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Morning links: Can Harper crack the starting lineup?

Post by Eric Williams on May 14, 2013 at 8:03 am with 62 Comments »
May 14, 2013 8:04 am
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Harper runs during practice drills at Seattle Seahawks NFL football Rookie Minicamp, Friday, May 10, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Harper runs during practice drills at Seattle Seahawks NFL football Rookie Minicamp, Friday, May 10, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Of all of the rookies who competed at last weekend’s rookie Minicamp, Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes that fourth round pick Chris Harper has the best chance to earn significant time with the first unit, based on his performance in the three-day session.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll also spoke highly of Harper after the final day of practice, saying he would have no problem putting him in with the starters.

Boling: “At 6-foot-1, 234 pounds, Harper is different than Seahawks receivers in the past. He’s a converted quarterback who started out at Oregon and transferred to Kansas State, so he’s still learning the position, which was probably why he was available in the fourth round of this year’s NFL draft.

But Harper has shown he can get separation from coverage with his strength, and he turns into a running back after the catch. He caught two deep touchdowns during rookie minicamp, one at full speed over the shoulder and another in which he had to dive to reach the ball to the end zone.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando lists Jesse Williams, Luke Wilson and Spencer Ware as late-round draft picks who could earn significant playing time in their rookie seasons for Seattle.

Clare Farnsworth of also takes a closer look at finding specific roles for this year’s rookie crop.

Jayson Jenks of The Seattle Times writes that the rookie minicamp provided Carroll with an opportunity to see Seattle’s rookies on the field, along with to start figuring out roles for each player.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle takes a look at what we learned from Seahawks camp.

I participated in a Seahawks roundtable on the radio with 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard and O’Neil, along with ESPN’s Mike Sando, which you can listen to here.

The Seahawks get a vote from a panel of experts at for having one of the best receiving groups in the league.

Readers at voted the Seahawks the Super Bowl champs in a prediction contest.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports puts Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner on his list of the best players in the NFL under 23 years old.

Chris Brown, writing for the Buffalo Bills official website, reports that Tavaris Jackson is taking reps with the first team in the team’s OTAs.

The Minnesota Vikings unveiled designs for the team’s proposed new stadium on Monday, which you can check out here.

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  1. Sekolah says:

    I could see it happening. There’s still much to be seen from Harper but what I have seen to this point is that he looks a lot to me like he could seriously push for a starter’s role at one of the outside spots. He has the potential to be a real match-up problem for a lot of DB’s in this league. He seems to have very strong, reliable hands, and his freakish physique is not just for looks. He is also apparently a very willing and able downfield blocker – which potentially creates yet even more headaches for a secondary to deal with.

  2. He was one of the rookies I wanted most. I was early on this bandwagon and will continue to be. I just wish he’d switch his number to 88. Can’t really explain why. It’s just the WR # that looks coolest to me. I think Harper has Hakeem Nicks potential (another #88). Great pick!


  3. Carlsonkid says:

    With the addition of Harvin , I’d say we easily have one of the best receiver groups in the league . Tate really came on strong last year , and Sidney stayed healthy . Baldwin had a rough year with injuries , but if everyone’s healthy , absolutely …

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Harper continues to progress, the Seahawks very well could have the best set of WRs in the NFL. And the most versatile too.

    With their depth at RB, continued improvement on the O-line and Wilson getting all the reps this year, how are teams going to stop them?

    And they get to practice against possibly the best Defense in football.

  5. Harvin

    So how many 5WR sets do they intend on running? Unless of course, Perishable Percy and Risky Rice inevitably go down.

    I don’t see him making the starting lineup.

  6. Start a game with 4 wideouts and Percy in the backfeild? That would be intriging.

  7. It seems Harper’s biggest advantages are his physicality and the fact that Rice isn’t dependable in terms of health (yes, he was healthy last year but 2 years ago he missed 7 games, 3 years ago he missed 10…odds of his staying healthy in 2013 are not great). It’s very likely Harper will be needed at some point this year.

    His biggest disadvantage experience (a huge weakness for a WR).

    Yet, no other Hawk WR is of the Anquan Boldin mold. With Rice or Harvin going underneath or deep, it makes sense to have a big possession WR who will win 1-on-1 battles lurking somewhere on the field.

    That said, one thing I’ve noticed about Tate is that he always has to battle for the ball. He’s pretty good at it and his after-the-catch moves are really solid (see Chicago TD last year, where he broke 3 tackles and stretched for the TD). But Tate is 5’10”, and will always have to battle.

    Bottom line is that the best players will play and the competitions in practice will determine it.

  8. Listening to Harper talking, it seems he thinks he can stretch the feild more then what analysist give him credit for and he never really had a chace because K State had such a shitty QB.

  9. Tate or Baldwin won’t return next year. Tate has come on stronger as of late, but both have been somewhat nullified with the addition of Harvin (playing the same slot role).

    Harper is quite frankly like no other Hawk WR I can recall. Boldin is a good comparison, but as I mentioned above so is Hakeem Nicks. Guys that can move the chains on 3rd and 4 when you need it most to keep a drive going.

    There’s gonna be a lot of teams that will regret having passed on him.

    Make the switch to #88 kid and don’t look back.


  10. chuck_easton says:


    Well, for one, I could easily see Baldwin disappearing off that list of yours. He was undrafted. Yes, he had a great rookie season when all the other wideouts couldn’t stay healthy. But due to injuries he regressed last year.

    The roster spot fight is squarely between Baldwin and Harper. May the best man win.

    Rice is going nowhere. No cap savings in cutting him. Tate is just beginning to come into his own. At worst we would see a trade of Tate. Harvin…10 million a year…nuff said.

    Baldwin better come with his A game and he had better stay healthy.

  11. chuck_easton says:


    I do remember you making comments about Harper pre-draft. You don’t have to resort to any yankster postings if/when Harper makes it good here! :)

    Harper is in your slot.

    My big push this year isn’t going out on a limb much, but I couldn’t help but love what I saw from the Hill highlight videos. The kid always seems to be around the ball. Run or pass. I think he’s going to be pushing Mebane for playing time. A 1-2 rotation of Mebane and Hill will keep them both fresh and will wreck the opposing o-lines.

  12. Thanks for the acknowledgement Chuck. I don’t always want to get credit here, but there is something about this guy that I’ve wanted in our WRs for a long time.

    Hill and J. Williams look great as well. They should both contribute.

    I just can’t recall the Hawks EVER having this much talent. What a great situation to be in. As fans, we’re very, very fortunate to have this all available to us.

    I really hope we can organize a game this year where many of us bloggers can get together for a home game and throw a few micro brews down. Have the TNT sponsor it with their advertisers…I promise to do everything I can to help…I think it’d be a grand time!


  13. Tate is our starting SE, not a slot WR. While he is short for a SE, he is also very fast–plenty fast to play SE. He also has incredible leaping ability, and runs after the catch like a RB. He weighs like 200 lbs and is only 5′-10″! He will get lots of snaps at SE and will start–unless they supplant him with Harvin in two-wide sets.

    That could happen, but somehow I think youre going to see Rice, Harvin, and Tate onfield at the same time an awful lot more than you will see Tate benched. I just cant see them leaving a guy as talented as Tate on the bench. Tate is also a fantastic blocker–the best WR at that.

    Baldwin is a natural slot WR who also shows the ability to line up on the outside as well. And he’s competitive; he wants to be the best WR in the NFL, and he wants to play FL or SE. If he can stay healthy, he’s the only ‘natural’ slot WR we have–a guy who instinctively knows when and where to settle in b/w zone’s. Tate doesnt have the feel for that, which is one reason he’s our SE and not our slot guy.

    But I think Seattle will move their WR’s around a lot more over the next couple years–no one is going to stuck in one position. Carrol loves versatility, and would love to have the flexibility to move his WR’s around at different positions without having to make substitutions, creating match-up nightmares for defenses.

    With Tate, Harvin, and Baldwin all able to play the slot pretty well, and all willing and able to play outside as well, plus Rice who is doing well as FL, and adding Harper and Kearse to the mix as well, camp and preseason should display an overabundance of WR wealth. This is by far the most loaded WR corps in the history of the Seahawks.

    Like I said, I see the WR’s playing multiple positions. I also think we keep 5 or even 6 WR’s on the active roster. There’s just too much talent to keep only 5. I dont think Baldwin loses his job, but all the WR’s are going to have to compete for touches. All will play, but its gonna be hard for them to get past 4 chances a game, and you know Tate, Rice, and Harvin ALL want 7-9 chances a game, not to mention Baldwin and Miller! Competition will be fierce!

    And no matter what some say, Rice will most definitely be in danger of being cut/traded/having salary reduced after this year. He’s just not productive enough to justify his salary, whether thats due to his limitations or the offense in general. There’s too much competition from the rest of the guys, esp Tate and with Harper here too that makes it that much harder to justify paying a FL that much.

    Tate is being talked about like he’s chopped liver on this blog lately, which is funny. He was pretty awesome from the middle of the season on, and IMO was more of a game-changer than Rice. You get Tate on on one, he’s gonna come down with the ball!

    Problem is, he may get a team like Jax to offer him more money than SEattle can justify paying him after this season. I hate the idea of losing him, I’d rather lose Rice and his bloated salary than lose Tate.

  14. Isn’t Baldwin originally from Florida? A trade to Jacksonville to play for uncle Gus might be in his future. The Jags also recently had one of their WR’s suspended for the first 4 games of the season as extra incentive.

  15. Harper ran a 4.46 40. Thats really fast! I dont know how agile he is, how quick he can cut/change direction. Some guys that run 4.4’s just have straight-line speed. It will be interesting to see Harper this preseason, to see if he can stretch the field and get separation on shorter, precise routes.

    And yeah, Baldwin needs to stay healthy. So does Rice.

  16. STTBM

    Eric, Sando, O’Neil and Brock Huard had their own round table a few days ago ESPN 710. Harper was discussed and what they pretty much all agreed upon was the fact that they were impressed how a guy like Harper, at his size, gets in and out of his cuts as he is transitioning through his route.

    Did Harper run a 4.46 on his pro day? says he posted a 4.55, which is still very solid considering his freakish build.

  17. OregonHawk says:

    Question for you all, would this work?

    3rd and short, line up in a 3 TE 1 RB and FB running formation, then pre snap have TE and RB or FB line up as WR…. How would the Defense react to this?

    My guess (my guess) is that their would be serious mismatches especially with Miller and a fast TE (Willson anyone)….

  18. Harper isn’t a guy I’ve watched much yet, but I could definitely see a big Split End (maybe Harper) alternating with Tate at SE. Yes, Tate proved he can play SE, much to my surprise, but what he does at SE is not the same things a big man can do.

    Pete Carroll looked long and hard in last year’s camp at T.O. and Antonia Bryant and Phil Bates, looking for a 200+ pound WR with muscle to get physical during receptions and blocking. Harper has a real chance to make the team because Carroll, and Cable, and Bevell, still want a guy like that.

  19. I think Tate did come on strong last year and really had a great year. The problem I see is he’s gonna want to get paid. At 5’10” you have to be really special to land a big contract. It’s why I think they’ll keep Sidney at 6’4″ albeit possibly at a slightly lower contract.

    The great news is we have a lot of talent. The challenging news is that RW and Sherman are going to get paid like elite talent and the squeeze has to happen somewhere. I think moving Baldwin may be the best option IF Tate has a reasonable price. Otherwise, I see Harper’s low salary and talent staying with Tate invited to ‘test’ the market. I’m not saying he’s chopped liver at all. I just think he may be viewed as expendable, but believe me, I hope they can keep the core 4 of Rice, Harvin, Tate and Harper. I’m just not sure it’ll happen.

  20. As WR roster cuts made each year point up, my guess is that the Seahawks will continue to shift toward a bigger, faster, catch-proof roster of WR’s, which means that any smaller folks like Tate and Baldwin will find it ever harder to survive for long. So while both have shown a lot of talent and grit, Schneider & Carroll will still tend to select and to keep only those who tend to prevail in catching the ball most dependably under any circumstance…for the most yards.

  21. Again, not only does Harper fit a ‘type’ Carroll is looking for, but the really unique thing about his roster is that he loves ‘role players’ rather than players who are prototypical for their position.

    We have a quarterback who is ‘too short’, a split end who is ‘too short’, two pass-rushing DEs who are ‘too small’, a run-stuffing DE who is ‘too big’, a linebacker who is ‘too short’, and another linebacker who is ‘too tall’, a strong safety who is ‘too big’, and a free safety who is ‘too small. And, oh yeah, those cornerbacks are much too tall too.

    Makes me think a ‘too big’ wide receiver is just what Pete wants next.

  22. You have heard of RB by committee? We may have WR by committee – Rice, Harvin, Tate, Baldwin and Harper. I think that Baldwin and/or Harper will need to play specials to stick.

  23. They typically keep 5 WR’s so I don’t understand – based on ability – why everyone is “Tate is in trouble, Baldwin is in trouble, Rice is in trouble” NO THEY AREN”T

    5 WR’s Rice, Harvin, Tate, Baldwin, Harper seem to be the most likely to make it –

    Now if they do decide to make a SALARY move then of course Rice is in trouble – Rice and Tate could be in trouble next year based on salary or FA to be Salary demanded.

  24. 2 or 3 of the WR’s will be playing some ST’s just they way it goes! Just like almost all of LB’s, Reserve DBs and RB’s

  25. chuck, I agree about Baldwin not being here. I remember Jim Irsay tweeting about working on a trade, and the team looking to acquire a WR, and people connected the dots to Baldwin to Indy. The dots make sense.

    Andrew Luck and Doug Baldwin were at Stanford, and DB was one of his go-to guys in school. I could still see DB going for a 4th round pick or so to the Colts, although the draft has come and gone.

  26. Yes, they normally keep 5 WR’s. What I was trying to say (but did an awful job of saying it), was that they might do WR by committee, meaning that all 5 would play. Normally only WR1, WR2 and WR3 get significant playing time.

  27. There are more Drafts :) The nice thing is that teams know we can keep all those guys if we want to – so if they want one of them the would have to give up a pick or player since they know we could keep them all if we want to.

    Always a nice position for our team to be in.

  28. Blocis – TOTALLY agree!! “Starter” in a position like WR or RB doesn’t really mean much. How many times do they announce the starters and then when they actually get the ball – send out a totally different line- up, Based on the situation they are in team they are playing – etc.

    I truly believe that this is one of the HUGE strengths of this team – they have a LOT of versitility and the coaches aren’t afraid of dropping some odd line – up out there sometimes, to mess with other teams.

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    Unless Chris Harper shows some serious talent in preseason/minicamp, I don’t see him playing much outside of special teams.Doug Baldwin or Golden Tate (I can’t believe some said Tate) aren’t just gonna let a rookie steal their precious playing time.Harper will have his chance after either Dougie, Tate, or Rice leaves next year.Let’s just hope he’s not another Courtney Taylor or Jordan Kent :O

  30. Not much left to add, except:

    Go ‘Hawks!

  31. chuck_easton says:

    Yes, the team usually keeps 5 WR’s on the 53 man roster. A few years ago they kept 6 and I recall one year (in the DJack era) where they had 7.

    The issue is game day. only 46 get to suit up. Used to be 45 and the #3 emergency QB was the 46th guy. Now you can suit up 46.

    So, that means 7 guys on the active 53 man roster are game day inactives. A great system when you have injuries as you aren’t playing short handed.

    But if all 53 are healthy you have 7 healthy scratches.

    Usually the team only has 4 WR’s active on game day. So all 5 could make the active roster, but it doesn’t mean that all 5 will be in uniform on game day.

  32. CDHawkFan says:

    I think it came out that the Irsay comments were about a Giants WR.

  33. Carrol likes big tall strong fast wr’s, and has been looking to replace Big Mike Williams for a couple years now (BMW wasnt himself his last year here). However, I dont think he will send Tate packing because he’s short; Tate is very strong, and has an incredible vertical jump, so he’s not your typical sub-6′ WR. If Tate leaves, it will be because he demands a lot more on the FA market after having a very good season in 2013, not because he’s only 5′-10″.

    Rice is likely to be a cap/cost casualty after this season, IMO. He’s also skinny and plays that way–he’s 6′-4 but only 200 lbs–Tate weighs that much and is 5 1/2 inches shorter!

    Most teams have a physical strong player at FL, and a taller, faster guy at SE. Seattle has Tate at SE because Rice just isnt fast enough to stretch defenses regularly. Tate is, so he gets the nod at SE. It wouldnt surprise me to see Seattle keep Tate and cut/trade Rice after this year, esp if Harper does well. Tate could conceivably be moved to FL or the slot, with Harvin manning either the SE position, or the slot, depending on formation etc. Harper could play either SE or FL. He’s shorter than the usual SE’s, but so are Tate and Harvin. He’s also heavier than any starting SE or FL under 6′-3″ that I know of, so he’s a beast.

  34. slicktoxic says:

    Let’s win the Super Bowl this year, and THEN we can start cutting or trading the Tates, Rices and Baldwins.
    Right now we’re in great position to weather the storm on injuries at a lot of different positions.
    This offense is loaded… many options!! Lynch, Turbin, Michael running right through you…..Harvin, Tate, Rice, Baldwin, and perhaps Harper blowing by or through guys…then add in Miller and Willson at the TE spot, and holy crap!! Even if Russell doesn’t do a whole lot more than last year…this team’s going to be better.
    Next year we pull off a trade to move up in the draft to get Clowney, and we rule the NFL for the next 10 years!

  35. Remember rookie minicamp a few years ago when well respected people like Rang talked (here) about how E.J. Wilson was a steal in the 4th round and how guys like him should have ranked him higher prior to the draft?

    I’m excited about Harper and the dimension he brings to the team, but lets see him practicing against players who are likely to be on an NFL roster this year before we start getting rid of guys like Rice, Tate, and/or Baldwin because of him.

    I love his size and how he’s so much faster than a similarly built guy like Boldin – of course, Boldin plays much faster than his timed time too.

    Personally, I did not know much about him prior to the draft but everything highlight I have watched and things I’ve read — well, it’s been nothing but impressiving predicting his potential forward.

    I do think there’s a good chance he could find himself starting in 2014 when you think of Tate entering a contract year and Rice and his salary moving forward.

    If it makes sense, I don’t see Harvin as a “starter” like a Fitzgerald (or even some lesser starters like craptree) in terms of percentage of snaps based on an NFL roster. Before somee go ballistic, lie and takes things out of context – I do see Harvin as a guy who will have more of an impact on an NFL game than 99% of other players though if that makes sense but when I think of our “starters” for ’13 I think of Rice and Tate and Harvin in the slot (although Harvin will impact the game more than Tate).

  36. Southendzone says:

    Both Baldwin & Tate showed too much last year & produced too well for me to think they have much of a chance of not making this year’s team for any reason.
    I don’t see any WR on the crew out-working DB and supplanting his roster spot. The obvious top 4 WRs will be the actual top 4, Harvin, Rice, DB, Tate.

  37. slicktoxic says:

    It’s gonna be a shame losing some of our guys when their contracts are up, but we can’t pay everyone, so we can’t keep everyone.
    They have to make the tough decisions of who we keep, and which positions are deep enough to let our “studs” go.
    If Rice can have a great year this year, then he probably becomes trade bait, and maybe we try and sign Tate and Baldwin….but we can’t keep all 4 past this year.
    Same with DB’s……Kam got paid, Earl will get paid…..and probably Sherm will get paid….although not the rate he will command on the open market if he has another outstanding year. That’s where they have to make sure they have guys….Lane and/or Simon to step up into a starting role. I don’t see how they can keep Browner past this year.

  38. raymaines says:

    I’m a little worried the Rules And Competition committee will shorten the draft to three rounds if JS&PC strike gold again this year with Chris Harper, Jesse Williams, Tharold Simon, and Luke Willson.

  39. Bobbyk–I think I smell what youre stepping in! I dont see Harvin playing as the SE in two-WR sets with Rice all that often–I think its Tate’s job to lose. (Although that may be what Carrol has in mind, I have no idea….)I do think Seattle will use 3 and 4 WR sets far more this year than in previous years, and may use 5-wides (or 4 plus a TE or TE in slot) more as well.

    Even when Tate was only targeted 4 times a game, he was making 3 game-changing plays with those. Harvin I see as doing the same thing, only on a bigger scale. He will make his touches really count.

    I do see Seattle passing more, but not NO with Brees style. I dont see anything wrong with Rice, Tate, and Harvin getting 4-6 targets apiece, with Baldwin getting 3-4, and 4-5 for TE’s. I would like to see Seattle attempting about 25-28 passes a game, rather than just 15-20, as happened last year.

    It is gonna suck losing good players, but hopefully it works out. I still am gonna be pissed if we lose Tate and keep Rice. Tate just makes things happen despite fewer targets than Rice, and he’s stronger and tougher.

    And yeah, I get that Rice often draws the double-team, leaving Tate with single coverage. So Rice is valuable for that alone. But Tate is a rising young star, and Rice may have peaked.

    Gonna be wild with Harvin in the mix; I wonder what Bevell and Carrol are cooking up?!

  40. I love that Seattle seems to value all their draft picks. I really love their knack for finding talent deeper in the draft with small college guys, guys whose stock fell due to injury, and guys that never had a chance to shine but whose potential and uniqueness give them a shot at being better pros than they were college players.

    Harper, Williams, Willson, Simon, Bowie, Micheal, all those guys fit one or more of those categories.

    Its kind of crazy they are talking about putting Harper in games already, and him only a fourth round choice! And Willson, Simon and Williams have a chance to contribute as well, and they were from even deeper in the draft.

  41. HonHawksLSB says:

    Who would he start over Tate? Not happening this year but probably next if Harper is as advertised. I just can’t get that visual of Tate extending over the goal line to take the lead over the Bears late in the 4th quarter.

    Tate is going to be a solid #2WR for some team next year, and will price himself out of the Hawks resigning him.

  42. Scruggs just got hurt and is most likely out for the season clearing up a crowded situation at DT. The same thing could happen at WR. There’s a long way to go before the season starts and things will sort themselves out. I’m stoked we have the depth that we do.

    I can handle the tough decisions and painful personnel departures AFTER we win the Superbowl. Let’s take care of business 1st!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This Baldwin for a 4th, or this Baldwin to the Jags makes no sense to me.
    He is our most intelligent WR. He is our hardest working WR, And arguably our toughest.

    Two things that set him back last year was #1- injuries, #2- Not getting enough time with Wilson to create a chemistry.
    Remember Baldwin spent much of his off season last year working out with Flynn in Florida, and after Wilson beat Flynn out for the job the FO pushed Rice and Tate on to Wilson as a priority above Baldwin.

    At the end of the season though,(last four games) Baldwin performed much better than Rice.
    I doubt that Baldwin will be asking for a Rice, Harvin type contract moving forward so I think he is safe for this year anyways.

  44. raymaines says:

    DB spent a lot of time last year with Matt Flynn and somehow he’s our most intelligent WR? Geoux ‘Hawks!

  45. raymaines says:

    Totally separately: I really like typing “Geoux ‘Hawks”. If for no other reason, I wish Matt flynn would have worked out here.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who impacted the game the most last year at the end of the season as far as receiving?
    Answer- Miller.
    Wilson doesn’t care who gets the ball most. He only cares about winning. so I don’t expect any of our receivers this year putting up Pro Bowl numbers.
    Check your egos at the door, because Wilson is gonna spread the rock around this year.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    raymaines- You wished Flynn would have worked out here? Lol. I prefer to have an elite QB that can take us to a SuperBowl win or more.

  48. raymaines says:

    GH you doofus, like I don’t want an elite QB? I just wish that elite QB would have been from Louisiana so I could type “Geoux ‘Hawks”. And besides, MF had a really hot girlfriend.

    Can we post pictures on the blog? I bought a new ball cap today and here is a “Direct link” to my Photobucket picture of that cap. Lets see if it works.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who’s the doofus? The one that likes Wilson to lead this team, or the one that likes Flynn who has a really hot girlfriend?

    Mabey you should focus more on the lingerie league. Lol.

  50. raymaines says:

    You’re making fun of the Lingerie League? Doug Flutie’s daughter plays in the Lingerie League. Apparently she’s also a NE Pat’s dance team member.

    I totally aspire to have a girl friend that plays in the LL, but a NFL dance team member would work too.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Aspire all you want ramaines, lol, however if you get lucky there it doesn’t change the fact that you know very little about Seahawk football.
    At least that’s the way you have presented yourself so far.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Tate or Baldwin aren’t going anywhere until after 2013. There’s no reason to. Neither makes very much money. If anyone can remember 2008, you can never have enough WRs. Especially in May. I’d handicap Harper as the favorite to win the 5th WR spot at this point. I don’t think he sees a lot of time on offense unless there are injuries. IMO, he’s really playing this year to impress the coaches for 2014. Tate is an UFA, Baldwin is a RFA, and Rice has the large contract. I would expect that one of them won’t be here in 2014. The Hawks can bring Baldwin back in 2014 for relatively decent money. Either that or they will get good draft compensation if someone else wants to sign him.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    I’d take Alexa Flutie over a SB any day of the week.

    raymaines was making a joke about Flynn. Relax, Georgia. I’m sure he meant no offense to your man crush.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No need to debate now that nate has set things straight.

    Btw, where have you been of late nate?

  55. bbnate420 says:

    Just busy with school and trying to avoid getting into it on here for awhile.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So what exactly are you trying to learn?

  57. GH being an arce again when someone makes a sarcastic remark about Flynn. GEEZ

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- What was the sarcastic remark about Flynn, and why would would it really matter since we have a top five QB.

  59. I really like typing “Geoux ‘Hawks”. If for no other reason, I wish Matt flynn would have worked out here.

    THAT Remark – and it doesn’t matter, which is when you let your man crush boil over in you – go gonzo on everyone.

    he wanted to type – “Geoux ‘Hawks” – no reference to him being a better player or right or wrong choice. and you go off about seahawks knowledge – yada yada . . .. .

  60. SaigonSun says:

    Nobody here counts Stephen Williams to make the 53 ?! Did all of you forgot our FO’ excitement when they took him away from the Tards? If JS/PC loved him that much, then we will carry 6 WRs. Plus we have Kearse and Bates entering their second years…. Somebody needs to be traded before we lose them for nothing.

  61. GeorgiaHawk–Anybody want a peanut?! LOL!

    bbnate–I agree, Baldwin is likely to be kept past this year because he’s cheap and we can block him from leaving by tendering him at first or second round and he’s still cheap. And Rice with his big contract, along with Tate’s improving play and impending FA, makes it likely we lose either Rice or Tate or (God Forbid!) both.

    In 2008 we had problems not just due to injuries, but because of poor personnel management by our worthless GM Timmay! Numbskull. We had crap talent to start with, and injuries left us so bad we’d have been better off with Tebow running the ball 55 times a game…but yeah, I remember it all too well and am thrilled we have tough decisions like Kearse/Bates/Harper/Williams etc instead of who can we trade for and get ripped off for who can catch 20 passes a year?!

    Man, comments about players GF’s….must be the offseason.

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