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Morning links: QB Johnson shows steady progress

Post by Eric Williams on May 13, 2013 at 7:42 am with 61 Comments »
May 13, 2013 7:43 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jerrod Johnson passes during practice drills at Seattle Seahawks NFL football Rookie Minicamp, Friday, May 10, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jerrod Johnson passes during practice drills at Seattle Seahawks NFL football Rookie Minicamp, Friday, May 10, 2013, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune wraps up the Seattle Seahawks final day of rookie minicamp by focusing on a player who’s been trying to break through in the NFL for a few years, quarterback Jerrod Johnson.

The Texas A&M product took most of the snaps with the first unit over the weekend. At 6-5 and 251 pounds, Johnson has been with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia during training camp, but never caught on with either team.

A shoulder issue in college forced him to tweak his throwing motion, and now Johnson is back throwing the ball much better, and has a chance to compete for a backup quarterback job behind Russell Wilson.

“He did a nice job running the club and was able to give us a little expertise out there,” coach Pete Carroll said of Johnson. “He’s got a very good arm, can really gun the football down the field. He’s got a presence and he’s such a big guy in the pocket. He’s bright and he’s handled stuff really well.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seattle’s draft choices so far have shown they fit the specific needs the team drafted them for, according to Carroll.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that Jesse Williams might have a shot to start at defensive tackle in the spot left open by the departure of Alan Branch.

Jayson Jenks of The Seattle Times also focuses on the progress of Johnson.

Rob Mar of provides this gallery of photos from Seattle’s rookie minicamp.

ESPN’s John Clayton and Mike Sando talk about Seattle’s rookie minicamp and the rest of the NFC West in this audio link.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports places Bruce Irvin, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons and Michael Bennett on his list of the top defensive linemen in the league. It’s worth a read this morning.

Receiver Austin Coleman, who participated in Seattle’s rookie minicamp as a tryout player, awaits a call back from the Seahawks.

Last day to vote on’s predict the season contest, which is down to Denver vs. Seattle in the Super Bowl.

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  1. yankinta says:

    Luke Willson will show 49ers FO cannot evaluate talent and they’re just living off the previous regime good moves.

    49ers picking Vance McDonald (Starting TE from Rice) in the 2nd round versus, Us picking Luke Willson (Back-Up TE from Rice) in the 5th round, that’s what I call a Steal!!!

    We finally have our Joker TE. So Long McCoy, we’ve had enough of your Potential…..

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Willson is athletically gifted, but let’s wait until he takes at least one snap in a game before we anoint him the next Aaron Hernandez. He appears to be off to a good start however.

  3. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, again you mis-read everything. lol and smh and not surprised. :)

    I said He will be the better TE of the 2, better than Vance McDonald.

  4. The Seahawks liked the Rice back-up TE (Luke Wilson) better than the Rice coaching staff and the rest of the NFL scouting community. I think it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Relax dude, I didn’t misread what you wrote. You have him as “…our Joker TE” and a “steal”. Both may be true, but it’s far to early to know that yet. That’s all.

  6. yankinta says:

    No, dude!!! you relax!!! lol.

    Don’t really want to say it after the fact, that’s just boring. That’ why I’m already saying it. Based on what I’ve heard so far from what I consider credible sources….. you can be boring if you wish but I’m saying it now. Luke will beat our McCoy for our 2nd TE spot and will be better and Vance McDonald. He was rated 2nd best TE by our FO, in terms of pass catching abilities.

    As for Joker TE, you may not know the definition. He’s already fits the description of a Joker TE.

  7. lol. too much caffeine this morning?

    yankinta – those are my hopes of Willson as well, and I was very excited when we drafted him since he was one of only 3 or 4 guys in the draft who specifically fit the receiving TE role.

    At this point, there is no way to know how the TE position is going to shake out on the Seahawks (or in SF for that matter.) I hope Willson takes the #2 TE spot from McCoy, but at the least he should push McCoy to improve. At some point, we have two great TEs on the field between Miller, Willson, and McCoy. I really think Pete and Tom Cable have been wanting more 2-TE offensive sets for some time. They wouldn’t have put up with babying KW2 through last year’s camp if that wasn’t the case.

    The 49ers situation at TE is just as dynamic as ours, and worth watching. They want more 2-TE sets also, and they lost their #2. Besides drafting MacDonald, they also signed our old TE Cameron Morrah, who has great potential as a receiving TE if he can stay healthy.

  8. ahh, rookie camp. Now I know summer is coming. Articles about undrafted rookie quarterbacks who just might change the world. Now that’s summertime. Soon we get to see which undrafted rookie RB will lead our team in rushing… through July. lol!

  9. grizindabox24 says:

    blocis, I would not say the Rice coaching staff did not like Willson. One major reason why he was #2 at Rice is his injury plagued senior season. Would he have been #1, I don’t know, but he was never able to push for the #1 spot. I also think that Willson’s is not the blocker McDonald is.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I know exactly what the Joker position is that’s why the Aaron Hernandez reference, and nowhere did I say he didn’t fit that description.

  11. Yeah, Stevos, there’s always one undrafted RB who does well in training camp and pre-season, only to be cut before the first regular season game.

    I don’t think the Seahawks have ever had such depth at RB. I could be wrong though. After all, Lamar Smith, Ahman Green and Shaun Alexander were once backups.

  12. mocarob says:

    I think yakinta is the joker. Already anointing Wilson for anything after a couple of practices is a little premature. So long McCoy?

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    Boy a guy has a good rookie
    minicamp and people just anoint him as a steal? How? I never seen Willson of Vance play in college so I can’t evaluate that.I just think RW sneaking up on people makes every hawk pick a steal right? Get a life.,

  14. If Hill and Williams pan out at all I think McDonald quite possibly is a cut even after signing a FA deal – Will be interesting to watch it play out of the rest of the OTA’s and into camp!!!

  15. We know Willson’s got hands. We know he’s got exceptional speed and athleticism for the TE position. What I want to see is what he’s like when the pads are on and the hitting is live. I want to see him take a hit over the middle on one of those crossing patterns, see how he reacts. Something Willson said during his press conference kind of took me aback. It was something along the lines of needing to adjust to the NFL’s speed, size, and *toughness*. Say what? You’re playing for Pete Carroll now, and you’re not used to the level of toughness that is expected from basically all NFL players?

    And as far as McCoy goes, lolol, Willson might take reps away from him on passing downs, but Willson had better be a good blocker at the very least if he is to replace McCoy in every situation. McCoy is an all-world kind of blocker – that’s just how it is, going back to his days at USC. This is a run first team, and as long as that remains the team’s identity then a guy like McCoy isn’t going anywhere.

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s no secret that I’m no fan of either Portis or McCoy. Still, rookie camp is still just that. I most certainly hope Johnson or Willson can be dependable upgrades at their respective positions, but I’ll wait until TC starts before I get too excited.

    Rookie camp and OTAs are great to get the juices flowing after a few months of no football, but I you have to wait until the pads are on to get a good sense of what kind of players they will be.

  17. So if Johnson outplays Wilson will Pete start him? It’s all about competition, right?

    Oh and Yank, if you want to say that about Willson,I don’t mind. I have not seen so many “hall monitors” since Jr. High.

  18. “So if Johnson outplays Wilson will Pete start him?”


  19. Coach Carroll said that he would have to see how Willson was as a blocker, which he would not see until camp. In our offense, Zach Miller is a very good blocker. I’m sure Willson has to be adequate before he can be annointed anything.

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Wow, rookie camp is just finishing and we already see a couple of these kids beating out guys that have played an actual NFL game?

    This goes way beyond cart before the horse. Some people have the cart already in the winner’s circle and the horse is still back at the barn eating oats.

    Let’s just wait until we see Willson go up against Browner, Sherman, Kam, and Thomas. If he still has all those moves and can get free for some great catches then we might have something to talk about.

    McCoy has been going against those guys for a couple of years and has held his own enough to still be here. Maybe Willson can beat him out. I am personally rooting for it because I have felt that McCoy has been too inconsistant. But I’m not ready to put Willson on the final 53 let alone the openening day 45 yet until the coaches have seen him going against the vets.

  21. yankinta says:

    mocarob and the rest of you, Y’all don’t know much if you think McCoy is anything but a liability after last season. Any decent TE with potential will beat him out for 2nd TE spot…. I highly doubt he’ll be on the Roster day one, even if he were to make it that far, he’ll be 3rd string at best.

    And this not based on the just the Rookie Training Camp, it’s based on the fact that our FO rated him the 2nd Best TE (in terms of catching abilities) in the Draft this year and his physical abilities.

  22. “This goes way beyond cart before the horse. Some people have the cart already in the winner’s circle and the horse is still back at the barn eating oats.

    Let’s just wait until we see Willson go up against Browner, Sherman, Kam, and Thomas. If he still has all those moves and can get free for some great catches then we might have something to talk about.”

    Well stated, Chuck. When the pads go on, we’re going to learn a lot more about Willson’s potential. His athleticism and speed are fairly obvious, but his toughness is what needs to be tested. That’s really what I want to see – how tough he is.

  23. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I did not anoint him the next Aaron Hernandez, I anointed him our Joker TE.

    The fact that you said it was too early to say he’s a Joker TE, led me to believe that you do not know what a Joker TE means. He is already a Joker TE without having played one minute in the NFL.

  24. yankinta says:

    woofu, Thanks for the support. I just think the a few of us still want to question our FO’s talent evaluation abilities. Some people just refuse to learn…. :)

  25. “mocarob and the rest of you, Y’all don’t know much if you think McCoy is anything but a liability after last season.”

    Clearly – you have a very limited understanding of this team’s offense and maybe just organized football in general if you think Anthony McCoy has no real value to this team. His inconsistencies as a route runner and receiver are well documented. However, he is an elite in-line blocker, and a pretty good pass blocker to boot – this alone trumps anything Willson has done in his collegiate career or at a padless rookie mini camp.

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    McCoy caught 66% of his targets and a 16+ yard average a long of 67 3td.
    just for those who want to know that’s double the year before. if he continues to develop as he should it may be miller and his high contract that need to worry. although i don’t see miller leaving this year maybe next.

    miller 38/396/10.3/3

    now the whole world knows miller is a great blocking TE. that said not at what he is making. i think after this year he restructures or walks. again thou that may depend greatly on how McCoy and others show this season. i am sure in addition to mccoy and willson another TE will make the team .

  27. yankinta says:

    Sekolah, you have a very limited understanding of our Seahawks, if you don’t think one of our primary needs, at this point, for our Offense is a Joker TE. We’ve been wanting to run 2 TE sets for a while now with a Joker TE on the other side of Z. Miller.

    And you seem to know very little about our FO and how they value UNIQUE players. Luke is a Unique player to our team because we don’t have anyone like him. Just like Chris Harper the WR bring value to our team.

  28. Just like some people “knew” the value of a certain QB when others of us did not. . . . . .

    as far as WR goes I think Kearse and Bates have to REALLY worry about a roster spot right now – not just playing time.

    EVERY player on this team needs to worry about playing time. That is one thing I REALLY like about this coaching staff – they use their players, clearly some more than others, but guys get a chance to play and therefore get better, IMO. it is one reason why we have been able to cover injuries/suspensions pretty well the last year or 2.

    Gonna be a fun summer!!!!

  29. Sekolah says:

    yank, I am very aware of the fact that Carroll and Bevell would love to have a legitimate seam busting TE. That is not my point of contention, so dude, do not try and twist this. I know exactly what this debate is about – it’s about your ignorance directed at Anthony McCoy. You literally have no idea what you are talking about in your assessment of his abilities or his worth to this team.

    And there you go again with calling Willson “unique”. I think a lot of people in here are excited about the possibilities Willson brings, but the dude’s got a long ways to go before we can call him “unique”. He hasn’t even faced an NFL defense yet. Let’s at least wait and see what he brings in in the preseason before we just start labeling him with colorful descriptors like “unique”, ok?

    As far as challenging my knowledge of this team’s F.O. and how they value players, I am not even sure I completely understand where you are even coming from. When and where did you see me question the F.O.’s decision making on players? Try not to lump yourself in with the guys who’re actually getting paid to call the shots at Seahawks HQ, ok, Mr. Armchair GM?

  30. Dukeshire says:

    And as a point of fact, the so-called Joker would be designated as the “U” receiver. Carry on…

  31. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta, and you seem to forget that the FO does not hit on every pick.

    also harper could probably fit the bill on a joker especially in an offense that likes to push the mold of players and positions.

    oh and miller only caught 71% of his targets so i would hardly say mccoy is a huge drop off on receiving.

  32. yankinta says:

    Sekolah, lol, wow really? Show me another player on the Seahawks, who’s 6 feet 6 inches, 250 lbs that can run a 4.5.

    Maybe I should elaborate on the definition of Unique….. :)

  33. Dukeshire says:

    As I said above, I hope Willson can handle the NFL game. Coming from such a small school, it won’t be easy, despite his talent. So until he actually plays in games I’m going to hold off having Seattle cut players for his roster spot. Even if that someone is as inconsistent as McCoy.

  34. yankinta says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, I do not forget that we don’t and won’t hit on every pick. I just have high hopes for some of our picks every year. Last year, it was Wilson. This year, it’s Willson. :)

  35. Sekolah says:

    “as far as WR goes I think Kearse and Bates have to REALLY worry about a roster spot right now – not just playing time.”

    Chop Chop certainly has his work cut out for him. Personally I think guys like Baldwin and even Tate might need to look over their shoulder at that guy. Phil Bates though… ? I am not even sure he makes this roster regardless of what happens with Harper. Nothing about Bates (other than his size) has ever registered with me.

  36. Sekolah says:

    “Show me another player on the Seahawks, who’s 6 feet 6 inches, 250 lbs that can run a 4.5″

    Why would you use the word “unique” but then use a single entity pertaining to that uniqueness. It doesn’t work that way. Read a dictionary sometime, get a better grasp of the English language. Uniqueness pertains to all things related. Is Willson the first TE ever to hit the NFL with his kind of measurables? Now I know your NFL knowledge lacks, but I will assume that even someone like you knows that the NFL is filled with all sorts of players that are 6’5, 250 lbs. and can run the 40 in 4.5 secs.

  37. yankinta says:

    Sekolah, smh. I give up. You just argue and got no substance…. you win.

  38. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke where is his inconsistency ? hernandez 60% catch rate , gronk 69% and mccoy right in the middle with a better average per catch by 6 yards over hernandez and 2 over gronk. now i don’t understand why a bunch of people that profess to understand football don’t like mccoy. he is a good to great blocker(great run, good pass) and seems to do a good job with the targets he get’s, could he improve? yes has he year to year? yes

    vernon davis 67% 13 yard average. in the case of all the above mentioned and zach miller, miller is the best at catch % mccoy is the best yards .

    something to think about is the fact that he had 2 bad games green bay and san fran

  39. Dukeshire says:

    The inconsistency is that he’ll have a stretch where he drops 3 or 4 targets in a row, then make several catches in a row. Unfortunately an overall catch % does nothing to address this so it’s not a relevant statistic in this case.

  40. Sekolah says:

    “The inconsistency is that he’ll have a stretch where he drops 3 or 4 targets in a row, then make several catches in a row.”

    And it seems a lot like when McCoy goofs, he really goofs – like it costs us. Him stumbling at the top of his route in that loss to St. Louis created a costly INT – ballgame over type of blunder.

    Let’s not forget though, we drafted McCoy out of the 6th round. He has more talent than that, but his inconsistencies as a receiver to this point have him looking like he was drafted exactly where he should have been.

    Jerramy Stevens was also very inconsistent until his 4th year in the league. He then of course regressed, but that’s another topic in itself. McCoy has not demonstrated the same sort of self-destructive behavior as Stevens did, but he is a guy that’s had to do some growing up.

  41. chuck_easton says:


    Just my opinion, but my personal knock on McCoy is that he does flash that something that says he could be ready to take the next step to the likes of Gonzalez, Gronk, Hernandez…but then he just disappears for plays/series on end.

    I was ready for him to replace Morrah as the #2. I could see Willson making a strong play for the #3 spot right away. But to pump Willson right up ahead of McCoy at this point is just crazy.

    If he gets there after the OTA’s, mini-camps, and full training camp then great. But right now all he has proven is that he’s big, fast, and can catch while wearing shorts.

    Not really something to start all the debates on, yet.

  42. MoSeahawk12 says:

    3 day rookie mini camp is fun and exciting, but hardly the venue to determine starters and string order. As mentioned by several of you already, these guys are not even wearing pads, playing against veterans and aren’t really allowed much contact per the CBA.

    Doesn’t matter if Carrol and John S rated every one of these players the top of their positions in the draft. They drafted who they wanted and added players that matched their vision. Now at the start of the fourth year.

    They have had way more hits than misses and as long time Seahawks fans, it’s pretty freakin awesome. It wasn’t that many years ago that we hoped that our 1st or second round pick would help turn things around. We had years and years of that. Now, each draft these guys are finding players that are adding to the overall talent pool and building one hell of a team.

    Exciting, but let’s not get to yanked away on declaring our 5th round TE is going to push the others out just to be the first one to say, I told you so. It’s Flynn 2.0

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    It seems that way. McCoy has 16 catches for 236 yards and two touchdowns, and has one drop this season.

    “He has so much speed and so much ability,” Wilson said. “He’s like a receiver in terms of the way he runs.”

    That was evident on the first-quarter screen pass Wilson tossed to McCoy, who turned it into a 21-yard gain.

    “He’s really, really improving every week, every game,” Wilson said. “As I throw to him more and more, we are really clicking. He’s doing a great job.”

    McCoy can only get better.

    “He’s understanding what it takes to play tight end in the NFL,” said Miller, who had a 24-yard touchdown catch. “You saw his playmaking ability today. He’s so improved.”

    Read more here:

  44. Sekolah says:

    Good stuff, oklahoma. Always good when your own QB endorses you that way. The acquisition of Willson for me is more exciting when I think about the potential for the 3-TE sets Bevell likes to run. Many times last year there were plays to be made there by that 3 TE, but scrubby Moore couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities given him. Hopefully Willson’s the difference maker there where Moore clearly was not.

  45. Seahawks22360 says:

    It sure seems like everyone argues back and forth to get their point across, so they can be the “know-it-all” of the blog. Agree to disagree anyone?

  46. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    22360, that would be why i posted that let the players do the talking.

  47. Last season there were 8 DL and 10 OL on the 53. I think tht might get reversed this season.

  48. Sekolah says:


    No matter where you go, where there are hardcore football fans on message boards there are bound to be heated debates. Where there are heated debates there are bound to be know-it-all’s. It’s like this (worse on many other blogs and MB’s) pretty much everywhere you go. Sports geeks are opinionated.

    I would say on this particular blog, you have less of that sort of influence. No doubt, there’s a handful of posters here who think they know better than everyone else, but for the most part things are pretty solid around here. Intelligent, thought provoking football talk is what I’m after. That’s why I come back because although you’ve got some highly opinionated know-it-all’s, they tend to be outnumbered by intelligent, thinking posters.

  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    22360, if we all agreed to disagree this would be a boring blog.

  50. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    oh and thanks sekolah

  51. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    klm i think 9 of each sounds good

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Aside from yankinta, this was a civil discussion, was it not?

  53. Sekolah says:


    You could be right, however, I think that number will be highly contingent on how both Hill and Williams perform as camp and the preseason get underway. Guys like McDonald, McDaniels, and possibly even Howard are all on the bubble with the rest of ‘em, IMO.

    Changing gears here, slightly – the same could be said about the WR position. If Chris Harper emerges, and let’s say maybe someone like Veltung. Suddenly the Seahawks are in dilemma. Suddenly it looks like maybe someone (Baldwin? Tate?) are ready to be shopped. I could see this happening at CB too depending on what happens with Simon. I don’t know that we’d deal Browner while he’s on the verge of preparing himself to have his best season ever, but to a lesser degree a guy like Lane or Maxwell, maybe even Thurmond III would probably appeal to several players out there.

  54. Sekolah says:

    “a guy like Lane or Maxwell, maybe even Thurmond III would probably appeal to several players out there.”

    Meh. Several TEAMS out there. ;)

  55. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hate to say it but i see thurmond as odd man out lane looked pretty good.

  56. For the record, I like McCoy and think he’s done good stuff for the Hawks. If Willson beats him out, then Willson will have proved something. But let’s see how he takes a hit from Kam Chancellor in practice first. I’m all for Willson proving to be a good tight end, but the odds are equally good that this could be a breakout year for McCoy.

  57. Every year people with more “NFL know-how” than all of us combined select players in FA and the draft. Every year they are mostly wrong. To act as if anyones opinion is less than their own is not a “civil” debate.
    We all latch on to ideas and hopes/dreams of the super player out of nowhere stories. It’s part of the mystique of “fandom”. Frankly I enjoy the underdog, come from behind stories of sports and I don’t think I am alone in that view to often. Dave Krieg, Jehreme Urban, et al, fuel that fire. Some people want to douse the flames and for what reason I’m not sure. Perhaps they feel safer with what they feel is a sure thing in this “breaking news thats not” world.

  58. Seahawks22360 says:

    Well put woofu:)

  59. Sekolah says:

    “But let’s see how he takes a hit from Kam Chancellor in practice first.”

    LOL. Yes indeed, Snappa. The first time that Willson finds Chancellor waiting for him on the other side of one of those crossing routes, we’re going to know a lot more about his capabilities.

  60. Wasn’t Urban a Blitnakov winner?

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