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Morning links: Winfield makes his mark

Post by Eric Williams on May 29, 2013 at 7:39 am with 22 Comments »
May 29, 2013 7:39 am
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Antoine Winfield (21) covers wide receiver Golden Tate (81) during a drill at NFL football practice Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Antoine Winfield (21) covers wide receiver Golden Tate (81) during a drill at NFL football practice Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

While the appearance of Marshawn Lynch on the practice field was the main storyline on Tuesday, Antoine Winfield’s impressive play during OTAs deserves a closer look.

In my story today, Seattle players and coaches raved about the 35-year-old’s instincts and demeanor on the field this week. Winfield already has shown that he can be a productive player for Seattle in the upcoming season, helping to improve the team’s defense on third down.

“He’s effective because he can stop on a dime,” Seahawks defensive backs coach Kris Richard said. “You can see why he’s been so effective for so many years inside on the slot. He brings an awesome level of humility, and he’s a tough, physical player. You look at him and ask, ‘How can he be effective in there at that size?’ But it’s his tenacity and his heart.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune says that Seattle veteran leaders sent the right message by calling a team meeting to address the Seahawks issues regarding PEDs.

Clare Farnsworth of writes in his practice report that Percy Harvin had a very productive practice on his 25th birthday. There’s also video of Kam Chancellor playing a little quarterback at the beginning of practice.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times says that the addition of Antoine Winfield points to a new era for the Seahawks – where players in free agency want to come to the Pacific Northwest because they believe they can win a Super Bowl.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that with Anthony McCoy out, the Seahawks don’t have a good backup plan if Zach Miller goes down.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times provides more information on John Moffitt’s legal issue.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times hopes that the Seahawks team meeting brings to an end Seattle’s issues with PEDs.

ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt notes that McCoy will be paid his $630,000 salary once he clears waivers and reverts to Seattle’s injured reserve list.

Field Yates of ESPN Boston writes that Pete Carroll has 24 players on his coaching staff, which is tied for the league lead with Philadelphia as the most in the NFL.

Jeff Fedotin of the National Football Post tells the Seahawks and 49ers to beware – the Atlanta Falcons could be the best team in the NFC this season.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports believes the best front sevens defensively can be found in the NFC West.

Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times writes that despite reports that rookie Tyler Wilson as looked good in practice, Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said that Matt Flynn is the team’s starting quarterback until further notice.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports puts Seattle at No. 6 on his compilation of the four cornerstone players on a team – quarterback, offensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback.

CBS Sports fantasy writer Dave Richard gives Seattle’s offensive line a C-plus, and rates them the No. 17 offensive line in the league.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    The Insider runneth over! Dang, Eric. Great post!

    So much for being productive this morning….

  2. madpunter88 says:

    Does anyone else find that explanation of Moffitt’s trespassing in the Seattle Times article a little questionable? Does a mall security guard have the power to issue orders that can be enforced with legal proceedings?

  3. trout_hound says:

    That first link doesn’t work, Eric. It goes to the Lynch story.

    I was wondering what Moffit’s ‘legal issue’ was. Sounds like that Bellevue Square Mall security guy is a bit of an a-hole.

  4. Singularitarian says:

    I am really stoked about the Winfield signing. Probably more than any other move this year outside Percy Harvin. Not really because of his coverage, which is better than Trufant’s, but because of his skills against the run. You can play nickle and lose nothing. I assume they’ll be playing nickel even more this year

  5. Singularitarian says:

    I really hate Rent-a-cops and I have a feeling this whole Moffit thing will be dropped

  6. Southendzone says:

    Punter, I get where you’re coming from and while I don’t think Mall security can arrest you, I do think they can say “Don’t come back to Mall property again”.

    Once he came back the REAL police were called and I think it’s a valid trespass charge.

  7. trout_hound says:

    Moffitt must have pissed off the mall cop. Literally!

  8. wazzulander says:

    Maybe Moffitt has urimiatisis like Seinfeld.

  9. slicktoxic says:

    I am a big Moffitt fan…dude is hilarious….that said, I hope he’s willing/wanting to put in the work to make this team better.

    As far as Winfield goes…I am also thinking he may turn out to be as big an acquisition on defense as Percy was on offense. This could be an amazing defense this year (as long as no one else gets suspended)!

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Agreed that Winfield is a big upgrade even at his age, some guys are freaks like that. I was thinking that we might pick up another TE when teams make their roster cuts. Losing McCoy sucks!

  11. chuck_easton says:

    The Moffitt incident and the explanation by his agent are both very plausable.

    Belleview Square security, as are all security officers hired by building owners, have the authority to detain anybody who is on their private property and who is in violation of some law/code/by-law. In this case the original incident was urinating in public which is a citeable offense on the level of a traffic ticket.

    The private security cannot, in most jurisdictions, actually issue the ticket, they have to call for a local police officer to respond who issues the citation and, if appropriate, makes the arrest. When I was a police officer the most common of these calls were shoplifting calls. The security person would have detained the offender and had their incident statement prepared. The officer just handled the citation/arrest.

    Private security is also given the authority on behalf of their employer to advise anybody they feel has violated either local laws or even their private conduct policy that they are not allowed back on the premises. One year is a standard I saw so that is also believable.

    For the second incident, the same security officer witnessed Moffitt on the property, knew of the no-go admonition, and detained him for tresspassing. Again the local police were called in. This time Tresspassing is an actual criminal offense, not just a citation. So Moffitt would have been arrested, charged, and released with a promise to appear.

    Moffitt is claiming while he knew he was banned from Belleview Square he did not know the particular restaraunt he was at was owned/affiliated/or attached to the Belleview Square property.

    The defense is sound in that to tresspass you have to have knowledge that you are entering a banned area and with that knowledge you enter anyway.

    Where the defense will fall down is if this particular restaraunt is physically attached to the Square and to get to the restaruant required walking, driving, or parking on Square property how could he have not known he was on private property that he was aware he was not welcome.

    Does somebody know the particular Square? That is the piece I don’t have.

  12. Nice to have an attorney on the blog!

    Mike Florio, being a “former” attorney, is at his best when writing about legal issues — and he never runs out of those while covering the NFL.

  13. It still boggles my mind that the Seahawks managed to get a CB considered the best in the league by Prisco and others in the fifth round. And right under Jim Harbaugh’s nose.

  14. Canfan, Harbaugh’s not really a defensive mind, so it’s not real surprising that he let Sherman slip past him, especially given the nature of their relationship which according to Sherman was tenuous at best. And honestly, anyone that watched tape on Sherman could see that he looked like a real project coming out of Stanford.

    I used to frequent ESPN’s boards, and there was a regular there who claimed to be related to Sherman, like his cousin or some such, and he talked a lot about wanting “his cousin” to get drafted by the Seahawks leading up to the draft. He’s about the only fan I ever saw single out Sherman as a “must get” before the draft happened, and that was mostly just because he was a family member.

    Back then I thought, well, maybe in time Sherman could be like another Ken Lucas, but he’s surpassed anything Lucas ever did in a Seahawks uni – in just two seasons.

  15. How cool is this… Antoine Winfield. I sure hope he has a whole year left in his 36-year old body. Sounds like he does.

    Is there anything we needed in that Atlanta game last year more than a coverage guy like this? Wow. If we had Winfield last year we would have beaten Atl, gone to SF, and perhaps the super bowl. Here’s hoping.

  16. Seholah – yes, Sherman was a real project at Stanford who learned fast. I saw him play at Stanford with a buddy of mine who teaches down there. Sherman was a WR still learning the CB position while in college and wasn’t yet a top CB prospect in anyone’s eyes.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach Harbaugh was tired of hearing his mouth running. but that’s just a guess. lol.

    Though as much as I dislike Harbaugh. I can’t criticize his coaching at all. He’s done everything he has needed to do to win.

  17. Winfield is a legendary hitter/tackler at the CB position. This goes all the way back to his days as a Buckeye, and probably even further. A lot of OSU fans will tell you that he’s probably the most prolific ex-Buckeye DB, next to say Jack Tatum.

    I can recall so many fans harping on Kelly Jennings about his size, when really it was never about that with him. Winfield is exhibit A in this league for being a smallish DB, but still being an impact player. Jennings didn’t have that mean streak in him like a Winfield, or a Finnegan, or a Minnifield. It ain’t always about size of the dog in the fight.

  18. “Wow. If we had Winfield last year we would have beaten Atl”

    I am having a hard time not agreeing with this assessment.

  19. Southendzone says:

    Chuck, the referenced Bellevue Square which is (shocker) in Bellevue, corner of NE 8th and Bellevue Way. I think the issue is the place he returned to was across the street in what’s called the Lincoln Center. I don’t consider it part of Bel-Square myself though there is a skybridge.

    However it’s owned by the same property management company so it makes sense. I can see how someone would think they couldn’t go to Bel_Square but think it was OK to goto the Lincoln Center.

  20. ruminator1 says:

    southendzone: I know that corner and totally agree. in fact it is kitty-corner to the Square and unless you knew specifically that it was associated with the Square, I think you could reasonably assume that it was not.

  21. How in the F did Moffitt get himself *banned* from Bellevue Square in the first place? He go off his meds while on a drinking binge or something?

  22. DanielleMND says:

    chuck_easton, having been to Bellevue Square, and at one time working in the area, I think Moffitt’s excuse is plausible.

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