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Bills cut ex-Hawks QB Tarvaris Jackson

Post by Eric Williams on June 10, 2013 at 5:14 pm with 58 Comments »
June 10, 2013 5:14 pm
Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson throws to Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice at the start of practice at the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011.
Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson throws to Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice at the start of practice at the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011.

One of the reasons Tarvaris Jackson signed with the Buffalo Bills during the offseason is he believed that he was given assurances from the team’s former general manager, Buddy Nix, that he would have a legitimate shot at earning the starting quarterback job.

But then Buffalo signed Kevin Kolb in free agency and drafted E.J. Manual in the first round, and the writing was on the wall for Jackson.

The Bills announced that Jackson had been released today. Jackson gets to keep a $500,000 signing bonus for his troubles.

With backup quarterback Brady Quinn still learning Seattle’s offense, Jackson would be a good fit for the Seahawks. However, Jackson did not leave the Seahawks on good terms last year, after the team traded him to Buffalo for a seventh round pick.

Jackson believes he did not get a fair shot to keep his starting job in the three-man competition with Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson. And it’s hard to argue that point, with Jackson not getting any snaps during exhibition play because Pete Carroll believed he already had seen enough from Jackson during training camp and the 2011 season to make his evaluation.

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  1. bbnate420 says:

    Mark me down as someone that would like them to resign TJack, as long as he can accept that he’s coming here to be the #2.

    Someone call BobbyK’s wife and tell her to keep him away from all razors and open windows.

  2. I’d like to see Jackson as the backup here and end this Brady Quinn scare.

  3. DanielleMND says:

    T-Jack is better than Quinn, that’s for sure.

  4. Yep, I am good with flipping Jackson for Quinn too.

  5. sluggo42 says:

    Count me into the Quinn camp… Until I see him melt down on this team, I’m wanting to see what he can do with a good team. TJack has already proven to me to lose rational thought under duress…
    I just haven’t seen enough of Quinn..

  6. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think that they have to release Quinn simply because they sign TJack, not yet anyways. Neither will have any guaranteed money until they are on the roster week 1. Let them battle it out for the backup spot. I have more faith in TJack than Quinn, but I certainly wouldn’t bet anything important on it. Release whichever one loses the battle for the backup spot.

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    When you sign 2nd highest profile QB in FA and draft another fairly high, T-Jax should have known his days were numbered and asked for his release before June. He probably has similar delusions of starting…perhaps AZ or the Jets could use another QB.

    His says are done in Seattle. Let him go…the offense is a shell of what it was at this point last year. I don’t like Quinn as the backup, but T-Jax offers nothing as well.

  8. sluggo42 says:

    I guess my question is, why has he been released so soon from Buff? Is his contract too big, or is he sucking?

  9. T-Jack had plenty of opportunities to win the starting job here. A whole season in fact. His issue is one that has plagued him his whole NFL career. He can’t pull the trigger quick enough. He holds the ball WAY too long. He could be a servicible backup but he needs to come to that realization first.

  10. I’ll be in the Pro-Quinn bunker. More interested in seeing Jerod Johnson get some snaps in for that backup spot.

    At least some other team (the Pats) signed someone who I won’t name, so we don’t have to fret over the possibility of said person coming here.

  11. freedom_X says:

    If Tarvaris Jackson was interested in returning, it would be something to think about. But according to Eric, Jackson was unhappy at not “getting a fair shot” at the job, and presumably isn’t interested in coming back. So there’s no match here even if Quinn flops – Jackson has to want to return.

    I suppose, by Jackson’s standards, Buffalo treated him fairly since they got rid of him as soon as they determined he had no chance of winning the starting job.

  12. chrisj122 says:

    I say bring in T-jack and let him and Quinn battle it out for the #2 spot.

    Our favorite word “compete”!

  13. While the competition wasnt fair and square–Flynn got hosed, and its obvious Carrol and Schneider wanted Wilson to win the job–T-Jack has only himself to blame. He closed out the previous season healthy and playing worse than when he was injured, and he failed in every single opportunity to lead a scoring drive in the fourth quarter.

    Then, the nail on the coffin was his pathetic performance in the first team scrimmage, where he was something like 2-12 with several passes in the dirt. That wont cut it for the incumbent starter to play that poorly in a scrimmage.

    Im sure the tilted competition was weighing heavily on his mind, and was partially to blame for his terrible performance, but when the competition got fierce, he wilted.

    I dont see Seattle bringing him back to backup Wilson, mostly because I dont see T-Jack being happy backing up Wilson and helping make Wilson better. I dont think Carrol and Schneider will risk his attitude becoming an issue, especially since their were players who supported him, and players who supported Flynn…they will not risk a divided locker room just to have Jackson as a backup.

    Which is too bad. He’s loads better than Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn is simply awful; but he’s willing to sit behind Wilson and do what he can to help Wilson get better and better, and thats why he’s gonna keep his job. Personally, I cant wait till we can find a younger guy to groom as a backup, and I would love to see our third stringer beat out Quinn ASAP.

  14. I hope Jackson catches on somewhere. He’s better than a lot of the backups in the league and shouldnt be done in the NFL, even if he isnt starter material.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “This blog was like a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,”
    “BobbyK was talkin’ ’bout Jackson, even when his fire went out.”
    “Will we sign Jackson? Will Jackson come around?”
    “Will we sign Jackson?”
    “Look out Jackson town.”

    “If you want to debate Jackson; go ahead and wreck your health.”
    “Go debate with Pabs or nate and make a big fool of yourself,”
    “Will we sign Jackson? Or will we go else where?.”
    “Will we sign Jackson?”
    “See if I care.”

    Johnny Cash.

  16. Hmm, I had wanted Tjack back as a backup but if he “didn’t leave on good terms” with Coach Carroll, then never mind. We don’t need sour grapes in our locker room. Also, I think Brady Quinn has a great attitude and work ethic.

    I always though TJack would do well as a QB on an Andy Reid team. Maybe KC takes a look at him? In any case, going back to a job where you didn’t succeed is not usually a good career move.

  17. your song references are getting more obscure all the time, Georgia. lol. cheers!

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You’re saying Wilson didn’t win the competition? And Flynn got hosed? Can you find me one GM in the NFL that agrees with you and was willing to give up a high pick for the QB that you say got hosed?

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure which is more odd: that Stevo thinks “Jackson” is an obscure song reference, or that Georgia had to tell us what the inspiration was.

    Also, I cannot imagine a team in the league that would sign Jackson with the intention he’d be a starter. And as much as I admire how tough he was while here, I do not want to see him back. This organization has moved on.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I really liked Sluggos last song. He’s better than I am. Time to retire and hand it over to Sluggo.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chad Johnson gets 30 days for slapping the back side of his lawyer,( Chuck has anyone ever slapped your back side in court?)

    Tebow gets picked up by the patriots.

    Pacman gets arrested again.

    And Jackson gets released by the Bills.

    What a day in the NFL!

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Interesting how some teams with the most coaches are some of the worst teams, and some teams with the least coaches are some of the better teams.

  23. rramstad says:

    There’s no way T-Jack comes back to Seattle. I think the wonder twins have already evaluated and moved on.

  24. Meanwhile, Charlie “Clipboard Jesus” Whitehurst still has a job.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I don’t really know what you mean by inspiration? I’m in post happy hour mode so I’m drinking, I mean thinking that you mean putting Johnny Cash name at the end of the song.

    I was asked by a blogger here recently, ( that didn’t follow music much) to add the artist to the song that I post. That’s why I have been doing it of late.

    If you meant something else, my bad.

  26. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Canfan, you cannot help but be in awe of how poised Whitehurst is, he controls and protects that clipboard. He has it mastered like no other.

    If there is no guaranteed money on the table for Quinn or T-Jax then bring him back, since he has a better grasp on the offense than Quinn , and has more of a rapport with receivers.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ashley Fox’s articles are some of the worst I have ever read. I wonder how many times Sandos has rolled his eyes working with her.

  28. Georgia–the competition was rigged, or at least tilted, in Wilson’s favor. It worked out fine for us fans, but I think it’s plain Flynn wasn’t given as much of an opportunity, nor graded on the same scale. And Tjack was never in the picture, but as I said its his own fault. Don’t go making this into a big deal all over again…

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- The competition was not rigged at all, Wilson won it hands down in the pre season games, and he showed an incredible work ethic all throughout training camp.
    BTW- making it into a big deal is saying that the competition was rigged or tilted.
    Again can you name a GM that agrees with you and was willing to give up a high round pick for your rigged or tilted QB?

    If Flynn was as good or better than Wilson don’t you think we would have been offered multiple high picks for him?

    It didn’t happen for a reason STTBM.

  30. FairbanksDoug says:

    There was no rigging in last years QB competition. Each QB had to be evaluated. One of those three most of his abilities were known, what was unknown was what he added since the last time they saw him on the gridiron. It would have been a complete waste of time, time for that was in short supply as it is to spend anymore time evaluating beyond Jackson that. Once they knew that the good Lord had not looked down in last years off season from heaven above and endowed Jackson with football brain it was time to move on from him. I am sure that evaluation took a short amount of time.

  31. FairbanksDoug says:

    Gawd I hate looking back over all those errors, apparently the good Lord passed on giving me a grammatically correct brain, sorry about that.

  32. sluggo42 says:

    Thanks Georgia, but the song verses belong to you. I would be proud to throw one out ever now and then if it works. But you are the master…

    You are the Russell Wilson, and I am the Brady Quinn… Lol

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol sluggo42.

    I’m just an old fart with a weird song parody addiction.

    It started very young. You see I had two older sisters growing up that pretty much forced me to listen to all there girl music. The Monkeys, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, ect…

    My way to get back at them was to change the lyrics to there songs. It worked very well, too well in fact that I continued to change lyrics of songs throughout my life.
    In other words I took it a little to far, so now it’s pretty much more of an impulse than a thought process.

    Sad I know. Lol.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:


  35. raymaines says:

    Concerning the 12th Man Rising article about the ‘Hawks needing more coaches: I think it’s funny how most articles that try to be funny aren’t really very funny at all. Humour is pretty hard to do and sarcasm is almost impossible. Probably better left undone.

    Last year’s QB competition rigged? Nah. TJack is what he is, Flynn got hurt and RW flourished. Case closed.

    GH: Thank you.

    Stevos: I take it you’re not much of a country music fan.

    F-Doug: You aren’t the only one who ever wished for an EDIT button.

  36. “the competition was rigged”

    If it was rigged, it was rigged by whoever gave Russell Wilson his incredible determination and work ethic. Flynn and Jackson didn’t stand a chance against a more talented, more driven rival.

  37. RW’s ’12 NFL Rating was 100.0
    Quinn played for KC in ’12, had an NFL Rating of 60.1
    TJax last played for SEA in ’11, NFL Rating was 79.2

    The biggest hole SEA has right now is the backup QB. If anything happened to RW, Quinn’s muscle-memory would likely be to throw the ball within 1.5 seconds of the snap, regardless if anyone was open. TJax is not that bad yet. If TJax is fuming over not getting an ‘equal opportunity’ to unseat RW, then all the better. I hope PC/JS do swap Quinn for TJax. TJax would at least try to push RW for the starting QB spot. Competition, plus TJax knows Bevell’s WCO. Quinn comes from a Charlie Weiss type of offense, which is what he’s played in since college (except Mangini’s in CLE.)

  38. for Georgia, assuming he’s still upright…

    They said get back, TJack
    Better get back to the woods
    Well you quit these ways and your Seahawk days
    And, oh oh oh oh oh,
    the change is gonna do you good

    You better get back, Tjack
    Playin in Seattle isn’t where it’s at
    It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
    It’s like trying to drink whisky from a bottle of wine

    Well I read the news about Buffalo
    The city TJack went after Wilson laid him low
    And all the folks back home said TJack was a fool
    Now that Wilson is laying down the golden rule

    They said stay away Tjack, you gotta depart
    Living in Seattle just gonna break your heart
    How can you come back, when your heart said no
    How can you stay when your feet say go

    They said get back, TJack
    Better get back to the woods
    Well you quit these ways and your Seahawk days
    And, oh oh oh oh oh,
    the change is gonna do you good

    (do I gotta say the song?)

  39. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was rigged, but I think that any tie or close to was going to go to RW. I believe JS/PC thought that RW had the much higher upside and wanted to roll with him if he proved to them that he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by starting from day one. I completely agree with this reasoning. Seems to have worked out anyways.

    I hardly think that TJack is a good QB, but he is a good backup IMO. I have more faith in him than Quinn to come in and not lose a couple of games if need be. Do I want him having to drive the team down the field for a 4th quarter win? No, but I wouldn’t want to see Quinn in that situation either. I hope that Quinn isn’t as bad as he’s shown over the last couple of years. Hopefully, being with a good team finally will help him to not press.

    If TJack isn’t willing to come here and be a good backup, then it’s a no go. I think he’s in for a disappointment if he thinks anyone’s going to sign him with a decent chance of being the starter, especially in June. Maybe he waits for a team to have a QB injury? I’d still like the Hawks to pick up Dixon or Foles once they’re released by the Eagles. Although they would likely still have to keep Quinn/TJack for awhile since Foles/Dixon wouldn’t have had any time to learn the offense.

    Good job on the song, Georgia.

  40. More coaches? You’ve got to be kidding me. Articles like that one are a clear sign that this season really needs to start already. Isn’t it enough that Pete has his son on the coaching staff, who basically has no experience as an actual coach at any level of organized football and is just riding dad’s coattails? On top of that he has two offensive QC’s, a defensive passing game coordinator (Rocky Seto), and then another vaguely named assistant (Defensive Assistant) in Marquand Manuel. I think he is pretty well covered. What else does he need?

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nice Stevos.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Where is morkandmindy?

    Time to check out.

  43. If Tjack was willing to come in and compete for a backup job, then great – if he wants to start then no way. By all accounts he was liked in the locker room. Everyone knows who the franchise guy is right now, so there would be no question.

    I wouldn’t actively try and sign him but if he called and could convince the twins he was a team guy then I am all for it

  44. princeaden says:

    Pete/JS don’t seem to go backwards. TJack is done here. I am of the thinking that Jerod Johnson just might beat Quinn out. Just a guess..

  45. On paper, it makes total sense. Tjack has experience throwing to Rice and Harvin in this exact same offense run by Bevell, albeit w/o the read/option wrinkle. You’re saying to yourself, at worst, he’s gotta be better than Quinn by a mile. Then again we signed him the first go round b/c of his experience w/ Bevell’s WCO and he was still mediocre at best. Ballsy, but still mediocre nonetheless.

    I don’t see PC/JS going back to the future on this one. They would be better off picking up Philly’s leftover scraps, as Nate mentioned previously. Btw, did anyone else notice Tjack and RW are polar opposites?

    RW – articulate. TJack – not so much
    RW – football smart. TJack – not so much
    RW – short and stocky TJack – tall and lanky / prototypical NFL QB size
    RW – says “Go Hawks!” a lot. TJack – nobody can understand what he’s saying

    Tarvaris DeAndre Jackson is the “bizarro” Russell Carrington Wilson.

  46. ’12 NFCW

    SF $127.4M
    Offense: Performance 1st, Cost: $58.5M,
    Defense: Performance 2nd, Cost: $61.4M,
    STs: Performance 10th, Cost: $7.5M

    AZ $102.5M
    Offense: Performance 32nd, Cost: $50.4M,
    Defense: Performance 20th, Cost: $49M,
    STs: Performance 29th, Cost: $3.1M

    SEA $98.4M
    Offense: Performance 7th, Cost: $56M,
    Defense: Performance 8th, Cost: $38.5M,
    STs: Performance 8th, Cost: $3.9M

    STL $94.6M
    Offense: Performance 25th, Cost: $51.1M,
    Defense: Performance 24th, Cost: $42.3M,
    STs: Performance 22nd, Cost: $1.3M

    I’m continually amazed by PC/JS. Just looking at the defense, prior to adding costs of improved performance players Avril, Bennette, Winfield, et al, they let the most expensive players at their positions leave (Leroy Hill, Marcus Trufant, Jason Jones, Alan Branch, etc) without sacrificing in terms of position performance. PC/JS get the best value on defense. The two teams last season that spent less on defense were TEN (Performance 18th, Cost: $38M) and OAK (Performance 15th, Cost: $35.6M.) With Quinn vs Bradley, SEA’s defense will be more aggressive, should mean improved performance.

    The offense is also high value, just not as high. 22 teams spent less than SEA in ’12 on offense. Eliminating Flynn caused dead cap, but will reduce overall QB spending $4M+ after this season. Obo saves $2.2M but Percy costs $$$ more, so LW’s $3.4M probably helps with the difference.

  47. guiltybystander says:

    I’d be fine with bringing Jackson back to duel Quinn for backup QB. I cringed when the Hawks brought him in from Minnesota but ended up liking him more as time went on…always handled himself with a sense of dignity and was willing to play hurt. His decision-making when a play got busted up was another story, but I’m comfortable with the thought of him holding the clipboard and filling in if Wilson gets hurt.

    Don’t count on Jackson wanting to return, however. As the article says, he feels PC didn’t give him a fair shot with no game snaps during preseason last year. Can’t say I blame him.

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I agree with princeaden that Jerod Johnson might be the guy with a prototypical body and more upside than Quinn, but if PC/JS see something in him that we don’t then it will be a pleasant surprise. I think we draft our next backup with these guys as placeholders.

  49. Southendzone says:

    If there was anything rigged about the 2012 QB competition, it was rigged against Tjack. He didn’t get much of a chance at all.

    Flynn got a great shot but from all accounts, RW just kept fighting to improve and showing the results of it in practice. If JS/PC ‘wanted’ RW to win the competition, it’s because they had seen enough of his potential flashing in practice and he made them want it.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jackson had a whole season,( before )to show what he had,(and that’s why Flynn and Wilson were brought in to the mix.)
    If Jackson wasn’t well liked in the locker-room I think he would have been released right after the signing of Flynn and the drafting of Wilson.
    Imo the FO knew Jackson wasn’t part of the competition however they had to at least give him a little time,(to appease his teammates) and so they could evaluate Wilson enough to see if he could compete or push Flynn.
    If Jackson accepts the fact that he isn’t starting material,( and when he runs out of money he probably will) perhaps he could be a decent backup in the NFL.
    Btw-I agree with Dukeshire that the Seahawks have moved on.

  51. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Hmmmmm, I think Bevell would have him back in a heartbeat. I don’t think it’s going to happen though. TJ feels he got screwed last year.

    I don’t buy that notion at all, since he was a known commodity heading into the three-way ‘competition’. Flynn and Wilson weren’t. Abd which of course was (and should have been) biased and slanted towards not just finding a starting QB for 2012 but also installing our potential QBOTF going forward.

    The correct long term decision was made. And at the potential expense of costing us games last season, as the playbook and RW were reined in and both he and the offense were given time to develop with the D keeping things close and tight.

    Doesn’t seem that TJ has much appreciation for the above summary though. It did leave him the odd man out in a three-way race.

  52. Zokrehawi says:

    Its obvious that that if the QB competition wasnt rigged, Flynn would have won and the hawks would have won 14 games.

  53. HonHawksLSB says:


    You’ve seen Quinn and JJ, do you believe we should bring Tarvar back?

  54. RDPoulsbo says:

    Jackson was released by the Bills of all teams. It’s not like they have good QBs, so what what would people really expect from him in competing for the backup role? Besides, if the Hawks want a vet to mentor Wilson, well it’s obvious Jackson isn’t that guy. Manuel needs that more than Wilson, but the Bills showed how much they valued Jackson in that role.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – That is what I meant, and it makes sence.

  56. ChrisHolmes says:

    OMG… Jackson is such a knucklehead.

    He thinks he didn’t get a fair shake in the QB competition? When is he going to figure that he is NOT a starting caliber QB in this league?

    At some point in time a person just has to be honest with the person in the mirror. Jackson is delusional.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    TJack getting released by the Bills doesn’t mean he can’t be a good backup, especially in a system he is familiar with. Bills signing Kolb, drafting EJ Manuel, and TJack being guaranteed 2.25 mil if on the roster week 1 equals his release. They weren’t going to keep him as a 3rd QB.

  58. Interesting thinking about TJax vs B.Quinn at backup QB, even if PC/JS wouldn’t consider making the change. Keep in mind the difference in pass blocking efficiency of the OLs for RW (80.7%), Quinn (78.8%) and TJax (75.6%.)

    Unlike any other single player on the team, RW’s is the one position where injury or slump could quickly end SEA’s huge expectations for not only this season, but their near future. There’s two things I can think of to worry about with a 2nd year NFL QB, injury and a slump which could snowball.

    Injury should be anticipated by the coaches and front office. When T.Brady got hurt M.Cassell came in and NE didn’t lose much of a step. Before that it was Brady coming in for Bledsoe. The Pats may be the exception, but they do it right. SEA’s backup QB should be able to come in and continue at least near the expected winning percentage for the team. As a run-heavy team, SEA’s backup QB may not be as important as their backup RB, but he still has to be good at pocket passing/awareness/scrambling, deep passing, and play-action passing with good timing, placement and accuracy.

    In Pocket: One of RW’s biggest assets is pocket awareness and ability to elude pressure. Good stats for this are the percent of plays when the QB’s pressured that turn into sacks, as well as the average time it takes from the snap to the sack. RW’s sack % was 17.6 in 4.18 sec, Quinn’s was 20.7% in 3.76 sec, and TJax’s 21.4% in 3.88 sec. Another aspect to look at is how evasive the QB can be when pressure occurs early (unexpected.) RW was sacked 3 times, Quinn twice, and TJax 9 times within 2.5 seconds of the snap. Only Mark Sanchez got sacked more than TJax within 2.5 seconds of the snap (12 sacks.) Another of RW’s assets is his ability to throw accurately when pressured. RW’s accuracy % was 66, Quinn’s was 46.9%, and TJax’s 55.3%. Another stat is NFL QB Rating when facing pressure: RW 67.2, BQ 3.2, TJ 40.7.

    Deep Passing: Assuming a deep pass is one that’s 20 yds in the air, RW threw deep on 16.3% of his dropbacks and his accuracy was 48.4%. His deep passes ended up in 9 TDs and 5 picks. Quinn’s deep passes were 10.7% of dropbacks and only 19% accuracy. Quinn’s deep passes made 0 TDs and 2 picks. TJax threw deep 14.7% of the time with 39.4% accuracy, ending in 3 TDs and 4 picks.

    Play Action: RW’s (36.1%) was behind only RG3’s (39.9%) in the percentage of dropbacks that were play-action passes. B.Quinn (20.4%) was 15th on that list for KC in ’12. Although TJax didn’t play in ’12 he was playing a similar offense in ’11 to what RW played in ’12, so although play action data is not available for ’11, it probably was closer to RW’s percentage than Quinn’s. What is interesting is that for ’12, B.Quinn’s completion percentage improved 16.5% when throwing after play action vs non-play action. That was the biggest improvement of any QB in ’12. When Quinn throws after play-action his NFL QB Rating was 96.9, vs 51.5 for non-play action. RW’s NFL QB Rating after play action was 95, vs 102.6 for non-play action.

    Slump: 19 years ago I felt the same kinda expectations for SEA that I’m feeling now. Rick Mirer started all 16 games for SEA in ’93, setting NFL rookie records for attempts, completions & yards (later broken by P.Manning.) But, over Mirer’s next 3 yrs instead of improving he declined badly, throwing 29 TDs to 39 picks, including 20 picks during ’95 (3 less than he threw all 4 yrs for the Irish.) Just as Mirer ended Flores coaching career in ’95, a snowballed slump by RW could do the same for PC.

    How do you keep a young downhiller leaning forward over his skis maintaining best control instead of relaxing and letting the weight shift to the middle of the skis and then losing control when a mogul bounces the weight to the back of the skis? Daily competition. Getting pushed by players you expect to beat out. Scares me that RW has been smiling so much. Quinn isn’t even trying to push RW. Flynn would have, but he’s gone. TJax may not have the ability to truly push RW, but at least he has the competitive spirit.

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