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Tarvaris Jackson expected to sign with Hawks on Thursday

Post by Eric Williams on June 12, 2013 at 1:10 pm with 23 Comments »
June 12, 2013 1:10 pm

First reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter this morning, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson confirmed via twitter that he’s headed to Seattle to sign with his former team on Thursday.

Jackson’s expected signing has not been confirmed by the Seahawks. But if true, the seven-year pro certainly bolsters the depth at quarterback, providing someone very familiar with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s version of the West Coast offense.

Jackson’s arrival also will make for an interesting competition for the backup quarterback job behind Russell Wilson, with Brady Quinn not exactly setting the world on fire with his play so far during Seattle’s offseason program.

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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    So if they hadn’t brought in Flynn (which cost $4 million in 2012) and kept Jackson, they wouldn’t have had the 7th this year from the Bills or the 5th and 7th from Oakland. We also wouldn’t have had much to talk about on the blog.

    T Jack cap hit in 2012 would have been more than Flynn’s, so 3 picks and a little cap savings, not bad JS.

  2. yankinta says:

    No Matter What, We cannot afford to carry 3 QB on the Roster. Gotta be Quinn or Jackson. Not both!!! let the competition begin.

  3. rramstad says:

    In an odd way, this might all work out for the best.

    I have to say that I question T-Jack’s judgement on the field. I’ve seen him make some horrific basic rookie mistakes, like run out of bounds 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage, instead of throwing the ball away. That said, I do appreciate his grit, and he did get fairly good results considering the “o-line” he was playing behind (yes, those are quotes because it wasn’t really much of an offensive line).

    At the end of the day, he thought he was starter material, the Seahawks didn’t agree, he left, we got a pick, we went through some other evaluations and players, as it turns out other teams in the league don’t think T-Jack is a starter either, and he comes back… hopefully fully mentally prepared to be a quality backup.

    At this point if the Seahawks sign him, it’s clear that they released him because they thought he was #2 at best, and if he’s willing to come back as the #2, then they’re cool with that. Makes sense to me.

  4. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I think this is great news.

    In Tavaris we have a back up QB who has already shown that he can win 50% of the time with the team we had two years ago.

    Which means it’s arguable that now could still expect to win 50% of the time now in the (seemingly disastrous) event of a Russell Wilson injury.

    I think that anyone who is unbiased would take that in a backup QB.

    And it’s a player who is already thoroughly familiar with Bevell’s offense, the team’s overall philosophy and way of doing business, and almost all of our skill position and receiving personnel.

    Add to all of that: TJ is mobile ad athletic enough to run the very occasional read option play, though if he is the last man on the depth chart at QB, then the read option probably isn’t something PC / Bevell / Cable are risking anyway since a second QB injury to Tavaris would mean a certain end to the season and any playoff hopes.

  5. If QB #2 goes down, Real Rob comes in! Or Bam Bam!

  6. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    If QB #2 is even playing(presumably Tavaris now), I’m pretty sure we’re going to see an awful lot of Marshawn Lynch and Turbin running against 8 in the box. With Zach Miller and Sean McGrath (also presumably) staying in to block more often as well.

    Meaning it’s a bit like 2011 and the first half of 2012 all over again.

    I think this would also mean that Baldwin and Percy Harvin see the most targets in the passing game. With Rice and Tate frequently used to draw the corners and free safety away from the play.

    Let’s hope (pray) we never have to see just what this scenario would mean actually mean though.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Why can’t Seattle “afford” to keep 3 QBs on the roster?

  8. This is great news… I hoped at the beginning of the season we could off load Flynn and his contract to the bills for some picks and TJack… This is the same result just from a more circuitous route.

    Tavaris represents our best case scenario at this moment that we could get from a QB2. He’s familiar with the system, players, and team philosophy. He has already garnered the respect and familiarity of the players.

    What the team needs in our QB2 is someone who can assist in the development of our current progressing QB1. I don’t know how much TJack can add in terms of film study and skill development but at least we know that Tavaris will not be a distraction or hindrance. By all accounts Tavaris has never been questioned when it came to his work ethic or professionalism.

    What we have in our back up is someone who we are also familiar with. We know what we have with Tavaris. We know his strengths and we know his weaknesses. We can game play around what we know and tweak what we need to to squeeze the most that we can from Tavaris’ play if needed.

    Great move.

  9. SideWalkHawk says:

    Why do folks think Tjack is that much better of an option than Quinn?

  10. boycie99 says:

    So the Niners have terminated Cam Morrah’s contract.
    Surely we have a look at him with McCoy on IR and to get some inside info !!

  11. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    side walk, have you ever watched quinn play?

  12. TJack in this capacity is great. No need for a 3rd QB on the roster with that move, and threason is simple: we need an extra spot to keep either an extra RB, CB,or WR this year. We are in an unfortunate position that cutting any of those 3 positions would be painful because they won’t make it past the waiver wire to our practice squad.

  13. Sorry about the typo “the reason.” And I did want to add, I think we could possibly see a trade out of the CB or WR groups as Eric mentioned sometime in he recent past. Clearly, I think Quinn is out barring injuries to TJack and Russel. For those questining the move, check Sando’s entry on the ESPN NFC-West blog. TJack’ numbers blow away Quinn.

  14. LBCHawk…well put regarding why we won’t keep 3 QB’s. Definitely going to be tough cutting players that may in fact start on some teams around the league. It sucks but not bad to have this type of problem.

  15. Agreed we are in a postition right now to explore some trade options for some players…especially CB that we could trade for future picks.

  16. DanielleMND says:

    T-Jack’s career numbers: 59.4% completion, 77.8 QB rating, 38 TDs to 35 INTs.

    Brady Quinn’s career numbers: 53.8% completion, 64.4 QB rating, 12 TDs to 17 INTs.

  17. sluggo42 says:

    Don’t forget guys, Quinn’s numbers were gained on a horrific team with a coach that jerked him around. TJack had Adrian Peterson, Sydney rice, Percy harvin, and a good o-line.

    I haven’t really seen Quinn play, but I know he has a lot of reasons for lousy numbers.

    I’m not saying Quinn is better, but lets see how it unfolds in camp. Hopefully he steps it up and if not with this team to use, then he deserves his lot…

  18. The jury’s still out on who’ll perform better. Let’s not skip to the executioner part prematurely.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not necessarily suggesting they keep 3 QBs, however, in 2011 when they did have 3 on the roster, they kept 4 RBs, 5 WR, and 11 DBs. Last season with just two QBs on the roster, they kept the same numbers, 4 RBs, 5 WR, and 11 DBs. Keeping 2 or 3 QBs on the roster isn’t likely to change that.

  20. Hehah, hawkfaninOK. I was going to ask SideWalkHawk the same thing. What I’ve seen out of Quinn was pretty freakin’ bad. KC had a rough go of it last year, but they were not devoid of talent. The Browns always have it rough, but he sure didn’t help things out. They called him Captain checkdown in KC, which might not be bad on this offense if he was good at doing so.

    With TJack, more the just the familiarity, at least we know he’s a warrior. Speaking for myself and it seems a lot of the team, they gained a heap of respect for the way he battled and battled through injury both. With his toughness, I would feel plenty comfortable carrying two QB’s. Welcome back TJack!

    Our rookie WR Harper has also played some QB, not sure who else besides Mike Rob.

  21. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, we cannot afford to have a 3rd QB on the roster because we’re in the process of building a Dynasty. We have many young players that we’d like to keep and develop. As of now we have 5 RB’s and 6 CBs that we really like to keep. Look at what happened when we had to let Bennett go…

    3 QB is a luxury that a team like Seattle cannot afford to have on roster if we want to be good for the next 5 plus years.

  22. sluggo42 says:

    I think your right yanker,

    Too many awesome players on the bubble, need to keep that last guy…

  23. madpunter88 says:

    rramstad: that criticism of Tarvaris Jackson running out of bounds rather than throwing the ball away has been voiced many times. But it has also been discussed that he was doing the right thing in many of those situations by holding onto the ball. Many of those were designed QB runs with the guard or tackle ahead of the QB blocking. Once a lineman crosses the line of scrimmage it would be a penalty to throw the ball. Many QBs would throw in that situation and get flagged for an OL illegally downfield.

    The mistake is in calling designed runs with an O-Line that can’t block and a QB unable to get to the outside. But that is a different story.

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