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Robinson on ESPN 710 Seattle: “We have an opportunity to do something special.”

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June 4, 2013 10:58 am
Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson (26) in the first half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)
Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson (26) in the first half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson appeared on ESPN 710 Seattle this morning, talking with Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil.

You can listen to that conversation here.

Robinson talked about the players-only meeting Seattle’s veteran players called to discuss the team’s recent issues regarding the NFL’s performance enhancing drugs.

“We basically kind of got in there and started holding each other accountable for our actions,” Robinson said. “We have an opportunity to do something special, and again, we need all of our guys – all hands on deck.

“It’s kind of some of the problems you get when you have a really young team, but that’s no excuse. We have to make sure we’re all available for all 16 games.”

Robinson provided a simple answer when asked how the team goes about changing the growing perception nationally that the Seahawks are a team that plays outside the rules.

“Just win,” Robinson said. “Just go out there and take care of business, keep working hard. We know what we have in this building. We’re not sidetracked. We know what the goal is – to own the NFC West, and to host playoff games and see what where it goes from there.”

Robinson also addressed the perception that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll runs a loose ship, allowing his players too much freedom.

“Personally, I’ve been around other coaches, and I think he is a players’ coach,” Robinson said. “But he’s a players’ coach that pays much attention to detail. We’re very exact in this building. Everybody knows the opportunity we have in front of us. So we leave no stone unturned.”

Robinson discussed what the Seahawks are trying to accomplish during organized team activities over the next three weeks, setting the table for the beginning of training camp at the end of July.

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  1. HawkFromDay1 says:

    So glad Mike Rob is on our team. From BMOC QB at Penn State to grizzled veteran FB/special teams captain – the dude has seen it all and knows what it takes.

    Even though I love the youth movement, I’d love to have one or two more of these guys on the roster – Winfield seems like one of them too…

    But Mike Rob is right – just win – the rest of this stuff will then become a distant and irrelevant memory…

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I really like how several players have noted the opportunity to win a Super Bowl this year. They have refrenced it differently, but they all seem to recognize they are in a very special place right now.

  3. So glad we have veteran leaders like Real Rob to remind the team of the window of opportunity. It’s wide open now, but won’t be forever. They need to get a stranglehold on the division and not let go to get home field throughout the playoffs.

  4. CDHawkFan says:

    I thought we could have picked up another vet or two to stop the 0 – 14 and 0 – 20 situation we found ourselves in last year in the playoffs. Maybe there is now enough experience on the team, or the coaches feel they will get them more prepared, or maybe we will have home field, anyway, I hope they figured that one out.

  5. SideWalkHawk says:

    This expectation of a Super Bowl appearance is curious. Talent doesn’t necessarily equate to success in the NFL. This game seems to have so much happenstance that shifts the game one way or the other. Think about our season in 2005. 13-3 could have easily been 10-6. The Cowboys game that year was won by a miracle interception in the final minute.

    It also could have been 15-1 very easily. Josh Brown makes the field goal at Washington. Hasselbeck doesn’t throw one of his three interceptions at Jacksonville. I suppose you want to be in the position the hawks find themselves in; having all the right pieces. Yet at the end of the day this season is going to have to be played, with all the bounces fortuity will take.

    I think setting the bar high is important for the players; yet keeping your focus in the moment, with attention to detail is what will pay off the most in the end.

  6. jboard1 says:

    Amen sidewalkhawk. I love the attention they are rightfully getting, but in the end, a game can be decided by the bounce of the ob-longed shaped ball. Nothing is guaranteed. Dont get me wrong, i am more than pumped for this season, but i can’t get on the ‘superbowl or bust’ theory. There are way too many factors aside from overall talent. As the season wears on and if they are ballin, it will be very hard to not expect a SB victory, but i will be trying my hardest to stay in the moment with expectations

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really believe our best chance to win a SB is now, and through the next ten years or so.

    This is a great time to be a Seahawks fan, and hopefully they will bring us home a SB win or more.

  8. Southendzone says:

    Well said Sidewalk. The years with great expectations so often turn out to be burdensome and disappointing.

    I think though that we have a group of players that understand it, not for our reasons as fans, but for their own reasons as players. All the true Hawk fans know that if this team brings us a Superbowl win, they will be beyond legendary in Seattle sports history.

    For us it’s like the make-a-wish foundation kids that have cancer. There’s one thing we want to see before we die. Maybe in some ways even more-so for us, because we’ve wanted it for 10, 20, 30 years and you can’t just buy this wish with a donation.

    If this group of Hawks can bring it to us, they transform the entire landscape of Seattle sports. Imagine your top 5 Seattle Sports heroes as of now. Now imagine that list after a 2013 Hawks SB win, you probably don’t have a single incumbent on that list because it’s all replaced by players from this team.

    When it happens we will have a big TnT blog veteran get together and I’ll buy you all a beer.


  9. raymaines says:

    jboard says there are no guarantees and I almost agree with that. We all agree there are no guarantees against injuries, bad call or bad bounces.

    But I guarantee if the Seahawks score 40 points a game and hold the bad guys to less that 14, they’ll win a lot more games than they lose.

    I really believe the ‘Hawks are capable of scoring 40 points and holding the ball for 40 minutes per game. And how many teams are going to score more than twice in 20 minutes of possession against the best secondary in the NFL?

    I could see things going all wrong about twice this year, but no more than that. I’m thinking maybe the Houston and Atlanta games. The “other” game that has me worried is the @ SF game in week 14. Even so, I think 13-3 would get a bye week and two home games in the playoffs.

  10. raymaines says:

    Southendzone: I totally understand I’m kind of a lightweight on the board, but I’m a veteran. I’m going to be in SoDo drinking beer on your tab in february. Go ‘Hawks.

  11. princeaden says:

    I would love to hear some first hand info on the health of Clemons and Carpenter. Why is it that we hear that RGIII is within reaching distance of starting the opener and Clemens is a projected PUP candidate? Has there been a set-back or is Griffin some sort of Superhero? Also, I would like to hear some thoughts on weather Stephan Williams has a legitimate shot at being that Joe Jervicious type that can go down the sideline and just go up and take the ball away from just about anybody?

  12. Clemons is about 30, while RG3 is under 25, for one thing. Also, RG3 is a freak athlete. Carp is over 300 lbs, which makes his problems even more complex. Also, Carpenter never fully recovered, and reinjured his knee, which is never good. Plus, their injuries are all different.

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    RG3 sells season tickets…

  14. Those east coasters need to get on the bandwagon. Casual Friday and mandatory shorts-to-work day Monday through Thursday.

  15. Actually I thought PC commented that Clem MAY be available for at least some of camp – not sure if that’s true or not.

    Also, I think RG3 is one of those guys who just flat out heals quickly – I remember hearing that he came back in under 8 months from his first injury when the estimate was 9+

  16. Zokrehawi says:

    Even in the event of a superbowl win Largent stays on my list. As does Hasslebeck. That said, Wilson made a major move up on my list after 16 short weeks.

  17. 2-3 year window is open right now for the Hawks to get to the Super Bowl. All you can do is give yourself a chance by playing in the meaningful games. The rest is luck. Ask Baltimore.