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Morning links: McDaniel draws comparisons to “Too Tall” Jones

Post by Eric Williams on June 13, 2013 at 7:06 am with 33 Comments »
June 13, 2013 7:13 am
Seattle Seahawks' Tony McDaniel runs through tackling dummies during NFL football minicamp Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Seattle Seahawks’ Tony McDaniel runs through tackling dummies during NFL football minicamp Tuesday, June 11, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

In my story today, at 6-7 and a little over 300 pounds, defensive lineman Tony McDaniel has been a disruptive force for the Seattle Seahawks at minicamp this week, batting down several passes during team drills.

The 28-year-old has been penciled in as a replacement for the departed Alan Branch in free agency, but will receive competition for that job with rookie Jesse Williams.

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn likes McDaniel’s lunch-pail work ethic, and compares his unusual length as a defensive lineman to another NFL giant, former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

“I asked him, ‘Do you know who Too Tall Jones is?’ And he was like, ‘Nah’ ” Quinn said. “These guys are so young that they don’t remember some of the older guys.

“But that’s a blue-collar guy right there. He doesn’t have a lot to say, but he comes to work. He’s got his hard hat and he’s ready to do it.”

McDaniel also has a fondness for red velvet cake, saying he has one waiting for him when he returns home to South Carolina once Seattle’s offseason training program concludes Thursday.

“When I was younger, I hated red velvet cakes,” he said. “I think it was because of the color, it turned me off because it was red and I thought it wouldn’t taste good. But I maybe started eating them my junior year in college at one of my coach’s house, and after that I’ve been addicted to it.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes that Tarvaris Jackson has earned the right to fight for a job with the Seahawks. The former Seattle quarterback is expected to re-sign with the team today, competing with Brady Quinn for the backup quarterback job.

Clare Farnsworth of details the versatility Seattle has on the defensive line, with several players able to play two and three positions.

More Farnsworth: Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have stood out in practice this week.

A Seattle player is expected to be announced this evening when the NFL Network continues its Top 100 players of 2013 by announcing No. 21-30. So far, five Seahawks have appeared on the list, including Richard Sherman (50), Russell Wilson (51), Earl Thomas (66), Percy Harvin (90) and Max Unger (95).

ESPN’s Mike Sando has the details on Rams defensive end Chris Long taunts 49ers fans via Twitter, saying San Francisco hasn’t beaten them in 528 days.

Of course, the 49ers-Rams beef started when former St. Louis defensive back Craig Dahl, now with San Francisco, disclosed that the Niners were tipping when they would run or pass against the Rams, giving Jeff Fisher’s team an advantage.

Derek Stephens has a nice breakdown of several players after watching Tuesday’s practice during minicamp this week over at Field Gulls.

Curtis Crabtree writing for the Associated Press writes that veteran cornerback Antoine Winfield is chasing dreams of a Super Bowl ring with Seattle.

Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle had an interesting conversation with Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable on Wednesday, which you can check out here. Cable calls running back Marshawn Lynch football brilliant.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post ranks Russell Wilson at No. 6 of his Top 15 fantasy football quarterbacks.

It appears that Matt Flynn and the rest of the Oakland quarterbacks are struggling during offseason work, with one longtime Raiders beat reporter having this to say about the group’s performance: “”In 19 years covering the NFL, today’s showing by Matt Flynn, Tyler Wilson, Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin rates as one of the worst in memory.”

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  1. Love Red Velvet cake – someone take him to cheesecake factory and buy him the red velvet there! then buy stock in cheesecake factory!

    I felt Branch was decent last year – how nice would it be if McDaniel AND Williams are at that level or better this season

  2. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Bummer about Matt Flynn. Kind of pulling for the guy. But at least he got paid.

    Love that they brought back Tavaris – he earned this opportunity. He was stuck behind a very young and banged up O-line. I have to believe he’s a little better than what we saw.

    BTW – if you are sleeping on the Rams, wake up. They’ll be pretty good.

    By far the best division in football – with the Cardinals bringing up the rear. They’ll get better as soon as they get a QB with two working legs.

  3. Flynn kind of blows. Tjack is way better. :-) Let it fly boys (and girls)!


  4. SlickToxic21 says:

    I’ve gotta say that as a fan for 34 years now…..there has never been this level of promise and excitement. It sounds like our starters and their back-ups are going to be superstars….I’m drinking the kool-aid….but it’s never tasted so good!!

  5. PugetHawk says:

    Now I am craving red velvet cake…

    I like reading the Rams fans go back and forth with the Whiner fans on the ESPN article with Chris Long. Hilarious.

  6. I love seeing McDaniel wearing #99. If he can be close to what Branch was while Williams and Hill grow up for a few games, the interior line won’t miss a beat.

  7. And I like that Russell Wilson has to deal with 6’7″ McDaniel swatting down passes in practice. That’s good for Russell to work against.

  8. I remember Too Tall. Nice to hear some positive reports about Tony McDaniel.

    I am definitely drinking the kool aid and loving the Seahawks. I do worry that the schedule looks tough and St. Louis and Arizona are improving. We had a tough time beating St. Louis last year. On the other hand I think the 49ers are getting worse with losing Crabtree (injury), Walker and Goldson.

    Its going to be a heart breaker if we don’t at least get to the NFC championship game.

  9. Originally I had the Hawks going 10-6. 7-1 at home, 3-5 on the road. After watching NFL channel last night, I think the Colts were pretty lucky. I now have us the same at home, 4-4 on the road, 11-5 overall.

    Home Loss:
    Not sure (Niners or Saints)

    Away Losses:
    San Francisco
    St. Louis (MNF)

    Should be good enough for a playoff spot, possible NFC West crown and home game. What does everyone else think?


  10. yankinta says:

    joreb, I hope you’re wrong cuz 49ers have easier schedule than us. 11-5 won’t win us the division without a tie breaker going to us…..

    Yes, Colts were very lucky. I say this over and over again. Andrew Luck is AVERAGE, at best. They has top 4 easiest Schedule last year, and a ton of Lucky Wins. This year, they have an easier schedule than last year + a lot of upgrades (Free agents additions + Draft Picks).

    If Luck was any good, they should win the same or more than they did last year. But I Highly doubt it.

  11. Tom Cable, interviewed by Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil on Wednesday 12 June:

    Q: What is the biggest area of improvement?

    Cable: “I think we are building the right group of people to have it last. McQuistan and Giacomini are the oldest in the group. Within that, the attitude about how to run the ball and win in this league are in place.”

    Q: John Schneider pointed to a game in which you were on the other sidelines, when the Raiders beat the heck out of the Seahawks on the line of scrimmage. What is the biggest difference in this team since then?

    Cable: “We can get you down and beat on you now. We have depth at running back, with Turbin starting to show his thing. And we have stability at quarterback and the skill positions, and I think that’s the biggest difference.”

    Q: We talk about how much this game has changed. On the perimeter, this game may be called differently, hitting the quarterback is different, but in the trenches this game is the same as its ever been.

    Cable: “Totally correct. That’s the essence of football. If that ever changes, the game will change entirely, and it will become a spread-it-around, see how many touches we can get game like basketball. Ultimately, you win by stopping the other team up front and allowing your guys on the perimeter to make magic.”

    Q: Marshawn has been so good the past two seasons, people forget that when Marshawn Lynch came here he was kind of at the end at Buffalo, and it took him a little time to get going here in Seattle. What’s the change you’ve seen in Marshawn?

    Cable: “Communication between he and I. Sherm does a phenomenal job coaching him. I think first was to find out what it important to him. From there, he has no idea, but he was made for this system. Once I was able to show him how this will help him, because on who he is and how he does things, he just grabbed on to it. He’s such a brilliant guy, people probably don’t appreciate that about him He is, in a lot of ways, an expert at football. He understands how to run it, why, what do I need to do, how to set up combinations, protections, doesn’t miss a route, all those things. So, what people didn’t know is that Marshawn is really brilliant, so don’t just make him a running back, make it a little more human, and he saw that, he said ‘ok, what do I need to do?’

    Q: Why is he made for this system?

    Cable: “He is willing to. There are a lot of great runners in this league, and a lot of them say ‘this is how I got here, this is how I do it”, and that’s true, you’re here, but to be a pro and to be great, can you evolve and grow? I think Marshawn has absolutely jumped on that thought and wants to take it higher than its ever been done here. To me that’s it; its willingness.

  12. and the rest…

    Q: Between you are Coach Bevell, what does communication look like on an average Sunday on the field?

    Cable: “My role in that is to be ahead and to adjust; to have the answers. I think I try to train the group I coach to be able to handle it out there and not always have to come to the sideline, I train their brain as much as their body, so they can come back to the huddle and say ‘hey, how did you block that? okay I got that’. My focus can be on the game, helping Darrell and helping Coach and having answers when questions come up.

    Q: You’re Assistant Head Coach/Offense, and Darrell Bevell is Offensive Coordinator. How do all these chefs in the kitchen work? How has all that sorted itself out?

    Cable: “We’re both egoless. I don’t care who calls it or who says it or who gets the credit. All I care about is winning, and helping Pete get a championship, and winning the NFC West. All I want to do is succeed, and whatever I need to do I’ll do it.”

    Q: Pittsbugh Coach Mike Tomlin was quoted as saying the read option is the ‘flavor of the year’. You’ve had your hand in this since way back in Atlanta with Michael Vick. How have you seen that concept become more a part of what teams do?

    Cable: “There’s a couple things there. Back in 2006, we just tricked everybody because they weren’t ready for it. You could just put three guys around Michael Vick back then and they couldn’t tackle him. But you need that quarterback who has that ability, and that isn’t this league. Then, college football started developing these guys, and they said hey we can trick people now and then and we can score 50 points a game, and so the offense has grown. That’s the evolution of it really.”

    “I’ve heard Mike and others talk about defending it. Whoever is going to do it, you better have the answers. All we’ve hear all spring is every defensive coach in the NFL is saying ‘I’m going to go to Texas A&M, I’m going to go to Oregon and figure this thing out’. Hey, its football. Its no different than getting in the I and running the lead play. Its a different way of doing it. Our biggest goal is we didn’t want to get passive. We wanted to keep out mentality and keep hammering it.”

    Q: What about the quarterback contact? In the NFL, there’s 32 teams and only a few are lucky enough to have a franchise guy.

    Cable: “That’s huge. There’s a couple styles. If you look at Washington or Carolina, the quarterback is part of it. He’s going to keep it and run down in the briar patch and he’s gonna get whacked. We are not going to do that. Our guy is going to be like an old option quarterback – hash number, sideline, slide. You see danger, get down. We’re not going to run him up in there. In my opinion, some people might not like to hear this, but I think that’s foolish. There are 32 of them, and we are fortunate enough to have a franchise guy. Those are special dudes, so take care of him. So that’s what we’ll do.”

    Q: Last year, we saw a significant difference between the first half of the season and second half and what Russell was asked to do. When he won the job, was there a little part in the back of your head that said ‘oh, its going to be fun to get him involved in some of that read option.”

    Cable: Yeah, but in all truthfulness, there was a period there, like the first month of September, when Russell was playing quarterback, JR was playing guard, so who were going to be the receivers, who was going to be the back tight end, and holy cow, man, we had to grow up quickly here and get through this. And we did. We all did. And then those thoughts started to come forward and we said ‘look what we can do with this thing’.”

  13. Thanks Stevos!

  14. hawkfan777 says:

    Yes, nice job Stevos!!

  15. hawkfan777 says:

    Man, I am so excited for this season to start. It sucks that I am in Dallas and cant go to all of the home games but I will still try to go to a couple. I am also going to go to St Louis, Houston and Atlanta because they are all close to me. I may even go to the Colts game too.

    It will be fun to see the away games this year, I usually dont get to go to too many away games.

  16. sluggo42 says:

    Good Stevos
    Lol at ungers too high shorts
    Too tall will turn into too fat with all that cake

  17. “It appears that Matt Flynn and the rest of the Oakland quarterbacks are struggling …”

    John Schneider is on the phone right now, asking if the Raiders want Tarvaris Jackson for a 7th round pick.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Nice quotes Stevos, the one about Marshawn is awesome!

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    Didn’t Red Bryant also love him some red velvet cake, until he was tuned onto sushi?

  20. Flynn should come around unless Oakland does like they regularly have done in the past and try to fit a square peg in a round hole. You need to play to your personnel’s strengths in this league. Never thought he was a world beater, but could be an adequate NFL starter if you give him time and some decent targets to throw to. Not sure he has this set up in Oaktown this year, but I wish him the best. Just hope they don’t try to force that Al Davis sort of stubborn system on him and ruin his confidence.

  21. Wow. Someone is predicting our record for the upcoming season in June.

  22. Yeah, 13-3. BANG. Go Hawks

  23. SlickToxic21 says:

    I would say barring any MAJOR injury issues, that we’re looking at a minimum 12 win season….and as high as 15! Obviously a few things could go wrong…but damn there’s not a weakness in any area.
    Hope Zach is able to stay healthy…not sure anyone’s ready to step up into the role he fills.

  24. yankinta says:

    SlickToxic21, I like how you think but we do have a few weakness or unproven areas. Our Run D late last year for example. Hopefully Red will stay healthy the entire year this year….

  25. SaigonSun says:

    Thanks Stevos

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    8-0 at home. 3-5 on the road losses to 9ers, rams and giants.

    texans- hawks shut down run schab is average can’t help but throw 3 picks.

    falcons- hawks don’t start slow D gives up 21 O scores 44. once wilson got going they had no answers for him.

    saints- really that D is horrible 50+

    vikes- harvin has monster day

    colts- luck has worst day as a pro.

    the rest are all winnable,could they lose one or two? yes and they could also win all three i put as losses. they also could win out and be the first team to go undefeated,(not likely but possible if things fall right).
    more than likely 2-4 losses is probable with 5 losses being a disappointment. I think most free agents came here thinking they are going to win a super bowl.

    in the end 13-3 or 12-4 wins division and home field throughout.

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    mocarob, we did it in may last

  28. You guys are thinking too small-

    19-0 Baby!!!!

  29. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    pabs i said that, just not that enthusiastically.

  30. thursday says:

    Wow that poll on ESPN’s front page right now, referencing Harbarf’s comments and asking which team will be better this year. It’s 68% to 32% in favor of the Whiners and if you look at the map, only Washington, Oregon and Montana think this. Everyone hates us lol.

  31. raymaines says:

    In my day dream for the season the ‘Hawks win out at home and in the division. They win the season opener in CAR., beat Luck in Indi. and before it’s all wrapped up they beat both Mannings in New York. That adds up to a 14-2 regular season with losses at Atlanta, and Houston. Then beat the 49er’s and Atlanta in the playoffs on the way to meeting Denver in the SB.

  32. juliusvrooder says:

    Anybody but Denver. We were the wait staff at the Jerome Bettis retirement party, and I am not interested in bussing Peytons table as well

  33. The last part of that interview with Cable was also pretty interesting, or how do you get rookie OLers’ attention?

    Brock: Last minute here coach Cable, what have you learned about your kids, that you’re working day to day and I see you getting your hands on, your rookie offensive linemen?

    Cable: I think that they went through or are going through the natural transition in the NFL, they’re terrified. I think they are handling things well mentally but they’re afraid to kinda put it out there, you know. And they either will or they won’t. If they do they can make the team, if not then we’ll cut them and we’ll have to wait till next year and get some new guys. I think what I’m seeing is that they’re very capable and a couple of them got me really excited, and we’ll see where it goes…

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