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Morning links: All eyes on Golden Tate

Post by Eric Williams on July 27, 2013 at 6:14 am with 31 Comments »
July 27, 2013 6:14 am
Seattle Seahawks head football coach Pete Carroll smiles after watching wide receiver Golden Tate (81) make a catch during NFL football training camp on Thursday, July 25, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks head football coach Pete Carroll smiles after watching wide receiver Golden Tate (81) make a catch during NFL football training camp on Thursday, July 25, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

With the recent news of Percy Harvin’s hip injury, the focus on the field has shifted to what players on the Seattle Seahawks can help fill the void if Harvin is out for a significant period of time.

One of those players is Golden Tate, who our own Dave Boling of The New Tribune profiled this morning. Tate said he’s ready to continue to build on last year’s breakthrough season.

“He has played inside, he has played outside, he can do all of that stuff,” Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said. “There are no restrictions on what Golden can do. He can go down the field, he can go tough through the middle, and make catches through traffic. He is a terrific guy with the ball after the catch. We can do everything with him.”

My story today focuses on defensive end Cliff Avril, who has to step up with Chris Clemons out and Bruce Irvin unavailable for the first four games.

Some Seattle players are making adjustment to the NFL rule that requires players to wear thigh and knee pads this year. The Seahawks have about 12 players who did not wear any legs pads last season, including Sidney Rice, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Chris Clemons. Seattle’s first fully padded practice is scheduled for Tuesday. The Seahawks are scheduled to go with shoulder pads, helmets and shorts today and tomorrow.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today talks with Carroll, who hopes his star receiver Harvin will not require surgery. Carroll is concerned that if Harvin opts for surgery, he will miss the 2013 season. Pelissero also reports that Harvin was cleared by Seattle team doctors, but sought a second opinion after feeling continued discomfort in his hip.

Pelissero, who covered Harvin while working for ESPN 1500 in Minnesota, talks about the mercurial receiver with Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle in this audio link.

More O’Neil: He writes that drama and missed practices are par for the course when dealing with Harvin.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated believes Seattle’s chances of making a Super Bowl will diminish if the team loses Harvin for an extended period of time.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner received a $125,000 signing bonus and $93,756 roster bonus, according to a source that saw his contract. The new money brings Browner’s salary-cap number for 2013 to $773,756.

Clare Farnsworth of focuses on the defense’s dominance in the two-minute drill in his Friday training camp report.

Bod Condotta of The Seattle Times talks with Russell Okung about his experience running with the bulls.

Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated talks with Stanford defensive coordinator Derek Mason about slowing down the read option. The video at the end of the story is worth watching.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I didn’t think Harvin would miss the whole season if he had hip surgery.

    Carroll thinks other wise though-

    “If you have hip surgery, it’s a lot longer than the season,” Carroll told USA TODAY Sports on Friday. “Hip surgery, he’s not going to play for the season.”

  2. Dukeshire says:

    What’s curious to me is that Seattle doctors cleared him to play, but he still wants a second opinion (one that may result in season ending surgery).

  3. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia i did a lot of research online even in football and hockey recovery time is 16 weeks at longest unless it is an extreme tear.
    with the article above saying the hawks doctors cleared him i do not believe this is a severe tear. that being said it sounds like harvin is being cautious. i am also not ruling out that this is harvin being harvin. i don’t think losing him is that big of deal really, they had come together as a potent offense without him. although he adds anoth dimension to the team he was never necessary in my book. not that i wasn’t excited to get him.
    the bright side to clemons starting on the pup and irvin missing 4 games is that is extra time to evaluate some young talent the depth on this tean makes their loss although not ideal easier to handle.

  4. Tate has “played inside, he has played outside… he can go tough through the middle, and make catches through traffic.”

    Hmm… really, Pete? Sounds like he’s talking about Baldwin, not Tate. When did Tate play inside? He couldn’t outcompete Baldwin or Butler at the slot position. He’s never played flanker for us, has he? He runs deep posts and fade routes, or he takes the dump-off pass at the line of scrimmage. And that’s all good. But what is Pete rambling about? Pete’s problem with Tate has always been that Tate could not play well inside and they put him at split end after trying for a year and a half to teach him to play inside.

    The one thing I’m most sure of… every time I’ve ever criticized Tate, he’s proven me wrong by having a big game. I have no problem with that. He is a special playmaker. i just haven’t seen him be a dependable player who ‘can do it all’.

    And I hate to say it, but Harvin’s injury could be a big boost to Tate and Baldwin this year.

  5. I’m not worried too much that Harvin wants a second opinion. Seattle’s doctors are brand new to him, after all. He doesn’t them. If it were me who who showed a labrum tear on an MRI, and my running ability was worth millions, I’d get a second opinion too.

    I really hope the second opinion Harvin gets is something like this: “you’re fine, Percy, suck it up and go play football.”

  6. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    stevos, tate caught a lot of passes crossing or after crossing the middle

    funny thing is after watching the video i see a lot of harvin in the way tate plays, very good at evading takles

  7. sluggo42 says:

    Lol Stevos,
    You just don’t feel the love for Tate do ya?

    I didn’t for two years, but last year he turned me. Dude has his own special set of skills. Obviously not a textbook route runner, but starting to figure out how to get open. But, he catches the rock no matter what, and then he does amazing crazy stuff YAC.

    If Baldwin is back to himself or better, then Harvin won’t be missed. Then coming back for the playoffs healthy possibly would be awesome.

    War hawks

  8. SaigonSun says:

    Harvin was/is totally unnecessary problem to the Seahawks chances to play and win the SB. We can win it all with him or without him. It is a shame that we have to cut someone that would play his heart out, for lot less money and keep this $60 mill “china porcelain doll” . The only positive (or, NOT) is that we got him instead of the Whiners.
    On the other hand, if he doesn’t watch over his own health – who will ? One thing is for sure : he is not in T-Jaks or, Kam mold.

  9. seahawksteven777 says:

    It’s funny that the Seahawks chances of a superbowl diminish with losing Harvin but when the 49ers lose Crabtree, they still have a good chance of making it. The 49ers being big bad and mighty talk really makes me bad because they’re not much better than us, if even that.

    Good luck to the 49ers using Boldin as a number 1 receiver.

  10. Southendzone says:

    Trying to figure out absolute worst case on the Harvin thing. Here goes: Hip surgery this year, lingers late to next offseason and Hawks decide to cut & run before 2014

    His 11M is guaranteed in 2014 for injury only. I don’t know exactly what that means, I think if he’s injured & cut, he gets the 11M. So 2 scenarios:

    1) He gets the 11M for 2014, plus 4x 2.4M of his signing bonus against the cap = a monster 20.6M

    2) He doesn’t get the 11M for 2014, only the 4x 2.4M signing bonus for 9.6M

    Means we could at least clear him off by 2015 if we had to. I don’t consider this outcome likely but seems worth looking at.

    Please feel free to correct me, I am not by any means a salary cap specialist.

  11. bbnate420 says:

    I didn’t realize comPete was a MD.

    Typical recovery time is 10-16 weeks for minor tears. It also depends on if they have to do any bone resurfacing too. I would assume he would be closer to the low end of the spectrum being young and in fantastic shape. Then he would have to get into game shape. I would think they PUP him if he has surgery and drag it out the whole time or close to. That would mean he could play week 13. You never really know until he has it though. Gronk had to have multiple surgeries and got an infection. That’s not likely, but it is a possibility.

    I have zero problem with him getting a second opinion. The team doctors work for the team, not for him. I think you’re kidding yourselves if you think they have Harvin’s best interests as their primary motivation. And it’s not a bad thing to get second opinions. People, even doctors, make mistakes. Just chill until Tuesday or Wednesday.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    I think it’s being a bit of a Captain Obvious to say that the Hawks chances of winning the SB decrease if they lose Harvin. Generally, any teams’ chances of winning the SB decrease if they lose one of their best players. That doesn’t mean they still wouldn’t have a decent shot. I really want to be playing playoff games at home. It’ll be tough for anyone to come here and win in January.

  13. bbnate420 says:

    Southend, That’s a good question about the 11 mil. I know the 9.6 mil left of his signing bonus would count in 2014 if cut. I would assume that the 11 mil wouldn’t count, but I don’t know for sure.

  14. Southendzone says:

    Team doctors are still doctors. They aren’t making up bogus diagnoses in mid-summer to get him on the field.

    Besides that, how is it in the best interest of the team for them to mis-diagnose an issue?

    The only possible ulterior motive I can see is for the team Dr. trying to save face because this issue should have been caught in the pre-trade physical.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    “Besides that, how is it in the best interest of the team for them to mis-diagnose an issue?”

    I’ll tell you exactly how. And they would be mistreating, not necessarily misdiagnosing. There are different treatment paths. If you went to your doctors and had a labral tear diagnosed, I doubt they’d recommend you run full speed into 250 lb men if you were taking a non-surgical approach.

    Playing through joint injuries by taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers will increase your chances of having osteoarthritis later in life. This won’t occur until after Harvin is done making plays for the NFL. They will have gotten what they wanted from him. He’s the one that has to live with the debilitating damage the rest of his life.

    The doctors have at least a implicit or subconscious motivation to try and please the people paying their salary. Call up Kenny Easley and ask him if the team doctors always have the players’ best interests in mind. Have you ever heard of Toradol?

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is why I don’t understand the FO getting rid of Washington so soon.
    Even if Harvin recovers fast from his hip injury would it be wise to possibly over use him with special teams duties too. He didn’t prove last year that he could hold up very well with such a work load.

    losing Washington may hurt us worse then losing Harvin this year.

  17. Too many people are being short-sighted regarding Harvin. Even if he misses the entire season, the trade could end up working in Seattle’s favor, as long as he gets completely healthy and back to his old self. Let’s wait and see. We’re lucky that the WR corps is pretty strong and our starting trio isn’t Jordan Kent, Courtney Taylor and Ben Obomanu.

    I wasn’t crazy about the Harvin trade when it happened, because I thought his contract would make it harder to sign some of the core players down the road. He’s not as important to the team’s success this year as, say, having Carpenter at full strength or having a beast of a DT or DE (whichever of the new guys steps up).

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “He’s the one that has to live with the debilitating damage the rest of his life.”

    Possibly true, however he’s the one making millions of dollars in just a couple years.
    I think all the players know that playing in the NFL is a high risk high reward Career.

    This is why I hate guaranteed contracts. You never know what a player is not disclosing about their injuries or possible injuries.

    20 mil or so is just way too much to pay for a player that may not play a down for us this year.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Carroll tried Tate in tje slot his rookie year, quite a bit. It wasn’t until they placed him at split end that he began to become a contribuitor.

    Regardless, I dont see Seattle’s receivers chamging much with Harvin out, from last aeason. Rice at flanker, Tate at split, and Baldwin in the slot.

  20. SandpointHawk says:
  21. Before the next practice kicks off I thought I would do a little quick write up on QBs considering its always a position that hard not to watch.

    Before I proceed. Understand that i feel like I was pretty honest with Wilson last year in that he wasnt CLEARLY a better pick to start for us as opposed to Flynn. The things that stood out last year was that Wilson always seemed ratchet up his play a few notches when it was game time simulation. And he was ALWAYS involved whether or not it was his turn to take reps. (Taking mental reps). Those two things are apparent still as well as the insane progress he has made just from one year ago. I don’t think I have ever seen a such distinct separation between QB1 and QB2/QB3. It’s so distinct that its almost worrisome.

    Brady Quinn is a 50/50 guy. Sometimes his passes look good but at other times they sail or run wide. He sometimes does well throwing on the move and he sometimes looks like a “giraffe on ice”(a la Holmgren on Hass). He does not have that instinct to move or quick step his way up into the pocket that Wilson has and even Tavaris to an extent.

    Tavaris is also a 50/50 guy. He does well on the move but when just passing from the pocket he seemed to sail it consistantly and made his Recievers constantly climb air to catch a ball especially outside. He still lacks the vision and will to lace it in the middle when he needs to.

    I think Tavaris is better than the last practice showed and would expect him to take QB2 but Brady isn’t far behind TJacks bad practice. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing

  22. Dukeshire says:

    There he is. Welcome back KD

  23. Thanks Duke I did a little more on the last practice 2 threads ago in the one about Browner. Posted it super late.

    Just a little on pass rush, Recievers, and defense overall.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I missed it. I’ll go back and check it out.

  25. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    watching today i noticed carp moving real well. noticed carp and baily standing next to each other those are two very big men. funny thing carp looks ok physically no big guy this year. he did look winded at times thou,makes you wonder what his over all cardo shape is.

  26. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, who else would have to live with Harvin’s debilitating injuries? It’s his body I think.

    Yes, it’s a dangerous game. They know that. He takes the risk of being potentially killed of paralyzed every time he steps on the field. He should know that one study suggested that 90% of NFL players that play at least 3 years are permanently disabled in some respect. His body will undoubtedly be worse off when he gets older due to playing. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to choose how he wants to treat his injuries with a doctor of his choosing. You have that right. I have that right. So does anyone else if they can afford the treatment and find a doctor to do it. It’s easy to tell them what to do sitting from the safety of the armchair.

    The only players that get any significant guaranteed money in the NFL are the ones that have earned it. The majority of players don’t. If you don’t think there should be any contracts that’s your opinion, but then you can’t whine when a player wants to get paid immediately after out performing their contract the prior year. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Fans love to have players like Sherm, RW, Kam, etc. on their team being underpaid for years. Then they whine if someone gets paid and gets injured and doesn’t play well.

    Take RW for example. Let’s say for example that he plays like you think he will the next 2 years. He then signs for 55 mil guaranteed after 2014. He then gets a career ending injury in the playoffs of the 2015 season. So he ends up making approx. 57 mil for his 4 years of elite play for the Hawks. Did the Hawks get what they thought they would when he signed the new contract? No. Did he earn every cent of that 57 mil? Yes.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    *guaranteed contracts

  28. vichawkfan says:

    PC “he will be shelved for the entire season”. Translation: Percy, out doctors cleared you, if you want to take surgery anyways, I won’t have you back all season….you decide.

  29. MattandCindy says:

    vichawkfan- EXACTLY.

  30. LeePHilI says:

    Heck, I’d settle for 2,500-3,000 yards from Beast, Turbo, Wilson, the new kid in lieu of what a receiver contributes. Not only would the yards equate, but the clock runs, thus keeping the big boys off the field.

  31. In ’10 Tate ran 18 of his 138 total WR routes in the slot, was targeted 4 times and made 2 catches. In ’11 Tate ran 126 of his 288 routes in the slot, was targeted 18 times and caught 10, including 1 for a TD. In ’12 Tate ran 52 of his 378 routes in the slot, was targeted 11 times and caught 7, including 1 for a TD.

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