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Earl Thomas on the air (and in it, as well)

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on June 19, 2013 at 8:10 am with 36 Comments »
June 19, 2013 8:10 am

A little insight for those of you who don’t get the pleasure of standing on the sidelines: Sometimes the drills and team sessions and scrimmages just don’t offer enough opportunities for players to show off their athleticism. Sometimes these guys will just do something on the practice field that makes your jaw drop. Like fly.

During Seahawks minicamp last week, as the different units ran to drills at various parts of the field, the secondary players headed toward a line of 6-foot-tall blocking dummies that the defensive line players use to work on their pass-rush moves. Normal people run around such obstacles. Earl Thomas, Walter Thurmond and Will Blackmon each leaped over a bag. It was such a stunning display of flight, I can’t tell you who got the best clearance or how much of a leap-frog boost they got, but each elevated enough to get their crotch over the top of the bag. It even left other players shaking their heads.

In the case of Thomas, it was a reminder of the play when he drew a dubious penalty for nearly jumping over Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill on a crucial play against the Dolphins. In the case of Thurmond, those skittish about his chronic knee problems, will be happy to know he had a safe landing.

This is a diversion from today’s best links, which include a pair of video interviews of Thomas on with the NFL Network (linked through, in which the two-time Pro Bowl safety showed himself as the understated voice of reason on the so-called Legion of Boom.

The first clip is with LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sharper in which LT contends the Seahawks have overtaken San Francisco as the favorite in the NFC West because the Hawks have added Percy Harvin and the Niners have lost receiver Michael Crabtree (achilles).  Sharper added his belief that quarterback Russell Wilson will “have an even more spectacular sophomore season.” The panel was asked to compare the Seahawks’ secondary to that of Tampa Bay, both LT and Sharper picked Seattle because of its experience together. Earl Thomas was cautious and respectful. “I respect the game a lot and respect what everybody else is doing, but I definitely know we set the tempo,” he said. He expanded on the value of the unit’s sense of brotherhood. Of course … they fly together.

The highlight of the second clip with NFL AM is when Jeff Garcia asks Thomas about the Seattle-San Francisco rivalry. “The 49ers are just like us … run the ball, very physical. When we play them, we know it’s going to be a blue-collar mentality game. We’re definitely looking forward to the matchup.” Please note that he didn’t mention choking anyone. While Thomas engages in a lot of chatter on the field, he’s careful in his interviews.

Clare Farnsworth at has a feature on Korey Toomer, a very gifted athlete still learning the SAM linebacker spot. Toomer, out of Idaho, spent most of last season on the practice squad. Those fans still smarting over the flameout of former linebacker Aaron Curry might have trouble seeing Toomer running around in the No. 59 jersey. Toomer caught the eye of linebackers coach Ken Norton during his pro day workout when he ran a 4.53 40 at 234 pounds and registered a 42-inch vertical leap.

Pro Football Talk checks in with former Seahawks tight end John Carlson, who had a mere eight catches with the Vikings last season after signing a 5-year $25 million contract. PFT also has a story of divisional interest, as the Cardinals’ talented linebacker Daryl Washington is dealing with legal problems.

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  1. I enjoy seeing these profiles on young guys like Korey Toomer. He’s a guy I thought really stood out at idaho and I was surprised he didn’t do more with the Seahawks last season. In camp, he looked lost. But then, so did Malcom Smith his first year. I’m looking forward to seeing the light go on for Toomer. He’s got speed and length we need at OLB.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks for that, Dave. NFL players are such remarkably gifted athletes, that when one (or in this case three of them) do something that make others take note, you know it’s ridiculous.

  3. With Toomer and Veltung, the Tribe From the North is well represented on the Seahawks. Work hard, gentleman. Go Vandals! Go Hawks!

  4. *Gentlemen … obviously, I never finished college.

  5. mindnbrad says:

    Enjoyed the two clips mentioned, but enjoyed this clip even more:

    ET is a total stud…athletically AND otherwise. For the first time in a LONG time, I feel it is a privilege to be a fan of these guys.

  6. Dave Boling–Thats just crazy re; the DB’s jumping over blocking dummies! Especially since Thomas is so short (relatively speaking).

    Toomer I expected to have a rough transition to the Pros. Its a big leap from Idaho to the NFL! But hopefully if he cant make the squad this year out of camp, we can stash him another season on the PS. He’s a likely diamond in the rough, and has the speed and athleticism Seattle craves at LB. Im rooting for him!

    Thomas is smart–it doesnt matter who’s got the most talent on paper, it matters what you do with it. Injuries, poor playcalling/gameplanning, mistakes, mental lapses, etc can all derail a unit in no time at all. Remember Darrel Jackson and Koren Robinson?! They were gonna set the world on fire in Holmy’s system, and should have. But Robinson was a drunk and a lazy ass back then, and they didnt do jack after that one early year of promise. You got to out-work and out-think the opposition even if you are the most talented…

  7. Carlson just doesnt get football. He’s too rigid a thinker–or something.

    I still remember his last healthy season for us; we had no o-line, and I remember screaming at him through the TV (yeah, it helps them!) that the ball was gonna come out early…He never seemed to get that. He ran his routes like a robot, never turning his head till his route was completed, and poor Hass would be going down from the pass rush and zip the ball to Carlson..who wouldnt even turn. I saw Hass actually HIT HIM IN THE HELMET, and Carlson never even turned…and I had told my family not three plays earlier that was what was gonna happen…I swear Hass did it on purpose to get it through his thick head to expect the ball early…

    I also remember how Carlson would get bumped off his route by the defense so easily, and coulndt seem to figure out what to do after that.

    The guy is intelligent, but football stupid beyond belief. And injury prone. So much for the big contract he signed with Minny, the made him reduce his salary bigtime after last year.

  8. PugetHawk says:

    Obviously a Vandal fan…Go BSU!

    Its a good day anytime hall of fame players like LT and Sharper are complimenting the Seahawks.

  9. Carlsonkid says:

    Carlson had a solid rookie season and probably should’ve been a Pro Bowl alternate . After Holmgren left , the emphasis on using a TE to actually CATCH a football instead using him as a 6th offensive lineman left with him ( no one was happier to see Zach Miller have that 100+ yd playoff game than me ) . Our O-line was decimated the following year and run blocking is not Carlson’s forte’ …

    I always thought if he had followed Holmgren to Cleveland his career could’ve been ressurected , and then he’s had the injuries . If he can get healthy again and the coaching staff uses him properly , I think Carlson can still catch 50+ a season .

  10. HawkFromDay1 says:

    When we took Carlson I remember Gil Haskell saying that he was the most well-rounded tight end in the draft – meaning he could pass and block.

    He said something like: the kid from Arizona State is more of an H-back and never really blocked. So we passed on him…

    That kid of course: Zach Miller. Nice one Gil…

  11. HawkFromDay1–Didnt know that about Haskell. Well, to be fair the guy was old even then, and like Holmgren was no longer thinking outside the box; which is a big reason why they both are out of football.

    Funny that Miller is so much better at blocking and reading defenses than Carlson is…

  12. SandpointHawk says:

    Given the chance, Miller is better at catching the ball also…

  13. Since I never miss an opportunity to bag on McGrath, who pisses me off more than Right Wingers, I have to say that every so often he writes a piece that really impresses me. His latest, admonishing Johnny “Football” Manziel and suggesting he walk a mile in Steve Gleasons shoes, is spot-on, IMO.

    I lost a Great-Uncle to Lou Gehrigs disease; its a terrible way to go, and Gleason is to be commended for his grace and perseverance dealing with the ravages of the disorder.

    Manziel needs a big piece of humble pie, for sure.

    Hats off to you, Mr. McGrath, for calling a spade a spade, and for putting the spotlight on something positive while at the same time calling out bad behavior.

  14. sluggo42 says:

    I didn’t know I pissed you off that much Slave….

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seams like everything pissess off STTBM. Perhaps if Thomas had the D-Line that Rob,(a Super Bowl) inson had he would get more ints.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hopefully we won’t have any players during Super Bowl week doing what Robinson did.

    Moffitt can public urinate all he wants down there though. Lol.

    “. On the day before Super Bowl XXXIII, he was awarded the Bart Starr Award from the Christian group Athletes in Action for his “high moral character”. However, that very same night he was arrested for offering an undercover female police officer posing as a prostitute $40 for oral sex.[1] On the eve of the Super Bowl he broke curfew by attempting to pick up a prostitute at 3:00am while his wife was asleep in his hotel room.

    The next day at Super Bowl XXXIII, and without much sleep the night before due to the prostitution incident, Robinson gave up an 80-yard touchdown reception to Broncos receiver Rod Smith, giving the Broncos a 17-3 lead over the Falcons. Later, in the fourth quarter, he missed a tackle on Denver running back Terrell Davis that enabled Davis to break a long run to the Atlanta 10-yard line. The Atlanta Falcons ended up losing the game 34-19, and Robinson was widely denounced by the press and fans for the previous night’s incident.”

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Btw- STTBM- Earl Thomas in just three years has already made All pro, and two Pro Bowls.
    It took Robinson 11 years as a Seahawk to just make two Pro Bowls with a better D-line.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    A right wing rock and roll drummer. That must be a fairly small club. No offense meant.

    Sorry, but I think the McGrath article is more than a bit of a leap. We would all do well to remember how fortunate we are and keep negatives in perspective, but people usually are consumed by their own circumstances and perspective. Especially at 20 years old. Almost undoubtedly when every one around you is lining up to attach their lips to your keister. And I don’t think that the his tweet necessarily was to be taken in a woe is me, isn’t my life tough way. He could’ve just meant that he thought people should look at it from his perspective. I really wouldn’t know without asking him. Ah, to go back to the days where a 20 year old couldn’t share every random thought immediately over the net.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The 35th Seahawks anniversary team needs to be updated.

    Carlson as the top TE is a joke!
    Same with Alexander and strong being 1-2 at RB.
    Trufant? Please!

    After this regime is done this 35th anniversary team will have a complete makeover imo.

  20. “Since I never miss an opportunity to bag on McGrath, who pisses me off more than Right Wingers.”

    I played right wing once upon a time … was known to piss a few people off too. Oh well, different sport.

  21. Speaking of Zach Miller, there’s another potential good thing about him being here with Cable:

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really like the potential of Harper.
    Imagine what he could bring to the run game with his size.
    Remember the game against Oregon where Harper played like a man against boys?

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Why I don’t read most bloggers…

    “Alan Branch, Jason Jones and Red Bryant — the latter who played mostly tackle but can slide inside — all left in free agency….”

    (Red we hardly knew you…)

    from the Rant Sports link above…

  24. montanamike2 says:

    We have depth at positions that players picked in previous drafts can now contribute. Toomer, Howard and even other players are either healthy or finally have caught up to NFL speed, i like some of the developing players and bet there will be a few of them that impress and produce.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    montanamike2- I agree. The development of the younger players is one of the things I look forward to each year.
    It’s like who is going to surprise us next? Sherm is a good example.

    I really can’t wait to see more of Thurmand.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nice catch SandpointHawk.

    I wouldn’t have posted that link if I was aware of the Big Red error. More coffee might help next time.

  27. Rant Sports bloggers are a lot like Bleacher Report, mostly amateurs, some not so good, some real good stuff. You can’t count on it for ‘news’ though. (Our BobbyK does a nice job over there.)

    Jaye Howard has got a chance to become something this year because he is back with his old college coach, Dan Quinn. Quinn advised the Seahawks to draft Howard, and its now on him to make something of the kid. I was watching his highlights from Florida and he’s got some of those movement skills that Jordan Hill and Michael Bennett have. He could earn a spot in the 3-tech DT rotation, but he has competition. Throw in McDaniel and Williams and we now have a lot of talent competing at DT.

    If I were another NFL team looking for depth at D line, O line, or CB, I’d be looking to poach somebody from the Seahawks before the season starts. There will be some talented players released in the final cuts.

  28. sluggo–Ive rarely considered your opinions right-wing, and you rarely piss me off. When you have, its nearly always been off-topic so I left it alone. I have no problem with you, even if you werent joking and consider yourself Right Wing.

    Georgia–Im generally not pissed off when I disagree with commenters here, believe it or not. Im just emphatic in my opinions, and Ive been known to beat horse, dead.

    Robinson was deservedly vilified for what he attempted to do, and it was a major moral and ethical failing, as well as a huge breach of trust for his famly, fans, and teammates. But his entire life should be reviled because he attempted to buy a bj?! Im sorry, I dont agree; the man isnt a multiple offender DV, rapist, murderer or thief. He made a huge mistake and paid dearly for it. Doesnt take away from a 16 year career.

    And you can say he should have had more picks because he had a great D-line, but his D-line and backers werent great his whole 16 years, and teams ran the ball more then, so technically, you could say Thomas has far more opportunities to make big plays yet doesnt match Robinson.

    As for making Pro Bowls and the All Pro, I have several problems with that. First, the Pro Bowl is like the Grammies; crappy acts like the Bee Gees and Phil Collins have more grammies than Led Zeppelin and Dire Straits combined, does that make them better artists?! The Pro Bowl is the same way, its a pile of crap. Especially since they changed the rules and idiot fans can vote 10,000 times for the players they choose and that makes half the vote.

    Using the Pro Bowl and All Pro to compare players is a poor yardstick, IMO.

    I would say you yourself are often far more argumentative than I am. But if I came across as angry, I apologize, it wasnt my intent. Perhaps stress is intruding into my verbiage again.

    Stevos–I agree, outside Bobbyk, RantSports and BleacherReport are pretty terrible, amateurish babble.

    Georgia–Carlson being on Seattle’s 35th Anniversary team is a case in point of looking down the road and rating potential over past performers. Itula Mili is a far better choice for TE for that team. But hopefully Zach Miller blows the competition away and runs away with the top TE spot All-Time for Seattle….

  29. bbnate420 says:

    The All-Pro team isn’t voted on by the fans. And I believe the fan vote constitutes 33.3% of the pro bowl vote, but you are right that it is somewhat of a popularity contest. It still means something though.

    The problem I’d have with what Robinson did if I was a Falcons fan is that he was trying to get that bj at 3 am the night before the SB. I wouldn’t care about the bj part. I’m not his wife.

  30. LeePHilI says:

    When Thomas talked about Marshawn, Wilson and Harvin in the same backfield, I shuddered in anticipation.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Put yourself in my shoes. Living in Atlanta at the time this happened I was bragging to any Falcon fan that would listen to me how great Robinson was with the Seahawks and how he would make a big difference for the Falcons in the Super Bowl.
    He made a big difference alright, (lol) but not the way I expected.
    My friends around Atlanta where blaming me for hyping him up so much that I almost had to go into hiding for awhile.

    BTW- I was joking about you being pissed off. (Coming from a guy who has never had a rant himself.)

  32. Georgia–no worries. Now it makes sense. I was telling all the falcons fans I knew how great Robinson was too, and I was super pissed at him at the time. However, Im in a more forgiving state of mind now.

  33. wabubba67 says:

    I would consider Mili, Mike Tice or even Charle Young before Carlson for the 35th anniversary team.

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