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Morning links: Schneider, Carroll make list of top NFL decision makers

Post by Eric Williams on May 15, 2013 at 7:05 am with 69 Comments »
May 15, 2013 7:05 am
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, right, looks on as general manager John Schneider answers questions about the choices facing the team in the upcoming NFL football draft, Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, right, looks on as general manager John Schneider answers questions about the choices facing the team in the upcoming NFL football draft, Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports ranks Seattle’s front office as No. 5 in the league. It’s a pretty good read this morning on what makes NFL decision makers successful.

Baltimore tops the list, followed by New England, Green Bay, N.Y. Giants and Seattle.

La Canfora: “Try to knock what the tandem of John Schneider and Pete Carroll have accomplished since literally turning over the entire roster there and building it into a winner in a few short years. They have crushed on trades for guys like Marshawn Lynch and Chris Clemons and Leon Washington, and I believe, the Percy Harvin trade will be looked at as one that started their Super Bowl run. Schneider has the perfect temperament, learned from Thompson, to allow Carroll to be the man and get the spotlight, but trust me, this personnel department has been more key to the rise of the Seahawks than anything else.”

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports picks six Seahawks for his annual list of the top 100 NFL players. Seattle players include Richard Sherman (No. 9), Earl Thomas (51), Russell Wilson (82), Russell Okung (86), Marshawn Lynch (87) and Percy Harvin (97).

Clare Farnsworth of profiles new Seattle defensive end Benson Mayowa, who earned a spot on the 90-man roster as a tryout player.

The NFL released times and dates for the league’s preseason schedule on Tuesday. Here’s Seattle’s slate of games.
Aug. 8 at San Diego, 7 p.m. (FOX)
Aug. 17 Denver, 7 p.m. (FOX)
Aug. 23 at Green Bay, 5 p.m. (CBS)
Aug. 29 Oakland, 7 p.m. (FOX)

A player (or two) from Seattle is expected to be revealed when the NFL Network announces selections 61-70 on their top 100 players in the NFL list on Thursday, 5 p.m.. Three Seahawks have already appeared on the list in Percy Harvin (No. 90) and Max Unger (95).

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports lists the St. Louis Rams as one of his teams expected to surprise this year.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune provides some interesting perspective on former Chargers great Chuck Muncie, who died of a heart attack at the age of 60 on Tuesday.

Check out the latest Fresh Files from Doug Baldwin in the video below.

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  1. Personally, I firmly believe Brandon Browner should be on the list of top 100 players. The guy is fantastic, and the penalties are just a by-product of his tough play. At least a third of his PI penalties two years ago were bogus calls, IMO. And I thought that before his suspension, he was outplaying Sherman. Seriously, Browner was flat shutting guys down, and wasnt getting beaten as often as Sherm. While he also wasnt making as many plays, I’ll take a shutdown guy like him any day. The pair of them together are also greater than the sum of their parts.

    Notice Rice is not listed. Despite the opinions of some on this blog, they guy doesnt come close to being a top-5 or even top-10 WR, let alone a top 100 player.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I’m sorry to read that about Chuck Muncie. When these silly lists come out (like the Top 100. Honestly, who gives a rip…?) ranking players at their respective positions, or type of player they were, Muncie never gets the credit he’s due for being such a hard runner. Just bruising.

  3. Duke–Makes you wonder what they guy could have accomplished if he had actually worked out in the offseason, not smoked or taken drugs, and had his head on straight…but thats like wishing Warner hadnt blown his knee out in 1984 or that Jimi Hendrix had lived…

    Sad to hear of his passing, but its great to hear he turned his life around and made a real difference in his later years.

  4. sluggo42 says:

    Fresh files are ok, but they are no real rob reports…

  5. HawkFromDay1 says:

    In total agreement about the Rams – they had a very good season last year and its overlooked. Jeff Fisher is an absolutely exceptional coach and that team is getting more talented.

    Sad to hear about Muncie definitely. I’ve always been a big Sammy Baugh fan as the best football player ever – best QB, DB and punter of his era (spanning 12 years) – how’s that for a straight-up football player?

  6. Muncie didn’t lick the boots of death when he played – no fear – but it seems it caught up to him. Ever notice how many great performing pro-football players lives seem to last into their 50’s and 60’s instead of their 80’s and 90’s like many do today? That was kinda true from at least those born in the early 1900’s on. Just learned my best friend from grade and high school died in ’05 at age 52. No a pro, but could play any sport better than everybody else in those days. Spose it has something to do with the throttle being stuck a little further open?

  7. Credit to Carroll and Schneider well deserved.

    From the day former CEO Tod Leiweke and Paul Allen fired Jim Mora and set out to find a new head coach and GM who would work well together, the Seahawks decision making to-to-bottom has seemed to have the golden touch in everything they’ve done. So I think credit starts at the top with how Leiweke handled those hires, the non-traditional way they brought Carroll and Schneider in as a team to work together, and then how PC and JS have executed a bold plan of dramatically changing the team in just a few years.

    And now we have a young quarterback who is already a master decision maker. What a great time to be a 12th Man.

  8. I meant “top-to-bottom” of course.

    For team-building decisions – and maybe even schemes – PC and JS are Kings of the NFL right now.

    But for taking any 11 guys onto the football field and somehow beating the other 11 guys, I still marvel at how good Jeff Fisher is. Those Rams could spell trouble this year. We have go to St Louis on Oct 28 and beat them down

  9. Southendzone says:

    I don’t think the Fresh Files is meant to be the Real Rob Report so the comparison is a bit unfair.

    RRR is like “Here’s an inside look at the Hawks”.

    FF is like “Hey I’m Doug Baldwin and here’s some stuff I did recently”

  10. For those who rely on stats to say that Rice or Miller aren’t top WR / TE, keep in mind that we had a rookie QB and no team in the NFL ran more than the Seahawks last year. When that happens the team (and individual) passing stats are bound to be low.

  11. blocis, good point. This is a balanced run-first team. Players aren’t coming to the Seahawks to generate stats, they are coming here to Win a Championship.

  12. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Rice doesn’t need to be in the NFL top 100 to be considered a great player. He is in the top 10 on the Seahawks and does everything the team asks him to do. He made incredible catches all year, can’t remember any drops and took some huge hits, yet showed up every week. He also doesn’t bitch and moan about not getting the ball more and never threw his QB under the bus. Quality teammate with integrity and talent.
    Not sure why some are in such a hurry to cast him out. He’s a stud and easily one of our best players.

  13. The national media really are crows on a wire. One flies off … and they all do.

    A year ago, Schneider was the bonehead GM who drafted a 5’11 QB and a linebacker who could be had in the 6th round. And Pete was a cheater and two time NFL head coaching failure. Now, they’re geniuses.

    Really, I wish we didn’t have to see or hear from the so-called national media until the NFC Championship game. They’re a silly distraction.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    While I understand your position that Tate is the one to keep and Rice is the WR in danger of release/trade next season I don’t think you are now or ever will be in the majority.

    Rice was the guy getting all the double teams last season. Rice was the WR opposing D’s were scheming to stop.

    Tate is FINALLY beginning to show the skills that warrant a 2nd round draft choice, but he isn’t a guy that is going to cause a DC and DB coach to lose sleep over. Not yet.

    Now the fun is going to be this season. DC’s scheme to stop Harvin, Rice goes off. You scheme to stop Harvin and Rice, Tate goes off.

    This is the year.

    After this season we will know more. What it will come down to is what can/will Tate be able to demand for his new contract. If the asking price is too rich I could easily see the team letting Tate test the FA waters.

    Rice is already under contract. His salary for next year is already budgeted into the team’s Cap management plan. Now if Rice doesn’t have the season I personally think he’s going to have, then there might be the ‘re-structure or we cut you’ talk with Rice.

    As much as you love Tate, STTBM, he may just play his way off the team because he becomes too expensive. The team can’t pay Harvin 10+ a season, and pay Rice 8+, and pay Tate even 6+.

  15. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Great post chuck. I also think Tate has benefited greatly from playing across from Rice. Fortunately for us, Tate’s light has seemed to turn on and he appears to be “getting it”. I would say another benefit Rice is providing is professionalism and leadership. Tate is super talented and can look to Rice on how to be a pro and teammate. It seems to be paying off and teams will have a nightmare on their hands trying to stop Rice, Harvin, Tate, Baldwin and the rest. The Seahawks have never fielded a receiver group with this much talent and ability. Season….Get….Here…NOW!!

  16. Macabrevity says:

    Stevos… Fisher and co. have my respect too. I’m also honestly worried about Arizona with Carson, more so than SF to be honest.

  17. I worry about our whole division – for how long has Pitt/Balt dominated the division but Cincy – not great on the whole scheme of things – had a hand in deciding who wins the division or costing home field in some years etc. I can see STL and Ari being that for both us and SF.

    We are the better team but that doesn’t mean we will win both games with these teams!

  18. I used to be happy if we beat the Raiders or the Broncos once a year. This year I will be disappointed if we don’t win ALL our games.

  19. Prepare for disappointment!

  20. “Schneider has the perfect temperament, learned from Thompson, to allow Carroll to be the man and get the spotlight, but trust me, this personnel department has been more key to the rise of the Seahawks than anything else.”

    I will say this about Schneider – he is ahead of the league in terms of his decision making and risk vs. reward type acquisitions. Sure, he’s wiffed a few times – every personnel man does – but he’s hit quite a few more out of the park. However, to absolve Pete Carroll from the equation is quite ignorant, I think. No one is going to tell me that Pete is not in the ear of his scouts and the rest of the F.O., or that he doesn’t put his own time in evaluating certain players.

    These athletes that are being brought in are spec’d out according to Pete’s desires. He’s the one telling these guys what he expects, what he wants, what he’s looking for, and they go out and do the bulk of evaluating, but the vision behind this process is very much tied to Pete Carroll. This is most evident on the defensive side of things, but it extends really to all facets of the team. Pete knows exactly what he wants, and he has a great cast of scouts and great right hand man in Schneider that are going to get him what it is he wants.

  21. Chuck–Not being in the majority has never bothered me. The majority is often wrong, in point of fact.

    Yes, I am a big Tate supporter since Day One. I have problems with Rice because for what he offers, I feel he is overpaid, and he is not a do-everything, take-over-a-game kind of player, which is what I expect for 8 million a year and the designation of a number one WR. He’s a complementary player and a nice puzzle piece paid like a star. The one year we REALLY needed him–his first year–he was hurt more than he played, and he looked like an average player most of the time. Last year he made it through the whole year, but he was banged up and often ineffective.

    I am aware Tate may play his way into more money than Seattle can/will pay him–I have said as much many times. But I also think a case can be made that Rice benefited from having a guy like Tate play opposite him as well, because when teams doubled up on Rice and left Tate in single coverage, he burned them bad.

    Rice dropped several passes that were a big deal last year, and he never seemed to me to be a guy that when you HAVE to have a big play, will get open and make the play no matter what. Tate was that guy quite often, though he’s still learning.

    Rice just doesnt seem tough enough or special enough to me to ever be an elite WR. But your right, with Wilson in full command, I expect to see more passing, and the times when Rice is open and not thrown to will diminish; we should see better stats for him this year.

    As Ive said before, Im not basing my opinion so much on Rice’s stats, but his overall play. There were games when I felt they werent utilizing him enough, he was really kicking butt; but many other games where he looked utterly average to me, in his routes, his blocking, and his speed.

    I have no problem with JS and PC not extending Tate yet–he hasnt earned one. But I kinda hope they sign him to one before he hits the open market. It all depends on whether he steps it up some more this year. And on how Rice does. If Rice doesnt step up and Tate does….

  22. abqhwkfn says:

    How long has it been since a Seahawks WR has had over 1000 yards? Or over 100 receptions? I think it is ridiculous to say we may have the best core of WRs in the league… I think it is fair to say with the exception of Harvin, there are no guaranteed roster spots for any of our WRs. Individual cases can be made based on salary but not by performance. I am not impressed with this group of WRs.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Here’s a Real Rob Report from last month that I hadn’t seen with Roddy White…!

  24. slicktoxic says:

    I know stats certainly tell a story…..but you have to also take into consideration that Russell was finding his way early last year, as was his coaching staff’s ability to know when to cut him loose.

    When they did, they found out that he had picked up the playbook, and was capable of making reads/throws of all kinds, to anywhere on the field.

    This should be the year that we see exactly what this group can do.
    There isn’t more than 2 or 3 teams in the league that have a more talented group of receivers…personally I don’t think anyone has the talent and depth that we have. Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Harvin, and Miller….and perhaps Harper and Willson??
    And with Lynch and co. running the ball a ton, we may not have a 100-reception receiver…but this may be the year we have a couple of 1000 yd. receivers. Time will tell. I wouldn’t bet against it though!!

  25. Sekolah says:

    I really do not like Roddy White’s tone. Pro athletes like him, who are just way too proud to admit when they’ve met their match really irritate me. Richard Sherman may not be the best in the league yet, but he limited Roddy to a fairly humble performance. Outside of that TD catch, he basically did very little. They caught Seattle in the right coverage, got the right amount of protection for Ryan, and that was pretty much that.

    “Got lucky”? Whatever… hater.

  26. HonHawksLSB says:

    That’s a lot of snaps for Beast. Glad we are deep at the position plus have Percy to take 1-3 carries a game.

    Lynch 5-Year Glance: Playing Time
    Yr. G GS Snaps
    2012 16 15 645
    2011 15 15 535
    2010 16 14 441
    2009 13 6 344
    2008 15 15 650
    Source: ESPN Stats & Information

  27. Sekolah says:

    Personally, it feels to me like Lynch is about to see a bit of a dip in his carry and snap total. We didn’t just draft a potential starting workhorse like Michael to sit the bench and play ST’s – although I know that is how it’s being framed at this point. A guy like Michael is more than likely going to be too good to not give him reps.

    In addition, Marshawn had a few too many fumbles last season. Not just mere fumbles, but ones that both threatened momentum and even took pts. off of the board. That can’t continue no matter how beastly Marshawn can be. That has to stop if this team wants to win a Super Bowl. And how it stops is you limit his carries. I’m sorry to say, but unless he averages like 8.0 yards a carry this season I cannot see him cracking the 2K mark like Mike Rob is talking.

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    I think I just lost some respect for John Idzik when I got to paragraph three…Re:Timmy…

  29. Sekolah says:

    Ruskell should have never been a GM. His place in the NFL is really as a scout. He made a name for himself as such when Tampa was putting together the team that eventually won the SB. He is definitely a last word sort of guy, and during his time here there were several instances where he and Holmgren simply were not on the same page at all – to the detriment of the team. Even Jim Mora was vocal about not really being heard.

    Ruskell just relied too much on his own ideas about what the team needed or what the coaches really wanted. His hard line on drafting only seniors, and only players from big time conferences seriously hurt this team. He was the victim of some bad draft years, but ultimately he was his own problem.

    In a scouting role, he has much less control. I wouldn’t fault Idzik for hiring Numbskull based on Idzik making him a part of the scouting dept. Limit his power, and Ruskell is probably just as good as any personnel man for bouncing ideas off of.

  30. Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have been a breath of fresh air for an organization and fan base that sorely needed it. On average, they have been masters at playing the game and assembling talent.

    Rice is better than most WRs. Period. He’s better than Roddy White, that’s for darn sure, IMO. If you want me to look at his stats – fine. White plays in an offense with Matt Ryan chucking the ball all over the plays which equals a lot of yards available for the receivers. Ryan had over 1,500 more yards passing than we did last year which means a guy like White gets a lot more opportunities – and less double teams, on average, with Jones and Gonzo on the team as well.

    If you want to say that stats don’t lie… then let me prove to you that Larry Fitzgerald sucks. Why isn’t Fitzgerald on this list of top 40 receivers in the NFL in terms of yards gained? Is it because Fitz isn’t as good as all of these other 40 receivers?

    As some have stated, it was Rice who commanded all of the double teams last year and played on a team that ranked among the fewest passing yards in the NFL. For as great of a year as Wilson had, he was still 23nd in the NFL in terms of passing yards which means all of his receivers had less chances for yards than most other teams. Wilson only had a few more passing yards than what the AZ QBs did too. That’s going to change this coming year and Rice will easily be on that stoopid top 100 list next year if he plays in another 16 games. “Book it.” lol :)

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Those snap totals are a bit misleading, regarding Lynch. If we look at his total carries and receptions, we can get a clearer picture of his “mileage”.
    Att Rec
    2008: 250 47
    2009: 120 28
    2010: 202 22
    2011: 285 28
    2012: 315 23

    I have no doubt they will cut Lynch’s carries back to the 275-285 range this year, simply because no RB can withstand multiple 300+ carry seasons. Not for long at least. With that, overall, there’s not a ton of “wear” for him, despite his physical style. Which is a good thing, because he’s one of the best RBs in the league and Seattle’s most physical presence, on offense.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    If you just look at Rice’s catches and receiving yards, you’re missing a large part of the equation. It’s certainly a fair debate whether or not he’s a #1/elite receiver, whatever that means. I think he’s a #1 receiver personally. He’s someone that commands attention and can come up with tough catches when needed. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion STTBM, but can you name some of these big drops you mentioned? I certainly can’t remember them. I remember a number of great catches throughout the year.

    Rice caught 50 passes in 80 targets for 62.5 %. That’s with a 15 yard average, so they’re aren’t just dinks and dunks. Also 7 TDs. 14% of his catches were TDs. 37 of those 50 catches resulted in a 1st down. That’s 74 %. Let’s compare. Let’s compare Rice to some top receivers.

    WR Catch % First Down% TD %

    Sidney Rice 62.5% 74% 14%
    Calvin Johnson 59.5% 75.4% 4.1%
    Brandon Marshall 60.8% 63.6% 9.3%
    Demaryius Thomas 66.7% 63.8% 10.6%
    Vincent Jackson 49% 85% 11.1%
    Dez Bryant 66.7% 58.7% 13%
    Wes Welker 67.8% 61% 5.1%
    Roddy White 64.3% 79.3% 7.6%
    A.J. Green 59.1% 62.9% 11.3%
    Larry Fitzgerald 46.4% 62% 5.6%

    Golden Tate 66.2% 64.4% 15.6%

  33. “Crows on a wire.” Nice metaphor CB2108.

    I don’t agree with LaCanfora’s implication that it’s really Schneider that makes the difference. It’s pointless to try to make that distinction. Schneider and Carroll are greater than the sum of their parts. Pete has an awesome eye for potential, Schneider has awesome management skills. Together they are phenomenal. After the Holmgren years of success we were due for a downturn. How many teams are able to minimize their downturn the way the Hawks did? Only 4 bad seasons (4-12, 5-11, 7-9, 7-9), only two of which were the new regime, and one of which included a playoff victory vs. the defending NFL champs! Almost NOBODY does this in the NFL. The Niners trough went for 8 years.

    It was Paul Allen’s bold move to pick Carroll that made the difference.

  34. bbnate420 says:

    I think it’s funny how Roddy White says that nothing jumps out about Sherm, but they had to have him come in close to the line so that Sherm wouldn’t press his butt right into the turf. Strange indeed.

  35. ruminator1 says:

    some interesting stuff on the receivers. I think Tate, Baldwin and Harper will be in more direct competition and I would think for this year that Baldwin is in the most jeopardy. But I also think a key to which receivers survive will be our protection. Rice, to me had a good, not a great, year. I thought he played well for the most part, in spite of the double teaming. And the other key will be the tight ends. if we have an effective set of tight ends, that will really take pressure off the receivers. all this is a tad simplistic, I know. but I am curious about Willson. not sure why, but I am doubting he will make the club (am expecting McGrath to shine).

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Really nice post regarding Rice, ‘nate.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks, duke. Some here may accuse you of butt kissing though. ;-)

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So what explains the last 4 games,( most important games) of the season last year when Rice just disappeared?

    Boldin didn’t disappear. He thrived!

    What is most important to me is how a player performs when the games count most.
    Is Rice good? Absolutely! Is he great? Time will tell.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    What 4 games are you talking about, Georgia? The last 4 of the regular season or last 2 and 2 playoff games? Either way, I disagree.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The last 2 and 2 playoff games.


    What’s the only difference between ass kissing and brown nosing?

    Depth perception.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I apologize to raymaines for jumping to conclusions about his Geoux Hawks thing.

    I got pissed about his remark below.


    “DB spent a lot of time last year with Matt Flynn and somehow he’s our most intelligent WR? Geoux ‘Hawks!”

    At least Baldwin didn’t practice with Jackson last year like Rice did so does that make Rice more intelligent?

  42. Sekolah says:

    “I think it’s funny how Roddy White says that nothing jumps out about Sherm, but they had to have him come in close to the line so that Sherm wouldn’t press his butt right into the turf. Strange indeed.”

    Right, nate. Nothing jumped out about Sherm deflecting away the first three passes thrown Roddy’s way either. I guess that was just normal for him. The bulk of his production that game was the result of one play. He had 4 catches for 29 yards. Then they got Sherm to bite on a double move and Kam was late getting over the top.

    Oh, well. Sherm has that sort of effect on WR’s. We know he isn’t shy about talking, and leading up to that game I believe he had said something similar about Roddy, like “nothing special” or something cocky like that.

  43. bbnate420 says:

    Sherm has said some disparaging stuff about White in the media. I doubt Roddy would say anything good publicly about Sherm even if he thinks it.

  44. Macabrevity – “Stevos… Fisher and co. have my respect too. I’m also honestly worried about Arizona with Carson, more so than SF to be honest.”

    Mac, the Rams and Fisher have my respect. They’re well coached and they’ve got some good athletes coming up. But Arizona? C’mon, man.

    I’m always concerned about going up against guys like Patrick Peterson and Darnell Dockett, but Arizona’s offensive line helped kill Kevin Kolb’s career and will kill Carson Palmer’s career next. I see Arizona as the team the Seahawks will use to pad their sack stats! How are they going to stop Irvin, Avril, and Bennett all at once? Carson Palmer might have to call in sick those days.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    Good one, Georgia.

    I’d disagree about Rice disappearing the last 4 games. His stats weren’t great for sure, but he opened up things for other receivers. Baldwin, Tate, and Miller were able to take advantage.

    He had 1 catch in 2 targets for 14 yards versus the Whiners. That game was over by half time. I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t think he even played much in the second half. We have to remember that he had a knee issue at the end of the year too. He was missing a lot of practice. He was questionable going into that Whiners game.

    He was probable going into the Lambs game. He had zero catches and zero targets. I don’t remember it well enough to say he had a bad game. He obviously didn’t tear it up.

    He had 1 catch in 4 targets for 27 yards against the Skins. The one catch he did make was a GREAT sideline catch that was very important in the game. Most receivers wouldn’t have been able to come down with that ball.

    He had 4 catches in 9 targets for 60 yards versus the Falcons. I don’t see that as a bad game. He also took a lot of attention away from Tate and especially Miller. The Falcons left the middle of the field vulnerable.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Look, we have a very good WR group this year, so no need to say Baldwin will be cut or traded. Makes no sense to me.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    I’d agree with that. I don’t think they should be thinking about getting rid of any of their WRs at this point. They’re going to have to make some decisions after 2013.

  48. OregonHawk says:

    Tough as nails catch by Rice in the Chicago game for the TD

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:
  50. Tate needs to stay. Have u seen him after the catch WOW!!!

  51. HonHawksLSB says:

    I still wonder how Rice avoided a concussion in that Bears game. He was clearly knocked out and has a history of them. And then he took another big shot at the end of that blowout Bills game.

  52. HonHawksLSB says:

    Can someone with knowledge of our draft clarify who we got in the 7th round last year in the Curry trade? Was it Sweezy?

    Did we really get a starting OL and a promising young Corner for that colossal bust?

    If the Hawks get that ring it would be pretty hard to argue JS and Pete not being in the top spot.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    I can’t find it for sure, but I think Sweezy was taken with their own 7th. That would mean they got Scruggs with the Oak pick.

    Scruggs contributed more than Curry would’ve in 2012. And he still may be a good player once he recovers from the ACL. I think Simon will contribute to this team at some point. Pretty good return for someone that was being paid 10 mil a year to give you adequate at best LB play.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “If I were James Carpenter”
    “And you were my trainer”
    “Would you keep me from fast food joints”
    “Would that be a no brainer?”

    “If Moffitt would get in shape”
    ” And Sweezy would learn fast”
    ” would our O-Line be good at last?”
    ” or be very bad ass.”

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m going way out of a limb here when I say that Baldwin will be Wilsons go to Wr.
    They share a work ethic unmatched by most others in the NFL, So it wouldn’t surprise me if Baldwin becomes to Wilson what Engram was to Hasselbeck.

  56. Sweezy was indeed drafted with the pick acquired from Oakland through the Curry trade.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Yes, Sweezy was taken with the Oak pick. The Hawks didn’t have a pick of their own in the 7th. So they got Sweezy and Simon for Curry. Looks pretty good. I think Sweezy and Simon will both turn out to be players.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “You start thinking about all the things you can do with a player like that. Now the hard part is to harness that talent,” Bevell told in March. “They can pick their poison. It’s gonna be a headache for defenses.”

    Now the hard part for us fans. Having to wait over three months to see the Seahawks play.

  59. CDHawkFan says:

    I’ve gone back and watched a few of the games from 2012 recently, observations include;

    (since its a hot topic on this tread) Rice made some great/amazing catches vs AZ, Dallas. I like him fine as our #1.

    Our OL sucked at the beginning of the year, really sucked both in pass protection, but mostly for running, ML had it tough to start the year.

    I now see signs from the beginning of the year that we had a tough time against the run (though many of us thought the D was the best in the league for the first half of the season).

    The play calling was terrible at the beginning of the year.

    And most of all, I now see why people had some issue with RW to start the year. I was always in his corner and couldn’t understand all the criticism as he was a rook, but after watching the first AZ game, Dallas, first Rams game, I can see the issues. RW sure did grow up from week 1 to 19.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree, Rice did make some great catches last year. The one against Chicago comes to mind.
    Rice was also wide open many times and Wilson either didn’t see him or chose not to risk throwing it his way,( like in the diagram from the article below. )

    Like this article says Wilson has some more work to do, so it will be interesting to see how he develops better in year two with regards to trusting Rice more.
    Rice’s numbers should be better this year just with his and Wilsons chemistry getting better.
    Getting all the reps this year can only help speed that process up imo.

    BTW-Lynch averaged 8.8 YPC and Wilson averaged 7.9 YPC with the zone read.
    Scary to think what could happen with Harvin on this team now. Wow!

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I often wonder which WR is getting the most reps in with Wilson this off season.
    If it is Rice than I think he will have great numbers this year.

    And if I were one of the WRs I would bring a sleeping bag over to Wilsons place and camp out for the summer.

    Why do I get the feeling that some here will take that last comment the wrong way. Lol.

  62. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Georgia: I would pay money to have a copy of that mic’d up weekend with RW. that would be cool to hear

  63. GeorgiaHawk – I heard that Schneider interview the other day and it was good to hear that story again. Great to hear Schneider’s perspective on that period too, right?

    I believe that Carroll brought in the three QBs with an open mind and spirit of competition. So, yes, Jackson and Flynn were in the competition on day one, but Wilson dominated them with his preparation and smarts in the film room.

    It took a month or two for Wilson’s skills and knowledge to catch up with all the new defenses he was seeing, and I think that’s the main reason Flynn still looked like the potential starter until he injured himself in preseason. All of us who watched those camp practices from the berm at VMAC saw the same things: Flynn looked prepared but unspectacular, Tjack looked inconsistent, and Wilson looked like he was energized and in-command nearly every time he stepped behind center.

    So, was Jackson ever really in the competition? Yes, for about two days. Was Flynn ever really in the competition? Yes, until he nicked himself in preseason. That’s all the opening Wilson needed.

    I hope that ten and twenty years from now people are still telling the story of Wilson’s rookie year.

  64. Speaking of preparation – I wish I was a fly on the wall at the VMAC these days. With how much Wilson learned and prepared and innovated as a rookie, and how much Bevell was able to open the offense and innovate as the season went on, can we even imagine the offensive schemes they are working on together given a whole offseason together, plus Percy Harvin?

    Also, in the QB room now working next to Russell is Brady Quinn. The more I read about Quinn, the more he sounds like the perfect backup and team mate for this job. Here’s a nice article detailing what a level-headed, hard-studying, cerebral guy Quinn is…–lost-in-tebowmania-a-year-ago–brady-quinn-gets-chance-to-turn-around-the-chiefs.html

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That was a good interview of Schneider Stevos.
    I can only imagine how the rest of the team was trying to decide which qb ,( at all stages of the competition) was the one they wanted to lead them the most.
    I bet the locker-room was very divided in the beginning.

  66. bbnate420 says:

    I definitely think that it’s in the best interest of the WRs to work with RW often during the off-season, but I doubt anyone here works 365 days a year. These dudes deserve some time off. Some time with their families. Not a shot at anyone in particular, but we shouldn’t criticize these guys if they don’t spend 24/7 tied to RW’s jock.

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