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Morning links: Hawks still No. 1 in ESPN power rankings

Post by Eric Williams on April 30, 2013 at 10:02 am with 119 Comments »
April 30, 2013 10:02 am
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate (81) reaches for the goal line for a touchdown past Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman (33) in the second half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. The Seahawks won 23-17 in overtime. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate (81) reaches for the goal line for a touchdown past Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman (33) in the second half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. The Seahawks won 23-17 in overtime. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Yes, I understand it’s the offseason. And really we’re talking about how draft selections have affected teams on paper, without seeing how individual players will be used and mesh with teams.

Still, it’s interesting to note that ESPN’s panel of experts once again voted the Seattle Seahawks as the best team in the league after the results of this year’s draft.

Also of note, the NFC West was the highest rated division, with Seattle (No. 1), San Francisco (2) and St. Louis (15) all in the top 15.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle tells us what we learned about the Seahawks from this year’s draft.

Dave Wyman of 710 ESPN Seattle says draft pundits are leery of slamming Seattle’s draft after missing badly last season.

Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle talks with Seahawks general manager John Schneider about this year’s draft in this audio link. Schneider says that Seattle has no interested in recently released QB Tim Tebow.

ESPN’s Mike Sando wonders if the Seahawks wanted Rice Tight end Vance McDonald in the second round. NFC West division rival San Francisco traded up from No. 61 to a pick ahead of Seattle at No.55 with Green Bay to select McDonald. Seattle move back to No. 62 and took running back Christine Michael. Seattle got a tight end in the fifth round, McDonald’s teammate at Rice, Luke Willson.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gives Seattle a solid B for the team’s efforts in the draft. Prisco: “Without the first-round pick, the Seahawks still did a nice job of adding quality players. They also added some players with some character concerns, which doesn’t seem to bother this team.”

Rob Rang of also hands out a B grade for Seattle in this year’s draft. Rang: “They were criticized a year ago for taking a pass-rushing specialist in Bruce Irvin with the No. 15 overall pick. This year, they traded down before nabbing another surprise in (Christine) Michael. The former Aggie offers more natural talent than Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch. But to warrant this selection, he’ll need to show improved dedication and durability. Defensive tackle Jordan Hill is a high-motor plugger who’ll provide some pass rush from the interior on passing downs.”

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports also gives Seattle a B for this year’s draft. Cole: “As with Tampa Bay and Darrelle Revis, a lot of this grade depends on how people perceive WR Percy Harvin, who Seattle got in a trade that included its first-round pick. Harvin is a serious talent who can also be a serious malcontent. If the Seahawks get three good years out of Harvin, it will be a great trade. Even two good years might be enough. As for the rest, GM John Schneider did his usual work of finding good value along the way, particularly with guys like Michael, who has a nice blend of speed and power, and (Jesse) Williams, who was predicted to go much higher by some.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated gives the Seahawks’ draft a B-minus. Burke: “Seattle used its Round 1 pick to acquire Percy Harvin, so it had to wait until pick 62 to get working. Actually, the Seahawks’ best decisions came at 137 (DT Jesse Williams) and 138 (CB Tharold Simon). The Seahawks had a roster built to roll the dice a bit in the draft, and that’s just what they did with their first three picks.”

Curtis Crabtree writing for Pro Football Talk reviews Seattle’s efforts in the draft.

Tony Drovetto of provides a breakdown of Seattle’s offseaon program, which has entered Phase II – this may include individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a “separates” basis. No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted.

Darren Heitner of the Sports Agent Blog has an interesting read, with agent Peter Schaffer retelling how he dealt with client, new Seattle Seahawks Tharold Simon’s incident in his hometown of Eunice, La.

Bucky Brooks of provides a list of the top 30 players to watch in college football this fall in preparation for the 2014 draft.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland takes a close look at three names that fell to Days 2 and 3 of the draft, Tyrann Mathieu, Matt Barkley and Tyler Bray. Some interesting perspective here on how the Honey Badger’s skill set will translate in the pro game.

Maybe this report helps shed some light on Tom Cable’s incident with Randy Hansen down in Oakland where he allegedly broke his jaw in an altercation. According to the report, Hansen was found guilty of felony battery, and the former Oakland Raiders football coach faces up to four years in state prison for striking another man in the face with a beer bottle at a bar in the Bay Area.

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  1. Thanks for saving us from NBA hell in the last thread!

  2. I actually like Luke Willson, after reading more about him. He is a Joker TE and he fills a need. He’s got more upside than Vance in terms of catching ability.

  3. Lol, Audible, what happened in the last Thread?? People were talking about NBA in a football blog?? lmbo….

  4. At least it killed the Tebow talk.

  5. a #1 ranking scares the neklok out of me. seattle sports teams have always used stealth as a key piece of weaponry. nobody in our great nation has ever cared about us. we’ve always been written off, shamelessly untouched by major media outlets and their talking heads. but now we’re in uncharted territory. seriously uncharted.

    i couldn’t be prouder to be a hawk fan at this very moment, but despite my unabashed belief in this team, it’s leaders, and the front office system that has produced it, i can’t help but recognize the small little twinge of uneasiness that sits buried deep beneath the layers of seattle sports franchise failure that the past has saddled me with.

    go hawks!

  6. yankinta…yeah, and you know how it works around here. If we don’t get our slab of fresh meat each morning, we either go off topic or turn on each other like a school of starving piranhas.

  7. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Once again, Sando speaks my heart –

    Once Collins was off the board at 52 (stupid Belichek!) I was hoping they’d trade up a couple picks to get McDonald. Would love to know if they tried (had to right??)

    McDonald is 6’6″ 270 and ran a 4.6 and I think he had 30+ bench reps – he’s a full-time freakshow.

    I thought that missing on McDonald by 1 pick was a big disappointment.

  8. HawkFromDay1, would you rather have McDonald or Christine Michael (ran a 4.38 at 220 lbs) PLUS Jessie Williams (bench pressed 600 lbs)??

    I take the best RB in the draft and Jessie Williams over Vance (blocking TE) any day of the week and twice on Sundays,.. :)

    Audible, I know what you mean, lol, it still cracks me up though.

  9. Our own Eric Williams getting some props from Danny O’niel of the Times in the article he links to above:

    “Plenty of people were utterly shocked that Seattle selected a running back in the second round, let alone that it was Michael, who was coming off the least productive season of his college career.”

    “However, Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune was not one of them. He put it in print no less, in the days before the draft: “Texas A&M running back Christine Michael offers the type of risk/reward proposition that sometimes lures Seahawks coach Pete Carroll into risking a gamble.”

    “A tip of the cap is in order. Kudos, Mr. Williams.”

    Great job Eric!

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    Disappointed on missing out on McDonald? If I had to pass out a most disappointed it would be passing on Khaseem Greene in the 3rd for Hill. Not that I hate the Hill pick, I just think Greene is about to become Lance Briggs 2.0, and to get that in the 3rd would have been terrific. I also would have liked them to get Cornelius Washington in the 6th, but would have had to trade up a little bit. I was pretty ticked when AZ took Swope in the 6th, but that was before I heard about his concussion stuff

  11. On the Cable incident, I read somewhere that Hansen insulted Raiders D-Coord (and ex-Seahawk coach) John Marshall, and that was why Cable knocked him flying. Hansen likely deserved it.

    I just chalked it up to typical Al-Davis-led buttheads doing their thing. Cable has supposedly been in trouble before for DV with various women.

    We’ll likely probably never know the ins and outs of that stuff. Cable better keep his nose clean though.

  12. Audible–Holy crap you crack me up!


  13. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Yankinta – I’ll tell you which I would rather have in 3 years :)

    Full disclosure: I had McDonald in my Hawks mock draft – maybe that’s why i’m disappointed!

    Another reason not to trade up at that point: Because the Hawks’ roster is utterly stacked, it was hard to sign UDFA’s (think Schneider said this), so keeping those 5’s, 6’s and 7’s was important to fill out a 90-man with competitive players.

    But important to remember: both Michael and Williams have significant injury histories… again, let’s revisit this discussion in 3 years…

  14. STTBM – Yes, the Big E knows his stuff! His pre-draft coverage was insightful.

    yantinka and HawkFromDay1 – I think the TE situation is one of the most interesting stories to follow on this team

    Really looks to me like the Seahawks were waiting for Vance McDonald to drop to #56 and missed out on drafting him. If that’s what happened, I don’t mind, and I’m glad we got Christine Michael. I’m not convinced that McDonald would give us much that Miller and McCoy can’t do. The TE I really wanted was Gavin Escobar, now in Dallas, where he’ll catch a lot of passes. Seahawks would have had to trade up 10-12 picks to get him, and that’s not their style.

    Luke Willson is absolutely intriguing since he is more of a receiving TE. But I don’t think we can know yet whether he really has NFL abilities since he was so limited in college. I’m really looking forward to watching this kid in camp though.

  15. HawkFromDay1 – ok, Let’s do that… lol

    HawkfaninMT – maybe you have not heard but Khaseem Greene was overrated and a lot of teams lost interest after watching him in the combine. They dude isn’t good. He’ll be an average LB at best. This year’s LB group was the weakest in the past several years….

    Trust me on this or maybe you should go watch Penn State vs. Wisconsin. Hill DOMINATED Wisconsin’s Monster O-Line…. I really like Hill and I heard the Seahawks were going to take Hill in the 2nd round, if Christine Michael was gone, after they traded down.

  16. Stevos, what I heard was, there were 4 players on the board they were going take with 56th overall pick. But since all those 4 players were still there at 55th, they traded down to pick whomever was there at 62th overall.

    I am thinking at this point, those 4 players were (Michael (RB), Brown (LB), Vance (TE) and Hill (DT)). And of those 4 players, Michael was rated the highest. They were glad he was still there.

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Look at Eric’s twitter feed on the right side. He mentioned the Sonics. He’s a basketball fan. I wouldn’t have brought it up if we still had an active thread. It wasn’t. I think it’s pretty funny that people that didn’t provide anything new football wise to discuss cry about the Sonics being discussed in like 15-20 posts out of the 150 on the last thread. Bring something to the table or quit whining about the conversation.

  18. As soon as the Hawks traded out of their second round pick I told my wife they must have wanted the Rice TE. I would love to hear an honest answer on that from Schneider. If so, good move by the 49ers, who in my mind had a killer draft.

  19. bbnate420 says:

    Khaseem Greene will suck. yantinka has declared it so. And if not, he thought Greene was the next Lawrence Taylor BEFORE the 2013 draft. ;-)

    I’ll make a bold prediction here. Anthony McCoy will be the 2nd TE in 2013.

  20. bbnate420 says:

    boucherm, we’ll never know. Football Executives are never honest about things like that. Why would they? They didn’t get him, so there’s absolutely nothing to gain by saying they wanted him.

  21. boucherm, both trades happened simultaneously or at least it happened close enough that We didn’t have the info that 49ers traded up nor that TE was already picked. Read my comment at 12:19pm.

    bbnate420, lol,, were you the one that was arguing with me that QB stocks usually go up after the combine and near the draft and that 2-3 QBs would be taken in the draft?? I replied and said “I will bet my hard earned money that not more than 1 QB will be taken in the 1st round”…. not sure if it was you, since I was taking on almost the whole blog at the time. lol… good times… :)

    Yes, I never bought into Greene and did not want him especially after the combine workouts. He will be average at best.

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, i went to school with randy hansen, he could piss you off just by looking at you. was an arrogant little prick back then and from what i heard nothing has changed. although cable shouldn’t have hit him i can almost garantee he had it coming.

  23. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I didn’t see Khasim Greene as a fit – seems like we want our LB’s to be 6’4″ (like KJ) or have 4.5 speed (like Bobby).

    Greene has neither – not that he couldn’t still be good… just sayin..

  24. thanks for the insider knowledge, yankinta,

    “Flynn will be TRADED for 3rd round pick or Better. Y’all Watch and Learn….. ”

    Man, I’m really loving that third round pick. And all my new learning.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Me too, Stevos. Isn’t it fun to watch and learn?

    yankster, I most definitely DID NOT say that QB stock goes up after the combine. It depends on the QB. RG3’s stock most definitely went up after/during the 2012 combine. This year was fairly different from most drafts. The last time only 3 QBs went in the first 3 rounds, 2000 when Brady was picked in the 6th.

  26. yankinta says:

    At least, I’m still right 90% of the time,, unlike most of you. :)

  27. Stevos–Hahahaha!

    hawkfaninoklahoma–Thanks for the insider info! Yeah, it was implied his insult was racist too. What a jerk. Glad we dont have any of that going on at VMAC, even if we do have Cable.

    Somehow I dont think this draft will go down as one of Seattle’s best, but I suppose thats to be expected. This drafts success will be judged on Percy Harvin and how he works out.

    I tend to judge drafts by the quality of the players taken, as well as how many stick on NFL rosters. I think that most of these guys will stick somewhere, it just might not be in Seattle.

    Of course the Niners had a great draft. Harbarf is a good talent evaluator, for the most part, and they have a really good front office. Also, they made out like Bandits on the Alex Smith trade, and had several extra high picks. How could anyone screw that up?!

    The same with the Rams. Must be nice having extra picks. Sheesh! Gotta admit Im jealous. Seattle needs to trade aging players for picks every year, like the Pats. Of course, you have to win like the Pats to pull that off….

  28. bbnate420 says:

    yankster, I try to stay away from absolutes, unless I’m almost sure. Like with Red not being cut in 2013. I don’t claim to have known someone would be great, multiple times, and not be able to providen some proof. Still waiting??????????

  29. bbnate420 says:

    yankster, more than 2-3 QBs were taken in the draft. Pass the blunt.

    STTBM, while everyone in the NFC West looks to have a good draft, we certainly don’t have a clue now. We won’t for a couple of years. The Whiners draft in 2012 looks HORRIBLE right now. Like I said, I think Lattimore and Carradine could very well be their 2 best picks, but neither is likely to contribute at all in 2013 on account of their knee injuries.

  30. yankinta says:

    bbnate 420, Well, I usually form my prediction based on my knowledge/history and form my logic that way.

    For example, for Matt Flynn, my logic was sound but I didn’t foresee us being so active in the Free Agency period. Even JS/PC did not see it coming and they admitted to it. Because we spend so much money signing FA, we need to trade Flynn to get some cap room to extend KC, otherwise I don’t think we would have traded Flynn for that low of a value.

  31. yankinta says:

    lol, I said 1st round. Are you saying more than 1 QB was taken in the 1st round?? Who?

  32. bbnate420 says:

    “bbnate420, lol,, were you the one that was arguing with me that QB stocks usually go up after the combine and near the draft and that 2-3 QBs would be taken in the draft??”

    yankster, your EXACT quote. Learn to read and write. Your excuse for miscalculating on Flynn is pathetic.

  33. yankinta says:

    lol, sorry Professor bbnate….

    I’ll give you another bold prediction, Most people believe that Andrew luck is the real deal. I DON”T.

    They were very active in FA and also added good draft picks. They still have top 5 EASIEST schedule next year. If he’s the real deal, they should repeat or win more games than last year, right?

    I predict, he will struggle and prove that he’s an average QB at best. RW will have a better Passer Ratings or QBR than Andrew Luck and RG3>

  34. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry? Don’t be sorry, just relax on acting like you’re Kreskin.

    I agree with you to some degree on Luck. I think he will improve his numbers in 2013, but I think he’s overrated and not as good as RW.

  35. bbnate–Of course you cant really grade a draft for at least 3 years. Esp with WR’s! Jenkins could bust, or come on strong in year 2 or 3 like Tate. But as of now, it looks good for the entire NFC West. My point was that its much easier for teams with extra high picks to look good early.

    Funny how Seattle is being copied by EVERYONE. Jax of course took big tall fast corners. AZ took Matthieau and they wanna make him Earl Thomas Part Deux. And the Leo thing is being talked about constantly in the media now, and other teams are using it as well.

    Its a copycat league. And Seattle is leading the pack. Now we just gotta win that first Stupor Bowl….

  36. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, the 2012 draft for the Whiners is a bust right now. We’ll see in 2 years. Even though Tate had his struggles as a rookie, he caught more than the ZERO passes that Jenkins caught!

  37. surelyyoujest says:

    “bbnate 420, Well, I usually form my prediction based on my knowledge/history and form my logic that way.

    For example, for Matt Flynn, my logic was sound but I didn’t foresee us being so active in the Free Agency period. Even JS/PC did not see it coming and they admitted to it. Because we spend so much money signing FA, we need to trade Flynn to get some cap room to extend KC, otherwise I don’t think we would have traded Flynn for that low of a value.”

    Those two statements kind of contradict. The later presumes you use speculation to form your logic, not just knowledge/history. And I think you mean you’re forming an “opinion” not forming your “logic”.

    If I use knowledge/history to form my logic, I’d say you’re about to have a fairly strong opinion about something in 4, 3, 2, 1, …….

  38. bbnate420 says:

    surelyyoujest, you try, therefore you fail. ;-)

  39. bbnate420 says:

    You might as well explain logic to a brick.

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nate just let it go man!

  41. yankinta says:

    surelyyoujest, no dude, you don’t get it. History shows that JS has never been a big buyer during free agency period. You realize JS is from Green Bay right? Greenbay has always built their teams through the draft.

    Therefore there was no way to predict that JS would be this active in the Free Agency period. He was asked on 710 ESPN and he said they all just kind of fell onto his lap. Meaning he wasn’t planning on signing this many FA but Free Agents were willing to take less money to come to Seattle.

    Hopefully, now you’ll get it.

  42. bbnate420 says:

    okay, hawkfaninoklahoma. Just because I like you.

  43. yankinta says:

    bbnate420, yes, I agree on Luck. It’s all hype from ESPN. I watched his last Season at Standford (Every Game) and didn’t see anything special. They had top 5 D and the best O-Line. He was throwing to wide open receivers on play action passes. That’s I’ve never been high on Andrew Luck on day 1.

    I’ve telling everyone that will listen that RW will be much better than Luck, from Day 1…, but they all just called me crazy. lol.

  44. bbnate420 says:

    crazy like a fox, eh yantinka?

  45. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yankinta, i am all about keeping the peace on here so please splash the BS elsewhere. thanks have a great day.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    yank, have your opinions, man. It keeps it interesting. I’m going to try to disagree without being totally disagreeable. I fail a lot, but I”m on the right path.

  47. HonHawksLSB says:

    So you must have seen Luck’s one handed catch and him absolutly destroy that LB from USC after he threw one of his rare picks?! Right?!?! That’s a QB dude.

    Luck is the real deal. But… I’d still rather have RW!!!

  48. yankinta says:

    HonHawksLSB, love it!! so you’re saying he’s the real deal and that would mean he should be able to repeat what he did last year with a better roster, just as easy of a schedule, right??

    I hope we get to chat again, during or after the season, regarding this subject. :)

  49. yankinta says:

    I LOVE THIS 2014 MOCK DRAFT!!!! Trent Murphy DE (Standford)….

  50. Luck will be a fine qb. He’s a traditional pocket passer who can actually run like hell. He’s smart and has a pretty good, if not great, arm. And he’s in an aggressive offensive scheme that will cater to his strengths. He also has Reggie Wayne and TY Hilton.

    He will only get better as the team gets better around him. Once he has a good RB behind him, the play-action will help bring his INT’s down.

    But I am happy with RW, and wouldnt trade him.

    Even Seattle would have traded up to take RGIII if the price hadnt been too high. No one knew RW would be this good. And the fact remains that he might have struggled in any other system. Our offense was catered to him, esp at first, and its a perfect situation with Lynch and a crushing defense for him to lean on and play off of.

    Not saying Wilson isnt amazing. He is. And I was PISSED he came in behind Luck in ROY voting (Total BS!), but Luck is going to be a very fine qb. Its gonna be fun comparing the careers of Cap, Wilson, Luck and RGIII for the next decade.

  51. “I think it’s pretty funny that people that didn’t provide anything new football wise to discuss cry about the Sonics being discussed in like 15-20 posts out of the 150 on the last thread. Bring something to the table or quit whining about the conversation.”


    Wow, dude…gotta hand it to you…it takes some really special reasoning to come up with a comment like that.

    So, let me get this straight…

    You defend comments that are so off topic the sport doesn’t even exist Seattle, which by the way, clearly violates the rules on this blog and should therefore be deleted. A couple of us point it out in a fairly innocent way. Then you throw out insults and call us names? C’mon man, you’re better than that.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Aubible, what name did I call someone? Pray tell? And basketball does exist in Seattle, not that I said it was on topic. I said as much when I first brought it up. The thread was dead. Eric re-tweeted something about the Sonics. I just get tired of people whining about the content when they aren’t providing anything better. Did I interrupt an active discussion? Feel free to provide some evidence.

  53. jawpeace says:

    I have heard many sing the praises for JS and PC for being such great drafters. One factor I have not heard which has to factor in, is great coaching! It seems like they take those who are athletically gifted and with their coaching help them to perform better than ever before. Helping players reach their full potential. Good drafters yes but even better coaching, is my theory.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    Audible, my comment, “Clearly violates the rules on this blog and should therefore be deleted.” Weird, it seems to say, “Please keep them civil.” Do you want to try and claim you’ve always been civil to BobbyK? I’m hardly saying I haven’t been a douche on some occasions, but I’ve never tried to censor you or report you. You’re a effing hypocrite if you try to.

  55. yankinta says:

    jawpeace, I completely agree with you. I LOVE the fact that Pete will hold fair competition for playing time and not afraid to play rookies. That is huge in player development and building confidence in these young players…. i.e, Richard Sherman.

    I think that’s the major difference between 49ers and Seahawks.

    Jim H. inherited a good team but since he’s not been playing young players, 2-3 years from now we’ll easily pass 49ers,, and our future seems a lot brighter!! :)

  56. Spin it anyway you like, but the blog rules clearly state, “off topic comments will be deleted”.

    Basketball comments are off-topic and therefore do not belong on a football blog.

    So, you’re out of line, your arguments have no merit, and you’re wrong for criticizing those of us who do follow the rules. Move on.

  57. ChrisHolmes says:

    @yankinta Your opinions would be a lot easier to stomach if you could dish them out with a hefty side of humility.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    It clearly states to “Keep them civil.” So sit on a bar stool.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    Still waiting for you to provide proof of me calling you a name. I think I’ll remain waiting since you are full of it.

  60. jawpeace–Excellent point. But Carrol has some work to do in the coaching dept. If he’s gonna go for it on fourth, he needs to not call the same play he’s been calling in short yardage all year when he’s in a playoff game…just sayin’! His clock mgmt has got to improve, as does his and Bevell’s playcalling; why wait till the end of the first half to make an adjustment and actually try to score a TD?!

    Audible–Personally, anything tangential to the Seahawks or football is fair game. If Eric disagrees and wants to delete an “off topic” comment, thats fine.I think that line in the rules is meant to discourage commenters from getting into flame wars on subjects such as politics, religion, etc…only offensive comments have been deleted (though the trib was deleting any and all comments critical of their writers on articles last year, which I hammered them for)…

    One Hawk-related post can generate a lot of interesting discussion on subjects that stem from the post, but arent necessarily on topic. And I enjoy that.

    Yeah, M’s and Sonics arent on point. So? As Nate says, the thread was dead and some felt like discussing it–and anything is better than stirring up Tebowmaniacs! If you dont wish to discuss, stop posting or post another attempt at a conversation starter. Coming out of the woodwork to say “Youre not on topic!” is pathetic and lame.

    Not to start a fight, Audible, as I enjoy most of your comments and you usually make good points even when I disagree with your opinion or analysis. But unless the topic is utterly irrelevant to my life or extremely controversial, I dont see the harm.

  61. yankinta,

    hey brutha…I’ve defended you before…but it’s true about the humility thing…you often provide interesting content and sound reasoning…but if it comes off as being cocky, your message gets lost, which is a damn shame. Just fess up about the Flynn trade…say, yeah, I overestimated his value…wishful thinking…thanks to everyone for schooling me…I was a d*#)…mea culpa…and move on. Let your comments stand on their own without the attitude and you’ll be more persuasive that way. Anyway, for what it’s worth…

  62. bbnate–uh, unless you find barstool sitting fun yourself (and I get the feeling you didnt mean sitting on the seat), that wasnt exactly civil…just sayin’!

    yankster–dont misunderestimate Harbarf and his niners. They are loaded with draft picks, and just got younger. The front office has been doing a good job for years, and by the end of this year they may be in better shape long-term talent-wise than the Seahawks, much as that pains me to say.

    We’re going to be hard put to keep Tate, Thomas, the LB’s, and Sherm and Browner and still be able to pay Wilson. And our O-line is still broken and a huge question mark, while the NIners is pretty damned solid.

    On paper we’re the better team, but that could change in a hurry. This rivalry isnt going to get any easier and I expect us to split games at best for a long time, just like in the old AFC West days–back before you were born–with the Raiders, Broncos, etc…

  63. Palerydr says:

    yankinta…yeah, and you know how it works around here. If we don’t get our slab of fresh meat each morning, we either go off topic or turn on each other like a school of starving piranhas

    Looks like Audible follows his own statements as he now appears to be a snapping pirahna.

    For the record I indeed laughed out loud when I read this.

  64. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Audible,come on why the holier than now attitude? although this is a football blog we all make the rounds into other seattle sports be it mariners or the dawgs and even occasionally into the now departed sonics. this has happened since i have been coming here and has never been a problem before. you’ve made what 3 posts today at least 2 ripping other people for what they posted. personally i would rather go off topic than listen to yankinta brag about how smart he is.
    grow up man if you don’t like the conversation leave for awhile, i did. it will eventually get where it needs to be.

  65. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW lol just kidding

  66. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, I meant to sit down on a bar stool and chill out. Not sure what you mean?

  67. bbnate420 says:

    Though I’ll take a timeout, STTBM.

  68. OregonHawk says:

    “yankster–dont misunderestimate Harbarf and his niners. They are loaded with draft picks, and just got younger. The front office has been doing a good job for years, and by the end of this year they may be in better shape long-term talent-wise than the Seahawks, much as that pains me to say.”

    Totally agree with this, as SF personnel gets older they will have to replace them, which a bushel of draft picks help do

    Seattle will (as already stated) find next year and the next several years tough on who to keep and who to replace.

    The team Pete took over was pitiful, hence all the moves. They built this team up and now are going to have to pay the piper as all the good players came in a close amount of time.

    any way “Go ‘Hawks”

  69. You guys are making my point for me…

    The last thread was hijacked by basketball talk, and now this thread is being hijacked by people arguing about guess what…friggin’ basketball again. Say what you want…the rules are on my side and your comments further underscore my position. Here you go guys…knock yourself out:

  70. “Funny how Seattle is being copied by EVERYONE.”

    Yes, STTBM, but then again… isn’t Seattle and the rest of the NFL actually borrowing from offenses like USC, Stanford, Baylor, and Oregon? And borrowing from defenses like Alabama and LSU?

    I give Pete Carroll a lot of credit for being one of a wave of new and innovative coaches in the NFL, but then again, what he’s putting on the field isn’t exactly new.

  71. What’s amazing about Carroll is the flexibility he has shown for someone his age. Has anyone read his book?

  72. bbnate–No worries man. I misunderestimated your comment..or something. I need some coffee!

    hawkfaninoklahoma–Heh! Good one!

    Much ado about nothing.

    I have to say, Im excited to see Michaels run, and Hill rush the passer. Not to mention our new vets, like Harvin, Bennett, and Avril!

    I usually only get to see two preseason games where I live–the rest arent even on at bars, since no one buys NFL Sunday Ticket Preseason around here…ugh! Ima go nuts if I cant watch these games…I absolutely love watching individual players duke it out for roster spots, even if the games are sloppy in general.

    All this armchair GM business probly stems from my stats obsession and football card collecting when I was a teenager…this is the grown-up version, or something…

  73. I agree we cannot underestimate the Niners. I hope all the young players in Seattle keep their egos in check. This is still the Niners division until we take it from them over 16 full games.

    Justin Smith getting old and injured in San Francisco represents a big crack in their armor. There is no one who will replace him when he starts breaking down. And will Kaepernick be consistently as good as last year? And, Frank Gore turns 30 and enters his 9th season this year.

    These things give me hope that SF might drop off a game or two this year, that said, they deserve the respect of division champs until proven otherwise. Being the best team on paper means nothing.

  74. STTBM,

    You can find the games on I never missed a game while living in San Diego for three years.

  75. HonHawksLSB says:

    STTBM – I was listening to Cowherd a few days ago and he had some Analytics guy on there talking about the select few franchises that avoid “group think”. It was Seattle, Packers & 49ers.

    Interesting that teams are now trying to emulate what Pete is looking for on Defense with Big corners and Size Speed Freaks. Only problem is they are 3 years behind the 8ball. Our D should be #1 in the league in all categories for the next 3 years, before others catch up.

    Doesn’t the city of Seattle deserve a Championship (Not counting the Storm)?????

  76. HonHawksLSB says:

    Stevos – Only thing that worries me about the 49ers is Kaepernick. People think he is dumb because he wears that stupid Brewers hat, but the dude scored a 37 on his Wonderlic test.

    If he dominates we are in trouble.

  77. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    audible you brought it back up. oh an by the way your cry baby BS is way off topic.

    the packers have been doing it for years the hawks an the 9ers have also made that model work well now. i think teams will try to emulate
    their success the problem is few teams have the discipline to make it work.

  78. “dude scored a 37 on his Wonderlic test.” Someone else said he was the valedictorian of his high school class as well.

    That took me by surprise because he doesn’t sound real articulate and especially when compared to Wilson.

  79. Its going to be tough to watch good young players leave Seattle for more money, not because we have tightwad ownership (we dont), but because of the cap. For instance, I will be upset if we lose Tate or Browner, but chances are at least one will leave. Thats just how it has to be in a competition-first scheme.

    GB has done well since drafting Rogers. Before that, they let ALL their good offensive lineman go rather than pay them more, and they let their few decent WR’s go, and pretty much just leaned on Favre. That didnt work. It was only after Favre was falling apart and they realized their error and they drafted well at WR and fixed the line somewhat that they got it together.

    I hope Seattle doesnt do the same thing, relying utterly on Wilson. I dont think so; Carrol and Schneider seem to understand they have to build a complete team.

    Its just going to be hard as a fan not to have long-term players that you root for, and to watch guys we drafted and taught go on to have good careers elsewhere.

    But as long as we’re winning, right?!

  80. RW scored a 28 on the Wonderlic.

  81. Cap is intelligent, he just comes across as Snookies brother or something…he’s a dink for sure. Not only low-class, but no-class. Still, he’s done very well on the football field.

  82. AUdible–wow, I would have expected Wilson to do better. Not that it matters, his football IQ is off the charts, and thats what matters. But yeah, Cap is a smart cookie and a crazy athlete. Damn his hide for being a Niner!

  83. LeePHilI says:

    I have no worries about the Seahawks reading their own press clippings. Their QB and Leader is a “one play at a time” – “One day at a time” kind of guy. He knows that he is only as good as his last play…or the next one coming.

  84. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    all the interviews from the last week.

    remember the wonderlic is not everything, many HOF QB’S did bad on it

  85. What worries me about Kaepernick isn’t so much his intelligence, its his foot-speed! I think he’s a bit of a gambler with his passes and our DBs can make him pay for that, but he is a phenomenal runner.

    This is a reason I really wanted a lightning-fast OLB in the draft, and we didn’t draft one. And I think this is a good argument to move KJ Wright to MLB this year.

    Bobby Wagner and Malcom Smith have the speed to contain or catch Kaepernick on the edge. KJ Wright does not. Bruce Irvin is faster off the edge than KJ also, and he might play at OLB if he can learn some coverage technique.

    Of all these guys, KJ is the slowest. He is closer to Cliff Avril and Chris Clemons in speed. He should not be left at OLB to contain Kaepernick on the edge. Its a mis-match. I say move him to MLB where he can focus on the RB and thump people.

  86. You keep Kap in the pocket with fast DEs, who you don’t just rush upfield, and you use them as a spy for a QB. Seen Irving, and Clemons do it a lot last year. I really like Morgan, and Smith as WLB with a lot of potential. Hopefully Bobby Wagner, and KJ can help the winner at WLB become a solid starter for years. So much talent on this team, and somebody going to get cut or traded. I’m hoping not Lane, Maxwell, or Scruggs,

  87. FleaFlicker says:

    49ers having a “killer draft” remains to be seen. I think at week 6 last year, their entire draft class had played zero snaps. Zero.

    Kapernick did turn into a starter, granted. But one guy who fills a starting role a year and a half after he’s drafted is not exactly a home run pick.

    Harbaugh inherited a stacked roster built on years of high draft picks. Personally, I’m a seller of their team and wouldn’t be totally suprised to see the Rams put them into 3rd place in the division in 2013.

  88. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted, but here are some of the immediate camp and off-season program dates upcoming:

  89. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks for the link Duke.
    Hawksfaninoklahoma I feel doubly for you man. The NFC WEST is stacked with more talent than you can shake a stick at, nasty.
    The blog starting getting testy again so i stayed out.
    Out of this group of thugs we just drafted, i think a few picks will suprise us and go down as a good draft. It’s not fair that Harbaugh inherited a talent rich team and a qb he could roll over for another first. But we are still a mean and dedicated group, we just added to a very good team, lots of 40 to 50 point wins would send a pretty clear message.

  90. Agree w/Stevos – it’s Kaep’s speed that is off the charts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB that fast (and that includes Vick).

    I guess Russell’s story makes for better copy, in that he went lower in the draft, and it was for a specific reason (his height basically)- but every team in the league also passed at least once on Kaep, and the guy is looking like a top-10 type QB as well. He’s the scariest thing about the Niners going forward. I have to say, I’m surprised by the wonderlic score too (and I see when I checked that out that he was a 4.0 student in HS) – it definitely doesn’t mesh with the look/attitude i’ve seen from him in interviews. can’t judge a book by a cover I suppose . . .

  91. sluggo42 says:

    You guys are so funny like a pack of hyenas biting each other during a feeding frenzy…

    I really crapped when the thunder lost at the last second last night…

  92. WilliamPercival says:

    Has anyone heard the possibility of Marshawn being suspended the first 4 games of the year due to his DUI from last year???

    I heard this recently and wonder if somehow the selections of Michael and Ware play into this possibility somewhat.

  93. So much talk is about the hawks and 49ers so why am I more worried about the rams? I have this nagging feeling with all the hype they’re going to sucker punch us both. They beat both the 49ers and us last year and had a decent draft this year. If they win a couple more outside the NFCW than last year …

  94. tealskin says:

    For sure its going to be a dogfight in the division. Think AZ is improved as well. No gimmes. Even with the Seahawks being better, their record could be worse due to schedule and division strength. I don’t expect SF to have a cakewalk either. I think this season will be the most exciting for Hawk fans in a long time, maybe ever.

  95. princeaden says:

    Not rally sure how Pete Carroll became this so-called cutting edge coach. When I look at this Seahawk team and how they play, I see a team that plays it old school more than any other team I can think of. IMO.

  96. Pete more cutting edge on how he designs his defense and what type of guys he is using for his defense. – i.e. who uses 6-4 corners!!

    Lynch might get a suspension but I haven’t heard anything about it. I am not positive that Michael gets the nod – what is Ware plays great and could fill in at FB – double bonus – could earn that spot, of course that could also mean that the Turbinator is gone as well!! Who knows

    Gonna be fun to watch

  97. Sekolah says:

    Seeing a lot of projections in here lately about Michael Robinson’s impending doom via rookie Spencer Ware. You guys can’t be serious. That is an absolute moon shot. Mike Rob is a f***ing commando. Who is Spencer Ware? He better just keep his eyes wide and follow behind the lead dog, maybe learn a few things. Mike Rob isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  98. blueshq says:

    Agree. If Ware could be a backup FB and also backup RB that would help the team and keep him around for awhile.

  99. montanamike2 says:

    I never saw Ware as an immediate threat to M.Rob, maybe in a year or two.
    The guy creates lanes for Lynch, runs the occasional 4th down in short yardage, and is a very vocal leader on the team. It is time to groom his future replacement down the line or in case he gets injured. One of the best unnoticed moves we’ve made is signing him from SF.

  100. montanamike2 says:

    I thought of FB as soon as Ware was drafted. Turbin has all the intangibles but might need to look over his shoulder to step it up.

  101. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Rushing Stats


    16 80 354 4.4 26 0 15 0 0
    Career 16 80 354 4.4 26 0 15 0 0
    Receiving Stats


    16 19 23 181 9.5 20 0 8 0 0
    Career 16 19 23 181 9.5 20 0 8 0

    turbin is not going anywhere those are solid stats for limited touches. everyone wants to doom and gloom players this time of year.
    turbin was good all the time with flashes of great.

  102. Turbin is a fine back, Im convinced he would put up 1300 yards rushing and 300+ receiving for a team like the Niners that runs a power-blocking scheme, which is what he’s used to and best at. From comments from the Hawks, his running style doesnt mesh as well as they’d like with what they do, as evidenced by drafting another one-cut-and-go back despite his stats and high level of play.

    Still, unless he falls apart he wont be cut. I doubt he re-signs with the team after his contract is up, which would be a shame.

    And Michaels has to pull his out of his butt and learn to pass-block.

  103. montanamike2 says:

    It’s hard to comprehend drafting for the future when we are used to drafting to fill a need. If this draft class didn’t have the OLB we need then we’ll plug the hole until we find him, maybe next year. These guys know what they’re doing.

  104. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, although maybe a perfect fit he averaged well over 4 yards a carry, in a ball control offense that is all you need. again 4.4 per carry 9.5 per catch is more than adequate to be a partial replacement for lynch if he goes down or is suspended. i am thinking the drafted michaels to give the other half the equation let’s face it lynch’s back is not going to get younger or better.

    the other thing to consider when evaluating turbin is the fact he was a rookie last year and we all know how much a years experience followed by another off season can help. i am hoping not only for turbin but wagner and smith as well that this off season brings even more growth and development.

  105. montanamike2 says:

    When i see Turbin i see mini-lynch(althought 1 inch taller).
    When i see Michaels, i see a possible Steven Jackson type. He definitely will have to hit the weights, but what rookie doesn’t. And i agree that some of last years rookies will step it up more this year.

  106. SlickToxic21 says:

    Another way to keep Kaep in the pocket… to have Kam square him up one time!

  107. Bucky Brooks dismissive assessment of Johnny Manziel really sounds like the party line they all spouted last year regarding RW.
    They still have egg hanging on their faces from last year. Of course RW is a special guy with a great maturity to him but Manziel is only 20 yrs old.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  108. I believe we are to the point where the best player might not be the one kept – We now have to worry about being good – CONTINUALLY – not just getting good now.

    I could see a point where someone like MRob gets cut due to money (NOT predicting this – but it is possible)

    There will be times where we will have to say goodbye to a better player to make sure we can sustain the business end of the NFL

  109. grizindabox24 says:

    Seattle will trim some payroll prior to next season which is why Mike Rob’s name keeps coming up. FB is one position that Hawks maybe able to trim. Other possible options are McQ, Farwell, Maragos, and McDonald.

  110. FleaFlicker says:

    Mike Rob is such a leader on the team…would be painful to see him go.

  111. Stevos says:

    When I look at Christine Michael, I see Julius Jones. Same speed, size, and running style. A true one-cut runner who bolts upfield quickly just like Julius. Hopefully he’ll have a little more upside than Jones but even if he doesn’t, he’s a good fit here.

    To me, his greatest value will be realized if he can become our KR to replace Leon.

  112. Stevos says:

    We will see if they can turn Spencer Ware into a FB. Doubtful. LSU didn’t like him as a FB, he was strictly a tailback there after his freshman season.

  113. doubledink says:

    PC/JS already said kickoffs will be done by PH. If Michael could do punts that would save Tate. PH doesn’t do punts they say.

  114. grizindabox24 says:

    Stevos, they are going to give Ware every chance to win the FB job.

  115. Ware is a likely candidate for the PS this year. And maybe next. I seriously doubt he beats out Mike Rob. But yeah, next year Rob may be in danger of getting cut–its a business and we have bigger fish to fry than keeping a FB/Special Teamer, though it would hurt like hell to lose him.

    Remember when they drafted a FB to replace Mack Strong? Strong just kept getting better, and the FB got cut and it took him YEARS to get good. He ended up playing in Super Bowls for the Pats and NO though, good on him. Cant remember his name off the top of my head…getting CRS…(dont ask what that stands for, I dont recall…)

  116. Julius Jones was 211 lbs, more than 15 pounds lighter than Micheals. Thats like saying Kelly Jennings was the same as Will Blackmon–he aint!

    Have you seen the combine pics of Michaels doing drills?! The dude is almost horrifically ripped! He’s much stronger and a little faster than Jones ever was. But he appears to be just as duplo…

  117. grizindabox24 says:

    Well however the Hawks do it, they must trim at least $1.2 million before final cutdown.

  118. Stevos says:

    STTBM, Julius Jones played between 211 and 220 pounds. Christine Micheals weighed in at 220 at combine. Their 40 times were very close, as were their other measures at their combines.

    I believe you if you say Michaels appears more ripped or potentially stronger than Jones. That’s good to hear. In measurements and on film they appear very similar to me. And both were drafted in the second round and destined to be backups, etc. But of course the measurables don’t tell the whole story….

    Mostly, I noticed the similarity between Michaels and Jones while watching a lot of Michael’s highlight tape online. Very similar to my eye. One quick cut and bolts upfield, with similar acceleration and quickness.

    My comparison is not meant as disrespect to Michael. I know Jones didn’t accomplish much when he was in Seattle, but he was beaten down by that point in his career. He was a talented athlete who never quite broke through. He was a special talent, though, and one who might have had a great career on the right team.

    To my eye, Michael has a similar skill set. It remains to be seen how strong he looks once NFL-sized defenders are hitting him. College RBs tend to shrink a bit as NFL rookies. lol. I’m rooting for him. Go Hawks.

  119. Mike Rob is 6’1″ 240, Ware is 5’10” 229. Ware needs to hit the weights and beef up a little before he can bring the wood and truck some linebackers like a true fullback.

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