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Rob Rang on Seahawks at rookie minicamp

Post by Eric Williams on May 13, 2013 at 9:44 am with 20 Comments »
May 13, 2013 9:44 am

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, offers his impressions on players who stood out at the Seattle Seahawks rookie minicamp.

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  1. trout_hound says:

    Kind of off topic, but wouldn’t it be ironic if Matt Flynn gets beat out by another rookie named Wilson this summer?

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    More off topic stuff:

    Carimi on the roster bubble at Gurad? Is he really that bad?

  3. raymaines says:

    Wouldn’t it be just too funny if James Carpenter went to the Pro Bowl and Gabe Carimi got cut. There would be some humble pie served on the blog.

  4. Why would Gabe Carimi get cut? Don’t be too surprised if both Carimi and Carpenter end up in the pro bowl eventually. Both have been injured most of their short careers, and both came into the NFL during the year with no OTA. That ruined rookie years for a lot of players.

    The word I’ve heard on Carpenter is he finally stayed healthy long enough to get worked into shape during the offseason. The result being is that he is now the strongest man on the entire team. If his knees hold up, success will follow.

  5. (raymaines, good luck with serving the humble pie. none of us are humble on this blog. ;)

  6. chuck_easton says:


    To answer your question, the Bears who have a notoriously bad O-Line have given up on Carimi at tackle (similar to what happened to Carp here). Carimi is competing this summer for a BACKUP guard job. If he doesn’t excell at that opportunity the Bears may very well cut him.

    Just to be clear, ya can’t go to a pro-bowl if ya aren’t on somebody’s roster.

    What raymaines is saying is there was a lot of hooting and hollering on here that Seattle blew it taking Carp instead of Carimi and that they would come to realize this.

    Last I checked Carp has the LG starting position as his to lose and Carimi is fighting to be kept on as a backup guard.

    So, as much as I love BobbyK, I’ll be serving him one big helping of humble pie with a side of crow if this does indeed happen. :)

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol chuck.

    BobbyK may have missed that one however he was spot on with some of us here saying that Carp was a LG.

    And it was nice to hear Cable confirm that the other day.

  8. Bobby’s argument wasn’t who would be the better NFL player but specifically who was the best choice at right tackle. I still feel Carp was the better choice as all the film I saw on Carimi showed him holding on nearly every play. That said, all I care about is that Carp gets to 100% on the health front and stays that way. Cable did mention that he wasn’t yet at one hundo.

  9. thanks, Chuck. and sorry ray, I should have read the posted link first.

    I’ll believe Gabe Carimi (or James Carpenter) are busts when I see them healthy and practicing for an offseason and 16 games and THEN getting their job taken by someone else. Until then, both are guys with a ton of potential who have been cheated by injury out of getting coached and developed and experienced. Guys who get injured aren’t busts. They’re injured. Guys who haven’t yet had experience aren’t busts. They’re just inexperienced.

    I think that Carpenter is now a LG simply because most of his football in his brief football career was at Left Tackle. With as little healthy practice time as he’s had since leaving Alabama, its easier for Cable to teach him left guard than it is to teach him RT footwork. Plus, we have a RT Cable likes. Carp has never has much of a chance to learn and get comfortable on the right side.

    I remember a prominent scout saying he thought Gabe Carimi and his Wisconsin O linemen team mates were all over-rated, but I wouldn’t call him a bust unless he gets a full season of play under his belt and fails while trying.

  10. chuck_easton says:


    Carimi did come back and he did play all 16 games last season. Even started 14 of them before he was benched for such poor play. He’s now fighting to be the 3rd guard. Here’s another link that explains it. So I would venture that Carimi is closer to getting that bust lable than Carp only because Carp hasn’t had a full healthy season yet.

  11. god chuck what a temper.

  12. doubledink says:

    temper?? where?

  13. chuck_easton says:

    Um, yeah? What temper osbrey? Now, mind you, I do have quite the temper when needed and/or provoked.

    Wasn’t using it here. Just pointing out to Stevos that maybe he hadn’t had all the information to put forward a defense of Carimi when it would definitely appear that he is or could be on his way out in Chicago.

  14. doubledink says:

    I recently went to the Pro Football HOF for the first time. Cool place even with about 40% under renovation. I read everything I could find.

    Then I visited the store that is supposed to represent the entire NFL. I was very disappointed in the store. I looked on every rack and all over each wall and all I could find was ONE Seahawks hat (top row, turned sideways even) and a small rack, 3 foot square, of T-shirts, shorts and polo shirts that had Seahawks logos on them. That’s it, there was not a single Seahawks jersey in the house!! You wouldn’t even know the team was in the league based on their store. I was thoroughly disgusted.

    I voiced my complaints and left realizing that the league really doesn’t give a rip about us out here in South Alaska.

  15. Sekolah says:

    It’s interesting to see the different takes from one media observer to the next. Harper and Willson seem to have unanimously turned heads though. I’d like to see and hear more about some of these UDFA’s – like Lotulelei, Polk, and Veltung.

  16. grizindabox24 says:

    I do not see Carimi getting cut, Bears would take a $1 million cap hit. Makes more sense to keep him, even if always inactive

  17. JZombie says:

    That HOF store doesn’t sound too great. Reminds me of something else.

    I get a kick out of all the mail-order catalogs we get each week that supposedly sell lots of NFL licensed merchandise. You can pick from your favorite teams, provided your favorites are among the 12 out of 30 teams available. NFC West teams not available, but the entire NFC East is represented.

  18. raymaines says:

    One more reason to believe this will be magical season:

    The weather was great for the three days of minicamp and today it’s thunder, lightning, and rain coming down in buckets.

    I don’t think Richard Sherman is visiting anybody on his Ski-Doo today.

  19. bird_spit says:

    Thunder and lighting, and all that went to my mind was a Shawn Kemp dunk fest.. Damn I miss the sonics.

  20. sluggo42 says:

    I personally see carp as a monster, who had some unfortunate injury problems. I see him being healthy this year and playing tween Ung and Kung, and BLOWING holes open for the beast and tin-tin, and making the line that much better.

    It kind of a math thing. Each component makes the whole pie better. Okung, carp, under, real rob and maybe a TE makes a run quite scary, which draws more defensive weight there, thus freeing up Hardin, Tate, rice, etc… Which is really scary too, so which way do they cheat? So tiger, errrr, RW, then diagnoses that, and then flips it to willllson for a 40 yard pick-up.

    This season is going to be sick as it gets, and I for one, can hardly wait.

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