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Schneider on Harvin’s hip injury: “We’re prepared either way.”

Post by Eric Williams on July 29, 2013 at 12:10 pm with 37 Comments »
July 29, 2013 12:10 pm

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider went on Sirius XM Radio this morning to discuss Percy Harvin’s injury situation with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray, which you can listen to here.

Schneider basically reiterated what Pete Carroll told reporters on Saturday – that team is taking a wait-and-see approach to Harvin’s hip issue.

“He came and he had a little bit of an issue that he discussed with our doctors,” Schneider said. “He has some soreness. He’s going to see a doctor in New York tomorrow. And we’ll have much more information at that point.”

Harvin reportedly has a slightly torn labrum in his hip, and Schneider said the team won’t know a prognosis or recovery time until after the receiver gets a second opinion on the injury, which could ultimately require surgery.

“It’s really a huge, huge spectrum, quite honestly,” Schneider said. “It could be something where he’s out practicing in a week-ish, or it could be something like Coach Carroll is talking about where they do advise surgery. And then depending on how they evaluate the situation, that’s dependent on how much time he would miss.”

So if Harvin is unavailable for a significant period of time, who will pick up the slack?

Jermaine Kearse has had a great camp,” Schneider said. “Doug Baldwin’s had a great camp. Golden (Tate) – there’s a couple of younger guys I’m not going to mention in case other people are listening (laughs) – we listen to all this stuff guys, so we try and track everything. We view Percy where his situation was so unique to us that we were not in the unrestricted free agent market with receivers – anybody else to be honest. So the opportunity to acquire Percy through a trade was the only receiver option we were looking at.

“We like the receivers that we have. And we’d like them to be here for a long time.”

Whether Harvin is not available for a few weeks or an entire season, Schneider indicated the organization is ready to move forward.

“We’re prepared either way,” he said. “We’re going to put our arms around him and help him out as much as we can, whether he’s getting ready to rehab and practice next week, or if he has surgery and we have him back here rehabbing and taking care of him.

“We have a six-year contract, and we’re going to take care of him as well as we possibly can. And he’s a huge part of this team obviously. But it’s about team. It’s not about one player. I understand the significance of what he brings, but there’s also a bunch of other guys out there who are busting their tail right now. And not to diminish what’s going on with Percy right now, but there’s a lot of guys that we’re very excited about.”

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    “We’re going to put our arms around him and help him out as much as we can, whether he’s getting ready to rehab and practice next week…”

    Bet he and Pete aren’t saying that behind closed doors… “Kumbayah” my arse…

  2. This team will endure, even if Harvin is lost for significant amount of time. Too many fans, and just general opinions seem to think Harvin means absolutely everything to this offense, when really that isn’t the case.

    Kearse is actually going to become a damn good WR, IMO; especially if he can correct his problems with drops. Between he, and Baldwin, Golden, Sidney, and some of the new comers I am still seeing a fairly deep stable of WR’s – even without Percy.

    Russell Wilson is who I am banking my money with as far as that one particular player on offense that’s going to push this team to another level. He has already become known as a guy who makes players around him better, so with more understanding of the game and a stronger command on the field it’s really just a matter of time before Wilson simply makes some of these other WR’s look like superstars.

  3. Kearse really wasnt drop-prone last year, he gets that rep because for no known reason, he would drop a pass at UW. His problem was more a lack of polish and understanding of the complexities of his responsibilities than it was drops. He did well in limited time onfield, and worked his way onto the gameday roster and some playing time. He’s got a leg up on the spot right after Baldwin, IMO.

    Plus, he got his eyes fixed, which should help improve his depth perception, and thus reduce drops.

    By all means, let the best guys win, and it will take all preseason Im sure, as we have a really good crop of young, backup WR’s trying for only one or two spots. The Jags, Jets, and KC should all be drooling to get a crack at these guys via waiver wire…Not that they will be instant stars, but if they can show well vs our defense–even in training camp–that speaks loudly as to their potential.

    Stephen Williams has been wowing, by all accounts, and Walters as well. Havent heard a peep about Chris Harper, but as we spent a pick on him he’s got a good chance of sticking even if he struggles. There’s also Brett Swain, who I have seen play well in preseason for the Pack and Whiners. Not to mention Bates and the other guys…

    Wonder who has been doing well that Schneider wont mention–other than Williams?!

  4. Still REALLY want to know who is going to return both kicks and punts :)

  5. Kicks and punts will likely be decided by the third preseason game. Will Blackmon is fast and has experience, Tate has the speed and talent but occasionally screws up running backwards, and there are other guys that could offer the speed necessary, and would love to secure a job that way…its gonna be a wild competition all the way through preseason…It should be fun to watch all the guys try to outdo each other returning kicks…

  6. According to PFF J.Kearse had 3 catches and 3 drops out of 6 catchable passes last season. One of the TC things I’d really like to hear about is how well Kearse is doing in catching the ball with his new eyes(?)

  7. Dukeshire says:

    It’s funny you mention Harper because that was the first guy I thought of when Schneider referred to “couple of younger guys”. I’m really interested in knowing where they’ve been playing him because he seems like a natural slot guy but Carroll said right after the draft they like him outside.

  8. “According to PFF J.Kearse had 3 catches and 3 drops out of 6 catchable passes last season.”

    Yup, sounds like the Kearse I watched. Terrible consistency with catch ratio. 50/50 is not where you want to be – at least not on the kinda routes he was getting looks at. He’d make a great catch here or there, and then Russ would go back to him again and he’d drop it.

    He just needs to develop some consistency and I see a very productive WR in the making. Needs to work on building more chemistry with Russ, but in order to do that Russ needs to trust him. 50/50 catch ratio isn’t going to help build trust, so I really hope Kearse is seeing it now like he never has before so he can play to his potential.

  9. Also, it seems like at the beginning of every season SEA’s KO return blocking is not so good. SEA’s been having lotsa turnover in personnel on STs and it shows some in lower return yardage until after 3-4 games when our blockers appear to start getting to their optimum blocks. We were lucky having LW returning for us or it might have been worse. PH might improve it a little, but if he’s a no-go we don’t appear to have a replacement on staff. Also, there doesn’t appear to be much out in the labor market either. On top of that, the new CBA has reduced practice time and I haven’t heard one word about STs blocking practice…

  10. seatowntp says:

    The perfect KR/PR for the Seahawks would be Earl Thomas as evidenced by…

  11. of course we’ll be OK w/out Harvin, our offense was pretty great the 2nd half of the season, and there’s nothing to suggest RW’s performance will decline.

    but, a player like Harvin is a huge asset to an offense, and when your team’s goal is a championship, then you obviously want all systems running. it’s not chicken little time, but there’s no way to spin this other than as a total bummer.

  12. seatowntp says:

    Okay, so maybe it would be a reach and I certainly wouldn’t want to jeopardize his safety or longevity, but he would be EXCITING!

  13. OCHawkFan says:

    Harper seems like a natural split end to me. He has good speed and the size to beat the press off the line. Could see him at slot too, but se makes more sense to me.

  14. doubledink says:

    That scenario brings back nightmares of Kenny Easly returning punts when he messed up his ankle which led to too many painkillers which led to kidney failure.
    No returns for ET, please.

  15. seatowntp says:

    Doubled, when you put it that way. . .

  16. Duke shire–I’m curious why you think Harper–at 6 feet some and about 230 lbs–is a natural slot wr? I’ve never heard of one that big! To me, he more closely fits a Fl role, at “only” 6 feet but 230 lbs, though he may be fast enough to play SE as well. I thought he was drafted to eventually replace Rice.

  17. Good call with Kearse stats; I didn’t remember him dropping that many. Still, it’s a pretty small sample size to grade from. I hope his eye surgery fixed the drops, cause I like the kid; I think he will make a good FL/Slot WR….

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks klm008 for the Kearse stats.
    And I agree Sekolah, sounds like the Kearse I watched too.

    Funny how Schneider won’t mention a couple young WRs names but says Kearse is having a great camp. What the heck does that mean?

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Go back and watch his UW games for a large sample size.

  20. Georgia–I did watch him at UW, but I admit only here and there. He did drop passes there.

    As for what it means: Kearse is doing well. He’s probably not PS eligible, but the young guys are; Schneider may want to try to sneak one or two onto the PS…

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Maybe he has/or will get better, but as a UW fan DropChop turned my stomach in knots at times.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    seatowntp that was a great highlight of ET.

  23. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    uh guys thurmond could return kicks and punts. he was actually pretty good at it from what i read.

    on kearse, i watch for him and only 1 of the three drops was a blatant drop, one was a miscommunication that he almost recovered from and a pass behind and low.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Replace Rice? I don’t know about that (i.e., never heard nor read that before). I would think due to his size/strength, split-end (where Tate played last season) would be more likely. But watching his highlights (yes, they are only highlights) my impression from his route running (finding soft spots in zones), ability to catch over the middle, and “lack” of straight-line game speed (not 40 time mind you), he appeared to me be a “natural” slot receiver.

  25. freedom_X says:

    Golden Tate will be the punt returner. I believe he was/is a more dynamic punt returner than Leon Washington, but Tate had to learn the business of pass catching 1st and needed to tone down his “always go for the big play” mentality.

    If he consistently makes good return decisions in preseason, he’ll be the punt returner for Seattle, and improve it over last year. Carroll got ticked off at Tate last year for a preseason punt return decision (Carroll thought he should have called for the fair catch, and Tate hurt his ankle if I remember rightly.)

    Tate should be a capable kick returner as well. I don’t know if he has the same 6th gear that Washington had in his prime, but he will probably be pretty good. Getting a prime kick returner isn’t easy, but getting a guy to average 20-22 yards a kick return (which is pretty average) shouldn’t be that hard.

  26. Im just impressed as all hell that Baldwin, young as he is, even knows who the heck Steve Largent is, let alone had the balls to get ahold of him to get text msg tips…cool!

    Thurmond, Blackmon, Tate, Lane, all of those guys and more will likely get a shot at being the kick and/or punt returner.

  27. wabubba67 says:

    Great article, Georgia! The way Wilson prepares and interacts with teammates will ensure his (and the team’s) long term success….in stark contrast to someone, like, oh I don’t know…Colin Kaepernick.

  28. John “we’re prepared for that” Schneider and “ComPete” Carroll.

    How lucky we are to have these guys running our team.

  29. Good article, Georgia. And the article in the Seattle Times the other day about Tarvaris Jackson was impressive too. These guys are both great leaders who get all the respect in the world from their team mates.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I like hearing how hard Jaye Howard improved in the offseason, both with studying and adding 20 pounds of muscle. I wonder who we pick up on the waiver wire for TE.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes Montana, I’m looking forward to watching Howard this year too. And hopefully Scruggs makes off the PUP in time.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    Scruggs was really coming on last year before his injury, if healthy i think we’ve improved greatly on the D-line. I still feel like we were a Chris Clemmons away from being SB champs.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And/or a Dan Quinn away.

  34. Freedom – Totally disagree with you on Tates Punt return ability up to this point – he have been given opportunities and been average at best and had trouble holding onto/catching the ball. VERY underwhelming thus far.

    Now that being said – he has the skill set to be a good returner, lets hope he steps up and is ready to go.

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