of a light bump? I imagine that would slow down the defense more than the offense.”

    It’s not exactly a light bump. lol. Guy has already rocked a few people during “thud” scrimmages and drills. “Thud” means you’re allowed to strike, but you do not wrap up and take the guy to the ground. You get your pads into a guy and then you let up. Flipping a dude who’s attempting a midair catch is a no-no during “thud”.

  14. Thanks, Sekolah. So, Kam’s hit on Vernon Davis that he got penalized on was really just… thud speed. :)

  15. Sekolah says:

    “So, Kam’s hit on Vernon Davis that he got penalized on was really just… thud speed. :)”

    lol. Not quite. See, Kam kinda launched himself into Davis on that hit. I think that sort of thing is not allowed during “thud”. The idea is not necessarily to jack somebody up with a good shoulder to the chest, but not to just bounce off of them either. Think of it like sparring, Snap – you’re looking to make reasonable contact with your sparring partner, but not necessarily trying to knock him out.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    That was my favorite “Kam” moment last year.

  17. bbnate420 – I didn’t know Kearse had lasik. Thanks for the info.

    What impresses me about Kearse is his athleticism, going up for the ball, laying out, he’s got great athleticism. My only problem with Kearse from watching him last year was that as the competition picked up and he had to run routes against starters he couldn’t cut it.

    I’ve been enamored with Williams as he could bring something different to the offense with his height. But I won’t be rooting against Kearse. He’s crazy athletic and there is a spot for him to earn on this team, so may the best WR win.

  18. “I definitely would like Guy to be smart with his teammates, but I’ll take overaggressive mistakes over timid or confusion mistakes any day. Bring that on Thursday.”

    Agreed. Guy has made quite a bit of headlines over the last week or so. It shall be interesting to see how that translates to the field against a real opponent in a different color jersey. I like the hunger I see in Guy though.

  19. seahawksteven777 says:

    It doesn’t seem like Russell Wilson is really improved much from last year. What I mean is maybe the second half of last year was his ceiling? I sure hope not and I hope he gets better but what I’m seeing so far in camp, he seems the same. It’s still early though.

  20. sluggo42 says:

    Guy…. Uh no. That’s two receivers he has jacked up, and it’s bullsh__. I don’t care that he’s trying to make the team. Taking your own guys out on cheap or questionable hits is flat out stupid.

    I’ll be very happy with last years second half RW personally. But 777, I’m guessing he has improved a skoshe. So I wouldn’t worry.

  21. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t try to gauge if RW has improved yet. The defense is generally ahead of the offense at this point in TC. I think there’s a pretty good chance that RW will have a lower QB rating in 2013 but be a better player. I’d be very, very happy with 90 or above. The third year is usually when QBs come back and stick it to the league.

  22. bbnate420 says:

    Stevos, I think Kearse is the front runner for the #4 WR, especially since he is a core ST player. If they only keep 5 WRs, it’s between Harper and Williams IMO. I could see them keeping 6.

  23. “That’s two receivers he has jacked up, and it’s bullsh__. I don’t care that he’s trying to make the team. Taking your own guys out on cheap or questionable hits is flat out stupid.”

    The hit on Williams was definitely a bad move on Guy’s part, although I’d much rather see him hit a free agent off of the street like that than say Sidney Rice. There was never anything reported about his hit on Willson being a cheap shot. It was just said that they got into a collision and Willson took the worst of it. If Willson can’t take the kind of lumps that NFL safeties dish out then I’m worried for his health going forward. He better toughen up and get used to being smacked around if he wants to last in this league because they don’t hand out red ‘non-contact’ jersey’s on Sundays (not yet anyways).

  24. Dukeshire says:

    How can anyone say whether that was a cbeap shot from Guy. There are a lot of aggressive plays that take place in scrimmages that go beyond what coaches would like to see. That does not necessarily mean it was Guy’s intention to hurt Williams.

  25. seahawk44 says:

    Turbin needs to be out there competing. What is his prognosis?

  26. sluggo42 says:

    ““That was a terrible play that happened,” Carroll said. “That never should have happened. But fortunately he just wrenched his neck a little bit, so he’s going to be okay.”

    From Carroll, that never should have happened…

    Call it what you want, but two receivers have been hurt, and Guy was the one who was involved with both. I’m glad he is trying, but there is a fine line that he is crossing, and what will his defenders say when he takes Baldwin out for the year in a practice scrimmage?

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