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A few minutes with Benson Mayowa

Post by Eric Williams on July 31, 2013 at 7:03 am with 83 Comments »
July 31, 2013 7:03 am

One of the early surprises of training camp has been the impressive play of undrafted rookie free agent “Leo” defensive end Benson Mayowa.

Mayowa first caught the attention of the Seahawks’ personnel department at the NFL regional scouting combine held at the team’s facility in March, where he ran a 4.65-second, 40-yard dash and posted a vertical jump of 38 inches at 6-3 and 252 pounds.

“He’s done a really cool job at this camp,” Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s shown an unusual knack for rushing the passer, and so far he’s been very impressive. We don’t know what that means yet, we haven’t gotten him in enough live situations, but every day he’s come up with a play of some sort to gain some recognition.

“We’re kind of hopeful to see what this means. He’s in the body type where he’s just 240 pounds, real fast, kind of lean. He’s a Sam/Leo type of guy like O’Brien Schofield. He’s shown special pass rushing ability.”

The University of Idaho product has earned some reps with the first-unit defense, and consistently flashes speed off the edge during 1-on-1 pass rush drills.

“Attacking the tackle in run blocking,” Mayowa said, when asked about things he needs to improve. “When they come run block me, I have to get stout and stronger on that, because it’s going to happen in a real game.”

Mayowa said he played the same position of weak-side defensive end at Idaho in a similar 4-3 scheme, so that has helped in his transition.

He finished with three sacks and eight tackles for loss his final season for the Vandals.

“There’s a lot of players that come from playing linebacker and then go to that,” he said. “But me playing the same position, I’ve got the upper hand right now. And that’s going to help me.”

A native of Inglewood, Calif., Mayowa said he received interest from other colleges coming out of Inglewood High, including Oregon, but wound up at Idaho because he did not have the grades to get into some of the bigger Division I schools.

“I didn’t have exactly the good grades,” he said. “I wasn’t a great student. But I ended up not getting through the NCAA Clearinghouse, and Idaho called me and said they would try to get me up there.”

With players like Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril injured, Mayowa has to take advantage of his opportunity to get consistent playing time.

“This is a great opportunity,” Mayowa said. “Especially being a rookie, I didn’t get drafted so I have to make the team. And people are hurt, people are out so I have to step in, and I have to give it my all every day.”

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    I thought Avril was back, what happened to him?

  2. sluggo42 says:

    Oh, and while this thread is clean so far, lets keep the in-fighting under wraps today eh mates?

  3. RDPoulsbo says:

    It seems every year there’s a lot of Leo types that come through TC with a ton of potential like Dexter Davis….and nothing. So far, only Clemons has come through and that includes Irvin. Avril well probably change that, but he’s just a short term guy. Hopefully, they finally hit on one pig these guys for a long long term solution after Clemons retires.

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    wtf it’s with my autocorrect? One of these GUYS, not ‘pig’

  5. chuck_easton says:


    It was mentioned that Avril was sitting out yesterday with a hamstring problem.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    If this experimental procedure that Rice is having done in Europe is successful (I’m not a doctor and I didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night) that would mean Rice just might be able to play pain free this season.

    Hey, he played all 16 games last year on a sore knee and he took some whacks (Chicago game…I thought he wouldn’t get up let alone stay in the game).

    Silver lining here folks! Don’t burst the bubble and/or pull the bandaid off to soon STTBM. Trying this whole la, la, la, happy, happy, joy, joy thing to see if it works.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    Ah, thanks Chuck, I missed that…

    To be happy, or, NOT to be happy.
    My take – while upset with the PH issue, I’m glad he is having the surgery now, and he may be available late this season,
    I’m not bitter about is. I injured my left shoulder a few months ago, and I knew it the second it happened. I’ve been putting it off as its better now, but still not any good for anything serious, but I can play drums, fish, and golf now, so no rush. Could I play wide receiver in the NFL like this?, besides being old, short, fat, clumsy, white, arthritic,and grumpy?, uh no. The shoulder would not work. But I’m not getting paid a $billion to do so. If I was. I would get the surgery tomorrow.

    To be happy, we are stronger and smarter than last year when we flat dominated the second half of the season, even without PH. Baldwin I’d totally healthy, last year he wasn’t. Miller should be good, oline should be better, d will be better, everything will be better.
    Honestly I think we can dominate without PH, so yes, lets be happy happy. Don’t worry, be happy.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Baldwin has been a man possessed in training camp. He is out to prove he not only belongs but that he can and will be a major contributor from the slot position.

    Our starting three Rice, Tate, Baldwin are still a strong unit. Can’t cry over losing what we never had. If the team can get stronger at some point down the road great.

  9. WiscCory says:

    For those that are die hard Hawk fans, and take time to read posts, this is for you.

    Who am I? I’m a die hard Seahawk fan since 1980. Never lived there, just fell in love with the Hawks when I discovered the NFL – Largent and Zorn were awesome.

    One of my favorite NFL players this decade is Percy Harvin, and couldn’t believe the Hawks got him. Bummer yesterday, however I’m keeping faith he’ll have positive impact to this season. Maybe not 14.5M in impact, however if the Hawks win the SB with him, I’ll retract that.

    Reason for my post is to focus on the good I’m hearing and seeing. Screw the national media, and the SF fans, about the Harvin and PEDs hate.

    What about Carp? I can’t wait to see him mauling over Navarro and Willis in week 2. This is a great story, and huge upside to 2012, for Seattle!!!

    What about Baldwin? Remember when he was #15 and made a huge rookie splash. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he has a RW type work ethic. This dude is here to win and make plays. The sky isn’t falling with PH out for a while, it just means we will now get to see Doug Baldwin stand out. Get ready to buy his jersey bandwagon people.

    Speaking of bandwagon fans. I welcome everyone of you. The more the merrier on this ride. There’s room for more, so tell your friends about how good this team is.

    Legion of Boom. The nation now knows that the Hawks secondary is the best in football today, and will try to push for “best ever” this season.

    Russell Wilson. This is a guy that is a role model, a leader, and a rock solid man! AND…he’s a Seahawk, now and forever. :)

    The Seahawks 2012 liability was consistency on the D-line. Lost to Atlanta because the Falcons ran all over the Hawks. Did anyone notice we added 2 high perfoming (in 2012) pass rushing ends, and drafted 2 huge athletic guys to play in the middle? Also we still have Clemons and Mebane. Liability addressed.

    So, why the long post? Because this is going to be a special season without PH, and just wait until he’s added to this mix in December. It’s called frosting on the cake.

    Seahawks 2013!!

  10. WiscCory says:

    “Could I play wide receiver in the NFL like this?, besides being old, short, fat, clumsy, white, arthritic,and grumpy?, uh no.”

    Good stuff, Sluggo 42.

    Are you Tony Saragusa?

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Thanks WiscCory,

    But you also have to understand that us fans that have been there since 1976 are pre-wired to always be looking for the other shoe to drop.

    We’ve seen too many seasons that started out promising only to blow up.

    2005 was a magical year and though I’m not the X-Files, Tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory kind of guy it just feels like the powers that be crafted a final outcome not necessarily to shaft Seattle but to have that feel good story of “The Bus” riding off into retirement sunset in his home town holding the Lombardi trophy. (Wait that does sound tinfoil hatish).

    I have learned in my 37 years as a Seahawks fan that I should expect the unexpected to go wrong at just the most unopportune time. I have learned to never ‘expect’ anything because something always happens to derail the fun ride. But I have also learned that to be a Seahawk fan is to always cheer for the team no matter what. They could be 16-0 or 0-16 and I am going to be watching each and every second of each and every game.

    Call me the 50 year old cirmudgeon on here. I’ll take the banner and wear it graciously. But if I’ve learned anything in these 3 plus decades of being a Seahawk fan it’s that the light at the end of the tunnel almost always is a train.

    I want to see MY TEAM (yes I’m taking possession) hoist just ONE trophy before I’m too old and senile to enjoy it. So yes, I have 37 years of pent up frustration, disappoinment, just wait til next year, and ‘oh my god…not again’, that is sitting like a 3 ton chip on my fandom shoulder. Once the ‘curse of being a Seahawk fan’ is lifted and they get that 1st trophy I can be as happy and carefree as you younguns.

    Until then, I’m sorry to all of you, but you are just going to have to live with us old timers, and me in particular, always hoping for the best but just ‘knowing’ the worst is coming.

    I’m thinking a 12 step program for Seahawks fans would help!

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be interesting if Harvin can return this season what all our views will be.
    Will it be like- “Great! We need him to get us over the top.”
    Or will it be more like- “Damn! Please don’t activate him this year, we are doing just fine without him and we don’t want to mess with the chemistry.”

    Nothing against Harvin but if I had to pick between the two scenarios I would pick the latter.

    Of course best case would be that we do fine without him and make a smooth adjustment with him if/when he returns.

  13. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    “What about Carp? I can’t wait to see him mauling over Navarro and Willis in week 2″

    LOL!!!! You will never witness that. Has that guy even seen the field? Another example of a Seahawk first round bust!

    And another newsflash: Harvin’s done! Man, I bet everybody in Minnesota thinks you guys are the biggest suckers. First Hutchinson, now Harvin.

  14. chrisj122 says:

    “I’m not the X-Files, Tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory kind of guy”

    Well, I’m that guy and let me tell you there is a conspiracy.
    I call it the Seattle Sports Conspiracy, I have believed it even years before the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. However the highway robbery of the Super Bowl was just conformation of what I already knew.

    I have been convinced since the 93′ Sonic team got screwed in Western Conference Finals.

    Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean there not out to get me!

  15. Two thoughts on Percy Harvin;

    (while I work on channelling Chuck Easton’s happy happy joy joy thing today….)

    1) Two guys coming into this season who are ready to kill it in every way – Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate – were about to be pushed off to the side of the coaches’ focus by Percy Harvin. Finding ways to integrate Harvin into the offense was going to become a major focus. Now that its on hold… I believe we will see Baldwin and Tate SHINE early this season!

    2) Everyone is freaking out about Percy Harvin. I like to be a contrarian, so I’ll just look forward to seeing the team struggle and build character top-to-bottom like they did early last year. Then, late in the season… once Harvin and Clem are healthy… we will invade San Francisco on November 8th and we will blow that thing up.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    Troll alert!

  17. WiscCory says:

    Chuck, I was so upset on Feb 5, 2006. Between the Stevens dumb comments that week, and then his dropped passes in the game. And moreso the penalties called on Seattle that day, and the one not called on Willie Parker’s run to start the second half. Conspiracy? Not sure, but it really felt that way.

    I recall the day vividly. My saving grace was litterally that. My daughter Grace was 6 days old, and I held her that night and she reminded me it was just a game. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be harboring the sting from that day. However, now the memory I hold from that speacial season was 2 weeks earlier, when the Hawks thumped Carolina.

    Anyway, “we’ll” get “ours” someday. I live in the land of Cubs, and the Seahawks are not in that category of perenial doom.

  18. montanamike2 says:

    I’m willing to bet Baldwin and Tate have their best seasons barring injury.

  19. golden gate nate… We will whip your old, tired team with or without Percy Harvin.

  20. chrisj122 says:

    Baldwin is on a contract year with something prove, with Harvin out look for him to take full advantage of the extra touches and make a huge impact this season.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    If we do get Harvin back for the playoffs then other teams won’t know how
    we will use him. I actually like that all the talking heads are now throwing us under the bus faster than Jim Mora. We don’t need the added pressure of being SB favorites or we might not play as hard.

  22. WiscCory says:

    BTW, nice report today by EDW on NFL am.

    One tip, though, Eric…you should clear your thoat WHILE the first question is being asked, not after you start your answer. :) j/k

    Good report.

  23. “I want to see MY TEAM (yes I’m taking possession) hoist just ONE trophy before I’m too old and senile to enjoy it. So yes, I have 37 years of pent up frustration, disappoinment, just wait til next year, and ‘oh my god…not again’, that is sitting like a 3 ton chip on my fandom shoulder. Once the ‘curse of being a Seahawk fan’ is lifted and they get that 1st trophy I can be as happy and carefree as you younguns.”

    I’m with you Chuck E – – – I just always build up that off-season optimism, can’t seem to help it.

    My fan goal now is for my team to get that one SB before my kids are up and out of the house to college. My 12 y.o. is every bit the crazed Hawks fan I am, and has adopted pretty much all of his old man’s biased football opinions. Time is ticking . . . .

  24. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    Oh, I cannot wait to be on this board on 16 September. And I’m going to invite all my buddies, too.

    You guys beat us in Seattle last year, but it won’t happen again. Take a step back, remove your homer glasses, and evaluate these two teams rationally, head-to-head, position-by-position, and you will recognize the 49ers are superior (and that has been borne out on the field time and again).

    QB: Advantage 49ers
    RB: Advantage 49ers
    WR: Advantage 49ers
    TE: Advantage 49ers by a long shot
    O-Line: Advantage 49ers (best in the NFL)
    D-Line: Advantage 49ers
    LB: Advantage 49ers (best in the NFL)
    DB: Advantage Seahawks
    Special Teams: Advantage 49ers (why did Seattle even cut Washington? bone-head move of the off-season)
    Coaching: 49ers

    A logical look at these two teams shows that there is only one area where the Seahawks have the edge over 49ers. Translation: last year’s win was an aberration. Seahawks lose to the 49ers twice this season.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, the Rams and even the Cardinals have gotten better. Mark my words, the Seahawks will go 2-4 in the division this season, at best. Maybe even 1-5. Good luck even making the playoffs.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I would say the same to you, i think the Rams are going to make you #3 in the division.

  26. montanamike2 says:

    This is where all the bandwagon fans jump off.

  27. doubledink says:

    Child, please! No feeding allowed. Trolls do go away when they starve.
    This is about the only place where actual Seahawks football discussion occurs. Let’s preserve it. I haven’t read the comments section in Sando’s blog in years for this reason. It looks like they have corrected that some with Facebook accountability now, so the trolls are looking for another feeding ground. Don’t let them find one here.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    Agreed, trolls are like monkeys at the zoo, do not feed.

  29. Losing Percy Harvin is not like the 49ers losing Crabtree. Kapernick is a one read and throw QB and that read happened to be Crabtree often. He ignored a wide open Moss in the end zone several times in the Super Bowl and the few times he tried to force it to Moss was a disaster. If that first read is covered, he will either force it or more likely take off running. He does nothing to create open receivers.

    Wilson makes use of the entire team. He runs to create open receivers and not to brag about “how fast he is.” He sits in the pocket to create open receivers. If the first read is covered, he will find the second and third and fourth options. No single WR defines Wilson’s success, unlike Kapernick. Kaepernick, however, has an incredible arm, incredible accuracy and great football speed. Wilson can’t match him in any of these areas.

    As far as Harvin, I was always confused when I read he is a “gamebreaker.” The guy’s longest play from scrimamge is around 50 yards. That’s not a gamebreaker.

  30. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    Yes, ignore the troll! Ignore logic and reason! Ignore the fact that your team is inferior to two of its division rivals! Ignorance truly is bliss!

    And when your season falls apart. You will blame the refs again. You will blame an east coast media bias (which, somehow, does not apply to SF and LA?). You will blame some sort of mysterious anti-Seattle conspiracy. You will look everywhere except to the fact that your team is young and lacks talent, depth, and coaching.

    By the way, what’s up with this blog? I keep getting a message that says I am posting too fast. wtf? I guess you guys in Seattle type as slowly as you think.

  31. chrisj122 says:

    Golden Shower Nate – Thank you for enlightening all of us!

    Thank you for profound vast knowledge of the game.
    Thank you for informing us on exactly how the season will play out(now there is no need for me to waste my time watching).
    Thank you for your expertise.

    Now that we all have been enlightened, please throw your feces elsewhere.

    Maybe you can find a shiny object to keep you occupied until Sept. 16.

  32. An honest to goodness troll is kind of a novelty on this board. Most don’t make it all the way over to this blog, though we’re pretty good at arguing amongst ourselves.

    Rivalry talk is fun, and real football talk is fun too, but it’s kind of silly and pointless to suggest that either team stinks, when they’re both pretty clearly top-5 type teams in the league.

    Probably, as is often the case w/two teams like this, the team that stays healthiest over the course of the season, and esp at the end of the year will be the one that goes farther. No way to predict that part.

  33. sluggo42 says:

    Say there golden shower Nate,

    Yes, please do come back after game two, and bring your broken back friends to talk about the beating you just took. I look forward to it.

    You have a good team, so no excuses right? I know, no Crabtree, but no Percy, so that’s even. We won’t have two d-line starters, but that’s ok, the defense won’t be on the field too often cuz TOP will be pretty ugly.

    Caper is really good, but has trouble past the first read, so, he’ll be running a lot. That other QB that ran a lot kinda got snuffed doing that… Ya… Should be a great game…

    See ya in a bit mate…

  34. sluggo42 says:

    Lol Chris, same thought, same time, pretty obvious I guess…

  35. chrisj122 says:

    Pabuwal – I totally agree!

    Last season Crapershit threw to Crabstree 30% of the time.
    Last season Wilson threw to Harvin zero times.

    The only question is, which receiver will Crapershit stare down this season?

  36. Hawks camp is on NFL Network today.

  37. Who are the 9er WR’s this year? Moss & Crabman are gone..
    Who’s next up for the San Jose team?

  38. bbnate420 says:

    Golden Shower Nate, yes, we can’t stand your great logic. Like how your WRs are better when you have a 50 year old Boldin, a mediocre WR coming of an ACL, and a 1st round bust that couldn’t catch ONE pass. LOL. Don’t make my tell your mommy to take your computer away.

    You don’t have to not respond to him. He’ll be banned soon.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    Don’t worry, Sluggo. I will ignore nonsense. Or at least try.

    I will apologize again for taking part in distracting the blog. I should’ve just ignored the nonsense. I’m not apologizing for anything I said in particular or saying that person didn’t deserve it, but I could’ve just ignored it.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    The pro-bowl changes are pretty interesting. I’m ok with them. I’m sure the NFL really likes it since they just created another made for TV event with the pro-bowl draft.

  41. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    golden gate=living proof 9ers fans smoke crack. last i heard the niners were shopping at the unemployment line for receivers. too funny that great D of the 9ers gave up 40+ to the hawks and he acts like the hawks suck. little man put your thumb back in your mouth and go elsewhere.
    hey guys lunch break on the road good stuff today keep it up so i have something to read tonight when i get home.

  42. Golden Gate Nate:
    QB: Advantage SEA
    RB: Advantage SEA
    WR: Advantage SEA
    TE: Advantage SEA (VD is now a slot receiver)
    O-Line: Advantage 49ers (for now, that might change this season)
    D-Line: Advantage 49ers (SEA after week 6)
    LB: Advantage 49ers
    DB: Advantage SEA
    Special Teams: Advantage 49ers (SEA after week 14)
    Coaching: Advantage SEA (SF was sposta beat BAL big in the SB, but got outcoached)

    The teams are closer than your commentary. I half expect STL to outperform SF and place 2nd in the division. <3

  43. SandpointHawk says:

    Another made for TV NFL moment…The Pro Bowl Draft…

  44. Who ever said Kapernick is more accurate than Wilson is just plain wrong, come on did you watch the guy he overthrows a ton of receivers no touch at all, one of his biggest flaws is his accuracy.
    Also who looked like a lost kid at the zoo last Fall when the Whiners came to Seattle, Kapernick. Boo hoo too much noise I’m confused and those guys hit too hard, so save us Refs by throwing flags on legal hits aka Vernon Where am I Davis.
    Once the Refs also start calling the good Smith for Defensive holding the other Smish is lost, watch him he hooks the end and the other Smith twists around for most oh his sacks.

  45. 49ers WR Corps = Worst in NFC West
    Seahawks DBs = Best in NFL

    Nuff said.

  46. doubledink says:

    My dogs better than your dog, my dogs better than yours… blah, blah…
    I think Chuck may be the only one old enough to remember that old Kennel Ration commercial jingle.

    when rational discussion returns, I’ll have an interest.

  47. rramstad says:

    The 49er boards are boring and misinformed, so their fans have to find other places to read about football. Pathetic.

  48. “Rivalry talk is fun, and real football talk is fun too, but it’s kind of silly and pointless to suggest that either team stinks, when they’re both pretty clearly top-5 type teams in the league.”

    Well said, pdway. Truth is, if the Seahawks weren’t good, fans of other teams wouldn’t bother trying to put them down.

    The Kaep vs. RW debate is similar. Both QBs are good, but fans of the Niners feel the need to put RW down and Seahawks fans like to put Kaep down. But if Kaep was a Seahawk, most of us would be saying exactly what the Niners fans are saying — that’s he’s a better QB and let his team to the Super Bowl, whereas their QB is too short.

    I happen to like both QBs, but I like RW more.

  49. *led his team

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I remember that too doubledink.

    And thanks for helping me with a new idea. Commercial jingle song parodies.

  51. Benson Mayowa had three sacks at Idaho? Does anyone know of a pass rusher who had only a few sacks at a small university, but did well in the NFL. Not saying he won’t have an impact, but it’s going to be tough.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Maybe Kaep has a stronger arm, I wouldn’t bet on it, but RW has more than enough arm strength. I think Kaep will be good, but he isn’t what RW is between the ears IMO. That’s why I’d rather have RW. Time will tell.

    BTW, on the live feed RW hit Tate and Harper both with perfectly thrown deep balls down the left sideline. Tate got it past BB and Harper got it before ET could get over there.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    Mayowa is a PS type of guy IMO. Can’t imagine him making the 53 in 2013.

  54. doubledink says:

    Thats not the point. It is the disintegration into an asinine pissing match that is aggravating. I don’t mind input from other fan bases if they have worthwhile discussion about football. But this whole “your team sucks”, “Nuhuh, your team sucks” ad infinitum, ad nauseum that destroys the whole purpose of blogs like this.

    The comments section of late on the ESPN blogs were useless because of this tripe. Back in the beginning of this blog some posters bristled at even Seahawk fans adding opinion/input because they viewed this as a resource to hear from “The Seahawks Insider” himself, not a bunch of fans. I remember some posts from others telling everyone to shut it because they didn’t care what fans think. They wanted to know what Sando thinks.

  55. doubledink says:

    And while I’m at it, some of the garbage I have read on here between our own has been pretty disgusting. If the boot fits, wear it.

  56. RDPoulsbo says:

    Agreed dink. Anyone should be free to offer their opinion, but at the very least, bring your facts to back up that opinion. If you don’t, then it just becomes the crap we’ve seen in previous posts the past couple days.

    There have been a couple times where I’ve held an opinion that most don’t, like Miller is a potential cap casualty next year with Harvin on the team. That one turned into a big argument, but it all stayed above board because everyone backed up their opinions with facts in hand. If a SF fan wants to add to the discussion, fine, but at least have the courtesy of following that simple guideline.

  57. wabubba67 says:

    There are A LOT of easily accessible marijuana dispenseries around the San Franciso area apparently.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not sure what marijuana has to do with a Whiners troll’s opinion. He came here simply to talk spit. That’s why he will be banned. Anyways, marijuana is legal in Washington State, not California. Though California will likely follow suit.

    There has been a lot of animosity here the last week or so. Hmmmmm, I wonder what changed?

  59. bbnate420 says:

    Willie McGinest on the NFL Network said that PC was speaking highly of Jermaine “Chop Chop” Kearse. Said that he brings a lot to ST as well. This is why I think he likely makes the 53. I would think that the 4th and 5th spots are between Harper, Kearse, and Williams right now. They could possibly keep all three. That 4th active WR has to be able to contribute on ST.

  60. doubledink says:

    By the way, Eric Williams & Dave Boling, your occasional input to these discussions have been appreciated. I consider you guys as of those journalists whose opinion is highly regarded.
    So Yanker can now call me a bow-downer. :)

  61. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    OK, I just went back through all my posts to jog my memory on where I said the Seahawks suck. Unfortunately, your moderator must have deleted that post, because it’s gone. Or maybe I never said it.

    Just because I look at the talent and coaching in the division and find it readily apparent that the Seahawks are the third best team, does not mean I think they “suck.” Unfortunately, going 2-4 in the division, at best, plus a bunch of east coast road trips (Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, NY – you may win two of those games) gives you a 9-7 season at best. You might slip into the playoffs as a wildcard, but will not win as easily in SF or GB as you did in DC (of course, that wasn’t exactly easy, was it?).

    I could resort to name calling, which seems to be the norm on this blog, but I’ll hold off for now. Oh, I did refer to you beloved team as “Seachickens,” didn’t I? If that gets me kicked off your blog, that’s pretty lame.

    So, anybody have REAL evidence that your team is better than mine, or are you going to come back at me with more junior high school name calling?

  62. bbnate420 says:

    Golden Shower Nate, you are a troll and started off calling the Hawks the Seachickens and bragging about 20 year old SBs. You are nothing but a troll. That’s why your posts will be removed and you will be banned. Sad that you have nothing better to do. Enjoy it while you can.

  63. rramstad says:

    Nate, it’s not evidence in the strictest term, but if you’d take a moment to tour around the various publications, they have this thing called “power rankings” and in it, they do extensive analysis, and the majority of these professionals believe the Seahawks 2013 will be stronger than the 49ers 2013.

    In other words, it’s not just our opinion, it’s the opinion of many of the pundits. These people are known to be wrong from time to time, but I’d submit that most of them have much deeper knowledge of BOTH teams than either you or I do.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    “LOL! Seachickens get fleeced by Minnesota. . . again! Enjoy being the third best team in the NFC West forever!”

    Read more here:

    There’s your direct quote, troll. First thing you said. BTW, why aren’t you at the Whiners facility trying out for WR. They can use all the help they need.

  65. bbnate420 says:

    *they can get.

  66. seahawksteven777 says:


    If your team is SUPERIOR to the Seahawks, why do you feel such a need to come on here and say so then? Obviously, you feel insecure and see the Seahawks as legit threat to take the division, else you wouldn’t even bother to come on here.

  67. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    “BTW, why aren’t you at the Whiners facility trying out for WR. They can use all the help they need.”

    I think your own WR situation is looking more grim by the day.

    You also seem to put a lot of emphasis on the Crabtree injury, but it won’t affect us as much as you might hope. Remember, Kaepernick did not practice with the first team during training camp or the first several weeks of the season. With a full training camp under his belt, developing relationships with Manningham, Jenkins, and, oh yeah, some guy named Boldin, he’ll be even better than last year.

    I’m also excited to see your precious “shut down corners” deal with Vernon Davis when he splits out wide.

    If you step back and rationally analyze the situation, which I’m beginning to wonder if any of you are capable of doing, you will realize that you under-value a very strong 49er roster and over-value your own.

  68. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    “LOL! Seachickens get fleeced by Minnesota. . . again! Enjoy being the third best team in the NFC West forever!”

    Read more here:

    What about this statement is untrue? You gave up one of the best guard in the league to the Vikings several years ago for nothing, then you trade a bunch of valuable picks for damaged goods (then sign him to a boatload of money). You guys are just snake-bitten when it comes to dealing with Minnesota. Then there’s Sydney Rice, who came from Minnesota and is in no way earning the contract he’s under. How do you think Winfield is going to turn out for you?

    And while the Seahawks have dome nothing to improve (okay, they signed Harvin, so at least they made an effort), the 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals have all taken significant steps forward. There’s nothing to indicate you’ll be any better than third in the division.

  69. RDPoulsbo says:

    More grim? Harvin wasn’t even on the team last year so there’s been zero net change from last year’s WR group. Scratch that. Baldwin, the team’s WR leader in 2011 is healthy this year, so they’re actually stronger than last year now that everyone’s healthy.

    Meanwhile, no Crabtree = a loss of 30% of the Kap’s targets last year. That’s a pretty big hole to fill. Speaking of QBs, Wilson didn’t have many reps last year in TC either, in fact Seattle’s offensive scheme was being rewritten on the fly throughout the regular season last year.

    As for Sherman and Browner, it’s not like they haven’t dealt with big WRs before like Fitz and Megatron.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    You’re really going top bring up Manningham and Jenkins? LOL! Manningham is mediocre at best, assuming he’s even healthy enough to play. His number have declined each of the past couple of years. I’m shaking in my boots over a WR that averaged 10 yards a catch, caught ONE TD, and is coming off of a torn ACL in December. Don’t take my night light.

    Jenkins. LOL. That’s all that really needs to be said. A GIANT 1st round bust. Active for THREE games and couldn’t even catch ONE pass. Shut it, troll.

  71. bbnate420 says:

    *going to

  72. chrisj122 says:

    Funny how Golden Shower Nate has to be reminded of what he posted just a few hours ago.

    Totally typical of a troll to post offensive statements then deny or having little memory of ever posting such things.

    Perhaps if Golden Shower Nate had started with meaningful dialogue and offered a real opinion as to why he thinks his team is better maybe he would have some credibility.

  73. Golden_Gate_Nate says:

    chrisj, yes, please remind me of where I posted that the Seahawks suck, “just a few hours ago.” I have brought opinion and tried to bring meaningful dialogue, and all I get is name-calling and and false accusations in return. Pretty typical of of people with an inferiority complex when they are exposed to the truth: denial, twisting of facts, and name-calling. It is amusing, though, to see what depths you all go to to deny it. This is exactly what I was told I would get if I posted on here.

    As for Wilson vs. Kaepernick, some reps in TC and all the reps all season > no reps in TC or the first several weeks of the season. You are either being naive or in denial if you don’t think Kaepernick will be even better this year than he was last season.

    Jenkins is having a very strong camp. Most football guys will tell you that it takes a receiver a few years to develop in the NFL. How long has it taken Golden Tate? I hope you sleep on Jenkins, because he’ll burn you.

    Manningham is in his second year in a new system with a new QB. How long did it take Sydney Rice to adjust in Seattle? Sleep on him too.

    Think, guys, don’t just regurgitate the propaganda.

  74. “So, anybody have REAL evidence that your team is better than mine, or are you going to come back at me with more junior high school name calling.”

    Best impartial evidence would be the last time these two teams played right?

    “And while the Seahawks have dome nothing to improve (okay, they signed Harvin, so at least they made an effort), the 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals have all taken significant steps forward. There’s nothing to indicate you’ll be any better than third in the division.”

    Now this point makes me take you a bit less seriously as a fan. As our main rival, I follow the Niners off-season moves pretty closely. In addition to Harvin, the Hawks added Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Antoine Winfield (that’s separate and apart from our draft) – – all guys who were in-demand and will see plenty of meaningful field time.

  75. chrisj122 says:

    Golden Shower- What I said was your posts are offensive. Most of your Seahawk bashing has been more directed at us fans, not so much the Seahawks themselves. Obviously your purpose is not to have a meaningful discussion, rather it is to distract and irritate.

    In case you are not aware, this is why you are a troll and an attention whore.
    Why else would a 49er fan come to a Seahawk blog and act out in passive aggressive manner?

    Perhaps you are acting out in hopes of receiving the attention you never got as a child (assuming you are an adult, which I kinda doubt).
    Perhaps your mother never told she loved enough.
    Perhaps you are looking for acceptance from your peers.
    Perhaps you have a secret man crush on Pete Carroll that you have been suppressing for far to long.

    Regardless the reason for your attention whore like behavior, you will not get the attention you desire here. So please, do not act as if you have something insightful to offer. Don’t act as if you are looking for a discussion about football, because you are not. You only seek to Hi-Jack this Blog but you lack the box knife to do so (or in your case the intelligence).

    Now please for the sake of all other 49er fans just stop.
    I didn’t think it was possible for 49er fans look any worse but you have achieved where most others have failed.

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chrisj122- I’m not so sure GSN is a 49er fan. Sounds very similar to a lot of the Acid/Yank and other usernames that have popped up here in the past year or so.
    Perhaps it’s just some disgruntled poster that got his feelings hurt here in the past and is trying to get back at some on the blog.

  77. ruminator1 says:

    Embarrassing reactions.

  78. DanielleMND says:

    Golden_Gate_Nate, you’re the one with the homer glasses if you think your team is superior in every category. Your team barely beat the Seahawks at home last season, then got blasted on the road.

    “As for Wilson vs. Kaepernick, some reps in TC and all the reps all season > no reps in TC or the first several weeks of the season. You are either being naive or in denial if you don’t think Kaepernick will be even better this year than he was last season.”

    You are also either being naive or in denial if you don’t think Wilson will be even better this year than he was last season. I expect both young QBs to be better this season.

  79. raymaines says:

    Hello Danielle, good to see you again.

  80. DanielleMND says:

    I’ve been lurking of late. :)

  81. Top 100 impact player transactions (

    SF (11-4-1)
    added: 51 CB Nnamdi Asomugha, 84 DE Glenn Dorsey,
    lost: 23 S Dashon Goldson

    SEA (11-5)
    added: 1 WR Percy Harvin, 3 DE Cliff Avril, 4 DE Michael Bennett,
    lost: 31 DT/DE Jason Jones

    STL (7-8-1)
    added: 25 T Jake Long, 33 TE Jared Cook
    lost: 26 WR Danny Amendola, 32 RB Steven Jackson, 92 CB Bradley Fletcher

    AZ (5-11)
    added: 73 DE John Abraham, 97 RB Rashard Mendenhall
    lost: 55 CB Greg Toler, 96 SS Adrian Wilson

    QB: SEA 4, SF 4, STL 3, AZ 3
    RB: SEA 5, SF 4, STL 1, AZ 1
    WR/TE: SEA 3, SF 3, STL 2, AZ 3
    OL: SEA 2, SF 4, STL 3, AZ 3
    DL: SEA 4, SF 4, STL 4, AZ 5
    LB: SEA 4, SF 5, STL 3, AZ 2
    DB: SEA 5, SF 2, STL 3, AZ 2
    ST: SEA 4, SF 4, STL 2, AZ 4
    Coach: SEA 4, SF 5, STL 4, AZ 2

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