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Seahawks finish minicamp on a competitive note; T-Jack signs

Post by Eric Williams on June 13, 2013 at 6:46 pm with 42 Comments »
June 13, 2013 6:46 pm
Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, center, talks with head coach Pete Carroll, right, as former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn looks on at left, during an NFL football minicamp, Thursday, June 13, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, center, talks with head coach Pete Carroll, right, as former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn looks on at left, during an NFL football minicamp, Thursday, June 13, 2013, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The Seattle Seahawks completed the team’s three-day minicamp with a half-hour scrimmage at the end of today’s workout, with tempers flaring a couple different times toward the end of practice.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll split the 90-man roster in half, but really the final portion of practice was one last opportunity to get a closer look at some of the younger players before sending everyone off for a five-week hiatus.

“The vets can come through here and work, but it has to be on their own,” Carroll said about the NFL rules in place to monitor player workouts. “The young guys will be here for another 10 days or so before they get out. So there’s always a concern, we work so long and then all of a sudden we lose the control aspects of the workouts for five weeks right before it starts.

“On their side of it, they need a little break right now, they need the time away and so we understand. We’ll always be a little concerned about it.”

According to ESPN, the Seahawks also finally signed Tarvaris Jackson.

For his part, quarterback Russell Wilson said he enjoyed finishing the minicamp on a competitive note.

“It’s fun,” Wilson said. “The last 30 minutes of practice was basically a fourth quarter of a game. It’s kind of cool the way we finished. And to be able to play like you’re playing a full game – a full quarter at least – it really keeps your mind in it. And it’s a good way to finish strong.”

Seahawks owner Paul Allen was out on the field watching minicamp this afternoon. He spent time talking with former Seahawks quarterback and assistant coach Jim Zorn, along with Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

“It was good to see the owner out there today,” Carroll said. “Mr. Allen came out and saw us work on the last day and it looked like he was having a good time too. So we ended on a good note, and we’ll come back five weeks from now or so and get cranking.”

Good depth behind Beast Mode

Carroll praised the improved play of reserve running back Robert Turbin. Wilson referred to the Utah State product as a starting-caliber quarterback.

Turbin did not practice the past two days because of a sore foot. However, Carroll indicated that Turbin wanted to go, but the team’s training staff was holding him back.

“There’s nothing that Robert can’t do,” Carroll said. “He can run the ball, he can catch the football, he’s a really good pass protector, and he’s a good special teams player also. We expect a tremendous amount out of Robert. He’ll play regularly and we’ll have no hesitation of putting him in the game in all situations.

This year’s second-round selection Christine Michael also showed a quick burst through the hole and elusiveness out in the open field.

But his next test will see how he runs when the defense can actually tackle him.

Michael did rile up some folks on the defense when he trucked safety Chris Maragos running through the hole in a non-contact team drill. Maragos returned the favor by shoving Michael to the ground on the next play.

Carroll also praised sixth round selection Spencer Ware, saying he’s done a nice job learning both the tailback and fullback position.

“Spencer Ware has made a really good impression,” Carroll said. “He came out here to play two positions and we didn’t know if he could handle that, but he has. He can play fullback and tailback for us at this time.

“Just by the way he’s demonstrated his savvy and instincts, and we know he’s a real tough guy, we think he’s going to be a very good special teams player. We can’t tell that yet, we don’t know because guys are learning, and that doesn’t happen until we put the pads on. We expect Spencer to be a big part of it.”

Carpenter looks slim, should be ready for training camp

Carroll indicated that offensive lineman James Carpenter is recovering nicely from offseason arthroscopic knee surgery, and should be ready to go when training camp opens at the end of July.

“James has a tremendous upside for us and I’m anxious for you guys to see what he’s capable of doing,” Carroll said. “We expect that he’ll make it back for camp so we’ll see what happens. He can give us a special dimension if we can get him back. He should be healthy, and it’s just a matter of us getting him in shape and we’ll be very careful to make sure we don’t rush him along.”

I asked Carroll if Carpenter had lost some weight, because he appears slimmer.

“His lean body mass has shifted some,” Carroll said. “I’m surprised that you noticed that Eric, but he’s still 350 pounds.”

Tight end depth an issue?

Starting tight end Zach Miller watched from the sidelines again today, but he did not have a walking boot on his left foot.

And with reserve tight end Anthony McCoy lost for the season after suffering an Achilles tendon tear during OTAs, Carroll asked if he was concerned about the depth at tight end.

“We’re always looking at all spots,” Carroll said. “We like what we’ve seen. Sean McGrath has made a really obvious elevation. He’s doing a fine job and like I said a couple of days ago, his offseason work has really shown up, he’s really stronger and quicker, he’s done a fine job out here.

Luke Willson has done a really good job. We’re really excited about Luke’s addition. We don’t see anything that Luke can’t do. We haven’t seen him in pads yet to really understand the dynamics of his blocking, but we know he’s willing, he’s got a tough attitude, and he looked great on film in college. So with Luke coming in it’s a nice spot, but we’re always looking.”

McGrath had a couple nice catches during the scrimmage at the end of practice, and has developed a nice rapport with Wilson.

And Willson almost came up with a nice catch on a deep route against Kam Chancellor, but the Virginia Tech product knocked the ball loose at the last second.

Some tidbits

* Defensive end Cliff Avril, returning to action after sitting out OTAs with a foot issue, practiced for about a dozen snaps during team drills, Carroll said.

* Rookie defensive tackles Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams continue to show improvement.

“We played him (Hill) with the first group today all day to see what that looked like,” Carroll said. “Jesse had the same reps yesterday. We have moved them around. Jordan has played nose tackle and three technique and Jesse has played a little bit of everything, he’ll play a little bit of nose tackle when he comes back to camp.

“That versatility helps, both kids are really smart, they get it, and they have really good work ethic. Now we just go out there and start banging on each other to see what happens. We won’t know for really a full month or so into it, but it’s very exciting that those guys have come in and we think they can add a unique dimension for each one of them.”

* Among the young receivers, local product Bryan Walters has made an impression, flashing reliable hands and running polished routes that spring him open on a consistent basis.

* Rookie receiver Chris Harper flashed a couple times today, but he also dropped a couple balls, and allowed cornerback Will Blackmon to beat him for a 50-50 ball near the goal line for an interception.

* J.R. Sweezy and John Moffitt split time at right guard with the first unit offensive line.

* Undrafted rookie free agent defensive tackle Michael Brooks flashed a few times during minicamp, showing good initial quickness.

* Linebacker Korey Toomer had a nice pass deflection on a deep ball intended for Jermaine Kearse. Toomer was one of the most improved players during the offseason.

Notes from practice
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  1. Thanks for the updates, EW!

    I remember leaving last season being concerned about depth at DE, OLB, and 3tech DT. Now they have flooded all these positions with competition. Its going to be a great camp in August!

    And I would be concerned about TE depth, but with the great slot WRs we have, its hard to imagine they’ll get a second TE on the field very often. Only so many balls to go around. This team is well-stocked.

  2. raymaines says:

    Can you imagine having your lean body mass shift a little and being a lean 350 lbs? When my lean body mass shifted, it shifted right out the back door and took a bus for parts unknown and now I’m anything but lean.

    I’m optimistically going to say the left side of the line will be a position of strength this year. That leaves three guys to compete for the starting RG position. Moffitt is a third round pick, JRS might have the most potential, and I don’t know where that leaves PMcQ.

    If things all fall into place properly the Beast could have an epic year. Fingers crossed.

  3. Eric, heard Hugh Millan say on the radio that if the Hawks were to keep 6 receivers now, today, Kearse would be on the team, possibly ahead of Harper, what have you seen or heard, do you feel the same, that he has a shot. I love seein local products do there thang.

  4. “Michael did rile up some folks on the defense when he trucked safety Chris Maragos running through the hole in a non-contact team drill. Maragos returned the favor by shoving Michael to the ground on the next play.”

    LMAO! F***ing awesome. Pads aren’t even on and guys are mixing it up already. I have a feeling things are going to get a little hot this training camp when the pads come on and it’s time to scrimmage.

  5. raymaines says:

    I see on the ESPN/Sandoblog that the 49er’s are working out former Colt receiver Austin Collie in hopes of replacing M.Crabtree. I don’t know if Jermaine Kearse is better or worse than Austin Collie but I know our first four receivers are better.

    I understand this is June and everybody is undefeated and all of our glasses are at least half full, but DAMN! it feels good to be a Seattle fan right now.

    Seriously, Goodell should just put the Lombardi Trophy on a FedEx truck to Seattle right now and cancel the season.

  6. Tru, understand that Hugh Millen is also quite possibly the biggest Husky-homer on the planet, or at least one among them. I would say his analysis of most players in general seems to be slanted one way or another, but like a lot of ex-NFL QB’s (particularly backup’s) he is the man at talking X’s and O’s.

    I like Kearse too, and it’s hard to see a depth chart on this team that does not include him, but the kid needs to develop consistency with those hands of his when it counts. In his short time as a Seahawk I’ve seen him leave a lot of plays on the field that he could have and probably should have made.

  7. I believe he got his eyes fixed so his depth perception is all good now, so maybe his drops will decrease. Also, I know Millan is a homer, that’s why I asked the question.

  8. Can’t wait for the Dawgs to start up this year in there new stadium since we’re talkin about homers.

  9. ray, I think I would opt for Kearse over Collie, honestly. Collie peaked early, but then he suffered some kind of injury (I think), and then he lost Peyton Manning, and it seems to me like he’s not the same player that he used to be. Even during his peak I don’t think he was quite like the player Crabtree seems to have emerged as. Collie’s also been on the market a long time; we’re talking scrapheap here.

    And w/out a doubt it does feel extremely exciting to be a Seahawks fan right now.

  10. bsinnitt says:

    Stevos – thanks for the transcript of the Cable interview on the morning links thread. Cable has become my favorite interview on the Hawks. Very transparent and forthcoming which is unusual for an NFL coach. I love the attitude that he’s transferred to our O-line. Hard nosed, line it up and pound ‘em.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    Trublue is right, Kearse did get his eyes fixed for depth perception.
    Boy, getting more depth at RB sure got Turbin to step it up a notch!
    We could have 3 starters at RB! I’m really excited about the new DT’s as well. This can now be by far the best Hawks team i’ve ever seen.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    And we could still pick up a player or two after the cuts.

  13. bsinnitt says:

    Glad to see Zorn hanging around the team. His presence is always benificial to the QBs.

  14. Wish Zorn could have something to do with the team, either front office or coaching. Kinda interesting expression in the photo, PC laughing and PA kinda smiling and what would you call what JZ was doing?

  15. klm, I think we’re on the same wavelength. Those same thoughts and feelings came to me when I saw that photograph as well.

  16. The article says Zorn is an assistant coach. When did that happen? Is it QB coach?

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Glad to hear that about Carp. Maybe that will end some of the nonsense on here.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    PHX, it says that Zorn is a FORMER assistant coach.

  19. bsinnitt – you’re welcome, man. I’ve become a big Tom Cable fan too. That’s why I took the time to transcribe. Cable a big part of the best coaching staff the Seahawks have had in years. Pete knew exactly what he was doing when he invited Cable in to be Asst HC. His attitude leads the way, in my opinion.

  20. SideWalkHawk says:

    Stevos – Yeah, how about Cable beating every expectation as far as coming to town under the circumstances he did? The talk was that Cable was possibly the best O line coach out there, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking the guy must be a dirt bag because of the stories surrounding his Oakland departure.

    My bad Mr. Cable. Nothing but respect for that man. Wow, he’s a window into what the old school coaches must have been like…

  21. Southendzone says:

    Eric: Every so often after camp/practice there will be some twitter banter between Baldwin and the DBs (sherm or ET), what does it look like it when they go at it on the training field? Can you see some extra intensity between them?

  22. montanamike2 says:

    Brandon Carswell tears ACL, sad sad news for the whiners.

  23. montanamike2 says:

    Austin Collie is not that good and injury prone, I bet Kam could eat him alive.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    SideWalkHawk- That’s the way I was thinking about Cable when he arrived.
    My bad too.

    klm- Perhaps Zorn was thinking- “I wish I had an owner back in Washington like Allen.”

    nate- always good to hear good things concerning Carp. Hopefully ,( now after three years of hope and hype) Carp will do something to help this teams O-line take it to the next level.

    BTW- A tornado came within two miles of my house again yesterday evening. Sobered me up fast! I got lucky again.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Oh, and I put my money on Harper over Kearse. Just wait tell the pads come on. Harper is a beast.

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia it kinda gets your attention huh?

  27. bigmike34 says:

    Just for a change of Pace….I would like to see our sports writers stop Promoting Russell Wilson (for just a little while) and give us a full and honest evaluation of how he did in mini-camp…..

    1) We have the best defensive Backfield in the NFL….How did he honestly do against those guys?.

    2) With the defense playing in shorts….The defensive line does not need to drop down to Rush….That means Russell had to throw over them ….How did he do with that?…Was he able to find receivers without much trouble?.

    3) In shorts I don’t think they allow the QB to take off and run
    A big handicap for Russell….How did he handle it?

    4) The Radio guys are saying that Sherman did not allow a SINGLE PASS to be completed against him….in all 3 days of the mini-camp….

    5) The Radio guys are saying that Russell did not complete a Single long pass during the whole Mini-Camp…

    So really, Honestly with all of the above HOW DID RUSSELL DO…..I know we all like to be his Cheerleaders but I would hope that the Sports press can and Will give us an honest evaluation…

    P.S. And I would also like to know about the other QBs as well and not just Russell ….It sounds like Quinn was horrible from the little bit I could Gather…

  28. CDHawkFan says:

    Guessing T Jackson signed in part to get back with Bevell Another year in the system and a one year deal will allow him to possibly move on/have a shot as a starting QB role when Bevell gets a Head Coaching gig.

    Seems like the Hawks jumped on the chance, so I think that tells you what they think about Quinn. They must of not felt too bad about T Jackson’s words after he was traded last year or how he will fit in with RW or the locker room.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma- Sure does.

    Not so much as probably in Oklahoma where you get the EF-4s & 5s. I can only imagine experiencing something like that.

  30. GeorgiaHawk (& hawkfaninoklahoma) my neice & her husband (Seahawks fan) in Kansas have been complaining about some of those humongous dust devils too.

  31. I’m not so sure I’d want to put my money on Kearse or Harper. Each one fits the mold of something the team would like to add. They would like a tall fast split end to run the post. They would like a big power-forward type split end as a possession receiver and blocker.

    But Kearse? We saw him last year and he wasn’t even the best young plit end who failed to make last year’s team. And Harper? I think Harper’s chances are a pipe dream. Guys like him look great in the summer time, but come preseason it should become plain that guys like him don’t have the quicks to separate from NFL cornerbacks. We can’t waste pass attempts on a guy who will always have a CB draped all over him.

    If I were to put my money on someone, its probably someone off the radar at the moment. But give me a guy like Charly Martin, a tough guy with quicks who can separate from defenders and go get the ball.

  32. another good read to put along side Eric’s OTA review..
    Danny O’Neil’s 3 Things We Learned, 3 Things We Are Still Trying to Figure Out:

  33. montanamike2 says:

    We have lots of cuts to do, but unlike the past these guys will get scooped up by teams. We have so many outstanding WR’s and we are a running team. Plus Pete or John will scoop up a player or two with “unique qualities” once other teams make their cuts, these guys spot talent where no one else does. I worry when the players get so much off time, here’s hoping to escape this period with no more incidents.

  34. SideWalkHawk says:

    “There is no position that has changed more since coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider took over, and no position on the roster that is better stocked at this point.” – Danny Oneal on our DBs

    Man it is remarkable how good corners can boost the whole squad. Even in 2007 our DBs seemed more like a liability than an asset. I have to give you guys props on your posts about resigning Richard Sherman.

    Duke, I agree resigning Sherman is a must. But as RDPaulsbo said, I can’t see the hawks paying market value for him. Love the commitment by the group to stay together. Hope it becomes reality.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Didn’t Harper run a sub 4.5? Imo there is more to getting separation than being a burner.
    Boldin has similar size to Harper ,( and looks to be much slower ) however look what he did last year in the playoffs.

    And look at the success that Brandon Marshall had against the Seahawks last year.
    I think the FO saw some of that in Harper.

  36. That photo is a good reminder…we need to get Paul Allen his well-deserved trophy.

  37. “And Harper? I think Harper’s chances are a pipe dream. Guys like him look great in the summer time, but come preseason it should become plain that guys like him don’t have the quicks to separate from NFL cornerbacks. We can’t waste pass attempts on a guy who will always have a CB draped all over him.”

    KNEE-JERK-ALERT!! Wow. Harper hasn’t even played a single snap in the preseason and you’re already condemning him? He’s a rookie, going against the best secondary in the NFL at these practices. It’s probably a little unfair to be judging him based on anything you’re reading about during OTA’s or mini-camp.

  38. Kearse was on the team last year. He has decent size, good speed, and good ball skills. He had a couple of drops, but hopefully that was due to his depth perception. Oh yeah, he’s a beast in special teams as well.

  39. RichardBentley says:

    As I was a Raiders fan for many years until Al went nuts and dumped Cable (plus Jamarcus and many other stupidities), I followed the incident concerning Cable. The DA investigated and exonerated Cable, but the press crucified him. The Raider board is about 75% conspiracy theorists, and they went along with the crucifiction. So Pete hired him, knowing how good an offensive line coach he was, and giving him the assistant head coach because he saw how Cable gave the Raiders their first non-losing season in many years (and they would have been in the playoffs had not Janikowsi missed a 25-yard chip shot at the end of the game with the Cardinals). Meantime our poor victim Hansen has been arrested for assaulting and injuring a guy with a beer bottle. Hansen is a weasel and what goes around comes around.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RichardBentley- Well said.

  41. hawkfaninoklahoma – just saw family facebook photos from moore oklahoma. nothin funny there – really sad/bad. How do we start a donation thing for the people there (hope you’re not one)?

  42. CamanoIslandJQ says:

    “”Carroll praised the improved play of reserve running back Robert Turbin. Wilson referred to the Utah State product as a starting-caliber quarterback.””

    Wilson has called Turbin a starting caliber QUARTERBACK? Since when? Why whould the Hawks pick up T-jack if Turbin is a starting caliber QB?
    Edit much?

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