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Morning links: “Tha Monstar” makes his mark

Post by Eric Williams on June 28, 2013 at 8:23 am with 87 Comments »
June 28, 2013 8:23 am
Seattle Seahawks' Jesse Williams runs through a drill during NFL football minicamp Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Jesse Williams runs through a drill during NFL football minicamp Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Rob Rang of spotlights the Seattle Seahawks in CBS Sports’ Finding the Fits series.

Rang points to Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams, selected in the fifth round by Seattle in this year’s draft, as a player that could have a significant impact on Seattle’s defense in the upcoming season.

Rang: “Williams twice underwent knee surgery while at Alabama, the most recent procedure taking place following Alabama’s victory over Notre Dame to win its second consecutive BCS title. Recovery from surgery kept Williams sidelined for much of the combine. And while he performed well at Alabama’s Pro Day, teams obviously remained concerned about his recovery.

Seattle initially pegged Williams as a three-technique defensive tackle. The Seahawks brought in former Miami Dolphin Tony McDaniel to help replace free-agent defection Alan Branch (Buffalo Bills), but Williams, as well as fellow rookie Jordan Hill, could wrestle away the starting role next to nose guard Brandon Mebane.

Since arriving in Seattle, however, Williams hasn’t just impressed at the three-technique position but as a backup to Mebane on the nose and as a five-technique defensive end, as well. This isn’t surprising, considering he played both roles well when called upon by Nick Saban and his staff at Alabama.”

ESPN’s Herm Edwards lists former Seattle defensive coordinator and current Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley among his up-and-coming head coaches in the NFL. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post ranks Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson as No. 2 on his Top 15 list of fantasy football keepers. Fortenbaugh: “This is strictly a value play. Most fantasy owners are halfway drunk by the time they reach the 12th round, so why not hang on to Wilson—who ranked 11th in fantasy scoring at the quarterback position last season—lock up the QB roster spot and spend your sober hours acquiring running backs and wide receivers? With Percy Harvin now in the mix and a full offseason spent in the film room preparing for his sophomore campaign, it’s highly unlikely that Wilson takes a step back this year.”

Huy Nguyen of reports that Wilson is up for an ESPY for Breakthrough Athlete of the Year.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at Seattle’s impressive receiver group.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that a Super Bowl title would help define Pete Carroll’s legacy as an NFL coach.

Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin reportedly was brought in by the Washington State Patrol for a possible DUI investigation, but not cited yesterday. I have not seen the report yet.

Seattle receiver Sidney Rice has has signed on with Wingstop, the 570-unit chicken wing expert restaurant chain, to open five new locations in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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  1. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve mentioned before that Bryant really needs to prove he isn’t overpriced given his injury history. Williams could very well take his place as a much cheaper alternative if he can’t go a full season without injury issues this year.

    Oh boy, was wondering if the wheel of offseason incidents was going to land on the Seahawks number again. 4 weeks until TC opens…

  2. yankinta says:

    Seriously?? DUI for Percy Harvin?? wow,, smh….

  3. Well, it looks like the Hawks may have a Defensive line full of guys who can play multiple positions. Its highly possible that Williams can spell McDaniels at 3-tech, Mebane at NG, AND play LDE backing up Big Red. This should help Mebane and Big Red stay fresher, and may reduce injuries. This could be absolutely AWESOME!

    Jason Hill has looked good too, by all accounts. This years D-line could rapidly become the greatest in Seahawks history. And thats saying something, for those of you too young to remember the eighties and early nineties.

  4. Der, JORDAN Hill…

  5. Glad you caught that STTBM… Senior moment?

  6. sluggo42 says:


    Not cited

  7. rramstad says:

    Right. Not cited = wasn’t over the limit, wasn’t impaired when tested, or other procedural issues, maybe had a high number when tested at the car but a low number when tested at the station. Very possible for a guy to have like two beers, smell like alcohol when pulled over for a license plate cover or window tint issue, blow under the limit at the side of the road, get hauled in to the station for an official test because the cop thinks his car gear isn’t working right, and then he blows under the limit at the station. Something like that probably happened.

  8. Carlsonkid says:

    License plate violation ? What’s that mean ? So either you don’t have a front plate ( or back plate ) or the light above the plate is out , is all I can think of . Apparently the windows are too dark on the vehicle … this sounds like a very bored police officer to me . Then he’s “brought in” ( no road-side circus ? ) & not cited . Hmm ..

    I can see the bad pub now ; “Seahawks Percy Harvin not cited after DUI investigation” posted on PFT on some such site , followed by multiple comments about the ‘Seaderrall Seahawks’ and how we cheat . People really DO get bored this time of year !

  9. bbnate420 says:

    I would guess that Harvin was brought in for a breathalyzer and blew under .08, but who knows for sure. The fact that has wasn’t cited is a good sign obviously.

    300+ pound guys with knee issues are worrisome, but I think they’re likely to at least get a few good years out of Tha Monstar. They’ll need the young D-lineman to step up early with Irvin and Clemons likely both out for the first few games, definitely at least 4 with Irvin. Good chance Clemons misses at least the first 6.

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    He wasn’t pulled over for a DWI he was pulled over for a DWB…

  11. FleaFlicker says:

    Another four weeks of wandering through the desert….until training camp starts.

    Unfortunate that PH apparently was guilty of nothing, other than a minor traffic infraction, yet will still get a bunch of publicity. If this is the worst of the off-season, I’ll take it. Just stay out of trouble, boys. Please.

  12. I’ve forgotten – is a player on the PUP not counted on the 53 until after 6 weeks? Are suspended players counted? Heard Clemons was maybe gonna be available for the start of the season, but Jesse and Jordan shouldn’t have much trouble making the 53, at least early on, even if they only keep 8 on the DL.

  13. Sure hope Cliff Avril is gonna be available early on this season – and can generate some pressure on the QB.

  14. About the PH citation: It’s getting near the end of the month, time to fill their quotas. Watch yourselves driving out there guys…

  15. Where is RadeOn?

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    The plate violation is a favorite of cops to pull people over for other reasons. I’ve been pulled over before because the cop thought the tab on my license plate was too dirty to read even though it was clearly legible. A friend was pulled over at night because the cop said he thought his licence tab was put on upside down. So yeah, it’s just an excuse to check up on people.

    It seems rather strange to be taking someone in, but not charging him. I thought that’s why they had field sobriety tests and breathalizers. Seems to be a real inconvenience on Harvin to have to deal with that.

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I hope we make it through the 4th of July weekend unscathed.

  18. Cops in Western Washington suck, especially Kidnap (opps Kitsap) County. They don’t care about violent or meth/oxy crimes, just making money off DUI’s. I’ve been pulled over numberous times for BS random reasons and once like this where they towed my car cause thaey thought I was high, but then let me go. Who had to pay the towing and impound fee, I did. If I had the money, I would try and F w/the police about this and I hope Percy does. Go Hawks.

  19. bbnate420 says:

    RD, maybe he didn’t have a portable breathalyzer on him? Even if he did and Harvin failed it, or possibly choose to do one at he station instead, he would have to have Harvin do one at the station or a blood test to confirm it.

    klm008, a player does not count against the 53 while on the PUP list. That’s the point of having a PUP list. And they don’t have to go on the 53 or IR at the start of week 7. The team has 3 weeks from the start of week 7 to have the player start practicing and 3 weeks from the day they start practicing to either put them on the 53 or IR. So they would have until the end of week 11/beginning of week 12 to make a decision on him.

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    I get pulled over because they can’t see my tabs under the Seahawk’s License Plate Frame. I have the Washington State style holder, tabs on the top cut out, while Idaho has the tabs on the bottom of the plate. It’s all bull, they just want to know why I’m on the street at 3:00AM and have an opportunity to smell my breath. Because of the color of the tab, they know I’m in compliance. Besides that they have already called my plate in. The funny thing is the Chief of Police advised me where to put the tag so they wouldn’t hassle me. He’s a Hawks fan. Small towns in Idaho get boring for cops in the middle of the night…

  21. sluggo42 says:

    I’m surprised the cop rolled him in after learning who he was, and after passing the first test. Trying to make a name for himself?
    But, a good reminder for the team, 0 tolerance right now.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    Maybe the cop was a transplant from frisco…

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Good lord… Get it together people. Although anytime I read “tint violation” I read that as racial profiling, for good or ill.

    If Williams could turn into Seattle’s Vince Wilfork, scheme notwithstanding, that would be one hell of an interior disruptive element this franchise hasn’t seen in decades.

  24. Last night on the NW cable channel news they said PH was thought to be under the influence of Marijuana. They brought him in to test and he released with no charges. I’m guessing that they don’t yet have those kind of procedures up to speed.

  25. Is it possible that Percy Harvin was not cited because he’s a Seahawk? Perhaps the first cop didn’t recognize him.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    I highly doubt that. Owen Schmitt didn’t get any light treatment and more recently WSP got Josh Portis.

  27. Is anyone else getting Posting to fast messages? It was after 20 min.

  28. Then it let me do that!

  29. sluggo42 says:

    Just hit page refresh when it does that, might take a time or three

  30. bbnate420 says:

    blueshq, just keep refreshing the page until it posts it.

  31. Thanks, guys.

  32. Looks like the DUI investigation was over MJ not Alcohol. That is why it had to be taken to the station and he had to be checked out by an officer specifically trained and qualified to assess MJ intoxication/impairment.

  33. Yeah, that’s even worse then, wow, your black, driving a nice ride, I’m jealous and/or an asshole so I think your high. Opps, I was wrong, your free to go. Total bullsh!t.

  34. bbnate420 says:

    There is NO such thing as someone qualified to assess marijuana intoxication. Field sobriety tests don’t even work to a satisfactory degree for alcohol. IMO it would be harder to determine if someone is stoned than drunk.

    The question would be if they took urine or blood to test for his THC level? The new law that legalizes marijuana in Washington State says that they can charge you with a DUI if you’re found to have more than 1 nanogram of THC in your system. That is nothing. Also, THC has a much longer half life than most other drugs or alcohol. THC can stay in a persons’ system for approx. a month. So, someone could smoke marijuana a week before being pulled over and tested and have more than 1 nanogram of THC in their system for example. Having more than 1 nanogram in your system is no proof of being intoxicated at the time. This part of the law is most likely going to be taken by someone to appeals court and then probably at least the State Supreme Court. It will likely have to be someone with money, like a Harvin, to have the resources to fight it to that level. Unless some organization like the ACLU wants to take up a case.

    Here are a couple of links about field sobriety tests. There are many others.

  35. Great, so now the IRS will probably get me for visiting those websites.

    As a libertarian, I say if my driving is endangering others, than arrest me. Otherwise, why should it matter what I’ve smoked, drunk or eaten?

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like Rangs article on Jesse Williams. Williams was ranked #39 in the CBS draft rankings.

    I also would like to see Rang do a 3 year post draft grading. It’s been three years now since this new regimes first draft.
    I give them an A. What do you think?

    Peter Schrager, (a writer) seems to sum up the attitude toward the Seahawks drafting success-

    “I gave their draft an “F” last year. That same draft netted Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson. I’m done questioning John Schneider. Until he proves us otherwise, he gets an A.” Lol.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- Peter Schrager is really RadeOn.

    Just playing RadeOn.
    I bet those Stealer fans,(where you live) have a little more respect for the Seahawks now.

    Can’t wait until they come to our place in 2015.

  38. Agreed, Duke.

    Williams is different than anybody we’ve had on the Seahawks in a while. Huge upper body, short arms. Maybe a Colin Cole with quicker moves? Its hard for me to see how he could play at 5-tech with those short arms, but he sure looks like he can do damage on the interior line. I won’t second guess Dan Quinn. If anybody can coach the best out of a player like this, its Quinn.

    The scary thing is that 31 teams passed on Williams for several rounds. Why didn’t the Niners draft him to play NT? They needed one. Its because of his knee, I guess. Some teams took him off their board. Will the knee last?

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Same thing could be said about Carpenter Stevos. Only Carpenter has more weight riding on his knee.
    If these two players can overcome this then that will put this team over the top Imo.

  40. this may be in poor taste, but I couldn’t resist.


  41. Of the teams I want the Seahawks to totally stomp, Pittsburg is definately one of them.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I had high hopes last year for Toomer and like other players on this team ,(that are trying to get past injuries) I hope he gets past it.

  43. sluggo42 says:

    Interesting bits about blood testing for marijuana. There are numbers that are present almost immediately, that go quite high, and then drop down after a few hours.

    Setting limits that are realistic as indicators are not as easy to set. There is also the complication of mixing alchohol with marijuana, which theoretically multiplies the effects. Kind of a 1+1=4 sorta thing.

    I think in time, tests will be agreed upon, and limits will be set. But I don’t think they can do that today…

  44. doubledink says:

    “When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road
    Just like the time before and the time before that,
    In Patterson that’s just the way things go,
    If you’re black, you might as well not show
    Up on the street
    ‘les you wanna draw the heat.”

    Bob Dylan, Hurricane

  45. The good thing about the internet…instant news.
    The bad thing about the internet…people who read words, fail to comprehend what they read and comment like they are an expert.

    As far as the cop thing, I was pulled over on my street a couple of years ago. My ex-wife called at around 1am because she had a flat coming home from her mom’s house.

    I went to go meet her to change it and a cop was sitting on end of my street. He pulled me over claiming I was speeding. He said he clocked me doing 35 in a 30. I told him the speed limit on my street is 35 plus it’s 1am and I have a daughter. Her and I bike ride in the street. The last thing I would do is speed down a residential road.

    He ran my license, came back and admitted that he pulled me over to see if I was drunk and making a beer run before the store closed. I was stone cold sober, just flu type sick, hence me staying home and not going to the in-laws land.

    Cops “fish” all the time. Maybe Harvin had a few and was right at the limit. Not hard to do. If you have 2 12oz beers in less than 2 hours and you will blow at the limit if not over. I don’t know any grown person who gets drunk after 2 beers.

    The cop might have done him a favor by driving him around a bit to get his blood limit down?

    I know most of you are PAC10 fans, but I was born, raised and live in SEC country. While I hate Alabama with a passion, Williams is a beast. That guy is a straight up athlete.

    While I hated him in college, I was always in awe of his size, quickness and speed. I’m so glad I finally get to root for this kid.

    It’s finally going to be fun to watch him instead of getting mad at him for making awesome plays.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Honestly, Richard hasn’t surprised me because he’s had this vision since he was a child,” Branton Sherman,( Richards older brother said) in May, after Richard Sherman had addressed an assembly in the gymnasium at Dominguez High. “He would always say he was going to do miraculous things. I would be like, ‘Um, let’s see it.’( Lol ) He would do at least half of it, and half of it would still be amazing. So it doesn’t surprise me.”

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jesse Williams-

    “I stopped checking for the monster under the bed when I realized the monster is me.”

  48. bbnate420 says:

    That was a good link, Sluggo. The problem is that you’d basically have to have a baseline on a person’s normal THC level to try and determine if they were likely intoxicated at the time. Either that or research it until they can come up with the highest THC level a heavy user can still have in their system after 4-5 hours since they last smoked. Then set the limit at that. It’s problematic. Without an accurate test, they would just have to rely on the officers word that they were intoxicated. That’s not enough to convict someone with unless they can’t afford a decent lawyer.

    I’m not going to say it’s a good idea to use marijuana and drive, but it’s nowhere near the same thing as drinking and driving in my experience. Most smokers that I know are so paranoid when they drive high that they probably are driving better than they normally do. It probably does affect your reaction time some though, like if someone walks or pulls out in front of you. There’s a number of other things that significantly negatively affect driving ability that a lot of people don’t consider. Being tired definitely affects driving ability. Distracted driving is a big issue. I can’t stand people that talk on their phone and drive. It’s really dangerous actually. It’s illegal most places now I think, but it’s usually just a ticket. It seems like that approx. 75 % of the time I see someone driving like spit they have a cell phone to their ear.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    gvineq, police literature says that the average 165 pound man will reach .08 after drinking 5-6 drinks in an hour. I don’t know where you got 2 drinks from. Maybe a tiny woman.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    I thought it was less, but I just entered 5 beers in an hour for my 220 lbs of pure muscle, and I would be a .085, so I could drink 4 and be legal. But, I would be hammered…

  51. Per the NWCN article:

    “Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin was pulled over on Interstate 405 today due to license plate and tinted window violations. In the course of the traffic stop, the officer suspected marijuana use, and arrested Harvin for investigation of DUI.

    As first reported by 710 ESPN’s Danny O’Neil, Harvin was transported to a Washington State Patrol station for further tests. A drug-evaluation expert concluded Harvin was not under the influence.”

  52. It’s all just speculation at this point, but here’s my take:

    Harvin probably had his whip customized to Minnesota state specs, so maybe the tint was darker than WA state’s max limit. Can’t really blame a brotha for not knowing that, it’s a pretty common oversight.
    I got pulled over in Cali once for window tint and it wasn’t that dark, and neither am I :)

    As for PH being lifted on MJ, it is legal in our state, but the NFL would still hammer him for it. After all this team has gone through in the past few months, let’s not mess with the sticky icky , William Percival Harvin III. Leave the ganja smoking to the cannabis pros like snoop lion or method man.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    Well, I guess I either remembered incorrectly or they use a different formula now. An average 165 pound male can drink 4 drinks in an hour and be at .073. A fifth in an hour would put him over the limit. I could drink 5-6 in an hour and be under supposedly. After almost getting a DUI, was over on the portable breathalyzer and blew a .061 at the station, and having to shell out a significant amount of money to a lawyer I don’t drive if I’m going to have more than 3 drinks now.

    It’s always better to error on the safe side. That BAC formula is just a rough guide. Many factors play into what your BAC will be. Whether or not you have food in your stomach, size, sex, weight, and body composition.

  54. montanamike2 says:

    I’m so glad it’s not another off season downer, They just busted the third guy in connection with Hernandez, soon they will turn on each other until we get the story straight. 40 million dollars! What an fing fool.

  55. The whole concept of the law has always seemed to be unconstitutional to me. We have no way to know for sure if we are breaking the law or not. It is legal to drink. It is legal to drive unless we’ve had a certain amount to drink but there is NO way to know when we reach that point. So we can’t tell if we’ve broken the law or not. How can that be constitutional?

  56. raymaines says:

    A reminder for those of us who choose to use MJ. Please remember that while the substance may be legal, it’s still illegal to drive while impaired. Additionally, you may work for a company that has higher standards than what the law will allow and your employment depends on being in compliance with company policy. People in “Safety Sensitive” jobs (police, city bus drivers, firemen, heavy equipment operators, etc.) still can’t use the stuff. The new laws are not a free pass.

  57. Ewalters7354 says:

    Boy during the off-season this blog is sure full of crap.No offense to anyone but man can’t wait unil training camp.

  58. sluggo42 says:


    Lol, spot on mate!

  59. SandpointHawk says:

    Russell Wilson on John Clayton’s podcast yesterday…

    JC: “Oh Russell,what big hands you have….”

  60. If you’re sitting in a bar and wondering what you might blow on a breathalyzer in case you should get stopped, there is a little gadget that’s sold to give you a clue. Usta be bars had those toys with curved pairs of bare wires that you tried to weave an electrode through. If you made it you were safe to drive.

    And now, back to football…

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For Best Breakthrough Athlete.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Imagine the best Secondary going against one of the best WR groups in the NFL every day? That’s what we have to look forward to when training camp starts.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not worried, however there are a few concerns that I agree with this writer.

  64. wabubba67 says:

    blueshq–As a US History teacher, I am just curious. What amendments would you argue are being violated to make the DUI laws unconstitutional? (None come to my mind.)

  65. jawpeace says:

    I got pulled over for having a tint cover on my license plate. The officer said tint covers on license plates were illegal. And told me I needed to remove it.What was funny when I got pulled over he sat in his car for a minute, then three cop cars were around me and my RED RX7. He got out and so did several others with their hands on their guns. I was like WHAT????? As I had no clue to why I got pulled over. I was not gong to make any fast moves…. After getting my drivers license and rerunning my license he let me go. I was like what was that all about. And he said that with the tint he misread a number and the vehicle came back a white Honda and thought I had stolen the car and switch plates. I was done with that drama and took off the tinted cover.

  66. bbnate420 says:

    wabubba67, I wouldn’t argue that DUI laws are unconstitutional, but the constitution is very vague on several matters. Then there’s whether or not you believe the constitution gives the government only the power to do things that are explicitly expressed or whether they have the power to do anything that isn’t explicitly forbidden. It was widely believed in the legal community that the government had no right to control what substances people put in their bodies until the Harrison Act of 1914.

    It ultimately comes down to what legislatures choose to pass and how the judiciary chooses to interpret it. As both of these things are made up of people, you never really know for sure how that will go. Once a precedent has been set, it’s harder to push for different interpretations. The way society views or defends our rights changes with time. Just look at 4th amendment rights after 9/11. 1st and 4th amendment rights have been curtailed time and time again during the history of the US during times of war.

    Although I think DUI laws would likely be upheld as constitutional, the fact that the DMV can suspend your license for 3 months simply because you are charged with a DUI and without a judicial disposition is likely unconstitutional. Someone would have to spend the time and money to find out though. No one has thus far.

  67. bbnate420 says:

    EWalt, you know you can always choose to not read the blog until TC, right?

  68. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- Perhaps you could comment or post a link or two about the Bright future of the Seahawks instead of taking the low ,(bitchy road).

    Also Isn’t it about the time Mork & Mindy comes on here to give us our quarterly Seahawk fan bashing. Lol.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dam nate, You beat me to it by one minute. Lol.

  70. Geez Nate – That’s the best response post (one to bubba) I’ve seen on here, football centered or not. I just enjoy reading what you guys come up with. Just wish we had more football stuff goin’ on…

  71. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, we weren’t quite saying the same thing, but point taken. This is certainly the most boring part of the football year.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Boring nate?

    Why do you believe this time of year is boring.
    Remember we are building a team of extraordinary magnitude.

  73. Is there any chance that J.Williams could end up a player like 9ers Justin Smith?

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sure hope so klm008.

  75. montanamike2 says:

    If that happened i think Irvin would displace Aldon Smith as a sack artist.

  76. Reading the article on Russell’s camp in Wisconsin, I saw this comment that we Seahawks fans can relate to:

    “I still think back to the waste of a great talent when Bielema and Chryst refused to turn Wilson loose and throw the ball 40 times a game instead of calling 12 running plays in a row and never letting him throw one entire half. Turned loose Mich. St. and Ohio St. would never have been close enough to win in the last seconds…..but no…we had to pay Barry Style football.

    Read more:

  77. Canfan, thanks for that information. I feel that Badger’s pain (And feel for him for having to be a Badger). I mean, I wasn’t sure what the heck we were doing with Wilson last year during the first quarter of the year. And I still think that we should’ve let him loose a bit more in Miami (although the refs stole that one on that ridiculous call against Thomas). Here’s to hoping that the coaching staff follows what we all see– that RDub can flat out play. I remember some comment about the fact that he always got a check at the line right.

    You know, the more I think about it, this offense has the talent, and RDub has the brains to be running an offense like the Oregon Ducks have in the recent past. I doubt they would ever do it, but I think it would be highly effective.

  78. bbnate420 says:

    A lot of good stuff on this guy’s channel.

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks nate.
    Good stuff to wake up to.

  80. montanamike2 says:

    Yep thanks.

  81. wabubba67 – (O/T) By the way, God Bless You! for teaching the children about the history of this great country! My favorite teacher (get on my way-back machine) was my 8th grade US History teacher, Mr Patterson. He really got into the events of our history. He told us great dramatic stories and re-enacted them at the same time. I’ve never been drawn into the subject matter like that before or since.

    Looking back over my education, I wish I’d had more exposure to the history of the Constitution, like really being educated about the Magna Carta, the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers, etc, rather than them just being something of a footnote. I don’t know how you teachers get through all of the curriculum you’re obliged to cover – all of US History in 9 mns, to maintain your school’s accreditation, plus all that no-child-left-behind stuff and meetings, meetings, meetings, plus doing the school administrators work while they go off politicing, etc.

    Well, just wanted to thank you and encourage you to remember the love of teaching and what it feels like to see the lights come on in your students’ eyes…

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