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Morning links: Hawks show slithery side

Post by Eric Williams on May 2, 2013 at 7:19 am with 35 Comments »
May 2, 2013 7:20 am
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs for a 33-yard touchdown past Arizona Cardinals strong safety Rashad Johnson (49) and inside linebacker Daryl Washington (58) during the third quarterof an NFL football game in Seattle, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012.  (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs for a 33-yard touchdown past Arizona Cardinals strong safety Rashad Johnson (49) and inside linebacker Daryl Washington (58) during the third quarterof an NFL football game in Seattle, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders’ list of offensive players with the most broken tackles always is an interesting read. While I find the act of charting broken tackles rather subjective, I do think Schatz’s list gives you an indication of the best open-field runners in the game.

And once again, it’s no surprise to find Marshawn Lynch among the top open-field runners in the NFL. Lynch was tied for 10th among running backs in the league in broken tackles with 26.

But other Seattle players also made appearances on the list. Russell Wilson was second among quarterbacks 13 broken tackles. New addition Percy Harvin finished first among receivers with 19 broken tackles, while Golden Tate tied for third with 14 broken tackles.

Also, it’s no surprise that Seattle has a couple players on this list, as head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider place a premium on securing players on offense who can create game-changing, explosive plays.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle says that Marshawn Lynch has not reported to voluntary off-season workouts. O’Neil and Brock Huard discuss that development in this video link.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at Texas A&M running back Christine Michael.

Tony Drovetto of reports Seattle’s rookie draft picks have been assigned jersey numbers. Christine Michael is No. 33. Jordan Hill is No. 47. Chris Harper is No. 17. Jesse Williams is No. 90. Tharold Simon is No. 34. Luke Wilson is No. 82. Spencer Ware is No. 44. Ryan Seymour is No. 62. Ty Powell is No. 58. Jared Smith is No. 66. And Michael Bowe is No. 73.

Seahawks center Max Unger was selected as No. 96 on the NFL Network’s 100 top players of 2012. Check out the video link.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that defensive tackle Jesse Williams’ draft free fall could lead to another low-pick steal for Seattle.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated calls Seattle’s trade for Percy Harvin the best win-now move of the offseason. Banks: “You saw the first round unfold last Thursday night. Did you see any playmakers available at No. 25 who could give the Seahawks what they’re expecting from Harvin this season? When he’s healthy, Harvin is one of the NFL’s premier game-breaking talents, and his addition to Seattle’s receiving and return games adds a new layer of complication for the Seahawks’ opponents. In the Pacific Northwest this season, Seattle’s Best might have nothing to do with coffee.”

Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News reports that Dallas owner Jerry Jones says his team underestimate Seattle in the Cowboys’ Week 2 loss at CenturyLink Field.

Former Seattle first round draft choice Lawrence Jackson signed a veteran minimum deal to join Minnesota in free agency.

It’s never too early for a 2014 mock draft, right? Rob Rang of has Seattle selecting Brigham Young outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy in his first mock draft for next year.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    What’s interesting to me is that how Lynch “breaks” tackles is entirely different than how Wilson or Harvin “break” tackles.

    Was Lynch at the workouts last season? I could be wrong but I’m thinking that he wasn’t.

  2. chuck_easton says:


    As I recall Lynch wasn’t at the earlier workouts last year, but that had to do with the fact they were re-doing his contract.

    His not being here raises a concern in one way only. Wilson, Harvin and a bunch of the guys are here. They are building the repore. Lynch is missing out on that.

    I don’t, for even a second, think it is because Lynch isn’t happy with the drafting of Michael. Lynch has to know there is no chance he’s being replaced this season or even next.

    I’d think it has more to do with the May 22nd Court date. Important date. If his counsel can get evidence suppressed (i.e. the breathalyzer test results are thrown out) then there is no case.

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News reports that Dallas owner Jerry Jones says his team underestimate Seattle in the Cowboys’ Week 2 loss at CenturyLink Field.

    Seems like such an odd thing to write about in May. Eric, please don’t write ‘Paul Allen says his team underestimated St Louis in the Seahawks week …’ Lets keep looking forward.

    Also filed under Who Gives A Crap, Rainer Sabin reports Tony Romo likes to wear white socks to bed.

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    The most interesting thing about that Rob Rang board is the draft order as “the 2014 draft order was determined by a combined poll of staff.”

    If you go by the order, implies that Seahawks get knocked out of Division Round by either GB or SF, with SF winning it all. And of course, DEN facing down CIN in the Conf Championship?


  5. blocis says:

    That Percy Harvin lead the league in WR broken tackles is even more amazing when you realize he only played part of the season! Nice job by Golden Tate to finish third. What a receiving corps!

  6. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Yeah i’m ok with wrapping Marshawn in cotton wool until week 1. It’s not like he has a new offense to learn. I’d rather see him rest up and hope he stays healthy.

  7. Key word is “voluntary” – don’t care if he is here or not!!!

  8. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i actually like the idea of seeing if williams can play the 5 tech.

    he has speed and power that Red doesn’t have that might lead to more

    sacks. don’t get me wrong i love Red but we need production out of

    the 5 tech on early downs if they pass. can you even imagine a

    bull-rush from him would look like?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Power perhaps, but the get-off isn’t Red’s issue. He’s plenty quick a the snap.

  10. Carlsonkid says:

    Dear Dallas , glad we in the Clink could accommodate you – hope you enjoyed your stay in Seattle last year . Did you try the crab cakes at the Athenian ? Say hi to that linebacker Golden Tate leveled for us !

    Hahaha !

  11. I agree Hawkfaninok…. when the Seahawks drafted Jesse Williams the first thing I thought of was him playing / backing up Red at 5 tech….. I won’t be surprised if the hawks try this.

  12. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke that maybe so but Red tends to stand up straight which is the problem . plus with Reds foot issues i would sure like having a mauler for a back-up

  13. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Marshawn can take his time getting here. It’s not like he doesn’t show up in great shape as it is. Gotta love the media trying to make it a “story” when it’s not. Hey Brock, don’t say you’re not going freak out if he’s not here and then say it. No wonder Marshawn doesn’t talk to you guys. VOLUNTARY workouts. I’d be more concerned if Russel Wilson missed these. Like that would ever happen. Non Story….must be May.

  14. Also for how many years did LT go without doing much of anything in the preseason – games or practice. If he stays in shape, then taking the extra wear and tear off of the body will be just dandy!!

    I am going to be watching intently on how they use all the different DL guys they have – I love the flexibility that PC/JS – have seemingly put together.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – I understand he plays tall, but that’s not what we were talking about. What I’m suggesting is that his first step or get-off is not the issue with his lack of pass rush. I believe he *is* a mauler and that’s what serves him well as a run defender. But that’s really all he has available to him and it takes much more to be an effective pass rusher. Now, Williams is as strong as they come, but if all he’s capable of is a bull rush, NFL tackles will redirect him around the pocket. He’ll need to develop more if Seattle is to play him at LDE (if we’re looking for an appreciable difference between he and Red).

  16. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke watch the tape on him, he wins at the line because he stands them and get’s leverage he is quick and fast at getting inside on them, there are not many RT that could handle him with his strength.
    just as red had to he would need to learn the position. remember when they said they were moving red to DE everyone melted down. my big thing is this, if not him to play behind and spell red then who? what if red’s foot doesn’t get to 100%? we lost three of our D-line last year and it crippled our front seven. there needs to be atleast two that can back red up.

  17. HonHawksLSB says:

    In Vegas and Hawks are listed as 5/1 to win Superbowl and -3.5 vs Carolina week 1 on the road.

    Vegas now has Hawks as #1 team in NFL ahead of 49ers.

  18. raymaines says:

    We have to keep in mind that Las Vegas’ primary goal is to make the betting come out even, and any resemblance to the actual power structure of the NFL is a coincidence.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – I for one, certainly didn’t “melt down”. And there is a significant difference between college guards and NFL tackles. With that, I’m not saying he can’t be an effective LDE. What I said was that if a bull rush is all that he will bring, there will be little difference between he and Red, at DE. He’ll need to develop a bit more. I’m comfortable saying that because I *have* watched him play. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s simply my opinion.

  20. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lol no worries duke, not trying to pick a fight. although you may not meltdown many do. my point is if they can coach him up to play the 5 that would be great depth that we have not had. i personally think he could be better than red

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I do love the pick, too. The cat can bench 600lbs. Think about that first punch to a lineman’s torso. lol

  22. Audible says:

    That’s an unbelievable amount of weight to press…yeah, those body shots are going to take their toll and especially when he’s still fresh in the 4th quarter because we have such a strong rotation.

  23. Stevos says:

    I too think it will be interesting if they try Monstar at the 5DT. What I’ve heard is that his arms may be too short to succeed on the outside. Who knows. He is as intriguing as any new player we have. And, we need backup for Red.

  24. Stevos says:

    Not worried about Marshawn being out. He knows how to be in shape and have his head right when he gets here. In fact, in training camp last year it was notable how little he needed to practice. Since there is very little contact most days, all Marshawn was doing was practicing his timing taking handoffs and getting his footwork together with MikeRob and his linemen, and making his first cut. That’s it. No one could hit him so practicing in camp looked like real a laugher for him. He’ll get all the practice he needs in August.

  25. OregonHawk says:

    But would it help Marshawn to catch passes from Russell?

  26. HonHawksLSB says:

    My buddy lives in the same building as Marshawn and he rents in Bellevue during the season so maybe he just arrived on the 1st of May or the 1st of June. Just a theory, not worried about it.

  27. Soggybuc says:

    No Sh%t Lynch rates low on the broken tackle metric! considering his favorite method is to knock your facemask into your teeth, followed by grinding said facemask into the mud, turf, grass or whatever surface is available at the time.

    or simply! my kinda Football!!!!!

  28. When this off season started my main concern was quality depth on the D-line. After adding Avril, Bennett, McDaniel, Hill & Williams my concern on the line now is who ultimately gets cut. Wow.

    As for who backs up Red, Williams is one option but I believe Pete when he envisions JW as a run stuffing 3 tech. Bennett seems capable of manning one of the DE spots full time if Red isn’t in there. He’s not gigantic like Red but he is effective against the run and also brings additional pass rush ability. Then MB or Hill or someone else moves inside to 3 tech on passing downs.

    There’s a lot to sort out on the D-Line before the season starts & chances are that we will part ways with a familiar name or two. I’m really excited about the rookies. The Hawks went from thinish to deeeeep.

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Loving what our new DT’s bring to the table, but the biggest thing to keep an eye on for me is the Avril/Bruce experiment at Sam. I’m hoping with Bruce it’s just the FO trying to leverage Irvin’s athleticism for all it’s worth and not trying to save Irvin from another Atlanta experience.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I hate being the first person to post in the morning, last time things combusted, please don’t act like a bunch of tweakers. I think Craig Wilkins may be our new OLB, i may be wrong but the FA class this year is very good, even for depth.

  31. chuck_easton says:


    How could you possilby make a statement like that? Do you think you know everything? You have no clue what you are talking about! Why do you even try?

    There montana, let the combustion commence.

    Glad I could help. :)

  32. TruBlu says:

    Has Pete or JS even mentioned trying Avril and especially Irvin at SAM or is this just speculation from random people?

  33. Galena says:

    Pete did mention Avril possibly playing some SAM.

  34. bbnate420 says:

    I seem to remember a bum named Walter Jones skipping out on the off-season program and TC for years. He still seemed to be okay. Lynch isn’t Walt, but he is an elite player. I’d rather see Turbin and Michael get the vast majority of the reps.

  35. Not just speculation — John Schneider mentioned they liked Avril because he could play both DE and Sam just after they signed him. Both he and Carroll have mentioned that Irvin will get a look at OLB as well. (considering Irvin’s speed, it makes sense they might try him at both OLB spots).

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