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Seahawks select RB Christine Michael with No. 62 pick in second round

Post by Eric Williams on April 26, 2013 at 5:37 pm with 48 Comments »
April 26, 2013 6:48 pm

The Seattle Seahawks like to keep us guessing, and they made another surprise pick this afternoon.

Seattle had to wait until the second round after trading down from the team’s No. 56 overall pick with Baltimore. But the team finally made a pick in this year’s draft, Texas A&M running back Christine Michael.

It’s a surprise selection, because Seattle has pretty good depth at running back with Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. But at 5-10 and 220 pounds, Michael is a powerhouse running back who fits right in with Seattle’s zone blocking scheme.

College statistics

Year Carries Yards Avg. TD Rec. Yards Avg. TD
2009 166 844 5.1 10 15 66 4.4 0
2010 126 631 5.0 4 13 174 13.4 0
2011 149 899 6.0 8 8 35 4.4 1
2012 88 417 4.7 12 8 48 6.0 0
Career 529 2,791 5.3 34 44 323 7.3 1


The No. 62 pick is latest the Seahawks have waited to make a first pick in team history. Before that, latest was No. 55 in 2007 (Josh Wilson).

The Seahawks gave up No. 56 to the Ravens, and moved down to No. 62 in the 2nd, along with receiving 5th (165) and 6th (199) round picks.

The Seahawks now have picks in the second round (No. 62), third (No. 87), fourth (123), fifth (138, 158 and 165), sixth (194 and 199) and seventh (220, 231, 241 and 242).

Michael took a pre-draft visit to Seattle. Here’s a story I wrote on Michael last week.

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  1. Sarcasticus says:

    I hope he enjoys special teams. Competition for Turbin.

  2. Over under on carries for this guy is 2. Can he play full back?

  3. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Good thing we didn’t need D-Line, O-Line and Tight End depth. Our running game was in dire need of another player. Sarcasm filter in full on mode. Wow.

  4. I give up trying to predict the Seahawks draft.

  5. A Flippin RB? Just don’t get it. Lots of needs and we pick a RB
    Not a Happy Fan Right Now.
    What did we get for the trade down from the Ravens?

  6. DreadHawks says:

    Talked to my nephew who is a A&m alum and he says good things about this guy. Seems to be a 3rd back for us replacing Leon. I like the pk. Let’s face it we are drafting for depth this year. Doesn’t that feel good to say!

  7. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Listening to the live interview with this guy right now……man and man and man and man….less thrilled than 10 minutes ago. He overslept at combine and got kicked off Texas his senior year. This is beyond a stretch.

  8. Damn, had to go out for dinner…family thing…missed the action. What did we get in the exchange to drop down to 62?

  9. Coo Coo Caa Choo Mr. Robinson, Its was great while it lasted.

  10. If Lynch or Turbin go down for anytime at all, the haters here will understand the pick. You can never have enough horses in the stable. I love the pick.

    The dude benched 225 lbs 27 times! Runs a 4.4. Weighs 220.

    Nothing about that disappoints me.

  11. DJammmer says:

    3 years in college… broken leg, torn acl, and suspended. And “man, it was a learning experience.”

    Put with our FO’s style of moneyball (drafting unique value other teams don’t recognize), who knows how Petey will use him. Obviously, they need someone to replace Leon, who did play last year even w/ Turbin & Lynch on the team. Christine has never returned kicks/punts – so he’s not replace that aspect. They asked him if he’s ever played FB, and he said “man, no man”.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if they flipped him to a LB, with his 43″ vert, and speed. Don’t think they’ll do it… but nothing with Petey and Snide will suprise me at this point.

    I’m a believer. Go Hawks. (or as Christine would say… “man… like man, Go Hawks, man!”)

  12. DJammmer says:

    Got a 5th & 6th pick(s) this year for trading back 6 picks in the 2nd.

  13. Believe folks, Believe.

  14. ljarllrajl says:

    The pick is a bit surprising but a team that runs the ball like we do needs more than 2 ball carriers. Cecil Lamey compared him to Ahman Green, that looks about right to me.

  15. Hey, Lynch has chronic back issues and the way he runs means a shorter life span in the league. Turbin’s still young and having a big powerful guy in the wings is good.

  16. MoSeahawk12 says:

    At least we’re not drafting for immediate need. That’s one of the nice things about this year. We have a pretty stacked team in almost every position. These draft picks would have to be unbelievable to crack the starting lineup. So many other teams are drafting for major needs. Glad we’re not the Jets, Bills, Browns, Raiders, Jags, and 75% of the rest of the league.

  17. @Mo — Right, that’s what we’ve got to remember. Harvin, Winfield, Avril, Bennett – – all those guys filled needs for us – that’s why we have the freedom in this draft to take a shot on a guy who might outplay his drafted position.

    Picking a RB doesn’t make much sense to me either, but I’ve learned to give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

    Got to figure LB and O-line tomorrow thought, right?

  18. fwiw, from the rotoworld analysis on Michael:

    “A healthy, focused Michael is the single most talented runner in this class with hammer-dropping power, 4.54 speed, and a blazing 1.51 ten-yard split. Muscle bound but elusive, he offers explosive lateral moves and looked like a rich man’s Ben Tate on 2011 film.”

  19. Random13 says:

    This guy has some serious burst, but I’m thinking he’s coming in for 4th down and goal line conversions…given that vertical leap ability. Running backs do get injured and we run 55% of the time.

    Maybe we don’t want Wilson running quite as much in the past.

    Maybe he’s a future Robinson replacement since he’s an unrestricted free agent in 2014…

  20. tchristensen says:

    From Pete Brisco:

    B+ Seahawks select: Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M
    I love this pick. Yes, he has some off-field issues, but he is a heck of a runner. Does it fill a need? No. But I like it.

  21. tchristensen says:

    Pete Prisco

  22. Uh oh – just like courtney taylor, found another porn site for christine michael!

  23. I guess my concern isn’t so much with the pick as it is with trading down for more picks THIS year. Feels like we could potentially be wasting some opportunities by having more picks than can possibly make the team. Maybe there is a chance we will package several together for a future 3rd rounder or something.

  24. I’m perplexed, as I think Harvin is going to be taking Leon’s position on ST. I don’t foresee this dude playing fullback, so where does he fit in? Is there a trade involving Turbin in the works?

    I like Michael (he’s obviously got some fire in him – ever hear the song A Boy Named Sue?) But I really don’t see where he fits.

  25. And after last years draft, Seattle could draft me, and Prisco and Mayock would be like

    “Kevin Z is 6’3 230 lbs, really muscular legs, and he’s stronger than the weight room indicates, he was able to run the 40 in 4.99, which is under 5, he was able to bench 225 lbs 10 or 11 times, probably couldn’t run 2 miles without needing an oxygen tank, but I really like this pick. They’re going to plug him into the system and he’s going to produce.”

    Then again, Carroll probably could plug my ass into a position on this team and I’d produce…

  26. I know very little about this guy. But if you had the idea of targeting a running back why trade the pick when the best running back of the draft in Eddie Lacy was still available? Do we really need more picks this year? What 10 tomorrow how many of those pics are we going to be able to sign?

  27. Hard to judge, but I expected them to draft a RB with Washington being let go. Why not one of the best in the draft? Pete does well with character concerns, and when the players don’t get it– they don’t play or are cut (See Golden Tate and Lendale White). Second round or not, put up or your out. So I expect good things from this pick in the next few years.

  28. I don’t think this has anything to do with Turbin or will involve any kind of trade. This is just adding some quality depth for a position that really needs it … especially with how our RB’s run. I kind of thought going in they would get an OL or Dl first but there was a big run on OL and so they decided to take the RB now.

    I like the pick!

  29. Texas A&M’s Chris Michael, RB 5-10/220 4.38-40 (low) 4.56-40 (high), so they gave him a 4.43-40, 27 reps, 43″ vert(!!!), 10′-5″ broad, 4.02 shuttle, 6.69 3-cone, looked “outstanding” in positional drills. “Catches the ball well out of the backfield and explosive in his cuts” per Dane Brugler, Suspended in 2012 for violating team rules and benched for poor pass blocking. Tops among all running backs in bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. Rang projected him to be drafted late 2nd rd (high) and 4th (low). “Took night-time cold medicine to help with sleeping, causing him to oversleep.” – Gil Brandt, “Given Michael’s impressive week of practice (and the game, itself) for the Shriner’s, however, he may have developed even more fans who see the talent bubbling under the surface in the 5-10, 221-pounder, who scored 12 touchdowns for the Aggies in 2012 as a reserve.” “…knocked by scouts as a me-first player. His inconsistent efforts earned him a spot on the bench for much of his senior season…” per Rang. “Thought to be the top running back prospect by some entering the 2012 season, Michael was nothing more than a reserve during his senior year after finding himself in Kevin Sumlin’s doghouse. But during West practices, he reminded scouts why he was so highly regarded with his combination of quickness, burst and power.” per Dane Brugler.

    Looks like an excellent RB and will be interesting if that “me-first” concern isn’t something more like Richard Sherman’s bravado, rather than lack of interest in team-first.

  30. boucherm says:

    My complaint is that we have very limited variety at HB. I expected a back later in the draft with a Leon Washington skill set–little guy, catches ball well, screens and draws, maybe returns kicks. If Turbin wasn’t on this team, I’d get it. I also love Turbin, and don’t want him to lose carries.
    Putting Michael on the roster also means there isn’t a roster spot for that quick back.

  31. DJammmer says:

    I did feel better about “the character issues” after hearing them talk to a reporter from Texas. Seems he was only ever suspended for one game, and the reporter attributed it more to the new coach telling his team that “if you don’t play hard and practice hard as a senior, I’ll bench you even if your the best player.” Reporter from Texas implied it was more about setting the culture for future years, by benching a player he had no long term interested vested in (and wasn’t someone he recruited.) Seems he was more interested in investing in his future players, and establishing his team culture after taking over for a “players coach.” Reporter went out of his way to say Christine never broke any laws, was never arrested, never had problem with drugs or alcohol, never any problems on or off the field… as far as he could tell, he didn’t practice when he had some hamstring issues, and the coach suspended him for a game to make an example of him.

  32. I like it. If Marshawn Lynch goes down injured for any significant stretch of games while the Seahawks are enroute to the playoffs this year, everyone will think this move make total sense.

    Anybody who thinks Marshawn Lynch can keep taking hits like he does 20+ carries a game without ever getting injured is dreaming. (Remember Marshawn’s back and ankle issues last year? Its not like he’s getting any younger.) Turbin looked a lot like a Marshawn backup when we drafted him, but he is really a 3rd down change-of-pace back, not a true replacement for Lynch, while Christine Michael looks closer to a fit as Lynch’s stand-in. Any team that wants to pound the ball as much as the Seahawks do needs a solid backup to their main running back.

    Pete Carroll, when asked if the Seahawks plan to become more of a passing team in 2013:
    “We’re gonna do exactly what we wanna do with continuing to send the message about how physical we are, how we attack with the running game and fit off that.”

  33. boucherm, I agree and I expected more of a Leon Washington type to be drafted also. Could still happen. Kerwynn Williams from Utah State would fit the role if they still want a speed back. But they are probably full at this position for now I suppose.

  34. DJammmer says:

    The other thing that came out in the interview w/ texas reporter… Christine has experience running the read-option, and is quite good at it. Hmmm.

    It was funny when they asked him if there were any NFL RBs he Christine would compare himself too… and he sayd “Marshawn Lynch – of course…” and everyone laughed. Even he thinks he is the same type of player as Marshawn. Lots of folks commenting that they don’t like they they now have 3 of the same type of RB… as opposed to a change of pace back. I actually like that they are getting multiple RBs that match the system they want to run. A couple years down the road, if the Seahawks are as good as we all hope – there will be a salary cap appocolypse… where they won’t be able to keep all of their best players. They are going to need folks that can come in, and play the same positions the the same way, at hopefully 80%-90% as well as the current starters. Maybe this is hedging against what the might have to do with Lynch in 2 years, in order to keep Earl Thomas & Sherman?

  35. DJammmer says:

    BTW… this is my favorite comment from the ESPN review of this pick:

    “The Seahawks could have three tailbacks, with a lead fullback, that can wear down defenses and totally control the game. As mentioned, this doesn’t look like a need pick, but it may give them the deepest and most physical backfield in the league.”

    Yeah “deepest and most physical backfield in the league.” I can live with that.

  36. Hats Off! to Rob Staton at seahawksdraftblog, who last week rated Michael as his #1 RB in the draft, and highlighted him as s good fit for the Seahawks.

  37. raymaines says:

    DJammer: I’m loving your posts. Keep it up.

    Three of a kind? I’m good with that. PH is a change of pace. Prove you can stop the beasts and then we’ll talk about a change of pace.

  38. “Prove you can stop the beasts and then we’ll talk about a change of pace”

    “beasts”… I like the sound of that.

  39. This guy is fast, appears he can catch the ball – played as a goal line back.

    All great things for this team.

    It was just a few short years ago the NYG won the superbowl after having to use,not 1, not 2, but 3 different RB’s to get them through the regular season. I totally like this move.

    IF they felt they were getting the best guy – FOR THIS TEAM – that was available then great. if he only gets spot duty this year and next and keeps Lynch fresher for the playoffs- then this was an EVEN better draft pick.

    Totally didn’t expect this pick but definitely don’t hate it

  40. freedom_X says:

    Many scouts think Michael is the most physically gifted RB in the draft – looking at the combination of speed, size, power, and agility.

    Good teams stay good by drafting the best players available, not trying to fill checkboxes for need. The best available OT may not be nearly a good a player as the best available RB.

    And Seattle ranks the players on their draft board a whole lot differently than the draftniks. If a team could do their draft with draftnik ratings, they wouldn’t need GM’s or scouts.

  41. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not saying whether Michael is the top RB in the draft or not, but he still seems like an odd pick in that spot for Seattle.

  42. Hammajamma says:

    He is better than Turbin.

  43. Newborough says:

    Boucherm ; we don’t really need to draft a Leon Washington type “little guy, catches ball well, screens and draws, maybe returns kicks”. Percy Harvin can (and will) already do most/all of that, with the possible exception of draw plays. (And for that we still have Robinson, or even Wilsons option run plays).

    This pick reminds me a lot of when we selected Sean Alexander when we already had Ricky Watters, and then basically sat him for two seasons. None of the initial doubters was questioning that move anymore come 2004 and 2005. We could be looking at Marshawns replacement here, after he wears down, in a few more years.

    In the meantime, we got some immediate injury insurance and a willing special teamer, with some additional time to coach him up to improve his weaker areas, such as the angles on his pass blocking.

  44. bbnate420 says:

    Some people never tire of looking like a fool for doubting PC/JS’s draft choices I guess. The 2 brainless wonders on ESPN learned their lesson this year, you’d think people here would too.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    Is it just me or is it weird that you’re not supposed to cuss in your posts, but videos will be linked in the thread that have songs with cussing in them? To be clear, I couldn’t care less about cussing in any situation. I’m just sayin’. Seems hypocritical, no?

  46. DanielleMND says:

    Wow. A few posters ready to jump of the bandwagon? Samwise and the Leprechaun haven’t earned any trust for how they draft?

  47. When I heard this pick yesterday I got excited. I like Christine Michael and think he will be a great addition to the team. Good, quality depth. Now we just need to get Ryan Swope sometime today!!!

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