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Bruce Irvin suspended 4 games for violating NFL policy on performance enhancing substances

Post by Eric Williams on May 17, 2013 at 2:26 pm with 101 Comments »
May 17, 2013 2:36 pm
Seattle Seahawks' Bruce Irvin pauses after running drills during an NFL football rookie minicamp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin pauses after running drills during an NFL football rookie minicamp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The NFL announced this afternoon that Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Bruce Irvin has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2013 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

Irvin is eligible to return to Seattle’s active roster on Monday, September 30 following the team’s September 29 game against the Houston Texans.

Irvin will miss Irvin Seattle’s season opener at Carolina, home contests against San Francisco and Jacksonville, along with the road contest against the Texans.

Irvin is eligible to participate in all offseason and preseason practices and games.

The miscue will cost Irvin $191,681 in base salary in 2013.

Irvin made a statement released through the team:

“I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches and Seahawks fans for making a mistake when I took a substance that is prohibited in the NFL without a medical exemption. I am extremely disappointed in the poor judgment I showed and take full responsibility for my actions. I will not appeal the discipline and instead will focus my energy on preparing for the season so I can begin earning your trust and respect again. I look forward to contributing to the team the moment I return.”

Losing Irvin for the first four games is a big blow for the Seahawks, with the likelihood that starting defensive end Chris Clemons also will miss time returning from ACL knee surgery in January, along with defensive lineman Greg Scruggs out for the year after recently having ACL reconstructive knee surgery.

Irvin is the sixth Seattle player to test positive for performance enhancing drugs since 2011.

Brandon Browner was suspended for the final four games of the 2012 regular season for reportedly testing positive for Adderall.

Seattle safety Winston Guy was suspended for four games in 2012 by the league for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. Guy did not appeal the suspension.

Guy’s agent said he tested positive for an over-the-counter substance that’s on the league’s lengthy list of banned substances players are tested regularly for.

Offensive lineman John Moffitt was suspended for four games without pay in December 2011 for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

According to Moffitt’s agent Michael George, his client was suspended for taking a drug used to treat hyperactivity, and that Moffitt did not pre-clear taking the drug with the league.

Offensive lineman Allen Barbre was suspended for the first four games of the 2012 season for violating NFL rules on performance enhancing substances.

Richard Sherman was suspended for four games in 2012 for reportedly taking Adderall, but the decision was reversed when the Seattle cornerback won his appeal with the league on the grounds that the sample was contaminated because of a leaky cup.

Irvin led all rookies in sacks last season with eight.

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  1. This is ridiculous. C’mon Pete, JS…get it under control. All the talent in the world won’t matter if they don’t see the field.

    Very disappointing.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    I can’t type what I want to here. I would be banned.

    Wow I never thought I’d look back longingly at the Ruskell good character only policy.

    You take guys with questionable character and this is the chance you take.

    So if the team wins the SB we get an asterisk.

    I’m not one of those guys that thinks its all OK as ling as you win.

    The FO better get a grip on this and quick.

  3. Southendzone says:

    This calls for a big time investigation. Is it coincidence all these players on the Hawks D are using this stuff?

    Was there a ‘patient-x’ or Ring Leader to this whole thing?
    Is this possible ring-leader a player, agent, team staff?

    Time for some digging by the TnT staff, don’t let Yahoo Sports uncover it first.

  4. sluggo42 says:

    That’s all I gotta say

  5. sluggo42 says:

    That’s the other thing I gotta say

  6. JazBadAzz says:

    This has nothing to do with the front office. These guys are targeted by companies from all different angles. The players agents, friends and family are more to blame then the front office. These guys need to do their own homework and find out what the hell they are putting in their bodies. Disappointing but not a trend or drug ring! You think they are passing out peds like candy?!?! BAHAHAHAHA get a grip! This is on the players and the people they surround themselves with.

    Just like if he was injured, we got to move on to the next guy and play hard! GoHawks

  7. jboard1 says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The fact these guys are not learning from their peers is unbelievable. I have a hard time letting this one go as i did last year with the guys. There comes a time when it goes beyond a stupid mistake and becomes an epidemic, or some sort of system they must be doing in that locker room. I sure hope not, but an apology wont let me just excuse it anymore. It stops now or else….and the or else is likely going to be losses and missed opportunities for this team

  8. chuck_easton says:


    5 guys on the same team in a one year timeframe is a team problem. So I do put this on the FO. They are either looking the other way or they have lost control. Either option is unacceptable.

    And don’t be so naive to even think this is some outside boogie man. This is an inside job and I don’t care if the ring leader is Sherman himself. If it is shown he’s the dealer I want him off the team.

    As I said I’m not for winning at all cost. You may be able to turn a blind eye because its your favourite team but I’m not.

    If this continues I won’t be a fan for long.

  9. AKhawkFan says:

    Freeney has priced himself out of the market, that is why he doesn’t have a job. Maybe he takes a pay cut for a SB contender? Abraham had playing time demands when Tennessee tried to sign him yeah? Can we provide that with our depth once Clem is healthy? I’m 5’9″ 200lbs. I’ll just come in and bowling ball the QB while throwing beer bottles at him. :/

  10. wazzulander says:

    As far as contrite apologies go, that was a good one, at least. These guys need to learn from each others mistakes though. Can it be that difficult to get an actual prescription for Aderall? Based on the # of people I know with medical 420 cards, I doubt it would be that difficult to describe a couple ADHD symptoms to a doctor and get a prescription legally.

  11. I don’t want to specifically speak on this instance. That being said, if a player uses adderral that is prescribed by his doctor, why does that constitute him as having character issues and that JS and PC are at blame for drafting low character people?

    Yes, it’s a pretty dumb move not to go through the proper NFL channels to get the legal prescribed medicines approved for use, but it doesn’t mean the players are of low character.

    Adderral is not a PED in my opinion. It doesn’t make you stronger, quicker, or smarter. But the NFL deems it to be and these players that have legal prescriptions need to figure a way to gain approval from the NFL…which I’ve heard to be not as easy as some make it seem to be.

    Some of you on here just need to calm down. Players get suspended for this stuff all of the time. Just so happens the Hawks are getting some national media coverage. Welcome to the spotlight.

  12. I love the talent we have assembled. I worry about some of this stuff though. A few incidents is isolated – not a bunch more than that and we’re trending the wrong way at the moment. As Pete demonstrated at USC – he’s willing to turn a blind eye to certain things if it meant winning championships (or competing for them) – I hope it’s not more of the same. I guess they say if you’re not cheating then you’re not trying. We do like to compete.

  13. Sekolah says:

    Well, if a near 200,000.00 fine didn’t get his attention then I am not sure what else will. As a fan I can live with about one mistake, within reason. I can give a guy the benefit of the doubt if it’s an isolated incident. Lofa Tatupu screwed up and he was one of the more integral leaders on the team at that time. He atoned and moved on and I’m expecting Bruce to do the same.

  14. Sekolah says:

    “Some of you on here just need to calm down.”

    W/out a doubt.

  15. ChrisHolmes says:

    Front Office has to take some accountability for this. They are obviously not stressing PED’s as an important thing to avoid. Shame.

  16. Wow!! adderrall must be one hell of a drug to risk a $200,000 pay cut. At least the team went out and got some pass rushers.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    dcs and Sekolah. I have ADHD and so does my son. Unfortunately it is more commonly passed from male to male genetically. You don’t know what it is like to literally depend on the medication just to be able to get through the day.

    So yes it pisses me off when football players use the medication as a recreational thing or to give them a mental edge.

    We are already being referred to on other sites as the Seadderall Seahawks. Not the way I want the team I’ve rooted for since 1976 looked at.

  18. Chuck, I appreciate you opening up to us on here but don’t appreciate you assuming I don’t know what’s it’s like to have ADHD. I have it and some members of my family have more extreme cases.

    My post was from the point of view that these players have legal prescriptions. I stated that players that have legal prescriptions need to follow the protocol set forth by the NFL to be able to use it. That’s all.

    I’m a Hawks fan as well, season ticket holder as well. But grow up man…who cares what other people on other sites are calling “your” team?

  19. Southendzone says:

    dcs, the drug is absolutely accepted as a performance enhancing drug. There were a lot of articles about it last season with BB & Sherm. I’m not going to spend the time looking them up and linking them but it would provide an edge to an athletes in a competitive sport.

    I don’t mind the Seadderall Seahawks, that is pretty darn funny.

    You know they put one of those red-light cameras on my commute home about 3 years ago. Yeah I got caught once, but then it’s like OK I get it, you are looking for this exact type of thing, I can easily avoid it. That’s what makes this one on Irvin pretty stupid.

  20. VNHLNFAN says:

    Was it adderall?? If he smoked pot i would think the league would still classify it as a banned substance or performance enhancing. Seems like they never specify what the substance really was.

  21. Sekolah says:

    Is Viagra on the league’s list of banned substances?

  22. chuck_easton says:


    If Irvin indeed has a prescription then it’s just a clerical error.

    I was more upset with the comment that these guys should just go to their doctor and rattle off a few of the symptoms to get the meds prescribed.

    As you well know it’s not that simple.

    But as you also know, these meds are not anything to mess around with unless you are under a doctors care.

    The use of Adderrall by NFL players may just be a passing fad, but for people to just try to pass it off as not a big deal, is contributing to the problem.

  23. I think its ridiculous that people would blame a coach or front office for this type of thing. “C’mon Pete, JS…get it under control.” Please. Players conduct during 90% of their lives is under no control of anyone. They are adults and professionals.

    And like all professionals, they succeed by finding a way to get an edge.

    These are the most competitive humans on the planet. They are in the most competitive profession. Every day, world-class athletes who train 24/7 lose their jobs to guys who find a way to get an edge. Once you lose your job in the NFL, there is no where to go but down. Way down. So any NFL player will do whatever is necessary to compete, including breaking “silly rules” like “don’t hold”, “don’t jam your thumb in that guys eye”, “don’t grab that receiver’s jersey”, or “don’t take HGH”.

    If the difference between a $10 Million a year contract and driving a truck for UPS was taking some HGH so you could gain a few more pounds of solid muscle, you would take the HGH). Pros who make it have learned to be willing to do anything it takes, 24/7, for years, to make it. No coach is going to change that.

    Why doesn’t the NFL join the 21st century and recognize that everyone in the United States uses pharmaceuticals daily. And professional athletes will do anything to compete. Get over it, NFL.

  24. Southendzone…yeah I read some of them. It is what it is. That’s just my opinion from my experiences.

    VNH…they never did say what it was. The NFL never does. Bruce just states that he didn’t get a medical expemption from the league, which is something you can get for adderall. I doubt he’s dumb enough to think that since he has a medicinal card for weed the NFL would give him an exemption but who knows?

  25. abqhwkfn says:

    So how many of these guys are using the drug and not getting caught? If you catch multiple offenders and another who got off on a technicality I wonder how deep the problem is… Hmm, it is a way to get good in a hurry.

  26. Abq…read some of the articles that southendzone is referencing that came out last year. Adderall might give you an edge but it’s not like taking HGH or something. There’s no propaganda on the Hawks that all the players are taking adderall to get better in a “hurry”. It just doesn’t work that way…adderall that is.

  27. chuck_easton says:


    You do realize we have a regular poster on here who had a family member die from an Adderrall overdose? So it is a big deal. This isn’t a drug to play around with unless you are being treated for ADHD?

    And as is the case with all the ADHD meds, it’s not a one size fits all pill. Each person on the medication has to go through trials to ensure they are on the correct dosage. 20mgs may be fine for one person while another has a severe reaction to that same dosage.

    Last I checked nobody’s died from an HGH overdose.

  28. chuck_easton says:

    And dcs is correct. I don’t understand the Adderrall thing for NFL players. It doesn’t build up in your system. The effects are almost instantaneous but the med is designed to wear off in a matter of hours. That’s why people like me have to take our meds on a regular schedule and not miss a day.

    Believe me, if I don’t take my meds one day everybody knows. That is how effective the medication is when used properly and for the right reasons.

    Sure it would help a guy be able to sit for hours and concentrate without getting fatigued but it isn’t going to make him run any faster or be able to lift more weights.

  29. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    it amazes me how naive most of you are.

    chuck no offense but i bet i could find 10 docs in a week that would prescribe anything i wanted adderall is no exception.

  30. Ouch.

    Thank heavens we signed Avril AND Bennett.

  31. hawkfaninoklahoma…when did anyone say it wasn’t easy to get adderall?

  32. DanielleMND says:

    Disappointing. Our pass rush is going to be thin early in the season.

  33. chuck_easton says:


    Sorry but you are not quite right there. I’m sure you could get a doctor to give you anything you want.

    But ADHD meds are an amphetamine derivative and as such are closely controlled.

    That’s the thing. Sure you can get a little buzz from the meds. Especially if the dose isn’t exactly right. I remember when I was going through the trial phase. The only way to get the correct dose is to keep upping the amount until the side effects stop. When you can take the meds and feel nothing different except that everything is much clearer and more focused you are on the right amount.

    Some the side effects during the trials were ‘interesting’

    I can only assume that NFL players are taking the lowest dosage possible so that there is some benefit but little chance of side effects.

    But still I don’t get it. The drug doesn’t make you bigger stronger or faster. It makes you think more clearly and allows for more focus.

    If your going to risk a four game suspension at least take something that will help you on the field.

  34. stantak says:

    To all other Seahawks players:

    Please take notice of this story and learn from it. Pleas do not jeopardize this season by making this mistake.

    To Bruce Irvin:

    Looking forward to your return. Keep in shape. We’ll need you when you get back.

  35. banosser says:

    Adderall is an amphetamine.. it is speed.. For those with ADHD it acts basically in reverse as it does for someone who doesn’t have ADHD.. it helps them focus.. be able to concentrate.. calms them. My guess is that 99% of those suspended by the NFL for testing positive for Adderall don’t have ADHD.. but took it for its stimulant effects, to play with their asses on fire..

  36. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck it is a class 2 just like your more potent pain killers. no harder to get actually easier because the tests and the answers you need for those tests are all online .

  37. JZombie says:

    This is very disappointing. And while we don’t yet have the complete story, I think it’s a problem the FO can do a better job addressing.

    I would like to see some comparison with other teams in the league in terms of players suspended for PED use.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    I was on Ritalin for 2 years as a little kid, it slowed me down so much it put me in a fog. An adult would get a meth high off it, now i can’t have any stimulants of any kind except my 1 cup of coffee in the AM or i go berzerk and then don’t sleep for a couple of days.
    Any news on Clems recovery?

  39. ljarllrajl says:

    Just a question, but does the NFL even have a good reason to ban most of these so called “substances” that are on their laundry list?

  40. This is a sad thing. We don’t know anything about it; so it seems deciding it’s adderall is premature. You can have a prescription for adderall, but you have to go through some hoops for it to be okay with the NFL. That was supposedly Moffat’s problem. Would be interesting to know if Moffat is now taking adderall with league clearance or has stopped taking it. But, as I said, we don’t know it’s adderall.

    I agree that this is on Irvin, his entourage, such as it is, and his agent. However, it is suspicious that four (only four?) young members of the defense have been caught for it. Maybe too much pressure to compete?

    I agree we need an investigation. The onerousness of having to deal with the investigation might be enough to get anyone else using or considering using it to think twice. Maybe if the press asks Pete and John and Paul Allen what they’re doing about this at every press conference throughout the pre-season it will get the team’s attention. The best way to stop this is to have the rest of the team ostracize users.

  41. oldmanfan says:

    You are asking Pete to get this under control? Who do you think is giving them these PED’s?

  42. Sherman and Browner tested possitve last year. Irvin has to be completly STUPID to use that S**T this year!

  43. nbk35zw says:

    Cut his ass. Make him an example. Pete is losing credibility per suspension. All accomplishments this year are tainted.

    Sad. Maybe fire John Schnieder.

  44. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Bruce Irvin quote “I messed up and I feel so bad and have been depressed for weeks now. I’ve had sleepless nights because I knew when this came out, I would let so many people down, including myself. I have worked so hard to rebuild my image and it takes another blow.”

    Why the hell did you do it then? Why rebuild the image, just to knock it down and have to convince everyone that you are not that guy. You have come a long way from being basically homeless and out of school. You climbed up and overcame so many things. Some out of your control. This one is on you. You control what what you eat, drink and take.

    After all the incredibly negative attention that went on with Browner and then Sherman, you would think you would be smart enough and have enough self control to avoid this kind of situation. THEY TEST YOU GUYS ALL THE TIME!! You can’t get away with this CRAP!!

    Not the phase of the championship offseason we were looking for. FAIL

  45. montanamike2 says:

    Whoa…. Hold on there.

  46. montanamike2 says:

    I meant in response to nbk35zw.

  47. banosser says:

    @nbk35zw… Cut his ass. Make him an example. Pete is losing credibility per suspension. All accomplishments this year are tainted.

    Sad. Maybe fire John Schnieder.

    lol.. go away

  48. Sign Hill in his place for 4 games!

  49. nbk35zw says:

    Well now. My comment has gotten some attention. I am a Seattle fan who has had enough of this poppycock. Perhaps the locals are in favor?


  50. Jeeezzzzorrs, why don’t we give them all the electric chair at halftime, that should teach um’ a good lesson!

    This sucks, yes. Clem, Scruggs, Irvin, ??? Depth can be depleted in a hurry as we just talked about last week. I don’t get it(using whatever was used) but let’s not launch the nukes just yet.

  51. nbk35zw says:

    Good Lord, people. This is no longer about winning games. This is about credibility. Something Carroll and crew are losing quickly. I would suggest that beyond Seattle, most expect us to cheat.

    That is sad. Our defending such episodes only exacerbates the experience.

    Cut him.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone think we would get more love from the media and other teams fans if we had a roster full of Tim Tebow types?

    Who gives a flip what others think! And why are some here so concerned about image, however they aren’t nearly as concerned about the health and welfare of the players that we enjoy risking their Brains and bodies for our entertainment?

    Chill out! Don’t assume no other teams have this problem just because we have been busted more.

  53. VNHLNFAN says:

    Cut him??? Maybe the only way to stop bleeding.

  54. DanielleMND says:

    nbk35zw, cut a first round draft pick from a year ago because he did one dumb thing? Fire the GM, too? Why not just burn down the team facility in Renton while we’re at it?

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Maybe they needed it for those 10:am games?

  56. nbk35zw says:

    Trends are part of life, Danielle. And yes, I would begin to question our leadership.

    Think about it. If another player with a decent profile gets hit with a suspension, do you just accept it? Is winning at all costs your objective. I’m cool with that.

    Allen Barbre was a free agent (not a high draft choice) and was busted for Adderall. You know what Seattle did when his suspension was over… they cut him.

    No one on this blog cared. Seems no one cares now.

    This same blog goes nuts over Super Bowl 40… why? Credibility.


  57. John Abraham. If we can come up with a few million bucks somehow – can we give it to Abraham if he first agrees to a league minimum contract? Georgia – can you bake the first thousand cookies to sell? I’ll take care of the next thousand. Who else wants to help?

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hate it when posters like nbk35zw come on here when things are looking bad for the Hawks. It makes me wonder what the motive is.

  59. nbk35zw says:

    I’ve been a Hawks fan since ’76. I am ashamed. Don’t give me crap about being a light poster, Georgia.

    This is an embarrassment. If you’re not willing to see that, that is fine. You have to live with it. Just like Super Bowl 40.

    This is a big deal. You can choose to think otherwise at your own peril.

  60. banosser says:

    BobbyK… I’d be very glad now to sign Abraham… my second thought when I heard the breaking news on KJR today…

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- I can make some home brew while you write a million more Rant articles?

  62. montanamike2 says:

    This is killing the buzz i’ve had all summer, timing sucks!

  63. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Every college player dreams of making it to the NFL, KNOWING, the rules and regulation they MUST follow. If they require ” additives” to enhance their performance, perhaps that should be considered a breach of contract. I think the team should have measures ( clauses ) in place, to be able to adjust the contract, that shows this cannot be tolerated.
    Will Irvin, while under suspension, count as a roster spot ?

  64. rramstad says:

    As an aside, we don’t know when he tested positive, correct? The process is actually supposed to run, and take some time, and all happen without the public knowing about it. For all we know, the positive test was six months ago.

    On the one hand I too am disappointed. On the other hand given how much PED use there is in the NFL, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve had our share recently. I think a few of these incidents are kind of innocuous, but conversely, a few of them sound like the player intentionally ingested the PED knowing full well it was banned. To me, the former is excusable (though a bit “dog ate my homework”) while the latter is inexcusable.

  65. nbk35zw says:

    At what cost do you sign Abraham? Do you forgo cap carryover to sign Sherman?

    How much do you sacrifice 2014 to win in 2013? Or would you rather our coaches find the diamond?

    How much are you willing to sacrifice for 2013?

  66. GeorgiaHawk says:

    nbk35zw-I could be wrong but I don’t recall you posting about anything else here, so what gives now is all I’m saying.

    And if you are ashamed of this, ( like it’s a big shock or something ) then perhaps you should be ashamed of the whole NFL.

    This isn’t a one trick pony here. If you have been around since 76 and followed the whole NFL then you would be aware of so much cheating, drug use, steroids, murder, rape, bounties, ect…

    Like it or not it is part of the NFL culture, so why the mother Teresa attitude about it? Perhaps you need to find another sport if this bothers you. But I’m sure you enjoy them risking their Brains and bodies for your entertainment just like I do. Right?

  67. nbk35zw says:

    Georgia – I can understand you are upset that I am not a frequent poster here. I frequent and much more often.

    That said, I remember when Jack Patera was fired. I remember drafting Curt Warner. I remember Steve Largent’s catch against KC late in the game in ’89.

    I was at the Carolina game this past year. I’ll be there week one, sporting the colors.

    I generally don’t post because I don’t like to rosterbate. I don’t like to “guess”. I like to read intelligent comments from all of you… I am a lurker.

    But this set me off. This is unacceptable. This, in any other business, would get people fired.

    I understand the wrath. I suggest you check where it is most accurately directed.

  68. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, Irvin’s suspension is punishment enough–for him, for the team, and for us. For me, there’s no need to inflict further pain through a downward spiral of anger on the blog. I retract my previous post and plan to enjoy my weekend and any positive news reports that come out of the VMAC in the coming days.

  69. Babe Ruth was no saint, but I’d never cut him from my team when he was in his prime. His play was eventually effected by his off-field behaviour. He reduced his time playing in MLB by what he did to himself. Lou Gehrig was a saint, never carroused, never had off-field problems/scandals, never missed a game, etc. but also eventually ended up with ALS, ending his career and his life. Great athletes already have their throttle stuck slightly open. Maybe they’re pre-wired with some kinda extra drive or something inside. Many die kinda young to begin with. There are gigantic forces both inside and out pushing and pulling them to go off the tracks sometimes. These guys main jobs are to find devices to reduce those stresses when they’re not needed to within tolerable limits so they can remain in peak form for as long as possible. I don’t care what a player has to do to reduce his resting stress level, except that it better not be very illegal, it’d better not endanger others, and it’d better not damage his on-field performance.

    So far I haven’t heard exactly what it was that BI took, but Mr Williams mentioned a performance enhancing substance in the first sentence. That there’s a little different kettle of fish, sounds like PED and Adderall. This is the first I’ve heard of substance abuse by BI. BI had huge expectations placed on him this season, to come in and replace C.Clemons pass rush for the beginning part of the upcoming season – maybe 6 weeks before CC came back. BI had to greatly improve his performance at RDE from what he did at ATL at the end of last season. We all wondered how he could do it, and wondered how he was gonna do it, but we also knew that he’d have to get it done. Maybe BI spent the offseason studying zen and the art of hand fighting OTs this offseason. Then SEA got UFA Cliff Avril (10 sacks, 5 hits and 20 hurries) probably to play RDE and M.Bennet to play LDE back in March, and talk was BI might get used at SAM. How on earth is BI now gonna not only learn how to play SAM, but beat everybody else out for the position before the first games begin? He’d have to study like crazy to learn how…

    I only care because the players care. The players don’t want to have to compete against players using artificial (chemical) study enhancement because then they’d have to take the same stuff, and who knows what would happen to their minds if they no longer could get ahold of the stuff? Maybe not so good for them. So the players all decided not to take the stuff (unless it was prescribed by a doctor?) so it’s a banned substance. Sure hope BI can keep it together so he can be back at peak form when he’s allowed back in the game.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    nbk35zw- I’m not happy about this either, but perhaps now this red flag will get the attention of the leaders of this team. I think we have stronger leaders on the Offensive side of the ball, so hopefully things will change now with the other side.

    I’ve been around too long to be shocked about things in the NFL anymore.

    And I’m not upset that you are not a frequent poster, it’s just that there are far more positive things regarding this team to blog about then the few dipshits that screw things up for the majority of players on this team.
    Again I’m not happy about it, however as a football fan I’m not at all shocked either.

  71. Yeah, curious about the roster spot availability while he’s suspended as well. This definitely gives a boost to the rookies and UDFAs that could fill in as the Leo role if so, Ty Powell etc. Was already stressing Scruggs being out, not that he’s really a Leo type, but he moved pretty well for a big guy. Unsure why everyone is guessing Adderall, but from his statement it does sound like it. Hope we can find a contingency plan… and for godzakes, no more suspensions please. Avril should be the guy, but who else could play Leo the way Pete needs to have his scheme work behind him?

  72. nbk35zw says:

    I’m not sure all of you grok the PR this will create during the season. God forbid another takes place. It will be unending.

    All accomplishments in 2013, at this time, are tainted.

    Boys and girls… that is sad.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “This, in any other business, would get people fired.”

    nbk35zw- In any other business, would they require their employees to risk their Brains and bodies like they do in the NFL?

    I think that’s where you and some others are missing the point here.

    We would love all our players to be Russell Wilsons, however this is a controlled violent sport we are talking about. The things that players can do on the field would send many common folk to prison for a long time.
    In other words things can get out of hand fast on a team so hopefully some leaders on this team will step up and hold others accountable.
    I hope so anyways.

  74. HonHawksLSB says:

    Anybody that says cut him should crack open a beer and just relax. Lets make an example of Winston Guy and cut him. You don’t cut one of your top pass rushers.

    C’mon man!

  75. nbk35zw says:

    Georgia – There are rules that bound all markets. The football world is no different. Seattle has been out of compliance six times in 18 months. Most banks and financial centers cannot afford to work that way. Risk appetite must be maintained with a wining attitude.

    Your win at all cost will cost you everything.

  76. nbk35zw says:

    Winston Guy will most likely be cut anyway. What kind of statement are we making. Might as well resign Allen Barbre and cut him again.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Again nbk35zw- that’s where you make your mistake, football business is much different.

    Now the Seahawks world is not going to end here so look at the positives about this team instead of being quick to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  78. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, I’m out of here, Time for nate to set things straight.

  79. Waldo99 says:

    All of you blasting Bruce Irvin or the Seahawks over this had better get prepared for the suspension Marshawn is facing if his trial in CA over his DUI doesn’t go well.

    As I see it, this was a dumb move on Bruce’s part, he’s taken responsibility for it, will pay the penalty and the team will move on without him. To think the FO is to blame for taking these types of characters is ridiculous. If anything, this team has never had this much depth, EVER, thanks to the brilliant moves this FO has made. We can actually afford to lose a guy like Bruce with little to no drop-off. Even Marshawn. Thanks in no small part to the planning and foresight of PC and JS building a team with a back-up plan at every single position. Browner gets suspended. No problem, we’ll plug in the next man up. Marshawn gets suspended. No worries, Turbinator or Michaels can carry the load. Irvin gets 4 games. We’ve got 3 or 4 more guys to fill that role.

    Last words: Bruce, keep your head up, keep working hard, and give us 100% for the 3/4’s of the season you’ll be in. That’s all we can ask for.

  80. nbk35zw says:

    Hmm. Taking on SF full strength sans Lynch, Irvin sounds challenging.

    I guess we rise to the occasion.

    I am much more worried what a motivated Cam Newton will do to us in a hot, mid-summer game in Charlotte.

    Maybe it is time to put the Super Bowl aside an focus on winning the first two games. They are surely in doubt now.

  81. VNHLNFAN says:

    My biggest fear is who’s next..

  82. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    All the moralizing here. What a waste of time. He made a mistake. And it was discovered.

    Extrapolating from there and blaming the coaching staff or postulating a team-wide problem is an exercise in speculation. And moral vanity. For all you know Irvin acted alone.

    The team should probably implement their own testing program through a private entity before the NFL finds these problems first. If the CBA even allows for that.

    What I don’t think should happen AT ALL is some stupid example-making scenario where Irvin is cut. Or consequences behind what the NFL already has in place.

    Also I liked Irvin’s statement. Seemed a lot more real and authentic to me than the PR firm prepared crap we usually read. For those of you calling him ‘troubled’/. Get real and grow up. The reality of most people in this world is that things are a bit messier than what is often publicly presented. Acknowledgment and awareness of that is a necessary part of seeing your way out ofvthe inner maze. Which is one of the reasons I despise Goodell. If there was ever a guy who doesn’t get it, it’s him.

  83. I can’t believe all the comments here about how players like Irvin are supposedly “dumb” to take a workout-enhancing, or performance-enhancing, or injury-healing supplement.

    IT HELPS THEM COMPETE AND WIN. That’s “dumb’? No, it may often be a reason they still have jobs in the NFL.

    There is a term for players who never broke any rules or took any prohibited supplement; players who failed to compete at all costs: they are called “unemployed former players”.

    I think fans who believe that just a minority of players use banned supplements are living in fantasy land. Most Americans take pharmaceuticals every day, and Pro athletes will do anything to get an edge and compete for a million dollar job. Testing is years behind new products in use, that’s why only a few athletes get busted. The NFL should end their old-fashioned PES witch hunt and wake up to the 21st century.

  84. Truthness says:

    Why does it seem controversy follows a Cheat Carroll team whether it be at the college level or the pro level?

  85. DanielleMND says:

    “Cheat Carroll”? Now people are in here calling our coach names?

  86. jawpeace says:

    A lot of people were saying it was adderal, but I have not read that anywhere as an official release from a reliable source. Bruce could have gotten some protein powder mix and did not read all the ingredients. Right now we do not know for sure, it could have been adderal, but after having several guys suspended from it, I kind of doubt that is what he took. At least I hope it was not as that would show major stupidity on his part.

  87. bbnate420 says:

    “Most banks and financial centers cannot afford to work that way.”

    Congratulations. You’ve just posted the absolute dumbest thing in the history of this blog. And that’s really saying something. Do you realize that banks are still foreclosing on houses that they don’t own the mortgage to TO THIS DAY? The AG of New York is taking Wells Fargo and Bank of America back to court for violating the National Mortgage Settlement. They’re violating the agreement they signed to handle their PAST abuses. The New York AG expects the DOJ to file suit as well.

    To anyone that wants to stop being a fan because of some players taking something as minor as Adderall, don’t let the door hit ya.

    And yes, it is minor. I didn’t want to get into at the time, but that Adderall overdose story doesn’t really pass the smell test. Not an accidental overdose death anyways. I’d bet there’s a lot more to it. Feel free to link some evidence about a high incidence of Adderall overdose deaths. I’ll be waiting. The FDA found that there was no significant increase in sudden death in people taking Adderall.

    Some people here seem really naive. Most people cheat when they can get away with it. Always have, probably always will. I guarantee every team in the league cheats in one way or another. Every money making college program cheats.

    There is NO evidence that Adderall is a performance enhancer on-the-field. It can help players in preparation if taken in the right dose. Too much would be counterproductive. Perception is not always reality. There’s no conclusive evidence that even HGH is a performance enhancer.

    Some of you act like this is a black and white issue. Why is it okay for the players to take large amounts of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to get out on to the field? It’s not good for them. I doubt your doctor would prescribe the same to you. But that’s okay? So you can enjoy them destroying each others bodies. Seems hypocritical.

  88. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Hmmmmm, I suspect Irvin just *seemingly* sabotaged his way into what he would need to activate his latent ‘potential’. I’m not a mind reader but I get why he did it now. His public statement after being found out is the tell.

    Bruce, I hope it works. And I think it’s going to. You need to find more conventional forms of motivation though. This pushing up to the edge of disaster business . . . and then recovering improbably from it . . . the NFL has in advance proscribed your number of chances. So go dominate now. You will. That is now a foregone conclusion.

    You still have to square with your with this nonsense of running up to the edge of the cliff tho. But you know the math of when the chances run out too. Not a lot of them from here on. Maybe one. And prob not even that.

  89. Not a huge loss against those opponents, who are mostly run first teams. Irvin isn’t a run stopper. I think the rationale behind the signings of Bennett and Avril are very clear now.

    Would like to hear PC and JS explain how 6 guys in 2 years get suspended under their watch. Would be curious to hear their thoughts.

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The way Irvin played against Atlanta in the playoffs last year we won’t miss him too much.

    Can anyone tell me how , when, and how often the NFL does drug testing?

    Do the players know in advance when they will get tested?

    And what are all the drugs they get tested for?

    Is this a case where the players on the Seahawks are just not being as smart about their drug use as other teams in the NFL?

    Is it possible the NFL is targeting the Seahawks more, (with regards to testing) for some reason?

    And this is a crazy one-Perhaps the FO doesn’t care too much, ( regarding the suspensions ) because at least it gives the players 4 games to rest in a long season, therefore they would be fresher for the other games.
    A lot of unanswered questions going through my mind right now.

    I know that PEDs are all over the sports world, however I wish the Seahawks players that use them would be a little smarter about it. Perhaps consult with Armstrong or something.

  91. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nice post nate!

    NBK, i really don’t know what to say. but saying that a coach or GM should be held responsible for the actions of an adult male is ignorant.
    remember this staff is taking a lot of chances on players with questionable decision making skills things like this are bound to happen.

    after some thought, did anyone stop think this is not adderall ??? listen we all know that BI needs to add weight right? he probably got caught with a banned supplement. let’s remember it is pretty easy in that case to get something that is banned with the list they have. i think the most important thing to do is keep perspective until we know what he took. where i would be upset with management is if this was a GNC or such supplement that just happened to have a banned substance in it.

  92. SaigonSun says:

    Nbk35zw, if anyone in the NW listeners to you and we cut Bruce, will your boyfriend Harbarf sign him right away, or wait one day?
    Is that the reason you came out of the closet? Dude, go back to under your rock and keep on lurking. I am not buying your claims of Seahawks ‘ loyalty. I smell a rat.

  93. SaigonSun says:

    To the rest of you : I am sorry for this outburst.
    It does make me wonder how come most of you tore into yankita, but you’re so tolerant of this clown … Strange.

  94. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    saigon, he isn’t claiming to know it all and be the all powerful. he has not called us stupid/ignorant. he is not lying about something he said on here. do i need to go on? just like my last post i called his comment ignorant not him personally.

    as far as your post feel free to vent most of us do, just try not to make it personal.

  95. bird_spit says:

    I think on the positive side, Bruce now will be only playing 12 games in 13 weeks before the playoffs. It’s not a bad thing. And, I wonder about the test requirements after testing positive. Is there a period of time that the player won’t have to worry about testing, therefore is free to take unconventional means to bulk up until his next test opportunity?

  96. LeePHilI says:

    What is sad is that these young men are convinced that this drug “enhances” performance.

  97. GeorgiaHawk – “The way Irvin played against Atlanta in the playoffs last year we won’t miss him too much.”

    On the other hand, Georgia, maybe that’s exactly why Irvin is doing everything he can possibly do this offseason to improve – include breaking a rule. Irvin was worn down at the end of last season. We don’t know what the tested substance was, but whether HGH or something else, I would assume he was using it to become the best he could be in 2013.

    And like bird-spit said –
    maybe resting a few games in 2013 won’t be the worst thing for Irvin. I think he didn’t have the conditioning to last 18 games last year. Next year I hope he’ll be stronger in the playoffs. That’s when it really counts.

  98. Jusjamn says:

    I wonder if the front office knew about this before the off season? That sure would explain the “extra” emphasis on DL and the high RB pick.

  99. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- How could Irvin be worn down at the end of the season last year?
    He doesn’t play that much to be worn down. Really how can you say that and really believe it?
    And if it takes PEDs to be all he can be, he is in a world of trouble moving forward.

  100. Georgia, Go back and watch some of the early games from last season.

    Early in the season, Bruce Irvin not only had great speed, but he was bull-rushing a bit. He was pretty strong for his size, not great technique, but not just speed, he was showing strength. At the end of the season, he had no bull rush at all. He still had his speed, but he looked weakened and linemen were locking him up in his tracks. Go watch the film.

    As for him ot playing enough to be worn down? Irvin basically had played two seasons of serious college football, 11 games each. By the time he was half way through his first NFL season he had worked harder than ever in his life. By the end of the season, his leg strength was gone.

    And if you really think most of the NFL isn’t on HGH (or other untestable varieties of pharmaceuticals) then you’ll have to explain to me how 330-pound men can explode out of a 3-point stance and run a 4.9/40. Twenty years ago there were no human beings on the planet like this. It didn’t happen through nutrition or new weight training techniques alone. Players bodies are completely different over the past decade or so.

    I don’t think there is any explanation other than pharma being a much bigger part of training than anyone wants to admit. The NFL cannot test for all this, and they cannot control this. All the NFL can do is fine those few players who screw up and fail to keep their drugs hidden.

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